k. . I l f .- i V . t - Poetry. From AlfredJDe Kusset. ' 1, "Kite Elalt Belle 1 la 2 nit "j ' , : -j, . . ' ........ ;. Fair wai she, if the Night that sleeps' . 1 Within the chapel bare, Where Angelo haft made her couch, '. 'All-nwtionless,lsfair. ' i '. Good was she. If il bo enongli, Tb pass amlope the palms, Without a word or look of love; - ;, , If gold alone is al ins. . i ' ' , Think could she, if the Idle tone Her soft, calm accents canght, Like murmurs of a trickling brook, Vvileoce pfUionght. - , : ; t , Wiopniye.1, If now with two bright eyes, Ution the ground to stare, Ami now to raise them to the ski Iffciich an act I prayer. Innocence Exemplifiei THE i CROWS AND THE CRANE. C B. Edwasds. N. B. Bboughtok. A T5nlfnrtn. rvrrnsrvmrlfrnt fiends thn Tho following choice of sarcasm pur- following anecdote of that -singular .Sin? mihtJiavehiniled, ifbut the lower Whoe bloom U hidden yet, ; Can oik.ii to the cooling gales . , That iKoa it and forget, i . I Site might havo wefii, if but her hand I'-Iaced coldly ou her breast, k- . llad ever in iu human clay . - . . , Tho dews of Iwaven coniewMxl. , j ;Kr . Slie might have loved, if like the torch , That waves above a bier f A i lit unc-less light, pride o'er her Iwwt Hail kept no guard fct vera. i Yes, she who only Kociiied.to lie, ' But never wax, is-dead Tlio look is fallen from the knee In which she'never read. Miscellaneous Itemsi wife to Drim and spectacled aunt, but may in truth have been indited by the latter amiable lady herself, with a view to exposing the absurd infatuation with which girl-brides shut j themselves j up in the delusion that their husbands 'are embodiments of perfection. If the old lady did write the document, it was hardly fair of her to go and palm it off on the innocence of inexperienced bride- hood: AN EXHAUSTED HUSBAND ' MvDeaiiAunt: Although you told me when I invited you to my wedding, that I "was too young to marry, and not farmblft nf phnnsinw n main for life TirOD- erly and with due consideration,! know that you may now feel that I was wiser than you thought. In selecting dear Orlando I have gained a most affect ion- ate and attentive husband,, and one who has "neither a fault nor a vice. Heavens! Wliat must a girl suffer who finds herself united to a dissipated per son! necrlectful of her, and disposed to seek the society of unworthy persons, who drink, smoke, and do all sorts of dreadful things! ! I Thank heaven, Orlande is perfection. To-mv Is mv 'eighteenth birthdav. and we have been married a year.- - We which may be a novelty to some ol our readers.' He says that his attention was attracted one morning by an unu sua! turmoil in the "compound," or out-door premises of the house in which he lived. Looking out of the window. he saw an adjutant.. . evidently unable to remount on his wings, standing helplessly amidst a company of at least a hundred crows, whose loud vocifera tions seemed to express anything but delight at the presence of their gigantic fellow-biped. The adjutant, from his usefulness as ascavenger-of-all-work, is a gentleman very much humored about Indian homesteads ; and this one in par ticular, as was his wont, had been lin gering outside the cook's room for any unconsidered trifles which, the servants might think fit to throw out. A few crows, however, getting wind of the af? fair, with the sagacious notion that they might pick up a few chance scraps on their own account, were soon on the scene of action. Hunger has no com punctions ; and at last one of them, more venturesome than the rest, ap proaching more closely than actual pru dence wrould have dictated, ventured to dispute the possession of a bone with tho adjutant, The question was not long in abeyance ; - for. in a few mo ments, the adjutant leaving the bone for subsequent discussion seized the EDWARDS & BROUGHTON, practical i : f" - - ;;": ":.!'- (I 1 '. (Old Standard IJuildina;,) , . RALEIGH, n! O. The undersigned, practical printers, "w ould respectfully Inform the citizens of Raleigh, and. State generally, that they have pur chased a complete outfit for a FIRST CLASS WAKE - COUNTY! Offick of Board of Commissioweiis of Sl ' " ... Jlaleigh, N. C, September 4th, 1871. - Ue following is a Statement of the Compensation . to the Board of Commissioners of Wake uoumyjrom - - y .r, . 4th, 1871: : ; ." ! 1 J." R. W. Wthne, 36 days at $3 per day, ?108.00 i 672 miles at 5c per mile, v , J I 26 days at $2.00 per day, - 1 ' Service outside meeting board -j . 6 days and mileage, " l6-80 ! .-i't :f:- $210.40 Wiixxah7ihk8,37 days at $3 prday, $111.00 s ) 1480 miles at 5c per mile, i ! 74.00 ! 22 days at $2.00 per day,: .: ; 44.00 $229.00 at $3.00 Book and Job Printing Office, a. j. nowell, 37 days at $3 per day, $ikoo and are now prepared to execute every de scription of j Plain and Fancy 1 1 i BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, . - 1 1 - f from the smallest Card to tho largest Poster, on as reasonable terms as the same work can be done at any-establishment in the State. 1480 miles at 5c per mile, 14 days at $2.00 per day, 5 days service outsider meetings of board and mileage, ! 99 m j 4.W 128.00 i - . 19.00 Jnww TL CASWEtl So aays K-per day, " ' i fifi miles at 5c. per mile, "1 25 days at $2 per day, service outside meetings or the board 10 days at ?2 per aay, $105.00 3.SU 50.00 20.00 $178.30 SamukiTRayneb, 39 days 4 per day,- "' 1 ! '. 430 miles at 5C per mile, j 26 days at $2 per dayr at $3.00 $117.00 52.00 No unverified accounts were audited. the Board was in $232.00 I The number of days session was sixty-five (65.) STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, ! . " Wake County. I, William $190.50 mL' CROOK'S WISE OP TAR ' ; Has been tested by the public ' , i. . for 10 years. DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR 1 . .' , Renovates and - , - Invigorates the entire system. DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR . r:. Is the very remedy tor the Weak : and Debilitated, j DR CROOK'S WINE OF TAR i . Rapidly restores exhausted ; , strength. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Itestores me Appetite ana Strengthens the Stomach. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Causes the food to digest removing DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR t . ' Gives tone and energy to ' Debilitated Constitutions. DRJ CROOK'S WINE OF TAR All recovering from any illness will find this the best Tonwj they can take. w Wttttr Tiocrister of Deeds in and " " . " . - 1 ni: nwnnV'fl WTV12 for the County aioresaia, ceixny uim uiw. iui tuuiS a. . , A V J ,nalHmi for allowed the members of the Board of Commissioners of said CS attendance, mileage, and service outside the meetings of the Board, from Septemoer in, 1871; to September4th, 1871, inclusive. t W W WHITE. Clerk. OF TAR ; Is an effectivft regulator of the Liver. Merchants, Manufacturers, PROFESSIONAL, MEN, AND . OTHERS, An off-liantl fellow one who lias lost both JLs arms. What ailment may we hk for on an oak? A-corn.. . . :; When a woman gets Irer back up" she won't back down; " " The best band to accompany a lady vocalist ahus-band. i , . If you arc out in a driving storm, don't attempt to hold the rains. WIml U lovely, woman! favpritline in the dictionary? (The last word. Being inut-ully agreed, a pair of deaf muter were married in Iowa recently. Advice to lovers When you cannot catch the last carat night, take a bass -instead, j Why are young ladies so partial to sunset and twilight ? Because they are daughters of Kve. The maii who fopcd therjuestion by 14 stiU'Ufthl, ''-4t-his KWtlMrt' n- Mnt in a I viukljug, ; , An . old I lady writing to her son out Wt-sf Wunis him tj beware of bilious Ndouns and. Liu wel alleys. 1 Tiie woman that marries a man sim ply iKvauseJio'is'n good. match, must not be surprised if he turns out a Luci- ler. - i keep house now,and I can make pretty crow; hip and thigh, and swallowed seems to have aroused the indignation of tho other crows, whx;by .their cries soon brought together numbers of oth ers from every, quarter; and for good two . hours they never ceased some from the ground, others from a neigh boring wall to badger their voracious foe, scolding him to the top of their lungs, and tantalizing him by approach ing as close as they dared, extending a claw or a wing to almost within nis reach, and suddenly withdrawing it as he attempted to seize them. And this unequal vengeance they continued for two or three mornings. The adjutant is one-of the most voracious aud carni vorous birds known ; and the enormous .quantity which it can devour may be judged from its size. From tip to tip of !l 1 1 i A 1 1 A. SI. 11s wings, wxieii fcireiceu oui, it meas ures abbut fourteen or fifteen ifeet, and it is five feet high when standing erect. Well-founded stories of its voracity, j however, are by no means uncommon. With the adjutant, all is fish that comes A Hungarian proverb: The man. who; on his wedding day starts as a lieuten ant in thqJaniily will never get pro moted, i . They reckon time out west and give dates by saying, " two weeks before the last circus-" or " three weeks after the Jast circus' . A man's: possessions are just as large pencd to Orlando. crood nie. only the under crust will be damp. . Ilowever, I think that must be the oven. Once I put peppermint in the pudding sauce, instead of lemon flavoring; but then Orlando was try ing to kiss me, right before the girl, who didn't much like cither of us going into the kitchen at all. f I The flowers are coming up beauti fully in the back. garden. .We sowed a great many seed, but hardly expected so many plants. tl Among tho. most nu merous is one, variety with a very largo leaf, that scratches one's fingers-, and don't smell nice; I wonder what it is? Orlando frightens me by talking about weeds; but seeds always come up,don't they? . ... 1 ' ,. I. ;: Dear Orlando! I come back to him again so excellent, temperate, and true. , Tell all the girls to marry as soon as they can, if they can iind a husband like mine. j I have but one trial business takes him so much away from me. A law yer must attend to business,you know; and sometimes they carry on the cases until 2 at night. Often arid often he lias examined witnesses until half-past 12,and came home perfectly exhausted. And tho musty . things-will smoke, so that his dear coat quite smells of it. And as it makes him as me, I have to air it, and lininir with Cologne vaU dares to put it on again. ! I " I had a terrible fright the other night -dreadful. Orlando had told me that business I think he said it was. a case "of life and death would detain- him late. So I sat up, as usual, with a book, and did not worry until 1 o'clock; Af ter that r was a little anxious, I con fess, and caught a cold in my head, peeping through the up-stairs window, blinds ; for, dear aunt, it was not until 3 o'clock that I heard a cab driving up tho street and saw it stop at our door; then I thought I should faint, for I was sure some dreadful accident had han- in want of ACCOUNTS AUDITED By the Board of County Commissioners of '.j Wake County, from September 5fA, temberUh, 1871: ' ; - : 1870, to Sep- ill as it does sprinkle the r. , ix lore lie to net.i i .Everything is swallowed whole. In the stomach of one, a land tortoise,'? ten inches long, and a large male black cat, have been found entire. A skin of !oef, broken asunder, serves an adjutant for but two morsels ;' and a leg of mutton, five or six iounds weight, if he cani purloin it for he is a terrible thiet is no morqthan a fair ordinary mouthful. Fortunately, the courage of the adjutant is not equal to its greeds iness ; for a child, eight or ten years old; canj scare it with a common switch.? Pamphlets, Briefs, 1 Chech Books, , Receipt Books, ! ! Legal Blanks, or Blank" forms of any .description', Business Cards, Vedding Cards, i t rjlsiiing Cards, i Admission Cards, - Invitations, Ball Tickets, . .Excursion Tickets, Jlailroad . Tickets, ttc, JPostet's, Programmes, Handbills, Dodgers, and . Everything in the Theatriccd Line, Circulars, Statements, jj j , Bill Heads, Letter Heads, J Laoels of every kind, I Or any Description of Printing, Will find it to their advantage to call, ex amine specimens and ascertain iprices before contracting for their work elsewhere. r We will keep constantly on liand, or print to oruer, IN WHOSE FAVOR. From the Murfresboro (Tenn.) Monitor. FIGHT BETWEEN A CAT AND A SNAKE. Solicitor, Superior Court Clerk, SIteriff and Magistrate's Blanks of the latest improved form, on most reaso.n- abie terms. . We will pay special attention to as Irs own isoul. If his title deeds cover more, .the, surplus acres own him, not he the acres, i nn ., . f What is that which lie who haa it not does not wish , for, but he who lias it . . ' .. v. . . , immm w ...... . J . . . J ... v.. V J . A lald head. . ... i . . . - A. (Georgia parent -didn't, favor his daughter's lover, aud bet him a hundred dollars that he wouldn't marry her. The parent lost. " A man is in no danger as long as he talks love. but when ho writes it he is impaling himself on his own pothooks most etrtttually. - - ( Ytu neetl a little sun and air," said a physician to a maiden patient. "If 1 do," was the ireply, 44 I'll have to wait until I get a husband." ( )ur jolly foreman says that the streets of one of the western cities are to bo lighted with red-headed girls. He'd like to hug the lamp-posts. You must always, pick your wife on Choosedayj and, as .long engagements are undesirable,'-. don't postpone! the nuptial ceremony later than Weddine- y- I ' ' .(-... Tlie mother of a large family was one lay asked the numlx?r of her children. "La, nior siiorepueu rocking ta and I've fro. and girls !'! got fourteen, mostly a.. boys; I ran down to open the door, and Mr. Smith, who is a friend of Orlan do's, who is not, I confess, very much to my taste such a red-faced, noisy man was just support ing my dear boy up the steps. ' . ; . 1 44 Oh, what has happened !" cried I. 44 Don't be frightened, Mrs. White;" said Mr. smith. iNotning at an : on ly White is a little exhausted. cation to business will exhausta man, and I .thought I'd bring him ihome," 44 All ' right, Belle," said Orlando, 41 Smith tells the truth I'm exhaust ed." And, dearest aunt, he was so much so that he spoke quite thick, and couldn't stand up without tottering. Mr. Smith was kind enough to help him up stairs; and he lay upon the bed so prostrated tliat I thought' he was going to die.' .Then I remember ed the French brandy you gave me- in case of sickness. 'I ran to get it out. 44 Have a' littlo brandy and water, dear?" I said. ' . . 44 The very thing. Smith is exhaust ed too. Give some to Smith," said he. And I so reproached myself for not having thought uf it before Mr. Smith was gone:'. But I gave a glass to Or lando, and; under Providence, I think it saved his life; for, oh, how bad he wasl - . - i - xjene." saia ne, quite laitenng in his speech, 4the room is troiner round . A few days ago a gentleman who is engaged hi farming near, this city ; was walking through his field, near where his hands wero ploughing, when he discovered a cat at some distance com ing towards .him. Presently the cat turned aside, ! and squatting very low, appeared to creep stealthily along as though in search of game. He quick ened his steps to see if he could discov er wThat was up. He soon discovered a snake, about a foot and a half or two feet lorfgVand as the cat approached the snake coiled and put himself in a strik ing position. ; The cat instantly walk- Annli- ed directly up to the snake and held I 1 f A - BRONZE WORK of every description, such as TOBACCO , LABELS, BANDS, NOTICES, Ac. .... U ..: .IN . Having had an experienco of ten years in the printing business, and .having always on hand a fine assortment of the best quali ty of Paper, Cards, fcc., we flatter ourselves that we can please,.' all who will favor : . tts with their patronage. . , , i j; Orders solicited, and satisfaction guaran teed. EDWARDS fc DUOUGIITON, j Sept. 1, 1871. 3 tt Raleigh, N. cl out one foot near his snakeship's head, as if- daring him to strike. Master snake, being full of spunk, was not the chap to take a dare, consequently he responded with his full strength; but when his head should have been in direct contact with the cat's paw, the paw, like the Irishman's flea, wa'n't thar; and before the head could be withdrawn, it received a heavy blow from the cat's foot, and the paw was again presented with similar results. About four rounds of this sort occurred. when the snake seemed to remember, 4,he who fights and runs away may live to fight another day," and with this understanding he uncoiled and started to quit the field. But he didn't get off that field alive, v " '" !r NORTH CAROLINA, 7 Pekson County, j A; RING AS A DETECTIVE. There are some newsmper verses be. And besides, there's two of you, and I ginning : 44 Lost jughtl drew from off dont knmv ;vi,Ich is which it , my sleeve a little golden hair." Lucky t ttiA thnw ,iM,ifl,i V From the Chicago Tribune. ; In August last a young lady, a resi dent of San Francisco, died.. During the following October a lock of the de- so fast that. I . can't catch your eye. ceased's hair, together with two ringsJ for vou that your wifo didn't find it be fore you d id, i 41 Vill you take, sumding?" said a ( j erman teetotal le'r to a f riend ; while "l don't care 44 Veil, den let standing near a tavern. if I do," was the reply. us take a valkr The nautical propensities of the girls of tho period are evinced by tho fact that instead of being satisfied with cap- than anything else tivating one. beau at a time, they now like to 44 haul two." I knew . these were dreadful svnni torn :'' " ' ; 44 Take a. drink, dear, said I, 4and I'll try to wake Mary, and send her for the doctor." ' ' T 44 No," said he, Vll bo all right in the morning. I'm afl right now. Here's your health, lou're a j brick. I' And over ho fell, fast asleep. , . - Oh, why do men think so much of money-making Is not health better At an auction of miscellaneousarticles in the opon air it began to rain, when a bystander advised.'. the auctioneer that the next article he had better put up would be an umbrella. I. A strict, temperance man in Connec ticut would not let his horse drink out of a trough' which, had the word 44 bit ters " painted upon It by some peripa tetic advertising agent.. ; 1 . ... i .- . . i An Irishman who had blistered his lingers by endeavoring to pull on a aicw pair of loots, exclaimed: "I be- neve I Mian never get mini on until i . wear thim a day or two." 1 A little, four-ytrlu' while combing her f:itlier?s hair one Sunday was asked if idie saw any white iiaire? Yes," v. :.s the reply,,11 it looks just as If it had been nnowing in your upper story." A polite young Lady recently asserted , that siie had uvea near a Darn-yara, and that it. was Impossible for her tol sleep In the morning, on account of the outcry made by a gentleman nen. A lady was asked to Join one of the j divisions of the Daughters of Temper ance. She replied. This Is unneces sary, as it is my Intention to join one of the Sons in tho course of a few weeks." A lady having accidentally broken her smelling-bottle, her husband, who , was very petulant, said to her; 1 1 de clare, my" dear, everything that belongs to you is more or less broken." 44 True,' replied tne lady; "for even you are a I took that off first. And I "managed to divest him of his coat. But when it came to his boots dearest aunt, did you overtake off a gentlemen's boots? probably not, as you are a single lady1' what a task ! How do they ever get 'em on ? I pulled, and pulled, and shook anu wriggiea, and gave it up isut 11 wouia not ao to leave tnem on all night; so I went at it again, and at last one come off so suddenly ; and over I went on the floor, and. Into his hat, which I had put down there for a minute. I could have cried. . . And the other came "off the same "way, Just as hard and just as sudden at last. Then I put a soft blanket over Orlando, and sat in my sewing cnair an i mgnt. ; j un, how heavily he breathed. And I had. as you may fancy, tho most dreadful fears. 5 He might have killed himself by hi over-application to his business, ior an mat i Knew, 'ine-periect ones go first, it is said. - i Oh. how differently should I have felt had anything happened to my - be loved Orlando. lie has not had so ex hausting a day since, and I- think sees the folly of overwork ; though if courts will keep open so late, what will poor lawyers do?. I think it is ;very incon siderate of the judge. I wonder wheth er he has a wife the mean old thing! Miss Throckmorton married the Ba ron Lemmo jn New York. ' They wan ted her to marry some one else: but she Bftid 44 Lemmo alone." Bos. Advertiser. A modern thinker says many people will lo astonished, when they get to heaven, to find the angels laying no were placed in a registered letter, and despatched toward the "East. During the mail! robbery on the 22d of that month: the letter in question was open ed, and one of of the rings appropriated. When . Postal Agent Barstow took possession of the debris in the mail car, he found the lock of hair, one ring, and several pieces of the letter. After con siderable trouble, he managed to deci pher the name of the party forwarding the letter: and that of the party for whom it was intended. The writer of the letter a lady, furnished him with a nnnutoi description or tne missing ring, mentioning that its principal fea ture consisted of a heart crossed by two clasped hands. This clue was furnished to the detectives, and through its aid they captured one of the leading spirits of the robbery. But for the ring, which he had devoted to the adornment of his ovn clumsy hand, he , might ;have escaped unscathed. He has taken up his abode at the Nevada State Prison, Land tfye ring was returned to its owner one day last month. - 1 Old Bxil 'BUBUEs. A . subscriber sends the -j following on - the manage ment ;of . old rose-bushes to the' New York Observer : Never give ppfi choice but decayed, rose bush till you have tried watering it for two or three times a week with Boot tea.' -'Take soot from a chimney or stove in which wood is burned and mako a tea of it. When cold, water the rose with it. When all is ,used pour, boiling water a second time on the soot. The shrub will quickly send out thrifty shoots, the leaves will become large and thick, and the blossoms will be larirer and" more richly : tinted than- before, . To keep plants clear Of Insects, syringe them with quasha tea. Quasha can be ob tained at an apothecary s. 1 The direc tions I enclose havo . been fully tested in my family, with most, satisfactory results.- ' . In the Probate Court. . John Jones, admr. of Geo. 1 ! Satterfield, dee'd., I Petition to sel I againsC Land. . Sarah Jones and others. J. ' In the above stated cause it appears to the satisfaction of the Court that the defendants, Addison Satterfield, Caster Satterfield, Gus tavus Satterfield, Joseph Satterfield, U Church, Eugenia Satterfield, William Sat terfield, Fleming Satterfield, William Satter field, John - Satterfield, Joseph Satterfield, Robert Satterfield, Martha A. Lewis, Sarah Y. Carmicle,' Nancy G. Henderson. Samuel It, Satterfield, Elizabeth N. Ferrell. James A Satterfield, Osmand B. Satterfield, Isaac C. Satterfield, and George R. Satterfield, are not inhabitants of this State, and as such cannot bo served with process, it is there fore ordered that publication be made for six weeks successively in the Carolina Era, a newspaper published in the City of Raleigh, notifying the said defendants of the filing of kuu pUkuui, buu dunk uum uicj'i a LWtl L the office of the Judge of Probate for Person county, at Roxboro', on. Wednesday, the 1st clay of .November D.; 1871,' and plead, answer or demur to the said petition, the same will bo heard ex parte as, to them, and judgment granted according to the prayer of the petitioner. "j Given under my hand, and the seal of said L. 8. Court, at office in Roxbore, this the 25th day of August, 1871.' I f JM. JN. TUCK, Probate Judge. . . H. F. B umpass, Atty. for Petitioners. August 29, 1871. " ., 37-w6wW STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA,'-.'' Wakk County. Superior Court. William S. Mason, plaintilf, V. i ' f . George Gordon and John Venters, defendants. A summons having been issued from the office of the, Superior Court of Wake; county, for the defendants George Gordoh and John Venters, and returned, not to be found ; and it further appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that said defendantcannot be found in the State of North Carolina, : It is ordered, that publication bo madd in the Carolina Era, a newspaper printed in the city of Raleigh, - for six weeks, weekly.- summoning tne saia ueorge uoraon ana John. Venters, defendants, to .appear at the next term of Wake Superior Court, to.be held in the city of Raleigh, on the 8th Mon day after the 2nd Monday in August, 1871, wen ana there to pieaa, answer or oemui to the complaint of the plaintiff, or judg ment will be taken against them in accord ance with said complaint.-- M ; -. Witness, Jonn-N. hunting. Cleric j or said Court,, at office, in the city of Raleigh, the 48th day of August, 1871. " ' ! 31 w6w. JOHN N. BUNTING, Clerk. A J Nowell, Justus Parrlsh,' Q A Samierford, C W Williams, Sol J Allen, v ! W J Keavis, Addison Smith, CJ Roger, ' Jere Green, ,.. Michael Thompson, J II Harris, -K H Page, lavld Gill, ' David Gill, . B D Pleasants, . H R ChappeU, AJMial, Itobert Robinson, JLMorlng,! GHWilder,. i; , WmPooL A Magnln, Spec Cor., WHMangam, .. W H Mangum, W H Mangum, W W Wynne, John R Caswell, John G Andrews, Stanford Winters, James H Jones, J G Bromell, F G King J P Rhodes, T P Lee, Sheriff, SC Clerk, Soli., et.al A J Nowell, JR Caswell, ' Jere Green, Tliomns Medlin, W Whl taker, J N liunting, Samuel Rayner, J M llolleman, Hillard Bell, M Sch loss, II Pool, O W Belvin, Wm Jinks, . W H i i tvi i. a J Primus and G Brjant, Uilliard Moss, W R Cox, Solicitor, M Schlose, : 8 W Watts, A L Davis. . . Daniel Jackson, Charles Knester, W T Wright, S C Clerk, Soli., et. &1 Wm Little, M D, James McKee, M D, Jere Green, Ptscnd, Lee & Co., W W White, Jere Green, G W Norwood, . , S W Watts, T P Lee, Sheriff, T P Lee, Sheriff, John R Caswell, A J Nowell, Ridley Fowler, George Partin, JG Bromell, , . Sam'l Rayner, P G King, Thomas llampsou,. -Tttomas. Hampson, Thomas namugon, It II Page, S C Bafiey, ' Fcrrell and Penny, Williamson Page, Efardy Pool, John R Caswell, A J Nowell, Jalins Lewis, W H Bagley. Clerk, W H Barley, Clerk, : W H Bagley, Clerk, ! J M llolleman & ot;.ers H C Kearney, D S, E A Gnpton, SCCIe.k, Soli , et. al. W W White, G A Upchnrcb, B Bryan, Sheriff Edge, GP Partin, J G Bromell, .' ' J G Bromell,, S W Pearce, ' ' ' DWWhltakerj BHNorris,, JPPope, JG Bromell, WWhitaker, . WJReavis, GAKeiib, Riley Privet t, . PJBailev. J il Hplleaian. ,- J L Johnson, J L Johnson, ! : : RW Wynne, A J Nowell, " , Sjb'1 Rayner, ; -! i Wm Jinks, W W White, John R Caswell, -. John R Caswell, BY WHOM PRESENTED. A J Nowell. Justus Parrish, G A Sanderford, . - , C W Williams, teol J Allen, ' , ; W.J Keavis, . . . Addison Smith, Jordan Womble, Jere Green, .. Michael Thompson, j n Hams, ' UHi'age. David Gill, David Gill, B D Pleasants, HRChappell; ATMial, icobert itoomson, J Ij Moring, 1 1 GHWilder, Wm Pool. A Magnin, Spec Cor, w i MariKUIQ. W H Mangum, " w Ji Mangum. W W Wynne. John R Caswell, John G Andrews, ,. Stanford Winters, James H Jones, . JO Bromell, l- U King, 1: J F Rhodes, T F Lee. Sheriff. J N Bunting, C S C, A J Nowell. John It Caswell, ; Jre Green, l nomas Aiecinn, WWliitaker, xs Jjuniing, Samuel Rayner, M llolleman. Hilliard Bell. M Sch loss. II Pool, OW Belvih, Wm Jinks, E B Thomas, J Primns & G Bryant, Hilliard Moss, W R Cox. Solicitor, M Schloss, ' 1 S WWatts,. i A L Davis, Daniel Jackson, - Charles Knester, S D Harrison, J N Banting, S C C, r Wm Little.. ... . James McKee, Jere Green, . 1'escad, Lee & Co , WW White, Jere Green, u w .Norwood, S W Wattp. ' T P Lee, Sheriff. ' T P Lee, Sheriff. John R Caswell, K J JNowell, Ridley Fowler. Georee Partin. JG Bromell, Sam I Kayner, F G King, Thomas IlamDson. Thomas Ham DBon. Thomas Hampson, it u rage, S C Bailey, Ferrell and Penny, a , Williamson Page. Hardy Pool, J R Caswell, A J Nowell, Jalins Lewis, VV h Bagley, W II Bagley, W H Bafflev. J M llolleman & others, II C liearney, E x uupton. J N Bunting, W W White, G A Unchurch, Battle Bryan. G P Partin. J G Bromell, JG Bromell, s w rearce, DWWhitaker, B n Norris, JPPope, JjGl Bromell, W Whitaker. . W-J Reavis- G A Keith, M Kiley Privett, . F J Bailey, - J M llolleman, ,( J L Johnson. J L Johnson, K w wynce, t. A J Nowell. Sam'l Rayner, Wm Jink, i V W White. John ft CasweU, John R Caswell, , . f NATURE. OF. CI-IM. Ami AUo'd Registering 28T voters In LitUe River Township, . , ITT . Vonthr Branch M 412. . St. Matthews Rmui!rliii 1 crn nnmsa T.ick Creek. : .saving dinner ai i ariter unugo "v, ; lie pal ring: unago aonws owui ciw. - Ten cords or wood iurnisnea wor. uuuw, v . . I . L i' . u.vina i-iiir anrmw (Trn.rit.ree on iilllSDOro roaa, . (Ninety feet lumber for making bridges on road ' .Saving bridge timber at Parker's bridge, . - Bulklins bridge across Neuse river at tne aiia Registering 23d voters in Swift Creek Township n i too VevIJrht i: .1 .-. Saving plank of bridge across N. ri v. at B. bridge. Building bridge across Crabtree near J II Harris , Registering 2sJ voters in Cedar Forte xownsnip, Building bridge'across Neuse river at Milburnle, Keeping away rafts from Rogers bridge i in Holding six inquests, - - Ml. KJonvey.ing Phil. Laws to jail ana mileage, j wmnams " j iroriisTprinfi' 'ZMti voters uanon h oxcch. x'woi. 12 days ser as Co Com, Sept 5 to Oct 17,! and mil J uegistermg 4Jd voters in est. aiary xowiiip, 11 days service as extra deputy, Fall Term, 1870, I "I- M fi il erver of the Court at Fall Term. Conveying Willis Tucker to Jail, c, i, Capital execution, (Wm Stinsorr,) ! --I rr days as uo uom, uct 10 nov in, anu luueuge, Bal. serv. as guard at work house, to Nov. 1, '70, Service as guiara at tne wont nouse, r , Kegistering ana qnaniying s?u voters, wovz, w, Error in allowances at all St. etc, erm.lK70. 22 days as Co Com, Sept 5 to DecS, and mileage, ltegistering 29 voters In BuRliorn Townsni; Taking off and on shackles prisoners in Jai Board or jury m ease oi ueorge jjonar, PiliDcr wreck of lumber of Battle's bridge Con vevinsr Henrv Atkins to lail. ' h I 26 daya as Co Com, Sept 5, TO to Jan 4, '71t and mile for eerv.aacou. examiner lorscnooi veari uct i. Bal. dne for keeping away rafts from Milburnie bridge Services as guard at tne worsnonse, fi f , VTUUU UUI lib IJJf glOUUJUlJ) VW1MBIJ A.U.,,..., Board, of Jury in cae of Stanly Stephens atd others. llolduig special term np. uoan waxe CO., Jan. itru Registcnng 63 voters Wake Forest Township,! Dannn KwIva AitrAoa tfVif Mia a 4 TViolr Af a mfll Pnttin? on andoff shackles, locks, &c., to Dec. IS, '70; iixtra depnty special term, dan. 1S71, lx days, ! -Insolvents, acouittal. &c, at special term. Jan. '71 Visit to Wm Stinson when shot in Jail. Sept 28. 1870. Prof. sciv. to prisoners In jail from Jane 1 to Dec 39, 1(j6 cords wood furnished the work house, 1 Med. farn. pris. in Jail from Nov 2, to Dec 20, 'TO, Ti days service as cierx to uoara co. tjom., i Services as night watch at work house, i j- Medicine. PUvs. bin ana nnrying tienry Jenreys, Holding- special term in July, 1870, four days. I Ex.'s in favor Mial and Bunting, sundry account. Ac Insolvent jail fees, from Feb. 1, 18T to Feb. 1. 1871 25 days as Co Com., lrom Oct. 34, 1870, to Mar; 4, '71 uajv xv vwiui J.. v. .v, v, w um.u ... w lull. liemov. rafts from Dnage at Tucker rDrtdge C T.. Conveying H.Cole and -John Ellison to jail and gtii guard, 4. to April 4, 1871. and mile. Holding inquests over an infant and Bans. Frazier, aj aays as uo Jom, jan ft davs services as crver ol the Court. SDrlncr twm '71 4 days services as special aeputy, spring t lioidins inquest over Ann w tinea's cnua. h Special deputy in charge of jury in Emory case,! bumocr ior repairing Dnage over roaa near St Mary 8 tror convevmir ixauian auaona iovul ec j 408 feet lumber for bridge across Crabtree, p Repairing bridge across Crabtree at Moi riville! Waving timber, part wreck of Bat's bridreJ Ad. 6 days as Co com, April 4 to March 4, '71. Inclusive. 5 days serv. set- with Co Treas. and Sheriff,: by B C C, j wo iocks ior jaii,- j Bill costs in case State v David Fann, in SnpCour. I " Robt. Phifer. conveying j-UKe uuve irom reniienua. to xxuu-burg, i " I Jas Howell and others from Louis, to Baf, insolvents ana acqnmais ai spring terra, ltrn, Issuing and record. 2721 orders July 4, '68 to Mar 20, '71 Arresting S prisoners, conveying to Jail, mileage- -fee . Arresting Henry Brown and jail fees, j Mileage, guara, c, in convey, jack. Maynor to jail, uoiaing inquest on narnei cpraiii. P - 1 ' " on the body of Mrs. Jones.1 i Building bridge across Little river, known as M. B uoiamir an inquest over tne way oi a tt utiev. Lumber for bnilding bridge across thi road, Ij i Conveying Thos Clements to jail, i.Mr !' i . Holding an Inqnest over the body of J n Gilbert, Reeistericsr 4(45 voters in Raleigh Township. 1871' Keeping away rafl s from Parker's bridge for 7 months. Registering 100 voters In St. Mathews. Township, '118 " New Light m . .. : Buck Horn 272' " t Middle Creek 63 " Middle Creek 62 days as Co Com, Sept. 11 " I 21 days serv. as County Commissioner, 32 3 10 teiiii, 1871. fees, "!l8TO " 11871. 5, 1870, to Sept 2, 1871; &C, and mileaire. Clerk to board Con. CommiMionen, Co Com and mileage, . j outside the meetings of the Board, 8 61 5 81 17 97 12 S3 14 00 20 00 74 00 4 00 15 00 12 00 7 00 I 57 30 00 1800 00 7 17 ' 4 17 25 00 210 00 8 58 1111 00 40 00 121 00 4 10 4 10 4 20 8 88 36 0 13 35 11 00 22 00 11 00 33 00 4 00 25 00 945 67 80 00 21 90 23 35 16 70 11 10 25 30 80 46 87 15 50 19 50 5 00 S 00 137 40 34 00 30 00 7 00 4 00 69 00 233 00 1 59 6 00 87 35 13 00 S61 71 5 00 105 00 59 75 35 40 133 40 60 00 45 00 66 06 2821 78 2459 40 78 60 110 00 " 6 00 4 10 30 00 68 00 37 00 8 00 5 00 1 TO 11 75 3 60 6 IJ 30 00 15 00 10 19 00 6 35 13 60 33 80 36 305 65 15 00 60 00 1134-40 953 35 10 00 63 05 8 90 10 00 10 00 130 00 .9 50 4 18 1 CO 9 00 13 15 1 00 5 00 1 86 Z 64 1 97 8 16 1 59 310 40 23 00 43 00 101 60 64 00 7 30 30 00 DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR I ' I Cures Jaundice, ' or any Liver Cofaplalnt. DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR t Makes Delicate Females, who are never feeling well. Diroiig anu jieauny, DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR , Has restored many persons f who have been ' unable to work for years. " - ' ' " " I DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR" ? Should be taken if your Stomach - ...... . is out or oraerj DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Should be taken If you feci s ' ., ?- weak or debilitated, f DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Should be taken to strengthen and build up your system. DR. CROOK'S WINE OP TAR ? . Will cure your Dyspepsia or . Indigestion. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF, TAR , ' Will prevent Malarious Fevers, ana D races up tne Hystem. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Possesses Vegetable Ingredients 3 , , which makes it the best Tonic in tho market. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR ' " . .. jlaa proved iUolf in thousands of cases: capable of curing all diseases of the j Throat and Lungs. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR ! Cures all Chronic Coughs, and Coughs and Colds, more effectually than any 7 other remedy.. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR j s. Has cured cases of Consumption pronounced inciirable ' by physicians. DR. CROCK'S WINE OF TAR t , , : ,Has cured so many cases of '- ' Asthma and, lfronchitla , " that it lias been pronounced a specillc -i " -for these complaints; DR. CROOK'S; WINE OF TAR . , I Removes pain in Breast, Side or. Pack, DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR I Should be taken diseases of th :. Urinary Orga for V As. 4 DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR Cures Gravel and Kidney Disease. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR ( ' Should be taken for all : - , Throat and Lung AUments. DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR i til i s . oxiouiu dc Kepi in everv bouse. . t and its life-giving "' Tonic properties tried by all. PURIFY YOUR BLOOD V DR: CROOK'S ? I Compound Syrup of T O K K . XL o o t! TATE OF NORTil CAROLINA,- . I wish you would pay a little at tention to what I am saying, sir," roared an irritated lawyer to an exas perating witness. "Well, I am paying as littlo as -1 can." was the exaspera- WAkb County. Superior Courts - ' Joseph D. Cavarly, v. : -. Debt. ' -.,.- , Milton S. Littlefield,) , . A summons having been issued from the office of the superior Court or Wake county. for the defendant Milton -Iltueneld. and returned by the sheriff "not to . be found in Wake county;" and itappearingto the satis faction of the court that said defendant is a non-resident of, the State, It is ordered that publication be made in the Carolina Era, a newsnaner printed in thecitv of Ralekrh. for six weeks, weekly, summoning " the said Milton Jittieheld, defendant, to appear at tho next term of W ako Superior Court, to be held in tho city.of Raleigh on the Sth Monday after the Und, Monday in .August, 1S71, then and there to plead, answer or de mur to the complaint of the plaintiff In the above named action, or judgment will be taken against; , him according to the com plaint. . k- , ::. ; V ' Witness, John N. Bunting, Clerk of said: Court, at office, in the city of Raleigh, the Sth lay of August, 1871. t .. - -i . 34 w6w. 'JOHN N. BUNTING. Clerk. I : : w j'TTT'ILTBERGER'S FLAVORING EX- T T TRACTS are warranted equal to any 'made. They are prepared from the fruits,; land' will; tie found much .better than many, 'of tho Extracts that. are sold. u, - . i.v ." :! Ask your fV iltlierKer's Kjc tracts. jAiiixw,s ixi)igo!blxje" 1 without doubt, the, Ixist-, article-in the Grocer or Druggist ;for STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA; ... f . . Wakk Couxty, ' " ' Superior Court. . -II V, Anna IJ. Cavarlv, ) 4 " V- Milton S. Littlefield, v . L- j ' A summon haTing been Issued from, the oitiH3 of the Superior Court of Wake coun ty, for the dofendant,- Milton 8. Littlefield, and returned., by the SbefLft tNot to be fouudin Wake county," and It appearing to , I The market, loi blueing clothesJ It will color more water than four times the same weight of indigo, and" much more than any other wash blue in the market ,-The only genuine is that put up at r ... J,;,.:,...,; ALFRED WILTBERGER'S. DRUG; STORE, defendant is a non-resident of. this j State: It is ordered that publication be made in the Carolina Era, a newspaper published in the city of Raleigh, for ix weeks,! week- ly, summoning the said Milion S. Little held, defendant,' to appear at the next term of Wake Superior Court, to be held in the 4 city of Raleigh, on the 8th Monday after the 2d Monday in. August, 1871, then and there to plead, answer or demur to the com plaint of the plaintiff in the above' named action, or judgment will be taken against him according to the complaint. ; Witness, John N. Bunting, Clerk of said Court, at office, in the city of Raleigh, the 25th day of August, 1871. roRTI1 CAROLINA, O Bl ! , r, ''1 JM Gbanviulk cotjntt, j Superior Court. , James II. Webb, admr., with the Will an- nexedVor Susan. .Webb, deceased, against ueorgo u puuoy ana seuna jn His wile. au vw- nurwwu, Axrea,; ju.:, weon, Frances M Bumpass, John, P. Black well, and .Mary Ann, his wife, Mary Smith, William N. Johnson, end Elizabeth A.. Beasley, M. Susan Webb, G. Emma Ty ler,. Hym'an Tyler, and, John E. Webb. Jfetiuon to make real estate assets.. . i It -appearing to the Court that George L. Staley, and , Selina N., his wife Ann M. Norwood, Alfred D. Webb, William N. Johnson and Elizabeth A. his wife, Harriett D. Beasley, William; II. Beasley M. Susan Vlili (i. Kmmi Tvlor Utrm.n 4S.I. John Ii Webb, reside beyond the limits of tins tat0rit is tnererore ordered by the Court that publication be . made in the Carolina Era. a newspaper published in the cn-y oi xvaieign, ior six weexs successively, notifying the said defendants to appear be fore the Clerk of the Superior Court for said county of Granville, at his office in Oxford. on iiuuuiv, iu lu uay oi oepiemDer, A. D., 1871. then and there to plead, answer or ,1 . A - 1 ! A.I A . . ... ... ucmur u iu fjuiinuiis jjeuiion, niea in this cause, otherwise the . same will be taken to be certified and heard ex parte as to them. Witness,' Calvin Betts. Clerk of said Court. sit office in Oxford, the 10th August, 1871. ' i - i-' U. HKTTS, Clerk ; : Superior Court Granville County. ug;ust 14, 1871. ; 4 ; , ; J: jj SI wOw. , ' TORTH CAROLINA, l e' l I Augustine, Landis, adm'r.. of William II. Kittrell deceased, against Sarah Kittroll, Emily 1'caw, Ilarbard Night, and Nancy C, his wife, and Martha Bryant. Petition i to make real estate assets. . - , It appearing to tho Court that Martha Jiryant, is not a resident of: this State, it is. DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND ; ! ; t SYRUP OF POKE ROOT. . . Is the active medicinal :;4 " v quality of Poke Root I f i t combined with the i,: best preparation of Iron. DR, CROOK'S COMPOUND ! ! , 1 SYRUP OF POKE ROOT. .-'? ' Is the best Alterative or Blood Purifier made. . DR. CROOK'S COMPoVjND J r SYRUP OF POKE ROOT. ,nn" ; Cures kU diseases ' depending on a depraved cor. diUon '"' : - . of the blood., DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND ' ' 1 ' , i SYRUP OF POKE ROOTj r - Cures Scrofula, 1 - ; Scrofulous Diseases of the Eyes- . V ' . or Scrofula In any form!! ' " DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND 1 , I , : ; -SyRUP OF POKE ROOT; : Cures old Sores, Bolls or UlcorsZ DIL CROOK'S COMPOUND ; iu''''. r v SYRUP OF POKE ROOT; . Removes Pimples, Blotches ! and beautifies the Complexionr - DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND ' k i ' , , 'J 1 v - SYRUP OF POKE ROOT. ; . Cures any Disease or . Eruption on the Skin: DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND j SYRUP OF POKE ROOT. . "' -o . c"re lUumatism and Pains in Limbs, Bonos, fcc. , DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND I ; I a SYRUP OF POKE ROOT; B uilds up Constitutions . . , broken down from , , Mineral or Mercurial Poisons. ' Labels have both WiUlienrer's and Uarlow's name on them : all others are cpunterfeit. Forl by most Grocers and iruggists. :aug. 19 4mwAtriw. Drug C. L. .."'fit HARRIS. ' Attoritky A.t Law t (Office first door South of Standard building,) Practices in the Courts of Wake and before U3 S. Commissioner, and gives special at tention to the arguing of causes in the Supreme Court of North Carolina. All business entrusted to him, will rfWn DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND ' 1 ; ' SYRUP OF lOAE ROOT- " ' - r ; Should be taken bv all iujijiijr a remedy -- ': - ' : to make pure blood ' DR. CROOK'S COMPOUND . v. t - f S YRUPOF POKE ROOTi J . :r .TnSHtandingr , Iiscasesof the Liver. , DR; CROOK'S COMPOUND- ' ; 1 u I::: - f ; : SYRUP OF POKE ROOT.. . r.s. -. ,i.H !ures Scald Head. : , - , Salt Rheum. Tetter:" . therefore, ordered by the Court that publics- .DIT CROK 'SOOMPOUND r r v xuivri iiiurp . tion be made, in the Carolina Era. a news-; paper published in the city of Raleigh, for six weeks successively, notifying the said defendant to appear before the Clerk of the Superior Court, for said county of Granville, at his office in Oxford, on Monday, the 25th day. of September, 1871, then and .there to plead, answer or demur to the plaintiffs pe tition filed in this cause, otherwise the same will be taken to be certified and heard ex parte as to her. . -- - ! i or ? mora eirflii. TS than any and all otluTr 35 wAtriwly. Aug.24,;1871.f i. t "OTICE. Wltnesa.CalTta Betta. Clerk of khM rvnrt mm TT.. ?i"r'.Va.nl'rupt. by tho DI.. atomceia Oxford, the lothgnt. A, PllS DtaWrto?NU f." C. BETTS. Clerk JOHN It. ONITILL, Jittip er.ick-fvi."

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