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Show stomps Memorial Hall
Stomp opens two-night engagement
Memorial Hall's stage seemed
less like a performance venue
and more like a cluttered garage
Tuesday night.
Trash cans became tom-toms.
Broomsticks transformed into
drumsticks, and plastic bags dou
bled as high hat cymbals during
the first of two performances by
nationally acclaimed audiovisual
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UNC's Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington have an offseason choice to make. Will
one or more of them be shaking hands with commissioner David Stern at the 2008 NBA Draft?
Residents object to
blue light locations
Opposition from a small but vocal
group of residents from the McCauley
and Cameron neighborhoods chal
lenged the proposed locations for three
off-campus call boxes.
About 25 residents attended the
meeting to hear the town's preliminary
plans for how to spend an SBO,OOO
gift from student government to fund
emergency call boxes and pedestrian
level street lighting downtown.
Three call boxes are slated to go in
at a total cost of about $28,000. Some
questioned whether the locations tar
geted the highest-crime areas.
McCauley Street resident Adrian
Halpern said he received statistics
from police last year that said only three
city | online
The Carrboro Board of Aldermen
discuss zoning issues in northern
Carrboro that could affect who
can live there for years to come
at a work session Tuesday.
Sewing the students and the University community since 1893
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phenomenon Stomp.
Each member of the 12-person
percussion/dance act entered, one
at a time, to start the show, sweep
ing up a cloud of dust as they
tapped across the stage.
Crowd members cheered in
admiration and awe as the per
formers traded their brooms by
gliding them across the floor to
each other.
Throughout the show, what
assaults were reported in the area in the
last five years.
“What kind of data are you using that
demonstrates there’s a real reason to be
fearful in that area?' Halpern asked.
In 2007 a total of 180 emergency calls
were made from that area, police Sgt Jack
Terry said. Those calls were for incidents
including assault, fights, residential and
car break-ins and noise complaints.
The call box sites were recommended
by student government based on 2006.
police data that showed crime concen
“Whenever the sun goes down 1 don’t
feel safe,” former Student Body Treasurer
Jordan Myers said of Mallettc Street
But Halpern said a call box could
StiitC | |Utgt‘ ,T
The potential first lady visited
N.C. State University's Reynolds
Coliseum on Tuesday to campaign
for her husband, Barack Obama,
before the May 6 N.C. primary.
{ www.dallytarheel.coin
made the environment most elec
tric was the continuous interaction
between the performers and the
Several of the alternative per
cussionists on the stage encour
aged participants to mimic their
hand claps, and a handful of mis
cues from a few rhythmically chal
lenged attendees evoked laughter
from both other crowd members
and the performers themselves.
One person who arrived to her
second-row seat 15 minutes into
the performance was serenaded
Trio of Tar Heels
contemplate NBA
It didn't take long for talk to
turn from North Carolina's 84-66
fiameout against Kansas in the
Final Four to the speculation of
which if any —of UNC's stand
out trio will opt out of college to
the greener pastures of the NBA.
It didn't even take an hour.
Amid the postgame hullabaloo
in the Tar Heels' Alamodome locker
room, TV Lawson. Wayne Ellington
and TYler Hansbrough answered
questions about their basketball
futures. And even though no one
can expect a player to candidly
discuss the NBA immediately fol
lowing the end of the season, none
of the three affirmed a return to
Chapel Hill for the 2008-09 sea
“So far I’ve been working on
playing this game and put all my
focus toward that," Lawson said
Saturday night. “So right now, I
doa t know what 1m going to do.
I'm going to talk to my parents,
talk to Coach, see what the best
options are for me and use every
body to make my best decision.’
Neither Ellington nor Hansbrough
had much more to add to the discus
sion, only admitting that now that
the season has ended, a decision
must eventually be made.
“I haven't thought about that at
all. I was just focused on the sea
son." Ellington said. “I’m definitely
going to talk to my parents, and
you know, see."
While North Carolina's her
alded trio ponders its professional
options, everyone else is left to
speculation. And with a plethora
of talented point guards expected
to opt out of schools nationwide,
questions are swirling about where
Lawson fits into the mix,
“We always have the assumption
that they’re going into the draft
until they say otherwise," Jonathan
Givony, president of Draftexpress.
com. said Tuesday.
That means Lawson would
Emergency Blue Lights
The town is considering installing three off-campus call boxes, in
addition to enhancing street-level lighting in the downtown
* |
■K a Proposed blue
\ tight locations • short St
■HP W. Rosemary St.
H { W. Franklin St.
c • Colony Court
IN W. Cameron Ave.
, 1000 ft ,
• McCauley Street
For a ChapH HiH Mice Department
map that shows the concentration
Of crime outdoor personal crime in somw cha*l wu TOUQ
2006. visit daiiytaiheei com. DmAUCWASSUM and REKCCA ROUE
Time: 7:30 p.m. today
Location: Memorial Hal!
by a personalized welcome from
the group, much to the amusement
of the near-capacity crowd.
“Even though the performers
don't speak, their personalities
shine through," said Emil Kang,
UNC’s executive director for the
be fighting alongside Memphis'
Derrick Rose, Arizona’s Jarryd
Bayless. Texas' D.J. Augustin and
UCLAs Darren Collison for a spot
in the lottery.
Givony sees Lawson falling
somewhere between picks 15 and
30 if he declares, battling Collins
to be the fourth point guard taken
after Rose, Bayless and Augustin.
“He’s going to be— at worst —a
very nice backup point guard, and
that has value in the first round." currently has
Lawson going 22nd overall to the
New Jersey Nets, Hansbrough
going 24th to the San Antonio
Spurs and Ellington falling out of
the draft.
“I think he could really usb
another year (of college basket
ball)," Givony said of Ellington.
While Ellington's NBA pros
pects remain somewhat of an
enigma, there is a general con
sensus among basketball minds
about Hansbrough's pro career
after watching him dominate the
ACC for three years.
“You pretty much haw a good idea
of what kind of player he's going to
be,” Givony said. “He is what he is."
And that is a high-energy, low
post player who will come off the
bench in the NBA to provide a spark
for about 15 to 20 minutes a game.
But a player with Hansbrough's
size and skill set needs a particular
environment to succeed. Givony
said a team that utilized the motion
offense, like the Utah Jazz, would
be an ideal fit for Hansbrough.
“He’s not a guy that you want to
throw the ball in and tell him to
go post up guys like he does in col
lege," he said. “You’re going to use
the way he runs the floor."
Whether Hansbrough returns
to Chapel Hill next fall remains
the big question, though.
"You know, I have no idea," Roy
Williams said Saturday. “TVler and
I talked before the season, said we
would discuss it after the seasons
over with. We’ll probably sit down
Tuesday or Wednesday and try to
start making some decisions."
Contact the Sports Editor
DPS works to meet high
campus safety standards
Officer Jonathan Carroll, sporting
the royal blue and black uniform of
campus police, stood beside his bicycle
on a recent weekday evening gazing
toward the Pit
He said the patrol officers usually
don’t see a lot of action. A large part of
the job is just being visible for students,
faculty and visitors on campus.
“It’s important for the officers to be
seen and interact with the public, and
that’s part of their purpose there,” said
Police Chief Jeff McCracken of the UNC
Department of Public Safety.
The University has a highly trained
and nationally accredited public safety
department, but some students still are
uneasy about campus safety and the
presence of campus police.
sport* | i>hri* f>
What North Carolina found in
Durham was a Blue Devil team doing
its best imitation of a brick wall,
stopping the Tar Heels’ momentum
train before it got started.
The popular percussion/dance show Stomp performs in Memorial Hall
on Tuesday night. The entertainers encouraged crowd participation.
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thin duy in htatory
APRIL 9,2003...
The campus receives word that
UNC undergraduates have won
prestigious awards. One Churchill,
one Luce and three Goldwater
scholarships were earned.
Campus patrols
Carroll is one of 16 officers who
patrol campus between 6:30 a.m. and
6:30 p.m. on weekday's.
At least six officers patrol UNC daily
on bicycle; others make their rounds on
foot or in cars.
These officers, who rotate in four
hour shifts, are dispersed among four
sections: north, middle and south
campus, as well as off campus, which
includes other UNC properties such
as the Friday Center, the Giles Homey-
Building and the PR lot Most officers
remain on campus.
Officers must respond to activity
within their entire assigned regions,
which keeps them moving so students
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