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    VOLUME 116, ISSUE 23
Department details probation errors
Lovette, Atwater cases reveal failures
An internal investigation at a
state corrections office has exposed
staff failures in the probation cases
of the two men charged with kill
ing former Student Body President
Eve Carson.
Officials have reassigned three
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uentin Thomas and Marcus Ginyard lead the
| men’s basketball team down the stairs at the
* Smith Center toward their bus. Students and fans
cheered the team on as they departed for San Antonio,
Texas, on Wednesday night. The team will not play until
Tournament good for business
When the Tar Heels make it to
the Big Dance, it’s good for more
than just school spirit.
Cash registers of local busi
nesses ring-in more money the
longer the Heels stay in the NCAA
"When the Tar Heels bring in a
victory, it brings a victory for us,"
said Shelton Henderson, owner of
the Shrunken Head Boutique.
As the Tar Heels advance, more
Carolina merchandise is sold, said
Scott Steger, manager of Tarheel
Book Store.
Budding astronaut lands on Utah
As the sun rose over the bar
ren desert, the rumbling tones of
the theme from “2001: A Space
Odyssey" would reverberate
throughout the space station.
Zena Cardman would watch
out of her tiny porthole window
as the sun bathed the hills in light,
then roll out of her sleeping bag to
prepare for a day repairing the sta
tion and searching for salt-loving
organisms, called halophiles, on
the deserts salt flats.
But the red hills outside, where
the Williamsburg. Va., native spent
the final two weeks of her winter
break collecting organism samples,
were not extraterrestrial. Cardman
was not studying life on Mars.
Instead Cardman, a UNC sopho
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UNIVERSITY Instructors get tips
on how to manage class conflicts.
UNC School of Law officials discuss a
two-spot drop in national rankings.
CITY Gas prices force police and
transit depts to crunch numbers.
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managers in Wake County after the
report released Wednesday, showed
breakdowns in staff procedures and
a lack of training.
'My staff knows better," said
Robert Lee Guy, director of the
state's Division of Community
Both Demario James Atwater,
“The progression is definitely
equal to the tournament," he said.
Stores on Franklin Street set up
displays for shirts that acknowl
edge the team’s advancements in
the tournament.
Heather Frazier, retail store
manager of Johnny T-shirt, said the
Franklin Street business has shirts
recognizing every milestone.
‘We want to show as much
support as possible," she said.
“Everyone wants to be the first
one wearing the new shirt."
And as Carolina fans from out
of town stream in, business also
booms in local bars.
more biology major, was at a space
simulation at the Mars Society’s
Mars Desert Research Station in
the barren, red desert near the tiny
town of Hanksville, Utah, where
teams of scientists and engineers
simulate life on Mars.
The program helped Cardman
land a summer job with NASA.
She will begin working in northern
Canada with biologist Darlene Lim
in June, and a recently received
UNC Burch Fellowship will help
pay for her expenses.
Cardman will fly to the California
based NASA Ames Research Center
on April 17 to meet her fellow
researchers for the summer and to
attend an astrobiology conference.
Cardman also intends to spend
spokeswoman Maria Carl visits UNC.
District 4 representative hopeful
Repbulican J.B. Lawson visits town.
SPORTS UNC baseball defeats
Appalachain State in a 7-0 shutout.
Serving the students and the University community since 1893
21, and Lawrence Alvin Lovette,
17. were supposed to be under the
division's watch on March 5 when
Carson was killed.
No division personnel have been
fired yet, Guy said, but the depart
ment has launched a further inves
Following Atwater's 2005 arrest
for larceny in Wake County, the
judge ordered intensive-level super
vision sanctions that the department
Saturday, but that didn’t stop the crowd from jumping
around as the players and coaches walked down the steps
from the Smith Center carrying video cameras. The game
is expected to bring many out-of-town Carolina fans to
Chapel Hill and create a spike in merchandise sales.
“Tournament games are huge,
almost as big as a Carolina-Duke
game," said Ashley Curcio. a bar
tender at Four Corners Sports
Bar. “It probably brings in a few
thousand dollars extra per day."
Drew Smith, a manager at
Linda's Bar and Grill, said the
tournament games increase busi
ness by about 40 percent.
Businesses plan early to pre
pare for the surge of customers.
Steger said Tarheel Book Store
sets up two work schedules.
“If we win, everyone has to
work; if we lose, everyone is sad,
but not as many people have to
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Sophomore Zena Cardman observes the terrain of Utah at the Mars
Desert Research Station. Cardman will work at NASA this summer.
did not follow.
The intensive
supervision was
not noted in the
judgment, the
report states.
Although an
officer later
See the full
office report at
questioned the completeness of the
judgment, no one in the department
checked with the court clerk.
“On one mistake on the courts’
come in the next day,” he said.
At Linda's, a sign-up list was
put up Monday so people can
claim a place in the bar before the
Saturday night rush.
“We do it to look out for our
regulars," Smith said.
The bars also get creative with
their drinks.
During March Madness, Four
Comers sells “Psycho T Shots’ to
customers in Carolina blue cups
in honor of TYler Hansbrough.
“Those are pretty popular,"
Curcio said.
diversions | page 5
The Full Frame Documentary
Rim Festival starts today in
Durham. More than 1,200 films
were submitted and 61 entries
comprise the field.
part and one mistake on our part,
he was managed on the interme
diate level," Keith Acrec, a public
affairs official in the division, said
last week.
Atwater's case was handled by 10
probation officers from three coun
ties during his three years on pro
bation. He once went four months
without being contacted while on
"vacant caseload." It also isn't clear
if anyone worked on the case from
drives Final
Four squads
Talented juniors
prove pivotal
Coming into the season, it
was raging from every sports
channel and every news out
let. Pretty soon analysts found
a fancy, authoritative sounding
name for it, marking it as some
sort of historic moment.
We are witnessing ...
(drum roll)... The Year of the
Freshman. Starring Kevin Love,
Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, Eric
Gordon ... the list goes on.
But for all
of the hype,
whether war
ranted or not.
the Final Four
finds us star
ing at teams
riddled with star third-year
players, juniors who have been
through the tournament before
and have carried their teams to
the sport’s grandest stage.
‘I think everybody would
take experienced talent over
anything else," UNC coach Roy
Williams said. “Particularly this
rear with the four teams that are
in. what you have is experienced
talent on even' team."
Even with Rose's skills, much
of the Memphis train is driven
by the Tigers' only first-team
All-American, Chris Douglas-
While Rose has claimed many
of the magazine covers, the junior
wing man quietly leads the team's
regular rotation in scoring, free
throw percentage and 3-point
percentage while shooting 54.5
percent from the field.
Utilizing his seemingly unnat
ural lengthy reach and assort
ment of wily midrange moves to
CPA is the envy of
other universities
When Emil Kang was one of
several candidates for UNC’s
Executive Director for the Arts,
he said his vision was for the arts
at Carolina to
one day be as
important as
“It’s a grand
vision, but it’s
to strive for,"
v/ Hit light
0n ...
Kang said in September 2004,
two months before being selected
for the position.
Four years and three Carolina
Performing Arts seasons later, Kang
this day in history
APRIL 3,1958...
UNC students fill up nine tables
in the Graham Memorial Lounge
to participate in a pre-Easter
event. The event was a bridge
March 2006 to April 2007.
“It's flat-out embarrassing," Guy
When Atwater pleaded guilty in
June 2007 in Granville County for
illegal possession of a firearm, a
violation of his probation, the court
ordered another set of intensive
supervision sanctions such as
random drug testing. The depart-
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North Carolina forward Tyler
Hansbrough will be joined in
this weekend's Final Four by
three other standout juniors.
go along with standout athleti
cism, Douglas-Roberts has pro
vided coach John Calipari with
crucial consistency and timely
shots in the clutch.
And Calipari knows the
adjustments his star has made
since he came in as a freshman.
“He played more of a loping
kind of game, but he had unbe
lievable ability and an uncanny
way of getting the ball down," the
coach said. “Like 1 tell him. Well
watch Rip Hamilton play, watch
his motor, (he) never stops.'. . . He
has just gotten better and better."
UCLA boasts the same kind
of story with point guard Darren
Collison. Not to take anything
away from the proven brilliance
of Love, but he's had an experi
enced third-team All-American to
run the point and keep the Bruins
moving all season long.
A crucial element in the suc-
and his staff propelled the program
to national recognition. In January,
CPA was tapped to join the Major
University Presenters consortium,
which recognizes industry -leading
arts presenters at major research
universities across the U.S. UNC
was the 18th school to join.
Some members of the consor
tium said the work CPA has done so
far has made UNC’s potential as an
arts community incredibly risible.
"To have all this happen so
quickly is unique in my experi
ence and a real tribute to what
you guys are doing there," said
Kenneth C. Fischer, president of
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