North Carolina Newspapers

    T . : ' ijo
J Nopth Carolina Jtullroud.
Axoiiier Southern Railroad.
Sold- The Pennsylvania Railroad
Company has purchased the Western
Xortn Carolina Railroad. This pur
chase gives to the Pennsylvania Rail
road the important lines in North Can
lina and the control of all tho connect
ing lines north and south of that State.
The Western road extends from Balis-
bury to Old Fort, 120 miles; This road
hall have Improved In material yulue,
and increased in working population.
In the meantime the road will have
conferred all the public benefits con
templated and promised by its early
advocates and projectors, for the pri
mary object was the public convenience,
and not pecuniary train, either to the
State, or individual stockholders. f
The immediate and rapid apprecia
tion of the private stock of the North
TliO Editor must wot be understood as endors
ing Uio MOHlImeiits of his corresKndJiit.
Cuinuiuuk-Atloua on U uubJecU arc Mollvltvd,
which will ite given to the readers of The Eka
um oontaiiiiu the view and sentiments f t
wrilt-rN " ' . i
has cost the State $0,000,000. and the i Carolina Railroad is the very best vin-
politicalmanlpulationbywhlchcontroUdlcationof tho lease; the response of
I . M A T a - . m V A .
was uuiaiucu v unwiury wnicu
has turned the road over to the Penn
sylvania Company is said to have been
iu fraud of the equitable If not also of
the legal rights of The State. Baltimore
We can assure The Sun. as we have
public sentiment thereto is sufficient
approbation, and the Impotent rage of
a thwarted aspirant for a President's
salary on the road will have no other
effect than to confuse and needlessly
agitate the public mind, mislead the
uninformed, retard the state in ner le-
often stated to the people of the State, gitimate progress, and damage the ma-
that the lease was In violation of tho
legal ana equitADle rights of the State.
The State owns three-fourths of the
road and had no voice la the lease.
The President of the road, Wm. A.
Smith, before the committee on fraud,
swore he did not receive money for the
lea.e. When asked If his family or
friends had received money for him on
account of the lease he declined to an
swer tho question, and said he could
not do so without criminating himself.
I In this answer is evidence of fraud,
full and complete. There was a time
when such an answer would damn a
man in public estimation.
.With the Republican party It Is dif
ferent. Since Smith made this answer,
acknowledging the fraud, he has been
nominated ror congress, and we have
terial interests of the whole people to
the extent of his power and influence.
Charlotte Despatch, May 20th.
To the Voters of the Fourth Con
cessional District.
Fellow Citizens: Being a candi
date to represent you in the next Con
gress of the United States. I ask the
attention of such as 1 shall not meet
personally during the campaign, to this
Circular. !
Upon the general question that di
vide public opinion, it is enough to say
that 1 am a Republican ; and favor the
re-election of Governor Caldwell, and
President Grant.
My views upon the financial topics
of the dftv not nrpflv inrliidpd in thft
no doubt but the Pennsylvania would niatfhrm of tith
n:v $10 0fk) nr'ovpn n nrm fm-Ma ia I 5 .n , ,
tion. They want such a man in Con- I. If elected, I shall endeavor to have
press that by a donation of public lands the Internal Revenue System abolish
they may reach the Pacific Ocean; We ed. In North Carolina its interference
nave dui mtie aonot tnu the Pennsyl- with old and permanent forms of pro-
vanla Central Will pay money for the dnrtinn and inriiiafrv no 1pm than Ita
election of Billy Smith. Baleigh Sen- direct burdens as a tax, and the disas-
The article quoted above from The
Baltimore Sun is only correct in so far
as arrangements have been made with
the Southern Security Itailtvay Company
to complete and equip the Western
North Carolina Railroad to Paint Rock
on the Tennessee line. To do this re
quires an outlay of the two millions and
a half of dollars, which the Southern
Security proposes to expend on a great
public highway in North Carolina.
And that company proposes to com
plete within the next eighteen months
ter, and sometimes ruin, which its en
forcement brings upon those who vio
late its provisions, often innocently or
inadvertently, are most vexatious and
offensive. These are results not pecu
liar to the present system, "but appa
rently inseparable from any- system
which draws by direct taxation im
mense sums of money from the people.
I think that the experiment should
cease. It is obvious that a repeal of
this law will act as a bounty upon wide
spread and valuable interests amongst
1 -Ll A. 1 1
us ; anu inus me very arguments wnicn
For the Carolina Era.
- A Card.
" On the 6th day of June at the meet
ing of the Democratic Congressional
Convention for the Raleigh District, I
am informed that Josiah Turner, Jr.;
stated that I had told him that Wil
liam A. Smith, President of the North
Carolina Railroad Company, had offer
ed to bribe me, then States' proxy in
the North Carolina Railroad Company,
with the sum of one thousand dollars
to vote favorably for the lease of the
North Carolina Railroad franchise to
the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Com
pany, which bribe I refused.
Upon hearing the above from relia
ble friends, I addressed a communica
tion! to Mr. Turner in regard thereto,
which I caused to be handed him by
mv friend J. P. Prarie. Esq., of Ral
eigh. Mr. Turner refused to receive
my communication, and I am there
fore'forced to come before the public in
this card.
I pronounce his statement a wilful,
malicious and wanton falsehood.
I have had no conversations with
Mr. Turner since one week after the
election of Dr. Wm. Sloan, as Presi
dent of the Wilmington, Charlotte and
Rutherford Railroad Company, which
took place, I think, on the 27th day of
July, 18C9. ; , h
I was appointed Slates' proxy on tho
North Carolina Railroad . on the 18th
day of Oct., 1869, and had no knowl
edge of the appointment until about
tne first day of Nov., 1869.
! R. CV Badger.
Raleigh, N. C, June 10, 1872.
J. C. LOGAN HARRIS, - Editor.
All Letters reUtinr to Subscriptions or
Advertisements, must be addressed to WM. M.
BROWN. Business Manager.
All Registered Letters can be sent at our risk.
Subscribers receiving their papers with a
croBs y$ mark, may know that the time for
which they subscribed is nearly out, and
unless they 'renew, after receiving two
papers, with a cross mark, their papers will
be discontinued.
THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, i!872.
lie publican NoifnatIni.-The Repubr
Jicans of Cumberland and. Harnett met
recently and nominated Mr. W. A. Guthrie
for the Senate. ' The following; is tho Cum
berland county ticket :
House of Representatives Thomas L.
Lutterloh, John C. Blocker.
Sheriff O. II. Blocker. ;
Coroner W. R. Love. '
Treasurer Robt.M. Orrell. ; .
Commissioners Allen McCaskill, Mc-
Farland, Marshall Seawell, W. H. Wade,
Robt. II. Simmons. v;
This ticket is a good one, and will com
mand the full support of the party. With
this' ticket we look for a triumphant victory
in Cumberland.
Candidates. The Republican Conven
tion which met at Wilkesboro, on the. 25th
culture pill? ziteorti6igy.-The average
temperature jir ujo uiouuj pi April in n erin
Carolina, ascertained from observations at
twenty-threo stations, was 59 ; which is just
one degree less than the annual average.
The minimum of temperature for the month
occurred on the 2nd, the lowest record (22)
being that for Macon county, and the freez
ing point being passed in most of tho coun
ties beyond the Blue Ridge, and in many
places east, as far as Tarboro. The average
rain fall for the State has been very low,
2.0 inches, the highest record coming from
Watauga, 6.5 inches; and Beaufort, Golds-
boro and - Murphy giving nearly 5 inches,
while Greensboro', Statesville, Franklin
and Wilmington report about 1 inch. But
as the earth was yet full! of moisture from
the winter rains, the crops did not suffer
1 nral.-Statp' anH fifinfiral ItfimS. ulL. nominated Messrs. Jas. H'Foote" and seriously.. The wheat and other small grain
.vv.. ww.. --. vr? w ' T" . ' crons are eenerallv o-ood thronirhoiit the
- S HI Atr TAM 9 l-k A W nn I M. C3 J
v mi a m. in a.Sf hiii a.iin ke-r 1
Dr. F. N. Luckey and Kerr Craige are
Democratic candidates for the House in
Rowan. . . . ,
. Gen. Robert Vance was nominated at
Marion, on the 1st inst., for Congress. . Hon.
J. C- Harper was ignored and defeated be-
Stokes County. The Republicans of
this cxunty will hold their Convention at
Danburv on 22nd June. ' ,
Purchased.-Dr. E. O. Elliott, of States
villet has purchased the Sparkling Catawba
Springs, in Catawba county, and will open
them for the reception of visitors.
tnat long projectea and tiresome scheme prevail, in behalf of such interests in
of internal improvement, the Western
It. rfi t ? T.ll .
rsoriu virouna luuiroaa.
I A3 to the $6,000,000, this Road has
already cost the State, The Sun is per
fectly aware how the State appropria
tions to the-Western North Carolina
I load have been managed and squan
dered, but thus to attempt to prejudice
a great work and a great public interest
by a flippant allusion to 4t political
manipulation " when there is neither
reason in nor foundation for the charge
evinces an ignorance in The Sun that
Js hardly excusable in a journal of its
; pretensions and source of information.
No one is, however, antonlshed at
the conduct of The Jialeigh Sentinel in
the matter. The editor of that paper
went mad on the subject of the North
Carolina Central Railroad some years
ago, and he forgets that there is any
other line of llailroad in the State.
The Sun writes about the Jl eslern North
Carolina Road, whereupon the editor
of The Sentinel, with characteristic ig
norance and mendacity,, tires away at
the lease of the North Carolina Central;
and he misleads himself and would de
ceive his readers by placing a false cap-
tion of his own
orth Carolina
Rail Road" over The Sun's article.
which was written "Another Southern
, Railroad Sold."
For months this Raleigh Sentinel
has been harping on and misrepresent
ing the lease of the North'Carohna Rail
Road. Its false statesments in regard
to the transaction have mislead and
dissatisfied the. people at a distance.
while those directly affected by the
chancre of management are a unit of
satisfaction with the lease.
The people need not be told that the
lease of the North Carolina Rail Road
was resrular and in no wise in 44 viola
tion of the legal and equitable rights of
the State." The late Governor liragg
and Ralph Gorrell, Esq., were counsel
In the matter, and the people need not
be Informed that Thomas liragg was
no man to aid, counsel and advise the
bartering away "of the legal and
equitable rights of the State." When
it is urged tnat this lease was consum-
mated by fraud a charge of bribery and
corruption is directly made against
such gentlemen as Thomas Bragg and
Ralph Gorrell. When it Is said 44 money
was paid for the lease " it must be un
derstood that Dr. R. B. Haywood, w ho
represented the State, took a bribe to
sign the lease.
It is peculiarly unfortunate for a peo
ple when a press so utterly devoid of
truth, and whose editor lacks the infor
mation and intelligence to write cor
rectly on any subject, is permitted to
stand In the light of the great public in
terests of their State.
The editor of The Sentinel, if he had
the intelligence to comprehend any
thing would acknowledge that the lease
of the North Carolina Railroad was in
the verv best interests of the State, and
to the advantage of the whole people
along the line of this road from the
mountains to the coast. He would
know that it was the only way in which
the State's interest In the line could
have been protected, and the future
successful operation of the road assured.
With Its connections cut off at both
ends, a parallel line for nearly halfit
length projected and actually begun,
what would the North Carolina Rail
road have been to the State or to its
private stockholders in three years
more? With a treasury depleted, and
tax-payers Impoverished, the State
would have been utterly unable to op
erate the road at her own expense, the
stock would have "depreciated to noth
ing, and the line must inevitable have
gone down. As it is the State Is as
sured six and a half per cent annually
on her investment, millions of foreign
capital have identified with one of her
great works of internal improvement,
other parts of the country, to give a
protective character to the Tariff, de
mand, in favor of ours, the repeal of
this excise tax upon Tobacco and Dis
tillation. -
- II. In my opinion it is impolitic; to
raise revenue from the people for any
further payment towards the principal
of the National Debt, until the same
becomes demandable. , I
What has been done in that way
hitherto has been good policy, as going
to establish public credit, rendered
questionable by the confusion which,
followed the recent war, and especially
by the financial views of distinguished
leaders of political opinion in other
parts of the country. The Adminis
tration of General Grant has alreadv
paid some three hundred and fifty mil
lions of the principal of this debt; and
under existing legislation, before any
change, such as I propose can be effect
ed, it is probable that Five Hundred
Millions of it will have been paid.
Tne principal of this debt is demanda
ble partly in about ten, and partly in
about thirty years. The wealth of the
country is advancing with strides, so
gigantic, that at the end of those pe
riods payment of this principal will Hte
felt as a burden only one-half, and
! For the Carolina Era.
A Card from Geo. Z. French.
Editor Era : On my return home
yesterday after a short absence, my at
tention was called to an editorial in
The Sentinel of 3d inst., in which is the
lollowmg paragraph :
44.Geo. Z. French, another 44 carpet
bagger," was in that Convention, and
thatjsame testimony shows that he and
others received of tnat 44 .Bribery Fund "
Now, I was not within one hundred
miles of Raleigh when the last State
Republican Convention was held there,
nor have I taken any active part in
politics for a year. If to manage the
finest plantation in the State, with 500
acres under cultivation, 13,000 fruit
trees, and 14,000 grape vines, all in bear
ing, giving employment to 150 souls, is
being a 44 carpet-bagger," I am proud
of the title.
There was no evidence before the
44 Fraud Commission " that I had any
thing to do with 44 Bribery and Cor
ruption." I had no other than strictly
legitimate transactions witn swepson,
Littlefield, any State officer, or member
of the .Legislature, and no honest man
after reading the testimony will make
any such mean vmnuation.
j Yours truly,
' ! : GEO. Z. FRENCH.
Rocky Point, N. C, June 7th, 1872.
At Work Our friends are at work.
Subscriptions are pouring in from all quar
ters. We have added two hundred to our
list this week, j Keep up tfce good work.
We ought t have ten thousand Weekly
subscribers by the first of Jaly.
Cheap. It only take &Q0 to secure
twenty-two copies of The Intelligencer from
now till after the Presidential election.
Statesville Intelligencer.
Exactly--and that's the price of your
candidate' for Congress.
Western Judicial District. Elsewhere
will be found the Act creating a Western
district for the Federal Court in this State,
which we copy from The Wilmington Jour
nal. It is thought that Judge B. P. Dick,
of the Supreme Court, will be Judge of the
new district. " -,.,
cause he is a working member and not wofdy
like J. Madison Leach. Mr. Thomas ; D.
Johnston was nominated as Elector. - Gen.
T. L. Clingman and Maj. A. M. Krwin were
appointed delegates to the Baltimore Con
tention. Mr. James M. Gudger and W. W. Flem
ing are Democratic candidates for the Senate
in the District composed of Caldwell,
Burke, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey.
Mr. Jones Watson and Dr. Pride Jones
are Democratic candidates for the House in
Orange. Mr. F. N. Strudwick was defeated
through the efforts of Josiah Turner, jr.
F. B. Satterthwaite, Esq., and Lewis La
tham have bsen nominated by the Demo
crats ol the 2nd District for the State Senate.
Mr. J. G. Scott, of Onslow, is Democratic
candidate for the Senate in the 9th District,
composed of Carteret, Jones and Onslow
counties. :
To Correspondents. We have received
several communications without the au
thor's name. We cannot publish articles
without the name of a responsible person
accompanies the communication. Such as
have sent articles without their names will
take notice. "
Rutherford College. The Rev. B.
York, D. D., President of Ruffin Badger
Institute, has been elected Professor of
Ethics, Metaphysics and D'vinity in Ruth
erford College. This is a most excellent ap
pointment. Dr. York is one of the most
learned scholars in North Carolina.
Excursion. We are under obligations to
Mr. J. L. Bailey, jr., Chairman of the Com
mittee of Arrangements, for an invitation
to join in an excursion over the Western
N. C. Railroad to Old Fort, and also a pass
over the roads, we snau not iorgei our
friend, and will attend if business engage
ments will permit. " W& wish the party a
pleasant trip and safe return.
Democratic Congressional Pow
Wow. The unterrified leaders of the ku
klux Democracy held their Convention for
this District en Thursday last. Hon. D. M.
Barringer j presided. Josiah Turner, Jr.,
made a speech declining to be a candidate
for the nomination. On first and second
ballots Rogers received six, Maning four,
Littlejohn two, and Davis two. On third
ballot Nash and Franklin changed and gave
Rogers the nomination. H. A. London wae
nominated for Elector. Hon. D. M. Bar
ringer and J. U. Kirkland were appointed
delegates to Baltimore.
The speech of Mr. Turner ,will receive
further notice. It is generally understood
that he failed to bully the Convention into
nominating him over Col. Rogers. In
other words, Mr. Turner was thrown over
board by his friends. Having done all the
dirty work and made himself odious to all
decent people, the Editor of The Sentinel
can be of no further service to the Demo
crats; therefore, he was uncermoniously
kicked out of the Convention, just as Mr.
Turner had Mr. F. N. Strudwick kicked
out at Hillsboro' the other day.
State, except wheat in Cherokee and one or
two other places. The" Quantity of cotton
planted in the State is reported as 20 to 30
per cent more than last year. Other crops
about the same as last year. The turpen
tine business has increased largely in the
southeastern counties, and as usual, at the
expense of agriculture, j 1
No increase iu number or quality of farm
stock in the State generally.
Labor reported as a little reduced in quan
tity and deteriorated in quality. No im
provement in farm tools. No epidemic
among stock,' except hog! cholera in a few
places, mostly beyond the Blue Ridge, and
& new and fatal disease among cattle in
Macon county. ' Very, few sheep raised in
any part of the State ; the obstacles being,
in the east dogs and thieves, and in the west
dogs and wolves. .
Fruit crops are universally promising.'
The cotton and turpentine regions import
corn, hay, flour, meat and butter from the
North ; a little corn from Hyde. Even sd
good a farming region as Mecklenburg buys
some of all the above named supplies, partly
from the mountains and partly from the
North. Hay from New York to western
North Carolina. I i
A large quantity of artificial manures has
been used this season, . more than ever be
fore, except in 1867. The brands most used
are Peruvian guano, Patapsco, Navassa,
Sol. pacific, j Gilham's, Mapes, the S. C.
phosphates, aud a few others. Of course
the cotton and tobacco counties buy most of
these, , the wheat growing middle section
using a little guano.' " -,
While North Carolina ! shows a greater
number of agricultural products than any
other State, she is net surpassed by any in
the number and amount of her agricultural
imports. I
One county (Watauga) reports hay as its
principal crop. It ought to be so in fifteen
counties. The counties beyond the Blue
Ridge export cattle, butter, honey, buck
wheat, cabbages, and a ; few of them also
corn and flour. They formerly exported
also hogs and sheep ; , but j the hog cholera
and failure pf the . chesnut crop together
have nearly ended the' hog business, and
wolves and dogs have laid an embargo on
sheep raising. I
Pnbllo peaktnc I-MaJ. W. !a. sIiitii,
Republican candidate for Cougrosa. will
address the people of the Fourth Congres
sional District at the folio win 2 times and
places i i ' - ' ; ' I . '
Stout's Store, Chatham county, Friday
June 14th. . ,
Bear Creek, Chatham county, Saturday,
June 15th. I
Egyjt, Chatham county, Monday, iJune
Clegg's Mine, Chatham county, Tucsdav.
June 18th. ' , '
Merry Oaks, Chatham county, Wednesday.
' June 19th. . , k , V
Hillsboro, Orange county, Saturday, Juno
Cedar Grove, Orango county,' Monday, Juno
Mangum s Store, Orange county; Wednes
day. June 26th. ,
Durhams, Orange county, Thursday, Juno
27th. I i
Chapel Hill, Orango county.Saturday, June
Other appointments will be made, of which
due notice "will be.given.
Chairman Rep. DIst Ex. Com.
Raleigh, N. C, May 3Cth, 1872J '
: ; : i
The Bar Room Remedy for weakness
of. the stomach is a dose of Rum Bitters.
They are surcharged with Fusil OiT, a deadly. '
element, which is rendered more active by
the pungent astringents with which it is
combined. If your stomach is weak, or
your liver or bowels disordered, tone, '
strengthen and regulate them with Vinegar
Bitters, 'a pure Vegetable Stomachic,
Corrective and Aperient, frce from
alcohol, and capable of infusing new vitality .
into your exhausted and, disordered sys-.
1 4w. .
County Convention. The Republicans
of Orange county will' hold their County'
Convention for the purpose of nominating
candidates for tho Legislature and County
officers, at Hillsboro, Juno 22d. " j
A full attendance is requested. j
Maj. W. A. Smith will be present j and
address the people.-
j Treasury Department;
j ! Jlaleigh, April 2d, 18 J2. , ;
The following act is published for the in
formation of the holders of bonds of tho
State of North Carolina. . I S
i The undersigned, in compliance with the
requirements of the act, hereby invite pro
posals, td be forwarded to this Department
on or before the 10th day of October, 1872,
for an exchange ef the stocks of this State in
any Railroad company, or other ' corpora
tion, for the bonds of the State, i Said pro
posals must be sealed and endorsed " Pro
posals for Exchange of State Stocks." j
It is deemed unnecessary to set forth the
details of exchange, as the act is explanatory
of itself. j j D. A JENKINS,
state Treasurer.
Attorney General.
- 1 ! I
-4JV ACT for Exchanging the Stocks o the
State for Bonds with which such Stocks
were obtained and for other, purposes, j
sec. ij xne uenerai Assembly or JNprth
. For the Carolina Era.
Teachers Association.
The Cape Fear Teacher's Association
was organized in the city of Wilming
ton on ithe " 6th inst. About thirty
teachers were present and the follow
ing officers were Qnatiimously elected,
to-wit: A. B. Black, President. ' Silas
probably not more than one-fourth of N. Martin, Vice-President; Henry B.
i a .r t xi j.i i ct t. i rn c
wnai it is now. xn me meauuiue
North Carolina will have recovered
from her present paralysis. Such re
covery will be hastened by the policy
of drawing as little money from jher
people by taxation, as the present needs
of the country demand. . j
III. Therefore, I propose that (the
revenue of the United States shall be
raised entirely by a Tariff, the object
of which shall be to collect no more
than the amount needed to meet Cur
rent demands on account of our Nation
al Debt, and to defray the ordinary ex
penses of administering the Govern
ment, such expenses to be reduced at
every opportunity, towards the sim
plest requirements of a time of peace
i x i
ana quiet.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
W. A. Smith.
Boon Hill, Johnston Co., N. C,
May 30, 1872.
Blake, Secretary and Treasurer ; Dr. S.
S. Satchwell, Bobert Harris, John
Scott, Hannah Blake and Ella Boper,
Directors. This is the first Teachers
Association which has been organized
in the State under the provisions of the
present School law. The Teachers of
the Association closed the exercises in
Normal ; instruction, which had been
continued" one month, on the day the
Association was organized. These ex
ercises very clearly demonstrated, the
value of a Teacher's Institute. . The re
sults were so gratifying to the teacher's
themselves, that they determined to
hold another Institute on the second
Monday in October next to continue
two weeks. A prominent and wealthy
citizen of Wilmington was present, and
was so much pleased with the exerci
ses, that he promised to give fifty dol
lars to aid in defraying the expenses of
the institute to be held in October.
A Compliment well Deserved At the
late commencement of Rutherford College,
the degree of D. D., was conferred on Bey.
Brantley York, President, of Ruffin Badger
Institue, Chatham county, and the degree
of A. M. was conferred on jCol. C. B. Den-
son, f the PittsboroScienuflc "Academy,
and Maj. R. W. York, . President of the
Chatham Educational Association. .
Republican Meeting-. There "will be a
Republican meeting of the citizens of Anson
and Union counties on the 20th of J une, 1872,
at Jefferson Candler's House, on the Char
lotte road, three miles west of Lanesboro',
at the county line, for the. purpose of con
sulting together and selecting a suitable
man to represent Anson and Union counties
in the next General Assembly of North
Carolina Senator.
District Judge and Attorney Hon.
Robert P. Dick, Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court, was appointed Judge of the
U. S. Circuit Court for the Western Judi
cial' District, on Saturday last, and Mr.
Virgil S. Lusk, District Attorney.
Judge Dick is well known to the people
of the State as a lawyer of more than ordi
nary ability , and his appointment will meet
the approval of the people. , ,
Mr. Lusk is Solicitor of the 11th Judicial
District of the State, having been elected to
that position in 1863. Mr. Lusk has ex
perience and talent, and will no doubt dis
charge his new and onerous duties to the
satisfaction of the government and with
credit to himself.
Lincoln County. The Republicans of j
this county will hold a Convention for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for the
Legislature and county officers on the 22nd .
of June next. 1
B. E. Gbigo,
Chm'n. Co. Ex. Com.
Public Speaking. Hons. Thos. Settle,
O. H. Dockery, and other speakers, will ad
dress the people," at 'statesville, Thursday
20th June. Everybody is invited to attend !
Sumner's Slanderous Speech.
What Wm. Lloyd Garrison .Thinks of
it He pronounces it Bl-judged Bl
timed and too Extravagant for Belief.
Boston, June 3. The following let
ter hasappeared in print: . j
Roxbuuy, June 1, 1872.
Dear Mr. Sumner: I owe it to you
to say with all the frankness which
sober friendship justifies that, I have
carefully read your speech and its sharp
arraignment of the President, and my
conviction is that it is ill-judged, ill
timed and so extravagant in its charges
and bitter in its personalities as to' neu
tralize whatever of Just criticism can
be found in it. It will assuredly serve
Thousands o'f our people were ruined
by the war inaugurated, by the Demo
cratic party, and yet when the Repub
lican! party offered the people of the
State a Constitution which provided a
homestead thus enabling our people
to save a home from the general wreck,
Judge Merrimon and his friends la
bored hard to prevent even a home be-
I ing saved. Is he a poor man's friend ?
It is our opinion that he now believes
the homestead unconstitutional, null
and oid. ' Can we trust him?
Grant and Caldwell Club Mr. Henry
S. Keith made a temporary organization of
a lirant and. uaiaweu dub in wltt ureelc
Township on Friday last. Mr. Green
Franklin was appointed temporary chair
man, and Mr. John Massey temporary sec
retary. A number of persons enrolled their
names. Another meeting will be held on
Saturday next, the 15th inst.
Mr. Keith is a hard worker, and we look
for a good report from Swift Creek.
The past acts of the Republican party
are a better guarantee of what the
the purpose of the worst foes the cause country may expect than the mere res-
Ilellitth Outrage We learn that on" last
Saturday evening, a respectable young
lady, while returning to her home from
Salisbury, near which place she resided,
was met by a white man, blacked, and bru
tally outraged. Suspicion rests on a certain
party, but no arrest had been made at last ac- j
count. The young lady is very seriously
injured, and doubts are entertained as to her
The human in fiend's shape who com
mitted the outrage, we hope will be arrested,
tried and if found guilty, hanged until he is
dead. I
oi impartial freedom has had most to
fear, very many of tnem now rallying
under the deceptive banner of Liberal
Republicanism ; but the loyal, liberty
upholding portion of the party with
which you have hitherto been proud
to be identified, will peruse it i with
deep regret, if not with unfeigned as
tonishment. I
Certainly you do not represent Mass
achusetts in this sweeping impeach
ment. Her Republican people are al
most a unit for the re-election ;nf the
man whom you attempt to stain with
crime and cover with infamy. You
cannot separate Gen. Grant from the
party which put him in the Presiden
tial chair, and which means to keep
olutions I of a new party. Actions al
ways speak louder than words.
Let th Democrats of North Carolina
recollectthat it was currently reported
and believed in Raleigh, that A. S.
Merrimon, Democratic candidate for
Governor, did write a card withdraw
ing from; the Democratic party, when
Gen.!M. fV. Ransom received the nom
ination for U. S. Senator over him in
the caucus of the Democratic party.
. j -H -
W j. Mf Robbins, Democratic candi
date! fo5 Congress, sold his vote for
i ,. i: t :i i w i j u ill in il. li ins iAc-iuiti"uiii 'i
from GoUlsbor Char lotto at once 'jty and .patriotism and therein
.lfvPlnnl a it would not huve been stigmatizing him as a venal self-seeker
the travelling and freighting public is tualJy Pr0..". ual7
afforded facilities and cheap rates of ruPtauu ""iwuiu.,. .
mis vou nave me rutin iu uu, w
your own responsibility if youSmust, ty
but in so doing you will find yourself C(
for the first time
to the sentiment
its Senator in Congress, and surrounded
by allies who have been heretofore your
of President deadliest enemies. Occupying as i ao,
an outside position, I write this, not
under party bias, and only because I
feel constrained in this manner to free
my mind. As proof of my friendship,
receive it In the spirit which has dic
tated it.
Faithfully and respectfully yours,
Wm. Lloyd Gakkison,
vo lion. L'ianes ffumner.
transportation to which they were be
fore strangers, and the new manage
ment by a libera reduction in the tariff
of freights and transportation, is al
ready giving to the people of North
Carolina more than a hundred thou
sand dollars a year, estimated by the
I .11 4. T- T .1 A.
uuMiitaa oi last year ui x rfsmeiiv
Smith's management.
By the terms of the lease of the North
Carolina Railroad the State is to receive
the sum of seven millions eight hun
dred thousand dollars for the use of the
road for thirty years, at the expiration
of which the property will be returned
Improved in condition and increased
in value in proportion as the country
Let tle people of North Carolina re
merabe that A. S. Merrimon, Demo
cratic candidate for Governor, tried to
raise mney to test the constitutionali
ty of the Homestead clause in our
ou w , S"1 5 :V Constitution, in the Supreme Court of
in marked opposition ,.nTT .i .mtno 1
t of Massachusetts as the United Spates.
We added two hundred new sub-
to our list last week. Our
Send in the name?.
-Judge Merrimon and his friends told
the people of this State in 1S63 that the
adoption of our present Constitution
meant social equality.! Did they tell
the truth?
Supreme Ctourt.-rThhl Court met on
the 3rd inst., all tho Judges present. Ap
plicants for license to practice law were ex
amined on Monday and Tuesday. Eighteen
passed and were granted. license as follows :
L. W. Barringer, "Wake ; Geo. H. Brown,
Beaufort; Isaac T. Dortch, Wayne; Au
gustus W. Graham, Orange ; Archibald E.
Henderson., Granville ; W. A. Hoke, Lin
coln : Johnston B. Jones, Mecklenburg ;
Robert W. Joyner, Pitt ; J. London, New
Hanover ; Henr A Marshall, Craven ;
Alfred J. Morrison, Lincoln; Thales G.
Penu, Guilford ; William C. Powell, Colum
bus ; Wesley H. Spencer, Franklin ; Charles
H. Spencer, Hertford ; Samuel B. Spruill,
Jr., Bertie; Geo. E. Wilson, Mecklenbuig,
and William B. R. York, Chatham. .
The Court adopted the following course
of studies for applicants to practice law in
this State:
For First Course :
Blackstone's Commentaries (2nd book
diligently.) j , '
Coke or Cruise. '.,,
Fearne on Remainders.
Sanders on Uses and Trusts.
Some work on Executors and Adminis
trators. .
For Second Course : :
Third Book of Blackston.
1st Chitty's Pleadings.
Stephen's Pleadings.
Adams' Equity. '
Code of Civil Procedure.
The class is- said to be one of ability and
were well prepared. We wish the young
gentlemen success pecuniarily and emi
nence in the profession.
Warrior Thrown Overboard The
Democrats of Person held their County
Convention oil Saturday last, and nominated
Mr. Mumford McGee for the House of Rep
resentatives. Mr. H. T. Jordan, former
member who "desired to take another" till
with the U. S. Government" was ignored
and defeated. Thus they go, one by one
Hi C. Jones, F. N. Strudwick, T. J. Jarvis,
and H. T. Jordan, to deep and damning
political oblivion. The Democratic Legis
lature refused to receive petitions of the
neoDle asking that certain members be ex
pelled; but Democrats in public meetings
expel these gentlemen from place and posi
tion by refusing to renominate them.
Verily, tlwj'way of the transgressor is hard.
InjunctionNarrow Escape. The Sa
lem Press says the injunction granted dur
ing the term of our Superior Court, re
straining the tax collector from any further
collection of the Railroad tax was dissolved
by Judge Cloud at Danbury last week. The
case will be carried to the Supreme Court.
I Also, that little John Stockton last week
while upon a scaffold some twenty-five feet
from the ground banding up shingles to
cover a stable stepped, backward upon the
edge of a plank which tilted with him and
pitched him off. He turnted three complete
sumersaults en his way down and lighted
square on his feet without sustaining any
damage greater than a first-class scare. '''
Raleigh Markets;
Wholesale Prices,
! ' by ; . .
Grocers and Commission Mercftants,
Corner Wilmington and Martin Sts.
COTTON per ft., - - - - 22
CORN per bushel, - - - $1 00
OATS per bushel- - - - none
FLOUR North Carolina Family, - 10 50
FLOUR Baltimore Family, 10 50 12 50
BACON per lb., ... 8i
SALT per sack, - - - - 2 75
COTTON YARN - - - 1 75
CORN MEAL per bushel, - - 1 10
"! Retail Prices.
BY -- : j
ML A.TZC O "M. fc .AjLiir ORI ,
Grocers and Commission Merchants,
Hargett Street.
BACON Baltimore smoked,
" unsmoked, -
" strips, - . - . -
shoulders, -M -
N. C, Hams, - M -
13UTTEK per lb. -BEESWAX
per lb.,
BEEF on hoof, -
per quarter,
YARN per
UOlvN per bushel,
CHICKENS per piece.
EGGS per dozen, -FLOUR
per bbl., -FODDER
per 100 lbs.,
HAY per 100 lbs., -HIDES
green, per lb., -
hy, per lb., - ,
ner ft..
MOLASSES per gallon
Notice. Mr. David Hod gin, Chairman
Guilford County Republican Executive
Committee, announces that a Convention of
the Republicans of Guilford will be held in
the Court House in Greensboro, on Saturday,
the 29th of June, for the purpose of nomi
nating candidates for the House of Repre
sentatives in the next Legislature, county
officers, and re-organizing the. County
Executive Committee.
It is desirable that every Township be
fully represented.
Golden Syrup,
MEAL per bushel, . -. .- -OATS
per bushel, - i ; -
" per 100 lbs.,
irish, per bush.,
SUGAK -crushed, . -"
extra C, -
" P. R-, - -
SALT per sack, - -TALLOW
per lb.,
VINEGAR per gallon,
1 15
2. 00
2 25
2 00
1 00
10 1 20
1 00
2 00
9 10.
75 2 50
20 00
16 105
15 00
12i 00
75 Z 00
7 10
40 50
Ilaleighite in Boston The following
paragraph taken from the Boston Traveller
of the 3d inst., shows how our friends of the
Hub treat Southern gentlemen:
Dr. W. P.' Mallett, a prominent physician
of the South, left the Parker House last
evening for his home in Raleigh, N. C.
During his .stay in Boston the Doctor has
been entertained by Dan'l Lee, Esq.,' a
brother of Capt. T. F. Lee, sheriff of Wake
Co., N. C, i formerly a Boston boy. The
Doctor numbers Sheriff Lee among his
most esteemed friends. It is hoped that he
returns with pleasant memories of the Hub.
j Cotton Marlrets.
r BY ! f 1
Dealer in Cotton and . 2Vavai Stores,
Market and Martin Streets.
Receipts at Raleigh, - U - 10 bales.
Ordinary, - - - I - - 19!20
Good ordinarv - - ; ! - - 21(22
Low middling, -
New Advertisements.
Political Outline Map of Worth Carolina.
the DroDrietor. an OTLINE MAP OF
THE STATE, in colors, size 10x18 inches, I duty to transfer the stocks and execute such
giving one aggregate voting popuiauon 01
Carolina do enact : That the Public Treas
urer and! Attorney General shall advertise
for six months in such newspapers as they
may select, and invite proposals for an 'ex
change of the Stocks held by the Stato in
any Railroad or other corporation,' for the.
bonds by which the State acquired such
stocks ; or any other bonds of tne State (not
special tax) where the stock is not specially
pledged for the redemption of bounds issued
to such corporation; such bids Bhall, be -opened
on a day appointed, and those terms .
be accepted which may be most advantage- I
ous for the State ; Provided, That in no event V
shall any of the said stocks, he exchanged
for less than their par value, or for less than
three bonds of same nominal value:, issued
in aid of Chatham Railroad, January 1st,
183 ; and provided further. No stock in the
North Carolina Railroad shall be exchanged,
unless in the same offer it is proposed to
take twenty shares of stock in the North
Carolina Railroad, ten shares in the Atlantic
and North Carolina Railroad, and twenty
shares in the Western North Carolina Rail
road Company (Eastern Division,) and to
Eay therefor two bonds of one thousand dol
irs each of the State, issued to the North
Carolina Railroad under acts of 184S-'4y,
chapter! eighty -two. or 1854-' 55, 1 chapter
thirty-two, one bona of one thousand dol
lars, issued to the Atlantic and North Car
olina Railroad, under acts 1854-' 55, chapter
two hundred and thirty-two, or acts of
1856, chapter seventy-four and seventy-six,
and two bonds of one thousand dollars, is
sued to the Western North Carolina Rail
road (Eastern Division,) acts of 1860-'G7,
chapter one. hundred and six or in the
aforesaid proportion.
Sec. 2. That any Railroad or other cor-
6 oration, which has heretofore received
onds of the State in exchange for bonds j of
said corporation or person holding such
State bonds, shall be entitled to a surrender
of a bond of such corporation, upon the re
turn to the Treasury of any State bond I of
equal amount, issued under the act1 of the
uenerai AsseniDiy or u romances, oi uie
Convention, .authorizing such exchange,
and upon a return of all bonds issued un
der any particular act or ordinance, the cor
poration shall be entitled to a cancellation
and surrender of any mortgage executed to
the State for securing payment of such cor
poration bonds, or State bonds; coupons on
said bonds may be exchanged in like man
ner and cut off and retained on either side
to make equality. j
Sec. 3. To facilitate the exchange proposed
in this act. the State does hereby relinquish
all claim for stock in the Western Railroad .
above one million one hundred thousand
dollars, and surrenders to the said Comnanv
two hundred and twenty-five thousand dol
lars coupons now in State Treasury with
held on a former exchange of Company
bonds for stock in said Railroad ; and also
the State- does hereby relinquish all claims
to stock in said company above six hundred
thousand dollars upon the return to the
Treasury of the five nundred thousand dol
iars of Wilmington, Charlotte and Ruther
ford company bonds, and coupons ; hereto
fore issued to said Western Railroad com
pany; Provided, That any person acquiring
a share of State stock in said corporation,
shall be entitled to all rights and privileges
with the private stockholders in voting, and
in the election of the directors whose num
ber shall be determined by the stockholders
of said company. The State also relinquish
es all claim to stock in the Western North
Carolina Railroad above four millions I of
dollars. ' . . j . i . :
Sec. 4. That as soon as the proportion of
shares of stock for which the State appoints
one director in any corporation, is exchang
ed, the right of the State to appoint such
director shall cease and determine, and one
director to be selected by lot shall be de
ducted from the number appointed on the
part of the State; and upon acceptance of
this act by any corporation and such guar
antees given for its fulfillment as shall be
deemed suflicient by the Treasurer and
Attorney General, all further rights' to rep
resentation by the State either by directors
or proxy, shall cease and determine.
Sec. 5. That as soon as may be practica
ble, the Public Treasurer shall receive the
bonds offered in exchange, and in the pres
ence of the Auditor, and Attorney uencrai,
shall cancel the same. It shall'also be his
Equal to tne Enierg-ency. The Battle
boro' Advance learns that the engineer of
the down Express Tuesday night was taken
with the palpitation of the heart as the train
reached that place. This caused a short de
lay, necessitated by the time occupied in
carrying him to a car. The energetic and
faithful Superintendent of the road, Capt.
JohnF. Divine, went forward to the engine,
and taking charge, run her to Wilmington.
each ; as well as that of the counties ; the
vote for Attorney General, in 1870, and that
ior ana against ionvenuon, m xox; uie
Senatorial Districts, and the number of
Representatives to which the respective
counties are entitled. j!
Members of all parties should have this
Map, as it is useful in many ways.
Pricks 50 cents ; folded and in stout
covers, for the pocket, ?1.00, including
postage. Send orders to
June 11. 2 2t. jj Raleigh, N. C. j
Removes pain In Breast, Side or Back.
fore mentioned as shall be deemed necessa
ry, such conveyance to be in a foj m ap
proved by the Attorney General.
Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the Auditor
to make a minute of what shall be done by
the Treasurer in the premises, and to make
therefrom such entries in the books of his
office as mav secure a just accountability
on the part of the Treasurer because of the
transaction hereinbefore mentioned.
Sec 7. The Pablic Treasurer shall make
'special reports upon the subject of this act
to the General Assembly at every session.
Sec. 8. That this act shall be in force from .
and after its ratification. i
Ratified the 1st day of February, A. D.,
1872, i 44wtd,

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