- .i ' i CORRESPONDENCE. The Editors must not be understood as endors ing the sentiments of their correspondent. I'oinmonlcations on all sabjects are solicited, which will !e Riven to the re ad ears of TheKra as containing the views and sentiments oAhe writers. "" ' For tho Carolina Kra. The Slate University. We observe a disposition among tlie miners of the State to take up the af fairs of this Institution and urge its claims to be recognized, re-endowed, and once more set going. This is as it should be, and we nail with pleasure any movement towards so desirable an end. ISoth political parties in our State should be able to approach the subject by this time calmly, and in good faith, and with but one wish in reference to it that the best Interests of the State shall be consulted, without regard to Party, Sect or Person. Intlllorpnt man in the State must wish to see the University re-established. For though many men un ilmiMfHllv hnvn manv minds. and there mavle a great diversity of opinion up on the best modes of education, and in are rife, and while colleges abound new methods do also mucn more aoounu vet on one point we must all agree n-imoiv th.it -North Carolina is in no condition to be trying costly experi mentsher business lx?ing mainly to timKlv fnr i while". We all asrree that the education of n?ir r-hlldrpn must be attended to. We nil unite In deploring the ill-success of those into whose hands the administra tion of tho State University was com- ..nttwi nn thftdoathof its late excel fl hnnorwl President. For it l.nu in ft fhilnre and it ouirht to be admitted frankly. No good comes of i,anmnT rn trt i wronj? move, and in sisting it was a right one, in the face of facta. The world may wen uouoi xne sincerity of the expressed wish for Ite fonn in that case. ; The University is a failure in its pre sent hands. There must be a change. Hut how? The State Constitution makes no provision for a forcible change ,.r Wr Tht- Trustees mav re- tain their place as Trustees, till "rcrta n in tiiA rnnrsf nf vears. But IVTI UUii AAA vv, - v - , the interests of the State demand that there should be no longer delay in re-wfr.r5n-thoilnivorsitv. The tide of in- mf terest in it, and of patronage, from our till 111 iiljft - J ' .it.i.if niQinfT nwnv: so mucn SO. thomnm not wanting voices raised inriin;t. even attempt ins its resuscita tion A fnw vears more, and the task teset with difficul i the dilapidation H " f J ..ir..i jvrnn rkn t no nmnprtVflt LnaD- el Hill will have gone beyond our pow er or willingness 10 repair. It is always taken for granted that men of honesty and right principle, ImnortaPt trust SO .in.:n.iitnr in tiiir lmnds. will be rea dy to resign that trust, especially if the public dissausiacuou whu uich rirnrl. This is the case. even where great emoluments of honor and iecuniary profit are attached to t he office. I low much more when nei their honor nor other advantage is to m.inni hv rwrsistance. w e wisn tu t I or -Ail Letters reUtiax to ' Subscriptions Advertisements, must be addressed to WW. M. BROWfl, Business Mang;er. i 4 1 All Registered Letters can be 'sent at our risk. For tho Carolina Era. Wliy is It? by the people of the State, fill many of their subordinate positions by Demo crats ? If we are to judge by this con duct, that the people prefer Democrats in fill rtlarcKX if trrirr o n rl rrrfit thpn 4 V t tit 1 X C 4U4 nn 7 . . T a I 1 s l .nnnlttlnif (hir nAnAlfl Willi a to cary out meir wisnes. nny is it i ...... 0 - . that V1pw1 nfflrfala nrpfpr Democrats cross t'mark. may know that the time ror to fill their Clerkships and other places which; hey. subscribed Is nearly out, and ox u suuuruiiiaLO uiiuacurc iu xvcpuuu- unless ,tney renew, vvc o cans, who have worked for the success papers, I with a cross mark, their papers will . . viuuiw.u v . I be aiscgnimuecu their time and money to place men in M power wno appoini suooruinui uiat ohnan thom TMihllMv nnrl rH VTltpIV Oil account of their political opinions yea W. nVHITAKER,! - - Editor. account. OI ineir pouueai upimuiio i it mrTJ-CT lOfh 171 more, cast their votes in every election THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 1871. arrofnst a Tirm hllpftn ncl ministration. ' i 'l State and National? Can a party thai 1, - QfnfQ onJ fjanpral ItP.ms. llnesstotneranK i Luuaij uiaiu umu vwhwi. tol P-mt psiirh tinfrratef'ilnessto and file succeed or control ? I fear it will come to grief unless something is done speedily to purge the administra tion, State and National, of this incu bus. Look at the capitol of the State ; all the subordinates, with two excep tions, are Democrats, and while eating Republican bread and butter, in every election they vote against those who furnish them with daily food. Can there be any sense of propriety, much less justice, in retaining such men when we have an abundance of men in our own ranks who are equally qualified , and would fill such places with honor to the party and thereby enabled to work for their successors in oflSce. If Gen. Grant should adopt that rule, how long would we have a Republican President? Let him appoint a Democrat to office and these very men would condemn him, yet these simon-pure Republicans or Democrats can have a many subs as they choose, and no one must doubt their fealty to the Republican cause. The Federal subordinates are equally as numerous. The Clerk of the United States Circuit Court is a Democrat with two sub Democrats ; the United States Marshal has made Democratic appoint ments; Collectors have Democratic deputies, and Postmasters Democratic Clerks. Should this thing continue after the party lines have been drawn between the two parties in such way tnat none can oe aeceiveu awa any Nkw Post Office. By the influence of the Hon. John PooV new, pos office has been established in Chatham county, N. C, to be knowrft as M Ore Hill." , t Dr. A. B. Chapin has been appointed post master. Good Enough. The Elizabeth City Car olinian gets off the following : .J. : s. Somebody has started a story, which is coinir the rounds of the press, of a man who & alive after having had bis neck broken. We trust none will be so loonsn as w sup pose that it is literally true. It is nothing but an allegorical description of the Demo cratic party. ; . . Maj. Henby M. Miixer. We are glad that Col. Carrow has been so fortunate as to secure the services of Maj. Henry M. Miller as one of his Deputies. Mr. Miller is intel ligent, brave and trustworthy, and we are sure he discharges his duties satisfactory to the Marshal, and the laws of his country. A Gbeat NATiONAitEviu--It is confess- Thft ElectlOHS Oil Thursday XASt. ed that there exists in various portions of j ; jjj "bottom has' fallen" out of. the this Union, orgamzauons icnown, as : T)pmocratic party ! : ' ; '. " Idux, whose chief, is to obtain Poical 1 , the time ?and power by means : of mtimidation, ana a re- - - resut; that the Re imrt tn pmp.l mpjisnrea. : Gov. Brags: of our I u nnv4-,. Ue TTninn Mr. !a. Lament, former citizen and mer chant of Wilmington, died in Clinton a few days since. ! Brirlgliam Young is having trouble. He has been told that a plurality of wives will not be! tolerated. The U. S. have taken the old simier in hand. i i ; : 1 Two jf the men arrested for Ku Kluxism in Spartanburg, South Carolina, are said to be respectively eighty-one and seventy Rn old in tresDasscs and sins , jii.aio y - and doii't know better 7 Tho "Sentinel says he went to the Hender son Fair, and after learning the "pedigrees of tho ! horses," proceeded to "inspect tne ladies." How the ladies of Henderson wm like theclassification.we can easily imagine. ' Slavery jn Siam is to be abolished in J an ii arv. 1872' and the masters are to be paid tUaXm hnndamen. So irresistibly the great idea of Human Freedom is advancing to its ultimate victory over all the oppres sion -on khe earth. The Evaxoelical Lutheran. This paper has been revived, the first number of whi.h is now Axemtion is faultless, and its editorials and selections, excellent under the editorial care of the Rev. N. Aldrich, Kev. vr. ox and Rev. W. Hubbert, Charlotte, N. C. - . ,. . - - tm M.S own State, Chairman oi ine uemocrauo State Executive Committee, from evidence which he does not doubt,admits there is such an organization. Others with equal honesty have signed' the admission, and together, these distinguished - North , Carolinians, members of the Democratic party have pledged their word, i to Judge -Bond, that they would use their influence to put a stop to such lawlessness.! We commend these gentlemen for their honesty, and frankness in the premises. It is an earnest on tneir part that they never kneic, until certain Levidence was brought out, that this band of marauders was in fact a well organized party and knowing now, beyond sl shadow of doubt, that it actually exists, like true and honorable men. they denounce it over publican party the party of the union and of law and order has carried Penn sylvania by from fifteen to twenty thousand 1 majority, and Ohio by from twenty-live to: thirty thousand major- If the reported gains in Pennsyl vania snouia oe connnneu, me hcuvhm. tnorifv in fhA TTonsfi will be eisrhteen, and in the Senate three, thus insuring the election of a Republican senator ior six years. , . ... A dispatch from the chairman of the Republican State Committee of Ohio says that the returns (received insure a Republican majority of twenty-one in the Legislature on joint ballot, and that Noyesrmajority will reach about thirty thousand. . . V We have no doubt they carried lowa iOELiuAL i ij and honorable men, they denounce it over . ' ?m Tforrv thonnd ma n revived, the first number of theirown sigliatures, and for which they by. m thlrty to thousand ma .jrSS arevilifiedand abused, b.men ,of their J! -They fore- own party, ana some nave gone so iar shadow an overwhelming ltepUDiican say, utieyiiau lUBpna, i victory in loii. them over to the Republican party course, all such abuse amounts to nothing, unless it be to show the fact, long since charged, that the more active of the Demo cratic party did know of the existenco of theKlan. and considered it as the strong arm nf their nartv which was relied on to' The State of Aefaiks in Chicago. From telegraphic despatches from the ill fated city, we learn that forty-one persons were shot in making arrests on ine pignt o the 10th, and it is reported that 90 bodies have been recovered from the ruins, and a large number have died from exposure. Cooked provisions in large quantities are daily reaching the city from uinereni pans of the Union, all of which is received by the Relief Committee and properly distributed among the destitute. I .... . J tiwbct at His Tricks Again. We notice, says the Wilmington Star, that the notorious Henry Berry Lowrey has been tricking Uncle Sam's boys again, j A few rlavs since he passed down Lumber river in a batteau within full. view of a squad of twenty-three "boys in blue," who -fired up on him. He simply "squatted" in the bot tom of his boat; careening it over so as to stitnto an amateur breastwork to pro tect him from their bjtrilets, and "paddled" about his business. Thi mpnninof of these victories is-r ' First. Confidence in the Administra tion of President Grant. Second. Want of confidence in the Democratic party. , xt Third. The determination of the American people to have law and order, itiiuwvucx pc.vj ...v, - and no more war, as snown uv turn, by violence, the political scales in the patf c endorsements of the Kuklux South, as well as the South-west and the act an( its, enforcement in the Jate in- " '! - i ? Oin . i - xorui. , surreuiiuiia,iv ouaico. . ; . In North Carolina,! then, we are happy to Tjie democratic presses are ipdoubt say, that comparative composure now pre- over these results. They have noth- vails. The enemy have been crippled; and ing definite'from several fl-4if we doubt not. with such prominent men as is natund. . They .do not like to ' g ve The Wilmington Journal brags over some pea nutd raised in the garden of Mr. L. M. Williams. We'll put Tim leo's corn seven mm oil & stalk aeainst any thing, in the rep?hrhouia cn.pl.. from the Capo Fear region. KtlrsSfe A kJK.ux Democrat was Uing tUe National administrations ? Then why streets of Charlotte a few nights since mur- imnfllP thft frozen seroent so tenderly. mUrine to himself: and was beard to say t lnni. wuvoin Vila nm'Or tinfl I . mtiitmii rnv. q f Tommsiiv lmsii I .um . t i z ; rA U mnst. iiciiiuv juugicgojuuwi". poa i B4u 1 1 uAi 1 1 1 j i says: xiie jusuue cn.imcv. --" lling of Xoah Willis, charged with the k Thomas Nelson, in Newbern, a few days since, had a hearing before Justice Palmer, nfthatcitv. on the 11th insit. The Times 11V U1UJ V W 3 - t - if thpA food natured llepuDli cans a fatal, if not a deadly, sting. Let us clear the camp of our avowed ene mies in order that we may prepare for the great campaign of 1872, and tri- umpn over mi ujj)whiuu v-vvv. Gen. Grant for tne next iour years. Woodknoll, N. C. j S. K. Nab. t For the Carolina Ern How Now ? On the loth of June last, the Sentinel asserted that the whipping of J. M. Jus tice and the sacking of the Star office, in Rutherford, was not because of poli tics. The Jury have found otherwise, and leading Democrats now frankly ad mit the Kuklux to be a political organ- HiK-ak with deference and prudence, but ggekiug to cover up the iniquities of the. time has also come to speak plain- that infam0Us body, and to that end, i.. i , .tn 4-n. otii ut rttVtpr tronnlfts find The nrst tmng mweu i iu diniculties in order to aiven puuiiu at- t as being in earnest. nessi then the Convention failure; and now these d4-n ku klux convictions look squaly enough! A neily invented fly paper in Titusyille is covered with nitro-glycerine, glue ana molasses. Tho flies, attracted by me mo lasses alight and are stuck fast by the glue. ShouldTimvret away, they proceed to rub In eestacv. when it is JHo ! FD - - - w said, the friction causes the mtro-giycerino to explode, blowing them to atoms. These! infamous Leagues, hold secret meetins,plan and execute murders.scourg ings, burnings, robberies, rapes, and other crimes, jana yet Decause iuy vuw mo , tnf on infnmmm ndminlstration or the Najtional Government permits these crimes o go on lStatesville American. rn,nti 0 Vdivu of course the Ameri- JL Y J J F can is yBrpetrating one of its funny-alities,' ar.A wniildn't. for the world, be understood l ne nrsi ming n diniculties in oraer xo uivert puunu ofthc State University is a change of tention from the Rutherford outrages. liv tint frank and unconditional resig- l lilt; jiium - - r tho nrpnt Hoard of Trustees The Hxirtl of Education, with Gover nor Oaldwell,. ex-officio its President, should then invite the attention of the Alumni of the University to its condi t ion the Legislature of the State should also be invited to take action on it. Tim thinrr should be conducted 1 1 HUiU . n . . ina handsome and gonerous spirit. lA't there be no conditions on the one hand, and no recriminations on the oth er. Come, gentlemen, step forward now, and shake hands, at least over Chanel HilLand fall into line and stand shoulder to shoulder in a gallant charge for its relief. " , . -' The second thing needed is money. "Put money i" thy purse," friend, when preparing for that charge. The University debts, interest and principal, amount to $G0,000. Her as sets are the Buildings, Libraries, &c, and seven or eight hundred acres of land in and around Chapel Hill, some 40,000 acres unimproved land in the mountains and some $125,000 invested in State bonds. There is the sum to work out. The State Legislature could i:r .lolit with nnn stroke Of ltSlefT- 1111. 111V; uvui-J " m iiotivf. tvmi- Not a man in the State But the Republican press should see that he and his Kuklux allies do not escape. . . "Long Perry." r For tho Carolina Era. Jo. Turner as a Lawyer ! The editor of the Sentinel puffs him self highly as a lawyer. Does he re member the mistake he made in issuing the 8 per cent. North Carolina Railroad bonds? Those biff red letters across the lace of the bond, "BORROWED MONEY,' ' tell in unmistakable terms, that Josiah won't do as a lawyer. Then, if so suc cessful as an attorney, why not go back r ha UnrY W1V llOrrOW IIIOIUJV 11 lliv avma J Swepson to buy an old newspaper press Willi V The Chicago Disaster ! nt lencrth auenched. It is something of a relief to know that we see the end. The story of the de struction is frightful. Five thousand families are homeless and penniless. Ten thousand business men are bank rnnt. A hundred thousand persons are lsiau ve pen. x ot k - MT,nlnvmont. A hundred thou- iiii-T cniii. - . , . , . i :im r mSno inorL- thn tMTIllI UCStJlil- grumble. We may le wrong, dui inat U our opinion of the decent men. And we incline to the opinion that it is the lcst thing the legislature could do. However there are heads as wise as ours who look at it differently and de sire that the salvation of the Universi ty shall be vorkedout by its Alumni. Kither way we shall not grumble, so ive miles of ruins mark the fearful desola tion. i It is sickening to dwell upon this terrible calamity which has overwhelm- 1 tha enlpndid metrODOliS Of the V CSt. The scenes from which the curtain is already lifted are appalling tnose which remain yet veiled and obscure mov itnscihiv ne still more icaum, t& SSt? It t W We?sne KporU of a large log Ve Annot TOt a rpectable corps of of life, which are harrowing in the r imf Arnnrv has already resigned the and ghastly horrors of aeatn. Sifthenffffy reorganized The fire cut its wide and devastating 1 residency o tne newi rrguii en.nt)l fhrftn(rh thn verv heart of the ni t'HFCi in ,. i:i i ii 1 1 liL nil nauv w n w M. FTU. Tin I1AK1 Tf ctnnnrt. The University lit Will l--Vl J J.' m. - must bo supported, till its reputation is fairly re-established, and it can be sup iorted of itself as formerly. There must be no mincing nor stinginess, nor city Never has any great emporium of trade aad commerce sustained a dis aster which struck so directly at its vow xritnisj. What is destroyed was ho Hftvhlood which ouickened and The papers throughout the entire country continue to discuss the Chicago fire, and nt.hnr fit-es of recent occurrence, in the North and Northwest. The Chicago fire had its origin ip a stable, where a woman was en gaged milking a cow by the light of a kero sene lamp. Kerosene is dangerous, use it as you jmay. Every day we have reports from sbme portion of the world; of acci dents, tjhe results of kerosene oil. At the risk of being numbered among the old fo gies of ither Ages, wo have never abandoned h n so1 of tallow candles, for any of the new (discoveries for making cheap and brilliant lights, j We have never Known a lanow cau dlo to explode and burn an entire family. - 1 1 " ' , " SpEciAL Coukt. IIisExcellency Gov. Coldwell, has issued a commission to J udge Watts, -j authorising him to hold a Special Court in this city, (for the county,) com mencing on the first Monday in January, 1872, and to continue until tho business is disposed of. The first two weeks of the Court will be devote to Civil Cases then, the Criminal Docketwill be taken up, and cleared,.so far n mavbG nracticable. Witiiithe determination of Judge Watts n tho two Dockets of the immense number of cases now left over on them, wo think Nye may promise,for the Spring Term, a short session and light work. . 1 1 Theifalem Pi-ess furnishes the following items-of news : 1 A shooting affair occurred in Wberty, u.at .fvivA Winston, on Saturday last, whieh might have resulted seriously. A negro armed with a shot gun, loaded with ball, deliberately took aim at two white men who were passing, and fired, the ball grazing the lerof one of the parties. What msti- riinw dHrwt. no one seems to know.J After his exploit, he fled the neigh borhood. : A friend informs us that a difficulty oc curred at Mocksville during Davie Court, between Mr. W. B. March and a man named CaU, in which the latter, who had been quite abusive, was severely cut in the shoulders and across the breast. A Killing Fbost. We learn thatlthe a- a -.rr.L- -u.-a Tprv severe in rxr Vr,T--c-f h stokes and Yadkin. important witnesses, and reduced their tes timony to writing. After fully Hearing wio case the Justice decided that as tho accused had already been committed by a j proper officer, and then held by the Sheriff on a wiiimM5,issued by the Coroner, that he could take no action in the premises, andj the ac cused was therefore remanded to jail, to await his trial at the next term of the Supe rior Court." Fire. Thursday morning,about 8 o'clock, Tucker Hall was discovered to be on fire.in front room, next to the clothing establish ment of Robt. Andrews. Our Fire Compa nies were promptly on the ground, and the continuous streams of water sent up,togeth er with the aid of that most efficient arm of the fire brigade.the Hook and Ladder Com pany, the fire was soon xtinguised. The fire of iginated, we learn, from a defective flue. Loss inconsiderable a few hundred dollars will make all repairs. j Aeain. and for the hundreth time, are our people appealed to, to give those noble fel lows, our firemen, all the water they ask. Shall we wait until our city is laid j waste, and then provide for future contingencies? Let the election, so long delayed, be forth with held Raleigh will authorise the bor ffinient monev. to securo her against destruction by nre. jr-ciass, prijtccicu uj - r - i are coming in, m uiuci ujv .a a higher social position," often applaud may reap the benefits of their labors. nu Vbc no Sn insnor stinginess, nor the' life-blood which quickened ana "ffitEtothat It tt168 10 ncertS 2" KnifiS Shf, tobSS In his vicinity, and, in rapid spreading ft "i!. ,nthpv must live and The bnsiness of the ill-fated city is ftlinoat eVervthine elso that was sus- they were uncerc are like other 3 wTd out. Everv bank nttoroiartffieofBcholar. and insurance office, every newspaper We hone T to see the Press of North establishment, every hotel, most of the ICViroUna moWnTin this matter-Re- great warehouses are involved m the Vmbl cnin l)emoWs, Conservatives, wide-spread devastations. The city ipuDiicans, a.'V L n v.?v. onmne into beinff- and leaned ill tllP C IlUrCIl OrCVlIlS Uli inu ...v,.. - - ? - . trunirete All clashes have a direct in- into greatness with a rapidity and en- tere?rin the re-establishment of the terprise which have astonished the S'niviiiitv They cannot ignore world, now lies in ruins. I it At they wou li-the orwt cit&n of But,' like the fabled phoenix, it will itiiine wou u "'r,7,, ,in fnr Ha ertraiilv rise from the ashes. Chicaero the State is ineo i . I" not be Chicago if it sank under PT XvVn w'i disaster, fearful as it is. It will aret intenv o en w itn tnose s oi . . HicmoUpri Th mme ma?n fl. o?dl&X m.OB the great- iiT n?hool of anvdescripUonbut nessof last week will recreate a new rollv2u fSSr SeK metropolis more splendid than that ESS if therere five huSarXsti whiclhas disappeared as if by a horrid Snt AvSSl Hill We want a Col- vision. The work of recuperation wdl dents at Chapel iiiu. u v . rfnmwl with undaunted WtoSUctoriS unCd sun MrU, and the indomitable resolution SSfoSinSuiStAade of oY the citizens will bring new fortunes to shine for air Je "Eclipse out of this desolation. In this, as In prejudice or fear oi nvairy. tmmMiktA RufferinErs. thev will fl I . . 1 1 i.1 " ,.X A have the sympatny ana me issisuiui . 1 M II - " t. Ttwitt. sa the Washing- of tne whole peopie.-o. uur,u.u inSto nepMSa has fot into trouble again. fact, almost evervthing elso ceptibl to its action. . . - . DeaIh of A Centkxakian. "Old Mrs. Smith't died recently in Surry coimty at the advanced age of 112 years. She leaves a son, 87 years old, hale and hearty, to mourn her loss. . ! Tobacco Barn Burned. On Saturday evening last, the tobacco barn of Mr. talvin Crews, some five miles north-east of baiem, was destroyed by fire, together with jabout one thousand pounds of tobacco. J"" From the Asheville Pt'oncr, we clip ' the following State news : - : : I --. Serious Accident. We learn that on Wednesdav last, Mr. Thos. Young, who re sides on Cane Creek in this county, met with a serious, if not fatal accident. While engaged in gathering apples, the limb of a tree which he ascended ,t w en ty-six foe t from the base thereof, broke, and he was precipi tated to the hard ground beneath, striking ... . . . ml maw.- upon nis DacK, ana Druising umi nwr ously that his recovery is rendered extreme ly doubtfuL .:!; Acquitted. On Friday last, in the Su perior Court of McDowell county, held at Marlon, W. II. Deaver.of this place, was ar raigned for killing J. A. Thompson on the 15th or last July. After hearing the testi nrrUUi. xi. iiao trA. . , . a, i - nionr, me Hoiiuwr uwmou w rfes of Charges, which, if true, ought to I Genorai d. H. Hill, in hUa' Southern Home, defendant for manslaughter. Messrs. Mer- send him to the penitentiary, u. Prappiies the following elegant language to rimoti, Bowman ana gemming ' PJ? F. Phillips: "His over-beanng i , " .""r Aftr ireAil ified. Jt is fortunate -tnat ine "- I wand blood-thirsty reaL" TheZT kt TjuhaW the Jury, who retired, and after some time returned a yerr diet of not guilty, V lie has been arrested on a se- savage to the Last. Ex-Confederate M1 tt AA for which he seems to be entirely qual- ified. It is fortunate that ine unu w,t JteaL, "fSitt SShTm toits -pl-U the track with the tread of an old . Martyrdom. Some men, failing by tho iMiiol way, to attain to eminence, seek to become martyrs, and set up the yell of per secution in order to enlist sympathy. No toriety and position obtained in thisway is short lived, and the subject sums; deeper into insignificance, than formerly. That which seems to be sympathy, and serves to excite the passions of the beholder, junder- goes a peculiar kind of re-action, ana mo Martyr is dubbed " Poor Devil," , with the extra-peculiar blessing, " let him go ne ain't worth noticing." We allude, of course, to the self-made political martyr-rthe indi vidual who seeks persecution by acts which are known to him as violations of the law the law violated for tho purpose of making party capital-and , this, too, with an air of defiance a bragadocia defiance, peculiar wj the "shoulder-strikers" who infest the lowest dens of infamy. Party-men1, of the better-class, protected by tho bomb-proof of Avil martvrs. When, inl their souls, they despise and detest them but use them for a purpose, ana wnen uiai purxjow is attained or defeated, they "turnja cold shoulder," and let their scavengers and dirt throwers, go down to their own proper level. Wo shall see examples of this sort, in the Democratic party, before the great; Presi dential campaign closes. Mark the predic tion. j : ' I 1 A Chain of Disasters. The Baltimore r'.iyvni-nT JTrnr-nnl. well remarks, that the Chicajro fire is the all absorbing topic. This disaster is dicussed atrthis present moment throughout the civilized world ; and we are told, that while the flames were spreading devastation over that doomed city, men, with demon hearts, were caught applying torches to houses not yet reacnea ry tne ames. And we are told. they were unceremoniously snqt aown, while others ,wero marched off with ropes around their necks. It will be almost im possible to calculate the loss in money, by this great fire, to say nothing of tie suffer ing by cold and hunger, and the deaths which must ensue, and have already occur red. Unfortunately, and as a very singular and lamentable coincidence, this tremen dous fire was preceded and even actually Rftcomnanied bv disastrous fires in several places. The lumber regions of Michigan and Minnesota are still ravagea joy-ine flames, and we hear of a large fire at Mil waukee, Wisconsin. Thirty men were burn ed to death at Pensauki, and part of the town-was in ashes when the informer left! It was feared that after his departure the rest of the town must have been burnt. A t i nint on the railroad, two miles north of - Jefferson, Wisconsin, another fire burst tout In a wood pile, destroying the telegraph iin and no trains could pass eitner way. Near Louisville, two spans of the Iiouisvilltf and Marietta Bailroad bridge over ban riv er were burned, compelling the transfer of freight and passengers. It is supposea uie the writers of the letter to Judge uona, vithout whom the Democratic party in this State would have no head no leaders coming forward and denouncing the organ ization, we may reasonably expect that the entire klan will become disbanded, and there will be none, no, not one, left to glory in the reflection that he belonged to the army of the second rebellion in North Carolina. 1 . But, it has proved a National evil already, inasmuch as immigration has been crip pled, and the hard money of foreign coun tries has been kept from our shores. A portion-of the United States, from a foreign stand-point, is viewed as a great theatre of fillibusters, outlaws and , cut-throats. Es- oil XT ia tho South shunned by the VVAW w . laboring men of other nations, who, sick of their own despotism, would gladly flee to America, and swear allegiance to the Stars and Stripes.' They have heard much of the great extent of Southern territory the rich valleys and mineral hills of the South but life,' even under their own government of Kings and Queens is far more desirable than a life among midnight assassin's. Hence, we say, this Ku Klux organization is a great National Evil ; and it is being so viewed by the National Government. South Carolina, our sister, and once a portion of North Carolina, is now undergo ing the tortures of the "Dens," with a se verity never known in North Carolina. It has been deemed advisable and necessary, by the President of the United States, to, issue his Proclamation, commanding the citizens in tho "counties r of Spartanburg, York, Marion, Chester, Laurens, Newbery, Fairfield, Lancaster and Chesterfield, to disperse and to retire peaceably to tneir homes within five 'days of the date hereof, and to deliver, either to the Marshal of the United States for the district of South Caro lina, or to any of j his deputies, or to any military officer of !the United States within said counties, all arms, ammunition; "uni forms, disguises, and other means and im plements usedkept, possessed, or control led by them, for carrying out the unlawful purposes for which the combinations and conspiracies are organized." We can see no harshness in this Proc lamation. It is a step .taken byjthe Presi dent, only after every other means has been exhausted to restore law and order in South Carolina, and we unhesitatingly, endorse and commend this action of the President. The Columbia Union of the 13th October (last Friday,) says : "While the United States Marshal is at work arresting Ku Klux in Spartanburg county, the Klan are busy with their ope rations in Laurens county. Yesterday, a colored man reached this city from Lau rens, who had been brutally whipped, and ordered to leave the country; and intelli gence has reached here to the effect that outrages by whipping are common in many portions of that section. One man accom panied by his family, from the neighbor hood of Clinton, reached here yesterday, having been compelled to leave on account OI . HIS ilUUUUiUilli DClllUUVUi.o. - from this man that the colored men are be- rWl onrl rlvivfm off lUStaS the CTOPS are coming in, in order that these Ku Klux j c Kf fbAir rAfirifirs will learn after a ! while that the Democrats have hfiftn badlv beaten in the States refer- The Republicans have only to hold the reins steadily, to be on the alert and cultivate union and harmony in their ranks, to carry the country by as large a majority as crowned their ef forts in 1868. Washington Chronicle. DEATHS t DiedJ near New Hill P. O., on Wednesday evening, about 4 o'clock, widow Abigail or Abby Wimberly. aged 106 years. Friends and relatives must have nature's privilege of weeping for their mother dead. Died, in Halifax county, N. C, on the 5th instant, Oscar Smith, colored, brother of Henry Smiih.and former slave of Sylvester To the People of North Carolina. ' Whereas, a most destructive and calam itous fire has recently occurred in the City of Chicago, by which' it has been laid in ashes and over one hundred thousand in habitants havo been deprived of homes and reduced to poverty and want i and whereas, it is the christian duty of tho benevolent and charitable,' as I know it will be the pleasure of all such In North Carolina, to sympa thize with and extend aid and succor to the unfortunate victims of this terrible calamity Now therefore, with full confidence in the earnest co-operation of the good people of North Carolina, I, Tod R, Caldwell, Govo nor of the State, do appeal to all who can be moved by generous impulses and with in whose bosoms, beat hearts that feel sym pathy for suffering humanity, to adopt such measures without delay, as will afford ma terial relief in this their time of need, to our fellow countrymen, who have been lUMmiwiv 'nflifofafl. Done at tho City; of Raleigh this 13th October, 1871. ' . Tod R. Calwell, i Governor. 1 Raleigh Markets. "Wholesale Tricea, CORRECTED TRI-WEEKLY BY POOL Sc MOItING, Grocers and Commission Merchants, : Corner Wilmington and Martin Sts. COTTON per JUi - - -CORN ier bushel, - - -OATS per hundred, - : -FLOUR North Carolina Family, FLOUR Baltimore Family, BACON per n., - - ; -SALT per sack, .- - - BAGUIISU - - - -MOLASSES Cuba, new, Sugar House, . -COTTON YARN - - ' -CORN MEAL per bushel, . - Cotton Markets, CORRECTED TBI-WKBKtT BY nwonaE T. STRONACH, Dealer in Cotton and Naval Stores, Market and Martin Streets, . j Receipts at Raleigh, - - 100 bales. For shipment irom xuueign, Vor storaere. -1 -. - - Sales yesterday, - . - 1 -quotations: Ordinary. - - - 1 " i ' Good ordinary, - ? -Low middling, - -Middling, . - - i. l 15 75 - 8 CO 10 CO 10 11 2 75 - 17 4t ao l CO - 1 15 15 10 181181 "i ! Died; at his residence in Alamance Co., N. C, on the 3rd inst, Gabriel 15. i.EA, in the 88th year of his age. He died as he lived, respected and beloved by all who knew him. i : . STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, j ; Person County. J Petition for parti tion of real pro perty. In the Superior Court. John W. Hunt and wife, and others, I ; against John Bailey and others, . - It appearing to the Court that Yancey Bailey; John Bailey, William H. Bailey, Edward Bailey, John Nelson, and Thomas .Nelson; neirs at law oi warv neisou, uuu., and G. B. Southerlahd and wife , the defendants in this case, reside beyond the limits of this State: It is therefore ordered Vkft marl a for six successivO mail i..iv'vxi. n-v weeks in The Carolina Era, notifying the said defendants of the filing of this petition, and that unless they appear before the Clerk of the) Superior Court of said County, at his ofiice in Roxboro', in six weeks from the date of this publication, and plead, answer or demur to the said petition, the same will be heard ex parte as to them, and judgment granted according to the prayer of the peti tioner.' , ' Given under my hand, and the seal of said Court, at oflice in Roxboro', this 14th day of October, 1871. N. N. TUCK, 20 wCw. ClerkSuperior Court. PROCLAMATION ! ' j j By Hi Eixcellency th Governor of North i Carolina. ; . ; ,; - i, Executive Department I Raleigh, Oct, 7, 1871. WnEREAs, a vacancy exists in the House of Representatives of the General Assembly, caused by the resignation of J, H. Hill, Esq., one of the Representatives from tho county of Iredell; , ' 1 I ' Now, therefoie, I, Tod R. Caldwell, Governor of the State of North Carolina, by , virtue of authority in me vested by, the H laws, do issued this my froclamation commanding the Sheriff of redell county to open polls and hold an election in said county on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 1871, to fill said vacancy said election to be conducted in all re spects in accordance with law. . , I Done-at the city of Raleigh, this 7th day of Oct, A. D 1871, and in the year of u s the independence of the United States the ninety-sixth. krwt ir 1UU ii VAUill 1JMU . By the Governor : J. B. Neathery, Private Secretary. Oct. 1055 td. t "An Accurate Time-keeper 4 irulipenalle to the isusincss man or ruvcuci . $5.00, $8.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00, $20.L. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, I i Pitt County, j D II In Superior Court, Pitt County. James, Wyatt James, Bithel James, Members of the South, Carolina Legisla ture are known to j belong to the Klan, and already several arrests have been made, and others will be made, with the proof, undeniable. , .1 : We say, then, the Nation, as well as local ities, is suffering violence atthe hands of the Ku Klux the laws, State and National, are being violated men and women, like cat tle, are being driven and shot down, on ac count of their political opinions, and few feel safe, in their own houses. j We look forward with anxiety to a success f nl finale to this great secret rebellion. We are anxious to see order restored, and the in dustrial pursuits of the land re-established and peace and plenty once again blessing the labor of the hard-working people of the South. j A Plucky Family who Walk Twenty Five Miles. The Kansas City Times has tho following : ; ( Last night about seven o'clock, we were shown a man and his family, consisting of his wife and six children, who had walked the entire distance from Lone Jack to Kan sas City, something over twenty-five miles. Tfirvn,rrl ParRon and wife Lvdia. E H Albrittofr and .wife Mary, J T Moore, Hyman Mayo and wife Harriett, L J Moore and wife ; Lydia F., W C Daven porte and wife Sarah E., McG Waining and wife William F., Samuel Moore, David C Moore, v 1 . j , against ' ' ! Enoch Moore, Samuel Moore, Henry Moore, V .11 Moore, J R Moore, T A Moore, Fernando Moore, Edward Moore, Ben C Highsmith, Sallie J Highsmith. Petition for Order to Sell Land. t It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that Henry Moore, one of the defen dants in the above entitled cause, is a non resident of the State of North Carolina, it is ordered by the Court that publication be made in the "Era," a newspaper published in the Citv of Raleigh, N, C, weekly, for six successive weeks, notifying - tne saia Henry Moore to plead to or answer the complaint of tho plaintiffs, which is deposit ed in, the office of the Superior Court Clerk of Pitt County, within the time prescribed by law, or judgment will be rendered against him, and the relief demanded in the complaint of the petitioners granted f Given under my hand, and seal of office, at Greenville, this the 19th day of Septem ber, 1871. W. L. CHERRY, C. 8. C. A. II. Mansfield, D. C. 17 w6w "VTORTH CAROLINA, 1 JL ! Person County, j In the Probate court, -r i ; John Jones, admr. of Geo. V 1 Satterfield, dee'd., I Petition to sell r against f Land. ; Sarah Jones and others. J ; ' ! In the above stated cause it appears to, the cfiofoofiAn nf thn rVinrt that the defendants. DaUOLVVlVU v Addison Satterfield, Caster Satterfield; Gus- tavus Satterfield, Joseph Satterfield, Church, Eugenia Satterfield, William Sat terfield, Fleming Satterfield, William Satter field, John Satterfield, Joseph Satterfield, Robert Satterfield, Martha A. Lewis, Barah Y. Carmicle, Nancy G. Henderson, Samuel R. Satterfield, Elizabeth N. Ferrell, James A. Satterfield, Osmand Bi Satterfield, Isaac C. Satterfield, and George R. Satterfield, are not inhabitants of this State, and as such cannot be served with process, it is there fore ordered that publication be made for a newspaper published in the City of Raleigh, Sl',nn1. Watch of all hinds mj vw w w " - Sola at n toiesaie succory jrrtvr. 4 Any Watch you?may-nrant Carefully Selected, Regulated, Securely 1'acKed, ana iorwaruuu w yvu. boibij where throughout the conntry, on receiptor price, by Express or Mail, Free, at the same price for a Single Watch as we sell them to Jewellers and Watchmakers by the Dozen. EVERY WATCH j marked down at v ONE-HALF THE USUAL PRICE. , Watches from $5.00 to 500.00 each. 3 Watches for f armers. ; , Watches for Speculators. i "' (. WufAhM for Tradesmen. !i I Watches for Clergymen. !l Watches for SportlngrMen : Watches for Railroad Men. ' 1 Watches for Tnuling Purposes; Watches for Personal Use. ' j Watches to Make Money With. Watches for Presents. Watches that Wind Without any Key. ; k Diamond Watches for Ladles. - Watches for all Purposes and at all Price. ? , Watches with English, French. Hwiss an American Movement. Watches with Nickel, Gilt. Frosted, Engraved and Plain Work. Threo- pensation, Clironometer, Balance, Duplex, Le pine or Cylinder Escapement, and all other known Styles. v. 1 WATCHES AT ONE-HALF THE PRICE . .. '. ever offered by .''if, '" f':"'.':' OTHER DEALERS. ; jl . A SINGLE WATCH or more of any kind and any price (above tlO), ; SENT ANYWHERE, i j WITHOUT ANY MONEY, 1 , - and yon can pay for It at the Express Oflice In your town. ' We are the sole Inventors, proprietors, and manufacturers of the new .1 NORTON GOLD METAL, with which we case manyof our new stiicsof Watches, mating mem vjm equu BRILLIANCY of APPEARANCE, STYLE. WEAR and TIME, . TO ANY FIRST-CLASS WATCHES ! , COSTING $aoo or $300 and which wo sell Singly or by tho Dozen at ONE-TWENTIETH THE PRICE Beautiful In Finish, ' i j A.ril8iic in ieiKn, 7 U)wnor ai.l Tin mhlfl nnd a in.nro 1 rH .1 u fur Aiirav of Time. Among our great variety will le found the I 5.00, 8.00 ' t 12.'W An English Silver Vatch, ' J KngUSU UOlU-l'iaveu iiuiuiiiK-vumj ""'"'i Genuine onuo uom r mcu, xiuuiiub-vsm, reduced from 114.00 to ' ; 1 - Self-Winders, or New Style Patent Btom Wlndine. Keyless Watch. Fancy Jewel led Polished Nickel Works, Exposed bulu , uauiii - nnmVvar- nf nnrinn si v inclined Deo- pie were busily engaged watching the prim ative manner in. which they prepared to make themselves comfortable for the night, and some more liberal hearted than the restj proposed that if they had not sufficient means to go to the hotel for the nightthey would take up a collection for them. When the man suddenly interrupted them by ask in what day of the month it was? .Me was told by some one standing by, and he then remarked, "Gentlemen, I'm bleeged tu ye, but nigh on to forty years ago me S 1 J T,ara liirtwl in fhA State ana my cuu. wuu" aaa " - of Ingianny. That was 'fore we was hitched together for life ; when one nice summer's day a feller cum along mounted on a mighty fine looking hos, and he says to me, young man, here is a show bill fur yu to read and pass around among your family, and if you want to have fun come to that show." well, you see, I did go, and I took Mandy, too ; and aiore we goi uacnuumo ncui j t Y ' and that showman's name was old John Robinson, and Mandy and me took a pledge if ever old John came within forty miles of coin fmre. Xo. eentlemen. ' It is supposed the kep vour money and buy tickets for John hridfre eauirht fire from a locomotive; From I Robinsons's show, as I intend doing wim Concord. N. IL, and from Binghamptpn, N. mine." ',: : ui -'j--11'' . , S have had also reporto of - fire, but Watch out for the Grand Street Parade pf thly are of a relative insignificance when old John Robinson in Raleigh on. Saturday, compared with the destruction of Chicago, Oct; 21st, im. ; , WV " " a a- a- - 1 r.. nelriy womt frSm their long and weari- notifying the saidefendants of the filingof gJggJ..SgJff ffng-Case. Leplne J xi- tl.lr, roTinlarlir. I nalifinn anrl that, nnlftsya thfiV flnrifiar at I " , ' Z . oaxa jvuuvu, . a r ay. nR,a tVio Turf rronf "PrnnjitA fnr Pfirson JAAAJ? V VAJ w -- w- ' county, at Roxboro', on Wednesday, the 1st day ' of November, A. D., 1871, and plead, answer or demur to the said petition, the oomo r?ll lio TiPArd narte as to them, and 'judgment granted according to the prayer a a a : a: 1 niran n n Aer 'm V li O.Tld . And tho seal of said iTs-l Court, at office in Roxboro', this the ' ; . 25th day of AJigust, i 1. r ; N. N. TUCK, Probate Judge. II. P. BUMpass, Atty. for Petitioners. Anffust 29. 1871. -' ' '. ' " 37 w6w. : 1- RALEIGH SASH FACTORY 1 Price List For Sash and Doors : lift) 12.00 i 20.00 15.00 18.00 x 14, 12 cts. pr. light. xl6,13 " , "ij Xl8l4 " . 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Guard, Neck, Drop and Vest Chains, aU styles, f2,3,W, $5, tfi, and upwards. ;';.'' rCLUBS. j : ! With aU Orders for 0 Watches, of any kind, wo ; ' 1 ' ,v.- will send a 1 i - H . 'I'', ONE . EXTRA WATCH FREE, ; ; (making 7 Watches In all.) as a Premium to the reran getting up the Club. Send all Money by . . J? r - i V . oi. rmftnr Rank: Check. orBegtstered Letter, at our risk; or glye your 17n inv Kxnress Co. and order them to i' nnnhnM Vhu TOU want uuui w, uv. i WS2o7-lllney to yonl Immediately. Tl. Is : win ensure Safety and Promptness. We will , forward any eoods. over 10 wonn,w you, no maTtewhere yoTOby PreonJ ggjot ;; mailed free. . ' r. , ., Address ATCII PACTORT . i '' References: . 80 Nassau St New York , , Banks, Merchants and Newspaper ,1 pf New V9TI5. 14-Wly, uai wivi , , " Brtldipr" membership. 1 80,lier-

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