1 I TRI-WEEKLY AND WEEKLV BT THE ERA. PUBLISHING COMPANY. Xlntes of Bubacription " Tiu-Wkekly One year. In advance, $3 00 0 months, in advance, 2 00 3 months, in advance, 1 00 IntoM of -tVdvovlUinfx t One square, one time, ,' - - ,3 - ' $1 00 " - i - two ti ines,-, - - f - ' -, 1 50 , j three times,- - ' - 2 00 A square is the tcLUhof a cakuMn, vvd 1J inches deep. .. . , j - JEST Contract '.Ad vertfsoments taken at" proportionately low rates. ' ' ' '' ' jr Professional Cards, notexcooding 1 mjrtnre, will Ikj pnblished n year for f 12. 1 month, in advance, 50 Wkkklt-One year, in advance, $1 00 Vol. 1. RALEIGH, N: c;; -THURSDAY . SEPTEMBER 2lj 1871. bix months, in advance, 50 No.. 16. tjfo yt ti Carolina jtaJ ; TURNER FLIES. Plague him with flies. Othello. . Flics afford an interesting branch of study and of speculation to the man of .science, and the naturalist, and supply equally as yell to the philosopher and I horse doctor now, and a "new depart- ; 1 . the Turner Fly. Thus we might say :that the ."bill of Indictment" in "my application for pardon," was the first nest-egg deposited by the Turner Fly. The Democratic party swallow ed Fly, nest-egg and all. It needs a the poet, much instructive and amus ing! material wherewith to point a moral and adorn a tale. ' . Honorable mention is made of flies by Moses, In his early history of the kingdom of Egypt. Aristoplianes did not disdain to introduce them Into his comedies; Virgil Impaled them . In his Georgics, and Pliny described them In his natural history. Nor has modern times ignored the dipterous insect. Shakespeare Is frequent In his allusions; Childe Harold disported him "careless as any fly," while Tennyson has lately placed them among the stars - "tangled in a silver braid." There is no portion of the terrestrial globe, which flies do not inhabit. The Klar bear and the wild ass.are alike the victims of their perforating touch. They are the mortal horror of good house wives every where,! and a means of grace to bald headed sinners, setting under the droppings of long sermons on hot Sundays. j We may form some remote idea of the number of flies in existence, if we reflect for a moment, j that the diptera or two winged fly Is only one, out of an almost countless throng of co-ordinate species, and then reflect furthermore, that there are more than 2000 species of diptera and then, that all the musqui- toes only constitute but one of these two thousand species.! There is one remarkable trait, how ever, which all dipterous flydom poss esses in common; and that trait is,they all imbibe their food by suction, which leads us by a very easy transition to the sub ject Immediately in hand, to-wit: Tur- I perpetrated." ure" from the old "line of color." 9. The Blow Fly. Apart from his peculiarly disgusting habits and j mode of life, this Fly is distinguished from all other flies, by making its appear ance in the world full-sized and i devel oped and ready for business. The eggs are not deposited, but are hatched in the body of the parent, and the insect is produced In a living state. Fetid manure heaps, banks of oozey excre ment, decomposing carcasses of dead .animals, it is here that the Blow Fly disports in swarm9 with his sickening buzz and putrescent shine. "Whew! Hold your noses! ' We are approaching Turner Flies, j j From all the foregoing enumerated species Turner Flies are distinguish ed by one grand, j unmistakable char acteristic or peculiar property ; to-wit : the absence of the letter F. In order that Turner Flies may never by any possibility be compound ed with any other flies, the following examples will serve for an infallible touch stone. And here we glide in sensibly from "gay to grave, from live ly to severe." j I In' his examinatipn before the Ku Klux Investigation Committee, Wash ington, D. C, February 24, 1871, Jo siaii Turner, Jr., being stcorn testi fied as follows : ; Turner Fly No. 1. Question. How long since you heard of the organization of Ku Klux or White Brotherhood?. "Answer. I never knew anything of it till the late trial before the courts;1 (August 1870.) "I had no knowledge of It. and none that the outrages were TURNER FLIES-No. 3. We clip the following from Tlie Sen tinel of August 22: - Amnestt. Senator Morton's notions. last night, at St. Loais, were, in substance, as follows: ( : As a member of the Senate, I never re fused to relieve the disabilities of any man Who asked it over his own signature. Tho class of men whom I will never vote to re lieve are those who left the army of tho United States and Congress to engage in re bellion ; such men as Davis, Toombs and Breckinridge. - I 1 Morton is a bitter radical, but his declara tions put shame on Pool, Abbott, Cobb, Dockery, Judge Boyden, Thomas and the whole carpet-bag and scalawag delegation from Xrtli Carolina, who have misrepre sented the State. - The Sent inel means to say in the above that, the North j Carolina gentlemen named, have 'opposed General Am nesty and it means to be so under stood. The truth j is known to The Sen tinel. Each one of those gentlemen has favored General Amnesty for the last two years. Two. years ago Senator , Pool urged upOn a caucus of Republi can member of the Legislature to pass resolutions in favor of General Am nesty, and shortly after such; resolu tions were adopted and brought , to. the attention of the U 8. Senate by Sena tor Abbott. Senator Pool has made two speeches in the Senate advocating General ; Amnesty J Messrs. Dockery and Boyden during their whole ser vice in ;the House of Representatives were especially active and urgent for it. Mr. Thomas -ylio entered Congress the 4th of last March, has distinguished himself above all other members of the House by his earnestness and zeal for ; . . ; r . . 1 ' rr. FEDERAL COURT. ADJOURNED TERM FOR THE TRIAL OF KU KLUXCASES. By our Special Reporter. the measure. The fly in this has a flimsy covering, but we have seen proper to remove it. The Turner fly is sometimes a sneak thief, not buzzing in the open sun shine, but sence of the facts. seeKing I FIRST DAY. Wednesday, Sept. 13, 18711 At 11 o'clock, A. M., lln; Federal Court for this District convened, in the Senate Chamber, Judge Bond, of the District, and Judsre Brooks, of the Circuit Court presiding. ! The lobbies and galleries were crowd ed with spectators pnci pally men AV AV M. " from the mountain country. GRAND JURY. From a venire of 57, the following named persons were drawn as a Grand Jury: i j ' : - ': Benj. F. Blair, J. Wi S. Parker, Martin Cade, , Manleff Jarrell, James G.. Davis, Nathan Gulley, Spencer Mullican.W E. Lee, Seymour P. Holt, Jas. M. Hodgins, Wilson Iredell, Hen ry M. Ray, H. H. Thomas, Archibald Sink, Moses Patterson, John II. Stipe, George D. Miller, Daniel MeMunroc, Solomon Frazien J. P. I Adams and Thomas C. Smith. Manleff Jarrell foreman. THE OATH- The following is the .path taken and subscribed by the foreman of the Grand Jury, knd formally administered to and signed by all the jurors, viz : "You, as foreman of this Grand In quest for the body of this District, do solemnly swear that you shall diligent ly inquire and true presentment make injunction restraining said officers from appointing directors on i the North Carolina Railroad. Mr. Samuel , F. Phillips appeared for the plaintiff, and ex-Judges Fowle and Battle for the defendants. Theargumentsbnthecase were exceedingly interesting, but we refrain from giving a mere synopsis, as nothing but a full report would do the learned gentlemen justice. The opinion of the Court was not de livered. ; ' , , United ; States . Attorney I General Akerman was present. I THIRD DAY. - Friday, Sept. loth. 1871. The criminal docket contained nine teen cases bills found at the last term.! At 111 o'clock, the Grand Jury; pre-! sented the following -7 BILL OF INDICTMENT, viz: The United States vs. Randolph Shotwell and others. Shotwell was recently editor of The AsJieville Citizen. j: , District Attorney Starbuck announ ced the readiness of the prosecution to proceed with this case, When, on motion of Ex-Go v. Bragg, counsel for defendants, the case ivas postponed till Saturday morning. When this case is taken up, we will g ve the substance of the chareres in the bill and the names of all the-parties charged. Judge Bond announced, that for the purpose of affording the District At torney ample time to make due pre paration for business! the Court would For' the LETTER PROM J. Carolina Era. SHARP. that which is CiezarV dered unto Ceezar " should be ren- '. -.4 -1 i , . . And that honor to whom honor is due. Notwithstanding nuite-a larire num ber of the filonnl voters of old Warren had taken up their hornet in the cotton fields of KtlgticomliG and adjacent coun ties, we inadu a very decent sln: Wo lost ixne of our old voters, but reclaim ed many kek sJidei-s aiul won many new converts. Perhaps som will think this could le traced to many causes perhaps true, but I propoHC to lay it here. : t The liberal, open and energetic, as well us the earnestness nf ; mnnnor In WTifArs nhifvf. irt ief llnnnr rrt irtt I KI,T. tkn irnn T.r.K a ir...'. .... uicrevuiuuuunrjr vuuvl-iiuuihjiu c- tusiy ne was assaiiea uy-ms opponents, i Mr. Editor : An artrcle. appears In The Keio York Daily Sun, of recent date, Avritten from .Rocky Mount 8th Aug., from the penolta defeated now a Idefunct aspirant for public position in the county of Nash, - signed North Carolina. ' I j ' TheauUiors windbag was evidently exhausted, or he would have gotten up hiss 'batch of small things in better shape for the outside reader. But foF some glowing misrepresentaion - respecting the local condition of! affairs, and the ment in tho county 'characterized as the Democratic banner, county of the State his article Would not elicit any notice from me whatever; The inter est computed by " the writer on the he still bravely and gallantlv poured I forth the truths whose reverberations were like the peals of the mighty thun- j der, and the effects could be easily per- . ceived. This duty f performed 1 will State debt, is but a base .statement of write again on a different theme THE SIX. adjourn till M. Saturday at 1 0 o'clock, A. Brick Turner Rebuked. NO WHITE .The MAN'S PARTY. Patriot rebukes to conceal the ab- 0f all such matters and things as fehall X llv 111 bVVt SOUTHERN REPUBLICANS. nkr Flies The following species of flies, which we now proceed to. enumerate and de scribe, though in many respects allied to Turner Flies, and bearing vari ous striking marks of close relationship thereto, are nevertheless to be carefully distinguished from these insects We enumerate as follows , viz : -1. The Common House Fly. Tliis domestic and friendly little creature, is too well known to our readers to require any extended notice. Billings says he lielicves they are of temperate habits, and although they hang around groce ries a good deal, he never saw a fly that was the worse for liquor, but has often seen liquor that was the worse for flies. It will appear at once; from this olorvation.of Mr. Billings, that this Is not the Turner Fly. .2. The Blue Bottle Fly. Intro duced as an object of comparison in Washington Irvings inimitable story of "The Spectre Bridegroom." More frequently mentioned in ordinary par lance as "the blue tailed fly." A famil iar quotation will suggest a point In common with the Turner Fly, viz: 'brush away dat blue tail fly." ; The Hessian Fly. Most wheat growers have formed its acquaintance. It derives its namo from the soldiers of the principality of Hesse, who were hlml out by their prince to fight for the highest bidder. JPeatures analo gous to the Turner Fly. Fighting, however, forever barred by the statute of limitations. (See the rule in Bailey's a t.ie.) ! , 1. The Dragon Fly. Better known to small negroes as "the Snake feeder." To their infantile and superstitious minds, its appearance always indicates the presence ofan -"ole snake"- lurk i ng somewhere in the vicinity. Where's the "ole snake?" Food for reflection on tho Turner Fly. ' 5. The Water Fly. "Ah how the ioor world Is pestered with such waterflies.diminutives of nature." Thus singcth tho bard of Avon in Troilus and Cmid. The Turner build is portly, and the bulge is that of a barrel, and water s never kept in barrels on dry land. "Three glasses of "ale per day," and a tickler full of green peach brandy smashed in the violence of gesticula tion in the breeches pocket, on the pub lic platform. This is not the Turner FlvI . ! ' C. The Fire Fly. Commonly called the "lightning bug;" "Andldl nijrht lonp by her fire flv lamp, Mhe itaddlc her lif?ht t-anoe." Moore. Tho Turner Tlx shines in tho same manner. 7. The Turnip Fly. An English writer says in the Entoncological Mag azine, that the destruction of tho hop plant alone in 1S2, by this voracious insect, robbed the Bnttish Treasury of -12iJ,n00iountls sterling. The Turner Fly f depredates mild In comparison. That only milks seven hundred a week in the way of public printing. 8. The Gad Fly.! Excites poor Question. Did you not say at Gra ham, last spring, in the Court-house, in a speech, addressing yourself to the ne groes : "You see now what you have got for voting this radical ticket ; it letter 1? behind specious be eriven vou in charge; States' counsel, your fellows' and your own, you shall keep secret.. You pall present no one for envy, hatred or malice-; neither shall you have any one unpresented for fear, favor or affection, reward or the hope of reward ; but you shall present all things truly, as they come to your knowledge according to fRcceht developments in Southern politics show that the Republicans of toat section are on the eve of j an inev itable fight between honesty! and cor ruption. It is a.fact which cannot be disguised, and which we have never will be a great deal worse for you if attempted to conceal, that a large and you keep on:" or words to that enectr I perhaps influential portion of the men T roYn nmhor molrinrrfl enwli the South are mere adventurers, with uR-n iof iuiUBaiu, uu u 0ut any Interest in the success of the negroes for I hardly ever made a speech J organization other than money-mak- to mem, iney were not apt to turn out in and hear me; I was speaking to the white people and I enumerated the outrages . that had been perpetrated throughout the State by the leagues, and then I enumerated the outrages that had been perpetrated by the Ku Klux, and I denounced both, and told them they were the result of secret so cieties, and that it would bring destruc tion to any country. Turner Fly No. 2. "Question. Do you say that you never had any belief or information that.such an organization existed be fore?" (I. e. till the late trial before the courts.) . , ' . j . Atisicer. I never had the" least j infor mation; never saw a man who told me or intimated to me that he belong ed to it. j t Question. Have you ever, and if so, when, in your paper, denounced the Ku Klux as an organization ? j Answer. Always. i Question. Did you ever assume in your paper that such an organization existed? Answer. Did exist ? Question. Did you ever admit in your paper that such an order existed? A nswer. I think I have. j Question. When ? I Ansicer. I do not now remember the dates. ' ! . Question. Was it before or since the trial? . t -, Ansicer, It teas before the trial. Here are two fair specimens of Tur ner Flies. Their peculiarity will be perceived by the absence of the let ter F. Pkoblem. K How much longer will it take Gov ernor Holden to gotoIIillsboro, than it will hike Josiah Turner, Jr., to go to the Grand Jury in the District of Colum bia? SJioofy. These are now very slowly but surely being gotten rid of. The Republican party the States where it has 'retained its original control is purer and strong er because of its purity to-day than at any time since, the close of recon struction. In jother States where asion of spoils it lias met with well- -"7 wrf?T xtK -Vh the best of your understanding.! So help you God. You further swear that you have never directly or indirectly counselled, advised or voluntarily! aid ed in any such combination or conspir acy as is prohibited by the act entitled "an act to enforce the provisions of the 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and for other purpos es, approved April 20th, 171." Judge Bond then - j charged the grand jury in the following brief but concise terms: ; "Gentlemen of the Grand Jury: I need not do more this morning than to charee vou that you have a most i la mented" defeat, the good men are re-or ganizing for the great campaign ,of next year by repudiating their corrup tionists and putting their best men honesty being the test forward. The result can be easily foreseen. Unity and harmony will carry every Southern State for the nominee of the Republican party next year. The dis- bandment of the Ku Klux and the as surance of safety and protection have saved the fruits of the war and recon struction in North Carolina, and will likewise in Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. With these guarantees our friends in the South will dispense with their Warmouths, Hurleys,, and others of the same school. In almost all of tho lately insurrec tionary States the prospect 13 a cheer ing one. Virginia, which was made Democratic under disguise and through the support of Walker by Northern Republicans, who have since repented J- A 1 . ill 1 1 oi tneir iony, wm oe leyoiuuomzcu. Carolina, it is alleged, is the theatre of gross outrages upon citizens of the United States, which are in direct viola tion of recent laws enacted by Congress, to enforce the 14th and. 15th amend ments to the Constitution of the United States..; It is the intention of theseiacts to secure to all the citizens j of this land the other States the peaceable enjoy ment of their rights as citizens to make every man feel secure in the exercise of those rights which are granted jand secured to him by the Constitution of the United States. These laws oppress nobody. They are intended neither to disturb or effect any person who. is! not an enemy to the peace and quiet of the State, and who is not himseir lawless. Upon the vigor with which yon en force them depends their usefulness. A prompt and vigorous . enforce ment of them will restore peace an harmony to that part ; oi tne tate where so sreat insecurity -of life and North CtoolfiV with its solid mass' of mJf. Republican voters, is safe for all the fu ture if the Ku Klux act be enforced, while nothing short of the extermina tion of the negro race can ever make South Carolina Democratic. In the other States, if we mistake not the feel ing, the factions and cliques and would be leaders will be compelled to subor dinate themselves to the good of the party, ami to cease their insane and suicidal. war upon one another. Fhila. Fress. " . kloes ap- care West Virginia. An election for delegates to the lately ordered Consti tutional Convention will be held in West Virginia in October. Members of the Legislature are also to be chosen. The Republicans there have aroused themselves,and will do their utmost to carry, the State. They claim , it was only their apathy and want or ! energy which enabled the Democracy to carry the vote on the Convention question. Tho Resident Republican Committee of Washington. D. C propose to aid them as far as possible. Maryland Republicans.? The Republican of this State held ' their State Convention for the purpose of overdriven horses and oxens to frenzy J nominating a Candidate for Governor piercing sting.1 ' It deposits its j and State officers, In Baltimore.' on the by its eggs on the tenderer parts of the animal, which It attacks. The unfortunate crea ture licks tho spot to remove the pain, and by this means conveys the eggs into its stomach, where in due process of time the botts emerge from the larval. X practised eye will 'readily detect a ResolntiorH were ndopfoLrn(lor5iP izin inst. .every county was repre- sen tea except one, Jacob Tome was nominated by acclamation for Gov ernor. Hon. Alexander Randall was nominated for Attorney General, and Lawrance J. Brengle for Comptroller. Not So; Brick Turner says that Red-Eye and Sloan assisted in leasing the North Carolina railroad. There is bout as much truth in this assertion as there is in any thing that emanates from the pen of Brick Turner. Dr. Sloan is not a Director ; neither is Mr. Albright. Dr. Sloan was not at the meeting. We are not certain, but we think Mr. Albright was absent from the meeting also. How Messrs. Sloan and Albright could have assisted in leasing the road by their absence, is more than wo know. . i it may not be uninteresting to our readers and the people of the State, to know that lion. Thos. Bragg, Chair man of the Conservative Executive Committee, and Ralph P. Gorrell, of Glcensboro,, were employed because of iheir standing in the' .Conservative partyy to argue the question before the Directors in favor of leasing the road. Messrs. Bragg and Gorrell were present at the meeting, and we presume ex erted themselves to secure the lease of the road. So it will be seen that two leading Conservatives had a hand in effecting the lease ; and that Messrs. Sloan and Albright were not present and had nothing to do with the matter. Try again, Brick ; you may tell the truth after awhile. . ; r ; , time, crentlemen, you must be linpar tial. You must, by your close scrutiny of the facts in each case, end eavdr to put no one on trial whose guilt not, upon the evidence before you pear plain. There 'must -be great exercised, that the heated imagination of men who are m dread oi their lives do not unconsciously ito the witnesses exaggerate the facts they relate, and at the same time vou must I patiently ex amine and bear with a witness who, if his narrative be true, is in fear of punishment and even death upori his return, for having appeared before you. I have no thought but that if you thus carefully examine those wh4 1 are brought before the grand jury, and in vestigate these cases as honest citizens called to 'perform a solemn public duty, without fear, favor or partiality, j and free from all partizan bias, you will have the testimony of a good conscience and ;the hearty support of tho right minded men of North Carolina ; and for nothing else need you care. The people of the United States look anxiously for the restoration of order here. The in terests of commerce anTJ trade require it. The measure of a people's ! happiness is the security with which . life and prop erty arc enjoyed : and they look to the Courts of the United States, since! the passage of -these acts,! to make that se curity complete. I hope,! gentlemen, we shall endeavor to do j so. If j you have any .difficulty in the 'construction 6f the laws applicable tOj these ciases, (and none other will be brought, before vou.) vou can always aPPiy to the Court or the District Attorney." : ; THE PETIT JURY was then called and sworn each juror subscribing an oath similar to that ad ministered to the grand jury. The Court then adjourned, to meet again at 10 o'clock Thursday. second day. Thursday, Sept. 14th, 1871. INJUNCTION CASE. Greensboro1 4 Brick Turner and hjs brethren of the Conservative Press, for their j hastiness indenouncing the "New Departure," and hoisting in its place, the banner of the White Man's! Party. .: h ; In its issue of August 31st, Tlie Pa triot leads off with an article headed "No good in'it ;", the substance of which is a rebuke-to. Brick Turner, and every Conservative paper which has announ ced itself in favor1 of the reorganization of the White Man's Party. The fol lowing sentence must have been inten ded for -the editor of The Sentinel: A -want of discretion is almost aa had as a Trant of sense, and generally ; speaking; argues ft lack of that article. ! - If the fit is not perfect we confess that we are very, much mistaken!. If any person will tell vfe that Brick Turner ever exhibited any aiscretion, we would like to know when it was. ; As bad as Brick is, and has been, we do not think his brethren of the Press should tell him and the public that he is wanting in sense. ' ! The following extract from the same article is still more pointed. The edi tor of The Patriot must havehad his mind on Briclc when he penned the entire article : We allude to the ill-advised eHbrt being made by some of our more hasty tempered and inconsiderate brothers of the quill to draw a line politically between the white" and black man, and inaugurate what tlev arc pleased to call "the white man's party. The idea that an editor of a Conser yative paper, only issued Weekly, should undertake to lecture Brick Tur nerthe acknowledged leader of the Conservative party and in the same article denounce him a ahasty temper ed" and "inconsiderate," must be sur prisingly presumptuous to Brick. TJie Patriot gets worse instead of better. No name is called but every body must know that this paragraph was meant especially for Brick. The idea of denouncing that distinguished expert and graduate in billingsgate and slander, as a fool. Is surprising. . The Patriot says : Wo are not among those who are simple enough to believe that the mass ot the ne groes will vote:with ns for along time to come, neither ' are we among those who are foolish enough to drive awav such as may voluntarily act with us ; and cast their ballots with u?. " j-- Who lias . been more foolish than Brick Turner ? To be ; paraded: before the public,., by a brother Conservative editor, as a fool, it seems to us, Is almost insufferable. It must be remembered that the editor of The Patriot is a carpet-bagger," all the way from Wiscon sin. Here is a field for Brick. That old editorial might' be gotten up in good. style, and.. especially dedicated to Bro. Duffy, of The Patriot. We can imagine what Brick a mail "liative and to tho manor born" thinks! of being called a fool by a "carpet bagger" from Wisconsin. If tho readers of tThe Sentinel are not treated in a few day to that. same old editorial, with the name of Duffy inserted instead of Hol den and Littlefield, it will because The Patriot has taught him some "sense.".. To conclude, let us sum - up and &cc what The Patriot thinks of Brick : r I. He! his, which the facts ! connected contra dict. Every reader;, Conversant with the State finances, .understand the in terest provided for In the I Constitution. A A.! ' J. ,i J ' I io De mat aue Qn tne aeDt createu prior n w u rwt wv to the adoption of the Constitution in Ul 1 A u AIL Iad , Company, 18G8. The new debt is otherwise pro- Company Shops, Sept. 12, 1871. i vided for in a separate clause, and , that To the 'Stockholders of the North Oaro NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD. the amount computed on the old debt is more than it really Is. This interest question was-made the pobby in the campaign alluded to to carry the Con vention in the State, j notwithstanding the real object was to change the State Government to take; from the many the power, and confer it oh the few, to which I objected. I vas therefore, met Una Railroad Cbmpany:-- Gentlemen: The Directors of tho North Carolina Railroad Company, on yesterday, leased to the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company the North Carolina Railroad for thirty years, for six and 6nc-half per cent, on the capi tal stocK or tne company, or two nun- : : . j- r ." i rno m ti i nett. mmn lawyer, and village Editors in tne ad jacent country. And! not content with this array of opposition,! others were imported some .from . the county of McDowell, to canvass against me. Their cause being bad; and mine good, the gopd sense of the people decided in my favor, and voted the revolution ary scheme down. I .imagine the wri: the amplest guarantees for the certain and prompt payment of the rent, and the proper maintenance, preservation and operation of the line. This course was thought by the Directors not only proper; but under the circumstances necessary to save the stockholders from great loss. This had become obvrou?T from many reasons. I will only, for uaKiuo wus wii- i xl. ,4. e. , .. -The legislature of 18CO-'70 granted ed under tne name ' or f itepubiican through the aid and; influence of carpet-baggers, scalawags and the like, to reach the public teat, with whom I had' been "cheek by;-jole," since the adoption of the Constitution in 1868, and ther Convention i jnovement being endorsed by the old war men, . aristo crats, presenting a propitious oppor tunity for popular favorj I will slide over to tne ljemocratic-uonservative side, with which I was all the while officious at heart, cut loose from my carpet-bag friends, throw. Of my Repuh: lican cloak who did j repose full confi dence in me. J If the movement carries I will be in on the strong side ready for the lirst' offer. If it miscarries I simply die politically!.' This pet scheme miscarried and he is politically damned. He now seeks celebrity by an effort to criticise , my speeches, and falsely charging, the! Republican party with an attempt, to array! the colored man against the white man, rehearsing ne gro boodhtsm, and exposing the prevailing superstiti immediate section of country, in which he resides, and to make it! appear that Nash county is governed (by negroes ! Do what.' Was ever before such devel opment of circumlocution so deviative ly laid before a people of intelligence as the latter? W hy sir, there is not even a cracked-brain in Nash county, charters to Companies, empowering uiem to puna itaiiroaas paraieil with our Road from Greensboro' to Char-' lotte One or more of these have pass ed into the hands of . the Richmond & Danville Railroad Company, who were preparing to use the franchise if driven to that necessity by the continued re fusal of this company to make : any terms of the common use of that part of the line. Bills were offered , In the Legislature to repeal or modify these charters. The Legislature refused to interfere with them. In fact, the day of refusing or repealing -charters for Railroads has passed... This is an age of building roads, not, kiinnroKsiim' them. We must recognize these, indis putable facts. Thus left to the contest with competing interests, we have en deavored to make the most of the situ ation for your protection. It Is now well understood that the ' capital and enterprise of the Pennsyl vania Central Railroad have become? InZhnZ Z rCf largely! interested in the R. A D. R. R. -KS JJf aud supports , its well j known ef- j forts tolpass its line through to the Air- Line Road and other leading connec tions South of Charlotte. Backed by this neSv and -powerful combination, the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company renewed their oflVrs'for your line, rather than enter the heavier and financial contests with you by the in- w tZZZV iLt-$Ar LXar& vestment of further capital in a parallel but what knows that the registered Uad uhib neo Invostod must for ,rf c iif m o ivoau, mcn once myeatcu must ior- v V" " AVpr rfiYinin our i-mnnrt. tnt. TTio Air. or more ed. His time ..-would be better spent. sensible people think jin occupying his attention in a different! channel of Very respectfully, 1 J. J. SHARP. The New York San and- Wilmington Journal will please copy. thought. he darolina 10 ra. is wanting in discretion, j II. He lacks sense, i - . , 2 i III. Hei is hasty tempered and in considerate. - , , IV. He is a fool. , ... If these charges of t The Patriot are true, we shall - not be, suprised at any time to hear that Brick has .been re moved as cditorj-of -the Conservative organ.- Having done all the dirty work of the Conservative party for nearly three years, Brick is now kicked by every little j Conservative I upstart who lias access : to tne columns of . i For WARREN COUNTY. - Mr. Editou: I stilted, in. a coihmu- nication through your; columns, before the election, that old! Warren would go eighteen hundred, or two thousand majority against Convention. As it fell short of that number, ' I desire to state the cause as I verily believe.the same principle is 'prevalent all over the State. It was for the want of free- Line Railroad from Charlotte to At lanta, midcr the control of the Rich mond aiul Danville Railroad, thus re inforced, is. being rapidly, completed. A majority of the stock of the Charlotte Columbia and Augusta Railroad Com pany has been recently' bought by u combination of tho same Interests. Having secured this key, as soon as they asiume control of that road, it would be In their power to cut off alt through passengers a nd f reigh Is, an d thereby reduce our incomd below 'tho possibility of regular dividends. Thtv Richmond and Danville and Air-LIuo Railroad Companies having secured charters on either side of us from Greensboro' to Charlotte, they would have Immediately commenced the con struction of a Road from Gretiihboro' to Charlotte to connect.,- with the Air-. Line from Charlotte to Atlanta. Thi. doni and Independence of action on the lQ ln V' would part of the so-called. Conservative voters. They dared hot maintain their true principles, and act out their honest convictions before those, who,' with the eagerness of a famishing cur after a morseI,wieIded the mighty and pow erful "party lash." pi will relate two instances of which your humble cor respondent was an eye witness. Mr. W -r had expressed himself as opposed to Con ventioii from tbe time it was first spoken of. Oh the day of elec tion he came on' the I voting ground, procured from myself a "No Conven tion ticket," and cjxpressod his deter mination to cast it J .but ere he reached the ballot box he was taken aside, and under the "party lah'f of seven or eight totally dentroy our Road. Therefore, the lease was an imperative necessity. This mid has and Would have contin ued to be the mero football of partv, and your interests the prey of poli ticians.! By the contract wo have made a certain and reasonable dividend is secured to tlie: stockholders. By leas ing it your stock will have a fixed val ue, and will bo worth twice ns much as you could have procured for it at any time up to the present. A great 'thor oughfare will undoubtcdlyiiiow be or ganized through our State! . Freights will be 'cheapened along fts line, im migration will t bo encouraged, your towns land cities built up, and many, great and permanent I advantages' will now from tlie introduction of the large will fceek ; our State. layers on he submitted, came forth well Sfir " i ftv TX,&,nttZZZ fhwWh tl.einflut.ncoH wntn-ilc,! hy r 1 . . ""f i irfAntitlrv! Willi flu IrsujM r iliin rmul. of countenances, '.-'against his own will and inclination as well as against his interest and liberties. t "The next ras Mr.; P.- , who came! in the afternoon. procured also from a "No Convention'.' ticket myself. that he would be lashed into, measures I remarked to him that he sapling access ; to tne columns or a The second day of Court was occupied newspaper. We are sorry for him. lie bv discussion of the injunction ease of is responsible for the Convention elec- Tnmnc TJ f n T.-irfl of lVfirvInnfl fPrtinst. I tinn nnrl -i ! fnr flio. ilfot hf liof iMAiXE ilectio. uov. l ernam s Edwar(i j. Warren, f Iresident of the measure. At this time we think he J m 1 !Ofi tV IS 11 .000. TyM t VCn Tml t W9 q j. o f ro rljri n'"n g.T TifrigJJno I'tiv ? T-if-1if nvnT.iMYi rnMK,ilfiv.i; .f.!l.-. before he voted it, he replied was a firrowu i tree! and not a that could be bent and t wisted by every wind that blew:"l but my proph esy was fulfilled, the' partv lash was administered to him till hodroped "No relief from the mighty blows of tho great lash; and he too voted against his acknowledged interests and rights as a poor man. They were both white hut not entirely free, for they had not acted out the truth, and ; ; ' '. - lie is free whom the truth makes free, . And all are slaves besides. There are numbers of like instances that I could mention J but these will suffice to show that my calculations, of i old warren's majority, was not an ex-aggeration-r-not withot a foundation,as l tnen nopeu, JNortn tUaroliua owned no other than free pnen. But, Oh, slaveocracy ! slaveocracy, what misery i, Their power, purposes and advantages of situation referred to. wei-ould neither Ignore nor control. - The question was how best to meet them, so astopn tect and secure your interests und those of the people of the Slate. 1 . In tho contract made, we have ne cured terms and' compensation which. we believe . fair and ) reasonable, and were the best that could be obtained under tho circumstances. We did not believe this Company could' successful ly cope with the powerful and .well directed capital that we had to meet in the competition- to bo commenced tr provided for, without seriolis damage to ourjincome for an '.'indefinite jeriod ' of time; ami we were con viheed there fore, that it was better for the Interest of the Stockholders, when another over ture was made for equitable arrange ment, and before the opportunity had been passed and lost, to make a good -bargain, certainly a safe bargain secur ing you reasonable returns for your property, rather than Stake the serious and certain hazard of beiujr greatly injured if not finally crushed' out by power that wo had .refused to treat otherwise than as an cncnjy. I.-V... 4Y.r TlJ rwi . t

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