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tion will beheld in Baltimore; Julv
0th. ' j
The reduction of the public debt last
month was- $12,588,083, which brings
the debt down below $2,200,000,000.
Here are 12,588,088 -additional reasons
for the re-election of Grant."
The Southern Claims Commissioners
are engaged for the present in the con
sideration of the additional instruc
tions, which they will have to issue un
der the recent law in reference to these
claims. i ' i "
Capt. John Hughes, Democratic can
didate for Lieutenant Onvftrnnr, waa
defeated for Trustee of the Newbern
Academy on Monday last It is not
the first time he has been defeated nor
will It be the last-
John Iieilly, Republican nominee
for Auditor !of State, was endorsed by
the people of Fayetteville on MondayH
last by being elected .Mayor "of that
city. Last year Fayetteville elected a
Democratic Mayor.
In 1868, Judge Merrimon was a Dem
ocratic candidate for Judge of the Su
preme Court. His own county, Bun
combe, where he was born and raised
and where he teas best known, gave a
large majority against him.
GovernorjReed, of Florida, has been
acquit tea by the senate, sitting as a
court of impeachment. Thi3 Is a sin
gular result, considering that the House
of Representatives voted unanimously
to impeach him, and the bad reputa
t ion that he has.
In 187172, Judget Merrimon wanted
to be United States Senator, but his
Democratic friends in the Legislature
were afraid to endorse the confidential
friend and j adviser of Swepson and
Littlefield in their bond swindles and
elected General Ransom.
Let vice in high and low places be so ex
posed and denounced that corrupt officials
cannot stand the glare of day, and be made
to slink into' their dens of filth .and mean
ness. Sentinel, May 19th, 1872.
What have you to say Mr. Sentinel,
in condemnation of the late letter "m"
swindle? Do let us know?
A bill refunding taxes hitherto
collected on' cotton, has been reported
to the U. S. House of Representatives
with a -recommendation that it do pass.
Should this bill become a law, the tax
formerly collected, amounting to more
than fifty thousand dollars, will be re
paid. 1' ' : . j .
Governor (Graham, itfs stated, vio
lently opposed the appointment of col
ored delegates to Greensboro' by the
Orange County Convention. lie was
overruled, and did not attend the Greens
boro Convention. IIas the -Governor
abandoned the white line" of 1868 or
not? It would seem that he has not.
Of the seven Republican senators who
voted against the deposition of Andrew
Johnson when impeached by the house
of representatives, three Grimes, Fes
senden and jVan Winkle-have passed
otov whiletheremainingfour Trum-
TTenderson of
UUU, iwoa w. 1
Missouri and Fowler of Tennessee-rare
all enthusiastic supporters - of the Cin
cinnati movement.
With forty thousand majority, will the
white men permit ignorance and corrup
tion to run riot over the land r-Battleboro
Advance. A . .;t; . :
No, because they wiU repudiate the
letter "m" 'Democracy at the polls.
They would have done so in 1870as they
ma T0t vr- but for the murders and
outraged committed, by the Ku Klux
in the interest onw .r. ; .T-
T II Separk, Democratic candidate
,.?of.-STonnt -of -Public Works,
' XZfMioA -for Commissioner of
Wtem Ward in f.W
. . tmo .Voii onnuch .for Mr. bepariw
. . tL defeat. It puia
ST'El t aU hi, deffiat In
e tap-Vn August. It only, dn
His neighboi? don'twanthim to atftnd
to their public worts. . . f t
' In 1871. Judge Merrimon wasaDem-.IuJ-l!AtAM
for the I Convention in
ZLJL into voting for him by
totarinthat the taxes would. be as
Tuct Z6 on every thousand dollars
vifnroDertyifa Convention was
worth of property a f xc&ke
f A tw nnd his leniwift e
I ESSed levy, his high taxes.
I . - '
' While the delegates over the nominaUons
atCWover re-
form resolutions, me u--President
Grant quletly anno
irrnt ,
- m.. n roO ACQ fill
during the - pasx
1 1'A
ti reduction of
fcV mm
lUt - These figures countmore than
' . , - ; i ' . j. ' ,. m ... - : , .t I '.-''." . if ' t ' f.-t- ; V - f r FtjtSs t- " -.-, fs ; i
Vol. l. : :v ,; '
Democratic Platform.
The resolutions adopted by r the
Greensboro Convention are of.anega
tive, untruthful character.' Nearly ev
ery resolution is the negative of a res
olution upon the same subject jto le
found in the Republican platform.
Among tne declaration or principles
we find the following:
That all experience proves that,, n free
government' those to whom power has been
delegated, are prone to enlarge its sphere,
and by usurpation and abuses encroach up
on the rights and liberties of the citizens.
This may be so," and "aH'experi-
ence" connects tne uemocratici party
with gross abuses, usurpations, and en
croachments uDon the rifrhts and' liber
ties of the citizens.
Again: The delegates must
known they were branding thenilves
as square-toed falsifiers of the truth
when they consented to adopt tho three
following paragraphs as part of the
declaration of principles:
"Immense sums, not needed for -any le
gitimate purpose, are drawn froin the peo
pleby means of a system of taxation! vexa
tious in the extreme, and as unequal as the
ingenuity of the maker could fashion it,
imposing heavy burdens upon the people,
rl wnst ft
hv crovernment officials, but also to meet
V!, r ...oHW nnonnlisis. who
seek to convert the whole government into
mo uciuauuii " -j A i l
an immense machine by which thd public
is to be plundered for their benefit.
This system has produced an amount of
corruption mat nas astonisneu me wuuuj,
and which will, if not soon checked demor
alize the people. .
,The -administration at Washington, not
onlv fails to correct these evils, but by Its
conduct, encourages extravagance, pecula
tion and corruption." I
The charge that "immense sums,
not needed for any legitimate purpose,
are drawn from the people," is not the
truth. Tfctnnot be established from
the records of the governirientj ; and
the delegates must nave Deen con
scious of a flat-footed disregard of in-
fontrnvprtihle facts, when the:vi made
the charge. t
The chanre that the administration
'encourages extravagance, peculation,
" ...
and corruption," is void of truth but
will fail to deceive.
The resolutions are mainly the nega
tive nf resolutions adODted by the re
publican State Convention. The Con
vention has our thanks for making the
issues plain. j
It is remarkable that the platform
does not contain a word of condemnation
for the Ku Klux muraerers. a rauu Ui
the National administration is de
nounced but the Convention had" not a
word of condemnation for the fraud of
tbo RtatA Printer- whereby the State
was robbed of more than three thou
sand dollars. -
The platform compels every Demo-
tir onndidate to suDDort an tne
m v w - m. , i
amendments to the Constitution as pro
posed bythe late Ku Klux Legislature.
For this we are devoutly thankful.
bliran randidates will note this
and make their opponents endorse ev
ery amendment. j
M- a m-m J
The Dlatform is bungling piece
of WorK aesigntu. iu uw.-rivc-fuu c
rhrtio;: f fit structure for the De
A T j .
MNllfMl that las
- Will itv-vj..-.-"- 1
whilst the question of the management
of the Penitentiary was before tneuen-
eral Assembly, the plea, used by sev
eral prominent members of the Dem
uMft rnrtv whv the Bledsoe-Co-
fipld Roard should not be turnea out,
was, that such action on the part of the
Conservative Legislature would "in-
-ni ? n kASntv Ana
iure the party," iir. iieusuc
nftha TOMnbers or tne iiuxetuii.vo
mittee thereof. The question as to
their mismanagement was aitogetner
minor nnd & secondary affair. Anu,
notwithstanding the most indubitable
evidence was adduced substantiating
il f TnismftTiasnementt to call
lilt! isnaifv -
w -----o-. . . .
ti. Vv,. n nf narsnpr immt: i""
it, uj . ' a.
ij l.. hA linminaTir. ii:iriv mcv
wririprwi their- vote cnangiug
tr,r thA Directory, and retained them,
thereby endorsing their course. The
managers of the party, noweyer, uuv
observed in what "a questionable posi-
o it-wa placed in this xegaroi anu
kova sought to slightly smother it up
at their late mutual-admiration meet-
of the wnlten2r " theioricV
ttjo nome has Deen biniuvui,
! a z ni.t- nnn
... t . : a
that of W. II. Jones inserted instead.-?
Mr. Bledsoe might well pacic nis
f,ntiarv trunk and prepare to "git.
it not already simpiy a auuuu
, -. KAmtMtered out
for the plea of injuring uieyaisy, :
- " - - .. . -.-r
!! uniA (rnnrl nnother time, xie
WIU UUU 1UV b V , .
la Wo lonjrer one of the Executive Com
mittee of that double-headed Bourbonic
.organization. H - - l j
this attempt of the managers of the
rm ocratic: party . to cover up
fer and screen ' their organization
from the just odium which attaches to
It on account or ,neac .? -
T .. A 1 Uo mAV1
bera in the last uenera. .-"i.
deceive no one. n uv,
and the-very attempt xneyauw
do so, is ,1coniMon.
they then perpetrated
They then
Ktainea we
Directory In
place, because
man was a member of the Executive
Committee, and it would "injure the
l x ,1 : vtm on1 fhov now.
deDose this gentleman as a member of
the Committee, in order to shield the
party from the injury which should re-
salt from tneir enaorsemem, 01 uis
management. This' course is what the
people will pronounce the jnost palpa
ble double-dealing.
Mighty Funnj.
To us it looks mighty funny to secrold
secessionists and slave-owners throwing
up their hats or Greeley. We are a
. 1 ! 11.. A
young man, oui we aisnncny re
member when these very men would
hare considered tW; thy Were doing
God a service to tar and feather tne
aforesaid Greeley, or any man who
ever circulated Mr. Greeley's paper in
the South. Why, these men passed the
following law so that they might le
gally hang any man who dared circu
late 2Jie Tribune, in this State. Look
on page 205 of the Revised Code of
North Carolina and you will find this
law: ' '
16. If any person shall wilfully bring into
the State, with an intent to.circulate.
shall wilfully, -circulate or publish
the State, or shall aid or
abet the bringing
iuto, or the circulation or publication of,
, , . ,
within the State, any written or printed
pamphlet or paper, whether written or
printed in or out of the State, the evident
tendency whereof is to cause slaves to be
come discontented with the bondage in
which they are held by their masters and
the laws regulating the same, and free ne
groes to be dissatisfied with their social
condition and the denial to them of political
privileges, and thereby to excite among the
said slaves and free negroes a disposition to
make conspiraces; insurrections, or resis
tance against the peace and quiet of the
publie, such person so ofifending shall be
deemed guilty of felony, and on conviction
thereof shall, for the first offence, be impris
oned not less than ope year, and bo put m
the pillory and whipped, at the direction of
the court; and for the second offence shall
suffer death. -
Now, they want to elect Greeley
President. Why? Is it because they
have changed, their views of - Mr.
Greeley? No. It is not that they
love Greeley, but because they hate
Grant. They laugh at Mr. Gree
ley and regard him as a theoretical old
fanatic, who 'is entirely too visionary
and impractical rto put his views into
operation. But Grant is a different
kind o man.
I.J -
He don't talk, but he
acts. JWhen the American people
called for a man to save the govern
ment, Grant didn't stop to make a
gpeech, Lut he went and saved the na
tion. And he did it in such a practi
cal way that nobody down here had
any heart to laugh. These men want
a man for President whom' they can
laugh at, and Grant ain't the man.
Before Greeley told them "go in
peace 'f they wanted to hang him. Be
fore he became surety for Jeff. Davis
they couldn't bear him but now they
want to make him President. ; It is the
next best thing to voting for Jeff. Da
vis its voting for JefFs bail.
Where is lie From ?
: The Daily News of this city is advo-
A. S. Merrimon, of Wake, formerly
resided in Buncombe, but he has been
living in Wake ever since the organi-
' zation of the Swepson-Littlefield-Railr
road-Ring, and ' inasmuch ns he was
nominated by the Wake Democracy as
their candidate last Summer,, and ac
cepted, and "run, and was beaten-r-wo
supposed he. was a Wake man.; . -Does
he claim to be from Buncombe because
the Wake delegation refused to vote for
him at Greensboro ? . Qr ,was it because
he was beaten in Wake last Summer ?
This last reason is not a g&x one, or if
lt 1S mevjuage must iciaim iu,ie jiuuj
snmfl other countv.
for he. was beaten
i . v.
in Buncombe in 1868. So -the case
stands tus: Buncombe has said py ner
vote that shet don't .want him., ..vyaKe
hassaid by her vote she.' don't want
him.f The State has said : by her vote
she don't want him as Judge anusne
will say in; August she don't want mm
as Governor, i, .; . .
rX disnatcb from Charleston, 8,C,
to the Department of Justice at AVash-
Attorney of that State, says that a dep
uty marshal just returned from Mari
etta, Georgia, reports that Capers Scott,;
- . 'n..ii " .1 t7511ttv 'TTorris-
wesiey ocoli. uu ,
whom he had arrested on bench war
rants issued by the Circuit Court, were
rants issued oy. xne v.irvuii, wuxv,
ten from him acrowd of
.....ri The men arrested
hirfv or fort v men. The men arrestee
nre indicted for violating the .en
forcement act. The Circuit Court at
Charleston has adjourned. A special
term has been ordered for August. v .
In the electoral college of 357 votes,
the former slaveholding I
this year.
states will have .131 votes, the western
England and,,id
. r and ;the pMc States
. mL .Vt. annnrrlinO' Tfi
" Mcal apportionmeni, the Sooth
f-r- ."T. " Mntical power of the
inn rand two-thirds of her vote will
IZrZUra - i v : v . .
. .:i,vi uwo vw , f the hand was the Industri- my seat in the Executive mansion.
eating the claims of A. S. Merrimon;- Shl" WiL.SmiSlS'
H ake, for uovernor, me vnartouei administered by Hamilton and m gious, uui as x uie p""
Despatch and Wilmington Star are for Beck : I was to obey all the Captain's ten my menus it was "i nf TtunnnmJieij Now. nrdPrs. and if I revealed anything I Have Caldwell arraigned at .the bar of
.u.vw.v.., v , . tt:u TlanAr riPStTllCtlOn. UO nOl.iet nU. uamta
TilC " Industrious Rplghts 'V of
Sentence of the Iincipal-Aotea uei-
perado brought to Justye'lhe Con-
. cf AccompliceIfiKlux Signs
in a New Phase. k ;: ini -
J" rf rhorifi V TTammilton, for-
prlv nf South ' Carolina" Jhls been en
gaged recently in GeorgidWa member
of the Ku KIux Kian unoer ine umuv
of" Industrious -Knights 'Jw Georgia.
Tt. wpfk this outlaw, togexner wu
some 'of his accessories,' were tried be-
frrr thf Snnerior
VUib V m -KJ-m-r .
ii i iir "iviri fiiinr:
Ai luftiA I
county, Georgia. : Hamilton Was sen
tenrpd to ten 3TeArs inrrris4nm4nt. In
cidental to the trial were several con
fessions, among them the following,
which we fake from the columns of Tfie
Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel. "
The Court then called upon Thos. H.
Long, jto show cause, if any iie! had, Why
the sentence of the law. should not be
passed upon him.. Long arose, and
made the following statement :
Last January Capt- Hamilton asked
me and Ramsey and Charlie Wilkinson
to go to South Carolina, and make ar
rangements to bring his wife over ; after
we left Augusta we went to his house
in Edgefield ; he told us after we got in
South Carolina what .he wanted
us to do ; he wanted us to rob Middle
ton Smith; Wilkinson and I determin
ed to have nothing to do with it, and
went ahead and broke up the trip ; he
made arrangements to come back in a
week for his wife; we came back to
Georgia and then .went back again to
help bring tier over ; after leaving
Thomson he said the money had to
that, timfi ; Wilkinson and I went
nhPad after crossing: the Savannah
River- we had our understanding again
J. 1 ll :i . r , , VvvOQlr It 11T1 illlll
' . . . 1 I
lO UlUillv it up, yc Mv xv - -x--TT-
,ri,i t wsiHnonn ston-
1 with his VrothtoXThS wife
eto ThomS with usj '-in about
two weeks Hamilton wrote a note asK-
intrmetomeet him down town, tnac
he wanted to go back and rob Smith ; l
met him and Tutt and Ramsey, and
told him that I would have nothing to
do with it ; he said Willis would meet
them at Dearing; When I declined he
went after Willis I and brought him
back and postponed the trip ; Hamilton
nd Tutt went off. Hamilton saying he
was going to Southwestern, Georgia, a
few days afterwards ; about two weeks
before the Evans robbery he and Ram
sey asked me to go and rob Evans.
The evening before the robbery he or
dered me to co with Ramsey and vvu
lis: he told me that a man was coming
the night aiterwaras iu gu xaj w
Pomiinii in. rnh n. man there : this man
rwt TTnvnft Williams had been in
rr ' . - , , , i u:mlfV,n
Thomson beiore ana ioiu me miuswi
l fn.m nnth Pnro-
was coii iug, A" X np old
iina; x r. ;h
RtSSy told me about Tt afterwards ;
w mil ton told me that he was going to
in Rou th Carolina ; If tola Wilkinson
"rT'4. tt. ;if h would do :
TTo m 1 1 trn nlso told me. after his arrest,
VV I 1 M li lZLLll.M.WAm fcJtv 'I
that he would get out on bail and go to
Thomson and kill Geo. Stovall, Wil
kinson, Ramsey, and Capt. Thompson.
AKnf hm wppks "before "Evans' rob-
berv. Hamilton told me.of the plan of
tvio rcranivuition : a man named UecK
was present at the time ; he said there
was n resrular organization extending
from TTillshoro. v North Carolina,
o-ii ripnro-ia and South Carolina to
Sand Mountain, Alabama, the object of
which was robbery and horse stealing ,
wna to he killed : Hamilton and isecK
wpre the Caotain3. The recognitioii
cJo-tt whAT onA.f the band met anoth
er, was for one to take his right hand
it oarelesslv three times
throno-h the hair on the right side of
his hpart : the answer wTas for the other
rnrtv tn do the same thiner with the
fpft hand on the left side of the head.
Hamilton once proposed to me to go in
with him; and, getting ' them off by
themselves, force Usry -andSturges to
give a check for asmuch money as they
had in the bank in Augusta ; the men
would then be kept prisoners until
HfiTniHin could come to Auerusta and
get the money ? if the money realized
was a lartre amount, the band was to
divide the money 'and leave the coun
try ; if it was a small amount, Usry and
Stursres were to be killed, so that they
could tell no tales. On another occasion
Hamilton proposed, to me to marry a
vmin? ladv livinsr in Edgefield, South
Carolina, whom . he said he had seduc
edMiss Willie Gilder. After marry
ing her T was to have her life insured
for $30,000 and bring ' her to Georgia,'
and then we wero to drug and kill her,
a nd Pet the amount of the policy. He
gave me. her photograph; and spoke to
l times on the subiect. but I
declined to have anything to do with
it, I would never have joined the band,
nor had anvthinsr to do with it, had it
not heen for Hamilton's influence over
me and mv lear of him; .: I would have
disclosed all I knew before the robbery
of Mr. Evans, but was afraid Hamilton
would kill mo if l did. -
' Loner's statement, arid its astound-
. reveiations were listened to wnn
, he and
, TT -wmtA -L'iu 1?
inw revelations were listened - to with
; ,
Thos.' H. Willis, another li.mgnt, were
each sentenced to five years' imprison-
jnent in the.Penitentiary . ;
Horace Greeley has predicted ins
own oeieat. Dueaiiuig ax
Orant during the canvass of 18G8,he
ued the following prophetic words :
. we are led by mm wno
I ... a
armies to conquer in the ( est, ana suose-
quenUy in the East also. Richmond would
not come to us until we sent Grant after it,
J thCo it
had to come. He has never yet
defeated, and he never will be. ' Me
Uill be as great and successful
on tho field
I ofpoliticasonthator arms."
MA.T .16, 1872:
ike, Editor mast notbe,underetooLas endors
ing the sentiments of ,..nis corrcsponuenvs.
ComrHunicationa on all subjects are souciieu,
which will be given to the readers of The Era
a containing the views and sentiments of the
For the Carolina Era.
Serious, Painful and Melancholy
One of the most remarkable incidents
on record occurred in ,a toDacco uaru,
at the-. Greensboro Convention. The
barn was brilliantly lighted and deco-
rated with evergreens and allegorical
-v w m w - '
w - . '
IIIMHaTM.'VIlHri. Ill 1,1 It-? nlll UllOC m
thunder storm arose, dark and dismay
and his Honor, Judge Mpmmon, was
struck by political lightning, in a very
extraordinary manner, in or aniicipa,
tinar the electric shock, physicians were
speedily called in, who found him in a
trance. Then that stern, unwavering,
hold friend and adroit DOlitician, who
is politically as firm as the bubble upon
the ocean only changes-his course
with the current or rise and fall of the
tide to wit: Hon. T. L. Clingman,
the fugleman of his Honor, being loua
lv nailed for. arose srracefully, and
proclaimed to the disappointed audi
ence : "We must save the party. Judge
Merrimon is our only hope." s
Dead, alive or in a trance, ne nasjio
strong antagonisms except his prema
ture admiration for Kirk and his indi
vidual war record. This the General
omitted : but he did not omit that Gen.
Leach, if nominated, mierht or would
be sent to the penitentiary ; when it is
apparent to us that Leach is five thou
sand stronger than the dead political
carcass of Merrimon. Merrimon is a
gentleman . and a good lawyer, but ne
is politically green to run against me
present incumbent. He will not know
after the election that he was a candi
Hon. T. L. Clingman being a pro
found iurist. lonsr skilled in the re-
searches Of the law, getting and receiv-
llltT II Jill LIIUL
- X- IL.i. 1. 1
o U;a 1 M0 a woll oa his
honor ' we presume, he went on to ex
Plain the universal maxim of. the civil
faw, that no' man is to be brought into
ieonardv of his Dolitical life more than
once tor the same onence; (4 i3iacK-
stone's Com. 335,) and the provision of
our preseni xtepuDiicuu uousuiuuuu,
that no nerson shall be subiect for the
same ! often ce to be twice put in politi
cal jeopardy, is but declaring' the com
mon law, and the maxim oi tne civn
low nnn hi in idem. (Klock VS. the
PeoDle. 2 Parker's Crim. Rep. 682.)
So that his Honor juage luerrimoii
will .not be tried again. We presume
he will now weigh on the scales zw
pounds, but he will be weighed again
on the balances the first Thursday in
August, when he will be like Governor
j Vance's cat-fish, f only more so-so
shrunk that his friends will, not recog
nize him. ; He will lack ten thousand
votes to make him balance, that Gov.
Caldwell has stolen from him during
the eamDaiern. Me
will be politically
interred on the Black Mountain
niino-mnn's Peak-oh the first Thiirs
day of August next. All mourne toe
respectfully requested to attend and
hmd the statejy pyramid of bMsom that
will be erectea to nis poiiuuiu uieiuui,y,
- . H 1 AX 5 1 4-
On WllOStJ UitOtJ Will UC vmwtu. xi iv
ters of despondency : "Crippled at the
Greensboro Convention by Gen. Cling
i V. J Vrt tTTii ttnn , ri lor.
man and his regiment blayed ana
fciniiwhtprpd hv (iov. uaiaweii ana nis
battalion. Go -away, Clingman, you
ha vfi hpfin in the U. S. Senate : 1 long
ed tn. . ho there, but could not : wanted
to be governor, and assured my friends
I would not accept tne nomination ;
hut whisnered to mveelf. I will, if 1
fret it.) now I have been . nommatea,
fnllv aneented. .and cannot take
in tne Jtuxecutive uuaiuiuii.-
. ,r rV' ...i. . nr !
ToanH ho nne of theiurors. for really he
is much more powerful with the mass-
es than I am, and might Ku Klux me.
Tommy. if I . die the same political
death that you have died, will you not
be one of my pall-bearers ? I feel too
prostrate to say more ; go away
Tommy, and let me$ieep. iJfl recov
er, Gov. Caldwell . may. give
me tne
berth of private secretary. -
Morganton, May 6, 1872.
, " For the Carolina Em.
" y , John A. Womack. ; '
Af u. Editor : Ha vine; in a previous
issue of vour paper noticed Mr. Burns,
a Renublican candidate on the State
ticket. I will how . ask a small space to
notice the above named genueiimu, a
Democratic candidate on, the . State
iniret. from the same countv.
You were very eorreet wheri you said
in your last Saturday issue, that "Mr:
Womack couia not carry vnis: owu
county." The people of, old unatnam
have not forgotten so soon as this, how
fhev were misrepresented iri' the last
They will remember that when they
elected him it was under a strict prom
i rfKrtsiarnre nv mm. - - -
ise that he wTould oppose the calling of
Hon ventioh more especially as the
constitution had not' been sufficiently
tried. That he would oppose Wit" an
his might every species of extravagance
or useless i expenditure of the people's
money. But would labor faithfully and buildup the ruined finances
of the State, j regardless of party fayor
or affection,
And this is why he wassupported by
a number; of Republicans. ; Now how
did he Terform these oblieations. If!
am not ereatlv mistaken ; he. voted for
all the Convention ; bills that came be
fore him and. after havincr .passed a
monstrous thing, went before the people
of his own county and advocated it,
putting shame to the very blush. .
rt inofoQfi ftf teeninry Riicn a cood
lookout over the finances of the.State.
I he quietly sat there and saw tne wnoie
r liLlUtS UU.VCU JJ UIO iju,io.iv,
d monev by the thousand actually
i iarce piayea
niched from te State without ever say-
jng one wor(i olltside of yea OT nay
whenever called upon. ' :
j Economy being his motto, he told
1 the people that li tney eiecteu mm, in
no case, nor unaer any circuinuiuuea
wonldhe receive mors tanowr dollars
' 1-
- -
:No. 49. .,
per diem, that-he thought three dollars
amply sufficient. But, if the Legisla
ture forced more than four upon him
he would immediately hand it ever to
the noor of the countv. Now. how
many poor or unatnam nave ever nearu
- . i I
of that Der diem. They may starve If
that is their dependence, for I guess he
felt about poor enough to keep it him
self. I cannot see why the Greensboro
Convention should have put him on
the ticket, ! unless it was because he is
so near- Democratic perfection, can
promise more and perform less than
any one else. .'.i - . . ,
Th'e good people of Chatham have
already repudiated Mr. Womacfc and
his Convention scheme, and on the
first Thursday of next August they
will quietly sink him beneath the po
litical waves" never to rise again.
; w W. H- B.
Raleigh, May Tthr 1872. ,,,, . . .
. For4he Carolina Era.
John Reilly-FayetteTille Muni
cipal Election., v
Mb. Editor: The live "Irishman'
John Beilly was yesterday elected
Mayor of Fayetteville by a handsome
maioritv. This is a well merited com
pliment to our distinguished candidate
for Auditor and the more so when the
means adopted to defeat him are prop
erly considered. '
' Our town is. cursed with an odious
and oppressive property qualification
for voters prescribed by the present Ku
Klux Legislature, this law was enacted
for the purpose of giving the Demo
crats the control of our municipal of
fices. We have, what no other town
in the State has, three distinct classes
of voters, viz: '
1. Those who are actual residents of
the town, of, whom the . Republicans
have a clear majority..
2. Those who reside, outside the
limits of the town but own real estate
within the town. ' v
3. Those who reside beyond the cor
porate limits of the town but do busi-
ness in the town.
Does not this municipal election law
remind you of the "old time" for the
return of which the present leaders of
the Democratic party are continually
longing (nearly all of which leaders are
old .Whigs) when it required fifty acres
of land to constitute a legally qualified
voter for Senator. The Democrats in
North Carolina once, advocated "free
suffrage," but under the party lash of
their present Whig leaders they are
forced to go back on their old princi
ples. However,? this is not surprising
since those who now call themselves
Democrats have no nrinciples at all.
When I hear Democrats say they will
support Greeley for President I can but
pity the weakness ana vaccuauons oi a
. .... ii 1 1 3 J.l.l
a day or two ago- that Leavehthorpe, a
carpetbag Englishman, has been nom-
mated against mayor Jeiny ior oiate
Auditor, this will be the most natural
fight imaginable an Irishman against
wo. Englishman, and that too in free
America i wnere xne ansiiuiaii wm get
wnai ne never uuu iu uiq uwu vuuuu j.
fair nfavs Down in Cumbc rland we ai e 1
coiner to bet on the Irishman.
Fayetteville, N. C May 7, 1872.
For the Carolina Era.
Rutlicrfordlori Municipal Klec-
Mr. Eeitou : Old Rutherfordton is
"all right," at the election ior town
officers held last Monday, N. bcoggln,
Esq.. was elected Mayor, K. w. ixgan,
J. W. Green, J. MJ Justice, and J. V.
Wilkerson Commissioners, ana x. .
Hawkins Marshal by a majority oi m
votes each. This is one of the greatest
victories over the ku klux that we have
had in the history of our town and to
fnllv annreciate iti it is proper to say
that the Republicans have had control
of the town since 1868, but during the
Ol 1113 IUWU OlUkD iUUUj KSUV uv....,
last. Tjecislature the Senator who mis-
Ti-orrocAnted Rutherford countv. at the
instigation of his ku . klux friends in
I the town, concluded that if
uiey wuiu
get the incorporation cut down inat
they might be able to get control ; and
after a wasteofat least six days time
in the Legislature, and a cost of over
six thousand dollars, they succeeded in
enttinp- down the incorporation of a
:town that pays about one hundred and
fifty, dollars, municipal tax ; per year,
kut they, had not calculated now many
ku klux intended to run away from
the incorporation, and dicrnox there
fore make their lines in the right place.
therefore suffered a Waterloo defeat
last Monday. ' . ? 1 1 k -! ; " , J
Rutherfordton is a small- town, oniy
about 600 inhabitants, many; of them
oC. the old aristocratic rschooij : ana a
bluer set you haye scarce -ever seen
than thev are&ince Monday but be it.
said to their creditthat three who have
heretofore been Democrats and reckooed the lawyer .against whom. he( was de
as Of their truest adherents, voted the cidinj? the case.! arose and remarked,
straight Republican ticket, this is
cheering and we feeli towards ihem,
" That while the lamp Molds out. to burn,
The vilest sinner may return," , ,
and taking our town election, and the
meeting ui me xwpuuntausui mo vuuu'
ty here last Monday; 1 1 can 'assure you
that our county is as ever the banner"
Republican county ol the fotate. 4
x ours, : ' -i
. I Radical4. -Rutherfordton
May 8,' 1872. 1 :
For the Carolina Era.
: We have had quite a
Me. Editor:
spirited' election .to-day.for Com mis-
sioners oi our town, xne pews rwu.
mg tne Jjemocrats iasu mgub- ui -. me
nomination at the Cincinnati Conven
tion, crave impetus to; their efforts to
defeat the Republicans even in this
election : but thev have been, sorely
disappointed. As goearthis, so will we.
respond to tne xtepuDiican nomuiauom,
i state. countv. con ertsiouai uu iwr
Presidential nominees of thehiladel-.
pnia Mrayention
It mast be erratifying to every true
Republican to know, that while we are
denounced as -Radicals, thieves &c,
they acknowledge then : fact of the- corr
rectness. o. the principles oi ; tne great
PpnnhifMn nnrtv on the new denart
xne. J All their cherished hopes and
principles have faded . away, before
truths right and? justice as our motto,
" ' Rates of J Advertising t;, j
One square,' one time, -''' v - -C $1 00 ,
. two times,- - ! "'! CO
",. ;.M. f three times,- - - r .-,.2D0
A. square t the "width. . ; column, and jl
inche deep. -
(Cpnct-,Advertimentjta)cen at
proporUonateiyJbW.ratesl I ;
Professional Cards, not exceedincr 1 square,
will te published ono yearfori j jt 7; p ! .
like snow under-the rays of an August
sun, voted dawn Wan unconstitutional
deception, and i repudiated even by
themselves the! so-called Democratic
Ku Klux Democracy. As a last resort,
j.i i t r. i r'
iney, mite reiujre uuutr, we w iujp u
the sore heads. Greelev.-'Brown fc Co.
What a humiliating reflection this must
be, especially to the old line Demo
cratic Democracy! And such must be
their fate as long; as they pander to the
evil machinations of these'old unterri
fied politicians. Our county Convention
will come off on the 18th inst., and Con
gressional on thel 23rd. We intend to
be up and at work - until the end, and
feel sure that success will perch upon
our banner, uaiaweu sc., ior i iaio,
Grant for our Chief Magistrate. ;
; - - mi 'Republican.
.PlymouthMay G, 1872..' I .!,. j u
: " i tm : I
Douerlass Jerrold saidi " Eve" ate the
apple that she might indulge in dress.V
. '. Li : ;'. I '.
The hangmen j in Iowa now mourn
like Othello that their "occupation's
gone,"-,. ,, ,ih : . - :
Some people act as if their debts Wero
like coffee, and would settle themselves
in time by standing.
Asrassiz has discovered a fish. that
builds a nest. . .The cow that climbs a
tree and the Horse that chews Tobacco
are next in order; .11 f j
"Come into the Varden, Maud,'' is
the way in which musical . mammas
urge their daughters to try on their
new calico dresses. ' ' j'
A Georgia editor has had his pistol
stolen. He advertises to give the thief
the contents, and no questions asked,
if he will return it. YX: ;!
The editor of a contemporary writes
that "the. woman who has smoothed
his ruffled bosom for years called to say
she could not do; it hereafter under nine
shillings a week." , . . i
The following; somewhat ambiguous
paragraph appeared in an Edingburg
paper: "We regret to find that the
announcement of the death of Mr. ,W
is a malicious fabrication.',' . , . ; , :
A sharp old gentleman travelling put
West got. a. seat beside his wife in a
crowded car by J requesting the young
man who sat by her to pleso watch
that woman while he went into anoth
er car, as she had fits. ' , v .
Said a young lady to a gentleman of
this city. " You are a musician, I be
lieve?" -" No." said he : if I wrere tho
The Chicago Post has a stock of choice
epithets on hand for every exigency.
As an instance, m a late issue ii siyies
ew York! drummer went crazy
at Indianapolis the other day and tele-
graphed to his employer to sena on
immediately one barrel condensed beef,
thirteen steamboats, one medium-White
elephant, and ten gross of June bugs
A writer has calculated that as tho
average areia of the human mouth when
open1 is about fdur square inches, tho
combined mouths of the 25,000 ingors
of the Boston Jubilee will form a cavity
of over seven hundred and thirty-six
square feet... ' , . " f ' .'.
The latest addition to the ' 'cohsclence
fund" was made in Georgia recently.
A man in that State received a letter
enclosing thirty cents in fractional cur
rency, accompanied with tho following
words : "I stole a feed of corn from
you during the war." ' ' ' t J i
... lady who was very sub missive and
modest- before ' marriage was ' observed
by a friend to use her tongue pretty
freely after. ; "Thero: was a, time," he
remarked, "when I almost imagined
she had no tongue." "Yes," said; the
husband, with a sigh, , "but ' it's Very,
very long since ! 11 . ,: ' ' lf i'j'v .-t
Three tittle 'boys were disputing as
to whose father said the shortest graee.
My father says, Lord rWf thank you
i jor tnese provisions.;' otuu iu , amu.
mine says, 'Father , bless this
food to
Third bov "Ah,' but
the best of all. He shoves his plato up
to mamma and
id saysrDarn ye, nil up.' "
- ThO following Is goin
the press i -h
ig'&e; rounds of
Since Eve invented fancy dress hi K
lovely garden j - ' w:''- - -1 '
in Eden's
jso style in maeous ugxinetw ijim
i i tne JJouy v araen ; t ; . r
So lovely woman now may rest, hi
her fekul i
r , i
- vindicated. i
She ever led in "all that's best and now in
all that's bated, .j .,y::) ri i JL
'" As ajudgd was dcHVeririg'his decision
in a case the other day, he was inter
rupted by the 'vociferous. braying of a
dnnkevntider one of the' windows' of
,A r cnu-rtroomi "What .is that?"
testily; asked. i he. judges .whereupon
1 u jt i3 merely tlie echo "of the Court,
I your honor,
i iff
TVira lartie nre like bird that are
on the wing," said a humorous clerk to
his employer, as a. bevy - of shop dam
sels left the store.? 'iM Why so?" asked
the proprietor. " takes them
a long time to settle -.upon ..their, pur
chase" (perches,) replied .. the, clerk.
The proprietor saw the point, and was
so gratified at its a'cuteTiess 'that he at
once raised the clerk's salary.1 V j
v.u ; -hm '. --''.'--rrui oHr.r:ii.v !
. In a law-suit, the other, day, between
two memners oi tne same cnurcn, coun-
the brethren ought todefer their dif
ferences for adjustment. torthe high
soonded that ' the ' same idea had oc-
curred tahim, but thero seemed
an inseparable obstacle in the wayTie
. . . . .
could'nt contrive any way to get. nis fuw
yer there!" : r. ..';
:r A young lady who had been attend-j
ing ; a modern 1 fashionable , , boarding
school for about a year upon returning
home, manifested a. Very poor appetite
Being out in company, 'and asked to
have . something. !more, - sho, replied :
" You will please excuse ;me a I have,
already .satisfactorily; answered "the
- f clamorous call 'of a craving appetite.
and my internal fullness admonishes
me to avoid a longer continuation Of
) gastronomicaj inmugenw. -.i s.
f .
froprietor of a hand-organ, setexpress
y to play " Old j Hundred," I couldn't
get seventy-five out of it." i;
all the professions oi .wnwuij

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