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U.S. releases new Iraqi wanted list
BAGHDAD, Iraq The U.S.
military Tuesday issued for the first
time a wanted list of dozens of key
figures suspected of leading the
anti-U.S. insurgency in Iraq.
In Tikrit, three Iraqis, including
a 10-year-old, were killed Tuesday
when a 120 mm mortar fired by U.S.
soldiers landed on their house. The
U.S. base at Tikrit has been receiv
ing fire from insurgents over the
past few nights, the military said.
The list of 32 wanted people
included suspected cell leaders, for
mer members of Saddam Hussein’s
military and regional Baath leaders
thought to be helping the insur
gency, said Brig. Gen. Mark
Kimmitt, deputy operations chief.
At the top of the list, with a $1
million reward, is Mohammed
Yunis al-Ahmad, a former top
Baath Party official. Rewards
between $50,000 and $200,000
were offered for the others.
The military has been compiling
the list as it built up a better under
standing of the insurgency,
Kimmitt told reporters.
Soon after Hussein’s ouster in
April, the military published a list
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of 55 most-wanted members of his
regime. All but 10 of them have
been captured or killed. Not all
were believed to have played major
roles in the insurgency.
Until now, U.S. officials have not
made public a list of suspected
leaders of the insurgency that
erupted after the regime’s collapse
and has killed more U.S. soldiers
than did the invasion that toppled
Hussein. The violence, blamed on
Hussein loyalists and foreign
Islamic militants, has persisted
despite the Iraqi leader’s capture in
Three U.S. soldiers were killed
and six wounded by roadside
bombs in Baghdad and two cities to
the north Monday, the military
announced. Four U.S. soldiers were
wounded and one insurgent was
killed Monday in a firefight that
ended in the arrest of a suspected
cell leader and eight others, the
military said. The cell leader was
not on the list released TViesday.
The latest U.S. deaths brought to
541 the number of U.S. service
members who have died since
President Bush launched the war
March 20. U.S. administrators are
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facing mounting opposition to their
plan to use regional caucuses to put
together the new government. The
method was losing support on the
Iraqi Governing Council, several
council members said.
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi
Annan said Tuesday he hopes to
report this week on whether the
United Nations believes it’s possi
ble to hold elections to pick anew
government by June 30. If he
decides a vote isn’t possible, as
appears likely, he is expected to
recommend other possible options.
The military’s new most wanted
list set new rankings of rewards for
the fugitives. A $200,000 reward
was set for 11 former regional mil
itary and political leaders from
Saddam regime suspected of “asso
ciating” or “providing support” to
insurgent cells, Kimmitt said.
On Monday, U.S. troops
launched a raid south of the city of
Fallujah hunting for two suspected
cell leaders. The raid sparked a
gunbattle in which one Iraqi guer
rilla was killed and nine others
were captured, including one of the
suspects. The two men were not on
the newly issued list.
(C)2004 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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Lawsuit blasts Justice Dept.
Justice Department is exaggerat
ing its performance in the war on
terrorism, has interfered with a
major terror prosecution and com
promised a confidential informant,
a federal prosecutor alleges* in an
extraordinary lawsuit against
Attorney General John Ashcroft.
The lawsuit by Assistant U.S.
Attorney Richard Convertino is the
latest twist in the Bush adminis
tration’s first major post-Sept. 11
terrorism prosecution, a Detroit
case jeopardized over allegations of
prosecutorial misconduct.
Convertino was the lead prose
cutor on the case, in which the gov
ernment did not provide defense
attorneys a letter alleging that a
prosecution witness lied until long
after a trial had ended.
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In his lawsuit, Convertino says
the Justice Department is retaliat
ing against him because he has
complained publicly about “the
lack of support and cooperation,
lack of effective assistance, lack of
resources and intradepartmental
infighting” in terrorism cases.
According to the suit, a senior
official in the Justice Department’s
terrorism and violent crimes sec
tion informed Convertino that
news reports concerning the
department’s anti-terror efforts
were not accurate and that the
“press gives us more credit than we
Convertino says he complained
repeatedly to the Justice
Department in Washington that it
placed “perception” over “reality” to
the detriment of the war on terror.
Convertino came under internal
Justice Department investigation
last fall after telling a Senate com
mittee of his concerns. Regarding
the Detroit case, which Convertino
handled, the government late last
year turned over a jail inmate’s let
ter to defense lawyers. In it, the
inmate alleged that prosecution
witness Youssef Hmimssa had lied.
A lawyer for Convertino has said
he believes his client made the
right decision in not disclosing the
evidence because it wouldn’t have
affected the trial’s outcome.
Months before the government
turned over the letter, a jury found
two defendants guilty of document
fraud and conspiracy to provide
material support for terrorism.
One other was found guilty of doc
ument fraud but acquitted of terror
charges. And the fourth was
acquitted on all counts.

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