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Monday, August 28, 2000
Ramsey Parents, Police to Meet for Ist Time in 2 Years
The Associated Press
ATLANTA - For the first time in
more than two years, John and Patsy
Ramsey are scheduled to meet today
with investigators to discuss the unsolved
slaying of their daughter, Jonßenet.
The couple, who authorities say are
still under suspicion in the 6-year-old‘s
1996 slaying, last met with police in June
They have rejected all other pro
posed meetings over the terms of the
Pricey Parking Surcharge to Land at RDU
Associated Press
RALEIGH - With more customers
driving in from outside the Triangle to
catch a flight, Raleigh-Durham
International Airport is embarking on
an ambitious parking plan.
RDU wants to pull ahead of current
demand by building more than 15,000
parking spaces between its two termi
nals, tripling its parking there. When the
parking project is completed in 10 years,
the airport will have thousands more
spaces than most airports now its size.
But the emphasis on parking may
come at a price - an airplane ticket sur
charge is being considered by the
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority to
pay for the parking additions.
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interviews, including all attempts to
them separately - until now.
The Ramseys are scheduled 'to
answer questions Monday in Atlanta in
separate sessions with a seven-member
investigative team led by Boulder, Colo.,
police Chief Mark Beckner, their attor
ney, L. Lin Wood said.
Patsy Ramsey will be interviewed first
and then John, as Boulder police
requested, Wood said Sunday.
There is no time limit on the inter
views, which will be videotaped and
“Some airports have the philosophy,
‘We have a certain number of parking
spaces and people can get them. After
that, we’re full,’” authority chairman
Bob Winston said. “We’ve taken the atti
tude at the airport that we want to make
enough spaces to meet the demand.”
RDU has been playing catch-up with
parking on and off for more than 20
Passenger traffic has increased 223
percent between 1985 and last year,
when 4.5 million passengers departed
from RDU. The airport could post
record traffic figures this year.
Many passengers are traveling farther
to take advantage of the cheaper fares
and can’t take advantage of taxis or local
public transportation to get to the air
transcribed by a court reporter at
Wood’s office. Wood said the interviews
could take about two days.
“John and Patsy agreed to each and
every condition imposed by the police
department, and we imposed no condi
tions ourselves,” Wood said.
However, the Ramseys will terminate
the interviews immediately if they are
“attacked, abused or treated unfairly,”
Wood said. Otherwise, they will help
with any “legitimate investigative
effort,” he said.
“Raleigh-Durham International is not
a three-county airport,” said Jim
Ritchey, general manager of the
Triangle Transit Authority. “It’s probably
a 30-county airport.”
RDU’s parking expansion started in
April with the opening of its 2,700-space
deck outside Terminal A. It was full for
the first time five days after it opened.
The next two to three years will see
the construction of a 6,150-space park
ing deck, the rebuilding of a larger park
ing toll plaza, construction of new cargo
buildings and the realignment of the
parking access roadways, for an esti
mated $l4O million.
The airport paid for the parking deck
that opened in April through revenue
Wood said the Ramseys agreed to the
interview in hopes of getting police to
move past a theory that they could have
played a role in their daughter’s death.
“John and Patsy realize they need the
Boulder Police Department to find the
killer of their daughter,” Wood said.
Jonßenet was found strangled and
beaten in the basement of her family’s
Boulder home Dec. 26, 1996. No sus
pect has ever been named, and the
Ramseys deny any involvement.
A grand jury convened in 1998 to
bonds. Another option is the surcharge,
which would require approval by the
Federal Aviation Administration.
The surcharge can be up to $4.50 -
that would bring in about $20.3 million
a year to RDU.
Airport Authority members have
mentioned the tax in passing but have
yet to seriously take up the issue. RDU
spokesman Mike Blanton said the air
port is leaning toward assessing the tax
for a building expansion at Terminal A,
not the parking project, but nothing has
been decided.
Still, even with abundant parking,
people will seek alternatives to driving
to die airport because of worsening
highway congestion, the TTA’s Ritchey
investigate Jonßenet’s death but didn’t
return an indictment.
Wood, the Ramseys’ Adanta-based
attorney, said he advised the couple not
to meet with police because he was con
cerned about “the potential for innocent
people to be caught up in a web of an
overzealous prosecutor and unobjective
or less than objective police officials.”
“I think it would be safe to say there’s
probably no lawyer who would recom
mend they participate in this kind of
interrogation,” Wood said.
Campus Calendar
7:30 p.m. - UNC club roller hock
ey will hold a general interest meeting
for all old and new players in 109 Fetzer
7:30 p.m. - The first regular meeting
of the 206th year of the Dialectic and
Philanthropic societies will be held in
the Dialectic Society Chamber on the
third floor of New West.
This week’s program will be
impromptu debate topics ranging from
the serious (“Chivalry Is Dead”) to the
inane (“Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”).
For more information, call Charlotte
Stewart at 914-4122.
7:30 p.m. - Former UNC basketball
player Danny Lotz will speak at the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ first
meeting of the fall semester. The free,
open meeting will be held in the Ram’s
Room of the Old Kenan Field House.
8 p.m. - There will be an interest
meeting for the Carolina Production
Guild in Studio 2 of Swain Hall.
8 p.m. - Circle K, a UNC service
organization, will hold its first meeting
of the year in Union 111.
6 p.m. - The Carolina Academic
Team will hold a general information
meeting in 321 Greenlaw Hall.
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Slip Satlg Qlar Mrk
Wood will attend the interview along
with an investigator the Ramseys hired
to work on the case. The couple and
their son, Burke, moved from Boulder to
Adanta after Jonßenet’s death.
Beckner declined to comment on the
Ramsey interview.
While the interview may not establish
the Ramseys’ innocence, the couple
may help their image by telling the pub
lic that die investigation remains open,
said University of Georgia criminal law
Professor Ron Carlson.
quiz bowl or putting trivia knowledge (o,
good use are invited to come.
7:30 p.m. - The Carolina Animat'
Rights Effort will hold its first gener-:
al meeting in Union 213 to discuss
plans for the upcoming year. “The
Witness," a documentary about an ani
mal rights activists, will also be shown. ■
6 p.m. - The first of three available"
treasurers’ orientations will be held in'
247 Phillips Hall from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Orientations will also be held Sept.
and Sept. 13. All student organizations"
who have received funds from Student'
Congress must send a representative to ‘
one of the treasurers’ orientations.
For more information, call Patrick;*
Frye at 962-4964.
For the Record
In the Aug. 25 article,“CAA Works to
Fulfill Promises,” The Daily Tar Heei
incorrectly reported that CAA
President Tee Pruitt presented a plat
form in April that included a UNC ONE
Card option at concession stands dur
ing sporting events and a scrolling
sports information ticker in Student
These ideas originally appeared in the
platforms of Michael Songer and Adam
Walters, now members of Pruitt’s
The Daily Tar Heel regrets the error.
(Tljc Saily (Ear Mrrl
Monday, August 28,2000
Volume 108, Issue 61
RO. Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515
Matt Dees, Editor: 962-4086
Advertising & Business: 962-1163
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m 500
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