North Carolina Newspapers

' Speech cf Cc2.Jc!ia:Pnol.
The General Appropriation , Bill, be
ing under consideration In the Senate
the following amendment was offered :
The branch mint at Charlotte, North
Carolina, shall bo abolished on the 30th
day of Jane, 1872; and the Secretary
of the Treasury Is hereby authorised
. to sell the said mint and all tho public
property connected therewith, at pub
lic auction, gi ving reasonable notice of
said sale. ' ' , .
In opposition to this amendment,
Mk. Pool, addressed tho Senate as fol
low8 . X ,
I hopetliat amendment will not be
agreedto by the Senate. Thero Is a
necessity for this assay office in North
Carolina. Perhaps at the present time
there may be no very great necessity
for it, but it Is perfectly certain that
before very Ung there will be. Previ
" ousto the war this was a mint, and
there was a very considerable amount
' of coinage done at that mint.- Since
the war, the mining operations in
North Carolina, as all other industrial
pursuits, have been languishing; and
from the fact that no great amount of
work has been done aL that, cstablish-
- ment since the close of the vrar," there
have been several efforts to abolish it
altogether. In the first place it was
discontinued as a mint and made an
assay office. To that, we matle no ob
jection. Now a -proposition comes to
abolish it altogether and have no assay
office there. I really hope the Senate
will not agree to this amendment; The
mining operations in North Carolina
are beginning to Increase in import
ance. There have been recent devel
opments which have created very con
siderable excitement ln jmrts of the
State, ana also in parts of Tennessee,
Georgia, and South Carolina. -
The buildings when .they were first
erected cost a great deal, and .the ma
chinery was put in at considerable cost
. to the Government; and if they are
sold now it will be at a very great sac
rifice. . I do not hesitate to say that
perhaps in the next eighteen months
or two years there will De apparent a
verv ereat necessity for an assay office
At that noint. '.
Mr. IIii,i Before the vote is taken
on this nr e titbit ion I wish to remark
that there is no assay office in Georgia,
none in Tennessee, none in Aiaoama,
none in South Carolina, and none in
North Carolina, except the one at Char-r
lotte. which it Is now proposed to arxi
ih. It is very .wel I known that a great
railroad is In, process of construction,
and will be completed during the pres
ent year, mainly w at least, running
from Charlotte, North Carolina, to AtT
lanta, Georgia. This road traverses
'the great mountain region of that coun
try ; it is a gokl region, which, for the
- first time will have been developed to
the world. Mankind will become ac
quainted .with it Iron and Its gold and
everything that makes it a rich mineral
' This being th only remaining -assay
office in all them? iSmihern States, it is
important to retain it in view of the
fact, which is known to some of us,
that miners who have been in Califor
nia and the other Western States and
Territories for years past are turning
their attention to Georgia and North
Carolina in thf? region. I myself have
ileum vi'ry iiisiinuisiitv lutuua ocij
that these fivlds of enterprise are more
inviting to-day than any other mines
on the 'v-cntinent. Large outlays of
money art' being made in my own
Stateandin North Carolina. Prepar
ations are. beiiiir made for resuming
mining. It is hr. rill y fair to take the
present condition of minlngasan index
of the future. WV nre to presume that
something like the prosperity which
preceded the war will be resumed in
minin?as well as in agricultural pur
suits and othr businesses in theSouth.
I hope that this !ut means of affording
facilities to t he miners of that region
will not be taken away from us, and
. that something will be left to lot our
neonle recotrniw that there is a tie be
tween them nnd th national Govern
. ment other than ilu vexatious internal
revenue laws of which these mountain
eers complain so" much. As this is but
a small appropriation proposed by the
House of llenrt e ntail ves. of $4,000, to
keen open this assay office' .1 should
dislike to have Mit-h a degree of econo
my prevail here as would Induce the
Knitf to accent the DroDOsition of the
committee to strike it out.
Mr. Pool. The committee found in
this bill as it mine from the House of
RpnnvientAtlves an aDDronriation of
' about forty-five hundred dollars for the
keeping up of this a.say office at Char
lotte. 1 aia not Know, nor ao a sup
note that any Senator who feels any
focal interest in the matter knew, that
the committee wn in vestigatingwheth
er it was proper to continue this appro
priation. II l n:ui naa ine icasi notice
of it, I should have brought some facts
to the attention or tne committee; dui
inasmuch as I had no " notice, and
broueht no facts to the attention of the
committee, I will now produce some
for the information of the Senate.
This was established as a mint In
1835. It cost the Government for the
building $29,600. The machinery cost
$o6,000. This establishment was there
fore erected at a cost of $So,S00. The
amount of coinage up to the war in this
mint was $5,043,541 from the products
of the gold of North Carolina alone, to
s-ay nothing of Georgia, Alabama,
Tennessee, and South Carolina. ,There
was also coined at the Philadelphia
Mint, in the same period, $4,-iG6,02G,
making the amount of the coinage up
to the war, from the North Carolina
productof gold, $9,314,067. The amonnt
used by jewelers, on account or the'
purity of the gold, from the North Car
olina product, is stated In the reports
of the Treasury Department to be$l,-
- 137,0-jC In addition to that the amount
. .-. i
oi ronn vroiuui guiu w&it w new
Yrkin bars was $147,775, making",
. from 1838, when this coinage first com
menced and theso mines were .first
worked, the . product of the State of
North Carolina aluno nearly $11,000,000.
'Siiiee the war there" have been railroad
projects undertaken which ' will very
much incrcjiso the mining operations
of that region, ..M there have been dis
coveries of mines f hero which I have
no doubt In the worM will make it
necessary at a very eany day that there
should be an assay office at least in that
locality somewhere.
Now, sir. the proposition is that we
shall expo. to sacrifice by Eale proper-
y which cost this Government $S5,800,
with a pro?iect near at hand of having
tore-establish an assay office there,
rather than to apj ropriate the pitiful
Vum of $4, ", sxurcely enough to keep j
the buildings ami uiaemnery in opera
tion, for the purjx e of continuing it to
sec what this devcjopa.ont will amount
to. I do 'not thiiik it will be good
policy on .ihft par: of t he Government.
? There i. :ihiT -n. The chair
man of the committee fays thathedoes
not see that i t wou M be of . any very
great benefit to iUv . people oi Tnai re
gion. I call the attention
of the Sen-
ate to the net that thosa who are en
gaged in jnining operations In that re
gion are not large, mammoth corpora
tions, not companies. The mining is
mainly carried on by IndivldualsTby
farmers, who, - when they, have : laid
their,' go to the streams and
commence washing gold. They are
-subject to Imposition by brokers and
a ' 1 A 11 A 1 f
sioreKeepers, wno get. uieir meiar jrum
them at less than its value. It is in the
interest of labor that there should bo
an assay office within convenient reach
of those people who; are laboring in'
mining operations. ' '.
I see that in this very bill wo havo
already appropriated to the mint at
Denver $28,335 ; to the assay office at
Boise City, in Idaho. $11,077, and We In
the whole of thasouthern States ask for
an appropriation of only $4,500 for the
purpose of continuing the only assay
office south of Philadelphia. The office
at New Orleans has been stricken down;
the one In Georgia -has been stricken
down since tho war, and the only one
left-south of Philadelphia is this (little
assay office at Charlotte, North.-Carolina.
I do not think that it is fair r
right to strike it down. I do not think,
in view of the interests of those people,
and in view of the interests of tlie Gov
ernment itself, there should be a refu
sal to appropriate this little pittance.
The chairman of the committee; says
that if it would continue the allegiance
of these people and good feeling toward
theGovernment he would be willing td
continue it. Now, 3Ir. President; I do
nt put it upon any such ground as that,
I believe the allegiance of these people
would not be affected by it one way or
the other ; but I do think there is an air
of injustice in this matter that ought to
be looked to and'observed. Wo jhave
srospecti ve interests there that ought to
e attended to, and the Government
las prospective interests that ought to
)e attended to also. i
- I" would say to the .Senator from
Vermont that' he . takes into jview
only the present condition of theim
ing interests of North Carolina. If
he would go back to the figures before
the war and see the amount! pro
duced then, he would find that it was
very much larger tnan ne supposes.
That we shall have a return of these
minincr interests In -greatly increased
proportions I think is 'a matter of cer
tainty. The Government has buildings
there now which cost $55,000. tThe
proposition is to sell them and sell ,the
machinery. They will be sold at an
enormous sacrifice; and It is my judg
ment that in less than three years from
this time, if this establishment is sold
out, a proposition will carry before
Congress to re-establish at any necpssa
ry expense, perhaps an expense larger
than one hundred thousand dollars.
In the meantime, until we can! see
what the developments are likely to be,
I think the buildings and machinery
ought to be continued. ' The establish
ment is doing some business, no great
amount at this time, I admit, nor is
any other branch of industry in the
Southern States thriving at this time.
Everything is languishing. Wedo not,
of course think that this state of things
will continue. I think, as a matter of
fairness and right and economy, ;t his
mint ought to be continued. The
proposition ' here not only is not to
make the appropriation, but to sell out
the whole establishment at any price
that may be obtained. j
Tho Presiding Officer. The ques
tion is on the amendment proposed by
thokCommittee on Appropriations.
The question being put, there were,
on division ayes ,nt noes 10; no
quorum voting. ' r j
Mr. Cole There are several Sena
tors here who did notVote. A
1,yl. Edmunds. ., I ask for, the yeas
and nays, not- that I care to much
about the little mint of my friend from
North Carolina, which to be sure is an
expense without a return, but I osk for
the yeas and nays with a view to liave
the 'faithful recorded as being present
when we are considering an appropria
tion bill. !
The vcas and nays were ordered, and
being taken, resulted yeas 20, nays 24
as follows.: ' I '
Yeas Messrs. Anthony, Bucking
ham, . Chandler, CoIe, Conkling, "Kd
munds, Frelinghuysen, Gilbert, Ham
ilton: of Texas, Howe, Jvelly, Morrill
of Vermont, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Schurz,
Sherman, Stevenson, AVest, Wilson and
Windpm 20. . !
Nays Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Bore
man,Cameron, Clayton, Corbett, Davis
of West Virginia, Ferry of Michigan,
Flanagan, Goldthwaite, Hamilton of
Maryland, Harlan, Hill, Hitchcock,
Johnston, Kellogg, Logan, Norwood,
Pool, .Rice, Robertson, Sawyer, Spen
cer and Vickersr-24. '
Absent Messrs. Alcorn,. Ames,
Brownlow, Caldwell, Carpenter, Cas
serlv. Cooper, Cragin, Davis of Ken
tucky, Fonton, Ferry of Connecticut, I
Hamlin, lewis, iuorrui ot juainejuor
tou, Nye, Osborne, Patterson, Pratt,
Saulsbury, Scott, Snrague, Stewart,
Stockton, Sumner, Thurman, Tipton,
Trumbull and Wright 29. !
So the amendment was rejected, r- '
Republican. Meeting in Alamance.
According to previous notice a por-
tion of the Republicans of Alamance
assembled at the Court House in Gra
ham, on Saturday, the 2d day of March, I
1872. ; , r ,
The meeting was organized by call
ing W. R. Albright, Esq., to the chair,
and appointing J. W. Harden and T.
J. Turner Secretaries.
The object of the meeting was ex
plained to bo for the purpose ofappont-
Jng delegates from the county to the
State Convention, which meets in Ral-
tugu yu uiu i iu ui ii uciku...
On motion, the cnairman appointed
the following list of delegates to attend
said Convention, to-wit r Henry Rass,
Dr. E. F. watson, II. II. Morton,
W. Simpson, William Graham Henry
Hall, Daniel Keck, ; Henry Sillars, Dr.
J. W . McCauIey: James Long, Dickson
Corn, W. A. Walker, S. A.. White,' J.
C. Patton, Robin Mebane, William:
McAdamv John F. Thompson, Geo.
Crawford, James T. Bradshaw. Geo.
Stafford, Nathan Woody, Thomas
Stafford, William Workman, Henry
Staul, R. CrKemry, Samuel Alexan
der, Jacob Cauncelman, William IXorn-
day, H. C. Isley, W. A. Patterson,
William Sbafflier, Kli Ureeson, S.P.
Halt, Thomas Wood, J. C. Thomson,
Patterson Payne, 1'cter nugnes, Jieza-
kiahIav It. Lr. 3Iebane, Peter IJ.
Summers, M."Xea,' John lime,-Willis
Sillars, Dixon; JIenr: M.tRay,
Martin Van Buren, Jo)m it' Longest J
and W.;AvWooL -1 v : . , , j
. OQ iiiotionthe chrtirmanaml Secre-
taries of this meeting were adderr-to the f
I list of delegates; and further, - thafany j
nepubiican ciuzen or viamance county
attending the Biate Conventions con- i-
stituted A dfileirate torthc samer rr i
On motion the meeting adjourned: J,
' -Chairpani
J.V.-Harden;;: V V
SoerctarIe.", - V
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Legal Advertisement;
In .pursuance of An Act ojf the General
Assembly, ratified the 33rd day of January,'
1S72, -1 ave caused . to be . publishedjhe
following certified copy of An Act to alter
tho Constitution of North Carolina.'- ' -
, E. J.' WAKIIEN, -
r i L i : - President of the Senate. ;
. January 24, 1872. !t:.....v f .i4 -
AN ACT to alter f he Constitution of
; North Carolina. ; r '
SecC 1. The G eneral "Assembly of North,
Carolina do enact (three-fifths of all the
members of each House concurring), . -,
That the Constitution of this State be
altered as follows, to wit : . .
Amend section six, of the first article,1 by
striking out the first clause thereof, down
to and including the word "but;", this be
ing the clause relating to the State debt. -:
Amend section two of the second 'article
annually,''- and
ord "bicnm-
thc- sessions
of the General Assembly.
Amend section five of the second article,
by striking out all that precedes the words,
"the said Senate districts,'' and by striking
out the phrase "as aforesaid or" in said, sec
tion ; the parts so stricken out having ref
erence to the State census. '
Add a new section to the second article
to be styled "section 30," and to read as
follows : "The members of the .General As
sembly shall each receive, three hundred
dollars as a compensation for their services
during their term, subject to such reguhw
tions in resrard to time of pavment and re-
f duction for non-attendance as may be pre
scribed by law; but they may have an
additional allowance when they are called
together in special . session,: and mileage
shall be ten cents perinile for each session,'" .
Amenti section one of the third article by
striking out the words "four years," wliere
thev occur first in said section, and -insert
ing, in lieu thereof, the words "two years,
being in reference to the terms of executive
officers.- - . ..- - - - :
Strike out the words "Superintendent of
Public Works," wherever they occur in
the Constitution, thus abolishing that office.
Amend section six of tho third article, by
striking out the word "annually," and in
serting, in lieu thereof, the word "biennial
ly," so as to conform to the provision re
specting the sessions of the General Assem
bly. '
Strike out sections two and three of the
fourth article, being ' the provisions which
refer to the appointment and duties of the
Code Commissioners. ; . , ;
Alter section four of the fourth article, so
that said section shall read as 'follows:
"The judicial power of the State shall be
vested in a Court for. the trial of impeach
ments, a Supreme Court, Superior Courts,
such inferior Courts as may be established
by law, and Courts of Justices of the Peace."
Alter section eight of the fourth article,
so that said section shall read as follows :
"The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief
Justice and two ! Associate Justices ; Provi
ded, That this shall not apply to the justices
during their present .term of office, unless
by death, resignation, or otherwise, the
number of Associate Justices shall be re
duced to two." ; ' .
Alter section twelve of the fourth article
so that said section shall read as folio ws :
"The State shall be divided into nine judi
cial districts, for each of which a judge snail
be chosen; and in each districts Superior
Court Shall be held at least twice in each
year, to continue for such time in each
county respectively as may bo prescribed
by law.- The General Assembly shall lay
ptf said districts in due time, so that the
said nine judges may be chosen and begin
their official term at tho first general elec
tion for members of the General Assembly
which shall occur after the ratification of
this section." The General Assembly may
reduce or increase the number of Districts
to take eflect at the end of each judicial term.
Strike out section thirteen of the fourth
article, which fixes the present judical dis
trict?. ' ' '
- Amend section fourteen of the fourth ar-.
tide by striking out all after tho word
"office," and inserting, in liu of the part so
stricken out, the following: "The General
Assembly shall prescribe a proper system
of rotation for the judges -of -the Superior
Courts, so that no judge may ride the same
district twice in succession, and the judges
may also exchange districts with each other,'
as may bo provided by law."
Strike out section fifteen of the fourth ar
ticle, and insert in lieu thereof, the. follow
ing: The General Assembly shall have no
power. toxleprivo the judicial department of
any power or jurisdiction which rightfully
gertains to it as a co-ordinata department ;
ut the General Assembly shall allot and
distribute that portion of this power and ju- !
risdiction. which does 'riot . pertain ty the
Supreme Court, i among the other Courts
prescribed in this Constitution or which
may bo established by law in such manner
as it may deem best, provide also a proper
svstem of appeals, and regulate by law
when necessary the methods of proceeding,
in the exercise of their powers, of all the
courts below the Supreme Court, so far as
the same may be done without conflict with
other provisions of this constitution."
Strike out sections sixteen, seventeen,
nineteen, twentv-fivo and -thirtv-threo of
the fourth article.
Amend section twenty -six of the fourth
articlo by striking out all that part which
begins with, and lollows the word "but ' in
said section, and, in lieu or the part so
stricken out, inserting the following:
"The" judicial officers and the clerks of
any courts which maybe established by
law, shall be chosen by the vote of the .quali
fied electors, and for such term as may be
prescribed by law. The voters of each pre
cinct, established as is elsewhere provided
for in this constitution, shall elect . two jus
tices of the peace for such term as may be
fixed by law, whose jurisdiction shall extend
throughout their respective counties.. The
General Assembly may provide for the elec-:
tion of more than two justices of the peace
in those precincts which contain cities or
towns, or in which 'bther special reasons
render it expedient. The chief magistrates
of cities and incorporated towns shall have
the judicial powers of justices of the peace."
Amend sectien thirty of the fourth article
by striking out th'eVord " townships" and
inserting, in lieu thereof, the word "pre
cincts ;" also in the last sentence of thesame
section, strike out the words" the commis
sioners of the county may appoint to such
office for the unexpired term," and in lien
thereof insert-"an appointment, to . fill such
vacancy for the unexpired term shall be
made as may be prescribed by law." 1 "-1 '
: Amend sections one and seven of the fifth
article, by striking 6ut the words "commis
sioners of the several counties" , where they
occur in said sections, and in lieu thereof in-,
erting the words, county authorities es
tablished and authorized by law." .
Strike out section four of the fifth article,
relating to taxation to pay the State debt and
interest. -.?
. Amend section six of the fifth article ; by
inserting after . the 'word " instrument " in
said section the words "or any other per
sonal property ? ;? ; ;:;HJ 4 r.
Insert the word " and " , before the word
" surveyor " in section one of. the 7th article,
and strike out the words " and five commis
sioners" in saidsection ; also add to saidsec
tion the following: "The General Assem
bly shall provide for a system ol f county
government for the several counties of tho
State." - 5 ' - '-i,-r
Amend section two of the seventh article,
by striking out the word " commissioners "
and in. lieu thereof inserting the , words
' county authorities established and author
ized by law;" and iu the same section striker
Aiif Mia a 'fna "Pornafon sf TAarl qKo! 1
be ex officio, cleric of the ; board of commis
sroners." " .
r Strike out section three of the seventh ar
ticle, and in lieu thereof insert the following :
The county authorities established: and
authorized by law shall see that tho respec
tive counties are divided intoa suitable num
ber of sub-divisions, as convenient and com
pact in shape as possible, and marked out
by definite boundaries,-; which may be al-?
tered when necessary. Said snb-di visions,
shall be known by the name of precincts.
They, shall have no corporate powers-4 The
township governments are abolished. : The
boundaries of the precincts shall be the same
as those which heretofore defined the town
ships until they shall be altered." r , ' -
Strike out sections lour, nve, six, ten ana
eleven of the seventh article, which relate to
the township-system;-"
Amend sections eight and nineoi the sev-
by striking out the word "
insertins in lieu thereof, the w
allvr' being in reference to
enth article, by striking out the words pr
townships 'Mvhaaje they occur in said sec-,
tiona.' ' '--'-'
i Strike out section three of the ninth artl
cle, and in lieu thereof insert the following :
"The General Assembly shall make suita
ble provision by law 4 for the management
and regulation of the public-schools, and for
perfecting the system of free public instruc-
l tion." v-v..-r:;rf--:-;
Strike out section five of the- nmthartl
cle, and in lieu thereof, insert the following r
"The General Assembly shall have power
to provide for the election of Trustees of
the University of North Carolina, in whom,
when chosen, shall be vested all the privi
leges, rights, franchises and endowments'
heretofore in any wise granted ; to,: : or; con
ferred upon, the Board of Trustees of said
f University ; : and the General j Assembly
may make sucn provisions, laws ann reg
ulations, from time to time, as may be nec
essary and expedient, for the maintenance
and management of said University.", -
Strike out sections thirteen, fourteen and
fifteen of the-ninth article, relating: to tho
University of North Carolina.; , Amend sec
tion ten of the eleventh article by striking
out the words "at the charge of the State,"
and in lieu thereof, insert the words "by the
State; and those who do not .own property
over and above the homestead and personal
property exemption prescribed by this Con
stitution, or being minors, whose! parents
do not own property over and , above the
same, shall be cared for at the charge of the
State." ' ' . ''-vr-
Alter section seven of the fourteenth ar
ticle so that said section shall read as fol
follows :. "No person who shall hold any
office -or place of trust or profit nnder the
United States, or any department j thereof,
or under this State, or under any other
State or government, shall hold or exercise
any other office or place of trust or profit
under the authority of this State, or be eli
gible to a seat in either house of the. General"
Assembly; Provided,, That nothing herein
contained shall extend to officers! in the
militia, Justices of the Peace, Commission
ers of Public Charities, or Commissioners
for Special Purposes." ! 6 v ;
i Add another section to the fourteenth ar
ticle to Jje styled section 8," and to read
as follows: "County officers, justices of
the peace and other officers whoso offices
are abolished or changed in. anyway by the
alteration of the constitution, shall continue
to exercise their functions until any pro
visions necessary to be made by law in or
der to give full effect to the. alterations, so
far as relates to said officers shaR have been
made." " , - x " . . - S....1 ,
; Re-number the sections in those articles
from which any section has been stricken
without the insertion of another; ; inits
stead ; and give to any now section that
number which by this method would have
been given to the section for which it is
substituted, and the alterations shall be em
bodied into the constitution, and the sever
al sections numbered consecutively. " . ;.
Ratified, the 19th. day of January, A. IK,
i - Office of Secketaky of State,..
v JialcigK Jan. 22tf, 1872.
i I, Henry J. Menninger, Secretary of State,
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true
copy of the original act on file in this office.
jan. 25. wGm. Secretary State.
By virtue of a Deed of Trust to the under
signed, duly executed by Geo. Wj Swepson
and wife Virginia B. Swepson, on the Gth
day of July, 1S70, we will proceed to sell at
Asheville, the county of Buneomjbe,' on the
14th day of March, 1S72, to the highest bid
der, the following Real Estate, to wit:;
I Ono undivided half interest inthelot in
Asheville, known as the Eagle Hotel prop
erty, with the buildings and appurtenances,
tho said lot contains twelve acres. This
Houso is Verv favorably situated and con
tains over fifty rooms, some of which are
large and commodious.
Also, at the same time and place the fol
lowing Tracts of Land in tber jcounty of
Cherokee: ' . . !v
I. The well known'' farm formerly owned
by Gid Morris, and on both sides of Valley
River, consisting pf several cpntiguous
tracts, containing 1,600 acres more or less,
600 acres of which will be found first class
bottom land, these contracts were conveyed
to Ceo. W. Swepson by Gid Morris and D.
W. .Morris. .
II. The CJaarles Moore farm, also on Val
ley River, and near the above Morris farm,
containing about 600 acres, chielly bottom
land. . :.',. , ..; ' .; . j .
III.'The David .Hennesea placaa on the
same River, consisting of three contiguous
tracts, containing in -all about 682 acres;
very fine farming land, mostly bottom.
IV. Two other tracts on the same River,
containing 363 acres, formerly owned by E.
V. Sharpe, and known as the Piercy lands.
'V. Au individual -half interest in sixteen
adjoining tracts on tlfe same "River, held
jointly with tlie heirs of John Suddith, on
which ar much valuable farm ing- and gold
mining lands. . y , : -
VI. One hundred acres on both sides of
Cheoah Mountain ; and an undivided third
interest in a hundred acre tract jadjoining
the above ; and an undivided third, in a 640
acre tract, on the waters of B urgari's Creek,
on the North sidQf Cheoah Llountain.. ,
. VII. An undivided half interesfe in about
20,000 acres of Mountain lands, held jointly
with Mercer Fain. . , -.. : . . -' , - -
VIII. About 2,000 acres, lying in many
adjoining grants," situated in tho Mountain
ous Districts of Macon county.
IX. 90.000 acres of land in one body, lying
nartlv in Macon, but principally in Chero--;
kee, and known as the Olmsted.larids.
X About 50,000 acres in Clay arid Chero
kee counties, conveyed -by i Josspli Keener
to the undersigned as trustees of
said Geo. W. .Swepson.
ie afoi-e-
XI. The Jarrett place, well improved, on
Nantahala River in JMacon countyJ
incr about 400 acres. . -I
XII. The Dr. Woodfin place, near Frank
lin, m Macon county, well improved,
containing about 6'JO acres. - ... -XIII
1.943 1 acres, lyins alone and
the Tennessee line : and a tract of 274
on the waters of .Nantihala," all ih Macon
county. ' ' : '' ' ' '
" XIV. The fallowing 'tracts in
ounty : -" . . , .. ' . . . ..
1st.. 3,000 acres on the waters of
gle River, being grant No. 060, ';
' 2nd. 2,567 acres on the waters
Creek .' bein g gran t No. 967. '
of Deep
t ortl. i.,uu acres vu iub wmcis ui x.
imr srrant No. 968. .-.
n - , SCt it . P -
Soco, be-
4th. 1.280 acres on Mingus' Mill Creek
and Oconalufty1 River, being grant No 969.
- 5th. 10,580 acres ou the waters or soco, oe-
All the above mentioned lands, being sit;'
uated in a line grazing region, wen watered
and in a most healthful locality, bffer rare
inducements to persons wishing to; enter in
to i the grazing,
stoek-raising: or
- In addition to the above lands; we will
offer on the 20th of March, 1872, at Catawba
Station, in the county of Catawba; JN. U., an
undivided half interest. in the several tracts
of land in said county, known as the Marble
and Lime Quary lands, owned jointly b
Dr. tPowuand Geo. w. swepson ana in-;
eludinar the- sLime Kilns and several adja
cent farms, all which will be sold in parcels
to suit purchasers. . .: J -
The terms ot tne wnoie or aoovosaies win
be one-third Cash on day of sale; and the
remainder(a; six montlis, with note bearing
interest from clay.ot sale, with titles retain
ed till'all the purchase money is paid. -'"
- The sales will bo jcontinued from day to
dav if necessary till the-whol&of the lands 1
shall be disposed of.- , "... . . ,......' , .
For further particular address C. M. Mc
Loud, Attorney at Law. Asheville .IN. C, or
the undersigned;- Trustees at the same Post
Office. . ' - . i ' . ;
. . - ' , R. W. PULLIAM. . ,
' ' ' X v Trustees' Ac. .
i' Fch. 5, 1S72. - : - ' . . ? ' ?102-rtmai.l4 -f
. ' .'' i j'" "
VpHN; MASSES is running a'- Saw Mill
tl 'at Carey. He will furnish all kinds of
Ltimber at short notice: Any order left at
this office will receive ompt atppntion. .
Post Office Depahtment, I
Washington,1 Jan. 2. 1-872. j
Propdals will be received at the Contract
Office of this Department until 3 o qlock p m
of April l,.next, (to be decided .by the .20th)
forcarrying the mails of the United States
from July 1st, 1872, to June 30r 18,5, onthQ
following routes in the State of Noth Caro
lina, and by the schedules of departures and
arrivals herein specified, being routes cs-
tablished at 3d session of 41st Congress, and
1st session of 42d Congress, and ln
cluding also routes on - which bidders or
contractors, under ad vcrtisemente of Sept.
30, 1870, .and August 4, 1871, failed to. fulh 11
their engagements, j; U "J,."erv
5222 From Lumberton, by" Raft Swamp,
. v r Philadelpbus, Red Springs, A akuK
r: la, Gilopolis, Cowper Hill, Anna
- Parenna, AlfordsTiUe, Umonville,
-J " " and Clav Valley, to Lumberton,
v " equal to 34i miles and back; once a
' '' i week 1 . 1 ' ' ''
i - Ieave Lumberton Wednesday at C a
?? - m ' '' i-" '-"-' ;
' i Arrive af Lumberton next day by 6
'From Elizabethtown, by Abbottsburg
and Western Prong, to WhitesvRle,
;;; 2Q miles . and back, three times a
week. .' : ,,; , ' Jrr -1 .
Leave Elizabethtown Monday, wed-.
, nesday and Friday, at 10 a m ; ' ( .
Arrive at Whitesviile by 7 p m ;
Leave Whitesviile Tuesday Thurs
day and Saturday, at 10 a m ; , ' ? .
Arrive at Elizabethtown by 7, P- Tnj
From ' Burgaw Depot, by Dogwood
- Grove (n. o.V and Bannerman n.o.)
to Angola, 21 miles and back, once
Leave Burga w Depot Friday at 0 a in ;
Arrive at Angola by 4pm; x
Leavo Angola Friday at 4:30 p m;1 . ;
Arrive at Burgay ilext day by 5 p ni.-
Froni Plymouth to Windsor, IS mileS
and back, tlireo times a wees.
Leave Plymouth Monday, Wednes
day and Friday at 8 p m ; '
ArriVe at Windsor next days by 12 m;
'. i Leave Windsor Monday.Ayednesday,.
and Friday at 12 m ; .
Arrive at JPly mouth, next days by 6
From Washington, by Blunt's Creek,
(n o), Durham's Creek (n o), and
South Creek, (n o),'to - GooseCreek
; , . Island, GS miles and back, onco a
week. !-'!:'- -.--.' .
1 Leave Washington Monday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Goose Creek Island Wed
nesday by 4pm;, , f
Leave Goose Creek Island Thursday
r ' at 6 a"m ; - " -r ; ' -'
I Arrive at Washington "Saturday by 4
:" p m. 'i:' ; " ' -From
Harrell'a Wharf, by HarrelL-j-
ville, to Pitch Landing, 12 miles an .1
back, once a veek.
Leave Harrell's Wharf Wednesday at
-8am; ' S -
Arrive at Pitch Landing by 12 m :
Leave Pitch Landing Wednesday at
1 p m ; ! ' f .
Arrive at Harrell's Wharf by 5 p m
From Woodville toDurant's Neck, 6
miles and back, once a week.- ,
Leave Wood ville Thursday at 8 a m
Arrive at Durant's Neck by 10 a m;
Tjoave Durant's Neck Thursday at 11
am;' ' : ' ; ' :
Arrive at Woodyllle by 1 p m.'
From Kinston. bv Fountain Hill, to
Ride Spring,; 18 miles and back,
once a week, i i
Leave Kinston Thursday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Ridge Spring by 12 m ;
Leave Ridge Spring Thursday at 1 p
m ; ". - - .
Arrive at Kinston by 8 p m.
From Wilson, by Saratoga (n o) and
Maysvillo (n o), to Marlborough, 22
miles and back, once a week,
Leave Wilson Wednesday at 2 p m ; '
Arrive at Marlborough by 9 p w ;
Leave Marlborough Wednesday at 6
- - a m ; : ' '; : .
Arrive at Wilson by lpm..'
From Grcensborough, by Snmmer
ficld, to Oak Ridge, 17 miles and
back, once a week.' '' " ,
Leave Grcensborough Saturday at 2
pm; . '.;' .' i; -')' " '
Arrive at Oak Ridge py 7pm;
Leave Oak Ridge Saturday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Greensborough by 12 m. . -
5232 From Salisbury, by Wood Leaf, to
. Mt. Vernon, 10 miles and back, once
a week. ; ' . . i !.''
Ijeave Salisbury Wednesday at 7 a m ;
Arrive at Mt. Vernon" by 12 m ;
. Leave Mt. Anon Wednesday at 1 p
m ; - .!"..'' : : 1 -
Arrive at Salisbury by 6 p m. -
From Taylorsville, by Little River
(n o) and Cedar Valley (n o), to Le
noir, 25 miles and back, oncea week."
Leave Taylorsville Friday at 9 a m ;
Arrive at Lenoir by 5 pm. '
Leave Lenoir Saturday at 8am; ,
Arrive at Tadorsville by 5 p m.
From Jefferson, ; by Nathan's Creek
and Chestnut Hill, to Mouth of Wil-
son, Va., 19 miles and back, once a
week. .
Leave Jefferson Wednesday at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Mouth of Wilson by 12 m ;;
Leave Mouth of Wilson Wednesday
: at lpm; ; ' . ' '
Arrive at Jefferson by 7 p m.
From Oxford to Berea, 10 miles and
DacK. once a weeix.
Leave Oxford Saturday at lpm;
, - .. Arrive at Berea by 4 p" m ; - , ; ...
Leave Berea Saturday at 9 a m ;.
, sv "Arrive at Oxford by 12 m. t , ?
5236 From Pittsborough, by Beaumont,
Ore Hill, Gold IStone (n o), -Brush
. , , . - Creek (n o), and Buffalo Ford, to
" Moflitt's Mills, ; 35 miles and back,
' ' once a week. ' . . ' ' '
. Leave Pittsborough Saturday at 6am;
. , Arrive at Motftttt's Mills by 6 p m ;
Leave Moflitt's Mills Friday at 6 am;
Arrive at Pittsborough by 6 p ml
From Ocracocke to Hatferas, 20 miles
"' and back, once a week.' t '
Leave Ocracoeke Friday at 8 a m ' '
Arrive at Hutteras Saturday by 10 a in
Leave Hatteras Saturday at 10:30 a m;
" Arrive at Orcracocke next day by 4 p
5238 " From Bakersville to Cranberry Forge,
cj 30 miles and back,, once a week
- r Lesiv Bakersville Wednesday at 6 a m ; ;
Arrriveat Cranberry Forge hf 6 pm;
Leave Cranberry Forge Thursday .at
; ' 6 a-m; '" A' . '
Arrive at Bakersville by 6 pm. . :
5239 From Raleigh, '- by Barclaysville, to
Averysborough, 35 milesand back,
onco a week. - -
Leave Raleigh Thursday at 6 a m ;
. 7 Arrive at Averysborough by 6 p m ;
v 4 Leave Averysborotigh Friday at 6 am;
" Arrive at Raleighby 6 p m: r .
From Greenville to Bethel, 15; miles
.. and back, onco a week. ..
Leave Greenville Thursday at 2 p m ;
Arrive at Bethel by 6 p m : .
Leave Bethel Thursday at 7 a m;1;
.Arrive at Greenville by 11 a m. k
Enos J. Pennypacker, of. Wilmington, N
. C, lailiog contractor.. y -v .; ;
From Washington, by, Chocowinity,
Jlelieview, ana switt island, to New
Rerne, 36 miles and back, six times
SA'- & weejk. mi .f -
W s Leave i Washington daily,. Sundays
, r excepted, at 6a m; ,. V'
Arrive at New Berne by 4 p m ; - '
' Leave New Berne-daily, Sundays x
:. ... cepted, at 0 a ni ; - ;
Arrive at Washington by 4 p mu ,
Enos J. Pennypacker, of Wilmington, N
C, failing contractor. . ;, -
5242 'From Plymouth,.by Long Ridgo and
- " Fork Swamp, 'to Washington, 33
miles and back, three times a week.
, ; Leave Plymouth Tuesday, Thursday,
and Saturday at 7 a m ; . , ,K-,
v "Arrive at Washington by 6 p m ; w
Leave wasnington JNionaay, vednes
day, and Friday at 7 a m :
Arrive at Plymouth by 6 p m. : i
" Enos J. Penny packer, of WUmlcgton, jr.
. C, falling contractor. . j
5243- From Windsor, by Hotel, Roxobe),
.. . Ricli Square, and Jackson, to Sea
1; board, 50 miles and back; twice a
' week to Jackson, and sixi times a
week tho residue. ' I
Leave Windsor Monday and Thui-i;.
; day at 12 m; -' - : :
' Arrive at Jackpif Tuesday
dav bv7D m: n
and Fri-
" ' LeavoAJackson Wednesday iind
urdavat4am; '
Arrive at Windsor Monday and ThurV
i davbvllam;'
'"' Leave Jackson daily, Sun da j-
ted. at 1 1 m :
Arrive at Seaboard by 3 p in;
' Leave Seaboard daily, Sundays cx
" v ceptod, at 10 a m : t. .
f ; ' 'Arrive at Jackson by 12 in. j
' Enos J. Pennypacker, of Wilmington, X
' j C, failing cojitractor. . : J
5244 From Plymouth, by Scuppernong and
' i ' ' Sunnyside, to Colurnljia, 134 miles
and back, twice a week.
i "Leave Plymouth, Tuesday and Satur
I day at7 a m; ; . - t
''-; Arrive at Columbia by 5 p n) f
Leave. Columbia Monday and Wed-
. nesday at 8am; j ;
Arrive at Plj'mouth by 6 p in.
: Enos J Pennypackpr, ff Wilmijigton, N
C, failing contractor, ij . . -
5245 " From Raleigh, by Hay's Stpre, Day
ton; Fish Dam, Stagville, Round
Hill, Red Mountain, and Mount
Tirzah, to Rox borough, i2 miloa
-and back, nee a week. , l!
Leave Raleigh Wdnosdaj' at 2 p m ;
Arrive at Roxborough next day bv
7pm; ;. .. .. ; , ,!.."
Leave Roxboro.ugh Tuesday at 6pm;
' Arrrivo at Raleigh next day by 12 m.
Enos J Pennypacker, -of Wilming'ton, X
"C., failing contractor. . " jil
5246-'From Mansbn. by Towncsville, to
Clarksville,' Va.,25 miles and back,
three times a week. - 'J '
. Leave Manson Monday,-: Wpdncsda v,
. ; ; and Friday at 1.30 p m ; i!
' Arrive at Clarksville by 8 p in ;
V Loavo Clarksville, Tuesday, Thurs
T day, and Saturday at 8 a m ;
Arrive at Manson by 2 p mi!
Enos J Pennypacker, of Wilmington, N
" 1 C, failing contractor. . . N
5247 j From Fayetteville, by Argyle, Inver
l . ness,' Solemn Grove, New Giiead,
-'' and Jackson '-Springs, to Clark't
. ! Mills, 45 i miles and back, onco a
; - week. ' j.
: i, Leave Fayetteville Friday at 7am;
' ! Arrive arciark's Mills, Saturday by
V "! Wain; ' 'i1 '
j leave CJark's-'MUls Saturday at 11
. f Arrive at Fayetteville next day by 6
, P ni ;
Enos J Pennypacker, of
gton, N
; C. failing contractor.
r Nantihala, and Forks of Tennossce,
,' to Chilhowee; 71. miles, knd back,
"-'I onco a Vveek. , '''.-"
! Leave Franklin Thursday vt .6 a in ;
; Arrive at Chilhoweo next dlay hy
pm; . : :- , y
- , Leave Chilhoweo Friday nt, 6.15 p m ;
v- ! Arrive at Nantilfttla Sunday, by 8 a rn ;
: L-aVo Nantihala Wednesday at 8 a m ;
' , ; ; ' Arrive atFranklin'by 6 p in.
- " - ij ' ' 'i'
5250 i From Murphy, by Grape j Creek (n.
o.,) and Coker Creek (n. -.,) to Tt l
lico Plains, Tcnn., 35 mileiSsandback,
once a week. ! ..!
' s. Leave Murphy Wednesday at 7 a m;
; Arrive at Tellico Plains by 6 p m;
; - Leave Tellico Plains Thursday at 7
' . , " ' a m ; ;, j ;; .
. ; , Arrive at Murphy by 6 p m.
5251 From Bakei'svillej by . Ledger, ! to
! Burns ville. 15 tmilea and back,
- .' once a week. - '-I-, '"
j ! Leave Bakersvillo Wednesday at 8
; a m ; . , . .
Arrive at Burn3ville by 1 p m ; '
'! Leave Burnsville - Wednesday at 2
! P m; ' ..; . :
;! . Arrive at Bakers ville by 7p m.
A For forms of proposal, guarantee, and cer
tificate,' and also for instructions, as to the
conditions to be embraced in thlo . contract, '
&c, see advertisement of this date, in pam
phlet form, and Sept. 30, 1870, and Aug. 4,
1871, inviting proposals for service in N. C,
to bo found at tho principal post offices.
.Bide should be sent in , sealed envelopes,
superscibed,' . " Mail proposals, j State of
North Carolina," and addressed tp the Sec-
ond Asssistant Postmaster General. ;
i : , -JNO. A. JrCRESWELL,
1 :',.'.; . Postmaster! Gencrab
Feb. 26, . - ;, 28 w4w.
The American Washer Saves Money, Time, ond
: I . Drudgery. v- I . - . , .'
The; Fatigue of .Washing Day ') up Longer
Dreaded, but Economy, Eflft-iency, and
Clean Clothhig,ure. - - ,.. 'j : ;
In calling public attention td this-little
machine, a few of tho invaluable qualities,
(not possessed . by any other washing ma
chine yet invented,) are here enumerated, .
It is the smallest.1 most commct. most-
portable, most simple in construction, most
easily operated. - A child ten years1 old, with
a fewhour3 practice, can thoroughly, com
prehend and effectually use it. ; There is, no
adjusting, no screws to annoy, no delay iii,
adapting V It Is always ready fbr use I It'
is a perfect little wonder ! It is a miniature
giant, doing more work and of a better
quality, tlian the mast elaborate and costly.
One - half . of the labor is fully srtved by its .
use; arfd the clothes will last one-half longer
than ;by tho old plan of tho rub board. It
will wash the largest blanket. Three shirts
ata time, washing thoroughly f fin a word,!
tne aoiutron or any laoric, irom a Quilt to a
Lace Curtain or Cambric Handkerchief, are
equally within the capacity of this LITTLE
GEM f It can be fastened to any tub and '
taken off at will.,. - , 4 ' .
No matter how deep rooted a prejudice
may exist against; WashingMachines, the.
moment this littlo .'machine is seen to per
form its wonders, all doubts of its cleansing"
efficacy and .utility are banished, and tho
doubter and detractor at once become the-
Liast friends of the machine. , , j -L ; , ; ; ; .
Wc have testimonials without end, setting
forth its numerous advantages over all oth '
ers, and from hundreds who have thrown
aside the unwieldy, useless machines, which -have
signally failed to accomplish the ob-
Qctpromised in prominent onct load sound
ing advertisements. r
It is as perfect for washing as a, wringer is.
for wringing. The price another paramount "
inducement to purchasers, has been placed
so low that it is within tho Teach of every '
housekeeper; and there is no article of do
mestic economy that will r repay tho small
investment so soon. : ; , ; ,j ( i , .
- '- - - j .
All that is asked or fbis GREAT LABOR'
SAVER, i3 a fair trial.. . We guarantee each
machine to d3 its work perfectly! . ..
Sole Agents Fon tub Unitkp States.
'.-f. ... s A. Hi FRANCISCUSTfc CC.,
: ' 513 Market St., Philad'a. Pa. -:
' The1 largest and cheapest WOODEN
WARE HOUSE In the United States. -f-;
Oct. 5, 1871, V . :, , I8-rw6m. .'
, periob Court, . r ...... ;J -. ,
Sirali' C. Dawson, Plaintiff, j ( i '.
. " . against V Summons)
Wm. D. Dawson, Defendant ) m .
State of North Carolina, '
To the Sterif of Johnston Count iJtfrTdti'ti
- Yon are hereby commanded' to summer!
V m. D. Dawson, tho defendant alwreham
ed, If he be found within your county, to be
and appear before the Judge of our Superior
Court, at the Court House in Smithlield, on
tho Oth Monday after the 2d Monday of Feb
ruary, 1872, and answer tho com plaint which,
is deposited in tho office of the Clerk of tis
Superior Court or said county, and let the
said defendant take notice tha't if ho fails t
answer the said complaint at that time th
plaintiff, will abply to the Court for tho" re
lief demanded in thd complaint, i
. Herein fait not, and. of tkis summons
make due return. ' , -
'Given under pry hand an3 the seal of said'
rsEAL.1 VUTt 2Gth day of Feb., 1872. ' .
' i V o '. T- MASSEY,
Clerk Superior Conrt Johnston Co. :
feb. 3 0w. . . r , , .

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