North Carolina Newspapers

I ' The Situation.
! The nomination . of - Greyly and
. Brown ha divided the Democracy in
twain. Whether the Baltimore dni veti
tion ndo:iies the Cincinnati nominees,
or nominates a straight ticket, it is the
same: the party is hopelessly divided,
j A great many Democratsare of opinion
that the Deniacratic party is compelled
to support the Cincinnati nominees, or
break plighted faith. Other Democrats
iire of opinion that Greeley and Brown
will divide the Republicans to an ex
tent suliicient to enable the Democrats
to elect a straight ticket. Democrats
who re f this opinion are in favor of
running a straight ticket. It makes no
dift'eieuoe what action the-Baltimore
Convention takes, the Democracy are
divided into two factions, of nearly
equal strength. Such men as John 8.
Mosby,. Henry A. Wise, Benj. Ewell,
of Virginia, A. II. Stephens, of Georgia,
and Vorhees and Kerr, of Indiana,
will not support Mr. Greeley under any
circumstances. On the other hand,
Mr. Greeley will undoubtedly retire
from the canvass and support the regu
lar Republican nominee if the Demo
crats nominate a straight ticket at 'Bal
timore. In either event, the defeat of
th!. Democracy is assured; and if Mr.
hu k j 4-2ai at Tnimnrr. thn
Democratic party as a National orgnni-
zation, will break into a thousand
; pieces. The peace of the whole country
is endangered by the standing organi
zation of the Democratic party ; if the
action of the Cincinnati Convention
brings about the dissolution of the
Democratic party, the American peo
ple will be under great and lasting ob
ligations to that Convention.
Mr. Greeley has fail.ed to divide the
Itepnblican party. It was thought tha
he would draw enough votes from
Republican party to secure his elect
if endorsed at Baltimore. Such is
"the case. The party is a unit in
Y6rk. Mr. G reeley 's State. It is a
in Illinois. Mr. Trumbull's Stat
is a unit in Missouri, Mr. B
State. The Republican party th
out the Southern States presen
divided front to the enemy.
ties that threatened defeat!
vania have been amicably
the party in that State andsationally
never had better prospect
whelming victory. .
We have no opinion concern
action of the Baltimore Convention
but hope Mr. Greeley will be endorsod.
Geo. W. Swepson and 1 he De
city improvements. The Ski,-. er re
L. '
laence, ou mo corner or MIllsMro' ant
Salisbury street, having boon retviitly pur
chased by. a Mr. Swepson, of JCnoxville,
Tenn., is iiqw undorgoing situations, re
1 -aii-Hand generally improved. When fin-
I-ined, it will be handsomely aid gorgeons-
i ly famished, and presented lb Mrs. Geo.
W. Swepson, of Haw River, torha, with her
family, will reside there tyews. J
. Weclip the above fiita a late num
ler of The Xeics, to snow with what
hollow pretence Mr.' Awepson and his
Democratic friends nbh claini that he
is a broke-bankrupt man. (Also to
show that while the j affect to denounce
him as a corrupt vliian, in truth and
in fact, he is on mtJt cordial and confi
dential terms witfthe' leaders of that
party. They receie him socially; they
aid him in escapig the clutches of the
law ; they borrow his money ; and they
do In return, fcfc dirty workj-such as
preparing bills for hun, sc, &c. But
the time is (ming when the people
will make nlifference between Swep-
son and Jo. Turner, who Jorrpwed his
monev. anff Swepson and A. S. Merri-
mon. whodrafted his infamous bills.
They wincondemn all alike.
the ped
be com
TMlUtlUtll. iiiCiiiImii
From The AUeville New, June 1st, 1S05.
Merrimon and Kirk.
sent to
State. :
.On motion of Rev. Robt.
the meeting: adlourned."
; S. B. GUDGER, Chairman;
J Tam. !. Henry Secretary. ' '. ;
the Military Governor of the
' V.'" -1 '
... -j-v-V-,. --r '. - v '
Kirk's Friend Merrimon.
Merrimon Wants Asheville
' Garrisoned.
Synopsis of Election and Regis
tration Act Relating
to Regis-
.T. C. H.OOVlsr I AXiltlS, Jffidil op.
Merrimon Wants Negroes
Co Ion -
The following are the only qualifica
tions required of any voter in this State :
He must be twenty-one years of age
or upwards ; a nativo or naturalized
citizen of the'United States ; and must
have resided .in this State twelve
months preceding the election and thir
ty days in the County in which he
offers to vote. ' Any person possessing tJune 5th,
THURSDAY, MAY 30th, 1872.
Local, State and General Items.
:'' - '': ' :.;;. -;!'-.'";
Gov. CAiiDWEUL Public Speaking.
Gov. Caldwell, CJoL T. L. Hargrove and
others will address the people at the follow
ing times and places, to-wit:
Onslow C. H., Onslow county, Thursday
iiay ;juth. ,
Trenton, Jones county, Friday, Ma.y 31st.
"i Kinston, Lenoir county, Saturday June 1.
Goldsboro, Wayne county, "Monday, 3rd
June. : " '
Snow Hill, Greene county, Wednesday,
RAiLnoAU Kews AjjcrDENT The Aghe
Vllle Pioneer says,' we have Jus learned
through G 11 Roberts, Secretary of tho W.
D, V N. C. R. R., that Ma. Rollins, Presi
dent of the Road, haa arrived, and' reports
that he has closed a lease with the Southern
Railway Security Company, to build the
road from Wolf Creek to Asheville, and to
Waynesville, N.C.rThis we regard iid en
tirely reliable. , r v - . -
Tho same paper says one day last week,
near Burnsville, two boys were wrestling,
whe-n one threw the other, who, in falling,
struck his right temple against the leg of an
inverLed iron pot, inflicting, a wound from
which he died in a few minutes. His un
fortunate companion became frightened and
fled, and has not been heard of since.
tne above Qualifications is entitled to
j register and vote in "the township in
j which Jie lives. . " . f
I changing', discontinuing, creating
; County Commissioners may establish,
j alter, discontinue or create separate
m m .a mm m .
. ; places ior voting in tneir counties ; out j
l, A I a. 1 J. .115 1 i
At a larire and enthusiastic- meeting "" " lt?a!5t "ne Pff
of the. citiKfns pf Buncombe county,
tnia uay neui m the town of Asheville,
Asheville, N. C, May 22, 18C.
Col. J. ! Henry. Col.
Gudger was appointed
ufe said in a public address to
pie of the State that if fthe Con-
bill was voted down they would
nellcd to- levy a tax of $50 to
thousand dollars worth of prop-
or perjure themselves. They didn't
the tax. Can you trust men who
er perjure themselves than injure
r party? j
on motion
Samuel- J.
un motion oi w. u. uanaier, Jifeq.,
J.. Ij. Henry was.ap)inted Secretary.
A. S. Merrimon, moVed tut
)aniiiun.u ijrn. i t t - rrHjxjll ail
m eacn tovvnsnip. as nearly central as
j possible. Thirty days notice of such i
J change, Ac, must be given in some j
: newspaper published in the county,', or.;
; in Im-ii themf,j by handbill posted in J
i three places iifisucli county. If no such j
. notice is ifiven the Drecincts as hereto-4
lore estanlished shall continue.
Wilson, Wilson county, Friday, June 7th.
Notice of other appointments will be
given in due time.
The meeting of the Republican State
Executive Committee is postponed
until Thursday, the 13th of June; at
which time every member is requested
to be in attendance, eitherjn person o
by proxy. S. F. Phillips,,
Injunction. The Winston Sentinel says
the tax-payers have applied for and obtain
ed an injunction to retain the collection of
the Railroad tax -until the validity of the
county subscription shall be determined by
a suit which is now being instituted. His
Honor, Judge Cloud, fixed the injunction
bond at $3,500, which has been signed by
some of the most substantial and responsi
ble men of this and . other counties. We
hope that for the good and the satisfaction
of the people the suit will be speedily ter
minated one way or the other. t ' -
Federal field and staff officers on
duty ' The Commissioners shall, on or before
in thisplace, and request them to take j the 1st Monday in July, 1872, select one
Justice of the Peace lor
Mountain Island. We learn tha.t this
property,' better known as the Tate proper
's, ty, was bid in at Dallas Court by Mr. Turner
Tate, for $2.5,000.
The Fraud Commission.
Gov. Caldwell hit it exactly when at the purpose of givin
Oiatnam, ne cnargea inai inis wiis u
naeked Commission, intended to
blacken the Republican
wash the Democratic party."
ever Republicans' were assai
brought all the evidence
lay hold of to substantiate
ed, they
they could
the charges
and refused to hear or admit pposin
testimony. See the case of
Tourere. On the -other hand
- -
seats in this meeting.
-In pursuance of the foregoing motion,
the fol rowing gentlemen were appoint
ed said committee, viz: Capt. Charles
Moore; Rev. A. W. Cummings and
A. E. '.Baled, Esq., who accordingly
waited upon and seated Col. Geo. V.
Kirk, A. Col. Hubbard, Major Rollins,
Adjutant Sutphen, Drs. Roberts and
Doak, dc.
The Clwirman, in a brief addrass, set
forth ttie object of the meeting to be for
g expression, to
public opinion touching the condition
of the country, &c.
Rev. T. W. Atkm moved that a com
mittee be appointed to prepare matter
for the consideration of the meeting
. In pursuance of the foregoing motion,
the Chairman appointed the following
gentlemen to constitute said committee,
viz: Capt. Charles Moore. Major W.
J. Brown, Jiev.
each township
or election precinct to act as Registrar
therein. Where there are not enough
f Justice3, the Commissioners shall ap
point some person to act as Registrar.
The Secretary of State shall before
the first Monday in June, 1872, forward
to County Commissioners registration
books' for. each precinct. If .ho does
not, Commissioners may provide same
at expense of the State. j
running between Washington andTarboro'
ran on a stump-a few days since, and sunk,
when about eight miles below Tarboro'.
Registrars of
each township
J. C. Stewart. S. G.
Judge Kerr, Rev. T. W. Atkin, A. E. Baird,
when Robert, Hawkins, W. S. Murray, Rich-
wprp implicated thev took ard led better, W. G.. Candler, .Lsq.,
were implicated, iney iuuu . r , t l William P. Fortune. Colonel
particular pains :o suppress ev uence oi Jame3 E. Reid, Rev. William Lank-
guilt, and always allowed the parties ford, Captain William Pickens, Rev.
See the instances Robert Patterson, liev. it. w. .ratty,
themselves to explain.
of R. H. Cowan, S. McD. Tate, H. W.
Guion, and others.
Jfyou have not already registered,
you must do so before election day, or
you cannot vote. .
Thousands of our peoplo werp ruined
by the war inaugurated by the Demo
cratic party, and yet when the Repub
lican party offered the people of the
State a Constitution which provided a read separately and adopted, viz:
Captain John H. Robinson, S. E. Pen
land, Col. R. L. Jones Imd Col. W. H.
Moore. . -
In the absence of the committee the
meeting was addressed by Major W.
W. Rollins, Rev. Robert Patterson, Dr.
Doak and others.
The committee reported thefollowing
preamble and resolutions, which were
7th Congressional Distric'.
On Thursday last the Democrats held
their Convention for this District and
nominated Mr. W. M. Robbing, of
Rowan, for Congress.
This is a weak nomination." "The de
feated aspirants for tlie nomination,
Messrs. Shobe'r and Co wles, are stronger
than Mr. Bobbins. Inasmuch as Mr.
f!n wl ps haxrthe District apportioned in
homestead thus enabling ourj people
to save a home from the general wreck,
Jndfre Merrimon and his friends la-
o i fc
bored hard to prevent even a home be
ing saved. Is he a poor man's! friend ?
It is our opinion that he now believes
the homestead unconstitutional, null
and void. Can we trust him?-
The Republicans of the
Third Cou
.Whereas, The armies forming , the
commands of Gens. Lee, Johnson and
Taylor have been surrendered and dis
banded, and in the providence of God
the rebellion is at an end therefore,
Resolved 1. That we, tho people of
the county of Buncombe, in general
meeting assembled, do declare our ad
herence to the constitution acd laws of
the United States, and our unwavering
purpose to support and maintain the
same. . ,
Resolved 2. That we earnestly hope.
to register
his interest, his defeat was unexpected " l tv nn "7 of cfvif lw nnT nr
bv the public. To have, been defeated
by Mr. Itobbins mus
mortifying. Mr. Bobbins is a repre
sentative man of his party. The Re
publicans are fighting this campaign,
to a great extent, against fraud and
corruption. Messrs. Merrimon and
Clingman, leaders of the Democracy,
fhe exceSlnrfy the 22.1 inst..-Jind nominated C,l. Neil
V. iV. OUXIirie, Ol VUIIWJt;iilUlU, lUi
Elector, and appointed Col. Ed. Cant
well and Mr. Geo. W; Price delegates
to Philadelphia. I
This is a nomination eminently fit to
be made. Col. McKay will command
throughout the land.
Resolved 3. That we, the people of
tho county of Buncombe, recognise note,
as we declared by our ,vors in Febru
ary, 18G1, the doctrine of secession to
Ie unconstitutional, illegal and revolu
tionaryand that North Carolina is yet
in point of law as well as fact, in the
Union of the United States.
Resolved 4. That the popular heart of
- .
stand before tne people as ine accom- Mlthll,,n8Hft Mmfinrt 0f thft Rpnnh- the people of North Carolina, particu-
plices of Geo. W. Swepson; Josiah ; - tum Tr0 1 trii larly of Western North Carolina, has
Turner, Jr., another leader, was convic
ted by a Democratic Legislative Com
mittee of defrauding the State of more
than -Three Thousand Dollars ; now
tames Mr. - Robbins whose record as a
?natoris equal to that . of Merri mou,
L'lingman and Turner. Whatever may
ave i been his honest Intentions, the
lain of the money transaction with
mator Stephens, rs.upon Mr. Robbins.
will follow him to his grave. It is a
licans of his District. True,! tried,
worthy and competent: Such .is Neil
McKay, He will make a gallant can
vass and will be elected.- I'The Repub
licans are in fine spirits, are Working
hard, and with good nominations for.
i i
the Legislature and
success is certain.
county officers,
Republicans of the '
ships should appoint theif Committee:
,blic mat,er-he property of thepe Pct XTt Northe'rTbthe. S uZlot
it and the voters of the Seventh once- The plan of organiiihon 3 pub- fellowship,'and honestly hope how soon
alwaTs-been loyal to the old Govern
mcnt, and that in future it shall beat in
unison with, and keep step to the music
of, the Union.
Resolved 5. That we sincerely de
plore the calamities brought about by
the wai? from which we are just emerg
ing, andwe sincerely pray for the
speedy arrival of the time when the
sword shall "be beaten into the plow
share and the spear into the pruning
hooky and tne nations of the earth shall
learn "war no more.
nesoivea u. mat we extend to our
Congressional District will consider this
transaction at tho polls in August next.
iving nominated Swepson's friend
, Governor, we are not surprised that
Democratic party throws over-
rd men of character and purity such
Shober and Cowles, to make place
a representative ucmocrai sucn as
W. M. Robbins!
fe do not know who the Republi-
nominated on Saturday last. We
certain that they nominated an
st'man a man of character and
ling if so,-we are very much de-
in the sturdy Mountaineers-of
iventh District, if they do not de-
It. Robbins.
lished elsewhere in this paper. Make
yourself acquainted with the new plan
of organization. Meet jfnd appoint
your .five Committeemeit Hold fre
quent meetings and adat suclv meas
ures a3 will secure a full vote. A
thorough township organization
secure success.
The Democrats of the Si
sional District held their
th Congres-
a non
le-.irn that Hon. Clinton L. Cobb
ominated for Congress at Ply-
on Thursday last. This is the
ime that Mr. Cobb has received
i nation at the hands of the Re
in party of the First District. A
nomination could not have been
Mr. Cobb has been untiring in
his efforts to accomplish something for
dispeople. He has labored in season
and out of season. He deserved the
iiotiiirktion as a reward of merit, and
we j-e glad that he received it.
-Ocvj.M. Carter is Mr. Cobb's op
IKiput. The l)I3rrtctl ' close. Col.
Carfrr is a strong man." Hard-' work
atidlhorough organization will secure "i
tr. Cobbs election by a handsome,
HRirity. The Republicans of the First
Ditict always do their whole duty.
Urperatively necessary that they
rth all their energies in this cam-
With unity and concert of ac
ccess will crown our efforts.
lfidently expect a victory in the
bngressional District.
Caldwell and his friends gave
ihanics and laborers of this State
st Hen law they ever had.
at Charlotte on Thursday llstanct nom
inated Hon. Thos. S. AshL of Anson,
for Congress; Walter L. Ste le, of Rich
mond, for Elector, and apj rintetl Gov.
Vance and P. B. Means' elegates to
Baltimore. Hon. O. II. I ckery will
defeat Mr. Ashe. .
The Democrats of the Fifth Congres
sional District held their
of a r-rvriiTirr' nn til ( 52
nominated Virtuous Jimiiy Leach for
Congress. J. B. Gretter r4
Worth were appointed
Baltimore. Hen.: Thom
defeat Mr. Leach. .
1 Goi
inst., and
Id Dr.! J. M:
Jel cerates to
Settle will
Mr. James M. Justice, o:luthertord,
was nominated at Asncvue on me
18th inst., . as a candidate por Elector.
A better nomination cou-
been made,- Mr. Justice
thorough canvass of the
ICu Klux.are suppressed f i
and Rutherford; the Distr
lican by a thousand -OAajoAts. provid
ed, tne people are Tree tp tote as they
please. Mr. Harper was ele
the efforts of theKu Klux i
The Republicans should rt
not have
'ill make a
strict ; the
t is Repub-
cd through
'ani zation:
uble: their
exertions t.o carry the
whole ticket. . .
Hon. Slon H. Rogers, mlnberj elect
from this CngressionalxJistrict, was-
seated on Thursday last, JvTe presume
Col. Rogers will be MaJ. d;
ict for the
we may an meet as in days oi yore, as
American brothers and a band of free
men around the altar of Freedom..
. Resolved 7 That the great question
of discord and dissension slavery is
at an end, and that in - our opinion the
African race should be removed from
our midst and colonized by the United
Resolved, 8. That we earnestly desire
a Convention of the people of North
Carolina, at the earliest possible practi
cable moment, for the purpose of again
assuming our functional duties in the
Union as a State, and to this end we
recommend to the different precincts
of this county the necessity of-holding
primary meetings to give expression of
opinion on the matters touching the
present" condition of the country, and
to nominate delegates to a general Con
vention of the citizens of the county to
express their choice of a delegate to a
State Convention. -
Resolved, 9. That we believe it essen
tial to the peace, welfare and protection
of the country that a small garrison of
troops be kept in this county, and that
a committee of five be appointed by the
Uhairman of this meeting to communi
cate our desire to the proper military
authorities, and to make such other ar
rangements as are necessary for the
protection, of the. country, citizens,
property, &c.
Resolved, 10. That we earnestly re
commend to the subordinate meetings
which may be held in the . county in
pursuance, of the eighth resolution,
peace, harmony and concert "of action,
believing as we do that all of our citi
zens are honestly seeking the public
good and that the ' surest method of
obtaining this is to join hand in hand
in restoring law and order, and in con
gregating together the scattered frag
ments or a once glorious Union.
or pre
cinct shall -revise existing registration
books so that they shall" contain an
I accurate list of all the voters previous
ly registered in such township or pre
cinct, who still reside therein, icithout
requiring such ; voters to register again.
The Registrars shall, between sunrise
and sunset oni each day (Sundays ex
cepted) from the 1st Thursday in July,
1872, up to and including 'the day pre
ceding the first Thursday in August,
1872, keep open the books for the reg
istration of any voters residing in the
township or precinct, entitled to regis
ter, whose names have not been
registered in such township or precinct
beiore, or do not appear in the revised
No person can register in a township
or precinct whereof he is not an actual
and bona fide resident. No certificates
of registration will be given. Electors
must vote in the townships or precincts
where they actually reside on election
day. t - -.'j
No registration will be allowed on
election day, except where the person
otiering to vote arrives at the age o
twenly-one, or for some other reason
becomes entitled to vote on that day;
under tne laws of this State ; in which
event he shall be allowed
and vote. j
The county Commissioners shall, on
or before the first Monday in July,
1872, appoint at each township or pre
cinct, four iuderes of election, two of
whom shall be of a dmerent political
party from the Registrar.
The judges and Registrars shall, on
the Saturday preceding the election,
from nine o'clock, a.m., till five 'clock,
p. m., attend at the polling place of,
their township or precinct, with the!
registration books, when and where
the said books shall be open to the in
spection of the electors of the township I!
A , , - 1 1 1 l
or precinct, ana any elector snan oe
allowed to object to any name appear
ing on the said books. - Where there is
an objection the registrar shall enter
opposite, the namejso objected to the
word "challenged," and shall appoint
a time and place, on or before election
day, when he, together with the judges
of election shall hear and decide upon
such objection. "Due notice of the time
and place of hearing shall be given the
person objected to. If such notice is
not given, the j person objected to can
Challenging can be done on any other
day tlfan that above specified. It may
also be done on the day of election.
The Judges of election and the Regis
trar for each township or precinct, after
being duly sworn, shall hold the elec
tion at the precinets or townships for
which they were severally appointed.
They shall keen Doll books in which
shall be entered the name of every per
son who votes, i
Appealed. Orren Mercer, convicted of
Uie murder of his own child, was sentenced
at Tarboro', on Tuesday, to be hung on the
14 tli of June. lie took an appeal to the
Supreme Court.
JIatlksnakes. The Wilmington Star
"sjiys a entleman from Brunswick informs
us that seven lare rattlesnakes, some of
them at least hve'feet in lengh," were killed
near what is known as Rattlesnake Branch,
on the Fayetteville road, about fourteen
hmiies -freoi lUia city, a few days since.,: A
fare prevailing in that vicinity drove them
from their hiding places; when they wer
slaughtered iy parties engaged in fightin
vne nre. rtatuiesnaKe Jtsrancn, which is-a
very appropriate name, is said to be a
favorite resort of these dangerous repitiles.
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Abukstkd for Murder. Two colored
merl, George Graham and Baldy Gaither,
have been arrested in Iredell for the mur-
aer oi a younsr woman. The deed was
committed some few weeks ago.
Deaf Man Killed. A white man, bj
the name of Win. Neil, was run over and
fatally injured by a train on the W. C. fcJ.
Railroad, about six miles from Charlotte,
on the 21st inst. . He was deaf.
Fatal Accident. The New Berne Re
public and Courier says Cyrus J. Mayd,
late a resident of this city, was accidentally
killed, at Lower Broad Creek, Pamlico Co.,
on Thursday, the 9th inst.
Mr. Mayo, was in the employ of, Dean
Lumber fe Co., while in the woods loading
timber on a carrytlog, a rope slipped j caus
ing the lever to strike him on the head with
great force; medical aid was summoned,
but of no avail. Jie leaves a wife and two
children to mourn his loss.
popolar and
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nj throughout the U. S. A six inch.
Ji is used bv the Government In t.hA
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xus Bimpiiuity oi vonsirucuon ana
j the power it transmits renders it
me uet waier wneei ever invent
ed. Pamphlet free.
Atlantic House. This House in the
town of Beaufort has been entirely refitted
and is open for visitors. The situation is
delightful. Persons desiring the sea breze
cannot find a more pleasant place, or better
accommodations than at Beaufort and the
Atlnnfin. TTnnao f"J
Republican Candidates. The follow
ing are tho Republican candidates in Nash
county : '
For House of Representatives, Dave W
Williams ; Treasurer, Josiah Baker ; Regis
ter, W II Renfrow; Commissioners, G Laug
ley,;W II Robbins, Willis Eason, B C
Strickland, and Wm. Daughtry.
The Cause 5f Temperance finds some
of its most insidious and dangerous foes In
the many so-called " tonics and " appe
tizers," made of cheap whisky and refuse
liquors, finished up to suit depraved appe
tites, under the name of medicines. Dr.
Walker's California Vineoar Bitters
are none of thesev. They are not a beverage,
but a genuine medicine, purely vegetable,
prepared from California herbs by a regular
physician. For all diseases of the stomach,
liver, kidneys, bladder, skin and blood,
they are an infallible and unrivalled
remedy. . 142 4w.
Raleigh Markets. . '
Republican Rally. A grand Republi
can . Rally: will be held in the town of
Louisburg, on Saturday, June 1st, 1872. '
All persons who desire the prosperity of
the Republican party, and the promotion
of its principles, are invited to attend. Come
one, come all. Eminent speakers will, be
i i BY
John H. Williamson, :
Chairman Ex. Committee.
.Festival Tableaux. The ladies of the
Baptist Church intend holding a Festival
with Tableaux in Tucker Hall on to-night
and to-morrow night, for the purpose of
raising funds to defray some of the neces
sary expenses ;f the Pastor's Home. The
ladies desire to make this one of the nicest
affairs of the season, and respectfully invite
the public generally to attend.
Grocers and Commissioji Merchants
Corner Wilmington and Martin Sts.
COTTON per lb., - . - - 21 J
CORN per bushel, - - - ?1 00
OATS per bushel. - - - none
FLOUR North Carolina Family. -10 50
FLOUR Baltimore Family, 10 50 12 60
BAiun per io., - - - os
SALT per sack, - - - - 2 75v
COTTON YARN - - . 1 75
CORN MEAL per bushel, - - 1 10
N. F. BURNHAM,York,Pa.4w
The Best Paper! Try It If-..
The Scientific American is the cheapest and
best illustrated weekly paper published.
Every number contains from 10 to 15 orig
inal engravings of new machinery, novel
inventions, Bridges, Engineering works.
Architecture, improved Farm Implements,
and every new discovery in Chemistry. A
year's numbers contain 832 pages and sev
eral hundred engravings. Thousands ot
volumes are presejved for binding and ref
erence. The practical receipts are well worth
ten times the subscription price. Terms.
$3 a year by mail. Specimens sent free. '
May be had of all News Dealers. jV
PATENTS obtained on the bestlerms.
Models of new inventions and sketches ex
amined, and advice free. All patents are
published in tho Scientific i American the
week they issue. . Send for Pamplet,'.110
pages, containing laws and full directions
for obtaining Patents.
Address for Paper, or eonqernlng Patents,
MUNN fe CO., 37 Park Row, N. Y. Branch
office, cor. F. and 7th Sts., Washington, D.
C. ; 142- 4w.
Summer Resort Warm Springs.
Elsewhere will be found an advertisement
announcing the refitting and opening of
Warm Springs, Buncombe county, as a
Summer resort. These Springs are all they
are said to be. Persons desirous of spending
the Summer in the Mountains cannotiind
a more pleasant place than Warm Springs.
Those afllicted with ehionie diseases should
'not fail to spend a month or two at the
10 Q,
9 (a
10 CO
citizens are
quest our fellow-citizens ot.the State at
mrge to cordially join us in requesting
the proper authorities to call a Conven
tion of the people: of the State at the
earliest practicable day, and in resto
ring civil authority and our former re
lations with the Federal Union.
." Resolved, 12. That the proceedings toF;
this meeting be published in tne Asne
ville News, Raleigh , Standard and
Raleigh Progress, and that a copy be
There shall be four ballot-boxes at
the polls. Candidates will be voted for
as follows: - -
Governor. Lieut. Governor, Secreta
ry of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Super-
Intendent of Public Instruction, Super
intendent of Public Works, and Attorney-General
shall be on one ballot and
deposited in -a separate box. Member
of Congress shall be on one ballot and
doposited in a separate box. Members
of the General Assembly shall be on
one ballot and deposited, in a separate
box. County officers shall be on one
ballot and deposited in a separate box.
The tickets shall be on white paper
and either written or printed, r both,
and must be without device.
If two or more tickets be rolled up
together, or if any ticket shall contain
more names than the elector has a right
to vote for, or shall haveja device upon
it; in either of these cases such tickets
shall be thrown out. and not counted.
Any Registrar -tr "Judge of "election
or any officer failing to perform any
dutyrequired Of him by the Election
Act, shall on conviction be fined not
more than one thousand dollars nor
less than live hundred; and imprison
ed not more than six uor less than two
months, : -; . . :':'r- : "'
Judge Merrimon and his friends are
Resolved, 11. That we earnestly r'ie-lADcF always have been enemies of our
Statefconstitution. .They opposed its
adoption, worked hard to ; cheat' poor
men out of their homesteads last buto
raerv and are still working to repeal as
much of the Constitution as possible.
Can you trust them ?
election will only be held one
Your Homes. Many of our
beautifying their houses by
planting flowers, evergreens &c. . Those
who havo not sufficient ground for a flower-garden
can at least have a few pot plants,
such as geraniums, fuchias, &c. To all in
want of such jarticles we take pleasure in
recommending the house ot J Lane, Florist
& jn ursyman, j Washington, D. u. A num
ber of parties In this city have purchased
of him and are highly pleased not. only
with the plants but with, tho priee charged.
Retail irices.
2Ij.2Z C OM & ALF C1 Ii
Grocers and Commission Merchants,
Ilargett Street.
U ACON Baltimore smoked,
44 unsmoked,
" strips, - - -"
shoulders, - -"
N. C. Hams, -
BUTTER rer lb.
BEESWAX per lb., - -BEEF
on hoof, - - -
" per quarter, - -COFFEE
per B). -
COTTON YARN per I ale,
CORN per bushel, -CHICKENS
per piece. -EGGS
per dozen, - - -FLOUR
per bbl., - -FODDER
per 100 lbs., -HAY
per 100 lbs.,
HIDES green, per ft., - -
" lry, per tb..i
LEATHER per lb., - , -LARD
per lb., - - ! .
MOLASSES per gallon, -"
Golden Syrup, .
jmhiaij per Dushei,
OATS per bushel, -
" per 100 lbs., - i
PORK - - - - !
POTATOES irish, per bush
SUGAR crushed, - -"
extra C, - : - S
" P. R., - - -"
common, y
SALT perack,- : -
per gallon, -
- 1
1 15
r-ai2 oo
2 25
2 00
6 7
13 15
30 ,40
33 g 50
10 (3)1 15
1 00
2 00
9 10
1 75 2 50
20 . 00
- 16 (g) 16
15 00
121 00
2 75 (g)3 00
7 10
40 50
Senatorial Convention. The dele
gates from thefrih Senatorial District, com
posing the counties of Nash, Franklin and
.Wilson, are; requested to meet in Wilson on
the 7th day of June next, at the Court House,
to nominate a1 Senator in place "of J. J.
Sharp, declined. .
A full attendance is requested.
. Mr. Madispii Hawkins has consented to
address the CbnventiQn on State and Na
tional politics,; which he will do to the satis
faction of the Republican party. Come
citizens of Nash, Franklin and Wilson, and
hear him. j :
: By order of Executive Committee.
i Forsyth e Superior Court Assault.
The Salem1 Press says Martha Mathews,
couvicted at the last term of child murder,
and sentenced to te hnug? but took an ap
peal, upon jvlitcir me bupreme uourt grant
ed her sk new! trial, was brought into court
and ..submitted to an indictment for con
cealing the birth of a bastard child. She
was then allowed to take the oath of insol
vency and bo diseharged,:the charge she
submitted! to . being only a misdemeanor
under our statute. I ."
Jim Fries, alias Jim Frank, colored,
charged with! an assault with intent to com
mit a rape on a little white girl, was found
guilty of the assault but not of the intent.
Ho was discharged on payment of the cost.
W. H. Jones charged with stealing Mr.
Starbuck's horses, some two years ago, was
found guilty, and sentenced to ten years'
h ird labor in the Penitentiary. . . .
The civil docket is being tried this week.
Tho Hume paper learns that on Friday
night last, whilo Mrv Alexander Nadlng of
Liberty, was returning from court, he was
assailed, by two persons, who first threw
sand in his eyes, and then beat him unmer
cifully. The offending parries' are known
but cannot be found;
. Ootton JMiarlzets.
; . ' c BY
Dealer in Cotton and Navat Stores,
Market and Martin Streets. J
Receipts at Raleigh, - - - . 10 bales.
quotations: i
Ordmaiy, .- - - . - - 1919
Good ordinary " . - , - ; - - 2021i
jjow miaanng, , - - - - , 2222i
Norwood White At Chapel, II ill, by
Rev. J. B. Martin, Mr. Thomas Norwood
and Miss Laura, daughter of Mr. John
White, all of Chapel Hill, N. C. L
Married, in this City, on Wednesday
evening last, at the residence of the bride's
father, by Rev. T. II. Pritchard, D. D., Mr.
Thomas S. Stevenson, formerly of Rich
mond, Va., to Miss -Ella L. Harton, of
this city. No cards. ' ' ,
Married, in the town.qf Henderson,
Granville county, N.C., in the Law office of
Geo. Badger,: Harris, Esq., by Will.. H.
nughes, Esq.,' Rosa Harris and Windsor
Steed, Esq., all of the county and State
aforesaid. No cards. : r
i Hew York 0Sc 27 BT.
January 20, 1872. - " . 60 ni
Is a powerful Tonic, specially adapted for
use in Spring, when the languid and de
bilitated system needs strength and vital
ity : it will give vigor to the feeble, strength
to the weak, animation to the dejected.
activity to the sluggish, rest to the wearv,
quiet to the nervous, and health to the
infirm- . j
It is a South American plant, which, ac
cording to the medical and scientific period
icals of London and Paris, possesses tho
most powerful tonic properties known to
Materia Medica, and is well known in its
nativecountry as having wonderful curative
qualities, and lias been long used as a
specific in all cases of IMPURITIES OF
-M-- T -J W m. M-r ti Mm -mmmm. f a. A"Ay J VK M-f A tV" A
'Dr. Wells' Extract of Jnrnbcba
Is strengthening and nourishing; like
nutricious food taken into the stomach, it
assimilates and diffuses itself through the'
circulation, giving vigor and health. .
It regulates the bowels, quiets the nerves,
acts directly on the secretive organs, and,
by ifcs powerful Tonic and restoring eirects,
produces healthy and vigorous action of the
whole system; . ! , ;.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St, N Y.,
Sole Agent for the United States.
Price, One Dollar per Bottle, fiend for
Circular.' " " may 9 112 4 w. j
. . t - I
fin Kl (XT T A 1 1 wkiler on your Summer
UU liU 1 r AIL Excursion North to se
cure one of the
Stewart Cook Stoves i
With its special attachments. Roaster. Baker
& Broiler. The Stove and Furniture care
fully packed for safe shipment. Books
sent on application. - 142 4 w.
Fuller, VVarren k Co., 230 Water st., N Y
$100 to $250 per month, every where, main
and female, to introduce the Latest improv-'-ed,
most Simple and perfect ;
Shuttle Sewing Ivlaehine
ever invented. W! challenge the world to
compete with it. Price only $18.00; and
fully warranted for five years, making the
elastic Lock Stitch, alike on both sides.
The samo as all the high priced shuttle ma
chines. , . , , - I
Also, the celebrated and latest improved
Price only 315.00, and fully warranted for
five years. These machines will Stitch, '
Hem, Fell, Tuck, Qailt, Cord, Bind. Braid
and Embroider in a most superior manner.' '
Ana are warranted to do all work that can
be done on anv hish Driced machine in tha
world. , For circulars and terms, address S.
O. Box 2726, Philadelphia, Pa.' - rr t - ,
JJN Secretary's Office.
Company Shops, N. C, ' r
"v.- May 16,1872. -r -
The Twenty-third Annual meeting of the
Stockholders of the North Carolina Railroad
Co., will bo held in Raleigh on the second
Thursday, 11th July, 1872.
Stockholders will pleaso bo represented'
uLuer in person or oy proxy.
citAft. crump, : , :

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