North Carolina Newspapers

    Hr. Greeley and' the South. "
yft print a commtinic&tiony more re
markable for Jteal than courtesy, from
Mr. John M. Harrell, member of the
Democratic National Committee from
Arkansas, reprobating the opposition
of The World to the indorsement of Mr.
Greeley by the Democratic party. We
understand the intolerable oppression
and wholesale robbery under which
the South suffers, and make allowance
for the asperity and unreflecting haste
with which an impulsive Southern
man resents any Northern opposition
to a ticket which, in his estimation,
rives promise of relief. If it were
possible to admit that the Indorsement
SfMr. Greeley by the Democratic
National Convention- would free .'the
Southern States from Federal tyranny,
a Southern citixen would be Justly In
censed at opposition to Mr. Greeley by
a Northern journal which has made
steady professions of friendship for the
South. But we think Harrell miscon
ceives the whole situation. He has a
ridiculous overestimate of the impor
tance and influence of Mr. Greeley. He
does not seem to understand that Mr.
Greeley has thrown away the great
ascendancy he once had over the Re
publican party. His peace mission to
Niagara, his advice to President Lin
coln to offer $400,000,000 as a compensa
tion to the Boutnern siave-noiaers, ana
his subsequent signing the bail-bond of
Jefferson Davis, estranged so many of
Mr. Greeley's Republican friends that
which they Are so grievously oppressed.
He has done more than any other man
to fasten the yoke upon them, and un
less he recants and apologizes, we do
not see how those who complain of the
measures can expect relief from their
chief instigator and advocate. New-
York World, Democratic.
Democratic Support of Mr Gree-
' i . ' ... ley.' ,
Mr. Greelev concludes an artic
his "prospects" in yesterday's Tribune
ina wav which indicates a derreeof
distrust and wavering .which the ad
mirers who put him in the field ought
to regret and resent. He gives a pretty
clear Intimation that, unless he Is in
dorsed by the Democratic party, he
will retire from the tsinvass; for this
sentence will hardly , bear any other
interpretation : .
For these and kindred reasons, we are
morally certain that the Liberal Republi
cans will maintain and extend the organi
zation, npbold their banner, and support
their candidates to the end, unless the Demo
crats shall see fit to drive them off the course
which they are not likely to do.
This undignified bid for Democratic
support has but a small apron of fig
leaves to cover its nakedness. If Mr.
Greeley does not mean that he will
withdraw from the canvass unless the
locratic party adopts him as its can
didate, his language has no intelligible
meaning. We submit that this U treat-
his hold on the party is . reduced to t"
thai Mr. Greeiey win rhw olra large ZTT. !
is a mere nigni oi i ,,, f f v10, t ?ki to
Attention Old tiNsNvnia3-A
great deal of sympathyjs attempted to
be worked up from the old line Whigs
of the South now for the Greeley tick
et', MThe fact is that the old line Whigs
were always - moderate men, and the
present occasion is the one of all others
which' should f cause' them to vote for
Grant, in order to avoid the extremes
of Locofoceism or Tarn many ism, on the
one hand, and Greeley radicalism on
the other hand. Grant is a moderate
man a fair man and has administer
ed the laws In as mild a manner as pos
sible to the Southern people. He has
been just; generous," humane and firm,
apd this is all that reasonable people
could expect of him. LThe South has
no reasonable! complaint to make of
him; and we think their common
sense would dictate to them that where
they might only possibly get one that
would suit them better under the pres
ent state of affairs, they are likely to
get a dozen who would suit their ideas
a good deal less. It seems to lis that
the old. line Whigs with their moderate
Ideas could not do better than discard
both radical factions and fall in with
the Republican party in the support of
General Grant. JSorjouc uay jsook.
Legal A'dvertfeemehti
i Circuit court of the united states,
j District of North Carolina..
l Jnited 8tates vs. 10 boxes manufactured tobac
co and the manufactured and leaf tobacco
found in the tobacco factory of John S. Allen,
as the property of said Allen, and against him
and Thomas J. Jones and W. C. Troy, sureties
Benublican vote
fancy. It overlooks the fact that Mr.
Greeley has thrown away his Republi
can l una en ce Dy .so oiien running
counter to the prevailing sentiment of
the party. Most Republicans would as
soon vote for an out-and-out copper
head" Democrat as for the foremost
signer of Jefferson Davis's bail-bond.
The politicians who speculate on the
Republican following of Mr. Greeley
misappreciate his recent standing in
the Republican party. Since the Union
Leasrue Club forbore to turn him out
after his signature of Mr. Da vis's bond,
' he has been rather tolerated than fol
lowed by his former political associates.
It is a great and a grave mistake to
suppose that he has any considerable
JKepuDilcan lonowing in tne iNorcnern
States, when Jie steps over the party
To be sure, Mr. Greeley is the editor
of what has been a powerful party
journal. But his present . position as a
solicitor of Democratic votes win es-
equivalent to telling the Liberal - Re
publicans that he considers them of lit
tle account, except as jackal to the
Democratic lion. It 111 becomes. Mf.
Greeley to thus belittle the importance
of his Liberal Republican supporters.
What he really says is, that their nom
ination is not worth his . acceptance,
and that he is waiting to see whether
he gets that of the Democratic fcarty
before he fully makes up his mind to
stand as a candidate. Considering hew
cavalierly the Cincinnati Convention
disregarded Democratic wishes, it is
odd enough to see their candidate thus
earlv hanc out a flacr of distress arid de
clare that ne must sink without Demo
cratic support, j ,.:
Does Mr. Greeley intend to accept, or
to decline, the Cincinnati nomination?
We suppose that by this time he must
have received the official notification,
and the public will be looking ieverv
day for his reply. Was there eveif such
a thing known as a candidate respond
ing to sucn a marie or nonor ana conn-
t to the appraisment bona for the release oi saia
property. uoei or imormauon.
To John S. Allen, Thomas, J. Jones and W. C.
Troy, and to all whom It may. concern :
J Notice is hereby given, that the above men
tioned property was seized by W. B. Richardson,
CoUector of Internal Revenue for the 3rd Collec
tion District of North Carolina, on 15th day of
Feb., 1872, s forfeited to the uses of the United
States, for violation of the internal revenue laws,
and the same Is libelled and prosecuted in the
Circuit Court of the United States for condem
nation for the causes in the said libel of informa
tion set forth ; and that the said causes will stand
r trial at the court room of said court, at Ral
eigh, on the first Monday of June next, if that be
Jurisdiction day, and if not at the next day of
jurisdiction thereafter, when and where all per
sons are warned to appear to show cause why
eald porperty shall not oe declared liable to for
feiture and a Judgment entered upon said ap
prtisement bond, and to intervene for their
Given under my hand, at office, In Raleigh,
this 11th day of May, 1872.
145 w2w- , United State Marshal.
era AJ1 the tnlck-and-in Republi- dence, that, he accepted provisionally
cans will presently desert The Tribune,
and, so far as Republican support is decision depended on his receiving the
concerned, will leave it as a hulk like nomination from another pol.tieal
. M h hanh Tf ianiw party ? Such a reply would be an af-
Biiftuucuuu - - fmnt f h n; rw,rJrt nnA Pay, ana n not at ine next any oi junsaicuoi
through his paper that ilr. iireeiey w """"""i"v thereafter, whenand where all persons are warn
' 1 1 : :
District of North Carolina.
United States vs. one still and fixtures, and a
tract of 21)0 acres of land, more or less on
which said distillery was situated, lying in
the county of WHkes, the property of Polly
I Johnson. Libel of Information.
JTo Polly ; Johnson, and to all whom it may
j concern : Greeting.
Notice is hereby given that the above mention
ed property was seized by S. II. Wiley, Collector
pf internal revenue for the 6th collection District
bf N.C., on the loth day of Jan., 1872, as forfeited
itothe uses of the United States for violation of
the internal revenue laws, and the same is li
belled and prosecuted In the Circuit Court of the
f Jnited States fot condemnation for the causes
n the said libel : of information set forth ; and
that the said cause will stand for trial at the
court room of said court at Raleigh, on the 1st
Monday of June next, if that be a Jurisdiction
pay, ana if not ac tne next aay oi junsaicuon
-"In pursuance of An , Act of the General
'Assembly, ratified the 23rd day January,
1$72, I have caused to' be - published he
following certified copy of .' An Act to alter
the Constitution of North Carolina. . ".
, E. J. WARREN, .
President of the Senate. "
ir January 24, 1872. V;- , , ;,, v .
AN ACT to alter the Constitution of
North Carolina, i
Sec. 1. The General Assembly of North
Carolina do enact (three-fifths of all . the
members of each House concurring),
That the Constitution of this State be
altered as follows, to wit : , " -
Amend section six, of the first article, by
striking out the first clause thereof, down
to and including the word "but this be
ing the clause relating to the State debt.
Amend section two of the sgctfnd' article
by striking out the word annually," and
inserting in lieu thereof, the word "bienni
ally ;" being in reference to the sessions
of the General Assembly. :
- Amend section five of the second article,
by striking out all that precedes the words,
"the said Senate districts," and by striking
out the phrase "as aforesaid or" in said sec
tion ; the parts so stricken out having ref
erence to the State census. . ; !
Add a new section to the second article
to be styled "section 30," and to read as
follows : " The members of the General As
sembly shall each receive three hundred
dollars as a compensation for their services
during their term, subject to such regula
tions in regard to time of payment and re
duction for non-attendance as may be pre
scribed by "i law i but they may have an-
j Amend sections eight and nine of the seV
earn article, y striking out the words or
townships sh where, they.occar: in ' said sec-
UOIIS..;--,-- ,-,-.- f-. i. .f..f. . ;.: k,; i -.-T;-'.-,
Strike out' section three of the ninth arti
cle, and in lieu thereof insert the following:
" The General Assembly shall make suita-
ble provision by ; law 'for the management
and regulation of the public schools, and for
pentjcung me system, ox tree public instruc
tion," ; , ;', :,v ,-:";. -
Strike out section live of the ninth arti
cle, and in lieu thereof, insert the following:
"The General Assembly shall have power
to provides for the election of Trustees of
the University of North Carolina, in whom,
wnen cnosen, snail De vested all the privi
leges, rights, franchises and ', endowments
heretofore in any wise granted to, or con
ferred upon, the Board of Trustees of said
University: and the General 'Assembly
may make 'such provisions, laws and reg
ulations, irom time to time, as may be nec
essary and expedient,' for the n.aintenance
and,jnanagementof said University."
Strike out sections thirteen, fourteen and
fifteen of the ninth article, relating to the
University of North Carolina. Ataend sec
tion ten of the eleventh article by striking
out the words at the charge of the State,"
and in lieu thereof, insert the words "by the
State ; and those who do not own property
over and above the homestead and personal
property exemption prescribed by this Con
stitution, or being minors,' whose parents
do not own property over and -above the
same, shall be cared for at the charge of the
State." : I .
I Alter section seven of the fourteenth ar
ticle so that said section shall read as fol
follows : "No person who shall hold any
offide or place f trust or profit under the
United States, or any department thereof.
or under this State, or under . any other
State or government, shall hold or exercise
any other office .or place of trust or profit
shall be ten cents per mile for each session.' Assembly: Provided. That nothing herein
Amend section one of the thira article by 1 contained shall extend-to ofl&cers ? in the
. . . TreastirT DEPABTMKST.
K? .... - -Raleigh April 2d, 1872.
LThe following act isrpublished for the in
formation of the holders of bonds of the
State of .North Carolina. , , .vv
The undersigned, in compliance with the
reauirements of the act. hereby invite pro
posals, to be forwarded to this Department
on or- before the 10th day of October, 187Z,
for an exchange of the stocks of this State in
any. Railroad company, .or other , corpora
tion, for tfce bonds of the State.. Said pro
posals must be sealed and endorsed " Pro-
nosals forJExchanere of State Stocks.'?
It is deemed unnecessary to set forth the
details of exchange, as the act is explanatory
of itself. - D. A JENKINS,
: ? State Treasurer,
i ' V J Attorney General.
AN ACT for Exchanging the Stocks of the
State for ' Bonds with which-such Stocks
were obtained and for other purposes'
Sec. 1. The General Assembly of North
Carolina do enact: That thePublio' Treas
urer and Attorney General' shall, advertise
for six months in such newspapers as they
may select, ana invite proposals for an ex
change of the Stocks held by the State in
anv Railroad or other corporation, for the
bonds by which the State acquired such
stocks i or anv other bonds of the State (not
special tax) where the stock is not specially
pledged for the redemption of bonds issued
to such corporation : such bids shall be
opened on a day appointed, and those terms
be accepted which may be most advantage-1
ous for the State ; Provided, That in no event
shall any of the said stocks be exchanged
for less than their par value; or for less than
three bonds of same nominal value, issued
in aid of Chatham Railroad, January 1st,
1863 ; and provided further, No stock in the
unless in the same offer it is proposed to
take twenty shares of stock in the North
exerts any influence, and his onerin?
himself as the Democratic candidate for
President will coat him ten subscribers
for every one he lost by signing: the
Davis bond. The Tribune has forfeited
and flung: away its standing; as a Re
publican organ. Of course, nobody will
accept it as a Democratic organ, and it
is hereafter a mere newspaper and the
personal organ of a man who has
Srcken his party relations in his aspi
rations for the highest office. His paper
no loncrer represents the Republican
A -M
jarty, but only his individual self. Mr.
rreeley has thus cut up by the roots
Vi la nnlw smiroA rtf f fifl nnnno rTh0
Tribune, repudiated by the Republican
party, has sunk to the position of a
' more personal organ, and is more teebie
and Inane tnan ordinary personal or
gans', inasmuch as the editor is pre
cluded, by the proprieties of his posi
tion, from the out-and-out advocacy
characteristic of that class of journals.
'The Tribune has deprived itselt of all
freedom of expression and comment in
this Presidential campaign ; it has cut
loose from and alienated the Re
publican party; and having thus sever
ed its political connections, and put a
gag in its mouth by the acceptance of
its editor of a nomination for the Presi
dency, it has sunk into the position of
a mere news-gatherer in the most in
teresting crisis which has ever arisen
In our politics. Having lost the confi
dence of -Republicans, and not gained
the confidence of Democrats; having
deprived itself of the freedom of ex
pressing independent opinions, it is a
nonentity in politics till this Presiden
tial election is decided ; and if its editor
should not be elected, he will be the
most signal example in the history of
journalism of a powerful editor falling:
between two stools. Even if he should
be elected, he will have sacrificed The
Tribune. The Republicans will not
tolerate it after it has deserted their
party, and the Democrats will regard
it with no favor while it advocates
ideas and principles which they have
always repudiated. The influence of a
great journal has been sacrificed to the
personal amoiuon or its cmer. t
Mr. Harrell prudently expresses no
opinion as to Mr. Greeley's hold on the
negro vote of the South. We presume
hels aware that the Southern negroes
111 n 1 nil X fwim Ifr.
Greeley have in the South as a Demo
cratic candidate? As a Democratic
candidate pure and simple, no man in
the country could have a weaker hold
en the party, i II he can draw off neither
negroes nor white Republicans, what
advantage can there be. in adopting
him as the Democratic candidate? The
indorsements he has thus-far received
In the North are not Republican but
Democratic indorsements; but - it is
preposterous for Democrats to indorse
him except on the supposition that he
will bring an accession of strength to
the party.
Assuming that the negro vote will be
given to Grant, we cannot imagine
what would be gained by a Democratic
indorsement i of Mr. Greeley. To be
sure, he favors universal amnesty ; but
a President can do nothing to promote
amnesty except through the pardoning
power. . President Johnson, in his last
ttmnAstv nrorlftmailon. earripd thftnar-
doning power to its utmost limit, leav
Ing.nothing for any subsequent Presi
dent to do". The disabilities imposed
by the XlVth amendment can be re
moved only by Congress, and the elec
tion of Mr. Greeley would make no
more difference In the action of that
body than the election of a straight
npmnrrnt 1
Mr. Harrell virtually admits, while
he finds fault with our statement, that
removing-tho disabilities imposed. by
the XlVth amendment would be a
trivial matter in comparison with relief
from the other evils endured by the
South, andrntailed hy the legislation of
Congress. lie seems to forget that ail
this unrighteous legislation was advo
cated by Mr. Greeley with the trucu
lent vehemence he has always shown
in such matters. Before Southern citi
zens come to the strange conclusion
that their salvation depends on Mr.
Greeley's election, they had better ask
him whether lie repents of his strenu
ous advocacy Lof all the measures by
I1U- I
na- Q
ich Jf,
an act of indelicacy toward the Demo
cratic Convention whose nomination
it would put him in the attitude Of so-
. liciting, and of offering to aecept before
it was tendered him. We cannot see
how it could accord with honor or pro-
. ; a x i. i is a
pneiy w uius euuoruiiiaie a nomina
ton offered by his friends to one which
he desires from his political opponents.
irne accepts the Cincinnati nomina
tion, he will thereby bind himself to
remain in the field to -the end of the
canvass, whether the Democratic party
inddrses him or not. If he declines the
Cincinnati nomination, he -forfeits all
hope of a Democratic indorsement. If
he waits and vacilates, making no an
swer to the Cincinnati notification until
ho can eatiefy himself what the Demo
cratic party will do, he will be acting a
more time-serving and undignified part
than"ought to be expected from aj man
of his political standing. He is bound
to ccept the Cincinnati nomination
unequivocally, or else to decline it un
equivocally; and in either case, to
stand inflexibly by his decision.) He
cannot play his card and still keep it
in his hand. He must put it down
when his turn comes and take the risk
of its being trumped.
His article yesterday seems tOj be a
notification to the Democratic party
that he will not remain in a position
to divide the Republican vote, unless
it will inure to his - personal advance
ment. This "heads I win, tails' ou
lose" game will not answer. Mr. Gree
ley must either decline 'the Cincinnati
nomination and with it all hopes of a
Democratic indorsement, or he must ac
cept it without - Democratic pledges,
leaving the Democratic party free to
act according to its sense of the public
food without any entanglements. When
e virtually threatens to fall bajck into
the ranks of Grant's supporters unless
the Democratic party will nominate
him, he puts himself into a position in
which no judicious friend -.would pwish
to see him. Does he still feel bound by
the declaration put forth in The Trfbune
of April 10? That declaration was in
the following language:
1. If there shall be Democratic candidates
for President and Vice-President in the field,
we purpose to support that Republican ticket
which seems most likely to succeed.
2. If the main issue in the canvass shall
be Protection against Free Trade, we; shall
(no matter as to the candidates) be found on
the side of Protection.
3. But if (as we hope and expect) there
shall be two Republican tickets, and none
other, presented with any hope of success,
we shall favor that one whose election will
be, in our judgment, most likely to pro
mote economy in public expenditure, puri
ty in legislation and in administration,' sub
stantial unanimity in upholding for all cit
izens a complete equality of rights under
the law, and hasten the return of fraternal
concord and mutual good will between
those who were arrayed against each other
in sanguinary strife throughout onr -great
ci?n war. , ' - : -
If Mr. Greeley still adheres to the
purpose then expressed, he has bound
himself to support Grant if the Demo
cratic party nominates a ticket. He
thus stands in the unenviable position
of soliciting Democratic votes against
Grant, and at the same time threaten
ing to. support Grant himself unless
those Democratic votes are given to
Mm. It is due to himself and to; all
parties that Mr. Greeley should une
quivocally define his position. He must
make it clear that he will not supbort
Grant in any event, before self-respect
ing jemocrais can even consider the
fed to appear to show cause why condemnation
fchould not be decreed, and to intervene for their
interest. I
t Given under ray hand, at. office, in Raleigh,
he 11th day of May, 1872.
. I. UAKlttJW,
14,w2w . L United States Marshal.
District of North Carolina.
nlted States vw. one still and fixtures, the
property of A. D Metcalf, 1 still and fixtures
the property of A. O. Carpenter, and 1 still and
fixtures the property of Jas. Ballard and F. Mc
Line. Libel of information.
o A D. Metcalf, A. G. Carpenter, Jas. Ballard
and F. McLine, and to all whom it may con
cern : Greeting.
Notice is hereby given, tht the above men-
ioned property - was seized by J. J. Mott, Col-
ector of Internal Revenue for the 6th Collection
District of North ftorolinft. on the 20th dav of
iMarch, 1872, as forfeited to the ufes of the United
siaies, lor violation oi me internal xvevenue
aws, and the same is libelled and prosecuted in
he Circuit Court of the United States for con-
iemnation for the causes in the said Libel of In-
"ormation set forth : and that the said cause will
tand for trial at the court room of said Court
ftt Raleigh, on the first Monday of June next.
jf that be a jurisdiction day, and if not at the
fiextday.oi Jurisdiction thereafter, when and
(where all persons are warned to appear to show
Cause why-condemnation should-not be de
creed, and to intervene for their interest.
at omce in icaieigti,
Given under my hand,
jnis litn aay or May, isj-z.
1 w2w.
United States Marshal.
District of North Carolina.
United States vs. six hundred pounds of man
ufactured tobacco, and one wagon and two
horses and harness the property of Martin &
Glenn. -14 bel of Information.
.To Martin ,fe Glenn, and to all whom it may
1 concern: Greeting.
".Notice is hereby given that the above men
ioned property was seized by J. J. Mott, Col
ector of Internal Revenue for the 6th Collection
District of N. C, on the 12th day of March, 1872,
s forfeited to the uses of the United States, for
Violation of the Internal Revenue Laws, and
the same is libelled and prosecuted in the Cir
cuit Court of the United States for condemna
tion for the causes in the said-libel of informa
tion set forth; and that the said causes will
Htand for trial at the Court Room of said Court
ftt Raleigh, on the first Monday of June next,
f that be a Jurisdiction day, and if not at the
ipext day of Jurisdiction thereafter, when and
Inhere all persons are warned to appear to show
ause why condemnation should not be de-
freed, and to Intervene for their interest.
Given under my hand at office, in Raleigh.
iuim in aay pi Aiay, lstz. . i . CAitituvv,
145 w2w
United States Marshal.
District or North Carolina.
United States vs. 3 barrels of spirits, one wagon.
I a nurses ana narness me property OI J. w.
ii Williams. Libel of Information.
To J. W. Williams, and to all whom it may
j concern: Greeting.
Notice is hereby given, that the above men
tioned property was seized by S. H. Wiley, as
f Collector of Internal Revenue for the 6th Gollec
ion District of North Carolina, on the 26th
4ay of January, 1872, as forfeited to the uses
of the United States, for violation of the In
ternal Revenue Laws, and the same is libelled
ind prosecuted in the Circuit Court of the
United States, for condemnation for the causes
fn the said libel of information set forth ; and
that the said causes will stand for trial at the
tourt room of said Court, at Raleigh, on the first
londay of June next, if that be a Jurisdic
tion day, and if not at the next day of jurisdic
tion thereafter, when and where all persons are
earned to appear to show cause why condem
nation should not be decreed, and to intervene
for their interest
J Given under my hand,
this lit day of May, li$7:
145 w2w
at office, in Raleigh,
United States Marshal.
question of indorsing him in their Na
tional Convention. New York World,
District of North Carolina.
nlted States vs. two stills and fixtures the
property of Thomas Kerr and W. H. Knui-
shaw Libel of Information.
o Thomas Kerr and W. B. Bradshaw, and to
ia wuom u may concern : ureeting.
i Notice la hereby given, that the above men
tioned property was seized by J. T. Seargeant.
Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue for the
5th District of North Carolina on the 11th
cjay-or-juarcn, isrz, as forfeited to the uses of
the United States for violation of the Internal
Revenue Laws, and the same is libelled and pros
ecuted in the Circuit Court of the United States
tor. condemnation for the causes in the said
Libel of Information set forth; and that the
said causes will stand for trial at the court
room of said court, at Raleigh, on the 1st Mon
day Of June next, If that be a Jurisdiction
day, and if not at the next day of Jurisdiction
thereafter, when and where all persons are
warned to appear to show cause why condem
nation should not be decreed, and to Intervene
for their Interest.
i Given under my hand at office, in Raleigh,
t his LUh day of May, 1?72.
--,.. a T. CARROW,
jjl45 w2w. . United States Marshal.
striking out tho words "four years," wliere
they occur nrst in said section, ana insert
ing, in lieu thereof, the words "two years,"
being in reference to the terms mf executive
officers. -
Strike out the words "Superintendent '6f
Public Works," wherever they occur in
the Constitution, thus abolishing that office.
Amend section six of the third article, by
striking out the word "annually." and in
serting, in lieu thereof, the word "biennial
ly," so as to conform to the provision re
specting the sessions of the General Assem
bly . .
Strike out sections two and three of the
fourth article, being the provisions which
refer to the appointment and duties of the
Code Com mission ers.
Alter section four of the fourth article, so
that said section shall read as follows :
"The judicial power of the State shall be
vested in a Court , for the trial of impeach
ments, a Supreme Court, Superior Couxts,
sucn interior courts as may be established
by law,and Courts of Justices of thePeace."
Alter section eight of the fourth article,
so that said section shall read as follows :
"The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief
Justice and two - Associate Justices ; Proirt-
ded, That this shall not apply to the justices
during their present term of office, unless
by death, resignation, or otherwise, the
number of Associate ' Justices shall be re
duced to two." ;'-- -' i
Alter section twelve 6f the fourth article
so that said I section shall read as follows :
"The State shall be divided into nine judi
cial districts, for each of which a judge shall
be chosen : and in each district a Superior
Court shall be held at least twice in each
year," .to continue for such time ' in each
county respectively as may be prescribed
by law. The General Assembly - shall lay
off said districts in due time, so that the
said nine judges may be chosen and begin
their official term at the first general elec-.
tion lor members oi tne lieneral Assembly
which shall occur after the ratification of
this section." The General Assembly may
reduce or increase the number of. Districts
to take effect at the end of each judicial term.
Strike out section thirteen of the fourth
article, which fixes the present judical dis
tricts. !
Amend section fourteen of the fourth ar
ticle by striking out all after the word
"office," and inserting, in lieu of the part so
stricken out, the following: "The General
Assembly shall prescribe a proper system
of rotation for the judges of the Superior
courts, so tnat no judge may riae tne- same
district twice in succession, and the judges
may also exchange districts with each other,
as may be provided by law."
Strike out section fifteen of the fourth ar
ticle, and insert in lieu thereof, the follow
ing : The General Assembly shall have no
power to deprive the judicial department of
any power or jurisdiction which rightfully
nortjiina tn it. aa a in.nrHinnt. a Honartniont .
but the General Assembly shall allot and
distribute that portion of this power and jurisdiction,-
which does not pertain to the
Supreme Court, among the other Courts
prescribed in this Constitution or which
may be established by law, in such manner
as it may deem best, provide also a proper
system of appeals, and regulate by law
when necessary the methods of proceeding,
in the exercise of their powers, of all the
courts below the Supreme Court, so far aa
the same may be done without conflict with
other provisions of this constitution."
Strike out sections sixteen, seventeen,
nineteen, twenty-five and thirty-three of
the fourth article.
Amend section twenty-six of the fourth
article by striking out all that part which
begins with,' and follows the word "but" in
saia section, ana, in lieu oi tne part so
stricken out, inserting the following:
"The judicial officers and the clerks of
any courts which may be established by
law, shall be chosen by the vote of the quali
fied electors, andfor such term as may be
prescribed by lawl The voters of each pre
cinct, established as is elsewhere provided
for in this constitution, shall elect two jus
tices of the peace for such term as may be
fixed by law, whose jurisdiction shall extend
throughout their respective counties. The
General Assembly may provide for the elec-
Liu 11 ui mure uiau i,vv u justices 01 tne peace
in those precincts which contain cities or
iqwns, or in wnicn otner special reasons
render it expedient. The chief magistrates
of cities and incorporated towns shall have
the judicial powers of justices of the peace."
Amend section thirty of the fourth article
by striking out the word " townships " and
inserting, in lieu thereof, the word " pre
cincts ;" also in the last sentence of the same
section, strike out the words the commis
sioners of the county may appoint to such
office for the unexpired term," and in lieu
tnereoi insert "an appointment to fill such
vacancy for the unexpired term shall be
made'as may be prescribed by law."
Amend sections one and seven of the fifth
article, ty striking out the words " commis
sioners of the several counties" where they
occur in saia sections, ana in lieu tnereoi in
serting tne woras,- county authorities es
tablished and authorized by law."
Strike out section four of the fifth article
relating to taxation to pay the State debt and
interest. 1
f Amend section six of the . fifth article by
inserting after the word "instrument" in
said section the words " or any other per
sonal property."
Insert the word
militia, Justices of the Peace. Commission
ers of PubliQ, Charities, or Commissioners
for SpecialPurposes." . -. ,
Add another section to the fourteenth ar
ticle to be styled "section 8," and. to read
as follows: "County officers, justices of
the peace and other officers whoso offices
are abolished or changed in any way by the
alteration of the constitution, shall continue
to exercise their functions until any pro
visions necessary to be made by law in or
der to give full effect to the alterations, so
far as relates to said officers shall have been
made." f . '
I Be-number the sections in those articles
from which any section has been stricken
without the insertion of another in its
stead; and give to any new section that
number which by this method would have
been given to tne section for which it is
substituted, and the alterations shall be em
bodied into the constitution, and the -several
sections numbered consecutively.
! Ratified the 19th day of January, A. D.,
Office of Secretary of State,
! Raleigh, Jan. 22d, 1872.
I, Henry J. Mennineer. Secretarv of State.
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true
copy of the original act on file in this office.
jan. 25. w6m.
Secretary of State.
Wilmington North Carolina
Vice President.
Secretary. .
Medical Direc'r
J W Atkinson, General Insurance Agent
I B Granger, President of the Bank of
New Hanover.
! F W Kerchner, Grocer and Commission
Merchant. ,
I CM Stedman, of Wright and Stedman.
I T H McKoy, of W A Whitehead fc Co.,
Fayetteville. -
R H Cowan, President.
H B Ellers, Commission Merchant.
A A Willard, of Willard Brothers. .
W A Cumming, of Northrop fe Qumming.
G W Williams, of Williams AMurchison.
Eli Murray, of E Murray & Co.
A J DeRossett, of DeRossett fe Co.
t Robert Henning, of Dawson, Teel & Hen
ning. f
I Alex Sprunt, British Tice-Consul, of
Sprunt and Hinson.
I P Murphy, Attorney at LawJ
I J D Williams, of J D Williams fc Co.,
Jas C McRae, Att'y at Law, Fayetteville
I B Kedy, Merchant, Kenansville.
J T Pope, Merchant, Lumberton.
1st. No restriction on Residence or Travel.
2. No extra charge on thelives of Females.
3. Policies Incontestable after Five Years.
J 4. The Rates of Interest on the Funds of
the Company higher than those on the
Funds of Companies located in other States,
thus insuring larger Dividends to Policy
Holders, i' : 1
! 5. The Directors and Officers of the Com
pany are prominent NORTH CAROLI
NIANS, who are KNOWN to be men of
j 6. The Company is established on a solid
and permanent basis, steps having been
taken to increase the
j , CAPITAL, STOCK OV $500,000.
Carolina Railroad, ten shares in the Atlantic
and North Carolina Railroad, and twenty
shares in the Western North Carolina, Rail
road Company (Eastern Division,) and to
fay therefor two bonds of one thousand dol
ars each of the State, issued to the North
Carolina Railroad under acts of 1848-'49,
chapter eighty-two, or 1854-'55, chapter
thirty-two, one bond of one thousand dol
lars, issued to the Atlantic and North Car
olina Railroad, under acts 1854-'55, chapter
two hundred and thirty-two, or acts of
1856, chapter seventy-four and seventy-six,
and two bonds of one thousand dollars, is
sued to the Western North Carolina Rail
road (Eastern Divisiorr,) acts of 1866-,67,-chapter
one hundred and six . or in the.
aforesaid proportion. : t , ;
Sec. 2. That any Railroad or other cor- .
E oration, which , has heretofore received
onds of the State in exchange for bonds of
said corporation or person holding such
State bonds, shall be entitled to a surrender
of a. bond of such corporation: upon the' re- i
turn to the Treasury of any State bond of
equal amount, issued under the acts of the
General Assembly or Ordinances of the
Convention, . authorizing "J such - exchange,
and upon a return of all bonds issued un
der any particular act or brdinance, the cor
poration shall be entitled to a cancellation
and surrender of any mortgage executed, to
the State for securing payment of such cor
poration bonds, or State bonds; coupons on
saia Donas may De exenangea in like man
ner and cut off and retained on either side
to make equality. 1 r I
Sec. 3. To facilitate the exchange proposed
in this act, the State does hereby relinquish
all claim for stock in the Western Railroad
above one million one hundred thousand
dollars, and surrenders to the said Company
two hundred and twenty-five thousand dol
lars coupons now in ; State Treasury with
held on a former exchange of Company
bonds for stock in said Railroad ; and also
the State does hereby relinquish all claims
to stock in said company above six hundred
thousand dollars upon the return to. the
Treasury of the five hundred thousand -dollars
of Wilmington, Charlotte and Ruther
ford company bonds, and coupons hereto
fore issued to said Western Railroad com
pany ; Provided, That any person acquiring
a share of State stock in said corporation,
shall be entitled to all rights and privileges
with the private stockholders in voting, and
in the election of the directors whose num
ber shall be determined by the stockholders
of said company. The State also relinquish
es all claim to stock in the Western North
Carolina Railroad above four millions of
dollars. -
Sec 4. That as soon as the proportion of
shares of stock for which the State appoints
one director in any corporation, is exchang
ed, the right of the State to appoint such
director shall cease and determine, and one
director to be selected by lot shall be de
ducted from the number appointed on the
part of the State ; and upon acceptance of
this act by any corporation and such guar
antees given for its fulfillment as shall be
deemed sufficient hy . the . Treasurer and
Attorney General, all further rights to rep
resentation by the State either by directors
or proxy, shall cease and determme.
Sec. 5. That as soon as may be practica-
! ble, the Public -Treasurer shall receive the
bonds offered in exchange, and in the pres
ence of the Auditor and Attorney General,
shall cancel the same. - It shall also be his
duty to transfer the stocks and execute such
conveyances of the other interest hereinbe
fore mentioned as deemed necessa
ry, such conveyance to be in a foim ap
proved by the Attorney General.
Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the Auditor
to make a minute of what shall be done by
the Treasurer in the premises, and to make
therefrom such entries in the books of his
office as may secure a just accountability
on the part of the Treasurer because of the
transaction hereinbefore mentioned.
Sec. 7. The Pablic Treasurer shall make
special reports upon the subject of this act
to the General Assembly at every session.
Sec. 8. That this act shall be in force from
and after its ratification.
Ratified the 1st day of February, A. D.,
1872. 44 wtd.
Should be taken for
; diseases of the
J ." Urinary Organs.
IShoii! ! be taken for all
Throat f Lung Ailments.
: , - J ii, I,
1 . Renovates and
' ; Invigorates the entire system .
' . Should be kept in every house,
' 1 1 and its life-giving
Tonicj properties tried by all.
Restores the Appetite and
1 Strengthens the Stomach.
1 : 1 'j-
v Cures Jaundice.
or any Liver Complaint.
: , . Makes Delicate Females.
who! are never feeling well.
otroiig nou xxeaiiny.
? -.u. - - Has;
restored many persons
who have been
. unable to work for years.
Vegetable Ingredients
which makes it the i
best Tonic in the market.
. ' Has proved itself
in thousands of cases
capable of curing all diseases of the
. . Throat and Lungs.
Cures all Chronic Coughs,
land Coughs and Colds..
more effectually than any
. - otner remedy.-
: Causes the food to digest, removing
Dyspepsia and Indigestion.: j ( ,
; :.' Has cured cases of Consumption
pronounced incurable
by physicians.
All recovering from any illness
v will find this the .
; best Tonic they can take.
Removes pain!
in Breast, Side or Back;-
T Is an effective
regulator of the Liver.
Should be taken to strengthen and
build up your system.
Makes Delicate Females,
who are never feeling well,
Strong and Healthy.
Will prevent Malarious Fevers,
and: braces up the System.
Is the very remedy for the Weak
and Debilitated. . , !
Will; cure your Dyspepsia or
Rapidly restores exhausted
strength. , .,
Should be taken if you feel
weak or debilitated, j , r
Should be taken if your Stomach
is out of order. j .
: r-t- 1 p
Has cured so many cases of
Asthma and Bronchitis
that it has been pronounced a specific
for these complaints. "
j - -. ' Gives tone and energy to
Debilitated Constitutions.
Compound Syrup of
; : -; t ' :
i : Cures Rheumatism and
i ' Pains in Limbs, Bones, fcc.
.' !."'''' OF
Fine Steel Engravings
1 and " before the word
" surveyor" in section one of the 7th article.
and strike out the words " and five commis
sioners" in said section ; also add to said sec-
A man must not keep his hat on at jv
place of amusement, because it will, in-
mconvenience those behind him. but a
lady can pile the tower of Babylon on
her head, if she choose, and no one
dares to object.
A witty M.' D. recently attended one
of the balls at the Xational Hotel, and
was asked to dance the Lancers. He
replied he couldn't, but would willingly
oblige the floor managers by "lancinsr
all the dancers."
The following somewhat ambiguous
paragraph appeared in an Edingburg
i v ivftv iu muu iiini, tile
paper :
announcement of the death of Mr.
is a malicious fabrication."
District of North Carolina.
United States vs. 2 barrels whiskey, 70 gallons.
owner unknown.-Libel of Information
iTo '.and to all whom it concern : Greeting.
f Notice is hereby given, that the above men
tioned p!opertywas seized bv J. J. Mott. Col
lier of Internal Revenue for the 6th Collection
District of N. C on the 12th day of March,
W2, as forfeited to the uses of the United
States ;for violation of the Internal Revenue
jjaws, ana me same is libelled and prose
cuted in the Circuit Court of the United States
for condemnation for the causes in the said libel
of information set forth; and that the said
w ill stand for trial at the court room of said court
ai .Raleigh, on the first Monday of June next, if
that be a jurisdiction day, and if not at the next
djiy of Jurisdiction thereafter, when and where
aii persons are warned to appear to show cause
Mhy condemnation should not be decreed, and
t$ intervene for their interest.
XJlven under my hand at office, in Raleigh,
tbls 11th day of May. 1S72. 1
t- 8. T. .CARROW,
I fc- w2w United states Marshal.
tion the following : " The General Assem
bly shall-provide for a system oj county
government for the several counties of the
- Amend section two of the seventh article,
by striking out the word " commissioners "
and in lieu thereof inserting the words
' county authorities established and author
ized by law;" and in the same section strike
out the words, "the Register of Deeds shall
be ex officio clerk of the board of commir-
sioners." ' ;
Strike out section three of the seventh ar
ticle, and in lieu thereof insert the following :
" The county authorities established and
authorized by law shall see that the respec
tive counties are divided into a suitable num
ber of sub-divisions, as convenient and com-.
Sact in shape as possible, and marked out
y -definite do undaries, which may be al
tered when necessary. Said sub-divisions
shall be known by the name of precincts.
They shall have no corporate powers. The
township governments are abolished. The
boundaries of the precincts shall be the same
as those which heretofore defined the town
ships until they shall bo altered."
Strike out sections four, five, six, ten and
eleven of the seventh article, which relate to
the township system. j
PEOPLE. This fact should commend the
Company, above all others, to North Caro
linians. It is well known that hundreds of
thousands of dollars in Life Premiums are
annually sent North to enrich Northern
Capitalists, thus continually draining our
Eeople of immense amounts which should
e kept at home. On this ground the friends
of this Company confidently appeal to every
son of the Old North State, and ask their
support for this ' ;
Portfolio, Scrap-Book, Framing, or for
Purposes of Illustration.
Nearly 300 Different Subjects,
Historians, Poets-, Artists, Warriors,
Emperors, Kings, Statesmen, .
Historic and Ideal Pictures, . Etc., Etc.
t Removes Pimples,' Blotches,
' andj beautifies the Complexion.
. ' Cures all diseases
depending on a depraved condition
, . of the blood.
r . Builds up Constitutions
I broken down from
Mineral or Mercurial Poisons
which, while it offers ' substantially all the
advantages of Northern Companies, helps
to Duiia up jvM.n lis stit u tiun a.
AGENTS WANTED in every county in
the State, with whom the most liberal terms
will De made. Apply to v
General Supervising; Agent,
C j - or, TliEO. 11. HILJj,
i : ! , Local Agent,
apr 24 w6m. : Raleigh, N. C.
THESE Engravings have appeared In the
Eclectic Magazine during the past
zo years, xne suojects nave Been selected
with great care on both sides of the Atlan
tic. They are' printed on different sized'
paper, either small sizei- 7 by 10, or quarto
size, iu Dy vz. . - . - :
Price: Small size, 10c.; quarto size, 15c.
A' specimen of each size and Catalogue sent
on receipt of 25c. ; and, on receipt of $ 1, five
of each size will be sent.
Catalogues sent Free to any Address.
TE. R. PELTON, Publisher,
" ! ; 108 Fulton, St., New York.
April 24, 1872. . , . 47 w3t.
Should tow token trj-JflT
requiring a remedy
to make pure blood.
Cures old Sores, Boils or Ulcers. t
A Cures Scrofula,
Scrofulous Diseases of the Eves
or Kcroruia in any form.
v- Assessors Office,
a vKHiecnon uistnct in. u., r
iNotice is hereby civen.vas reonired bv
oecuon iy oi ine act oi June 3Utn. lso4. as
subsequently amended, that between the
hours of 10 A. M. and 4 P. M.. on the 24th.
25th and 26th days of April, 1872, at my of-
neemiueciiy oi naieign, js. v., appeals
Will be received and determined relative t6
any erroneous of excessive valuations, as
sessments or enumerations by the Assessor
or Assistant Assessors returned in the An
nual List for 1872. "
All appeals, as aforesaid, must be made
in writing, andjnust specify the particular
cause, matter or thing respecting which a
decision is requested, and must, moreover.
4 l A. 1 3 ' - .
iub uruumi or principle oi error com
plained of. - j '" -
44 w6t. Assessor 4th District N. C.
Is theBEsT Alterative
or Blood Purifier made.
Cf BEST ill THE. WORLD, eff
-Hew York Office, 27-BEEKMAIT ST.
January 20, 1872.
9 m
Attorney At Law.
(Office first door South of Standard building
V Raleigh, & C '' -
Practices in the Courts of Wake and before
U S. Commissioner, and gives special at
tention to the : arguing of causes .hu the
Supreme Court of North Carolina. All
fusmess , entrusted to him. will receive
prompt attention 36 tf.
Cures Scald Head,
.' ' Sal Rheum, Tetter.
' For Our Own Preside. V
An Illustrated Paper, 16 pages; published
Monthly. Subscription price, 1.50. Every
Subscriber receives a Valuable Chronio. A
Fruit Piece, which sells for $5. . Send 2 cent
Stamp for Sample and Premium . List.
Address ... W. E. GUMP, Publisher,
5 1 Dayton, Ohio.
The Houses and Lots now occupied by A.
B. Chunn. - : . I
- If not sold, I prefer to lease for a term of
years. ' .
Title warranted and terms easy. ' I
may 8, 1872. 142 3wpd. Charlotte, N. C.

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