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Carolina North requires
town, UNC partnership
It’s been a bumpy road.
Fourteen years of questions
and disagreements have led
the University and the town to
where they are today: still in the plan
ning process of Carolina North.
For the University, every time the
plans start to move forward on the
satellite campus set for a 963-acre
tract of a land just north of UNC
something throws a kink in the pro
cess, causing officials to reevaluate
their ideas.
Roger Pern, chairman of UNC s Board of
Trustees, said University officials feel “a sense
of urgency' to move things along.
For the town, the approval process is just
getting off the ground. Today the Chapel Hill
Town Council will officially review the 50-
year plan for the satellite campus, as well as
receive community input on concept plans for
the Innovation Center.
“From having worked with us before, the
University knows how long it could take,*
town council member Laurin Easthom said.
“Were not on anybody's timeline."
And as development moves forward, the
infamous town-gown relationship will become
more important than ever.
This year campus and town leaders say that
relationship has become stronger. Council mem
bers sat down to talk with Chancellor James
Moeser and several trustees last week to discuss
Carolina North —a move that council members
say is “historical and unprecedented.*
But if history is any indicator of the future,
that relationship is still hanging precariously
5/) j f'f j n „ O fkT TVTTA • For more coverage of Carolina North, see pages
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Athletes receive
several UNC perks
Apparel, lottery
among benefits
Depending on skill level, a stu
dent athlete has the chance to
become a nationally recognized
figure, a representative for sports
apparel or even the next Michael
But no matter how they play on
the court or the field, UNC student
athletes see a few extra benefits for
just being on the team.
“There are certain benefits that
a student athlete receives in an
NCAA-sanctioned university that is
a fact oflife," said Larry Gallo, senior
associate director of athletics.
For UNC varsity athletes, that
includes a separate ticket distri
bution, a special dining hall and
priority registration.
But some athletes say they are
treated just like any other student
*1 think a lot of people mis
understand how varsity athletes
are treated,* said Marissa May, a
2006-07 varsity softball player.
May said that athletes get the
same resources as other students,
but their busy schedules mean those
resources are parceled differently.
Basketball ticket lottery
Student athletes enter into a
separate men's basketball ticket
The Daily Tar Heel is hiring new staff for
the spring semester. Applications are
due by 5 p.m. today and are available in
Union suite 2409. The DTH is hiring staff
for its writing, online and visual desks.
Serving the students and the University community since 1893
ohr latly (Far Meet
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Chancellor James Moeser and Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy discuss plans for Carolina North, the proposed 1,000-acre satellite campus, at the town council
planning session on Jan. 13. Town council members and University officials discussed issues such as sustainability, transportation and land development.
ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING: 7 p.m. Chapel Hill Town Hall
Research campus meant to increase corporate funds
UNC is beefing up its game plan for research.
As federal research funds dedine across the coun
try, universities are changing the way they pay for
their research and development reiving more
heavily on corporate partnerships.
But because UNC has little ability, for several rea
sons, to strike corporate partnerships, the University
is starting to drop behind its peers.
Perks for varsity
> Dining hail in the Kenan
Football Center for football
players. The hall is open for
breakfast for all students.
> Separate tkhet dstribution
system for men's badetbal games.
► Priority registration, beginning
for fail 2008 semester
► Athletic apparel from the
NCAA for victories in postseason
play, such as regional or
conference championships.
lottery, allowing them to sign up on
Mondays before a home game.
There are about 100 upper-level
athlete tickets, said Clint Gwahney.
associate athletic director for the
Smith Center and ticket operations.
With about 800 varsity athletes
from 28 sports, there is a 12.5 per
cent chance of getting a ticket
The student body lottery has
6,000 slots for about 28,000 stu
dents. According to fall 2007 enroll
ment statistics, students have about
a 21 percent chance of winning.
For some games a portion of
the athlete tickets are set aside for
those honored during halftime.
For high-profile games, the ath
lete lottery system takes into account
grade point average and academic
city j puge 4
The town of Chapel Hill is
looking to hire interns in three
different town departments.
Interested students must
apply by Friday.
Signature requirement may weed out a few
Dormsto raring is done and
petitions are in, but stu
dent government candi
dates can’t breathe a sigh
of relief just yet
After tallying the petitions, the Board
of Elections found some potential can
didates might lack the required number
of signatures to continue in the race.
Stephen Barber and Rachel Moss,
candidates for senior class officers, now
- — ll^ — l^— ———
Freshman Greg Veintimilla stands in the door of his Craige Residence Hall room to sign
a petition in support of IJ. Raynor's campaign, which dormstormed Craige on Jan. 17.
And University officials are hoping Carolina
North, its proposed satellite research campus, will
be its ticket to corporate competitiveness.
Flattening budgets
UNC ranked in the top 20 US. research universi
ties for 2006. according to the Center for Measuring
University Performance.
The center leaves out one increasingly important
have 24 hours to get more signatures
or be forced to drop out of the race.
And additionally. The Daily Tar Heel’s
tally found Josh Criscoe and Megan
Compton, senior class officer hopefuls,
also failed to gain enough signatures.
Morgan Nagy and Jenn Rimbach,
senior class officer candidates,
dropped out before petitions were due
Many signatures had to be thrown out
because they appeared on more than
Sports | page 5
The No. 5 men's basketball
team will take on ACC oppo
nent Miami on the road at 9
pm. tonight The game will be
televised on Raycom.
research aspect in its rankings corporate-spon
sored research.
UNC received 73 percent of its research funding
this year from federal organizations, primarily from
the National Institutes of Health and the National
Science Foundation.
But that well is running dry.
Federal funds for nondefense research and devel-
INSIDE one list or twice on the
Meet the same list
With the election
2008 student
elections. less Than three weeks
PAGE 8 away, candidates who
did gain enough signa
tures can prepare for the next phase of
campaigning, which includes speaking
to groups of students and discussing
specific platform goals.
Contact the University Editor
at udesk(ii
DTH unofficial signature count
Student body president:
800 needed collected:
Kristin Hill 869
Logan Liles 919
JJ. Raynor .2,023
Carolina Athletic Association president:
800 needed collected:
Andrew Coonin 831
Residence Hall Association president:
350 needed collected:
Michael Miller 373
Graduate and Professional
Student Federation president:
tOO needed collected:
Cindy Spurlock 107
Senior class officers:
350 needed collected:
Stephen Barber and Rachel Moss 257
Josh Criscoe and Megan Compton 332
James Shelly and Pinar Gurel 386
this day in histon
JAN. 23.1981 ...
Chancellor Christopher Fordham
is released from the hospital
after more than a month. He was
admitted after complaining of
muscle weakness on his left side.
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police log 2
calendar 2
sports 7 5
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opwon 12

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