North Carolina Newspapers

The Uxiiverstv.
Office Sup't Public Instruction,
Raleigh, Feb. ICth, 1872.
.lames li. Mason, Esq., y
Trustee of the University,
Pear Sir: Oh the 9th lay of Jan-
nary iu--, iiictriiu 01 mu iruaiees or
;rsity, and
; Bembled on the Oth., and passed & reso-1 Uni vers
iution, introduced bv voursolf. railing shnntri
; upon the Alumni to state the terms upon their feeling.
those who
m ana ore
be national.inot sectional
wincn they could bo inclnral fr o-ixru
their support to the University. Why
was this resolution not introduced at
the proper time? It was in contempla
tion, and freely published by you, long
before the annuel mcctinc in Xovpiu-
ber. The mating at which it was pre- i
.-x.. mm IV CUJJ ItUSL VJ ?t,
- Som'tf time ago you published an ar- j
tide over the .siirnature of s "Justice? in i
one of the religious papers of the State, i r-- -
in which you"suggesrthe plan of trans- J THURSDAY,
ferring in a degree the management ;of j . '.. : - 1 .
the University to the Alumni, ' You . js-au' Letters'
J. C. LOGAJff IIAllRIS, Editor
papers u)xn he platform - i , ; '-..a. . . .
- i ColumhiilL Ohio - , . s g
i o7o . n is a very wandering , docunient, lias
Court Advertisements.
I'nivHvuMa iiaifi in r-, seems to have reenextremelv irrctnilnr-
HMjiiivr iu which ine proposal 01
i ine uumni w aner warns received, was
. a. i . .
utive ciiiicv, ai wnicn a resolution was
adopted to appoint a Committee to
confer with the Alumni of the Univer
sity, and ascertain upon what terms
and to what extent thev might be in-
to come to the relief and sunnort
of tie University. Hon. V. B. Rod
man, Robt. F. Lehman and Alexander
Mclver were appointed by his Kxcel
Icnry, Tod R. Caldwell, upon said
A meeting of the Alurnni was called
to respond to this resolution, and on
the 1st nay or February thev met in
thcrcnate Chamber, in the city of Ral
eign, aim rwrganizea me Alum
sociation by electincr the Hon
.Moore, l'resiuent, and Col. D. M. Car
ter, becretary. Ujon the call of the
successive years from 1820 to 18V3, fifty
rive names of Aiumni were recorded as
On motion of Wm. II. Rattle a Com
mittee of five was appointed to confer the Committee and report an an
swer to the resolution of the Honora
ble Board of Trusteesof the. University.
The President appointed Hons. Wm.
11. Battle, AV. A.Graham, R. M. i'ear
son, R. P. Dick and D. 31. Barringer
upon this Committee. The Association
then adjourned till the next day to al
low the Committee time to report. The
Association met on the next day, and
the Committee through their Chair
man, Hon. Wm, II. Battle, submitted
a report, which had been unanimously
agreed upon by the Committee. The
substance of it was :
That party politics and sectarian in
fluences should be totally and rigorous
ly excluded from the organization and
government of the University; and for
the purpose of securing popular favor
and support, it was thought necessary
by the Committee that there should be
an entire reorganization both of the
Trustees and Faculty of the University.
The report further expressed a willing
ness on the part of the University if it
should be desired on the basis proposed,
and afterwards give it their cordial,
continued and united support, and any
financial assistance which thev could
render in relieving U of its present fi
nancial embarrassment.
This report was unanimously adopted
by the Alumni Association, and after
wardit entirely approved by the Com
mittee of the Trustees, and referred to
the Honorable Board of Trustees at
their meeting in the Executive Ofilce
mi thp Rth int. with tho fnllnwinor
resolution, which was - unanimouslp
adopted by the trustees, to wit:
Hcsotred, That the Superintendent of
l'uoiic instruction communicate to
each Trustee the substance of the pro
ceedings of the Alumni and request the
approval or disapproval of eacn Trus
tee, and lay the information thus re
ceived before his Excellency, Tod R.
Caldwell Governor of North Carolina.
The irrtentioii of the resolution is to
ascertain the opinion of each Trustee in J
regard to the propriety of a reorganiza
tion of the University. It is understood
that each .Trustee who may approve
will tender his resignation as Trustee.
The exercises of the University have
been totally suspended for more than
twelve months. The buildings unoccu
pied are going to waste. There are
tiebts to the afcftount of seventy or
eighty thousand dollars against it. All
its buildings, lands and other property,
are under mortgage, and a suit is now
pending asking for a sale of all the
property to satisfy the debts secured by
the mortgage.
In view of these facts the Trustees
who were present at the meeting on
the Oth of January appealed to the
Alumni of the University to come to
its relief. The appeal was responded
to by the Alumni promptly, generously
and 'frankly. It was the wish of the
Trustees who met on February 8th, to
submit the matter to each Trustee, so
that each might act tor himself. Sev
eral Trustees had resigned before the
meeting of the Sth inst., and it was
understood that all who favored the
scheme would resign.
The educational interests of the State
which are the foundation of all its other
interests are liable at times to fall into
the party contests of the day. But our
wise men who met in the Senate Cham
ber on the 1st of February have vir
tually declared that party politics and
sectarian influences should bo -totally
and rigerously excluded from educa
tional interests, fostered by the Stale.
This has been declared to be the basis
upon which the University is'proposcd
to Ik; reorgauized, and is readily ac-i-ntrvi
n thp nnlv true basis of all ed
ucational interests, fostered. by
You w ill please answer at your
Host convenience.
Verv respectfully,
Sup't Public Instruction.
orital- , Trustees already com
mV As- cigh ? Why no such
;,1J- enable even the Trust
and neither one of the resolutions which
you quote, could have passed the Board.
Such a course x-an only result in evil to
the University. A far less objectiona
ble plan than that which y6u have
proposed, is in contemplation,! and at
the proper time may be adoptel.
! 2. It-is observable that the most
prominent men in your Aumhi meet
ing were most active and influential
members ot the old (anti-beUum, bel
ligerant) Trustees. Under their man
agement the University, in ony a few
short vftiiv. ?n;t it inrHrnifipontifrrlnw-
j nient; was encumbered with a bonder-
ous ueoi ; its property covered by mort
gage, in which some of them appear to
have been personally interested; its
prestige destroyed ; and its patronage
reduced- from 400 to about 75 students. -And
for the last three years thy have
quietly looked on, or actually) aided,
the violent partisan warfare which has
been waged against it through the col
likewise quite as object ionabl el They
state their tearms at a meeting on the
2nd inst., (Friday,) a meeting Df Trus
tees is railed on Tuesday, the 6th.
Prominent members of the Board could
have been present had they Received
any notice of this hurriedly called meet
ing. The Daily Sentinel which jreached
Chapel HiU on Monday . evening con
tained an editorial notice that tjie Trus
tees would meet on Tuesday (next day,)
and requesting a general iittcndanee.
Why this hot haste to assemble the
gregated in Ral-
nonce as wouia
Trustees livintr an ad
joining counties to reach Raleigh in
time? Why this mockery of a call for
general attendance throusrh the edito-;
w uii i no jm IC jcftiici- Xiii4 iiiv iii iumii t ; iiituci j ji lino laicuivt v
irustee3 been duly assembled, tae sub- nient. l he Trustees are invited toTe
ject could have been fairly discussed, ; sign. Permit me respectfully to inti-
1 . A ' 11 I . A. A 1 -A . 1 A.
iiiaif. u you, mat sucu a request is
thought to come with very bad grace
from one who is I indebted . solely to
them for your position. The desertion
f your friends will not most surely .se
cure, to you the confidence of their ene
mies., i
If 1 have gone more at length into
thi3 matter than was expected, it has
been because of the unprecedented man
ner in Avhich these "whole proceedings
have been had. A fraction of the Board
assembles without notice to the remain
der, adopt most remarkable and objec
tionable resolutions, and without call
ing tne lioard tpgetner that the pro-
pnety oi me measures may oe iainy
discussed," issue a circular setting forth
but one side of the question in the most
ingenious way, and demand a vote by
mail, the effect of which isto disorgan
ize the whole Institution; and this upon
the eve of the mest important politi
cal election, by the counsel of men
who are disqualified by law from a
participation in other equally impor
tant public matters, and who are known
to be opposed to the act of reconstruc
tion, and are supposed to entertain
strong sectional prejudices. Many of
the Trustees live 'far remote from the
seat of - the University and from the
seat of government. Your circular fbt
ter presents one side of the subject and
is drawn in a manner which is calculat
ed to mislead them ; and they are re
quested to give an carty response.
My residence at the seat of the Uni
versity; has fortunately given me an
acquaintance with the manner and ap-
farent design of this whole movement,
shall takethe liberty of giving such
publicity to tfiis correspondence as may
be proper; and I trust that you may
be as successful in this effort, as in your
late earnest advocacy of the call, of a
Yours very respectfully,
H James B. Masox,
r Tfustee for Orange county.
in unu . oi c-
JTJ!zl: - psoveral Impracticable resolations upon
- ' - pnDiic poiicyf and upon ; the whale, is an-
relatSne to Subsariptlona r 1 suited to a Sonthern latitndje, where-its
say that, "during the present year the i Advertisement must bo ddre.d to wm m i M,c,n"8. UP tose inspwtiojMf the prin
go vcrnment .of f ale Coliedg 4 that j is w. Z " fiffSS? f? rth' muf' e eO?501"-
thaappointment 6f Trustees, give .B.ROW Bu--. Mn.ecr. - V?"
to; thV Alumni. No SUCh thing Was All Reared Letter, am b. .enatcur risk, tl and iju,. T
er, to interfere with the vested rizhts of cor
porators j another, which - Democrats and i
Conservatives will hardly relish "Equality
Vj -ivyiws unit privileges w an. .uis is iuu
essence of Snmper's amendment to the dis-
abilities bill and yet this laborparty Is be
ing looked to by leading Southern Demo
cratic journals as allies ! We cannot per-
f ceiA'e what consistency there is in thaU For
ine wouthern and .Northern jeniocraey t
. i - n
ii O r a T fir A V'?!'; VniL X(i V. VTK,: AIRCtJIT mm!T t . t nii? rrwirpn -r 4 n-rrc.
ever done. But even had it been done
the cases are different. The Alumni of
that Institution are, national, not sec
tional in their feelings. The men who
would be likely to control such a Uni
versity are not excluded from partici
pation in the national councils. j t
This government "will take no back
step, sir. The reconstruction acts are
not a? fable, nor grand hoax, but a
fixed act a reality. The North Caro
lina of to-day is nbt the North Carolina
ofl8G0;r :. J
In thp management of our education
al tmd other interest. we need not so
much the men whose early education
servesonly to bind them to the unlucky
past, as men who are fully awake and
abreast with the glorious events of this
grand century. ou are looked upon
"Sabscribers receiving' their papers with a
crosa X mark, may know that the time for
which they subscribed is nearly out, and
unless - they- renew, after receiving, two
papers, with a cross marktheir papers will
bb discontinued. ' . , .
!w, wimt n ngrmscv. local or JTT. wbollna.
ZZitifi: .with.-au0ouD6rtnnity to'i 1 U 5l5!5? boxor
nOayseliingoarne ;; 1
7 Ktrana u nite ire ,iuuiw "c . vuijiuiuii ?ihik
Tknjlasl forever 'sample free. Send !
for circular. Address at once Una- ;
son River Wire Works, cor. Water
St. and Maulen.liano, Ix. x ., or .. i
V Randolph St, Chicago. US Uv. j
' rr ' . ' - :,'"T : f ' - '
I OPI fstato srir! finnorcjl Ifomc 1 of that affiliation, will denationalize
bvwMi j wiuw uiiu wuiivi mi iiuiiMi me party more-tban ever, and even H the
v . , ; a . combination, including. otiicr; fragments,
mt were successful against the Republicans
having no policy other than" thatjf the La
bor Party would disintegrate and tumble,
in pieces in a short while, with chaos and
confusion tor- follow. It is not sufficient to
defeat your foe, but to possess strength to
hold the fietfd afterward ; otherwise, to use
an :ipt comparison,' frequent-changes and
party triumphs, will Ma$icanie any county
in its linances and prosperity.
The, Charlotte' Democrat says :
'The Labor Reform Convention -jvhich
nominated- Judge Davis of Illinois, for
Frcaideiit, adopted a resolution in favor of
n law making eight hour a claj-'s work fir I
laborers an'i mechanics.; .. sucu interierc-nce
with bniaoss and individual interns
Attention is invited to the advertisement
in 'another column of fifty dallars reward.
KicsiaxED. Gen. Alfred Dockery hasre
signed his xsition iis a member of the Leg
islative Boardof .Directors for the Peniten
tiary. .
New Paper. A new Democratic daily j
iatto be publislicd in Charlotte .very soon, i
under the control
Bradford.: Co.
of I)
Infokmatiox. The Battleburo' Advance
is infornie.1 that the 20th Senatorial DJstrief
ix composed of Cawell, Person and Onjnge,
niitl is entitied to two Senators.'
Eoal Estate Dealers & O wners
: ; desirous of attracting i i .
Should write, giving full particulars to
GRIFFIN & HOFFMAN; No. 4 South St.
Baltimore, fd. Refer to Hon. ' Jefferson
Davis, Memphis,' Tenn; Ex-Gov. M.; u
Bonham, -Edgefield, S. C; en. P. M. IE
Young, Cartereville, Ga.; Mr. Henry A.
Schroeder, Presid't Southern Bank, Mobile,
Ala.; and W. B. Sorley fc Co. Bankers, Gal
veston, Texas. r J; :i8 4w.
h3Z-v-isBv Tukbix is in cencrai uo
' . - t A -IT 4"
tniougziout ine u.o... a suliuvu..
is used bv the Government in the
Patent Office, ! Washington, D. C.
. Its simplicity of Construe!! and J
tho power it transmits renf- it
the best water -wlieel ever iuveut
Z: ed. Pamphlet free. - ii
N. F. BURNHAM, York, Pa.4w
- as?
Tobacco, Mi
Box Bcrewd.
lion" 1 "-.,iy n iiwKf.-i-itH-i orinft.rmn-
To I.arkin Brooks, anl. t all whom It niav
concern r-rGretlnu.
1iicc,8h!rcb-v P'vn 1,"lt 'Wwoni-n-tionea
property wa felzcHl l.y Chsul.-M L'.AVin
stead. Collector of Internal Itcvenue foe Ui Uh
Collection" District of North Carolina, ,ii!iil"'
oiJth day or Jannary. 1872, as forfeited to the
uses of the Unite.1 Stutpa fr vlidiHmi ,,r ti,u
fternal revenue laws, and tho mame is 1!1k Ui
tP'Vro!cuUl In the Circuit Court of tin
i r n.1. S.t?t,? rVr TOnlemnation for tin Wuf
in tho fal.l lilwl set forth ; nn that ll" Kiut
iusewill Ptrtdfor trial t theeonrt room of
ilJtUielf.UKXK'ir Um ,,Jt rt "J'"-tlou iUy,'
an.l if not at tle next day of jurisdiction there
after, when and where nil p'rson are wurned
to Hmjear to show cause why condemnation
should not be decreed, and to intervene tor u.i
Interest. ; j, . .,.',,
Given under my hand,
the loth day of June. 1S72.
' . i H. Tj CAItROwV
41 w2w f - United SlateH MArshal,
at ol!Ke, ijJUleigli
v District ok Noxtil Caki
umns of their politieal organ, Tne
men who met in the
now, our "wise
Senate Chamber
on February 1st," cooly intimate that
if the present Trustees will ge out of
the way, they will be willing tb aid in
re-organizing the Institution.
It Is a remarkable fact that three of
the five members of the Committee ap
pointed by the Alumni were moist influ
ential in the old lioard; and tlie other
two are most prominent members of
the present Board, who were! at the
peculiar meetings of January t)th, and
February Gth. It may be myJmifor
tune, but I cannot confide so far as
-yourself, in the wisdom of "ourwise
men" in whose hands the Universitv
went to ruin. The source from which
the proposition which you submit
comes, does not go very far towards se
curing my approval.
I will not hero question the sincerity
of the sentiment that "party politics
and sectarian influences should, be ex
cluded," but I regret that it had not
been expressed at an earlier day!
3. The University was reorganized,
in its present form, under the operation
of the late act of reconstruction. The
terms upon which these gcntlemfn now
offer their favor, is that the Trustees
and Faculty submit to an entire reor
ganization. There is to be an abandon
ment of one decisive step under the re
construction act of Congress, and that
too a very important one, connected as
it is with the higher educational! inter
ests of our young men. I look upon
this whole movement no a part of the
contest against "reconstruction.'
The Democratic leaders seem o fear
that the Republican Party has i ljured
itself by reconstructing upon tho basis
of incompetent officers. But superior
intelligence is not the only virtue that
should bo looked for in public men.
The most learned do not always frame
the best laws, nor are they always the
safest custodians of outfree institutions.
You may have reatl the able speech of
Foii Grast.-Khode Island held her
State Convention on the I4th4nst. Tho ad
ministration was endorsed and Grant and
Collax urged for re-nomination. "
Cincinnati Convention. The Wash
ington correspondent of the Ar. I'. Tt'6ime,
says Senator Charles Sumner has consented
to preside at the "Convention which meets
in Cincinnati in May. . "
should not las tolerated, li injures tho poor
laborer and mechanic iiir than it doe tho
capitalist. o man will puv'as m uch for 8
i liours work as he will -for 10 or 12 hours.
We have always been' obliged to work from
12 to 15 hours a dajvand have oiten worked
is liours and that is the only way to Keep
free of deh. and the calls of the sheriff and
constable. People who work only 8 hours
and play 4, may be expected to. complain
of hard times and talk about tins being a
poor country. -, The country is a great deal
better than many f the people who . inhab
it it. "
r. ,
HtejjmSUSSeSSuonSTTSrooISTff moat'
unites states Vs. harTboxes ul XLuiufacturtd
Plug Tobacco. nv'riL'rt vwla-htf .v iw Knv i
Ouerrrnt Machine, l pair of I s, 1 Box
, tuew.s, Z Presa Screws, 2 lron Ia-vci-m, and 14
Dryers an t lie prcjicrty of II ugh Wo x .-!-LA bf I ,
of Information. ; t
To HukU WootU. tanl U all w hom li5nayon- -jcrn:
lriiiifi. ' , i - ,('. ;
. MXoticc islu'ivby fitven, that the mft'-"
uoiumi Mxiporty wtw seized lv OJiarlos M. wtn-
Cipcinou7chTcro orBt Loaig
Sah, Accident. We learn from The
Salem Preas that Frank Matthews, . son of
Mrs. Antionette Matthews; neaclluntsville,
Yadkin county, so badly shattered his hand
on Monday last, by the premature explo
sion of a gun ho was loading, that amputa
tion became necesearv.
There will baa meetinj of the
Republican citizens of Granville county at
the Courthouse in Oxfqrd on the 9th day of
April, 1872, for the purpose of appointing
delegates to the District Convention to
nominate a candidate for Congress.
td. Countv Ex. Committee.-
Southern Claims. It is thought South
ern claims which have been passed upon
by the Commission at Washington and re
commended to be paid, will be paid during
next month. Congress will probably
be guided by the report of the Commission
and not subject the claims to a second ex
amination by the joint Committee on
Ciiapel Hill, N. C, Feb 21, 12.
Prof. Alexander Mclver,
Supt. Public Instruction.
Dear SIk: Your circular letter of
Feb. ICth, 1872, communicating certain
proceedings recently had in relation to
the University, and ?Vinffil?m?"
provalor disapproval' .of thef me
reached me on the evening of the 19tJ;
St. I have to reply that I mart em
phatically disapprove the whole pro-
i-eelure. imnor(ant action as that
X. 1 KJ . . , 1
which you communicate coum uu
erly taken, certainly not since the pass
V3in net upon the subject by the
dencrnl .Vssembly ir 1 1821, eei;
annual meetin- of the Board I of
tees The propriety of the regulations
uon thisCsibjext should at .once coin
nipnd itself to vou. Otlierwise, a mere
ESta. or the l3oard, at the priWn
of the ITUlin?, Oflter. mht t a
moment assemuic, ' of
ofrino- the whole character oi
thetomitiai. At the annual ineeting
every member may. be present.
fhekiterim, there should be matter of
ie5JV demanding the action of
eTruTtee, each member should be
notifled. in order that there may be
opportunity for- full and fair consid
eration and discussion. -
Thp usual number of Trustees left
....i.hnmMnnd attended the last an
"f-Ylnff. in November.
Judge Hoar, recently delivered In the
Congress or the united fetates,! upon
the bill to' establish an educational
! fund, most of the benefits of which for
j the next ten years must flow to the
South. ,.Keiernng to the reconstruction
f the Southern States, he says : j" You
did, Republican statesmen, in recon
structing those States, found their gov
ernments upon their ignorance. You
could not do otherwise. The education
of those States had proved itself unfit
to govern. What we have to sayj how
ever, is not that ignorance is fit to gov
ern, but only that the ignorant slave is
les injured and degraded by thd rela
tion than the educated tyrant." Iu a
late editorial in The Era, some of the
Alumni of the University are, by error
in the type, characterized as among our
worst distinguished citizens. The! pres
ent Board of Trustees contains sopie of
the purest and most intelligent men in
North Carolina. From year to year
j vacancies are occurring and ncy ap
; pointments are being made. In a few
! years the entire organization is liable
1 to be changed in a regular and llegal
I . . . a i e- ii ii l
wav. isut in ine nice oi an mis; aim
"Jligst, -Perturbed Spirit.".
In the death of Giuseppe Mazzini the
world loses forever the most persistent
aim niusi poweriui ugiiaior oi ine age.
rso man ever uvea wno was more
thoroughly imbued with one idea than
ho. No man through discouragement
and defeat ever pressed on more faith
fully towards his ideal. :- No man ever
proved uiorp completely the power of
mental force and the influence which
one Strong determined mind can wield
overjvast communities.
Foj Mazzini was a man without
great wealth, without the positiort
which high birth affords, without mili
tary genius, without any of those more
salient qualities which are apt to com
mand at once the attention of mankind;
and yetj by his earnest enthusiasm and
unflinching perseverance, he won for
himself a name which is known all over
the civilized world. Kings were afraid
of him. : ; - Every occupant of, or heir to
a throne In Europe had a secret dread
of this Italian theorist. His shibboleth
was t4Gd and the people.' His idol
was Republicanism. His 'City of the
SouP'.was Rome. These three passions
swayed his every movement and di
rected his whole life.
When but twenty-two years of age
Mazzini, was in prison for political of
fences, and from that time his career
has been one long series of revolutiona
ry intrigues. In 1849 . his name was
perhaps the most prominent of all
brought into public notice at that tem
pestuous period, lie was one of the
triumvirs of Rome, and - but for the in
terference of the French Republic,
which iti behalf of the Papacy dared to
Dkatii of A Fireman. We regret to an
nounce the death of Haswell P. Buncombe,
colored, of Victor Fire Company, No. 1.
Tne deceased was known as an upright,
honest man. Ho was a waiter in the Capi-
t tol Aji BCTCi nl -rcorp, fixl won tlioornrafidonoA
and respect of all tho State officers, by his
gentlemanly demeanor and strict attention
to his duties. He was buried- on Monday
by his Fire Company.
; The Outlaws. The Wilmington Star of
the 17th says aothing further 'confirmatory
of otherwise in regard to the reported kill
ing Boss. Strong has as yet been received,
tliougn it is still the impression among a
great many on the line o the road that he
was certainly killed. There is a rumor to
the eflbcthat Henry Berry Lowery has left
.the county, he having previously disguised
"himself with false whiskers, Ac, so that his
most intimate friends and associates would
not know him. It is also reported that Ste
phen Lowery, who has the reputation of be
ing really the most brutal and blood-thirsty
of the gang, is now in command in place of
his brother Henry Berry. We give these
rumors for what they are worth, in nowise
vouching for their correctness. If there
should be any truth in them, the -fact would
account for otherjnembers of the gang be
ing seen with Henry Berry's favorite weap
ons in their possession, as is reported to be
the case. -Then, too,- if Boss Strongs has in
reality been sent to the "happy hunting
grounds of his fathers," the number of this
notorious gang, of desperadoes will have
been reduced to three, viz., Stephen ''Low
ery, Tom Lowery and -Andrew Strong.
George Applewhite, reported to have been
killed sometime during the early part of
last' year, but who subsequently made his
appearance among the gang, afterwards dis
appeared again ana nis wnerea bouts or
probable fate has ever since been clouded
in mystery. Some think that he left the
ccrunty, w Jlonry ; Horry i rtow.jroportvl to
havo done, while others entertain the opin
ion that ho was killed in some brawl among
the members atha gang.
"AGENTS WANTED. The only complete
life of v ; . . - .
Containing a full account of all his schemes,
enterprises and assassination. Biographies
of Vanderbilt, Drew and other great R. R.
and Financial magnates. Great FRAUDS
of the TAMMANY RING. Brilliant pen
pictures in the LIGHTS & SHADOWS of
New York Life. JOSIE MANSFIELD the
siren. How a beautiful woman captivated
and ruined her victims-Life of EDWARD
S. STOKES, Illustrated octavo of over 600
pages. Send $1.00 for outfit, and secure ter
ritory at once. Circulars free. UNION
PUB'LISHINGUJO., Philadelphia, Chicago
or Cincinnati. 118 4w. -
staid,. Coi let-toe f Internal Ilevt nne l'nrthesth
Coll.i-(I.n Iiir$vt of North Carolina, oil theSOth
of January, l-,2, n forfeited to the .uses of tte
United sums f.,r violation of the Intel nal Rev
rnuc Laws, ami tl. Mine ig lilell'diid prom- ,
-i:t;'d in tho Circuit Court of the United .siatf -for
tioudfinnaiiou for tlie ean.seMiu ri.caid liht l
ot lttfciiniiri.tii uat f. ..-i... i i..L t ! ... t- ...ti.t -
will stand fur trial tt the eoim nom of snld comt
til it:ueiuu on tne first Monday of June, next, If
that he. Jurisdiction rtay, iiia If not at the next
day of juritdk-tioit tKoreui'ter, when and wheie
all persons lire warnetl to appear to show came
why condemnation should not be decreed, and '
to Intervene for their lnterent.
-Given under my hand at office, In Raid 1 eh. '
this th day of 3Iarch, 1872. f ' i :
8. T. CAItROW,
41 w2w - United States Marshal. .
Pistkict of North CAaorrsAj .
- $500 REWARD fa offered byH
tne proprietor oi ur. tge b
Catarrh Kemedy for a case of
"Cold in Head," Catarrh or
Ozena, which he cannot cure.
Sold by Druggists at 60 eta.
Salk Ixjuxcted. The Asheville Pioneer
is informed that Judge Tourgee has issued
an injunction which stopped the sale of tho
Swepson estate. Itxwas to have-been sold
last Thursday. Tho injunction was issued
upon a complaint which urged that, in con
sequence of the recent snows in that section,
the sale of the property at this time Avould
result in serious loss to the complainant1?,
44 We Know." W-e learn from the Pub
lisher of this paper, Mr. L. N. Keith, that it
has changed hands, and will certainly .ap
pear as soon as they can get their new head
and standing cuts. They are now engaged
in getting up a design for a comic head.
We learn that it is to appear with R. D.
Wicker and L. N. Keith as Editors and
Proprietors. Mr. Keith is an old newspa
per man, and a practical printer, and though
Mr. Wicker is quite young, ho is a bright,
enterprising young man, and a "chip from
tho old block," and we predict for them
success, as our people know how to appre
ciate an enterprise. Go. it Sob ! Tho next
r umber of the We Know will appear on
Countkkfeiters Arrestkd. The Char
lotte Democrat says two or three white men
wer brought to that city last week and
committed to Jail for passing, "counterfeit
money, of which they had several hundred
dollars when taken up. Their- arrest was
caud by Mr. A. W. Lawing, to whom
some of the spurious money was passed.
He and Dr. Wash. Morrison and W. A.
Wilson, -pursued the men into Gaston coun
ty and brought them to Charlotte, where
they were examined by a U. S. Com mis
&ioner and Marshal and committed for trial.
They had two teams and ' professed to bo
from Rockingham county, Va. They will
find out that honesty is tlie best policy.
Detective Hester, last week, seized in that
city, one or two wagons loaded with "bloc
kade'' whiskey. In one case the men un
hitched their horses and escaped, leaving
their wazon standing in the street. Those
who Attempt to evade the tax on tobacco
and whiskey not only injure themselves,
but cause iniurv to honest manufacturers
and dealers,, by the stringent regulations
imposed by the Government.
We Rd-
journed l to on the 2d day of Janu
On that day, although a
ar, f'-r.-rfnpnt Trustees were In
rhiX-of fcleigh, there was no meet
h ami i retuniil home supposing
h& if anyVestiohou
properi rrv,,etoi hud ns-
just upon the eve of the most impor
tant political campaign, when thisjvery
subject of " reconstruction " presents a
prominent point of divergence,' the
Trustees are asked to admit as aailure,
so much of reconstruction as relates to
one of the most important matteirs of
the government. I deny that the pres
ent Trustees are justly chargeable with
the misfortunes of the University and
lay the whole responsibility where it
rightfully belongs, upon the shoulders
of tho very gentlemen who now de
mand a re-organization. Some of hese
irentlemen, if I am correctly informed,
are disqualified from holding om
If thev really oe unnc 10 sir, in in
le .na
tional councils, they can hardly bej safe
advisers in our educational aimirs.
That power to which we must look for
material aid in these matters clould
hardly be expected te agree with lis in
our high esteem of their fitness. JIad
your resolution of January Gth inquir
ed upon what terms they could be in
duced to support the government? (In
stead of the University) I presume their
answer would have been substantially
the same "annul reconstruction ami
entirely reorganize."
t am n much opposed as you'ean be
in the introduction of politics into; the.
management of the University. I3ut
who has been so constant and bitter in
this crime for tire last three years-as
the very class of men whose counsel
you now seek, and who speak so flip
nantl v of the eternal exclusion of party
politics and sectarian influences? those
men Who are JthnM o rcporteI a hayinghree
thft roverniiieui' uuut " ...v... j .. . ... . u- ,-ii
aims ii u diuciuj uuv nu am mww -...
this way. 1 Just think- of a' public printer
with three hands drawing pay by' the letter
fight and crush a sister people, Mazzini
might Imve seen the darling object of
his heart realized. He might have seen
Rome the capital of an Italian republic
Neve? indeed, was his triumph so close
at hand. His foot seemed to be actually
treading the soil of his Utopia when
fate intervened. Since that oay Maz
zini has only been an active schemer
not a practical leader. : .
lie never awakened the popular en
thusiasm with which Garibaldi at one
time inspired Italy and the world.
Though quite as earnest and as honest
as the lion of Caprera, his methods of J
bringing about his ends was very dif
ferent. He and Garibaldi could not
harmonize, and so they agreed to disa
gree. In fact, any one working for
Mazzini in the cause of national regen
eration must bend entirely to his will.
The two triumvirs associated with him
in the defence of Rome differed in their
views, and so he, in disgust, abandoned,
his task 'and retired to England. He
j could be an exile for his political opin
ions, he could be a martyr it necessary,
but he nevr could be a subordinate.
His death''-occurs at a moment when
public attention had long been diverted
from hiuu There is an element of pe
culiar sadness in his fate. To die is
but tfatural ; but for an ardent theorist
and active agitator to die as Mazzini
did, without even beholding his prom
ised Ifmd from Pisgah's top is certainly
hard?: His influence and example,
however, liave had their effect on the
world, and his .writings will not die
with him ; while in contemporary bio
graphy his name will remain as that of
a man who literally devoted his life to
his country-a vrountry which oftefr
failed to comprehend his views, and
neve thought of rewarding his devo
tion. And se passes away one of the
representative men of .the nineteenth
century. N. Y. Post. - :- '
Laconic Mr. Greeley is cultivating, the
laconics in the correspondence of his ma-
turer years. A quarrel occurred between
two Kansas editors as to whether II." G. had
said that he would not -support Grant if
nominated. The matter was referred to
The Tribune philosopher, who thus replied:
Tkibuhe Office, ,
New York, February 22d, 1872. j
; " No. Horace Greeley'
We have never thought fr a minute
that Mr. Greeley would not "support tho
nominee of the Philadelphia CohVentToii.
He is too good a Republican, and loves tho
peace and prosperity of hi country too
well, to endanger all that has been settled
b' the rebellion and reconstruction, to aid
in placiug the country under Democratic
controTT" ' .
They sliould certainly not be men
n ha r.nnfs cannot be legally heard in
h Affairs of civil crovernment. Party
politics should be unknown in
Drowned. A soldier belonging to the
Company now stationed at Rutherfordton,
was drowned in South Fork a few miles
from Lincolnton a few daj'S-ago. The river
was considerably swollen by recent .rains
and was two feet over tlie bride. It seems
that the soldier was driving oine horses.
They stopped on the bridge to drink. The
horse which the soldier was riding drinking
longer than tho others, "the rider spurred
him, and the harse jumped off the bridgeon
the upper side. Both horse and rider went
under the bridge. The horse reached shore,
but the soldier was unablo to -detach his sa
bre .and accoutrements, and drowned. , :
Indepjcic dent Ppess The Charlotte Bul
letin publishes an article from The States
ville American headed The People .are
Sovereign- Iso the article fem The Neva
of this cityi regretting, that: the tone. and
communications of The American are such
as to excite"! suspicion as, to ' where. The
American will bo found tn the -ensuing
ramDaisro." The Bulletin then replies to 1
The News follows:. , .
! This is another evidence that if an konest,
manly,-N4ndependent, soundT Sentiment is
expressed, even by one of the best and most
faithful Conservatives, forthwith the brand
ing iron is prepared Jto brand the independ
ent author as a "damned Radical.U Such a
policy will- ruin any party. It is not -Con-Hervatlve.
fit is rank Kadicalism,;; ; r
Results f -Democratic secession.
The following remarkable clause is con
tained in the willpf a recently deceased cit
izen of Richmond, "V lrghiia : . "
"To my daughter , who has done so
much to alienate my affections, but who I
still deeply and tenderly love, I give as an
evidence of the beauties of her doctrines of
secession and rebellion, doctrines and aims
which havo reduced me from affluence to
beggary, and as she yet Jhinks perhaps that
'Tho Lost Cause' wil be regained, she may
think my bequest as valuable, more so,
nossiblr. than the same amount given in
Yankee securities. I give her the following,
viz: Twenty-five Confederate bonds of K.,
i. A Co.. f25,000 ; eighteen servant eman
cipated by secession, $10,000 ; insurance and
bank-stocks, $15,000 all my claims against
the so-called Confederate "government for
the wanton, cru! and wicked destruction
of my property on the; third of ApiiU 1803,
$200,00ii. I could ..continue tho list to tho
extent of more than half a mi! lion of dollars,
but the above, will suffice. Sho will see
what the effect of secession has been, but
for which I could havo left all my children
a handsome competency. , ,
The Pen Letter Book
for copying letters without Press or Water,
continues to grow in favor wherever intro
duced, and thousands now using it attest its
wonderful merits. All praise its Simplicity
and Convenience, and a public test of six
years has fully established its genuineness
and reliability. It has only to be properly
shown to be appreciated by all business men.
Price .$2.25 and upward. Address
P. GAKliETT & CO., Philadelphia, Pa
Agents wanted. i 118 iw. .
These Tablets present the Acid in Combi
nation with other efficient remedies, in a
popular form, for tho Cure of all THROAT
and LUNG Diseases. HOARSENESS and
mediately relieved and "statements are con
stantly being sent to the proprietor of relief
in casca of Tkroat tliflSoultifis of years stand
PAIITIflM Don't be deceived by worth
bnU I IUIM iess imitations. Get only
Wells' Carbolic Tablets. Price 25 Cts. per
Box. JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St.,
N. Y., Sole Agent f-r the U. S. Send for
Circular. 118 iw.
Oh, Would I Were a Child
again! -
sighs the wearyimd exhausted one, as the
languor and lassitude of spring comes upon
him. Come and receive vigor and strength
from the wonderful South American Tonio
Long and successfully used, in its native
country, as a Poicerfid Tonic, and Patent
Purifier of the Blood, it is found even to ex
ceed the anticipations founded on its great
reputation. According to the medicaland
scientific periodicals of London and Paris,
it possesses the most- powerful tokio
properties known to Matekia. Medica.
Dr. Wells' Extract of Jurnbeba
is a perteet remedy lor an diseases oi tne
and will remove all obstructions of the
It is strengthening and nourishing. Like
nutricious food taken into the stomach, it
assimilates and diffuses itself through the
circulation, giving vigor and health. - -
It regulates the bowels, quiets tne nerves.
acts directly on the secretive organs, and,
by its powerful Tonic and restoring effecTts,
produces healthy and vigorous action to the
whole system. i ''!
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, iai hut St., N Y.,
Sole Agent tor the Lmited States.
Price, One Dollar per Bottle. " Send for
Circular. v mar 14 118 4w.
United States vs. 18 boxes manufactured plug i
tobacco, one waon, 2 horses anil hames. r
seized as the property of William 8. Holloway, i
and against said Holloway and N, M. Norwood
; and William P. Day, hla sureties on theep- j
uraisement bond for tha rnlonaa nf bdIH
. perty. Ijlbel of Information. i j '
To William S. IIollownyrf William P. Day, N. M.1'
Norwood, aud to all whom it may concern : .j '
- Greeting. ..-!."' . t, . -. ;
Notice is hereby given that the above men- '
tioned property was seized by I. J. Younjr, Gol-j I
xcwi ui luwriuut u;vtuuo IU1 luo m LMIlieCllOn 1
District of N. C, on the 10th day of February, 1S72, T
as forfeited to the uses of the United States, for 1 '
violation of the Internal Revenue Laws; and , !
the same is libelled nnd nrnoiwiteri In th fir.
cult Court of the United btates for condemna- 'j
tlon for the causes In the said libel of Informa
tion set . forth; and that the said cause: m-111 :
stand for trial at tho Court Room of said Court J !
at llaleigh, on tho flrst Monday of June next, ,
if that be a Jurisdiction day, and If not ; at th i 1
nexiuay oi juTisuiction thereafter, when and. i
where all persons are warned to appear to nhow I
cause why said property shall not be declared i ,
liable-to forfeiture or a judgment according ; j
ntervene for their Interest. 1 !
Given under my hand at office, In RAleizh. -j j
this 14th day of Mrtrcli, 1872. H. T. CAItROW, U
41w2w United States Slarshal.
District oe North Carolina. t .
United States vs. 1 Still and Fixtures and twenty-six
acres, of Land, on which7 said still is 1
situated, nnd In the county of Orange, being i
designated as the Distillery tract, Label of In- .
formation. I .J ;
To Samue( Johnson, and to all whom It may !
concern : Greeting. ' ! '
Notice is hereby -given, that thenbove men- ' !
tioned property was seized by I. J.i Young, Col- "
lector of Internal Revenue for the 4th Collection :
District of North Carolina, on the 23rd day of
Jan., 1X72, as forfeited to the uses of the United i
States, for violation of the Internal Revenue
laws, and the same is lilellet and nrosecuted in . i
.the Circuit Court of the United States for con- i
demnation for the causcsin the said Libel of In- ,
formation set forth ; and that the said cause will
stand for trial as the court room of said Court ! !
at Raleigh, on the rirst Monday of June next, t j
ifthatbea jurisdiction day, and if not at the l
jiHAt any oi jurisdiction thorooftf r, when and '
where all persons are warned to appear to show i
cause why condemnation sliould not be dc- i
creed7ncl to intervene for their Interest. I
Given under my hand, nt ofllco in j Raleigh. '
this Uth day of March, lb72. I j
; -lw2w -! i United States Alarshal.
I , : , , , ,
District of North Carolina.: . ;
nited States vs. 1 Still and Fixtures and a tr-t i
of one hundred and thirty-six acres, more r ,
i iess, oi lanu on wnicu said stuiand nxtun-H -
were situated, known us Hlossoirt's Distillerv.
Libel of Information ,
To George IJlossoin, and to all whom It inay
I concern: Greeting. '
Notice is hereby given, that the above men
tioned property was seized by I. J. Young, Col-.
District of North Carolina, on tlie Stub, day of
January, 1S72, as forfeited to the I uses of th
United States for violation of the Internal Rev- '
enue Laws, and the same is libelled and pros
ecuted in the Circuit Court of tho United States
for condemnation for the causes in ,the wild
Libel of Information set forth; nnd that the
said cause will stand for trial nt the court
room of said court, at Raleigh on th first Mon- ,
day of Jane next, if that be a Jurisdiction
day, and if not at the next day of jurisdiction
thereafter, when and, where all persons ure" "
warned to appear to show cause why condem
nation shonld not be decreed, and to intervene
for their interest. i 1 "
Given under my hand at oflice, In Raleluh.
this 14th day of March, 1372. i
. i.. H. T. CAItROW,
41 w2w. , Unltrtl States Marsbul. .
Dead men tell no tales : if they did,
anathemas against the depleting lancet, the
drastic purge, and the terrible salivants of
the materia mediea, would arise from every
graveyard. The motto of modern medical
science is "Preserve and Regulate, not de-
.Vwi n wrnwlT ttf nn i rlav is ho en-
viivu, o.ivx " --r- t , ; t,t,, rt:.. t rr
tirely in harmony with this philanthiopic th pubisflsan Agent to prosecute the
TORTH CAROLINA, ) Superior Court
J3l Tvrrell County. j .Notice.
Sam'l Rogers and wife, Plaintilfs;
James Bric-khouse and wife Anna, Mathew
iJiIlen and others, Defendants.
Itappearing that the' above named Mathew
Dillcn is a resident of the State of Indiana,
Notice is hereby given; that pursuant to an
order of the Supreme Court of North Caro
lina made in this cause nt January Term,
1872, th' undersigned will" proceed to state
the account between tho parties to thi ac
tion, at. the Court , House in . Columbia,
Tyrrell county ,N. C, on Tuesday, May 7th,
1872, and continue from day to day until the
same is. completed, wnen aiui where the
parties to said action are nbtilied to appear,
and 'do all things necessary to protect their
interests 1n the premised. ' 1 -
rr J:LI SPRUILL, Clerk .
Sujerior Court of Tyrrell county.
March 9, 1872. V - a 41 wGw. ,
, WAsniNOTox, March, 1st, 1S72.
logic as Dr. Wlkkb's vegetablvisk
oak Bittkrs. i-In this powerful, yet harm
less restorative,, dyspepsia, billions com-1
plaints, and all diseases or the .stomacn, 4
liver, bowels and nerves, encounter an
irresistible antidote. C: - 118 4 w.
Petition". The petition of Fredrick T.
Walser, publisher of The National Repub
lican, a newspaper published in the county
of Forsythe, North Carolina, was presented
by Mr? Pool In the United States Senate
last Friday, graying that papers printed on
one side be made legal mailable matter at
the minimum rate fixed by Congress on
weekly newspapers and packages to news
dealers, which was referred to the commit
tee on post offices and post roadsv , - - -r '7.-
F. F. YJohn-Tyler, son of ex-President
Tyler, of Virginia, has written a letter pre
dicting the triumph and perpetuity, of the
Republican party,' and announces himself a
Republican.'""' V " "'-'.. ...
claims of citizens against the (overnmi?ntof
tho United States. Address-'
Box No. 217 Washington, D. C.
maV 4114 3twfctri-w. 1
Unitcnl States vs. 1 8till and Fixtures, the pro-
perry of Jndson Fearingfon, and 1 1 Htill nnd
.Fixtures, the jxropcrty 01' William Ubck Fos-.
ter. Libel of Information. . .j
To'Jmlson Fearingtou and Wm. Uluck FosU r,
ami to all whom It my concern :-40reetInc. .
Notice is ljereby given, that the above men-
tioned pniH rty wan nciixd by I. J. I ounc. Col-'
lector of Miternol ll'ivejiisn'for the iXU Collection
District of North Carftina, on 11th ctf.y of Jnnu- '
ary, lt7"2,.ns fo: lcilc.l t the umch of tho United i
Stat-es, for viol.-. t ion of ii.- iiiti-.i-nul revenue1 laws,
and the same 1h libelled and pi-osccjuted In tho
Circuit Court f ti.e United Httt s for condem
nation forihe cjiuss in thesuid libel of informa
tion sot fori 11 ; and the Nuld caue will Ktand
for trial at the court room of said court, at Rnl
ehrh,on Use Hist Monilay-of June next, if that be
a jurisdiction Luy, .a nd It not at the next day of
jurisdiction thcu-ul'K r, wlien und where all per
sons uru wjiinid x-.t i;p nr t show cause wliy
condemuatU.11 should not be decreed, and to
intervene for tLctr Int-i est. (. -i -
. Oi ven under -my It: in id, Pt rtllcc, . In Ralelth. -this
Uth diy of March, UT2. ...
i , I , S. T. CARROW,
,1 wJw United Mr.ttc MarshaL. -.
finu'uiT court of tid: u?;iTiri states,
U Dl. STKltTOt SOlCTil L'AKOLWA.'j- '- '
United Htatcs vs. 1 Kil.'hnfid Fixtures and jdxtj-i
.Kcrcaof land situated In 4th Va lection Ills- -trict.
Libel tf Information. - .'
To Daniel 'Mcliiuc, imd to all whom it' Am v3' '
ooiiccrn t Orcetln;. ". . 11 tf . '
Noticoisherohy gtTi n, tiiat the above m'eK-."
tlonvd property wus seited by Isaao J. Vouiit. '
Collector of Internal Revenne for tire 4th 'Co! Ice - ;
tion District of North Cwrollnn, on the ilth
Uvy of January, 1S72, as forfeited to the ukch
of. the United Htnr, l-'r violi-.tion of the" In
ternal Revf-nwe Jiws, hiid tlie ume IslilxUled
and prosi-cuted in I he' I ircitlt Court of tho
ITnltctl 8taiiH, for con-lemnaf Uv:i .lor the causes '
in the saM IIIk'1 of liironniilioii et forth; end ''
that tho biild aiwc will stun j -ivr trial at tho
court rjtjju of said Coin t, at IU ., h;ontheftrtt
Mondaj' of June next. If tf .-1 ' j a lurlsdiei .
tion rjy, and if not at th next C( n sj; JarlsdUv. r
tion thereal'UT, wlin and wlic ..ll i .M i-ons are
wameu 10 appear to show chu-- v.-hy '.ndem-
11U.L1011 Hiiouitruoi wiecTiHHi, !' wi
for their In tercut -i 1
Given under hiy hand, at oflt:-t in ,
this Uth clay of March. 1S72. i
W. J . C'AJtKOW.
m itKervc t,t
41 w2w
United bUttes Marshal.
From the subscriber on the night of the
20th of February last, a BAY HORSE, six
Jeans old, above medium 1 Ieight, rather
eavy limbed and light bqdied, knees in
clined forward, some white in his face, and
a small scar on right shoulder; behind the
collar."; He trots long and hard, and Is just
learning to pace. - ' ."
The above reward will be paid for the de-;
livery of said Horse, or for any information
Hint tcill lea1 to hi a. rnnnvftrv. A Art rMQ 1
, - Bnsh Hill. RandoTnb n. - :
March 1st, 1S72 w3w. N. C.
JOHN M ASSET is running a Saw3l ill
: at Carey. He will furnish all kinds of
Lumber at short notice. Any order left at
this ofilce will receive ompt attention. .
. JMiiMi-f IO, lTf ; ' 9bv?totf
.- ;.: . ' jf . j ;
.1 will i pay the. above reward for the cap
ture and delivery to jne of the body of Robt.
AI. Budger,if eaptnredMn Bertie county
and one hundred ($100) dollars reward if
captured anywhere outsidaof said county, ;
and delivered to me in Bertie. j -.
.- , - ' . FW. BELL. Sheriff. ' :
March lo, 1372. , , t . 41 wlm. ,
Sr State and Norfolk papers please copy. ;
' - ' . , - ' . :
Claimants Having- testimony !
taken by me will please understand
that all costs and charges are to be paid -at
the time when' such testimony is taken.
Counsellors shonld so inform claimants.
, . E. W. WOODS. ; ;
Special Commissioner. , ;
Chapel HilL Deo. .12, 1871. ,
85 tf.
al that some

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