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The Editor mast not be understood as endors
luff the sentiments of his correspondents
Communications on all subjscu are solicited"
which will be given to the readers of The Era
as containing the views and sentiment of the
writers. .
Fbr the Carolina Era.
Oar Choice for Gorernor.',
w - .
.hr. .editor : 1'ermlt me to state
m your columns why I earnestly favor
uio uumiuauoa OI lOD 14. U ALD W ELL.
ns me xvcpuutican candidate for Gover
nor in the aDuroachinff' cammicm '
Kefore doing so, I -would remark that
my partiality for Governor fhlrinrAii
ll "ot ,based uPn personal grounds.
W ero I to consult my individual nref-
erenee it is probable I should favor
anoiner. iience my present position
is mnuencea entirely by a sense of
gooa-poncy, and not by a personal
whim or by a selfish purpose.
Governor Caldwell deserves the nom
ination, ills services to the IleDubli
can party cannot be overlookpd. nr hi
clai ma ignored without the basest ingrat-
iuc jmriur ins pomicai mends.
He is; beyond doubt, the strongest man
wmcn tne liepublican party can put
b,efore the people. His administration
has been eminently successful in every
point of view, and considering the pe-
1 noa when he assumed the chair of
htate, his success has been wonderful.
All-recollect the fact that he was in
ducted into the chair against his ardent
- 5 - 1 A 1 .a .
wisnes, inrougn tne oase ana malevo
lent action of a Ku Klux Lecislature.
who thought by deposing Gov. 1 1 old en
they would thereby forever disgrace
me itepuDiican party of .North Caroli
na. xney nuie recKoneu tne conse
quences of their act, that, in fact,
they would be " hoist with their own
petard." Gov. Caldwell, at that time,
formed alone the only bulwark that
opposed the tide of malignant opposi
tion which threatened to deluge ana
forever destroy the Republican party.
The party was in it hopeless minority
in the Liegislature, and was prostrate
and paralyzed in every limb. The
weal or woe of our party was with him ;
and a sincrle error-a single false sten
and all would have been lost, and his
head too would have rolled into the
receptacle which received Gov. Hol
den's. His enemies, with tiger-like
watchfulness, eagerly scanned his ac
tions, in the hope to catch him una
wares. But they signally failed !
How well has he fulfilled his trust !
The old Republican ship righted quick
ly under his guiding hand, and is now
gliding prosperously beyond the torpe
do of Convention, and the angry break
ers of Ku Kluxism, in the glad waters
of peace and success. While the storm
was at the thickest, and the good Re
publican ship was in the greatest dan
irer. he was called to the Wheel, and
his arm of nerve, and his knowledge of
me ireacnerous coast aioug wmcn me
ship was scudding, alone saved us from
disastrous shipwreck.
Does not this noble service deserve
The Ku Klux Democracy, with its
overwhelming majority in the General
Assembly, have legislated in vain to
break down his administration. Ev
ery expedient which the most malig
nant hate could invent, has been used
to this end. But he has foiled them
all. His opponents have been forced
to gnash their teeth in impotent rage,
defeated and discomfeited at every
step. As a consequence, no person who
has ever occupied the Executive chair
? not even Gov. Holden himself has
been subjected to a more deluging tor
rent of abuse, calumny and misrepre
sentation induced by baffled rage. His
every act, resulting in good to his
State and party, has been impeached,
while it can be truthfully said that
no State representative ever had less
moral support from the press of his
party. Shall we, by refusing to ad
vance him to a position which is in a
regular line of promotion, and wrhich
as a subaltern, he has temporarily fill
ed so successfully and satisfactorily,
thereby endorse arid ratify the slander
and calumny which has been heaped
' uim him ? Shall we go back upon
the tried friend and champion of our
cause when we were in tribulation and
distress, after he has led our forces to
victorious battle? Surely not! If we
should do so, such base ingratitude
would deserve rebuke, and Lytrilv be
lieve, that indignant and oi"id jus
tice would revolt at the act, hnd mete
out due chastisement.
Republicans will remember that un
der Gov. Caldwell's administration,
every political wound which was cor
rupting the body politic has Been heal
ed. It is now in a live, active," healthy,
prosperous condition. Good and true
men all over the State who have here
tofore acted with the Democracy are
marshaling under our banners, induced
to this step by the wise course the par
ty has pursued, which has led them to
-believe that Republican principles,
honestly and justly carried out, are the
acme of human liberty and good gov
ernment. Should Governor Caldwell
be re-nominated he will be elected by
an overwhelming vote. The masses
trust him. He is no new man he has
been tried, and they know of what ma
terial he is made. Therefore, let the
Republicans of North Carolina lay
aside local preferences, and in the ap
proaching Convention, cast from them
every selfish and personal considera
tion, and act with a common purpose
for the good of the party by nominating
the people's first choice, Tod R. Cald
well He has been the Moses of the
Republican party. He lead it from
the bondage of defeat, across the wil
derness of humiliation into a full view
of the Canaan of permanent success.
Let us make him the Joshua of our
Hosts In the coming battles with the
Hittitesand Amonitesof Democracy,
and such a loud shout of victory will
be given by the people next .August , as
will cause the very walls of Ku Klux
Jericho to crumble to their foundation.
For the Carolina Era.
Col. D. McD. Lindsey.
Thfi Renublicans of
. r.,.i-ifnrt havin
Mil. fhU
imon fnr n. seat in
the next Con-
from the first District, it isoppor
ffre iroiu uio wnu resDecting his
"inMSSen he had just reached
ISlSS till the i Presidential campaign
?flstriking heavy blows for the
UAfew months after the Vtf
or of hta . mnQty
. men J1 the sessions of the
and arte AVtoldviou9 to the
General Assemblyheld V
: surrender of the thcrn, lor
National arms. f-i;Tire - Mr.
gs ordinance, placing a "hideous
marK" upon a portion of. our doodIcI
found in Col. Lindsey an outspoken
lut. - . -I
rue war over and his fortune gone.
Col. L. did not abuse the pnvernmeni
of our fathers; but in support of the re
construction measures of the Congress,
vutucu inn iiauvc cuuuiy ui vur-
rituck, doing yeoman service for Con
vention in 18G7, for Republican dele
gates thereto, and in behalf of the nom
inees of the same party, at the elec
tions held the following year. In the
campaign of 1870. he did more work.
perhaps, than any other Republican In
ms section not a candidate.
In this day. Mr. Editor, when the
avenues to distinction are onen toall.
policy and right would dictate thai the
.Republican party divide its honors
among those possessing the proper
qualifications. Should our friends in
the first District take this view of the
subject, there is no one more deserving
of the honor of the nomination for con
gress, than Daniel McDonald Lind
sey, of Perquimans.
March, 1872.
For the Carolina Era
Mr.- Editor : I think I saw a piece
In your naner a few days ago copied
from The Tarboro' Southerner, speaking
something about Mr. John .Norneet, the
present Clerk of Edgecombe Superior
Couet, being the right man for thenext
Treasurer of the State.
I wish I was able to express the one
thousenth part of Mr. Norfleet's fitness
ana qualifications lor btate -.treasurer,
or Governor, or any.other public post
tion. He is accomplished, competent,
and worthy of the very highest fposi-
tion.- I have been personally acquaint
ed with Mr. Norfleet for the last twen
ty-five vears. and I've never heard any
thing but praise of the very highest
character In his behalf from all classes,
oualities and colors.
He was an honest Union mani and
did not deny it during the rebellion.
He owned a trreat many slavesj and
cave them ud without a murmurJ He
is now the Probate Judge of Edgecombe
county. Was elected by the Republi
can cart v. and. being a Union man, he
accented. He has eriven eeneral satis
faction to both parties. Such is the
man for me not the party or parties
that I tro for. but for the crood ana ht
man for the nlace. regardless of party.
We all know so much partyism has
brought bloodshed and confusion, ana
has greatly demoralized our country.
I was an old line Vhig, butf now
claim to belonsr to no party. Iam only
for the noblest and worthiest" men of
the State, regardless of party. !
Time has develooed to the public sen
erally Mr. Norfleet's qualifications. The
1 ..1,1 C A -.r"VK rVnlina lirrTl
to be nroud of such a man ; then let us
all unanimously hurrah ! for him.
P. S.hH.
For the Carolina Era.
$300.00 Reward. I
A red no horned cow, one of a gang
of three, the property of the State, is
Inst, strnved. or stolen. When last
seen she was quietly grazing on the
city lot adjoining Carson D. Murray.
Any one returning the same to Rev.
Mr. Paseley, a Ku Klux convict, in
side the stockade of the Penitentiary,
will receive the above reward in Con-
fed, bv applying at Era office, f -
Raleigh, March 29, 1872. I
For the Carolina Era.
Conundrum ?
,'hatis the difference between J osiah
Turner, Jr., and Billy Henderson ?
Billv was maliciously prosecuted un
der the false charge of stealing Darr's
mule, and honorably acquitted. ! .
Josiah was reluctantly chargred with
saline from the State over iThree
Thousand Dollars, and was convicted
bv his own friends.
That's the difference.
For the Carolina Era.
Mr Editor: I would suggest tne
rmmeofthe Rev. W. W. Albea, of
Winston, for Congress in this District.
He is a Union Clay Whig. He is not
a Radical nor a Democrat, but a Union
man. Wilkes.
Wilkes Co., March 24, 1872.
For the Carolina:Era.
Jones County.
A meeting of' the Republicans of
Jones County was held at Trenton, on
Saturday; the 23rd inst., for the purpose
of appointing delegates to the State
Convention, the Congressional and Sen
atorial District Conventions, and was
organized by the appointment of James
M. Pollock, Chairman ana james n.
C. Bryn Secretary. I
The Chairman in a few remarks ex
plained the object of the meeting,' when
on motion, a Committee of nye was
appointed by the Chair to draft resolu-
lions ior me action m iue lueeuug,
whereupon the' following gentlemen
were appointed, viz: Wm. H. Bryan,
Thos. G. Wilson, Benj. L. Bryan, Ru
fus Loftin and Isaac Smith. I
On the retirement of the Committee,
the call of the house brought to his feet
that sterling Republican, L. J. Moore,
Esq., of Isew-Bern, who spokeiorone
hour and a half. His effort was replete
with humor and eloquence, and was
most respectfully listened t6 by the
crowd of citizens of both parties! The
Democrats bore with unusual patience
the severe and powerful arraignment
of the acts of their party in the late
Legislature. .
Mr. Moore's speech was a mast suc
cessful effort, and did indeed effectually
expose the naked deformity ortneku
klux Democracy, which was enthusias
tically applauded by the crowd, f
X I1C Hi lilies imvU wijjsj wx
their labors reported through their
Chairman, Wm. H. Bryan, the fellow
insr preamble and resolutions: f
Whereas, We the Republicans of
Jones County wishing to promote the
welfare of the people at large, restore
the credit of the State, and maintain
the integrity of the country 'to the end
that good government and justice may
prevail ; therefore, I
. Besaived, That we heartily approve
and endorse the administration of Pres
ident Grant, and we do hereby express
our preference for him as our choice for
the next President of the United States.
IZesoved, That in our present Chief
Executive, Gov. Caldwell, we have a
most efficient officer. The manner in
which he has discharged the duties of
his office entitles him to our unquali
fied approbation, and we announce him
to be our first choice for Governor of
North Carolina. - J
Besolved That our Representative in
Congress, the Hon. R. C. Thomas, is
iustly entitled to our unquaimeu r
J. J . fn J.!m tva have an
dorsemeni, uit -.
.ui. ,t!fiii and uncompromising
friend and representative who if annot '
Km T-nplTv1 hv anv. in devotion to the
interest and prosperity 6T the people of
his district., U
Resolved, That our delegates to the
State Convention are hereby instructed
to present the name of our-distinguish-ed
fellow-citizen,' the Hon. R. F. Leh
man as their first choice for Lieutenant
Governor; that in him we recognize a
man of high integrity, unsullied char
acter, and commanding abilities, hav
ing been a Republican all his life, we
believe him to be the one to lead us to
victory. : ' ; 'u
On motion of Nathan McDaniel, our
delegates to the State Convention are
hereby irstructed to. present the name
of Wm. F. Loftin, Esq., as their choice
for the office of Secretary of State.
On motion, Mr; Benj. L. Bryan was
appointed delegate to the State Con
vention, and the following gentlemen
were appointed alternates, viz :
Nathan McDaniel, J Smith, John
Brown, Thos. S Gillett, Thos. G Wil
son, H J Mattocks, Wm. E Slade, Jno.
D Brown, Jno. Pearce, Jas. L Harrison,
A McDaniel, Jas. C Moore, Rufus
Tiftin. .Tnrnb F Soott . Edrar Ward. E
S Francks, F Wimcoff, Killis Koonce, J
11 Haadock, thos. uatcn, jos. uirney,
Geo. Green, D J Green, Thomas L
Piichett and II Hil.
On motion the following gentlemen
uwa n r-5n tpfl rlolpfm tfi to . the Con
gressional .Convention, viz: Jas H C
liryan ana 1'eter isaroer.
On' motion the following gentlemen
were appointed delegates to the Sena
torial (!nvfntIon. viz:-Wm. II Brvan
and Rufus Loftin. Alternate J. Smith.
On motion, the thanks of the meet
ing was voted to L J Moore, Esq., for
the able and eloquent speech delivered
by hint this day.
A vote of thanks was tendered to the
officers of-the meeting, and the pro
ceedings ordered to be published in
The Omrier and Times, after which the
meeting adjourned.
Jas. II. C. Bryan, Secretary.
For the Carolina Era.
Columbus County.
The Republicans of Columbus coun
ty assembled in Convention at the
school house in Whitesville on Mon
day, March 20, 1872. The Conven
tion 'was rAllfid to' order bv B. sJ.
Spaulding and Abraham Hall request
ed to ;! act as secretary, a toil oi uie
ti-i'ncliina was illpd. and a maioritv
of them being represented, a permanent
qrgjanization was effected by the choice
df Israel Moore for chairman and J. W.
Spaulding for secretary. A committee
on resolutions were appointed, viz:
Jupiter Smith, Hanson Gore, Alfred
Bvrnes, is. b . Kpaummg, a ioon,
Wiley F. White, Willis Hanes, Abra-
ham Baldwin ana ADranam rxan.
rinrino- thA rptirement of the commit
tee appropriate addresses were made
by various erentl'emen. The committee
reported the following resolutions :
Whereas, The people oi uoiumous
county are again called upon to exer
pko iho innlipnnble ricrht of American
citizens, in the coming campaign, State
ana national, ami m view w j..
TMihiionn fitntp Convention which as
sembles in the city of Raleigh, April
iMit. n-fl 4kn Tiel-iiaf PAtnTonfiAn
14111, 1CW , UI1U AJiOiiiiSsV vuim-iiviuii
soon to convene ; therefore be it
Resolved. That we approve ana en
dorse the administration of President
Grant as just, honorable and untlinch
inr in fhA AYPf ntion of the laws, faith-
furini his efforts to restore peace and
r 1 ' ; iU a. 1 rt 4--kl-T i-n Tr
connaence m muse oiaira mvcjv
Koiiirn anrl that hft hsw reduced and is
still reducing the national debt and has
placed the national credit upon a firm
T?.n7n d. That wewedere our earnest
and hearty support, and that we will
nsfi all honorable means to secure his
triumphant re-election.
Resolved, mat we instruct uur ueie-
gates to the State Convention to cast
their vote for the Hon. O. H. Dockery,
as our choice for Governor of the State
of North Carolina.
T?ir.Jrtrt That, wfi pndorsethe action
of other counties in this Congressional
tt a i " -i 1 rto mil ifonfow1
JJISiriCi in eiev;i.iiii; no uu Diauuai
hnoror that. trup. honest and faithful
Republican, Gen. Allan Rutherford, of
rl tho rlelx.
XCW I1UUUVC1 vltufj , '
Mtes of this county are hereby instruc
ted to cast their vote for Gen. Ruther
ford, as our choice for Congress.
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions, with the proceedings of this
Conventien be sent to The Wilmington
Post requesting publication,
w v WhifA nnd David Blank were
appointed : delegates to the State Con-
VCUIIUU) aim m a ...w
Maultsby delegates to the District Con-
i-knirn w V. White. A. Baldwin
and Larkins Powell appointed alter
nates. : The Convention then adjourn
ed sine dies .
; ISRAEL MOOliK, Uh'n.
J. W. Spaulding, Sec.
Rfphrmcanism. Proerress in civ
ilization and Government.
The Union forever, one ana insepar
able. .. . '
The Constitution as it is, unless so
changed as to enlarge the rights and
privileges Of the people.
A rigorous emorcemeni. oi me iav.
A riidlv honest and economical ad
ministration of public affairs.
Maintenance oi tne puunu cretin.
Peace at home and abroad.
Aforif. hnnestv and CflDabilitV the
great requisite for promotion to office.
- VIl t?VjUl III Witt UISUIUUUVU jyiAWi.v
favors and public burdens among all
Encouragement to labor ana protec-
ion to its products. '
a faithful rpwnrd of erenius. talent.
onrl inrllistrv in PVPrV Vocation Of life.
The education of the poorer classes J
of society that tney may ine uioreuuiy
appreciate and enjoy an equitable share
nfth nri vilpws and blessings of Amer
ican citizenship. Winston Republican.
Vice- President Colfax recently remark
ed that the twenty years of his life passed
in a printing office were the happiest he
Karl aninvfiH sinf fi he entered upon the
threshold of manhood. Exchange.
The Sneaker of the House of Repre
sentatives, Mr. Blaine, is also a prin-
:er, having served a regular appreu
iceship at the business. Any boy who
will study and remember what he
reads and learns, can graduate in a
rintiner Office with a better education
than one-half of the young men who
leave Colleges with what are caiiea
Diplomas. Old Mr. Rives, printer of
ne uongressionai aeDaies, once saiu m
TMiWin onu)i thaf. tho rintisra in his
Office made better speeches than were
-a m TT 1 A TT mP
made in tne u. o. csenate or xioise oi
PonwvBPntfttK'M. TTr meant that the
printers corrected the speeches and put
f. i aTi rt
them in reaaaoio siuipw. whh . jt--ocraf.
New Paper. We have received a copy
of the first issue of the Rocky Mount Mail.
C. C. Stilly, Editor, Dorsey Battle, Local
Editor. It is neatly printed, and full of
matter. "We wish the Editors success.
' THURSDAY, i APRIL 4th, 1872.
' - p- : ' t- :
a- All Lttera relating to SabscrtoUoos or
AdrertisemenU, must b addrewd toLWM.'M.
BROWN, Business Manager. . fJ-Lr.y''
All Registered Letters can be sentiatoUr risk.
Subscribers receiving their papers with a
cross M mark, rosy know that the time
whleh they BUbscribea is neany om.,
unless they renew, after receiving
papers, witk across mark, their papers
be discontinued.
I)eleo.tea to the State Convention
-. One Fare.. .. ,
Arransements have been perfected
whtah delftates to the Republican - State
Convention will be passed for one first class
fnrfi over the Xorth-Caronna, me xvicu
mond & Danvillft the Western Norta-Caro-
lina, the Raleigh t Gaston, the Chatnam
thA Wilmington & Weldon, tne Atlantic
ATnrth-CaroUna 'and the Wilmington, Char
lotte & Rutherford railroads. - Delegates
should have their .credentials properlj
signed and attested, f .1
W hone to see tlio largest and ablest
Convention that ever assembled in this
State. Every delega e should be in this
city without fail on Tttksday, the 16th day
ahouH be had before
ja rx.tM. lit - r -
Ko. cntinn mpf for business. There-
IUV7 V-'Ull T v -
frre evfirv Delegate should be here
TrraniT thfi 16th. There should not be
nrAspnt. Tjet us have a errand meeting
the representative men of the party. " Uni
ted we stand, divided we fall."
Local, State and General Items,
STnrirWfT,DERS Meeting. There will be
a meeting of the Stockholders of The Era
Publishing Company, on Tuesday, the lbtn
of April, at the office of tne uompany. u
is desired that all the stock shall be repre
sented either in person or by proxy.
Chairman of Committee.
Raleigh, N. C, March 30tn 1872. v
: . . -Vj
Killed. Monroe Grady was run over
by the cars at Wilmington and died in a few
'minutes-1-..- Ji ' " . .
" , .
v Sentenced. James Hill has been sen-
.tenced to ten years imprisonment in the
penitentiary, from Craven county, for bur-
To be Sold. The press, type, fixtures,
and office, furniture and good will of the
North Carolina Presbyterian will be sold at
Fayetteville on the 15th inst.
County Examiner. Mr. Wesley Whita
ker has been appointed County examiner
for this county. A- good appointment, con
ferred on a worthy and competent man.
Flourishing. Tho Friend of Temper
ance says it booked one hundred new sub
scribers last week. Hope the Friend will
book a hundred every week during 1872.
Hon. A. H. Arrington. The Rocky
Mount Mail regrets to learn, from recent
information, that the health of this honored
son of Nash is very bad ; and that it has
been declining since the unfortunate acci
dent snatched from him his noble boy,
Rockingham Coumtt. The news-from
this county is cheering. Republicans are
gaining strength every day. The Legisla
ture will not be inflicted this winter with
the presence of Messrs. Morehead, Johns,
and David Settle, the black sheep of the
flock. The county will give a handsome
Republican majority-
Democratic Truth. The News of this
city states that the penitentiary prisoners
are on full rations ! In the next column it
publishes an item that the prisoners are
starving. Is it possible that the prisoners
are starving on full rations? If so, should
not the Bledsoe board have received the pro
visions tendered by the Caldwell board? .
Davidson College. The Charlotte Dem
ocrat says a friend at Davidson College in
forms us that 30 or 40 young men will con
nect themselves with the various Churches
as fruit of tho late religious revival in that
We are glad to learn that Uiat great and
good man, Rev. Chas. Phillips, has recover
ed from his late illness, and is again dis
charging his duties. He is as good a North
Carolinian as if he had been born in tho
Accidentally Killed. We learn from
the Charlotte Bulletin that Willie, a son of
J. L. Brown, of that city, aged fifteen, re
turning home last Wednesday afternoon
from a gunning excursion, on removing his
gun from a wagon, the muzzle towards his
person, the hammer accidentally struck a
board, causing an explosion and shooting
himself entirely through the body. The
load entered the right side, just below the
ribs and passed out on the opposite side,
near the spinal column, inflicting a wound
from which Willie died on Thursday even
ing following.
Petition. A petition to Congress to pro
hibit the calling any more children by the
name of George Washington " is in circu
lation out West; Something like this is due
to the memory of the great Virginian. The
modern George Washington lies and steals
outrageously. He is already in jail in va
rious parts of the country. . The leaven of
that "little hatchet" seemS to work on all
who bear the name, and in the death of cher
ry trees, their mischief rises to the level of
every crime upon the calendar. Exchange.
We are surprised that the State Printer
was not called " George Washington, if that
name is an index by which rogues may be
distinguished. The next generation of
hieves should be dubbed Letter m.
Southern B aptist Convention. This
body, at its last Annual Session, held in St.
Louis, Mo., adjourned to meet this year, in
this city, on the 8th day of May. , This body
is composed of delegates from the Baptist
Associations, Theological, Missionary, Sun
day school and Educational Boards in the
Southern States and Territories. Messrs'.
P. P. Pescud, Jno. G. Williams, Jno. Arm
strong, W. G. Upchurch and Jno. . Nichols,
have been appointed a committee to provide
accommodations for six or eight hundred
delegates, who will need homes during dur
ing their stay in this city, which will not
exceed four or five days. Our citizens, no
ted as they are for their hospitality, ; will no
doubt respond to the application of the Com
mittee and provide suitable accommoda
tions for the delegates. , -
Death of Henry uerry-IjOwisby xh-
f jport of the N. Y. Hehald. 'A letter from
A, B. Henderson, the correspondent of the
N. Y. Herald,' writing from Scuffletown,
March 22nd; 1872, says,; 1-;ca 'Ui ':zzlU ? :
The most important piece of information
I have to communicate shall, be given first.
Henry Berr Iiowery, the notable chief of
the notorious swamp outlaws is actually
dead. This is denied by all of his comrades,
and hil relatives nrofess to be ignorant of
his fate. But from evidence the most relia
ble, when connected with a well-connected
chain of circumstances I am enabled to
give you a correct account, of ; .. -tvt "t -
I the' death of this robber chief. .
Between February 13 and 16, In company
with fidtis A.chates, Jioss strong, aenry
Berry Lowery was ranging the country in
the neighborhood of Moss Neck in search
of some persons vhom he had been inform
ed were hunting him, while Steve and Tom
Lowerv and Andrew Stronar were stationed
at a rendezvous on Lumber River, jiear the
. new bridee " About one and three-quar
ter miles from Moss Neck station, within.
short srunshot of the road leading from In-
raan'u Bridge to McNeil's mill, they dis
covered in the bushes a newly-made "blind'
(a place of concealment or ambush made by
intertwining the branches of the thickly
grown bushes). - It was not then occupied,
and Henry Berry. beMeving it had been re
centlv made bv one of his pursuers, who
would shortly return to it, ensconsced him
self in it. while Boss made a blind for him
self a short distance oft; covering the road.
But a few minutes after they had placed
themselves in their respective positions the
report of a eun was heard from Henry's
nidi n 2 place, and when Boss, who waited
to hear a word from his chief or an answer
ins shot from an enemy, cautiously ap
proached the spot, Henry Berry Lowery
lay on his back,' with one barrel of his shot
gun discharged and his nose, loreneaa , and
the . , .r. '; .
The broken ramrod and the missing : wiper
showed he bad been trying to draw a load
from his erun. Boss drew tne body into a
thicket, and notifiedfcis companions, who
straightway buried him where, in all: hu
man probability, the eye of man will see
him never. ' .ul-A-
Thus perished this remarkable man. and
his death marks the dissolution of this most
formidable body of desperadoes The large
sum of money he was said to be in posses
sion of is also lost to the country, for no
member of the band, not even Boss nor his
wife, knew the whereabouts of his treasure
chest. The remaining outlaws have made
diligent search, but as yet have had their
labor for their pains. , Henry Berry was
said to have had a good deal of money,, be
sides his share of the proceeds of the Lum-
berton Bank, from which some thirty thou
sand dollars : were . taken. It appears to
have been his habit of appropriating to his
own use
taken, giving his subjects the other booty.
We attach no importance to the state-.
ment that Henry Berry Is dead. We lay
this portion of the letter before the public
for what it is worth. We do not believe
that Lowery is dead. He is probably lurk
ing around, and will come to view by kill
ing McQueen, who, it is said, shot Boss
Escaped. We learn rom the Winston
Republican that Jacob Siewers broke jail
at Winston on Saturday night, the 23rd
inst., and made good his escape. J acob jjvas
charged with an aggravated burglary.
was found in the cell, of which the follow-
ing is a copy :
My Dear Sheriff: -
Full of mortal ills, to which we all are heir,
With this I bid adieu, without a tear;
As vou will not find me in the strongest
Send men, at once, to ring the Court-house
bell. .
To get down once, see, I've gone up,
For I with you again do not expect to sup ;
Nor when this, you see, don't think it
strange. .
If I do o'er the distant country range.
Five hundred dollars," indeed, might
make me stop.
To think how I with it might buy a shop :
So, if you decide to give my the dollars,
I'll crawl, lorthwith, irom out me surround
ing " hollers."
Your most obedient servant,
J. 1). S.
March 22, 1872. Common Jail.
Enterprise. The Charlotte Democrat
says sometime ago the New York Herald
had a reporter to go to Robeson county and
write an imaginative and fictitious account
pf the Lowrey gang, putting noble blood in
their veins, Ac, when the fact is they are
nothing but descendants of the lowest class
of "frce-mulattoes" of that section. But
recently the Herald sent a reporter to Rob
eson named Henderson for the purpose of
having him fall into the hands of outlaws,
so as to create a sensation in that way. Hen
derson walked straight to the outlaws'
camp and then it was telegraphed North
that he was captured. So much for news
paper enterprise.
But it is strange, that the outlaws can
Visit a-Depot on the W., C: & II. Railroad,
In broad day light, and no attempt is made to
kill or capture them. If the people in that
neighborhood permit such daring impu
dence and make no attempt at capture, we
don't see how they can blame others for not
arresting the gang.
STTf!EY. A Stokes' correspondent fur
nishes us with the following incident which
took place at Wilkes Court . llouseome
years ago: ;j . - .
I- During tne progress . ui wuu v,iW3o ju
which James R. Dodge was making one of
his best efforts on one side, three other law
vers. Ex-Gov. Swain, Hillman and Tom
Dews, undertook and did write the follow
ing epitaplf on Dodge, and handed it round
the bar to the no little amusement of those
Who saw it, among whom was the victim
Here lies a Dodge who has dodged through
good and evil,
But after dodging all he could not dodge
, the devil." . ,v
Upon reading it Dodge gave the following
inpromptu retort:
"Here lies a Hillman and a Swam,
-Whose lot let no man choose,
They lived in sin "tend died in pain,
And the devil got his Dews.
- Winston Sentinel.
Your correspondent is mistaken as to
ocation. The incident referrred to, occurr-
!ed in the Court House at Rurtherfordton.
Education Under this head, our es
teemed and valuable cotemporary the
Winston Republican gets off the follow-
mg : .: : v :
The Raleigh Sentinel, reviewing the sta
tistics of the Penitentiary, concludes there
is great necessity of more universal- educa
tion. This is ail teue,ana uone wiusearcn
out the statistics concerning the Ku Klux
criminals in the Penitentiary' at Albany
and the docket of the U.S. Court in this
and other Southern States, tho great neces
sity of jeducation, in other quarters lhan
those from whence came our State convicts,
will be apparent. And in addition to the
need of education there will be found an
other and greater one the necessity of hu
manity and civilization. -
Sudden Death. The Greensboro Patri
ot of the 28th, says Mr. John McAdoo, one
of our oldest citizens, and well known to
the people of our county, was struck with
paralysis on Wednesday morning about
eight o'clock and died at four in the after
noon. ;. Full of lif and health at morning
and dead at night. Such is the uncertainty
of life. "'..-v'.- ., "
wFiRis. The Winston Senfintt Of the 28th,
says on last Friday night, about two o'clock
tho house of Dr. Walter Smith, of Rocking
ham county was discovered to bo on fire.
When the firo was discovered it had mado
such headway that it was impossible to ex
tinguish it or save anything but the lives of
the family, j.wbo escaped in xneii iugni
clothes.' Loss about $4,000. J ; '
The Greensboro' Patriot of' the same date
says on last Thursday afternoon, duringthe
absence of the family, the residence of that
Mr.'Tteasani McAdoo, a few miles north pf
town, was totally (Consumed by fire, which
originated, we are informed, from a stovfc
pipe. :.- Ji.,' -. -U - - -! ''
; In addition to the loss of the buildings
and furniture, embracing a splendid now
Diano. iust purchased, there were several
. r '...-
thousand dollars in money also consumed.
Winston, Republican aud The
Era We have made arrangements
with Mr. Frederick T. Walser. Editor of
the National Republican, published weekly
at Wihstn N. C, to club The Era, with
the Republican, weekly edition, to subscri-'
bers for $2.50 a year; arid 1.25 for six
months. ." ',:-'.!.' .'X ' V:: . . "... - ,
The Tri-Weekly Era and the Republican
will be furnished subscribers at $1.50 per
year; sijc months $2.251 ; :i '.,,
We shall be glad to make, a similar ar
rangement with the Republican papers of
the State. ' ' ; " - "
' The Winston Republican is one of the best
papers in the State.' It is bold and fearless
m its advocacy of the greatprinciples of the
Republican party, and merits the patronage
of the Republicans throughout th State.
Suicide ey Hanging The New North
State of the 28th, says on Wednesday morn
ing Zebedee Kersey, of High Point, was
found hung by the neck, dead,, in his own
house. He is a man of 50 years, has a second
wife and one child. His wife stated that
the deceased had spoken several times of
being tired of living, Ac could not make
a support; but he was in comfortable cir
cumstances. At one time he tried to take
poison, but was discovered and prevented.
Tuesday, while his wife was absent, he fas
tened, the doors and windows of his house
securely, and was found on her return, up
stairs, hanging by the neck.
Coroner Bogart was notified, and repaired
to the spot
verdict was.
yesterday, with a Jury. The
deceased came to his death by
hanging himself by the neck.
Pardoned. Gov. Caldwell on the 27th
pardoned Samuel Franklin, who was con
victed at the Spring Term 1870, of Rocking
ham Superior Court, and sentence to twelve
- - J ' T.I . 1 1 i
years in tne -emteniiary. x raiuxm was
and old Mexican soldier, aged about 60
years. While drunk, he mounted a horse
hitched to a rack in the town of Ruffin, and
rode off. He was so drunk that he did not
notice the loss of his overcoat which he
dropped on the road, though it was quite
cold. He rode to Yancey ville , where he
put up at a hotel, remaining until the next
day offering the horse for sale. His pardon
was signed by Gov. Reid and quite a num
ber of leading citizens of Rockingham, and
endorsed by Judge Tourgee, on account of
the age of the petitioner and his previous
Body Found. The Goldsboro' Messenger
of the 29th, says the body of a colored man,
supposed to be that of Henry Sanders, was
found in Bear Creek, in this county, on
Friday lastl We were unable to learn the
particulars, only that Henry had been miss-
g for several weeks. Whether he was
fouly dealt with is as yet unknown. When
last seen alive he was on a spree and some
suppose that ne prooauiy ien mtu
creek. The verdict of the Coroner's jury
was in accordance with these facts.
Hoisted. The Henry (Ohio) Signal flie
the following at its topmast:
I " For President,
Of Appomattox Court House.
An honest man a man without pretence,
Modest though brave though silent, iuii oi
s,fnsft ; 1
Such are the traits that mark our Chosen
Note him, O world! and match him, if you
KTT.T.Tcn. Warren and Ned Barnes, both
colored, of . Wilson county, became in
volved in a dispute in regard to game which
they had killed while hunting, when War
ren shot and killed Ned. He was to have
had a hearing on Monday.
Unfounded. The report that Sheriff
White, of Mecklenburg, was arrested for
levying on the iron of the Wilmington,
Charlotte and : Rutherford Railroad is un
founded. . ' ' ' '
Acquitted. Mr. M. T. Johnson has
been tried and acquitted of the charge of
the murder of Patrick Dardon, in Wayne
county. :. , : . .. ,
Dead men tell no tales : if they did,
anathemas against the depleting lancet, the
drastic purge, and the terrible salivants of
the materia medica, would arise from every
graveyard. The motto of modern medical
science is " Preserve and Regulate, not dc
stroy," and no remedy of, our day is so en
tirely in harmony with this philanthropic
logic as Dr. Walker's Vegetable Vine
gar Bitters. In this powerful, yet harm
less restorative, dyspepsia, billions com-
1laints, and all diseases of "the stomach,
iver, bowels and nerves, encounter an
irresistible antidote. . 118 4 w.
Whereas, information, cn oath and in
meeting, has been made before me, Charles
C. Pool, Judge of the Superior Court for the
First Judicial District of North Carolina,
that Robert M. Bridger, convicted of the
crime of perjury, at the Spring term, 1872,
of Bertie Superior Court, did escape from
the custody of the SheCC-f said county, and
is lurking'about, and so keeps himself con
cealed in that or some other adjoining coun
ty, that the usual process of law cannot be
executed on him,
This is, therefore, to command the said
Robert M Bridger to forthwith surrender
himself into the custody of the Sheriff of
Bertie or some other Sheriff, so that the
Sheriff df Bertie can obtain him, and should
the said Robert M. Bridger continue to
stay out, lurk about and keep himself con
cealed, and not . surrender after publi
cation of thia proclamation, I hereby enjoin
and command each and every 8heriff, Con
stable and other peace officers, and all good
citizens generally, to forthwith capture, ar
rest and bring said Robert 31. Bridger to
justice, and in case of his flight or resistance,
after being called upon to surrender, any
one may slay said Bridger without im
peachment or accusation or any crime.
Given under my hand at Winston
ni dav of March. 1872.. 1
this t
- C. C. POOL,;
Judge Superior Court,
' 126-4t. . First Judicial District.
This is a true copy of the original. r
T. W, BELL, Sh'ff, 1
Bertie County, N..CV
Married. on'Tliursclay; 'March 21st, at
the residence of . the brldo's " step-father,
Johnston county, by, the "Rev J. "Ttcnry"
Smith, Mr. J. A. McCaulxy; of Alamance,
and Miss J. E. Atkinson, third step
daughter of Major W. A. Smith. , No cards.
Died, in Charlotte, N. .C, n
inst., Abel II., infant son of Calvin
Ida Cowles aged twentyrfive days.'
Raleigh Markets.
' - "Wholesale Iricet ' r '
Grocers and Commission ; Merchants,
Corner Wilmington and Martin Sts,
COTTON per B., - - I f20J
CORN per bushel, , - . . - T- $ 95
OATS per bushel, . ' - . none
FLOUR North Carolina Family,; - 9 00
FLOUR Baltimore Family, 10 5012 00
BACON per lb.,!
4i :
SALT per Back; .
BAGGING. ... - .
i i
CORN MEAL per bushel,
: . Retail Xrice.
Grocers and Commission : Merchants,
- . Hargett Street. I !'
BACON Baltimore smoked, 10 11
" unsmoked, ,- 1 9 10
" strips, - . :- . 12J !00
" shoulders, - - - i 8 $j 9
N. C. Hams, - 15 (A 117
BUTTER per lb. - . - i 25 30
BEESWAX per B., - j-: 25 80
BEEF on hoor, - w :
" per quarter, - -'i8?,10
COFFEE per tb., - - - SO (A 140
CHEESE-per ft., -. 20 to 25
COTTON YARN per bale, 1 75 U
CORN per bushel. ' - 00 t CO
CHICKENS per piece, f ; 25 80
EGGS per dozen, - ,". ?
FLOUR per bbl., - - i
FODDER per 100 lbs., .-' !
HAY per 100 lbs., - '- .
HIDES green, per ft., -
dry, per n., - ' law io
LEATHER per ft., - ; - ' 30 to 40
LARD per ft., - - , ,r 15'
MOLASSES per gallon, - i 83 to 50
Golden Syrup, r 1 uc
MEAL per bushel, . - - 1 00 (3 1 10
OATS per bushel, - - ; - 85 tol 00
per 100 ids., - -r w (gi w
PORK - 4 - - ' i - 0 to 10
POTATOES irlsb, per bush.. 1 75 2 50
sweet, per bush., w Ml w
SUGAR crushed, . - - I 20 to 00
xtra C., - ; - - ie to mi
P. R.; - ' - - j 15 to 00
common, - ' 121 to 00
SALT per sack,- - 2 75 S3 00
TALLOW per ft., - 4 :7 (g) TO
VINEGAlv per gallon, - ;
Cotton. Markets.
BY ;
Dealer in Cotton and i liavai Stores,
farret nnrl TVfftrt.ln SlreetH. .' ! -
Receipts at Raleigh, -
10 bales.
s quotations:
Ordinary? - - - t '
Good ordinary - . - j
Low middling, - -
Newbern Com Market,
Com and Commission Merchants,
Newbern, N. C, March 22, 1872.
Market active ; Sales at 6070 cents por
bushel of 56 pounds. ! ;
Railroad freicht to Goldsboro 5c, to Wil-
mington 10c, to
Raleigh IOC, to Charlotto
18c. per bushel.
Court Advertisements.
Pamlico District of Nokth Cabolinv,
United States vs. a part boxes of manufactured
tobacco, one chunk manufactured tobacco, one
horse, wagon and harness, the property of Wm.
Duke. Libel of Information. . i
To William Duke, and to all whom it may Con
cern : Greeting. . ! 1 11
Notice is hereby given, that the above mt u
tloned property was seized by .Collector of
Internal Revenue for District pf N. C, on the
15th day of March, 1872, as forfeited to the uhcb of
the United States for violation of the Internal .
Revenue Laws, and the same is libelled and pros-,
ecuted in the District Court of the- United States
for condemnation for the causes in the said
Libel of Information set forth : and that the
said cause will stand for trial at1 the court
room of said court, at New Perne pn the 4th Mon
day of April next, if thafrbe a Jurisdiction
day, and if not at the next day of Jurisdiction i
thereafter, when and where all persons are
warned to appear to show cause why condem
nation should not be decreed, and to intervene
for their interest. '
Given under my hand at office,- in Raleigh,
this2thday ofMrch, lj.T akrow;
125 w2w. United States Marshal.
Pamlico District pv North Carolina.
United States vs. 3 boxVs manufnetured tohneco,
the property of Jon. YearglM, Wm. N. Jlarrlx,
D. i . Foote. Libel of Information. 1 ' J
To Joseph Yeargln, AVilliam N. Harris, I, h.
Foote. and to all Whom It may concern :
Greeting. ' 1 -: i"; L
. Notice is hereby given that the above men
tioned property was seized by ; Colleetor
of Internal Revenue for Collection Dislrlet
of North Carolina, on the 15th OAypf Mwrcb, 1S72,
as forfeited to the uses of the United Stale, for
violation of the Internal Revenue Lowm, und
the same Is libelled and prosecuted In the Dis
trict Court of the United States for condemna
tion for the causes in the aaid libel of informa
tion set forth; and that the nald cauHe will
stand for trial at the Court Room of said Court
at New Berne, on the4th M&nday of April next,
If that be ft' lurisdletion day and If hot aV the
next day of Jurisdiction thereafter, when and
where all persons are warned to appear to snow
cause why satd property shall not be declared
liable to forfeiture or a lodgment accord inn
ranted udoii said appraisement Dona, ana in
ntervene l
e for their interest. . ,
; Given under my hand at office, lit Ralelh,
this 26th day of March, 1S7Z. J3. x. UAKKUWi,
125 w2w
United States Marshul.
Pamlico District of North Caroltha.
United States vs. '4 boxes mann factored tobacco,
30 lbs. smoking tobacco, 2 part boxes tobacco,
wogon, 2 horses and harness, property of Ar
thur 8. Carrington, and found in the possession
of D. M. Roberts, his Agent. Libel of Infor
mation. - ' . - - i
To Arthur 3. Carrington, and to all wlioin It may
concern : Greeting. 1 " -'' v : " '
Notice is hereby given, that the above men
tioned property was seized, by - , Col
lector of Internal Revenue for District
of North Carolina, on the 15th day of Man li,
1872, as forfeited to, the uses of the Unit U
States for violation of the Internal Revenue
Laws, and the same Is libelled and prose
cuted In the District Court of the United state
for condemnation for the causes In the said libel
of information set forth ; and that the said cause
will stand for trial at the court room of said court
at New Berne on the 4th Monday of April, next, I f
that be a Jurisdiction day, and If not at the next
day of Juritdictlon thereafter, when and where
all persons are warned to appear to show cause
why condemnation should not be decreed, and
to intervene for their Interest. i
Given under my hand at office, In Raleigh,
this 26th day of March, 1872. '
, 8. T. CARROW,
122 w2w , United States Marshal.
Pamlico District or North Carolina, .
United States vs. one wagon, two horses and har
ness, the property of Kdward A. Roberts, and
ngainst said Iloberts, Wm.' H, JJowles, lienry
NT Jones and Albert Farmer. Libel of Information.-
..;:';.' . i-.--'. j . ! j . ; ! .
To Edward A. Roberts, and to all whom It may'
concern: Greeting. . i
Notice Is hereby given that the above men
tioned property was seized by , Collector of
Internal Revenue forDistrict of North Caroll
na,on the 15th day of March,1872,as forfeited to the
uses of the United States for violation of the in
ternal revenue laws, and the same is libelled
and prosecuted In the District Court of the
United States for condemnation for the cause
in the said libel set forth ; and that the said
ronup will Klnnd for trial at. thanmirt iwnm
said court at New Berne, on the 4th Monday In
April next u mai oe a jurisdiction day,
and If not at the next day of jurisdiction there
after, when and where all persons are warned
to appear to show cause why condemnation
should not be decreed, and to Intervene for their
interest.,,. . . ...... ,
Given under my hand, at office, in Raleigh,
the 26th day of March, 1S72.
7 W -. 8- T- CARROW,
125-w2w ; . United, states Marshal,-
f IW1V. MKII -

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