North Carolina Newspapers

The liiil '.- mast not be understood us cn.Ior
insr tho neaiiments of, his corroipoalents.
tonininl'aUvns on all subjects arc solicited,
wlii. h wli: be Rive n lo the readers or TriK Kka
s rt'ntaii..nnr the views and stmtimrnt of the
j To provide for the erection of a build-
uig iwauie ior tne use of the United
btatcs Courts, post-office, and other
necessary Government offices, at
Italeigh, N. C. . . J , .
lie it enacted by the Senate andlTouse
The Fraud Conimbsion
Printing and -Mr. Jno.
Baleigli,-Jan. 22, 1S72. ;
To the Ulitor of The Era:
In The Sentinel of this morning, Mr.
j no. i). Cameron, the salaried clerk of
me t raud Lxmimission, Is oat in a card
vindicating the editor of The Sentinel,
Mr. Turner, in regard to the gross falsi
fication of the report of the Fraud Com
mission, a falsification made in Tlie
iSetttutel office.
Mr. Cameron says Mr. Turner is in
no-vi.-e responsible for, or cognizant of
1 gthe mistatement.'.' lie was said to
rhavebeen "in no-wise responsible for,
r-or cognizant of the fraud practiced on
the State Treasury in regard . to the
State Frintlng. If Mr. Turner is really
the ignoramus and imbecile his friends
are trying to make him, he is a very
unfit person to entrust with the
Public Printing- of a great State. .
But Mr. Cameron's statement is not
true in fact. Mr. Turner has
the manuscript, and he assumes the
whole responsibiiitv bv making him
self the custodian of the manuscript of
4 Ksv ... ,1 - . w .
we auu v-oinmission. no controls
the manuscpript, and will not let it go
out of the office. When the Commis
sioners, Messrs. Shipp and Batchelor,
applied to pee it one day last week, Mr.
Turner told Judge Shipp that he could
nave it ior one hour.
The mistake may have been a typo
graphical error, but such errors never
occur in a first-class printing office, and
no State Printer has ever sent out such
a mass of typographical errors, a3 this
Sentinel office has in tho Stat work it
has done for the past year. If this is
the best The Sentinel office can do, it is
time to remove the Stnte Printin
somewhere else.
Mr. Cameron. I notice, assumes the
wnole responsibility. Is he responsi
ble ior 8ewiing iien. Lnngman his
proof sheets to read and correct three
days after the testimony had been prin
ted off and In the hands of the book
. hinder?
Let Mr. Cameron answer this and
explain wny inese proor sheets wero
.withheld from Gen. C. for a week, and
only sent to have the errors corrected.
I undertake to say that Mr. Cameron
says what is not true when r!b says that
such errors are "quite likely to occur
in any printing office." Tliey are not
likely to occur in any prin tiny office in
the world trorthy of the name of printing
A "W A
qmce. in iacx sucn errors are impossi
ble where the proof sheets are read bv
copy. And then there are iortions of
the testimony left out entirely, which
could not have been the result of acci
And then, too, a very important por
tion of the manuscript Is said to be
mining altogether. Is Mr. Cameron
as responsible for the abstraction of
portions of the manuscript as he is for
the mutilation of other portions ?
The public would like to hear from
31 r. Cameron on this point.
It is to be hoped that Mr. Cameron
will have better luck with his "erratta"
than he has had in the printing of the
hook which the Legislature gave him
fifty dollars to supervise. By the way,
where has . Mr. Cameron been during
the progress of this work, and has he
lccn in a josilion or condition to bo
responsible for anything relating to it ?
LociAjf. Logan is bad, but Pearson and
Tourgeo are worse". To impeach and con
vict tiicni all would bankrupt the people.
Therefore; let them all go.- IF. Star. ,
The Star takes the position that Judges
Pearson and Tourgec arc guilty cf high
crimes and misdemeanors. Most of demo
crats pretend to believe thesarh thing. The
Scotched ot KipLKD.Tbe ku klux of
t lis and other Southern States "are scotched
by their prosecution, in the U1. S.' Court
They are ready to commit more outrages
as soon as they think they can do so with
out being molested. As an instance that the
klan slumbers for the present, the follow-
of Representative of the United Slates ofsiai says4he,e Judicial officers must not be ln- tcr WM 'cc; 1 ved Sumner
Southern town T r Sum neb: Your infamous
civil-rights bill, if passed, will secure your
death within six months. Beware! I swear
your life shall be the penalty.
"Yours, ;with supreme disgust,
V - . K. Jv. K."
By thelimc the Juno term of the Fed
eral Court' adjourns this Summer; many
suebgentry as the author of this letter, will
be breaking rock in tho Albany penitentiary.
li . Congress jassemblcd. That- impeached because it would bankrupt; the
t Z L . Z, f ! t i State, ' . The people are Kick ol hearing tne
and he is hereby, authorized and di f r,ua nr,w.ratin rt taiir
reeled to cause td'be erected a suitable 8tmP J? ef fJ
building at Raleigh, In tho Stateiof about prmciple-that it is ignoble
North Carolina, for the use and accom- r policy, ar.d not from principle.; VI here is
modation of the Courts of the United y"r principle in this case. There is none.
States, post-oflice, andi other offices? of ; The Democratic party does not occupy an
the Government. And for such pur- ( enviable position concerning Chief Justice
pose there is hereby appropriated, out f Pearpon and otlierjndicial officers. The Dem-
of any money In the Treasury not oth- ;
vr?if rhurtro .Inrftrp Poarson with violatimr
eTWlseappropnatea,onenunarea tnou- the Constitution. Thev charge him with
sand dollars, to be expended under the high crimes and misdemeanors.?- The same
direction of the Secretary of the Treas-eh arge8 areinad e asto other officers. The
ury, who shall cause proper plans and f L h . tuA
estiniates to bo made, so that the whole t pocrats have tery npar tT o.thirds ma
expenditure for the erection and com- j Jonty In .each branch of the ,Lcgislature.
Pletionof the said buildini? shall not The7 oan impeach and Convict if they choose
exceecltwo hundred thousand dollars, to do so. They make their charges,
j tutu uu sicis l-f j;ui.uu uiu guuiT auu
plicate the law. Upon this question tho Dein-
pcraiiKpany cas laiicn mis poiucu; iujii
a.though criminals eit f upon tho judicial
bench, men who have violated the Consti
tution, men who are guilty of high crimes
and 'misdemeanors,-tho democratic j party
will not impeach, convict, and removjeauch
men from ofllce, because such action would
damage their party. ; -
A party taking such a position! is ixtally
un worthy of trust and conlidence.i li Would
Haleigfi January hh, 1S72.
Mk. Wm. M. Bnow&iff. 1 :
Business Manager of the Carolina Era,
';;..'" v'' w ; - : : f. iRaleigh, XC. :
Sir : Inasmuch as I have closed the col-
MirA.ll Letters relaf.nj to Suascnptons or
Adertlsemcftt, muit be Addressed to WT4. M.
CROWN, Business Mansgeri (
All Registered Letters can e sent at cur risk.
Subscriber receiving their paper with a
cross X mark, may knowthat tho time for
which they subscribed is nearly out, arid
nnless they renew, after receiving two
papers, with a cross mark
bo discontinued.
their papers will
sacrifico any interest to subserve the
ests of party. j
ScrEnion Court. The criminal docket
of this Court was taken up a week ago. This
term of the Court has been noted lor juries
who have failed to asree upon a verdict nn-
but Lwi
Tho jury in tho case of Ruck vs. Mills, re
lumed a verdict on Saturday last in favor
of the defendant ujxn all the issues.
In the case of the State vs. If enrv Garrard
j chnrgod with burglary and larceny, the
jury returned a verdict on yesterday of
guilty of larceny.
Court adjourned yesterday a3 a token of
respect for the memory of Gov. Bragg.
The docket will be resumed-to-day and
Ccmt will&gmtinue until theeri
et is disposal of.
limns of mv naner acainst nil matters nnr.
sonal to tlie Editor of The Sentinel and since
Mr. Turner resurects and publishes such
portions of an old correspondence between
him and myself as suits his purpose, I
have to ask. that you insert the following
matter for me as an advertisement) i
I desire to make this publication that I
may be set right in a dead matter that has
been thus1 revived, without any reference to
the position or connection of Mr. Turner in
the matter. I make the publication solely
on my own account, because I deem it Jo
have been provoked, and made necessary.
1 desire that the publication shall have at
tached to it no personal significance, save to
my sell.
Verv trulv.
Wm. A. He
criminal doek-
Local, State and General Itemi
( - . .. -
Cottox. W. i. Fpchtin'h, one of our
most reliable and enterprising merchant?,
bought on Saturday last, three hundred arid
iiiy-ionr Daies or cotton MV) cents per
Arrksti:d. Wo see it tatetl by some' of
our State exchanges that 0oo. W. Swepnon
wm recently arrested iri Florida on tho
cnarge or cmberricment.t ffcW.oou bail was
Do't kxow it. Mrs. Stokes, tho yife
of the man who killed Jim Fisk, is on the
Atlantic, on her way homo from Europe1,
and has no knowledge of the dreadful crime
committed by her husband. 1
. j
False Phopiiet. In our opinion, hj
proper manasrement, thei National Demo-
A Dtihct Saikt. Senator Xye, is ftn in
veterate wag, and 1ms almost as rnariy sto
ries to relate as had President Lincoln. In
one of his latest speeches he told the follow
ing good one of an old man in. one.jof tho
mining'hamlets, composed of log jcabins
and canvas houses, who lay dying, and Xye
Avas attending 'him. ( Seeing the old man
was fast going to that other land, he thought
it Lis duty to advise him of tho ifactL Tho
following was the result. Said the Senator:
' Davis, it is undoubtedly be3t that you
should know the truth; you are a very
sick rnan, and will in all probability live
but a short time. Are your affairs in the
condition that vou would wish to; have '
them ? . I should be glad to do nr 'Iiing for
you.oaknow." y
t "i es ; they arc all right." (
" Well, would you like me to write toanv
of your folks East?" j i
"Xo, not now after it is altover."
-' " Would you like me to call in a minis
ter?"' ; ! . "'
The sick man by a great effort of will
over a weak and shattered body, drev him
self up in bed, so as to bo in a sitting pos
ture, and sternly, most soberlv. and earn-
estlv paid: 1
" Why (.Governor, what should I want a
minister for? I never voted a Democratic
ticket in my life." ! i
A.ff;;ay. We are informed
that a shooting afiraj' took place in Green
ville, Pitt county, on last Tuesday, between
two gentlemen by the name of Pritchard,
and a Mr. oWeno. All highly respectable
citiz?ns. Y
, Thefight gfew out of a supposed insult
offered the wife of the elder Pritchard by
Mr. Greene.' The Messrs. Pritchard attack
ed Miv Greene with sticks and pistols. Mr.
Greene endeavored to defend himself. He
drew his pistol, shot and killed the elder
Pritchard and gcriously wounded the other.
It is said the insult was not intended, and
should not have been taken as such.
! . : Italeigh, July
- . EUitor of the Sentinel.
Sir; The
rn in which'
we cavo
are Becking a difncplty rathes tjian
redress of grievances. - You charge me
with distorting your language and ' per
verting I your ," meaning. : sYoal'so charg
ed when t editing Tho Telegram, , but took
good caro not to show it, iviy associate,
who wrote the article or which you , com
nlairi. denied it then and denies it' now.': I
am t he person to answer for it, but I demand
tnat you fthow tne trutn or wnat you auego.
If the fact is not so, you have no hucIi cause
Of complaint-' As to assailing you, yon aro
aware of the tact that I am the person as
sail. J, and without provocation. You have
bc?n persistent in it, too, as editorof a paper
in Tarboro, as well as in Raleigh. ' '
f If you have been assailed, and your char
acter aspersed as a gentleman," it is an easy
matter ior you to point out when, and in
what way! I stand ready to avow or
disavow any defini to charge you may
say I, made against 'you as ; a gentle
man or against any gentleman, and I
shall feel no hesitation or shame in making
amends when I am in the wrong. I demand,
as you must concede I have a right to, tht
you shall particularize, stating specifically.
wnen x cnargea you wero no gentleman. De
fore you require me to state that you aro
one. You must perceive, sir, in a demand
f of tho character such as you have made, the
necessity or pointing out what words or acts
of mine are offensive, before lean be called
on to disavow or apologize for them. I may
add your complaints are general, vague, ana
indefinite, v.iien they should be pointed and
explicit. . Respectfully yours, '.
' y Josiah Turner, Jr.
' ' P. S. Further communications wliich you
may have to make may be addressed to my
friend J. C. Sy me, until the arrival, of an
other friend looked for. J
T., Jr.
Raleigh, N. C.
Sir." On Monday, tho 21st inst., at B?au
fort,'I had the honor to receive from Mr.
Jno C. Symcof tliis city, a registered letter,
dated the 18th inst., enclosing one from you
of dato the lj tii inst., which I now have be
fore me. p . & . .., ; '
Yoii, mistake me when you conclude ihat
'I am "seeking a difficulty rather than a re
dress of grievances," permit me here to
say ; and yon have totally misapprehended
the nature, of iy letter to you of date the
racy can carry
Wit. Star.
PeniL-vlTania next Fall.-t-J
You are a false prophet. You prophet-
sied the triumph oi' Convention, by 2,o00
majority, the night after the election: j
Pardon kd. Mingo Jones the old co!4
ored man who seme two or three years ago.
killed Avith an nxe another colored man
with whom he had a dispute in Janveai City.
and for which he was sentenced to tho pen
itentiary for ten years was pardoned by
Gov. Caldwell on Thursday, and returned
to New Rem.
For the Carolin Era.
A Most Wondcrfal Know-Nothing.
The editor of 77tc Sentine f. although
he does the public printing, professes to
know nothtnq about the usual manner
nf monsnrinf thn work, vrt ft isovidpnt
to every one t hat somebody in the Sentinel
olhcc knows enough about the matter
to eo eount as to draw pomo three thou
sand five hundred dollars more from the
Utatc Treasury than he was entitled to.
lie also professes to do utterly igno
rant of the misstatement in the testi
mony of Gen. Clingman before the Fraud
Commission, and gets the clerk of said
commission to certify that he (the clerk)
is alone resi)onsiblo for the errors in
5aid testimony. Tho accommodating
'clerk, however, happens to certify to
just n littlo too much for he savs that
the error was a "typographical" one.
Well, now if that be true, I ask, in
all candor, how ia the clerk of the Fraud
Commission responsible for the " typo
craDhical" errors committed in Tlie
Sentinel office? Is ho a type-setter in
that office? , Was the mistake made in
tho copy furnished the public printer
bv said clerk ? .Not at all. There is no
mistake in tho copy, but it is all correct
written in a plain round hand that
LOV.T.ET AOAix. Tho other day, ns wj
learn from The Wadesboro" Argus, Henry
Berry Lowxey .went, to, tho housa of Mr,
McKenzie, in Koboson, heavily armed,
There were four men in tho piazza, with!
whom he sat and talked till dinner was an-j
nounced, when he delivered himself f al
his arms, leaving them in the piazza, ana
went with tho company o dinner to the ex-;
treme opposite part of the house. They did
not attempt Ids capture, as they knew his
band wero near.
At Half-Mast. It was but proper that
tho llag should havobecn raised at half-maat
over tho Capitol, on Monday, out of res
pect to the memory of Gov. Bragg; but why
is it that tho National eisign has not been
raised daily during this session of the Gen
eral Assembly? When a motion was made
in the Democratic Legislature of 1SC0 to
raise the flag over tho State House, it was
moved to refer to tho Committee on Propo
sitions and Grievancesi when the present
keeper is asked, why our country's star-lit
flag i not thrown to the breeze, he says he
has none fit to raie.
BrNCOMTtn. TltcNcu-bem Times says per
haps no county in North Carolina is more
fitry represented than the county of Ban
combe. Tho gentleman who has the distin
guished honor to represent this . fertile and
highly fortunate spot of the West, bears the
not very romantic name of Johnston, but
most ably docs he sustain Buncombe's rep
any school-boy can read, and read easily, utation for buncombe, f not the introducer
is u noi siranu u ai u e umy iuiuur: of almost every measure from the Demo-
tant errors contained m tho -printed re-
port are errors in favor of The tent weTs dicu?si bccanpc oflta ant lsm to the
i ri: ,r. ; tmc interests oi otaic, no is sure vj uo its
i t r (hot not,r I first and earnest advocate. Happy Bun
c3jin1hofv1IfsiiTf Thr Sentinel a th combe.
greatest know-nothing and the fairest
and most impartial man of wliom we
have any knowledge. " ; P.
-m- j
, For the Carolina Vxt . i
.Mb. Kditor : I fee that some, of
your correspondents have, suggested
the names or certain distinquished gen
tlemen to fill some of the important
State offices. Will you therefore allow
me to suggest to the Republican- party
of the fourth Congressional District the
name or laj. wunani v. omu i, ui
Johnston county, a man eminently .fit
to represent the people of this District
in the Congress of the United States.
Mr. Smith is a man of strong common
flense, and penetrating judgment, and
h one of the most effective stump spea
kers in the State. In hia own comity
he is not only universally popular, but
beloved by the people. In him the
worthy poor have a friend as true as
steel. In truth he is so deep in the af
fections of tho people of his county 'that
he can get several hnrtdred more votes
for Congress than any other man in the
District. The people of his own coun
ty best know his noble, generous dis
position, and genuine integrity of j3ur-
pose, liiey jiuvt' oiieji eiucieu iuiu m
Ku Klcx IIesist. Wc are informed by
a gentlenian just from, Rutherford county.
ihat a warrant was issued by commission
cr Scoggin, for , a man by tho name
Scruggs, and anotlvcr Ko Klux whose name
we do not remember, j The . warrant was
placed in the handsoftf.S. Deputy Marshal
Chesley Bradley, ' "who,1 io company with
one other man, ationiptcd to arrest the par
ties. A desperato fight ensued, in which
Bradley was soverely hurt a.nd Svirugga and
his companion escaped.! v
Ilia said that Scruggs is tho rnau who
struck lr. J. M. Justice In the head with
tho pistol the night of the raid on that gen
, Population- or Nobtii . Cabolika.
Aewrding to the reportof the ninh census,'
North Carciina has gained in population
since lCO eeven and ninety-three hun
dredths per cent. In 1960 she ranked as th
twelfth State in the Union. Nowhe ranks
as the fourteenth- 'Zler'galn in white popu
lation bis been seyen and seventy-one hun
dredths per tiont. And her rank aa to white
population la theBamo fta in 1860 : iif teen.-j-
Dlaocs of public trust, and he has never j The colored population has made a gain of
deceived them. . . : E. eigh t and . thirty-three pen cenu l ne gam
Johnston Co., Jan; 17, 1872. of Represcntatiye .pop"111; n tbe st3t0
! .H. j- ' ' ' j.; 'V ihas teen twenty-foarj and flftj-fiye;one
' .-L'it 1S72 there wiU W flvo hnndredths prr cciit. This State has two
J . - -: t t .
gnoses two of theaun, two or the moon
indonepiuip uii
Carolinian .r . ,t .''1V "r
i Right' The first Thursday of August next
will ahoir the Kri-Klttx Democracy eclipsed
by thi Republican party about twenty, thou
sand en the State ticket and 'IWmajori
in the Jjeglsiarare.
A raiart thing Mustard plaster;
f.i I
hundred and .fourteen Uiousana sou, one
hundred ami forty-twoi males over tweiity
one years of ego, the yoing popolatlo'ri.
The popnlation Vf North Carolina h niade
np bf six hundred and Seventy thousand
and four hundred and seventy whites ;
three hundred and ninety-one thousand and
sixty Ave blacks j and Jtwelve hundred and
' Indian.! ' '1 'W t -.r
, , -
Tribune says if there w as any uncertainty
as to whether our ilag had been insulted by
Spain, there need be no longer any such
doubt. Tlie affidavits of the otlicers of the
Florida arc conclusive and explicit enough
to satisfy. tho most completely indurated
sense of honor that we have been disgrace
fully snubbed on the high seas ibyj two
Spanish inen-of-war. Tho Florida, which
had been laid up for months in ballast at
St. Thomas, was followed by one Spanish
war-vessel, fired at, hove to, and searched,
though the American flag was flying from
the steamer thU3 peremptorily brought to
by fchot. And this insult was repeated by
another war-ship of tho same nationalitj-,
several days after. This may bo according
tothe Sp- rtish idea of the right of search ;
but it looks liko a gross attack, for which
an immediate demand for reparation and
npology should be made.
New YImAH. The worn an-womon have
hit upon a new idea which they believe is
destined to swcop social vice from the face
of tlie earth. The plan is to have the gener
al government pass a law providing that all
persons who livo together, oven for five
minutes, as man and wife, shall be deemed
to have contracted marriage, and shall bo
subject to all the duties, liabilities, and pen
alties of the marriage relation.
Gerrymandering. This Legislative re
apportionuient is quite an important- mat
ter. mi. star.
Of course it is. We object to its being
called "reapportionment." It should bo
called gerrymandering. Unless the State
is. outrageously genymandered, there is
not a ghost of a chaneo for the Democrats to
carry the Legislature. They can't carry it
by gerrymandering.
AroTnuR Marsiial. We learn that
Wm! McKee, Esq., has been made .United
States Marshal for Gaston county. While
he is a bitter Radical, he is a vastly better
man than any; of tho Scoggins gang of ! ruf
tians. -We do not believe that ho 'will
prostitute his bfBee either to mako rnonev
or gratify personal enmity, as those wretches
have done. Sovthern Home.
If the editor of The Home was worth any
thing above his homestead, it would be
well enough for thoScogglns' to mako him
pay for tho libel contained in tho above
We aro not surprised that hatred and
malice should exist in the hearts of those
who sympathise and defend ku klux. It
is natural that they should hate the very
name of Scoggin. We tell tho editor of The
Home that' the weekly slanders which
his paper contains, hurt no one but;. tho
writer. The Scoggins havo done their duty
and they dp not fear ku klux.
Pockets Picked. Under tho head of
' Religious," The N. Y. Tost says :
"Fifteen ladies, including the wife and
sister of tho rector, lecently lijfa their pock
ets picked in an Knglish Church."
If robbery of this kind is religious, we
are afraid the Democratic party will soon
be converted; that, is if we may judge by
the State Printing fraud.
Iy formation'. The Wilmington Star says
the radicals have made about all the capital
they can make out of tho Ku Klux, and
wants to know what the Republicans will
got up for a campaign hobby. Our answer
is Nothing that will equal tho Ku Klux
Klan, which is the right lower of tho Dem
ocratic party.
Febes BAD.The Editor of The Southern
Home feels very bad because of the- failure
othc ku-klux to impeach Judge Logan.
No wonder. If wo had slandered and villi
fied any man as The Home has Judge Logan,
we would feel bad to have our own friends
give the lio to our slanders. The Democrat
ic members of tho Legislature who voted
against impeachment, were actuated by
proper nolives.'' If they had been guidod
by tho billingsgate and slang of The Home,
they would havo impeached and convicted
Judge Logan. They had letter sense and
better judgment than to follow the ravings
of The Home. Having been " snubbed, ig
nored and trampled upon by its friends, The
Home should prolit"by such treatment, and
conduct itself better in the futuro, and not
so much after tho Brick Pom eroy style. ,
i ! . ; i j ; :
Another Fire in New Bernb. The
Sep- Berno Times of the 18th says this morn
ing, about 3 o'clock, the alarm of fire was
riven, and repairing to tho scene, wo found
llahn's Bakery; on Craven street, inflames.
Spreading, the tire soon , reached, and con-
sumed ihe building occupied by Messrs.
nenry,llall and Sam'l K. Eaton, as a book
store and Jewelry 'establishment, and . the
building used as a eonjeeuonary by if. M.
Agostme, doiu on I'oiiocic, street, ana ex
tending down Craven, the shoe-chop of C.
R. Robbing, harness-shop of Phillips t Dow-
dee, and Rr'.Berry'a drug-store wre.ail laid
in ashes. -; Loss, about f 15,000, ' . The firemen
worked well." . ar : u i .v.: . VJ-
ArroiNTED. On the Sth of this month,
Wm. II. Brewer and James G. Cherry were
appointed Deputy U. S. Marshals for tho
District of North Carolina, by Calvin Cox,
U. S. Commissioner of Pitt County.
More Whisk e v. We are informed that
a Mr. Christmas, of Warren, will soon have
a distillery in operation, calculated to mako
one hundred and fifty gallons each day of
trouble for Brothers Whitakcr and Ramsay.
ArpoiNTEi. Mr. Walter Dunn has been
appointed Superior Court Clerk of Lenoir
county to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of Mr. R. F. Green.
been so warmly engaged for the past sever
al weeks, and in which (on a single issue) I
havo been so widely separated from tho as
sociates and political friends of a lifetime,
draw3 to a close, and with it terminates my
connection with a paper, the course f which
has furnished you opportunity torj excuse
for, if it has not justined you in misrepre
senting me before the people of the entire
country, wherever you are known, or where
tho paper you control is. read. J ' I
Before the great body of the white Con
servative people of North Carolina, I stand
to-day misrepresented and misunderstood.
Although my heart beats in perfect unison
with every true son of the South, and every
living soldier of the Confederacy still true
to the broken cross, I am regarded by a
majority oi my fellow-citizens as one who
lias deserted the ranks and basely surren
dered the principles of a cause tor which
they claim to have struggled conscientious
lyfaithfully and patriotically through four
years of war, (may I not add and six years of L31st. July, -with postscripts the 14th inst,
proclaimed peace t) ana .notwitnstanuing
my Democracy is unimpeachable, and my
claims to the term Democrat, second to no
man living, I am read and pronounced in
North Carolina from the mountains to the
seashore a Republican and a Radical.
I protest against this classification and
demand of the intelligent fair minded men
of the country justice and a proper; under
standing and recognition ot my true position
ana principles. . '
To you more than to any living man, or
to all other causes combined, am I indebted
for the misrepresentation that involves me,
ana the public misunderstanding tnat sur
rounds my. position. Yes, you who stand
on record as the veriest enemy Democracy
ever had, and the arch-enemy and fiendish
maligner of your own people in a cause
they deemed and now believe no less sacred
than their religion, taking advantage of a
position you could only have reached over
their prostrate bodies crushed beneath the
weight of tho negrc and the military armies
of "the United States, have had the hardi
hood, the temerity, the unblushing impu
dence and open lalsehooa to assail me be
fore the good people of North Carolina and
attempt to connect me with the Republican
party. i
This being so I am induced to pen you
this letter, and to ask at your hands a pub
lished statement, over your own signature,
amply and fully vindicating me against all
insinuations, statements or charges from
any land all sources whatever, contained in
The Sentinel within the period of your man
agement, wherein I have been represented
in any other light than the proper character
of a State's Rights Democrat and true South
era gentleman.
And I will hero add that no mere dis
claimer of any intention on your part to do
mo ian an injury or an injustice will
at all serve my purpose, for you have not
only wantonly distorted my language and
Eerverted my meaning on divers occasions,
ut have declined to make publication of
matter from my pen that must have had
the, effect to in part set me right before all
vou r readers, and that, too, when such pub
lication was in the nature of a reciprocity.
But when another gentleman, an Editor,
(I mea Capt. Biggs,) asks yo l to insert an
article from his paper, basely attacking me
and abusing my character, at a time, too,
when, as he and yourself well knew I could
take no notice of what one might say from
behind a Justice's Peace -bond j you make
hasto to comply by inserting it among your
advertisements, something which the lead
ing and most respectable Conservative Edi
tor in the State, would not do. 1
I send you this note informally, ty mes
senger merely, and owing to my brief stay
in the city, I beg to have an early reply, ei
ther assuring your compliance with; my. re
quest, herein convej-ed, at j-our conveni
ence, or indicating what your course will
bo in the matter. Please 'acknowledge re
ceipt ot this by messenger.
Very truly, Wm. A. IIearke,
may, I have, not no w, nor have I at Any
time had, any general defence to make of this
gentleman,but in the discharge of such duties
as he has acquainted me with, a"nd upon
such matters as ho has advised with leading
gentlemen of the Conservative party, and
myself, I am . satisfied of a conscientious
desire on his part to do his duty as the exe
cutive of a great Str.te. and therein, and
thus far, I have given him my poor aid and
feeble support. . Now I submit that conduct
like this in roe is neither without Demo
cratic precedent, w nor in contravention of
any of the true principles of the Democratic
party, but in perfect keeping with the teach
ings of Democracy the soulof model Amer
ican journalism (see Sea ton and Gales'
National IntelligencerKand according to the
letter and spirit of our Institutions.
. If mv declarations and assertions herein
contained,-are not ample to convince you
that my Democracy is unquestionable, and
like Caesar's wife "above suspicion" even,
I give yon access to the files of such papers
as contain every article, ' paragraph, sen
tence, line and word that I ever wroie from
mv cradle np. and I will stand by you with
n Bible in one hand, and pencil in the other.
and lead your eye to every line that has for
all rUne emanated from my pen, Including
my article on John Pool, which, for reasons
best known to you, was denied a place In ;
the columns of The Sentinel.
In conclusion I have to say. only, that I
hope you will have no hesitation in placing
me in a proper attitude before the good peo
ple of North Carolina, and . I rely upon
your liberality and sense of Justice to now i
present roe te all y6ur readers in my proper j
character as a Democrat, with no sympathy, j
at any time, for tho Republican party, but an
unflinching enemy of Radicalism, come in 'j
what guise it may. j
Very Truly, I - i ' i
,Wm. A. Hearxe. .. '
Died, on the evening of the 21st instant,
Mrs. M. C. Potts, wife of Hardy Potts,
aged 44 years.N She leaves a devoted hus
band and many friends to mourn her loss.
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utation of turning out nothing but guns of
first class such as will compare' English
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Merlden, Connecticut. 1 Send for a circular.
ITew York Office, 27 BEEXHA2T STL.
January 20, 1872. 95601,
Beaufort, JV. C. Aug. 14
Mr. Turner : This letter was prepared
for delivery on the olst ult., but ascertain
ing that vou were not at home, it wis with
held, and, subsequently, at the instance of
a mend, l heiu it unaer aavisemem. nut
seeing that you are determined to continue
to misrepresent and viiiiiy me, l nave con
eluded that justice to myself requires that I
should act with promptness, determination
and decision.
I therefore send you this letter, and shall
bo in Raleigh on Thursday the 17th. mst..
when it will be convenient formetolrecievo
any reply you may have to make to jthis,
1 see you have attempted to connect me
with a recent " working-mans " movement
m Raleigh, I merely wrote some articles on
the subject, at the request of the originator
of the scheme, but I never knew that I was
to have any connection with the matter in
anviway. Bred on the farm, broujght up
behind the plow, apprenticed at a trade and
finished a mechanic, I may possess some
peculiar fitness for conducting a working
mans, organ, yet I have chosen another
sphere of journalism , and had accepted an
other position when the question of a me
chanic's organization was mooted' in Ral
eigh. " I - i
Aware as you must have been of tfie fact
that I am a mechanic, I must conclude that
your allusions to me as a " working-man';
were made to covertly insult, through me,
the great body of the working-men of North
Carolina, since you are known to hive had,
at no period of your life, nothing in com
mon with tho working-people, but jon the
contrary you have always preyed upon
them, as a political leech you; have ever
sucked the life-blood of the laboring man,
and of that class whom the working-man
has always so justly regarded as his $nemy,
y ou have, thro ugh "serving your own sel
fish ends of base partisanship and demo
goguery, sought to retard, oppress and ruin
the laboring interests of the country, a part
you are fully competent to play, and one,
permit me to add, you have played most
admirably and successfully. You can go
on fighting against the interests of the work
ing people of the country, destroying the
material interests of the State, and disturb
ing the social condition of our people as
much, and as lone:, as you please, but to
ward myself you must cease your personal
allusions. When I say you must cease
your offensive allusions, you understand
me; I trust, and I beg that you will under
stand me, for I do assure you, that if you
fail to comply with my request to cease
your offensive allusions, (thus conveyed,)
i shall take steps to compel your compli
ance, and, I may perhaps yet nave to. teach
you that the innate pride of the mechanic
is too great to brook tiie gratuitous insults
of tlie pompous politician, ' and that, the
sledge hammer and anvil are -quite as: good
promoters of . muscle as the, swill-tub of
your class of pot-house politicians, and pin
hook statesmen. . , V . , .. . .
Very truly, ; ; ' " ' " " .
W at. A. 11EAI.SE.
and forwarded on that date by mail, when
you characterize it as a "demand." .
I conceive that you have done me Injury
and injustice beibro the people of North
f Carolina, an' injury that you alone, of all
men, can repair, and I have simply asked
that you do me justice, and thereby repair
the great wrong you have done me.
. Gentlemen ot courage do nothing unaer
compulsion, and in seeking justice at your
hanasT have preferred to msk rather than
demand it. And your declaration that you
"shall feel no hesitation or shame in mak
ing amends" would seem to iustify the esti
mate I had put upon your disposition to set
me right in a matter which appears to havo
grown out of a political misunderstanding
between us. ...
I can scarcely deem it necessary now to
go over the files of The Sentinel for the past
six months and point out by quotation, or
otherwise, the many words, lines and para
graphs of misrepresentation you have in
dulged toward me and the paper whose po-
i : i i .1 . . t r ..Ti : l ,
i-uiiu uui i vicciuoivcijf vuuu uxacvi, wiui-
out let or hindrance from any source what
ever. .
Nor is it scarcely moro practicable for me
to go over- the files of The Telegram and
show by quotations, explanations, argu
ments and lucid constructions wherein y ou
have, as I charge, perverted my meaning
and distorted my language.
And so for the present I will confine my
self to the best possible statement of griev
ances extending over many months, and
rely upon my own declarations as sufficient
that the charges I allege (that you have mis
represented my principles and caused my
position to be misunderstood before the
people) are well founded.
You have on divers occasions represented
The Italeigh Daily Telegram, of which pa
per I . was the recognized Editor-in-chief,
whose political course I alone shaped, ana
whose conduct I exclusively controlled, as
in the interest of the Republican party. You
have given out to the world, in fact, that
The Telegram was a Republican-paper and
A. 1 " A H 'A
an organ oi uie ltaaicai party ; m an oi
which, by insinuation if not by charges di
rect, you have placed me before tho people
of the whole country in the attitude of
Radical and a member of the Republican
All of which 1 denv. and 1 anneal to an
ancestry behind the Revolutionary War; to
my own record in the struggle for Southern
Independence (a cause I to-day reverence
with all the affection and feeling of a heart
a j i s i a .
as iruiy loyai 10 mo principles invoivea in
that contest as wero ever cherished by tho
noblest martyr in that struggle for selt-gov
ernment) and to my journalistic record
nom--the close ot the war until now, in
which I defy any man to show a pilitical
inconsistency, or peint to a single instance
in which I have not stood true to the great
time-honored principles of the Democratic
party and the political, material and' social
inicresis oi me people oi uiw ouiuu.
You have insinuated and nade the- peo
ple believe, if you have not so charged, di
rectly, .that my opposition to thcr late Con
vention measure as bouerht . with Repub
lican money Radical gold and3 I submit
that this, if true, is prejudicial to. the char
acter of a Southern gentleman. I do not
ask that you gratuitously pronounce me a
gentleman. As the term is now generally
understood, applied and accepted, I believe
I am one, but I am by no means interested
in having the fact promulgated through the
public prints, and only in vindication of
myself and in justice to my associates and
connections, do I ask that you withdraw
your damaging insinuations and js hares,
and to that end I have requested the discon
tinuance of your offensive personal allusions
to myself ; such, for instance, as pretended
to doubt whether I was sold to The .Era Pub
lishing ; Company with The Telegram
and rather tantalizing me, by name, be
cause I was neither mentioned" in the "Bill
of Sale" nor in the "Obituary" of the Local
Editor, which amounted to' a' gratuitous in
sult, when, as you well knew., I had with
drawn from The Telegram the week before
its discontinuance. - ' . ..
And yon hayealluded to me as a "working
man " in a manner of superciliousness, con
veying the idea that I was anything else but
a " working-man." And through repro
ducing an old story in the history of Gov
ernor Walker, of Mississippi, and Senator
Gwynn, you couple my name, and the names
of other gentlemen, in a manner to east an
imputation upon my courage,and you meant
to rcilecj. I am to infer, upon me as an advo- j
cate andisupporter oi the Cede of .Honor"
and the practice of duelling. ,
As to my opposition to the recent Con
vention measure, my record against the Con
vention begins behind the. session of tho
Legislature that passed the bill, as you may
see by reference to Tlie Tarboro Carolinian
of November, 1870. t . And throughout, I am
in accord with the Democratic party of North
Carolina from the date of its existence.
Therefore, I submit, that this ought- to be
conclusive enough for you that 'my . course
was not influenced by any pecuniary: con-t
sideration, whatever, ;.. ', :-
If it would be any gratification to you. I
can obtain from Messrs. Nichols fc Gorman
the exact amount,' in dollars and cents, paid
into the office; by members of tho Republic
can party in the way of subscription money
for some hundreds of copies of the raper.
gratuitously circulated; by .themselves,, fn
reference to which there is no desire for con-
- Italeigh, Avg. 24, 1871.
Maj. Wm. A. IIeakke
Sir: I return your letter because of its
offensive character in personal allusions to
myself. And for the additional reason that
you allcgo your character has been assailed,
urid you fail to mention when or where.
You charge that I have Intimated you
were bought with gold to edit The Telegram.
That is all assumed on your part. No such
charge was ever made. , '
I do believe The Telegram was established
In the interest of the Raaical party. I know
that $3,000 was offered to the proprietors to
advocate the Radical cause. i i
I am told, and I believe, that Gov. Cald
well and other Radicals paid money for the
gratuitous circulation of The Telegram. I
n ver heard that you had any connection
with this - part of. the business. Nor did ,1
ever hear you charged with it, until I read
it in your note. , - L
Respectfully yours, . M h
951 1. "' Josiah Turker, Jb.
Raleigh, Markets.
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LARD per ft., - -MOLASSES
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Market and Martin Streets. ; . - i : . .
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Ordinary - -; . r - i-W-Good,
ordinary . - j ,--19j
Low middling, - - -. , .- 1 . 20 j
- , Raleigh, N. C, August 17,1871,:
Maj. Wm: A. IIeaune,
. Sir! I have maturely considered your note
or letter of July,' 31st handed me by Dr.
Blacknall, on the evenitfg of the 15th of Au
gust, inst. ' '' : : ' i
I have come to the conclusion that you
cealmeut, whatcver on the part of any , one
concerned." ' ' : ' . ' r ,'
; Messrs. Nichols & Gorman nay they lost
money by the publication of The Telegram,
and I know they did; and I assure you that
my connection with the paper was a ; pecu
niary sacrifice, fox I suppose I have received
loss nioney from that source than &as ; been
paid into the "Turner Fund," or that was
realized from the sale of those pictures of
the martj-r-editor, in all of which vou were
the virtuous beneficiary. ; u; fnl i . .r
r : I declare . to you then, . that my cou rse
throughout the late campaign was solely
the result of the political principles I . have
received at the hands of the great Democratic
Statesmen of North Carolina ; that my sup-'
port of Governor Caldwell was in what I
conceived to be the best rntercstsof the whole
eople of North. Carolina, before whom I.
eclare it as my intimate belief that he has
endeavored to perform his duty as indepen-'
dently of party considerations as it was pos
sible for him or any other politician of his
age and experience to have done under the
circumstances, let his politics be What it
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Oct, 5, 1871,

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