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    HiOKOKY PBS8S: NOVEMBER 7, 1895.
rc am! arolminn.
ra E I'RKSS A.VD CAROLINIAN 1 lesuedeTerj
rainJar bj The Hickory Printlcg Company.
Entered at the Post Office 1b Hickory. North
arollna. aa Mcosd d&aa matter.
One Year
Si.x MonthnJ .
Three Month
$ 00
The Holy Bible in some "Book,
Chapter and passage which seems
not entirely familiar to the gen
eral public recites that the aver
age of man is or should be at this
Period of Time, four score years
and ten. Now if a "score" is
twenty years, four score and ten
years would aggreaU 70 years.
That is 'what Keliegabulus said,
in writing- of bis friend the Phone
cian, who hit him with a brick
bat, or small sized cobble stone,
or Belgian block. When Adam
and Methuselah lived andregided
in the deserts of the far off effete
East or Orient they were of neces
sity compelled or forced to lire a
long period of time in order to be
able to comply with the Scripture
-wherein it saith in one place if
not sundry places, "multiply and
replenish the earth1 Four score
years and ten would have afforded
those old chaps very little time in
which to accomplish the' object.
Ashe world progressed and in
creased in population Time be
came more valuable as well as
land and people got to livin
faster than their religion would
admit of and hence from 969 year
we have the term of four score
and ten yean. Very few people,
especially gdod people, such as
us, omr friend John and his wife
and our no my wife, us four and
no more care to live much longer
than the four and no more care
to lire much longer than the
four score and ten year; and why?
Because after that time we be
come a burden, not only to our
friends and family, but also to
ourselves. We do not know this
from experience, but have seen it
exemplified. -Hence, anything
that tends to alleviate human suf
fering has our sympathy and com
mendation. That is to make life
oasy up to the Scriptural limit,
with a margin beyond for not
havingbeen too good so us to
give good meetf for repentance.
Down in Atlanta recently they
got after the Dairymen and actu
ally imposed fines in court upon
them for watering sweet milk.
Two or three days afterwards the
main pipe of the water works
busted and left the city without
water works water. The milk
was worse than ever and two peo
ple died from its effects. They
are now talking of starting a
milk pipe line: But a red headed
doctor chips fn with the state
ment that there is no material of
which they can make a pipe line
but which would operate to pro
duce a corrosive adhesion of the
animalcula to the pipe line and
they would deteriote as old ace
crept on and would cause a steneh
as well as nausea and consequent
sickness and premature death.
You see you cannot tell how
these things are going unless
you have a regular physician to
tell you after diagnsoing your
case. Now here we have the N.
Y. Herald, a regular thorough
bredin some things quoting
the following from a French med
ical journal in the report of a
lecture. From it we can see at
least two years knocked out of
ourlongevity from the use of sim
ple plain pure coffee three tinies
a day. . And it is good coffee too,
the best to be had in this coun
try. It says:
"Coffee dyspepsia resembles al
coholic gastritis mucus vomit
ting in the morning; pain in the
pit of stomach irradiating to the
back; furry tongue and distaste
for meat and solid food. At j
more pronounced degree there is
nausea ana even vomiting- 01
food, sour regurgitation, finally
cachexy. Unlike alcohol, how
ever, coffee produces neither
Woody vomitting nor motions,
and especially no ulceration of
the stomach.
The circulatory apparatus is
also unfavorably affected by tonic
intoxication by coffee. Palpita
tions are rare. It is rather a
slowing up of the pulse that is
Sleep disappeais or is accom
panied by terrifying dreams. In
an upright position the patient
complains of a sensation or
vacum in the head and often
vertigo. At this period of intox
ication there is very marked
trembling of the upper and lower
limbs, and ' also the tremb
ling of the lips that may spread
to all the muscles of the face and
the tongue. Painful cramps al
so make their appearence in the
muscular masses of the calf and
thigh, particularly at night, pre
venting sleep."
The slight allusion to gastritis
strikes our case in hand. It is
produced in lhesame manner and
from Catarrh of the head follow-
I ing to the thorax and super-
iundcing Catarrh of the stomach
with all of the disastrous con
comitant results stated above.
The fact is more people are dying
from Catarrh than from any other
disease; and whiskey or poor
brandy is producing more catarrh
than any other cause.
This is all we have to say on the
subject. Study the question for
yourself. Let's shake and quit
using coffee in any form,. Only
twice a day. Three, times are
too many. . But what will we
The Morganton Herald has just
changed ownership! Mr. William
C. Ervin, the clever" genial gen
tleman and erudite editor has
sold out to Mr. T. G. Cobb, Who
has been with the ' Herald from
, -
the first and was formerly. the
owner of the Star a much valued
paper. Mr. Cobb is the son of
Mr. "R. A. Cobb the publisher of
the Morgahton Populist and who
was the Populist candidate at the
last election for Lieutenant Gov
ernor. Mr. T. G. Cobb, the ,new
owner of the Herald, is a good
printer and a. first class business
young man. We believe he will
increase the prestige and busi
ness of the Herald. It takes a
good business man, and Mr. Cobb
knows that he is the business
man and not the Editor. He is
the son-in-law of our neighbor
and friend Robt. N. Kincaid, Esq.
near Bridge water. We wish Mr.
Cobb and the Herald abundant
No doubt many people and es
pecially persons who are readers
of the Phess and Carolinian have
heard of tbe sweet and oft repeat
ed song of church people on a
Sunday morning, beginning:
440h for a thousand tongues to
sing,' and the other one; "Oh,
for a voice to praise," etc.
You certaimly have heard of
the little boy who started down
the street accompanied by his
dog, and he, (not the dog,)
stopped to eat some green per
simmons, and when his dog ran
ahead of him and he tried to whis
tle to the dog, the boy yelled out
'to the crowd, "I'll bet a dollar I
lose that dog; cause I cant whis
tle." -
That is us. We 'cant -whistle:
and the dog's got to go.
We have had several decidedly
flattering encomiums passed up
on our local article in the Pbess
and Carolinian last week in re
gard to the DAnna Thompson and
little child Hugh D'Anna matter.
The ladies say we recited facts
without being unpleasant.
How You Can Get Kid of That
j , Catarrh That Bothers
Have you got Catarrh? If you have
not, you are a lucky man. At least !
erery third man has it. If you have
got catarrh, what are you going to do
about it! Are you going to continue
and hawk, and spit, and snuff, and
choke, and sneeze, and cough, and do
all the other disagreeable things that
catarrh patients are obliged to do?
There is no use of this. You can get
cured if you want to. This is the
The first thing you want to do is to
get a bottle of Pe-ru-na, take a tea
spoonful before each meal and at bed
time. Gradually increase this dose at
the end of one month you are taking
a tablespoonful at each dose. If you
are not well at the end of that time
sit down and write Dr. Hartman, of
Columbus, Ohio, a letter, just give
the facts, and you will receive a
prompt answer, which will tell you
exactly what to do further. Be sure;J
to write Dr. Hartman before quitting!
the treatment.
Every family ought to have a copy
of the Pe-ru-na Almanac. Ask your
druggist for one.
Look here! By jings here is
an editorial in the Shelby Aurora
of Thursday (afternoon) August
8th, 1895, W. H. Miller.editorand
proprietor. We suppose he is
correct or that is,somebody is, in
all these assertions. Any w.ay he
says: "Wanted a Leader." Then
he proceeds at some length to
say we have no leader and we
need a leader. That is to say,
us, that is, the Democratic party.
We do not care whether we are
the fag end or the front end; it is
all the, same to us personally.
However, this editorial of the es
teemed and. we may also add
with much unction highly prized
and these latter words snould be
in Roman capitals contempo
rary, strike us as being a fit (no,
not fit; what is fit?) subject 'for
Thus, to make the thing. empha
tic the Aurora desires' a LeaderMl
a ieaaer ior tne jjemocratic party
of orthCarolina. By Jove! It
does strike us- between the nose,
eyes and ears that the Democrat:
ic party of North Carolina does
need a lpader and a. leader
who can lead and win.
We are disgustingly disgusted
with the new schedule arrange
ment of the Southern Railway
whereby the train from Salisbury
which was designated the "ves
tibule" has been discontinued.
It was a good train and a good
arrangement and was building up
a lot of business on this section
or diyison for the Southern Rail
way Company. But of course if
it does not pay them to run this
train then they are right in dis
continuing it. But there is this
to say about it, Hon. John S.
Henderson, as Chairman of the
Committee on Post Offices and
Post Roads did more than his ac
tion justifies. There may be a
rectification or a cutting off.
Our friend from Morganton
Samuel J. Ervin, Esq., the es
teemed and distinguished attor
ney at law of Morganton, of whom
wo think he is the best in the state,
got our fees, etc., but that is all
right. He came down here to
Hickory. Well, that's all right.
We are solid for him forjudge of
this circuit next time and when
we sefour heads two ox Yearns
can't beat us.
$100.00 for every $10.00 invested
can b made by our new
$10.00 and more made daily on small
investments, bv many persons who
live away from Chicago.
All we ask is to investigate our new
and original methods. Past workings
of plan and highest references fur
nished. Our Booklet "Points & Hintsn
how to make money even when on the
wrong side of the market and other
information sent FREE.
GILMOKE JH CO.. Banker and Brokers.
Open Board ol Trade Bldg.. Chicago, UL
Speaking about Western beer sa
loons having signs reading one boiled
egg with each glass except a schooner," ;
is somewhat a reminder of,th follow-
ing which has just been issued as aj
bulletin hv tha Southern Railway for I
the benefit of the hundreds of gentle
men who come from the North every
winter to hunt birds. The Eaitern
Field Trial Club have their meets in
this, Catawba county,-near Newton.
The bulletin is as follows: "Dogs be
longing to hunters or sportsmen will
be carried in their baggage cars free
when accompanied by owners, only
one dog free for eath ticket. When
dogs are in crates or cages they will be
charged for at excess Baggage rates.
Persons wishing to travel with their
dogs would do well to bear this in
A North Carolina court decides that
to hold the hand of an unmarried fe
male for an hour, squeezing the same
now and then, is equivalent to a pro
posal of marriage, whether either par
ty says a word or not. Great Jerusa
lem! What a narrow escape we had.
"After you," politely remarked the
undertaker, as he met the doctor at
the door with crape on it. That is,
the door. But the door had the best
of it. Any undertaker who goe;s after
a doctor is not fit for the business.
Doctors are more up to snuff. I
The erudite but unindicted Tattler
of the Louisville Times makes some
"pinted," pithy and pertinent remarks
which we herewith transcribe for the
electrification and dedification of the
very chosen few: "The recent earth
quake shook the statue of modesty
from its pedestal andf chased its
blushes into the nothingness' of the
nowhere. One party of men and wo
men in a boarding-house rushed down
stairs in their night gear and clung to
gether after a nothing-shall-part-us
fashion brought about by fright. Fi
nallyoneof the men suddenly real
ized that his costume was not exactly
a full dress affair, so he hurriedly
rushed upstairs and came down again
with a largn diamond pin fastened on
the front of his night shirt. It was
only too evident that his ideas had
gone wool gathering and he fancied
that the pin was all that was necessary,
to gi r e hJ m a f u 1 J -d ressed ap pearance.
The ladies were more badly frightened
than the men and did not care a conti
nental for dress. Figures which were
supposed irreproachable were found
to have lied sadly, .and when finally
gentleman who had been out to see
what harm had been done came in,
they pranced up to hiin, 7 extended
their hands and exclaimed Oh, Mr.
Hello; oh, dear Mr.' Hello, do tell us
what we shall do?" r
"Well, ladies," replied that gentle
man as he eyed them narrowly, I
would advise you to go and put on
some clothes."
They went.
Say Jenks, do you see that man
driving that team with a load of shin
gles? said Mr. de Salol.
Jenks : Yes, sir; 1 see him and he
looks like a fine gentleman."
Mr. de Salol : That is the gisin and
the gusm oj the whole business, Jenks.
Looks and business are all right in
their line. Shakespeare said: "Put
raiment on thy back," or something
like that. But said he more specifi
cally, "Dress according as thy purse
will allow." No, he put it different.
But you catch the idea.
Jenks: Never caught anything in
my life. Always had to work hard.
Don't come any shenannigan over my
poor week bones and soul.
Mrrde Salol: But Jenks, you are
like the man with the fly in the rat
trap: Keep him when you can. '
Jenks: Durn yon and your flies and
all the rats I ever saw.
Mr. de Salol: Just so Jenks: Bon
Fast Sent hern Train.
Chicago, Nov. 3. The fastest train
ever made between the North and
South by a railroad was inaugurated
today. The limited train leaving Chi
cago this afternoon at 5:10 over the
Chicago and Eastern Illinois had the
honor of initiating the record break
ing. It will reach Atlanta tomorrow
at 4 p. m.t making the running time
22 hours and 53 minutes This, ac
cording to General Agent Stone, will
be the regular standard hereafter.
The change thus started, it is said,
is the beginning of a practical revolu
tion in the operation of southern rail
way lines, inevitably involviug a vast
net work of roads and emphasizing the
recent break up of the Mason and
Dixon line in transportation matters.
rS W.Du ke Sons & CxTV 'K
High Grade Tobacco
Send for free sample and jmle thertbv
Both one year for only $l.2o.
The Enquirer is a 9-coluimi, pau
paper, issued each Thurdaj.
Largest in size, cheapest in pric,
most reliable in ne, all lare type,
plain print, good white pajH-r. If our
readers want another live pier. the
Enquirer is that paper.
Call or send orders to
Press and Carolinian,
HM hickory,. N.C.
Schedule In effect from and afier Oct. 13. 1S85.
Central Time Standard.
Colas North.
No. 10. No. 60.
Le re Chester, 8. C. 7.20 am 7.50 m
Lowrysrllle, S. C. 7.49 am 8.25 a
" McConneiLirille.S.i;. 8.00 a iu 8.30 a
GuthiienTllle, S C. .8.12am 9.05 a n
" Yorkrille. H. C. SJM a m 10.05 a n
" CloYer. S. C. .llam - 10.50a n
" Gaatouia, N. C. 9.50 am lllOaa
Dallas. N.C 10.05am irstpa
- Llocolattin, N. C. 11.05 am lJOpn
" Newton. N. C, 11.54 am 3.ipn
" Hick any. S. C. 12.30 p m SOOpa
ArriTe Lenoir, N. C. 1.33 p m .140 pa
Qalng South.
No. 61. N. f.
Jeaye Lenoir, N, C, 5.00am 3.25pm
Hickorj.N. C. 0.42am" 4j0pa
Newton, C. 8.10 am 3.(Npm
' Lineolnton. N. C. y.SO an ' 355 p a
- Dalian. H. U. 11.06 am MS pa
- Gaatonla. N. C. 12 06 p ra -5 p a
t'lorer. , l.vjp n IX pa
" Yorkville. d.O. 2.25 p ta 8.11 pa
- UuthrleeYl le. S. C. 2.53 p m 8JBp
M Mci-onnel)aTl)le.S.C SoMp m Ml p
" Lowr.Yrilli-, H C. 3.30 pra 8JM p a
Arrlre Chester, . C. 4.10 p j 9.29 pa
Trains Noa. 9 and 10 are first tliM. aad rst
dailT except Monday. Trains o. 60 aad
caxr.r paaaengera and also run dlly except 8a
daj. There U Ool connection at Cheater wlti
the C.C.N AN., and the C.T. 4 A.; alo t
Uastonla with tbe A & 0. A. L.: at Llncolntoi
with tb? C. C; and at Hickorj and Kestoi wlta
thw W. N CJ
L.. T. Nic'ho', a. Hup't. O. W, K. Haipbi. Pre.
Cheater, H C. Lenou.S.C
Earthquake at
Port Townsend, Wash., Sov. 3.
The 8ChoonerMary Kupne, from AU
ka, reports experiencing a severe
earthquake at aea October 24. Tbe
captain tfa in the ringing and tbew
vras binooth as jlas when the vel
began to shake violently, every tiiaber
creaking and the sea became greatly
agitated. The vibrations latfd two
minutes. On the .following, dy tb
schooner passed through an area of
apparently muddy water.
and everyone needs it at all times c tr
year. Malaria is always about, anJ
only preventive and relief is to Keep
Liver active. You must help the Liver a .
and the best helper is the O! J Fnen
II- 11: X .4 I or-. -K
broke a case of Malarial Fever 01
years' standing for me, anJ
one bottle did the business. I
it when in need, and recommend it
the RED Z on the package. AV,H!
x . t A Dc-iiri lTDR. 1 i5 "
tse sure uiai you gci iu -.
mons Liver Regulator, t--;
only one, and every one who ,
sure to be-benefited. THE BE.t
. . . .. -r-t it l! IJ
ALL IN THE RtmtUi. vh
Biliousness and Sick Headache
caused by a sluggish Liver. ,

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