North Carolina Newspapers

    I l-lit «.o»rl K«-rtHO»i-*
T1 f. m Constitution gives
J* - tri. v it favor a a
( d reason -
rr , , ? the iut rr:al revenue
\v'e •>.!«; V >gx*- «iib it «bj» "
~ 1 ✓ » tr» C*
. v . ■ \V. fm«»r ti.- rspral » Uie
T t uu. »>.•! in tb«r
4 ftl ofj •' an 1 control ef
T A «' • t9
. j_ •* :ax» !bv the-e law,.
i u iin ae
-1 Uf-cauM- such a 'OJ.n is
coi • w.:h th- pj:nrip>softhe I>emo
n '' I-irt ▼
, t . >•#»:' revenue
J J>' • 14 " ' '
..,. r . »- ij. ] assed by
lav. a. ♦ «ar .
r, j T.-h- to rtit* war funds. and
, i vni i r j ' surplus in
yr .1 i, a!. 1 - •' • l - ' r> i
■ i . . . . •., h « jri ther* is now DO
~ . ..IT ! ri! ■ Ti.
]i,inu-« u.'.v Ikw- Uve
1 j bi \ a: d*n ub 6to
hui.d: *« i. "f O'-or-ia homes.
li e eft use the Stat# should get
, • . .. t, ..* i". j  ured into
!,'♦ !•• 1 a A 1
ai. lip * iv *."•• nationa. :;ea-
r l}>  t' • I •
urv, thereby i>w «>i 0 » l
,i"„ MutA !; lX '- I."W levied "II the
f-uii*!, the laborer. the mechanic,
* i il* 1 y u-* ' 1 f ."''tC ,(*■
ti.A :ih 1 1 *
t y
i»i.-s - urn. lig' ft (Y.l fede
I'm- Stat*. wl « b i*- not ww able trt
m>, but whirl.. *ith the hundreds
th li-ut- • of dollars it no\s annua.-
T tun H into an already growing
j'.Htim ait: •a>ui y.ri'iild pension thera
jir th ) 1« -erv«*
, such taxation by the
I i twr*. ' rnuient. wht-n no neron
h.l\ ti a:•for exists, is without the
».-.h*r« "f the governments duty,
an.l r«.n.«- absolutely within the
S. oj • »-f Siatt- initiation.
7 I; *. n aru oi>por»d to the
Tfinn.cnt foHteriDy the iniquit
fat on tilt) (.ppressive revenue
jastrirtions placed >■ th« people c»f
and other States.
,s Ht-cause the St;ite ran better
i« ulate the matter than the novern
•' i urn 111«- ltahi'HlH Out."
\\ ho tears oj>en and reads our
N.w Voil tlaiaei" Post masUra or
what n»t,the\ be careful or we
shad take ateps to lind out. This
y(ivernment ran and wul protect the
until matter t)f its citizens. We run
i weekK ]>aper and we take our New
N w \ot k dailies for the \ urj o>« of
huj p ▼it l' ourye.vd- with the regular
prrs bv reading '•:nn from the mails
aloiij_j tI.H wa v. Don t tlo it any
mo! •, gentlemen ! If you do there
\v;M be music Jeflerson N»wi.
Wa rail th« attention »>I the Post
otVice l»epartment to the loose man
ner m which the mails are conducted
:ift *i ~ * .k\ in_; tiiei thee here. A sub
scriber nt l'teeman says he his
I iipri aometimes twice a week. \\ e
ha\e com] iainr 1 bi fore, but it did
cania t de..ver the papei let the
Pi»tmabt«r (ieneral put «>n i>erson»
who ean i.uin r ton N e%? s
I Mt'iiu, Htluji* t 1hh«».
We are to know that our sub
sri ibsi> aie kind to the pot r. and
w;'.l } ersoi.s who ale l »t able
t" take a paj wr t* i« a\ 11 Stnr. but
we do t. .j . th- \ w ill iler eto r i\ e
that n.aai .
thi aiu\a'. ei t. r n.ail : t to r*ad
t: eir i - jap» r. ai •>! p>rtu
iut> of j : . th* .1 \ aper. \\ •
** t t. .:.k t : w-'Tss in a
U: than to refu-e to ] ationize hi>
c ..r.' v j iper, win ti h* l- al le. and
ti li 1 n u ,t t": m 1 - i.»i*hbor.—
Mordant n
A • . • n * ■ n  -p-. : It nt >.;o
-ts the i rime of Hi i John S
iers * : the Govern* rsbip of]
North ( ina Mr. Henderson b*s 1
1 «
in i '.u .k. ; .> ih.! „* a >t f• \■ , » t
it .ai i hi> pet ; e can :
atTorvl to l > witl o.:; i ;•» serviees iti
tl..> cat a* .t n We u .hi t i v sui 1
' i I
pv>rt Mr. H •:. u i son * r a v
but wi' t: .- he can dt> n re |
i:: t :._T' !' an . a*. \\\ here e. -» -j
i'oucord i i...-.
if hh He Turned Dtmocrai?
The Washington Critic says : Hon.
S. B Elkms, Biaine's political mana
ger in was recently asked to
give his views in regard to reducing
the surplus, and in reply discour-e 1
H° follews :
" The re-ult of my thought and
study on the subject leads me to be
her* the internal revenue should be
entire! T abolished. Thu would re
duce taxes about £100.000,000 per
•annum, save the expenses ot their
collectors, about jf4. and
i.lispenae with the services of 4.000
clerks and officers. I have been in
! favor of this for ten years. It is a
war tax, which lias never been inrok
1 r d except in case of emergency;
l n
when emergencT has passed S\V;IT
" . *
; the tax has been abolished. It i.-> ob
jectionable, and lias always b rn re
( garded HS odiou> and inqui-itoria l
1 and against the spirit of our free in
. stitutions.
" Nearly a quaiterof act ntui\ ha*
pa»sed since the war. lla© « -
is. not how to raise money. 1;:.t 1
to * pr tent )t* accumulation in ti •
treasury. The government do -n- i
need the internal revt nue tax.
: only reason for it was the net e.-.-i;
of the go\eminent. These me.
ties turnish the only foundation m
j law fer imposing it.' -
I.lability of Distiller* wlio Distil
(.rain or Frull not l»roclu. eel
on Tlioir on I'artiis.
hl'fitor Press and Carolinian:
DHAH SIK :—I happened t>
hold of a late number of vour ex K
lent paper, which I always read with
pleasure on account of its high posi
tion on the temperance question,
amongst other good qualities. But
I am a little surprised that you have
not called the attention of th*» gener
' al public, and especially the officer
| of the law, to the late decision of the
Supreme Court in the case of the
State vs. Patterson and Kennedy, in
, which it is held that all distillers of
grain and fruit who diet ill anvthin-'
► ir>
not produced on their own farms
and sell in quantity both over and
1 under firo gallons, as they all do.
are liable to a tax of $250 per annum.
Now the? question is, whose bu-im
is it to make these gentry "fork
over i Another feature of fir
thing in which the public are inter
eated is that all license money i \«* j •
the wholesale tax goes to the com
mon schools. Let us try and hav.
this law executed, and in so dt»in«\ 1
think we will get rid of a large num
ber of the distilleries now in opera
Aery respectfully,
J. T. P.
Morganton, X. (\, Jan. 20. l^Sv
Superior Courts
Si KiNi—Judge Gilmer.
FALl. —Judge Clark
Henderson—Feb. 13, July I*'.
Burke—March T>, Au» 0.
Caldwell—March 10. Sept 3.
Ashe—March 2l. May 28, Aii" 2d.
- M atauga—April 0. June 4. Aug 27
Mitcheil—April in. Sept 1".
ancey—April 30, Sept 24.
McDowell—May 14, Oct 8.
St i:in'. —Judge Bovkin.
1 Al.i. — Judge (iilmer.
Catawba—Tan I>s, July lfl.
Alexander—,lan 30. July .so.
nii.n — # Feb 13. + Feb 20 *Sej t
17, + S«pt 24.
(iaston—March 10. (>ct s.
Lincoln—April 2, Oct 1.
( .eveland--April 0, Aug e. Oct 22
Kutherford—April 23. Oct 20.
Polk—May 7. Nov 12.
SI Kite, —Judge Macßae.
FALL —Judge Boy kin
Madison Feb 27, July 30.t Nov 19
Buncombe— March 12. June
Aug 13. Doc 3
1 :\v sy,\ 4!1 11 A} ril 2. Sept 3
H IUVO 1 A JM i! 0. Scj tl' i
.1 ickson April 23, Sept 2 t
Macon —May 7. Oct 1
(. ay May 14. Oct 8.
( 1 erokee Muv 21. ()ct l"
( * ral am -June 14. ()ct 24
>WUM —June 11. NOT 5.
*For criminal ca»« s only.
- ' • 1 • T ca>es only
A M interesting experiment
f entirely -uc hat
be«n made atfhe clinical exhibit; n '
■ th'-College of Denti.try in this Citv.
I': \iu k Las p.uccet-de-l in trnnf>plan
• t'eth ! r m oijo j>•"!- • "i'>¥ t
the suj.plv of -our 1 teetL
being obtained from inmate - of re
*>* - i*'*• t« r\ it: ii> where f .] >
11 - Uy thus obtaining from th
outcasts of so* ietr (Le means of per
, petuat:n 0 ' it, b* iu* t. »ci» nee 1. i> b-ft
. j ilj '* ''J ; ttion the >] ] scrip
tu: i. j-iw of a t th f>r a to tb
N*w York Star.
npapt r huspt-ndt-d.
! '' J'»ui uh;, started a:
B .■! " ]!. I> ceiiibn . has susj. ended
. A >}i; licau bar. been formed, witi.
••upital s . Jiicit nt to run a newspaper.
;and at nn aarlv day they propose
a new j ap.-r with Thoma
■ a 'orm« t m( mini of il u
! • v * atai;_j i eountv. a
tt.e editor.
S »boie successful as u
]' 1: ' i i. saitl :
- s i \ tpor," full of woo,
* art * :i P«1 •!. i lists a»d goes "
• ■"*>!' 1 bit white a-b c- al is 1
:»r .J> o: al» >ut ad
•'• 1 - i: ■ • 1 ' than in Xew Yoik.
, "Thiitv yrars a r ..' sivv the Record.!
:> 'c"a! wu.M-etaik-d in Philadelphia
■ s•> -»a t• 111, and miners' wages'
wer « abo »t as high then as thov are'
i he added tax of S-I per ton
pay dividends >n watered)
■•ii- Ito . ii-1b) n the grip of
an nsive rt». 1 illegal monopoly.''j
• —Washington Critic.
War tbeing wage.] against the
cigarette. \ oi]] has been iniro
duewd in the \ legislature that
mak - it a misdemeanor to sell cigar- !
•tt s to a boy uider sixteen years of
age: but the cigarettes get there
tilt* same. I hey are leaving
I hit hum at the daily rate of 1,700.-
t KM' i 1 uiin in ! (ec >rder.
(nt we>t. young wonmn, and "row
9 i
up with the count rv. Governor
Swiii]>le, :i Washington Territory.'
has jii>t -i.'ind th»» bill extending
t: " :. i.i'i - i>l lhe ba. ot to the la
* "s, *» bva- i premium on fe
ll.a> 1!: 1 l!i: g I'at 1 Ml.
.V ( .imp Kaidcd at Ni^lit —An Klephnnt In
a K;u-.
\n of r'.epliMntino fewity,
' «•«»i111. : n» * 1 \>,th s'f»ltb an-! h"' re«'!n -s.
Oi l tirre !on our trip. si\ of us were
sr:\tte"f'(l throu«_'h a wood in searrh o?
of the pro- •£••♦-  f el- phants. wb*u
a "solitary*' sneaked out of a junirle
wli- re ht- bad beet: L: 1 ill_r :n 1 l
up'-n my hoi s.'. I w - t au;iy,
! it - • f th'- n i'iv - -iw tli" j"-rf > r, i:-
ance Hi- -a 1 the el.'j :.ant rek - * ruv-r
;t> sti a "I. !v a- i la ,  r> ,r i :y «•>-
r>ron In- ! the ' -t- •. an 1 was only a f»*\v
vanls aw;iv wlvn iisiov« r-'d. Th* nhe
trump' t- lanima le a rush. Ifis ft ?-
leu app traiii e —to vtrik-' the
horse v, ith t»*rr»r. ar. 1 h>' iu.i 1e m > !■ *v ■
t■ t S'-ape. Ti.e uT-at t":n' h ! i' t
•e In a~t chart: *b strurk the hois - a
''side wipe" and u* i ir n r' •*. ;:. i
he W ;S Hi • s »ne! •. *.h n 'he .•>!
kn up«*n him n I kri*-ade-l hi*a into
itit >■ *vpu p. Wat n h.- vengeance wis
satitie*l he rogt* tp an 1 r- treate l to t l •*
same t i- k*-t. sn akinj.' al*>n„' a« if he
was -fp iiii? to !e h*r.i . It w s in
hour .at- r vh'-n I r- .i !.*• the sp->t. a* 1
I was v > iin k " v ov*t the -iea'b o'
st 1 nothi 1 th*- n.ea : i-y
would "♦» l:.e fr •::: ♦•n'« r :..4 i-.- t
m .ir li of the :• .~tr y.-r.
Joe {■ lit.we i me, h'-arit _• a pttn. \
botli «f - w re r- a : »r at.v tri- 1c * -
1 *-a>t n ::h' he up ' >, ' U * r • ' > •
late. We 1 the spot wher • he ha i
-to df- r h>ur.- ar. ! fr a vh. h h>* i 1
»Jil ie-i out to at?.-, k the } ' *. !
h.t-i juirt v sneake-l » *•' .••: .
u hen purs .. n.' an -d aar -i
-t! -• 'he f leav* - a I r'V
behind httn. lit- 'n- ' :
u; ro>ts sm.dl tre*-- ;«n the p r :
b; c feet tonldbe fo -we it n h '-e i
at a p. 'lfe.. w h.i . K '
foft'v that we we'** ha ' .»n } >■ r " : 
in»j up his trail. Ti.ere iv-t abr k- ti
i h, and he *.a ! set h.3 ; - t •
with the utmost tare, an l see vi th •
har-h-st s-• i. \ft*-r c-t" nj a .uart» r -
a uiile a*a)' Le had pt-iec'.el a iv. *y
r.d.e to tiavcl c:.. an l n' to-,n lest h.ia
 'ur t amp wss a l, out three n from
'he -p tw : err the hr 4-- was k. ••
rtlway- bad one *; lard an i a ro ;r- e of
; -f«. ; ;.t*rr - u.i v t r.y w._ Or -.s -j
t - i"-.k out :or, w Lai i" per:tri t
>n th:«in r ffht, vor. after mi ru-ht. t e
trnard a.* «cr ::ie a:, i .-t -t- i : - -•
•.iriL'-r n; en ace* the a P- i; '' *
ti.-aru hr I eve * }•>■}' >:
men lurking al ut, and the butloefai
seeuiei at;v t-x .t" - • * k • " J
jar -ustv. as .u.etly as poaßiOio, the tr*** ,
j were a.'.owe! to lorn !u>r. an 1 :n ash :t
t- ii" the statements Gf :he sentinel were
'vn ed. >o me body or something *i
. ..' about. ■» ia the lion
• on n try but the were
i.tavy for the k:n* of \»■a.-'s. The noise
;. Med clear aroun i the can.par: 1 back,
a.; ; then ai ijUifL \\ e w eie un :er
s • •' an Lour, an 1
-ay d -wn. an i all b :t the mt.- I
: t.nei u .'re »on as.eep. An ho..r .»:er;
a- >•. i leniy, a* ii .-h'-t from ' the
1 s iitarv >f the day harv* i ir/o :r
a.!i{ trumpeting lite the ma>td !.* m a
o-.oi.v-, ani ev.dt.'lv :a a gnat
rage. It was h« who had "been lurk.n
a: -out for two or three ijo.r-*. lie lit 1
appr avhe-1 the oamp as caref » as a
' .ui com i walk, an i had pa*oe i ar und
it to .ocate everything and deiiue ou a
I o.i.t to  uarce from. A hen we g t the
1 .
-.anil, lie pu. •- . :n the sh.iu w
oi »iiiie bushes, and tlie natives, who
examined the spot, *aid he *!ood there
. lor an hour *na a had LuoVii.g
a foot. I
B1 ody an ! destructive work f lloired
t: e charge of the elephant iie strj ped
. '.nan i • :u.-he : a - eepiug na'ive, jim i
a s-iond up an i i,i>he i him tot e tartU !
a Lorise, and br ae the back of a th rd
jw no vs.>3 try to t out ol h-s w«tv,
He wa.« soon amonjj the bullocks. kn{ k
j ing tiieiu an i .est with ins U r Jf.e
i L. >w>. an ; then I ui\ gun re.y'v.
H- c charge h.d been so -u i ;en a:.d lit ri e
that we were aU deii.oran. e 1 ! r two or
three minutes, lortunately for tui ail, :
some one had the s» n-e to throw iig,.t
bru>h on one of tne dying iires a., l
start d a big blaze. Th.s'seeme ito ;ss
•inert the elephant, ani he si.owed
j signs of retreating. In this iie wa> en
»ouraged ly two of our bullocks, whj
dashed at him iur a light, and raked h.m
) severely with their stout horns.
1 was dancing .tbout waiting to get a
shot, hnl I'll teu you what I saw that
elephant do. 1U picked up a buu«Kk
, ug at leaat pounu-«, ani tnat
with his trunk alone, and swung him
aloit as easny as - ou can lift an axe over
, %our head, lie ield him in the air a
minute, and then Hung him clean over
: our C ape toiony wagon to the groMU i.
Ihe bud alighted ou a heap of
freshly cut grass, and was but litt.u in
1 opened on the elephant just aa he
flung the bullock, and iie at once lolte 1
out of camp, carrying three buileta w:th
him. He had scarceiy tlear when no
stepped into a hoie in th- ground, hm lied
forward, und went down With a broken
leg. before he could g«-t on his feet
ap:n I had given him his death- blow,
lie had killed three men and lour bull
ocks, and his death j;ave us deep satis
f"h« Tobacco Plpi In CLIWW
The Chinese use a handsome little
water pipe maoe entirely of bra.-* or
silver. It is ail in one piece except the
bowl and neck, which ia merely a tube
with an upper chamber for tiie tobacco.
The merest pinch of .ong cut touacco
tills the bowl, and one tilling is on y ex
pected to provide one or two w hills." The
hodv of tne pif>e contains a neat com
partment for tobacco, ihe long, claw- '
like naiis of the Celestial are i.sed m
reaching in this little box lor a p.n h of
to. a* co as deltly as a pair of tweezers.
Long stnps of prejiared pap r are u.-»ed i
for 1 his paper slowly,
and w iien required lor lighting the pipe
is b.own into a tlame t>y a peculiar j>u.f.
Any t elestial nian, woman or chiM «an
produce tnis llau.e with a fingie pu 1,
but a i.uropcan acquires the saine ability
oniy by considerable practice. As each
tiding provinces only a coupU* of pus,
the pip • has to be rehlbd o\er and over
aga.n to oM.un satis:act.on. 1 \»-ry time
a pinch is so o>\ed tne remnant l- i i >wn
out ty lilting the tu >e .m i blowing vig
 rously through it lr un the lower end.
1 he rapidity with which a devote# of
this pipe liliS it, pulls the paper into a
tlijiij «*. lights the tobacco hi -wi the paper
out again, hits the tube, blows out the
resus , tills it again, etc., is quite a re
mark.! le performance. Ihe co.imon
( h naman us -s a pipe of primitive pat
t rn, merely a s.en it r |K>int of t .tniixo,
with a lioie bor 1 in tiie -Me ie tr tn.»
c losed end. A pinch of to a co is laid
tu thiS hoie, adv. iuig otiv tr tao wnula.
Tutt's Pills
A torpid 11*«r dvmnget tbe wliolcnj*-
t«m, und prod area
Sick Headache,
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheu
matism. Sallow Skin and Piles.
Tlier® Ii no better remedy for these
rummon dl«ea*e« than Tutt'« Liver
f»iU*, t* trial w ill prove. Price, 23c,
Sold Everywhere.
1 »*» ( t »* I ' * '"• r t/j
it- p the-a f.* a; • ' » . c : - r^-
lurxn I y» \ * \ I. A ICAL C> i.u.
I i.a-e '• ie
k !!?• ' -£«"• ' * I vr .•». v- • -'' ""t V 1
Crt> tbe * «• ' ' ' I *»•
t :.o ' • ■ * * • v **.
Send (I ooee f'r a lr*j • .r. r n : M
ol rrr !*r»: 'nu P.» " s ' »» F - *«i
:.r a
tr_i. , d;I *• • f'* 7 '
' i? tidiness S professional.'
w K ay «• J •• m « ar. 1 la& '■ *- >or !«r
iV ttoriicy nt liAtv,
! i«> :n -• h «"*r> »•
*ti * ' t'%*) ***■ » v a-t*r. A3/ a w
.. -a : a --V • * ' "• 1 *
' - !t* } 1' i' n l*r • *»ra Do
W. C . bill Vl> ,
Lenoir. INJ. O.
Prat n ( * «!w' '' »i ii ( atawWa
unci nt; • Kcdcrsii  iiuilal »L*Ut>*illa.
l.orntrd on !t • J'uMie Sjuare.3® >U*p*
fr at • K I. l>w[ "' 11 a* N-en thoroughly
4.s r !I,4h!»*-1 and put in oid%r
1 ~r j * uf tli«* public in solicited.
fii:li> 15 1: >s..
Ja: - :.. ! Ir PKOPKII-'.TOHS
Will ptactico ip  i ;i. Lincoln. Hu'ke
 aldw« !, .md >ut;roui ding rounti«-a jki-«©
b t: « Supreme « ourt and thw Federal
( out t at Mat»*>\ i!l«\
>;: • t .itlent ;i• 11 iji \ «*n to tli w collect ioa of
clam- in an) putt of th» Mat 9. and rata rat
prompt!} mad*.
Painter and Deeorater.
Piperis £ iti Virietia.
I .»* » • 1 >; ■: a.- • fvt LI •] Drug flt«>ra.3
•• at. itar
Hat' j n-» 1. ur •»!»»• Join tly hi tha pr««-
•"'» ' hlma «> uo i iriMgi* a uffWiun «ur
■ it Maa% a. d t»*
i lh-r i ' ■ r fc , fn« MI n !>• 'anad at oax t Ai«
U A, a ' r«; i.'.r rw"ji-tiTc
i» i. rKi;i-i.k*. v i».
JntiaaiT jio, --4 af.
11 i•!»«> * y^ ■ -■.
: \'k* y '.») ui»l» d i 1 ' l'• ii • * ef( r# th#
v»*r, n .1 I nvii g -j•• i I thrre rr;»i,fl,B
FPCI lit y in
Tlfj o, •» it# h,» r . r f.w pr> pnred tv
•*t 1 » »m*«. upon tii' m.*«t, a. pruvrd
PII BM till!) WITBdI FiJfi.
Hakcij 4 t.r 2v 4
T '-]-O y Yrn " y f Vf i y > '«o»j
AAAJI A f 'a A
£uryk«lj ShMil.i,Ad..pi the Fullowine:
If* : »; —'H at a! Mi. »»*r I »ra airk T
»' ' w fir n.j B.N]i.
C»! i *'.
; j- X■: '■>> 'i a' 'w».« r I • Ut ?ut
■ • B»r* and v o 1 w to go the
■v nd j. t tfj^rn
;f .1 I Ml tuy rr.v
• ► '• ' og l»owdera, r'.rrar.if,
•' . *• *n j.fw !rH(
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Hickory, N. C.

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