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Local, State and General Items.
Since our last issue we have had glorious
showers of rain.
fsvs labor tho .eloquence of our
IKmioeratie friends l?efore the lionest Ialor-
crsofWake. ' . '- ' : -
From tho Washington Chronicle, il ap
pears that F. N.,Strudwick h'-s been sum
moned back l Washington.
Judge 'ant well of Wiliiiington addreved
a large crowd in that city, on tho night of
4 tie Hth, against a Convention.
An Attempt was made a few nights slrnt!
to break into the stable of K. Beloj of Salem.
fvuntijoriy wanted ono of IIclo's horses.
The; (2 rand Jury of Baltimore has in
dicted Mrs. Wharton, for murder in" the
llnt dgree", for jeisoniiig 5en. Ketchnm.
A terrible explosion ccurred in Lewis
Tunnel, in Virginia on the loth inst. Si
men were wounded.twoof whom havosiwe
" died, i . . :; " , ". ;
k Him i i 4wiii.hi 4 t
.1 lenry' Walser, of Yadkin county, notifies
tho "Hon. -J(siah Turner, Jr." that he,
Walter.1 never slimed the "Western ad-
dress' In ICil. !
Phillip makes tho old cow lot down her
in ilk freely. Sentinel.
Phillips , makes tho old bull paw up the
trround " freelv" under his lash. -
Cant. Hester thought lie had the murderer
;f- Stephens tho other night. He only
run agin" an old " sucker" and the local
of the liceortlcr hurt himsrli laughing over
tho joke. .
Tell every colored voter to vole in hisnwn
townshin at the annroaching election. Vo-
ting on a certificate won't I allowed. Stay
n home, loys, and give the Revolutionists
a full-brr-astel burner., j
iKUiH-i of the recent storm at Payton,Ohio,
.vjiow that the -ouuty was usually unfortu
nate. A tree crushetl a farm iiouso near
Iavton, killing two person. Tlie damage
i oviti mated at l.OtW.OfXl. j
Tho Salem I're.ii thinks Senator Pool
ought to lo bre:iking stone within the Pen
itentiary. Senator Pool is engaged in
break ing the lack-lonc of tlie new rc!cl lion.
After a wlule, we expect to see all tho stone
ne''Ksarv to lo broken, iamnicrcd by
homocrati" Kit Klnx froni Iluthcrfordnnd
oilier ioints West.
Hkavy JoitW. W. WbUe, ifso., Kegi,
ter of IHmMs. witli a corns of cflieicnt clerks
ti:v liren busilv cmrdoveil revising and
ennving the tax lists of thej Sixteen Twn-J
ships in this county. The; abstrac t, yet to
c made, is a job of no ortlinav tindcrtak-
ing requiring the lxst talent matliemati-
i.-ally sjjeaking a d ar head ami quirk.
Mr. White embolics tht4o rouisits in a
remarkable degree-. In fact, hi looks, as
a -ounty otn-er, present a neatness and cor
rectness, which will ilo him cnnlit in after
vears. . j
Our State Fair will commence in this city
oif tho I7lh Octoln r next. From what we
can learn, it will excel! any . previous fair
held since tho second State fair, many years
since tiuf. it is concctleu lv manv. was
brilliant in every department. , We hope
our people fioiu tho mountains to the sea,
will como together next Fall; with their
sa ui pies or enterprise and j industry, for
getting past unpleasttNtHCftx, come, fcllowci
tiwns..and let us meet nixin tho common
level of a brotherhood of a loyal and law
abiding people. -
Our Republican friends should not forget
that township, ofiicers aro ,to bo clecletl in
August. We trust Raleigh township will
I - on the alert. This is an important point,
and the very lest men, men of intelligence
and learning,. fhould bo put in nomination
for Justh-es of the Peace. I Nominate none
but truo Republicans. Of the old pa unci
eh-ch-d by tho jKXpIe, Mcssrs. Whitaker,
I un4on and Jones alone continue in otlice.
We do not know as to the intentions of the
two last named, but of -Mr. Whiiaker, it is
linden-tood that, he declines' a second elec
tion. Ho has transacted avast amount of
business since August last, andlegsnow
to" lie allowed torc-St. i
The following arc Oov. Caldwell's ap-
lKintees fir DirecUirs and Proxy on the part
of the Suite for tho Xortli Carolina Railroad
Conipanv. , If tho Governor had had the
whole eople of the Statovto select from in
stead of a few hundred stockholders, he
could not have made a better selection. Ho
has ignored party in making his apioint
uients. Can as much be said for Messrs.
Jarvis and Warren. j ,
W; A. Smith, of Alamance.
W. II. Myers, of Mecklenburg.
Unfits Itarringer, of Mecklenburg.
ISobt. AV. Foani; or Cabarr. .
T John McDonald, of Cabarrus. -r '. .
Mises Ij. Holmes, of Rowan, f
N. II. D. WiLson, of (Jnilford.
John It. Harrison, of Wako.
(i. Win. Welker.of (iuilford, State Proxy.
JcmsDirriox of Justicks op tiii:
Pkack in ckrtain casus. Judgo Roj-den,
.of tlie Supreme Court Rcnch in tho case of
State r.t. Deaton, held, that Justices of tho
.Pesu-e have cxclusivo original jurisdiction
of ofienses ' mentioned in Cliap.200, Act of
.TCS-'9, entitled lAn Act to protect married
"women from tho .wilful i?Kindonment or
neglect of their husbands."
ASTienever J. P's. have exclusive original
jurisiliction in criminal offenses, it is not
necessary .that there shouU bo a compliance
with tho requisites prescribed In See. C,
Snb-Div. IV of Clap. 178, Act of 1SC0. Cut
such requisites must 1 be strictly complied
with in all cases-where tho jurisdiction of
tho Superior Courts, and J. P's arc concur
rent. i ?
Whether a husband who j abandons his
wife prior to the ratification of the above re
cited act and continues after said act is guil
ty. Quere. . ,
We have applied to Justice Whltaker for
a solution of the Querc. . He holds, without
mental reservation, that every . scamp who
wilfully abandons his better half, if brought
before his Court, will suffer tho ojctremo
penalty of tho law, that the act referred to
is both prospective ana rcirospecuve au
vom Uiis opinion, will never DacK uovn.
A revival of religion bar; been in progress
at swifl Craven count-r in
the establishment of a ihurch nt that place.
Henderson Youn v.U hung in Charlotte
on Frid.-vy last, for the murder of Edmund
Smith. The execution was in rvate. 8avc
to n limited, few. ;
ilia rie-iiesi specimen oi pmi "r vri
seen by tlie editor of tho Old 'North Slate,
has lioen found on the Ilenrnc Mine in
Uie county' of Stanly.
We arc extremely pained to note so many
murder rases bv women. Our road era will
havo ebserved tho oft recital of crime o
this nature, by females, recently.
A. (i. Thornton, a Jladical Magistrate of
Fayettcville, has leen roleiasod from jail.
B. S. Buchanan, a Democratic Shenif, ha
been put in jail.
Wo are sensible reminded, that if there
ever wasa time wlien our city fathers should
turn their attention to the sanitary condition
of private ba-k j-ards, that time is voir.
A little 8 by 10 sheet published in -Char
lotte,' called "Onee-a-weck," in shaking
of tho execution of Young on Friday last,
calls .it "a
little job of meat hanging."
The Fayettcville IJaglc intimates that the
greater portion of our city improveinentsJ
consists of brag s and gas. M istakon, bro.
"Long Urabs." Como up nd take a ioep,
and le eonvine-ed. v ;
Tho venerable and much loved. Mr. Rjir-
wcll, Presbyterian Minister, Charlotte, oc
cupied the pulpit of tho Presbyterian church
in this city last Sabbath morning, and do
livered a most excellent sermon.
If energy means success, then tho anti-
Con veil lion-party of North Carolina will
gain a glorious victory in August, r roni
Cherokeo to Currituck our friends are at
Amos Jon of, found guilty of sliooiinga
Mr. CarjKMiter, has !vn sentence-! )ty Judge
Clarke to ten vears in the Penitentiary.
Amos will 1muo " many a herring," during
his apprentice-ship, if the fish crop "hits.'
A woman named Stiles, hoielessly insane,
was brought to our city front Jackson coun
ty, and lodged in jail, Wednesday night lat.
Wc suppose she is enroute for the Insane
Asvlum. Slieout talks old uncle Jerri Mire.
Moses Jarman knocked Abram Walker
down with ajug, in Craven e-ount3 a few
elays ago, and tlien jumped upon him and
bit a piece of his lip efl.
P. S. The jug was empty, and did not-
break! . Head too much for jug.
Pop Oxcndine, one of the Lowcry gain; in
the e-ounty of Robeson, has been captured,
and now reposes in the jail ef New Hanover.
His career has ended. The next scene in
his tragic life will I tho drop and tlie cur
tain of death will cover Ins name with m-
famv.- ,
A cedorcd boy, says the Hillslioro Jic-
cordcr, of tha 1-th, .mounted the steps of
the cars us they moveil oil' last Monday
from tlie Deixjt ?.t this place intending to
ride a few yards and jump oil", but in jump
ing his foot got entangled and ho was
dragged far enough to get both ej-es put
out, an arm broken and his skull frac
X. Y. IsDKrKXOKXT. This paper is one
of the leading journals of New It ork City.
It is ably edited, full of .news, deals with
the various questions that now agitate the
American people iii a masterly ande-onvin-
cing manners 'iliose who desire a cw
York paper, should subserilc for the Inde
pendent. .
The John Gilpin mode of driving horses
just about now, is cruel, and calls aloud for
a humane society. Some of the unpracticed
emigrants from the old country will havo
other horses to buv, if thev don't lessen
their speed. Four; miles an hour is time
enough to make, with tho thermometer at
01 in the shade. ' .
The Charlotte liuUeii.i of the 11th says :
"A report is in circulation that tho public
well on Trj-gii street, opposite the Charlotte
hoti?l, is used for the dejositc of infants. A
part of an arm and several phn-es of the
llesh have le-en taken from that well.. Who
has: Itc-ch using that water?
Dkatii from TiidiiTNixo. Monday eve
ning, 10th inst., says the Fayettcville 1-lrtylc,
lightning struck the house ef Mr. Isaa
.Williams, in Dismal Township, Samison
county, and instantly killcsl one of his little
sons and seriously injured aueith'er, who is
still surviving and may recover.
Kilt.kd r.v LioiiTNixei. Late yester-
day-aflenioon saj'S tho Ncwbern Journal of
Commerce, of tho 11th, during tho prevalence
of a heavy thunder squall, a house at the
corner of Queen and South Front streets,
was struck by lightning, and a e-olored
woman named Peggy Keal, aged .70 years
and a girl named Sophia McCulIoch, were
killed' instantly. Another -woman and
child wero severely, shocked. The house
was considerably damaged.
Kii.lkd nv Liohtnixo. On Monday,
about two o'clock, a. m., at his residenco in
Onslow county, near tho Folly store, while
sitting in tho eloor, Mr. Jonas Jones, a
highly respected citizen of the county, was
killetl b3" lightning. There was no ono
in tho house at tho timo except his little
son, ageel seven years, who was lying on
tho bod about 4 or 5 feet from hit father,
and who escaped uninjureel, says the Wil
mington Journal ot the 14th. .
If ten SLites of this Union havo a clause;
in their Constitution making a bare major
ity of their Lcgiskitures competent to call
a Convention of the people one State in
the Union, has'no such clause in her Con
stitution and that State is-North Carolina.
We havo nothing to elo with the Constitu-
..1L " .. 1
tion of Wisconsin or or caiirornia wo na e
a Constitution of our own, and it will to
respected. Mark the prediction.
Robeson county must abound in- hot
. - r - . "
bloods. Tha Wilmington &tar of tho ictn
learns from passengers who came down on
tho Wilmington, Charlotte and Rutherford
Railroad yesterday, that " a difficulty oc-
curretl at Scufilctown; Robeson county, oh
Tuesday, between Sherrod Locklear and
Wm. Goins both mulattocs and residents
of that cess-ixol of iniquity, during which
Goins shot Ijocklear, inflicting a wound
fi-om which ho shortly afterwards elied.
Tlio dispute between them arose about
some turpentine. ; . " j:
. Ti. S. BucnAXA, Democratic Sheriff
hs 'Wake Jail, to axswer. R. (5. Ruc
hanan, Democratic Sheriff of Jackson, was
arrestcHl in this city on Thurwlay hist, by
Deputy Sheriff Magnin, upon a warrant is
suenl ?y Nathaniel Royden, Aseiat Judgo
of tho Supreme Court, at tho instance of
David A.1 Jenkins, Esq.,. Public Treasurer,
for failing to jiay the public taxes due from
him for tlie fiscal year ending 30th Septem
beir 18.'0, on or within twenty elays after the
rVtlfieation of "an art to compel the Sheriffs
to settle the nublie toxes." which said act
was ratified 21st day of March, 1S71 i or, on
or leforo the lOth tlav of May 1S71 J as re
el it 1 red to elo, - by a resolution entitled, "
Resolution for tho relief of li. S. Ruchanan,
S.Vritf ot Jackson county."
Thd-t'aso-was heard lK-foro Judge Royden
ou the afternoon of tlie elay of the arrest, the
other Judges of tho Supremo Court being
present. - j
Kemp P. Rattle .Ksep, apiearing jfor tho
Stale, and "Messrs. Jones ami Jones for tho
Defendant. I !
After a full and thorough invesljgalion,
the jiKlgmeut of His Honor, Judgo Royden;
-was rendered in the following words.
'fThc Defendant 1 icing before me, Nathan
iel Roydenjnncof the Justices pf iheSiipremo
(Snirt, iqxm the within charge, and jhaviug
heard all the evidence eflered, a?ut jtho. ad
mtMsion of too etefemiant. and tiiauiio is a
defaulter to tho SUito Trtswurer jfor,. :t ho
taXe'S duo rout Jackson county, an;l it ap-iK,-aring
that his defalcation is in tlie sum
of about seven thousand dollars, h is re
fiuired to enter into rewgnizane-e with sulli-
cieht surety, in the sum of fifteen thousand
lollars for.his appearance at the next t,erm
of tho Superior Court to bo held 'for the
e-ounivoi asi!. in uirtcr uiu ciariru ui
a j. - ( r i " . i t It e
the State against him for the crime within
named, and failing to enter into. said recog
nizance with surety, he is committed to tho
common jairef Wako county for sat u keep
ing, until eliseharged according to law."
The defendant R. S. liuchanan, wasj accor
dingly committed. ' ' .
During the examination, it appearetl in
evidence, that the county Commissioners of
Jackson had allowed fShci iff .linehitnan to
collect tha Stale taxes for 180 without giving
a bond, as the law requires! That tie bond
of the same Shorilf, for the collection of tire
taxes for ISO'.I, is a worthless bit of paper
the sureties worthless. . This comes well,
from a Conservative county and Conserva
tive Commissioners. Well may they preach
low taxes, when not a t thereof, goes to
tho Public Treasury, but inlo theprpiligate
iockets of an irresponsible Deiaoerat
ij; Will the Sentinel make a note!
r4t .
of , this
ef its
remarkable, unwarranted condu-n
political adjiei-cnts, in the boasted Conserv
ative c-ouiitj'- of Jackson, the home of Sena
tor IjOvo, who should havo found oit, and
exposed this wholesale fraud wi
ien M'c
e give
(as we
doubt not he would havo elone, (v
him icredit for. fair dealing,) had not
aro bound to infer,) tlie Contmiioners
winked at. and smothered this, (as jwe are
bound to elcnominato it) imparallelletl ofll
cial dishonesty; for, it further appeftreil in
evidence, as we are creditably informed,
thnt. 11. S.' Ruchanan protluced duplicate re
ceipts for tlie taxes said duplicates-purporting
to represent the-genuinc receipts of our
Treasurer, when, in truth, he, linjhanan,
had received no such receipts from the
Treasurer, for the taxes aforesaid, phis, if
true, and it cannot be denied, places Sheriff
liuchanan in another aspect and hot one of
thclemocratieSheritlsof tho State olf North
iii-uliiiii l - ' .
Now. it is evident, that if the Legislature
had known of "the troubles in the nioun
tains," tliat'ceieti act making a defalcation
of a Sheriff, after a certain specified
date, a
criminal offence,, punishablo by
ment in tho Penitentiary, such
would not have passed that body.
an act
is our opinion.) And the said act, as be
yond doubt, passed for the benefit of Sher
iffs Rce and Schchck both of whor
made a full settlement with the
Ti ii:isnrtr. ' Wo jLssert. that the
pit was for their." the Conscrvativc.4
R. S.
niips ;" but, into this pit has failed
Ruchanan .Conservative Shcrijjrot tub Con
servative county of Jackson.
How would the matter havo stood
ever,, had not the act iii qucstioi been
passed, for. tho purposes of hunting down
Sheriffs Roo and Scheuck? Simply thus :
R. S. Uuchanan would havo been gu'.Ity of
a misdemeanor, for the failure and diefal ca
tion but guilty ot something else, e n the
duplicate Count, j
We desire the tax payers and hone-1 men
of North Carolina o ponder over thi- niat
tor. ; Ix?t them remember, that thbs who
cry : most vex-iferously "wolf, wolf, ' will
themselves lear tiie most vigilant wak-hing.
Ill this Jackson county matter, tho peopU
of that county have paid their Uixes-X-tbese
taxes have fallen into hands of Conser vative
officials; and by jthese officials, have! been
squandered. Riichanan, it is truej now
lies in Wake jail to answer for his rimc;
but, Avherejs the seven thousand dollars,
mill where tho sureties and wherb tho
countv Commissioners, who ought to
lecu tho guardians oi mo e-oumics
und ?
"SoJuniiNCt L ice Rcsinkss. U. S. Alio-:
Ackcrmrn, Instructs the district Attorney
to malTo extraordinary exertions t. the ex
ecution of tho Ku Klux bill. : Wherever
they hir of oijtrages, they shall pi rwure
warrants from Federal Commissioners,
arrest 'parlies accused and havo them bound
over or committed until tho ensuing 1 term
of the! Federal Court. Virgil K. Liic has
been lap win tcdj Sccial Assistant 1)
in North Carolina.
troops aro placovl at his call
Tho "Chronicler concludes an edstorial
on this subject.: thus: "the action on tho
part of tho Attorney-Gen. displays a d
silion to cxee-uto the Ku Klux law in
nest, and shows tliat the administration is
evidently eletermined that it shall be rig
idly executed to the very letter."
Wjiat say other counties? Wake
county : will "poll a majority of over nine
hundred against" Convention in Atgust
next. ! Wo know of many Conservatives
who openly repudiate Revolution and tho
destruction of the Homestead fcaturd. In
Auburn Township, where tho enemies of
tho Constitution expected a heavy , vote in
their favor, w o feel certain that "no Conven
tion" will be largely in the. majority.
Scarcely Worthy of Mextion.-i-TIio
Democratic pow-wpw in Metropolitan Hall,
Satunlay night. The attendance was rather.
slim-Judgo Merrimon spoke Gen. fDar
rlnger, ditto. Tlmmb-nail applausc-t-toy-whistlo
enthusiasm. Rig-gun exploded
no body hurt i ; . " j '
Rraxton Rrago, Jr., In tho case 6f
Rraxton Rragg Jr., for killing Madison
Wilson, it was ordered by tho Court that
the defendant givo a" personal recognizance
in the sum of $2,500 to appear at the iext
term of the city Court. No investigation
into the merits of the case was had.
Extract from Gov. Caldwell's Message.
It is in the interestof peace, iuiet anel
public order, niul-te provVnt roraIo
serious conflicts and eoliisionsot" aXitlior
ity, that 1 .invoke tlio General Assem
bly' to relievo me r from tlie ; enilmrrafi
mentof my present position, The Gov
ernment is of tho people and for the peo
ple, and upon a just occasion nnel-iri. a
lawful wayjt they have an undisputcil
right to change it. No one will lo lees
likely than I to interpose csiptious ol
jections to the mode or manner of ef-:
fecting such changes, as are proposed ly
the representatives of the people or its
may be in accordance with a disti net, de
finiteand deliberate popular willcrxpres
sed uiKin this subject. Hut it cannot suc
cessfully lo denied that thomodo'iiiow
proposed is novel and irregular (to use
no stronger term;) that it; lias' no ex
press warrant or authority by any pro
vision of the Constitution ; that it is
sustained only by a latitudinous and
strained interpretation of a- generaT
1 J I J A J 11.1 ' L ?
piirasein uiai lnsiruineiii, tiuifc n is in
the face of contemponineous expasition
and decision of thesame question in the
Convcntion-'Of lfij, by the ablest meri,
and by a very largo majority, -of 'thai
body of pure and upriglit,and em'inent
citizens; that it lias been more i than
once determinetl,and I snpioseel finally
dctermincHl, by the action of both po
litical parties, represented by their best
men in the (enei-al - Assembly, --before
the war. Tl i is being the case, and the
public; mind still being sensitive to tho
slightest cause of alarm and apprehen
sion for the continuance of 'peace within
our borders, and our qople - iraying
every day and hour of t heir lives that
they may never see again the' scenes1 of
commotion, strife, bitterness arid blood
shed through which'they haveso'reeent
Iv nasseel ; that while they havoelt-cifled
views that one manner of selHting Jitd
ges and Justices of the Peace is preor
able to another ; that oho kind of coun
ty administration is better than anoth
er, there is yet no prevailing reason why
they should again buckle on their sa
bres, shoulder their ntuskcts, and at the
noiiit of their bayonets and at tho mouth
of their cannon, enforce their views of
what ought to be the Constitution uion
their dissenting neighlKirs, as eachpar-
tv undertook to do ih 18G1 .
A feeling of doubt and uncertainty
as to the future, exists in-North Cam-
lina. There is some reason wnyit-
shouldexist. And therefore the slight
est circumstance will be seized upon, as
foreboding evil, by the sober 'steady
men and women of the State: For'thoy
vet remember and feel the agonies of
slaughtered or crippled' sons,of widow
ed daughters and orphaned children,
and deplore tho lossof ravaged and des
olated i homes and ruined fortunes.
The trivial coincidence of the month
and elay of the -proposed' Convention
election with certain other inauspicious
days and months in the dark period of
bloodshed, crime, and overthrow of
political relations ami institutions;' in
augurated with as fair promises as sire
made in this-same month ten
years ago, win be rememoerea. -it
will be remembered aisotnat tne very
dav, April 13th, on which the propos
ed 'election is to be held, the anni
versary of the bombardment of Fort
Sumter, anel the commencement of the
war. Slight as these circumstances
are, the people wTill attribute to them
great significance, as indicative of ulte
rior and dangerous designs, not per
haps ill the contemplation of tHoseWho
concurred in the passage of the present
law;- ! ' ' , ".' ' - " i--
Tho dread of being deprived of the
protection of the homestead clause in
the present Constitution iwill create a
deep feeling of anxiety and interest
among the people, ana -conirioute t
exasperate and heighten the general
excitement beyond that which , wc
might expect in ordinary elections.
The fear that the army of creditors
whose claims have been excluded : by
the holding of the present Supreme
Court, will be precipitatad upon the
helpless. and impoverished debtors in
the State, now protected by that dec is
ion, coupled with the fact that ihe
present act does not restrict tho -proposed
Convention from -abolishing tlie
constitutional exemption from impris
onment for debt, will seriously agitato
the minds of the poorer classes of our
people both white and colored. The
former will regard the homestead "allot
ted, to them by law as put in jeopardy,
if not probably lost, bv submitting to a
call of a Convention. The latter, who
labor upon our farms, in our elomestic
service, and upon our public works,
may suspect that a Convention, unre
stricted as to its power to establish -.the
old ca. st. system of imprisonment for
debts, will leave open a door to intro
duce that or a system of peonage like
that in Mexico, where, although their
Constitution guarantees liberty to ev
ery citizen, by their mexle of enforcing
de'lits every farm or house servant is
liable to become practically a slave.
- The first Convention bilf fixed the
election , on the anniversary ; of the
bombardment of Fen-t Sumpter. '
Let the people remember that Judge
-Mcrrimon, and other leading lawyers
of the. Conservative party ; have been
trying to get a test case beforeXth.e.jSa-i
prefno Court of j the, United j-SlCfI to.,
overthrow the iromeste-ad laws; : of
North .Carolina. ' : , . . . j
Call a Convention; and these same
gentlemen Xvill wani',to; go upoii Uw
Supreme Court Bench ;' and the Con-i
servative. party is .pledged to ' place
only such there as will decitle the
Homestead law, ' uneohslUCdlomil and
VC'id. ;,,-;,' .'.,,;- s - , ' : - - . . - . - . : .
, ; "vpinna, ye'iioar tlio slogan !" . i
f " l w -rs ; '.. ' . . .' r
Most of the more rabid advocates1 for
Convention have many poorY.meri
owi ng them debts. ThbseConyentionlsU
are specially, interesteel in the elestruc-'
tion of the Homestead that they may'
collect these debts at the tail erid of an
execution. Under -the Constitution
as it is'? the poor men are safe.l ... Call
a Convention and tliey will lose alb
Tlie way the people's mpriey gocf-r
the Four Thousand Three Hundred aiitl
Seventy three dollars and thirty centA
paid the Reporter' : tot forty foih' Relays
work reporting the 'lihpeaehrueat inaj
Oh Democracy! what, q .-.'costly thing,
thooart!- h -h'tiU'' - - ----''i
; jVery'- "hard CiishthoFiv thpdf
sand six hundred and j fifteeii dollars:
and fifty one cents paid tlie IDemoeratH
ic Public Printer because of the Im
peachment trial. Tax payers ! how do
you like to foot the bill ? - ; i
Correspondence Greensboro', Republican.
' , ' L . LaUKEL ViLLIiET, . . i
June 20tty 1S71.
' k Mi Pi ron: Will you permit a corres-.
' pei(!'om this memorable place a few
vorda in yoor paper concerning n certain
A. S Mvl'i'jmou, -iJEser4: who swas callexl -fhHn
llwv obscurity. -of ? tlie mountains by
v . V . 1 ioli Leu Avheu i Military Ceo At n or
ami lUiido.a- Jmlffo and whol gisw faiXiind
'kicked b is. fiiond. I ee f rom t ffttla
-of Jjuhre Merrhnon that he.ia olie-pf tne
'most bUlr -.cbnsei-vattves: .-tUhej yapikv
aad most i nbnsive; ef Unioii jnuu ef
the iitato. J.-IiiAi simxJi ijruvh kifntiitnr
eLiy ovenintr in . the Court- iloiisd in llxl-
ciU, bfloi? tho hitut.ieaimble i.fcnoi'af
Assembly iukIuIku! iu; was a . e.-ui'dulate
for t !;ti I Un tied fctaios Kt'natorshii ho le-'
nouncoil all tho ilopublicans ; aeeeptmg
Jo 1 urner s - ameudmout) rw oi -set' of
tliieves eeouadrel and rascals. On tho
Impeachment trial of . the man that made
him Judge m the examination of 3Ir; Ilol
lins ofjthe I'ioneer ho was terribl severe
on ' thatgfenUeman' and elenemheed Col.
Kirk iii most bitter terms. Will j yon al
low njej to reproduce a little of this m m's
bcllum record.. It will make yonngku klux
stare" bit!lul is nothinpr new sine Judge
Ioudlias Iecn in 't-Raleigli.4 'Downsr' the
war, Mr. Jlenimon wasa leading Union
man in! BiiKCombc, and acted with Cel. .'
IlenryW. Caixlior, Muj. Rollins and
others in givin.' ail and- eomforJi to i ho
Fe'vle'ral army and t lu Union cause; lie
never nlctod',witii!thOJmen vlio iiowie-
ccive lias honao and nraiso. When on
?iliirclr37,'' 18H5, a mceting'wns 'cjklled- irt;
Asl eviile in re.-?onHe to Got. yaiiccs
(lvc'. tasking-MipphOs fer . 1 x .i 5 army,
and Avlibii Dn Chapiuan proposed! to gi vc
" his plajo, aiul when it was rosedvd; to re
duco tlie stipnlicf of the families of Ban-
coinlejto koep soldiers from -sta'v ing i'
when the imiiresstn'g ollicer was asketl to
visit cv
cry house and- eleniand an! exhibit
of food on hand, A. S. Merrimoif jvas not
' in Maif-meetingj He drcV up no resola-
tiona-iwas noti appointed J "on" any com-'
'mitteoJ Ilia'staneling'' was then uiaequivo-.
'C:tl sfa'Unw)n-lnn. On? the p2d "of;
"May, 1865, however, when "a lafe' and
' cntlmsiasiic" : meeting vas held (fter the
Federal army was in Ashville) A.' B.
Merrimon offered this Iicsolutioh i '
, , u advice J, Tiiat a committee be ap
pointed to wait on all Federal, field aud
btaff ofiicers on eluty in this place and rc-
iquest them to take scats in this mfcet ing."
In pinsuance of Mr. JiVa rcsolufion, the
r committee seated Col. G. AV. Kirk, Licur,
;Col.;IIubbard, Maj. Rollins, Adjutant Sut-'
phen, jDfs. Roberts, Doak, etc. At this
meetiag a series of resolutions Wer passed,
eloubtless, prepared ly Judge Merrimon,
which for- extreme loyalty out-I&rod the
Yankea-Radicals, viai as a ppecinien :-
Jl&olv&l,- Tliat the popular licart 'of
North) Carolina, particularly of jWcstcrn
Korth Carolina, has ahcays l)sen loyal to tli6
old Government, and that in futurd, it shall
beat, in unison with, and keep stip to tlie
music 'of the Union."
"Resolved, That wc extend to oar North
ern brothers the riorht hand of fellowship,'
and honestly hope that soon wej may all
as in days ejt yore, ; as. Amen
brothers and a band of Frcemeii aroi
the alj;ar . of freedom." f.
'He3olvcd, 'Tliat "we believe it essential to
the peace and welfare and "protfection of
the country that a small garrisoiAof, troops
be kept in tlds connty,"snd ; tliall a com
mittee of five be appointed by tjie chair
man of this meeting to co'mmunjcate our
..desireis to the proper military authorities'."
' This was Judge Men imon in .lp35, and
it was understood at the' time hat Col.
Kirk was not only thus endorsed jjuul hon
ored by Judge Merrimon, but aa. enter
tained as a guest at liU house.., Ilowever
.this may be, it is known that tie father
of the! Judge, a minister in the !Methodist
E. Church, ; wasthen an entliusiastic
frieiul of "ouv glorious old Uniofi,". that
. a Confederate lady reported hiii during
. the Avar to the authorities for pleaching
Ecelition, and that when the Federal army
first" pntered Asheville, ami tile rebels
were terrified and fled for their lives, the-
old -gentleman stood in his edoor and call-
ed cheerily to his neighbors toi ' 'stand
still nnd behold the rrlorv of the foorel"
Kirk leading his troops into the tbwn. Is
11- llLHIlg tllilL tUU'Jts , ilXLTIUllUJtt BllUUlVt
abuse his -whilom friend and guesfj Kirk?
Is it in keeping with - his -record! that he
count Henry,. Rollins,-Candler anl all tle
other Republicans of Western Carolina
thieves, scoundrels and rascals, even at
the prompting of Jo Turner, and to ob
tain an olfice. MEMORY.
- For the Carolfna Era.
1 . iianoverJ.
A large mooting of llepublicf.ns was
hold in Wilmingtem on tho 11 tli. The
n i cot i ng was cal I'oel ; to , erdor, d,nel Mr.
Jas -Aj Lowe-ry yih chosen rrjsiel(Mit.
Tho Iloii. 'lilwarel Cantwell vvak calk-el
upon ami athlressoel the in'oetirlg-in ail
able spee'ch against ConvenUoC. The
best of feeling irevails' in e)ifrraiik.s.
The following resolutions wci?o then
adopted and ordereel to be en to the
' -Wiikukas, The last General As iCinbly of
.North Ijarohna, among tlier Jlle:i)(, rvo
1 nlionary and u n Viistit 'ntional'en'aiH nicnts,
have d hjeetoel -polls to 1 c opened th rmighoii t
the &Uth for the puroso of smliverting the
;xisti nState iovprnnicnt - by the ' vote -ef.
a majority of ;tho people, ;al'teu the! fash ion
attempted, some years a.i;o in. Ivhodcjlsland,
1 Hit hitl'icrto u nsneccsl'ul in lhisLaoml old
State; and; Whereas, avc, a. portion of . the
'people of r e w 1 fan ovtr co cm ty , d i s pp r. ye
(if tho iutrewIuM-irin '-ainong .us "of thc-so licw
tiurlcl iiiotkms;-and aro Ratislknl with1 tlie
V'oi.istitution us it stands,' and elreael ho eon-
'. ("piciK-es pi . us; t ami to our i lannijos, or
anv" violent, unwnstituLional amendments,
brought! about Tv means unk iiowii' to tho
1 iv. and thrbatenins to tlie pullic iia c, ,
Rcsolpe'd,' Tliat this 'nieetin-; dis;if proves
ot xho propose! vTonveiUKm sa iauvn, n
the lilst elay of Septerrthcr nextanel eleeid
idly prefers the plan by Iegislaiivf tmact
nients, always heretofore' recommended by
the J)enioeratie party- itself, before they fell
into the hands and, leadership of .Uijeir for
fi'.er cneihies. . ." .. , ; . ' j
' Resolved, That tho llepub
lican par tv of to-day is the friend and advp-
hto of tTl'c rights of the people ; .if haw made
this coitntfy Ore1 land or the Jrcc,iana-it
jaJo;:rtj propewies Jto'mike it ! also the home.
a;,i,t fisvifsm oi tne ciowmroeieieu smu.nvop
pibjscd; it has stricken Uie sliajckles from
tiio slave, and if unchecked in its fehblime
and glorious career,, it will carry tM bless-hr?5-.of
liberty all oyer the globey - - .
'-; ".Till eyery clime ' " j
Kliali bless the breeze' that bears our Ragle's
' - wing;"' -V" 1 'J-.
And" tongues of every laniai;e lonrn to
.singi: . .. v. f.,:r, . -' ;-."',i f.
I' Freedom's sweetjsorig." I f -
Unsolved, Tfcat'we apprbvo of thej nomi
nations Of .the. If on. josi C.- Abbot t. lion.
Ed ward Cantwcll and Hon. Geo. JX Mahr
son,' as our standard bearere against e'on
Vctition,!intl asi delegates- thereto4hmild
one bo callel; and, we endorse and approve
41.. ii r f w.y. s-x C Tomria TTnti'wi Crt
theXegiSlatinre, and w6 will tfse "everV hon
orablo n'ieans toiis(ecure their eleelioni
i f r New -jHanovej; will ;roll wr twothou
fiinel maiority against Qinyentipri nn
Augastj next., x Brunswick courity m
also on hand and will" sentl upthree
to four liundrcd majority against Con
vention. !,
Wilmington, July 12, 1871.
jFor the Carolina Era.
."A large and' one of the jnest enthu
siastic 'meetings was held, at Halifax,
on the glorious lihl John T. Gregorj,
our gentlenianly and eflleieht Superior
Court Clerk was ehen bhairnian, and
Ben. IT. Franklin, Secretary. Upon
takinir the chair, ai r- Urejrory made a
brief address, iriiel 'concluded by read
ing the eleelaratioh of Iiulependeuee,
Kof Mecklenburg; 1775, tle bill of rights
:tnd the declaration of 1770, which were
attentively, listened, to. -.and . received
with applause. StiiTingsjeechf were.
niaete by the following iiaineel. gentle-
'. A 1 ' A A. 1
men win) yvevo. ireque'iiuy iiuerruiu-i
with gretit npplause .by
the tlelighted
IlenryNEppes, J.'J. C
Mjflwyn; Chas.
Ksp, W.-T. J.
S-uii'l.: Iligh-
Smith, John A. White,
Hayes, 1 vey llutchings
smith, JohnNA lleid,
fisej., and otli-
ers. . The greatest - enthiLsiasm
1 was
manife'sted throughout the whole day,
anel the speakers were j frequently in
terrupted by long and oft . repented ap
plause. The following resolut ions were
unanimously adeipteil, diniel tremend
ems clieoring. ; . : ,..-
r 1. ''r,oftrI, Tha the leliuinistration
of President fi ranf, is 'utitle! to euir
united support anfl wniideMufe feir its
'earnest ':! I sutre,ssfiil ellbrts in re-
elucing the bunions ; of taxation, -'and
the protection ef li fe, 1 illerty and projn
erty, throughout tl-ie'UijittHl State;-;.
2. That we heartily "tl aiik (iov. Tol
II. Caldwell, for hij management of the
atlairs of the State ; and endorse his
action in refusing to ealt a Convention,
that is attempted to be mrceHl Upon the
l'oph. '; : ''';'"::, ;;!-. -
.'J. That : the i Itepublcan iarty of
Halifax county, laiiprpve the ; plan
adopted by the Shite ikce;utivo Com
mittee, for the purpose ef defeating the
call for a Convention. . I
4. That we approve tlje course of the
Hon. C. Ij. Cobb, eiur representative in
Conirress, and thank liiiii for his earn
est and successful cffortsJ in jrctting
preiprtations for clearing out the
structions in the Itoauoke river.
- o. That the present call by the Con
servative .legislature- for a Conven
tion", is unconstitutional, Revolution
ary and dangerous to jibe peace and
sail 1
weiiare oi me btaie, and wre pieuge
ourselves to use jeverV fair and hon
orable means in dui liOwer to "defeat
the said call. j - :
I). Tho proceoelings 6;' this meeting
bo forwarded te the editors e)f the North
(it roHnian and llni, with tho reejuest
that the liublishcd. ' j
The meeting continued fill night,
and tho jrreat crowel elisperseel to their
homes, well i!eased
llKN. II. Franklin,
j For the Carolina .Era.
In accordance with previous! notice,
a largfc number of tho citizens of Cuil-ford,-vho
are opposed-tb a Convention-,
met in Greensboro on! t
for the purpose "of non
elates for Convention .
ie 4th of July,
mating candi-
Before 11 o'clock hundreds had asT
sembleel. No formal nopninatienis were
maele. because it had been'-unelerstood'
for .weeks that the oppbnents Of Con
li. Scott, Esq., as their candidates. 1 At
the" request ot many bt .his mends,
Judge Dierk was presenq and addressed
tne crowd lor nearly two nours,: in one
of his powenul speeches. Although
the meeting was held-iii a grove, and
little preparation hael been made as to
seats, he was listenetl to with profound
attention by the thinking, men of olel
Guilforel and adjoining counties. He
showed the Revolutionary tendency of
eaiung a convention oy a oare majori
ty of the Legislature, tl
at it would rc-r
and avail nottn
suit in trouble and eost,
ing; that if tolerated, it
a elaifgerous precedent,
i n eletai 1 , to' show the
Would establish
He proceeded,
difference be
new Constitu-
tween the old and the
tions ef the State, that in many instan
ces the new is a elecieleel improvement
on the) Ohl. In the present one tho eloc-
triiieofa Suite's right to secede is set-
tleel. Imprisonment for elebt is abol
ished. Taxation is limited. The peo
ple have the-power of electing their
ownrulers,instea(lofhayingthein thrust
upon them, as lormerly men whose
only recommendation was their servi
ces m electing certain inen to the Legis
lature. ' j
'He siMiko 'foedjinrly iii regard to what
the iveople had alrerwlyisutlereel in con-
soqueiice e)f elisobeelienqe. to law, and
said that what was now neeehHl more
than any thing else was eiuiefc, onler,
anl the Constitution anel
laws, that these would induce? capital
and skill, now so -much needed to build
up and develop the country,
Mr. Scott--who had been expected to
address the .people, vad too unwell to
Attend the meeting.' I ? !
Judge Tourgee beirtg caIlol uion,
maele a short speech in ibis usual forci
ble style." . 1 le has tlie Ihculty ef keep
ing the attention of his audience, and
a power. in rallying his jfriends,. - C t
G. M. Arnold was iiitroduced to the
affiemblage, and spoke for some time
in an able .maimer.;, . : ' .
Thextilm anel caiidid observer of the
men composing lhlsr nieeling, wouhl
necessiirily come-toi theleoiiclusieni that
the siirit of February, 1801, still exists
iii Guilford. There is no doubt, but,
that in August she will roll up one of
her eml .fashioned majorities,; against
1 1 m factious anel Jtevolutionary ineive-
ment of the LeHrisIature m eneleavoring
to force a Convention e-bntrary'to law.
It is expected that JUehrc Dick.. after-
the adjournment of thc;Sui)reme Cerart,
will canvass the county. , He expects
to meet' Frank Caldwefl, at various
points in the county. , ;
Citizchs.of Itandolph j anel ;Daviilson,
in ' attendance j at the ; meeting gave
chebring news from their counties, , In
some localities, nearly every, man is
opposcel to a Convention. -,,-. ..
Ui-Via. ,v
' '- ' . ;. ; V For ithe Carolina Era. ,
Mr. Editor : A county Convention
of Forsyth county, composed of;- the
law arid order,. and. solid and substan
tial men, of Forsyth county, was ..held
to-tlay, .at. the Court I louses, r to nomi
nate a . candidate in . opposition to the
State Convention, ealled for by thCrer
cent Lfislatprei .' J)r. twilliam iH
Whcelert:ts the; nominee, of) tho anti-
Convention men, and aeeepbi the inom-J
ination. iio is a gentleman .01 talents,
tine aeldress of iopular manners, and
orie'of our .most . staunch, and decided
Republicans, and Union men. yf..ti
illQ will canvass the county, anel car
ry ifc against a Convention "by 500- ma
jority. , ,i' ; , .(.ili-;.; ;
a Our county , Con vention was 'laro
antl enthusiastic, and addressed by 1.
II. Starbuck, Mathias Mastm and Jno;
1. .Nissen . i
Salem, July 15th, 1S71.
-I I From th'jjJDally Tih'grain. .j- :
If tho ieople of North Carol! naj in Con
vention assembled, force the creditors of
tho State to eeminroniLc. What is I that but
actual and abanlutju repudiation ? j
If the State thuslrepudiatos, n tho face of
the fact tliat her trmli.or.- are realy for
Jionorable and liheral e-ompromise anxi
iius, fii l'a-t, lor any l'air.and equitable ar-
ranireincnt that th State can mafeo, ready
to accept the liestleriii.-f the State eau oner,
what will our public credit lo worth for
half a century to come?
vention movement, that the State will re
lieve her people frpiri the burden$ of. taxa
tion, through repiidialir-n, are preMbiftivp
of two evil elftvH. The Hople are leinj?
hd into error, andj- couscfpient dissatisfac
tion and disappointment on the One hand,
while the lenient creditor of the State aro
losing eonfilene-e in the good faith Of an un
fortunate, Ijhough; hitherto holiest people,
and i are ila3r by day Incoming moro averse
to liberal compromise, r . . ' -
St:tes, as it (is now read, and .with a Con
gress of tho temper and complexion of that
which ton lay er)iitrols the general govern-,
ment, it is ntterlg Impossible for the people'
of North Carolina! to repudiate due cent of
the Stale debt, by. JConventiem or otherwise,
or neglcvt it in any manner wlntever, anl
dillieulllea, is that px)iirso which all honora
lile. debtors resorti to com promise.. And
when Dr. Worth, tho Conservative Senator;
from lLaiHlolph,lat winter, proposed asur-r
render jof tho a.ssel.jf of the State, and appeal
to iK'r creditors foi terms of relief, ho pre-i
:'.ciitel the only solution to the problem of!
"our lin:inci;d"ru.i," anel " the Irretrieva-j
lilo ruin of mir fnril( " niitl iim this in 1 her
- - - ----- I jl l. T i . -
011I3I plan of relief, jiossible, it will uUi-ii
matly prevail, for it preserves otir erwlitjl
sat isl Uis o 11 r red Uirs, and re-li'evesjour whole
l.H'onie. 1 f -" J .'. I'
What then do.wd want with Convention t
i 1 ' t - li -
. If the present C!)iistitution bnjos s uMmj ;
the General Assembly the obligation to lay)
siidj an enormous tax upon tne po ple,
why has Muh lax ilot Ik'Cii leyieel;?
Il ,tJioineiuiersoi me pmset , lii-gisiaiur
were vomiieiiea. uucier
to provide
means for the payiiiient
01 me
interest oil
the Stale debt, by
kdcHiuate taxation, howl
do they reconcile their failuro to do ho, at
tho Hose of the late Session, with their oathj
taken at the eonimeneeincntof hjUiI kcssioii
IjcI the "men of necessity" answer. :
Uecauso Iattlefield, 0r any joho else;
wpiandertHl thf public inoneys of the State;
there is no reason; grenviug out f, this;
why tho State Khali; repudiate lier cniireoiH
ligations. i ) "( - 1
The holders of nifst of the new bonds ef
the State took themt with the nmtest of ev4
pi-v lionosttTiniui in North Carolina "written i
across their fa-e, and to pretend, for. a nio4
ment, that, tnese are 10 ie pam in uiu .
principal or interest is prepe.wterbuH.
adjustment of their) claims, and the gooU i
mise with their croditors, on fair ami hon
orable terms, and hence Ihero is no neees-;
sity for CemventionI ' . " . .' t
Thomas llragg, W. A. .uraiiaui, aiui 11. i:.,
Moore, with proper authority from the lig
islature. can adjust the elebt of North ftro-
liiia'-satisfactory-to bverv creditor, and ev
ery citizen of the State, within a iK'rioJ of
thirty days. A Convention could not, iund
would not elo it in tjiirty, years, j ;. j
Marrieii, in St. ilarjjs Township, on the
Gth; inst., at the residence of tho brntus,
father, bv O. A. Keith. ISsep. Mr. I.oms II.
I'oolk to Miss Mary K. t'ooLK, all of Vake
Raleigh Markets;
"VVholertiilo Xrice
Grocers and Commission Jfercharifx,
Corner Wihningtoniand Martin Sts
COTTON per lb.,
- 1KJ
1 2(1
- l :
I s;v '
-- 'J 1MI
K (Ml j
1! 7"
- 17
- " . M
' 1 fA 1
- I li
CORN per bushel
PKAS13 per bushel, -OATS
ter hundred.
FJXlUll North Carolina Family,
FLOU It Haiti more Family,
BACON per lt.,
SAbT cr sack,
MO LASS KS Cuba, new;
j " Sugar House,
COltN M KAL per bushel,
ilot nil lrice'H.
and Ltynm is'sion
I largett Street.
" - trrccn.
KO (ifyl M
BACON Baltimore suiokel,
12 (i 15
" . unsnioke I, 1- , llLd;
" ---strips, - . - ! - : ' 15- ;
Hhoulderrf, - - 10 (.
i il
i in .f, 1 1
IV. IT llnliw - 1 ;
Ui M -1
per H)., - . - .: '
L5 (. :t.
-:ir (a,i m
BE1CSWAX er 1)., - - '
BEKF fn hoof, - I - ( - ',
COFFEI-: per It.., - - - .
CHEESE per lb., -! -COTTON
YARN- per bale, 1 1
CORN per bushel, - -t
CHICKENS per piece'; -
1'l 2 Js!iiir 'lovr.ii i. .1 -
1 liU
121 (.j 15
KU) (iijll (-0
li.'rf) (iO oo
FLeiUR iKjr bbl., I -FODDER
per lUOjll.s., -11
AY per UH) VH.j - I
HI DKS -green, ier ., --
'! lrv. It:. - i
75 (iil (M
:U'i (Mi
2(U 15
HERRINGS, N. ?J per bbl., j
(N)'.i Oil
35 , -10
J5 (a) 'J)
Ui) U)
lit J5 .
ilo (y " 75 .
75 00
75 eoil 00
LEATHER per 15., - i - i
LA It I) 1M.T Iti., - -
MOLASSES mt gallon, -
xMEAI le r bushel. - - 1
OATS per bushel
i per loo lbsl
eMlrss per misn..
PEASE sKK-k, -
f . " ! -U'l.'lln
1, 25 tob40:
I 40 (q V M
t 1 00
POTATOES irisdi, K?r bush.,
PEACHES per bushei, -SU(JAR-
rushel, . - j -
' extra I!.. - ; I -
1 252 Ot)
20 (g) 00
Ui (a) Mi
15 (n 00
"j -P.R.,--i
S ATiT er s:u k,
TALLOW iejr V.t
- : I YU$ M1
2J S5 (.1 00
! 7 (ci) 10
! j 40 Ug 50- '
VINE(iAR- per gallon;
.. j ' CJotton , IVInrltetM,,
ciicoiroii: rr. ktiionacih
Dealer in Cotton and Naval Stores,
, , Market and Martin Streets, . I
Receipts at Raleigh, -
For shipment from Raleixh
For storage, - - -!- ''
Sales j-eistcrday, -.'.--. -
' ! - - quotations:
Ordinary, - - , - j' "
Oooel ordinarj', ' - -Ijow
.middling, - - j. -
5 bales.
1S 111
Mielallng, - - - -r
Market active, eottem very scarce.
' Wood Mouldings, Stair Rails, Newel, rtc.,
'A'lfirco and well assortdl siock oi mo
above goods constantly em hand at tlie low
est rates. Order work promptly attended io.
Builders and owhers will find it to their ad
vantage to get our estimate before purchas
Ing.J Special attention J given to IVaok
Walnut and other FiR.sT-CtAss work. , J
' Estimates and, Price lAnia furnished on
application. ;, ; ; . 5 ; , !
I W11ITLOCK & CO . j .
& Canal Btreet.
j - - i
; ; 2 wly.
Jnno8, 1871.

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