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ASU fills chancellor position
Peacock to assume new duties in July
The UNC-system Board of
Governors appointed Kenneth
Peacock as Appalachian State
University’s new chancellor at its
monthly meeting Friday. He will
assume his position July 1.
Harvey Durham has been serv
ing as interim chancellor for the
university since former chancellor
Frank Borkowski’s retirement last
UNC-system President Molly
Broad put Peacock’s name into the
nomination at the BOG’s Friday
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meeting. In turn, the BOG voted to
elect Peacock as ASITs new chan
cellor. The newly elected chancel
lor made a promise of commit
ment to higher education.
“By your action today, you have
entrusted the leadership of a truly
outstanding institution of higher
learning to me,” Peacock said. “I
realize that your expectations and
those of the entire Appalachian
family are quite high. Let me
assure you of my unwavering com
mitment to exceed those expecta
Peacock’s salary, which will start
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at $210,000, will be subsidized by
state funds.
Peacock, a Rocky Mount native,
has worked his way toward the
ASU chancellor position.
He has been with the university
in some capacity since 1982, with
his most recent position being the
interim provost and vice chancel
lor for academic affairs. His
involvement with the university
before July 2003 was solely with
ASU’s Walker College of Business.
He served as dean of the school for
11 years.
He earned his undergraduate
degree at Mars Hill College and
completed his graduate studies at
Louisiana State University in the
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Peacock was enthusiastic about
his appointment as ASU chancel
“I am sure that if each of you
look back on your life, you can
identify certain defining moments,”
he said. “A moment when some
thing happened and your life was
changed forever. It was enriched,
perhaps more challenging, but the
bottom line, it was better. For
Roseanne and me, this is one of
those moments.”
State Cf National Editor Cleve
Wootson contributed to this article.
Contact the State & National
Editor at
large increase in tuition for non
resident students and concern
about student aid as reasons for
the decision.
Moeser also reiterated com
ments from the UNC-system Board
of Governors, which now has the
task of deciding whether or not to
pass the increase before it goes
before the N.C. General Assembly.
“The quality of UNC education
is at risk,” he said, quoting BOG
Chairman Brad Wilson. “Despite
rising tuition, this University
remains affordable for North
Carolina residents.”
Moeser addressed concerns of
whether administrators are look
ing into alternative sources of
funding to increase faculty salaries.
“We’re doing that now” Moeser
replied. “That’s the only resource
we have to relocate binds from
vacant lines. But we have got to
have new sources of revenue.”
Contact the University Editor
ing, but in winter months, we can
survive on Cane Creek alone with
out any problem.”
While OWASA awaits test
results, Saffelle Inc. continues to
rebuild from the fire. Owner Milt
Saffelle leased the Hillsborough
warehouse on Elizabeth Brady
Road a few days after the fire and
had his business running again by
the middle of last week.
The new location, less than a
mile down the road from the
Heartland Steakhouse which
burned down New Year’s Eve, was
busy Friday.
Saffelle said that none of the
company’s 28 employees had lost
their jobs and that he’d even hired
anew worker since the fire.
“Our customers cannot believe
we’ve done what we’ve done,” he
said. “We’ve got somebody looking
out for us, I suppose.”
Contact the City Editor
will present his new book
February 17th
at 3:30 p.m. in
the Bull’s Head
ca11962-5060f0r more info
the excitement of what’s going to
Chris Ehrenfeld, another devel
oper of Rosemary Village, said the
project will change completely the
landscape of Rosemary Street and
will make the area more residential.
He said the Village promises to
bring “high-end living” to the
downtown area and more atten
tion to Rosemary Street.
“When people think of down
town, West Rosemary does not get
the attention it deserves,” said
Aaron Nelson, executive director
of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro
Chamber of Commerce.
“It is in transition for develop
ment, and Tuckers project will
improve the condition of
Rosemary Street,” he said.
West Rosemary Street, which
forms the southern border of the
historic Northside neighborhood,
includes Mama Dip’s as well as
apartments, shops and several
night spots.
see the families we’re helping. ...
The connection is immediate.”
Connections of another kind
entirely were made last Saturday at
Hooker Fields during the single
elimination Powder Puff football
Senior Laura Kieman, campus
fond raising chairwoman, said
planning for the games started the
first day of classes in the fall, when
Hooker Fields was reserved.
It was the first year on a team
for Ivy Todd, a sophomore and
subchairwoman of the campus
fond raising committee. “It was
rougher than I thought it would
be,” she said, as she showed off her
Alpha Chi Omega sorority
Carnations shirt.
For all the playful enthusiasm,
the competition was fierce. “There
have been incidents,” Kieman
ty in the country, Michnowicz said
he remained relatively unexposed
to less luxurious aspects of living in
India. During the first few days he
spent traveling with a friend’s fam
ily, Michnowicz eased out of jet lag
and prepared to attend a wedding,
which he described as a Christian
ceremony with Indian aspects. ,
Hopping from one hotel to
another, he saw what he described
as only a fraction of the culture and
a small segment of the population.
“There are several ways to expe
rience a place, and I enjoyed
myself, but it was an extremely
sterile way to see India,” he said.
“We spent a lot of time either in a
five-star hotel or in the car. I didn’t
get the full Indian experience.”
On returning to the United
States on Jan. 7, Michnowicz real
ized that he needed to go back and
see the country through more than
just the narrow lens that framed
his Winter Break travels.
Since his return to Chapel Hill,
Ufyp SaiUj (Tar MM
“Rosemary (Street)
is equally as
important as
Franklin (Street)”
Town officials are hoping to
boost business on Rosemary Street
by redeveloping Town Parking Lot
Number 5, which spans Rosemary
Street and Franklin Street.
Joyce Chen, owner of Oriental
Garden on Rosemary Street, said
she has seen the area change dur
ing the 20 years her restaurant has
been in business.
“There is not a lot of walking
traffic,” she said. “It feels like we are
outside like an island because
people cannot walk. (Rosemary) is
really a beautiful place. But it needs
more modernized buildings.”
Contact the City Editor
The overall atmosphere was
jubilant, and coaches, referees and
event organizers all members of
Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity
cheered from the sidelines.
Matt Hasty, a senior geography
major, was the referee. “The team
I coached the first year won,” he
explained. “So I’ve reffed the past
two years so I could keep my unde
feated record.” y
lan MacNaughton, a sopho
more nursing student, carried all
his team’s plays on a brown paper
towel, marked out in red perma
nent marker. “Some of the girls are
out here for fun; some are ath
letes,” he said. “We’re all out here
for the cause.”
The cause is clear in every par
ticipant’s mind. “That’s my power
as a college student,” Ross said.
Contact the Features Editor
“Expectations kind
of a double-edged
sword. If you don’t
meet (them) you’re
going to be... upset.”
Michnowicz has monitored air
fares for flights from New York to
Delhi, India, intending to return
and explore new places and revisit
the people who made such an
impression on him during his first
short stay.
An artist gradually going blind
yet continuing to work caught
Michnowicz’s attention and cap
tured his admiration. “It’s inspir
ing to see how hard he works, even
though he’s losing his sight,”
Michnowicz said.
The Hindu driver who married
a Muslim woman piqued
Michnowicz’s curiosity about reli
gion and the caste system in India
and provided him with a potential
interest to integrate into a future
international career.
But a lifelong job with the U.S.
Department of Defense or an
international organization seems
distant when Michnowicz has few
firm plans beyond graduation
from UNC. For now, he doesn’t
know what to expect aside from
his diploma.
“Expectation’s kind of a double
edged sword,” he said. “If you don’t
meet your expectations, you’re
going to be a little upset. So I just
try to take it day by day.”
Contact the Features Editor
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