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Students try to avoid
DPS parking tickets
Appeals process generous, some say
When it comes to getting out of
a parking citation, UNC students
have many answers though not
all work.
With the Department of Public
Safety giving out hundreds of tick
ets per month on campus, students
without a justifiable reason have
to use creativity to establish the
perfect excuse, otherwise they're
forced to pay the fines.
“The DPS is 90-percent funded
by my tickets," said sophomore
Molly Brewer, who has received
eight tickets during her college
But of the almost 200,000 tick
ets DPS issued in almost four years,
about 40 percent of them cost stu
dents no money.
Freshman Jill Zartman said she
knows a friend who has received
13 tickets this year and has yet to
crack open her wallet.
Freshman Katie Terry says she
plans on telling the officer about
her stressful week if she is ever
caught with a parking violation to
try to get out of a ticket.
Randy Young, spokesman for
the Department of Public Safety,
said the average number of cita
tions issued per month ranges from
700 to 800.
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The highest months include
September and February, w'hich
usually see as many as 900 tick
DPS provides tips for people
who want to avoid a parking cita
tion, but Young said the best way
to escape a ticket is to simply pay
“There would be a lot less vio
lations if folks simply heed to the
signage on the entrances next to
the lot and the special events signs,"
he said.
Most students who do receive
parking citations feel they can
appeal by simply explaining the
“I’ve never heard of anybody
having a hard time if they had a
legitimate appeal," said sophomore
Tripp Gobble, who received a ticket
in the Swain lot after needing 10
minutes to retrieve his laptop from
Hill Hall.
Gobble appealed the ticket, and
it w-as removed.
Senior Geoff Bridges said a
friend received a ticket for park
ing in a lot at 5:03 p.m., when
the lot is open after 5 p.m. After
explaining the circumstances,
his friend was cleared of the cita
Young said many tickets
come from people outside of the
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Appealing a ticket
► Tickets must be appealed
within 10 days.
► Notification of your appeals
status will be sent to you within
two weeks
► Students who don't pay the
citation will have a hold placed
on their University Registrar
► You can review appeal guide
lines during business hours at
the Department of Public Safety.
► For more information see dps.
University who aren't familiar with
regulations, whether they arc told
erroneous information or have the
notion that parking is not enforced
or is free.
"Typically we don't hear those
reasons from people that are affili
ated with the University." Young
And students say it's important
to keep in mind not to act like a vic
tim when convincing an officer to
drop a citation.
“Don't blame it on them; put
the blame on yourself,” Gobble
Contact the University Desk
at uilexk(a
National and World News
Clinton reiterates
position on trade
Sen. Hillary Clinton emphasized
her opposition to a proposed fret
trade agreement with Colombia,
two days after her chief cam
paign strategist was demoted for
his role in supporting the deal.
Many labor unions, including
the CWA, oppose these deals,
saying they displace U.S. jobs and
allow abuses of workers and the
environment in other countries.
Sen. Barack Obama also
noted his opposition to the
Colombia deal when he spoke
to the CWA.
Candidates take
on Gen. Petraeus
The top commander in Iraq
found himself in the middle of
presidential politics Tuesday
literally —as he was ques
tioned by White House candi
dates politically and physically
on cither side during a congres
sional hearing.
Republican Sen. John McCain
elicited answers that he hopes
will bolster his call to stay the
course. Democratic Sens. Hillary
Rodham Clinton and Barack
Obama argued U.S. troops
should come home.
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Gen. David Petraeus asks Senate
for suspension of troop withdrawals
—The U.S. general commanding
the Iraq war called for an open
ended suspension of troop with
drawals this summer, reflecting
concern about a recent flare-up
in violence and leaving open the
possibility that few. if any . addi
tional troops will be brought
home before President Bush
leaves office in January.
Gen. David Petraeus told a
Senate hearing Tuesday that he
recommends a 45-day “period
of consolidation and evaluation"
once the extra combat forces that
Bush ordered to Iraq last year have
U.S. and N. Korea
progress in talks
United States and North Korea
said they made good progress in
talks Tuesday on resolving a dead
lock over a disputed inventory of
the nation's nuclear programs.
U.S. Assistant Secretary of
State Christopher Hill said he
and North Korean Vice Foreign
Minister Kim Kye Gwan had “a
full discussion on all issues."
U.S. officials said they expect
ed an imminent announce
ment from China, perhaps on
Wednesday, that the next six
party talks at the envoy level
would take place in Shanghai
on April 16.
completed their pullout in July.
He said the past years progress
is “fragile and reversible,* and
didn't commit to any additional
tnxip withdrawals beyond July.
This process will be continu
ous. with recommendations for
further reductions made as con
ditions permit.” he said. “This
approach does not allow estab
lishment of a set withdrawal
timetable. However, it does pro
vide the flexibility those of us on
the ground need to preserve the
still fragile security gains our
troopers have fought so hard and
sacrificed so much to achieve.’
Iran to improve
nuclear capacity
President Mahmoud
Ahinadinejad announced major
progress in Iran's push for nucle
ar pow er, saying Tuesday that his
nation was installing thousands
of new uranium-enriching cen
trifuges and testing a much fast
er version of the device.
That would represent a major
expansion of uranium enrich
ment —a process that can pro
duce either fuel for a nuclear
reactor or material for a w arhead.
Secretary- of State Condoleezza
Rice cautioned, however, that the
claim could not be immediately

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