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Student on mend after accident
Former baseball player in hospital
North Carolina sophomore and
former baseball player B.J. Dail
remained in the hospital in seri
ous condition Tuesday after an
accident during the weekend in
Brewster, Mass.
Although he was suspended
from UNC’s baseball team, Dail was
playing for the Brewster Whitecaps
in the Cape Cod Baseball League.
He and Whitecap teammate
Ryan Woolley had been drinking
beer and watching the College
World Series on television Sunday
at the home of another teammates
host family.
Woolley, 20, told police that he
was moving his car from the drive
way to the street at about 11:30
p.m. when Dail ran in front and
jumped on the hood before getting
stuck underneath the Ford Ranger
pickup truck.
Dail was taken to a Cape Cod
hospital, then airlifted via Med
Flight to a Massachusetts General
Hospital in Boston with head and
leg injuries.
He has since been upgraded
from critical to serious condition.
OWASA to revamp drought plan
Local water boards could be fac
ing new oversight from the state if
legislation aimed at streamlining
drought management require
ments passes through the N.C.
General Assembly.
N.C. Rep. Lucy Allen, D-Franklin.
is chairwoman of the N.C. House
committee handling the bill.
Gov. Mike Easley has pushed for
the bill to pass in the wake of the
worst drought in state history.
The legislature has been in town
five weeks and still has not taken up
our request on authorization to deal
with this drought," Easley stated in a
press release issued June 12.
Currently the N.C. Department
of the Environment and Natural
Resources, as well as the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency
have regulations for water qual
ity, said Greg Feller, spokesman for
Orange Water and Sewer Authority.
“The council asked to go back
and talk about the last location
but move forward with the project,"
Neppalli said. "They completely
approved the project a second time,
with a 9-0 vote."
Due to recently increased gas
and energy prices, the delayed
installment and manufacturing
bids for the blue lights are likely
to have gone up SI,OOO from the
original quote, Raynor said.
Terry and Raynor plan to survey
alternate locations for the third call
box tomorrow, including a poten
tial location on Edwards Street.
“We are not just picking places,"
Terry said. ‘We are looking for
places where we get calls, where
students tend to walk rather than
use public transportation or drive,
is mv passionate and complete belief
in the UNC system and its ability to
transform lives," she said.
Gage thanked those who she
said made her journey easier.
She praised the women who
served on the board, and said that
she was “especially grateful for
them" as well as Brad Wilson and
Jim Phillips, two men who she said
played an important role in her
time on the board.
“1 am forever grateful that my
time on this board intersected with
theirs," she said.
Members of the board clapped
fervently, and many at the meet
ing embraced Gage when she was
elected chairwoman.
Amidst the jubilation, BOG
member Priscilla Taylor spoke up
in support of women.
“For all the women who have
served on this board over the years,
I'd like to say it’s about time," she
Others elected on Friday include
Vice-chairman elect Peter Hans,
and Estelle “Bunny" Sanders,
Mayor of Roper, North Carolina,
who was re-elected as secretary .
Members of the board were
enthusiastic about Gage's appoint
ment as chairwoman.
“For all the women who have
served on this board over the years.
I’d like to say it’s about time," said
Dr. Priscilla Taylor of Chapel Hill.
BOG member Adelaide Daniels
Key, echoed Taylor’s sentiments.
“Hannah will make an especially
good chair to represent women,"
Key said. “She’s sharp, stays up
to-date, communicates well and
she's an exceptionally bright and
intelligent woman."
Police said Woolley failed field
sobriety tests, demonstrated slurred
speech and registered twice the
legal limit in alcohol breath tests
at the scene and at the Brewster
Police Station. An 18-pack of beer
was found in his pickup truck.
When police arrived to the scene,
Dail was bleeding from the back of
his head and had a laceration on
his left leg. His foot also appeared
to have been pushed back by the
trucks tire.
Dail, a righthanded pitcher,
was drafted in 2006 in the 32nd
round by the Baltimore Orioles,
but decided to honor his commit
ment to UNC.
But he was suspended for the
season for violating team rules
before the season began, baseball
sports information director and
team spokesman John Martin said.
He did not identify the specific
reason, and he said Dail's status
as a player next year had not been
UNC coach Mike Fox, who is
currently with the team in Omaha.
Neb., for the College World Series,
released a statement about the
Feller said it’s too early to say
how new legislation might impact
“It’s really a hypothetical ques
tion because we don’t know what
will be adopted."
OWASA already has drought
management models, which might
be impacted by the legislation.
The techniques use adjustable
water rates, among other tech
niques, to reduce the water demand
in times of drought.
They also use consumer aware
ness programs to help reduce water
demand. Feller said.
“We provide info to our custom
ers about conservation and what are
the best ways to conserve," he said.
Even if legislation doesn’t
pass, OWASA will be retooling its
drought management techniques
in the next year, Feller said.
“We re planning to do an over
all review of our water supply and
demand management planning in
or where lots of students live."
Locations with high records of
assault are given high priority, as are
locations in close proximity to an
existing power source, Raynor said.
The blue lights at Mallette and
Church should be installed by the
end of August. But once deter
mined. the third location will need
to be resubmitted to the town.
In order to avoid expensive
glitches like this one in the future,
student government is taking steps
to clarify’ this process.
“One thing we are trying to
make a priority is to find out how
this works in general and leave a
record for others," Raynor said.
“We need to stress the importance
of having one point of contact so as
to avoid this in the future."
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Chairman Jim Phillips also is
enthusiastic about Gage's election.
“It’s exciting to have the first
woman chair," he said.
Phillips added that he doesn’t
think Gage will find the job more
challenging than former chairmen.
“She's very knowledgeable, does
her homework, and has the ability
to set priorities," Phillips said.
Contact the State t? National
Editor at
6:50.9:10, SAT-SUN 2:20, 4:40
7:00, 9:20, SAT-SUN 2:00, 4:30
7:10,9:25. SAT-SUN 2:10,4:20
“B.J. Dail and his family are in our
thoughts and prayers during this
difficult time. We wish him the best ”
“B.J. Dail and his family are in
our thoughts and prayers during
this difficult time," the statement
read. “We wish him the best and
pray for a quick recovery."
Serious condition, according to
sources at the hospital, means that
vital signs might be unstable and
the patient might or might not be
conscious. Indicators are question
able. The upgrade from critical
condition means that vital signs
are stable.
Woolley, a pitcher for fellow
W'orld Series participant Georgia,
was charged with operating under
the influence of alcohol resulting
in serious bodily injury, negligent
operation of a motor vehicle and
possession of alcohol.
The Montclair, Va., native was
held without bail and was sched
uled to be arraigned at Orleans
District court on Monday.
Dail made 10 appearances as a
freshman for the Tar Heels, post
ing a 0.00 ERA. He struck out
the next year, and obviously the
reasons for doing that is that we’ve
had two serious droughts in six
years,” he said.
Currently, OWASA works most
closely with local government.
Feller said that in 2003, the util
ity got local regulations for water
use passed.
“OWASA worked with the local
governments, and there are now
adopted water conservation ordi
nances," he said.
Feller said the relationship
between OWASA and the state is
currently two-fold.
“In addition to the regulatory
relationship with the state regard
ing drinking water quality, we also
keep data on the amount of water
that we treat and the lake levels and
so forth, and we report to the state
Division of Water Resources.”
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Editor at stntdesk@
Blue Lights timeline
March 2007
Former Student Body President
James Allred submits a petition
for three blue lights to be placed
in off-campus locations, as well
as increased street-level lighting.
He allocates SBO.OOO in student
fees to fund them.
September 2007
The Eve Carson administration
pledges that the proposed blue
lights and street-level lighting
will be in place by the year's end.
May 2008
Chapel Hill Town Council votes
to install the blue lights, pend
ing final approval by the Historic
District Commission.
June 2008
Chapel Hill officials fail to put
final approval on the agenda for
the council's review. Blue lights
probably pushed back a month.
July 2008
Next available meeting of the
council for approval. Historical
District Commission also will
likely meet.
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nine and walked six in 11.2 innings
of work.
The Raleigh native was a stand
out for the Wilson Tobs of the
Coastal Plain League last summer
before joining the more prestigious
Cape Cod this year.
He was recruited out of
Millbrook High School after earn
ing all-state honors and winning
CAP Pitcher of the Year as a senior.
He was a four time all-conference
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Council goes back on vote
Reverses decision to extend insurance
Chapel Hill Town Council mem
bers were applauded Monday after
reversing a decision to offer health
insurance to departing members.
Mayor Kevin Foy acknowledged
that the council “made a mistake" in
extending the benefits.
“The best w ay to deal with a mis
take is to admit it and do what you
can to rectify- it," Foy said.
Council members are eligible
to participate in the town’s health
insurance plan for full time employ
ees while they serve.
The council’s initial vote would
have allowed council members to
continue their health benefits after
leaving office if they had served two
full terms. The town would have
paid 75 percent of the costs.
The 8-1 vote, with council mem
ber Matt Czajkowski opposing the
measure, prompted opposition.
“There was nothing to alert tax-
I soccer, that’s the atmosphere you
i want" said senior Tito Morales. “As
an Italian soccer fan, there’s nowhere
else I want to watch soccer."
IP3 also offers specials for many
j significant sporting events for
example, a sale on beer in March in
honor of the NCAA Tournament or
during the course of Euros in June.
Miguel Perez, a UNC physics
graduate student, said that Euro
2008 is the first tournament he
has watched at IP3, but that he has
watched eight games in twx> weeks.
Perez said he thinks that some
Americans might not be as familiar
with soccer as with American foot
ball or basketball, but that watch
ing among fans is the ideal experi
ence outside of the stadium.
“You can watch at home like
grandpa watches baseball, but you’ll
just fall asleep," Perez said. “In this
| setting you can relate to others. It’s
the best way to enjoy a sport."
The crowd June 17, for Euro's
World Cup 2006 rematch between
Italy and France, included fans from
both countries, but the Italian flag
hanging from the ceiling, the “Viva
; Azzurri" poster at the counter and
j Marrone's propensity to lead the
| crowd in chanting “Italia! Italia!
Italia!" left no question to where the
j Marrone brothers' allegiances lie.
And while soccer faithful have a
reputation for vocal passion for their
■ % ■
Wine lovers know that on Friday evenings during the
summer, A Southern Season at University Mall is
the place to be. Their “Fridays Uncorked" wine
tastings feature samples of several different wines that fit a
weekly theme. The June 20 theme will be “Spanish Whites."
payers that this was aiming," he said.
“Fairly or unfairly, the almost univer
sal reaction was that the council tried
to slip this one through."
Council member Mark
Kleinschmidt said he agreed with
Foy that the issue should have been
open for greater public discussion.
The ordinance was on the coun
cil’s June 9 consent agenda. Items
on the consent agenda usually
are voted on without discussion,
although any council member can
remove an item on the agenda for
discussion, which Czajkowski did.
The council was considering the
issue after member Bill Thorpe
asked the town to study what elect
ed officials in other towns receive.
A committee on health care found
that the demands of serving often
require many to work part-time,
making them ineligible for insur
ance through regular employees.
Kleinschmidt said it's been a
goal of the council to make serving
favorite teams. Marrone said oppos
ing fans can share a healthy rivalry at
the restaurant during matches.
“People are so intense for 90
minutes, but after 90 minutes,
they’ll be laughing and friends
again," Marrone said.
IP3 opened in 1980. and Marrone
said his family has operated the res
taurant at its 508 W. Franklin St.
location for all 28 years.
He said that the restaurant’s
longstanding ties to Chapel Hill
have helped foster a connection
between himselfand theaimmunity
and that he appreciates IP3’s strong
name recognition in the area.
“Some people say were one of the
best in Chapel Hill," he said. “I can't
say that, because I'm the owner."
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at citydeskfg
centra I park
Luxury One Bedroom Units
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And Downtown
On Major Bus Lines To Campus
And Hospital
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on it an option for everyone.
“It’s always going to be a sacri
fice for people to run for office and
serve, but it shouldn't be a place
only for the wealthy," he said.
“I do believe that there were
important reasons to do what we
had done." Kleinschmidt added.
The council approved a prop
erty tax increase the same night it
approved extending the benefits —a
"perfect storm" scenario that exacer
bate the situation, Czajkowski said.
But he added that it isn’t clear
how much of the negative reaction
was about this particular issue, or
whether it is representativee of gen
eral frustration with the council.
“Was this an isolated incident
or was the intensity of the reac
tion driven by broader and deeper
frustration and anger?" he asked,
adding that the council's reversal
will comfort many.
“It'll just make people feel bet
ter, and that's not insignificant."
Contact the City Editor
at citydeskfg
j because the houses were built with
| the left over materials. The whole
area grew up together."
The community is located
between N.C. 54 and U.S. 15-501
and provides a great place for
| students and other people to use
: because of its close proximity to
the University and the relatively
low price, Brusseau said.
He said them have been athletes,
professors and even astronauts that
stayed in the apartments when
they were training at the Morehead
j Planetarium before a mission.
Grubb Properties is scheduled to
j propose their plan on August 20.
Contact the City Editor
at citydesk(a

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