North Carolina Newspapers

The Editor must not bo understood as endors
ing the sentiments of his correspondents.
Communications on all subJecU are solicited,
which will be given to the readers of Th Eba
as containing the views and sentiments of the
writers. ! '
" For the Carolina Era.
SpeechConstitutional Amend
Mr. .Editor: Strolling down street
yesterday,-1 was attracted to the court
house by some . means, and upon step
ping in for a very short time, I had the
f leasure of listening to a portion of Mr.
lughes' speech. And among .other
things, I understood him to say. that
unless we votedin favor of all the pro
posed amendments to the constitution,
we would loose all." In fact, he urged
it upoa the people to support no man
for the Legislature unless he . pledges
himself unequivocally to vote for all
the amendments as they now stand. I
am glad that he made that statement,
for if this be the case I am at no loss to
tike a stand. I am, and have been in
favor of some amendments to the con
stitution. But if there was no other
reason to justify me in opposing this
Bill, the following amendment would
bo all sufficient : 4 The General Assem
KWsrinil nmvidefor asvstemof county
Government for the several counties of
.the State." Now I look upon this as
placing the county governments in the
hands of the Legislature entirely, sub-
ject to De cnangea ami miemi w
the whims and caprice of every Legis
lature that convenes. This is entirely
too insecure, the people will not find
out what kind of government they have
got, before it may be changed to some
thing else, and besides it is no little ex
pense to tear up one system and estab
lish another. - , ...
When the township system was first,
talked of in this State, I had very seri
ous doubts as to its expediency. But
since we have tried them I am fully
persuaded that they are more econom
ical than the old system. 'And If I was
bitterly opposed to the township sys
tem, I would much rather submit to it
than create a new system, which to say
nothing of the expense incurred, would
have no stability about it. But I am
not surprised at the Democratic party
in making this attempt. ; A goodly
number of them are of the legal pro
fession and since we are developing a
cheap government, they are loosing in
jHxket. and the more changes they can
- i ik frvio Vioxr will rwMfPt..
And besides it is in keeping with their
old habits, to tear down more than they
can build up. '
Let us have the county governments
riecured by the constitution of the State
iu the same proportion that the State
governments are secured by the consti
tution of the United States, and then
" we wil 1 feel somewhat secure. It is not
the constitution they are so anxious
about, it's office to get into power.
But they'll find " Jordan a hard road
to travol." ...
w. ii. i.
Raleigh, June 7th, 1872.
V ' For the Carolina Era.
Rutherford and lolk.
ytvd Editor : At a large and enthu
siastic meeting of the Republicans of
Rutherford and Polk counties, held at
Rutherford ton on Monday the iiTth ult.,
Martin Walker, Esq., Sheriff of Ruther
ford countv, was unanimously nomina
ted as the Republican candidate for the
Senate for these two, counties. Eli
Whisnant, Esq., the present Chairman
of the Board ol bounty Commissioners,
was nominated for Representative for
Rutherford, county. J. E. McFarland
was nominated for Sheriff; J. II. Brad
ley, Treasurer : R. J. Williams, Regis
ter of Deeds ; A. I. Ilollifield, Coroner;
V. 1. Watson, Surveyor, and Jonathan
1 lamptou, C. J . Sparks, E. D. Hawkins,
M. J. Ilarrill and M. L. Blanklnship
lor Commissioners. - .. -.
Resolutions were adopted endorsing
the: nominations matle by the State
Old Rutherford and- Polk may be
counted Republican by from 800 to
, 1,000 majority in August.
Yours, - RADICAL.
For the Carolina Era.
Meeting iir McDowell.
On Friday, the 31st of May, the Re
publicans of McDowell county held at
old Fort one of. the largest and most
enthusiastic meetings ever held in the
county. There were over twelve hun
dred people present, and listened with
earnest attention to addresses delivered
by Col. William F. McKesson, of Burke,
and Col. Win. F. Henderson, of Lex
ington. - , it
To give even a synopsis of these gen
tlemen's addresses would swell this
communication to inconvenient length ;
let it therefore, suffice to say, that two
more effective addresses have scarcely
ever been delivered in this section of
the State. ' . , :
Old Fort, N. C, June 4, 1872.
For the Carolina Era.
To the Public. .
Having heretofore acted with the
tv ,f.. i lnrt this mpthod
of informing the public that I have
severed all connection with that party,
and- announce myself a Republican
and as such, I will use all honorable
means, to secure the election of the
National and State Republican tickets.
Believing that as a laboring man I
have been acting with a party hostile
to the interests of the laboring men of
the Nation, I hope others will do as I
nave done. ,wr,r
Cumberland, Co., X. C, June 5, 1872.
Eleventh Senatorial District.
Thealwve Senatorial District, com
liused of the counties of Greene and
lxnoir, met in Convention at Kinston
Saturday last, and nominated'Hon. R.
W. King to represent them In the next
I'ishiture. 'This is as it should be
the reward of a faithful-and honest
servant ; for it was alone due to the ef
forts ami iniluencc of Mr. King that the
apportionment of the 11th District was
made to compose the counties of Lenoir
and Greene instead of Duplin and
Lenoir, as the Conservatives originally
designed iU Had the latter prevailed,
included in another
District, then neither Lenoir nor Greene j
but as it stands, they have a voice In
the State Senate. With the name of
Senator King on the State ticket, it
will be strengthened, and the interest
of his. constituents will be guarded,
while the Republican party will show
its wisdom In the selection of such men
-whose character for honesty and con
scientiousness Is commended by those
of the opposite pariy. Ve bespeak ft
round majority for the nominee of the
11th District in August next. Aew
JJem Times. : (
.,' ! - " '
You cannot register on election day.
. T
David 31. Furclies, Esq.
. It s with more than ordinary satis
faction that we this week place in our
electorial column the name of David
M. Furches, Esq.;' the' nominee" jof the
Republicans of the Seventh District as
a candidate for a seat in the next Con
gress. ' The more so, " that Mr. Furches
is a citizen of Iredell, which county has
been honored by a choice having been
made of one of -her citizens, his excel
lent qualifications and great moral
worth, his well-known devotion to all
public and private trusts, and the fact
that a gentleman more . worthy j of the
confidence of all the people does not
exist in the State.' " .' ' . V
Mr. Furches is not, and never ;was, a
politician by trade, and therefore, is
unlike his opponent, who is a profes
sional " in that line, . ' f
Mr. Furches in former days, co-operated
with the Whig rarty, and while
a resident of Davie, served his fellow
citizens a few times in the State; Legis
lature, with usefulness to them and
honor to himself. Then, as now, the
people conferred office upon him, un
sought, and public .confidence was re
warded by faithful services. -!
The people of Iredell, . who are so
well acquainted with . Mr. Furches and
his well-known record and purity, of
character, , eminent qualifications for
the position, ahd citizenship,' have
more than an ordinary interest: in his
success, and, laying aside considera
tions of a party tendency it is hoped
and believed that they will give him
their support. It has been many years
since a citizen of Iredell was a mem
ber of Congress, in the person of Hon.
Joseph P. Caldwell; an honor that the
county should strive for again, and now
when the opportunity i3 offered,' , ,
If elected, Mr. Furcb es has a record
that will command art influence with
the party in power, and although a
Republican, his sentiments are or the
Liberal kind, and his influence would
be used for. the best interest of North
Carolina in all rrespects. : Nono ; that
know him will doubt this. . -j
: The Democratic candidate , for , .Con
gressional honors, Maj. Robbins, if he
could be elected, would command no
influence at Washington, and tq all in
terests and purposes the District! would
be unrepresented. Statesville 'Ameri-
Lenoir County. -
Ata Inm-ft and "enthusiastic meeting
of the Republicans of Lenoir County,
this day held in the Court House in the
town of Kmston, on- motion ofj W. F.
Loftin , Mr. Anthony Davis was appoint
or rhairmfln. ftnri on motion oi xu x.
Cox, Mr. W. F. Stanly was ap
Secretary. The Cha.rman explained
the object of the meeting in a few ap
propriate reports. J
On motion of W. F. Loftin, a Idelega
tion of ten were appointed to meet the
delegates from Greene County at 2
o'clock P. M. to day to nominate a suit
able person to represent the Counties
of Greene and Lenoir in the Senate of
the next Legislature of North Carolina.
The following gentlemen were ap
pointed under the above motion : Wm.
F. Loftin, Wm. J. Pope, Wm.W. N.
Hunter, Wm. A. Croom, James War
a t TfMn; Edmund Prideen.
Anthony Blount, James H, Parker and
Thomas Sutton. -
"On motion of A. J. Loftin- the dele
gates were called from each Township
in the County, and every township was
represented. The delegates then retir
ed and after a short absence returned
anH rpnnrtpd the following nomina-
C.VA , - -
tions: -
For the House of Represen
Hon: Wm. F. Loftin.'
VnrShpriff'Wm. R. Becton.
For Coroner; Lewis H. Fisher.
Vnr TVpasurer. E. F. Cox. '
Vnr Tlporisfpr of DcOtls. JaillCS
e ,
Davis. " a . M
For Surveyor, William Arthur.
For County t Commissioners, James
Wood, Anthony Davis, Wm. A. Croom.
Wiley Lowery and James H. Parker.
On motion, the nominations were
made unanimous. J .
On motion it was ordered that the
proceedings of the meeting be publish
ed in The New Berne Daily Times,
Goldsbord News, and CaroIjINA Era.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
Wm. F. StaniaV - '
' Hon. O. II. Dockerj-.
We see it stated in the Democratfc
papers that this gentleman will not be
a candidate on the Republican ticket
for Congress from this District ;in ton
sequence of the nomination by . the
i wrvmi4 nf such a worthy man as
the Hon. Thomas S. Ashe. Now, we
look upon Mr. Ashe as a perfect gen
tleman and a good man, and we have
no doubt that he would make a siuta?
ble representative of his party ; bnt he
is not the kind of men whose services
are needed just now in j the Legislative
Halls of the Nation.) We need the
services of such men as Col. Dockery
men who can do something for us
whose voice, j when they speak! for us,
will be heard, and who did not take
such an active party in! the struggle for
the destruction of the (Union, and the
fcubversion of civil liberty on this con
tinent, i I ' I ' I
Possibly the time may come we
think it will when it ,will do to place
the affairs of the country in the hands
of such men as Mr. Ashe. ' But until
that time arrives, and they, shall have
their bitter prejudices worn away by
time and brought forth food meet for
repentance, we think it best ; to let the
leaders in the late Rebellion -remain
on the shelf, where they were5, placed
by the result of the war in 1S65.
We have not seen or heard from Col.
Dockery since reading the announce
ment that he would pot be a candidate,'
but we feel warranted in saying, that
when the Republican Convention
meets he will receive the nomination
that he will .accept it and be trium
phantly elected. Mr. j Ashe and his
friends to the contrary notwithstand
ing. (XtroUna dipper." j
To sav nothinsr of the merit of the
controversy between Gov... Caldwell
and Judge Merriraon, concerning the
E reparation of Swepson's Railroad
ills, we ask if it is not rather; a poor
for Juries ursre.
that notwithstanding he prepared the
bills, Gov. Caldwell made amendations
to them before they passed ? In other
words, Judge Merrinionf endeavors to
hide his own wrong, by parading the
evil doings of another! New North
State. - ; '; ' .
Seventh DisTRicT.--The Demo
crats of the 7th District have nominated
XX Robbins for Congress. Thus do
they slaughter their best men, like
Hon. F. E. Shober, .who was a candi
riitf fnr the nomination.' and but-in
their places such fellows
Netr North Male.
as Robbins.-
1 I
1 i
Low Rates for Weekly and Tri-Weekly
The Presidential campaiga, will, open.
earnest in a few weeks. . It will he the most
exciting! in its character, As if 'will be the
most important in its results, that has 6c
'curred sinci84oi , Te Democratic party
has temporarily struck its colors, and seeks,
under Talse pretenses nd ' a leader false-to
his life's teachings and precepts, to get con
trol of ibe government for the purpose of
undoing the work-of thewar, and re-lnau-gurating
sectional; strife. It hopes to find
in; Mr. JSreeley a second Buchanan." The
Itepubjican party' is arrayed; against the
unholy alliance of the Cincinnati Conven
tion. It will nominate a candidate at Phil
adelphiaGen. Grant, as we hope whose
election-will deeplyconcern every man in
terested in the financial, commercial 6r po
litical weliare of the Union, and whose tri
umph wiU secure for us peace. at home and
respect" abroad. ' , .f
; The' Press is recognized as a tower of
strength " In politics. The newspaper is the
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public' We intend that THK Carolina
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J i Proposals for Wood. ;
j Office Chief Quartermaster, . . . &
" - 1 Louisville, Kentucky; May 14, 1872. ;
.Sealed Proposals, in triplicate, under the
usual conditions heretofore published, will
be received at this office, and also at the
offices of the U i S. Quartermasters, at the
several posts named below, until 12 o'clock,
M., Vfednesday, the 2Gth day of June, 1872,
for furnishing Merchantable Hard
Woop, from the 1st of July, 1872, to the 30th
of Juhe, 1873,at the following military posts
in tue department oi me oouin
Atlanta, Ga.,
Augusta, Ga.,'
Crab Orchard, Ky.,
i Chattanooga, Tenn.
700 cords
100 "
200 "
r 400 44
: 800 v
200 ',
20J "
400 "
400 ,'!
760 .,
450 "
., 700 "
600 "
200 "
200 "
200 "
400 "
200 "
" 200
' 200 "
, .300 -4t.
300 "
200 "
" 200 "
. ' 350 , .
100 "
200 "
200 44
600 "
50t) 44
200 44
200 44
450 44
, Uolumbia, fc. u
Chester, s. c,
Cliarlotte. N. C
-i Jlizabethtown, Ky,
Frankfort, Ky., i .
Eort Pulaski, Ga.,"
; Fort Macon, N. C,
' Newport Barracks,
', jashvme, Tenn.,
Newberry, S. C.,
Qpelika, Ala.,
1 ' l?aducah, Ky.,
v- Kutherfordton, N. C,
1 Raleigh, N. C,
yort Johnston, N. C,
! Ilumboldt, Tenn., ...
jiuntsvme, Aia.,
3uisvuie, ivy.,
sbanon, Ky.,
sinraster. lCv..
exinsrton. Kv..
jincolnton, N. C.,
i Mobile, Ala.', ,
i Mount Sterling, Ky.j.
Mount Vernon, Ala:,
fehelbyville, Ky.,
! . Savannah, Ga.,
8t. Augustine, Fla.,
. fcpartanburgh, S. C,
I fcu inter, S. C., .
i Unionville, S. C,
I Yorkville, S. C,
iT6e above are the estimated quantities
that will be required at each post, according
to the present distribution of troops, but
the Government reserves the right to in
crease or diminish the same at any time
during the continuance of the contract.
,' Contracts will be awarded to the lowest
responsible bidder for each post.
iBjank proposals, and any additional in
fonpation can be had in person, or by letter,
on application to the undersigned.
Denjuty Quartermaster General, U. S. A".,
1 Chief Quartermaster, Dep't. of the South.
ju)ne 13, 1872. . , 1 4t.
new article, made light and airy, cover-
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extra on
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1 May 10, 1S72. ( , - 51 w3m.
Pleasant Garden Classical Schools,
i.'- :MAtE AND FE:AIE, .
xEV. It. s. ; whittington, a.,m.,
JLi Principal, will open the 7th Session the
30th July. 1872, and continue 20 weeks.
Rnonl in irrtrui fnmllJps. npar the Tnstitn-
tion, $9 per montli all found except lights.
Tuitinn frnm SlO tr fWV. Onntincvnt fee
hfty centA. . '
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them, if wi are advised of the time.
Terms cash, in advance. I
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nreensloro'. X. V,
JnneS, 1K72.
' 1
1 Tttptl.
ed i
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T-rr . -. :.-..te
Superior Court. 'J
William L. Brame, James A. Branu1, arid
against- . i i
Andrew Bowden, and Arabella G. Buwdcti;
his wife, James Stan back, and .others.!
Petition to sell Land for partition. j
This cause coming on to be heard, and it
appearing to the satisfaction of the- Court
that Andrew Bowden and Arabella G. Bow-1
den, his- wife, are non-residents , of this
State, and supposed tq .be residents of the
State of Tennessee : ' 1
i On motion of John W. Hayes, Attorney
for the Plaintiffs, it is therefore ordered,
that publication be made for six weeks, in
the Carolina Era, a paper published in the
city of Raleigh, N. C, notifying the said
defendants Xf the filing of the complaint in
this proceeding ;4hathe same is for sale, -of
real estate, lor partitton-amongst the , heirs
at law and next of 'kin of Samuel Brame,
deceased, -and that they make appearance at
the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court,
for Granville county, in Oxford, on or be
fore the Gth day of July next, and answerJ.
plead or demur as they may ee fit, and
that upon their failure to appear, the prayer
of the petitioners will be granted, and an:
order for sale made according to law. 1
' " CALVIN BETTS, Clerk '
!' Superior Court of Granville county. 1
i may 25. - , ' .- 51-t-w6w
1 -as US' . N.
Hew York Office, 27 BEEKMAK ST.
j January 20, 1872. . 59 m
August 2nd. - . ,
The course of instruction is classical,
(including Modern Languages,) Matbmati
cal and Commercial. The organization is
military. v, . . V- .j -
For circulars, address "
' fou WM. BINGHAM.
1 JuneS, 1872. . 1 1m.
4 ft'
Legal Advertisement.
11 t ' 111 i) j . . ' . . '1 ' ' il '
! In pursuance of An Act of the -General
Assembly, ratified the 23rd day of January,
1872, I have caused to be published the
following certified copy of " An Act to alter
the Constitution of North Carolina." -
;!; ' :' i e.,j. avarren,
, . I, President of the Senate.
.January 24,' 1872L,iv- '-"
AN ;&cr to ' alter' the; Constitution ' of
' ' Korith CaroUna. j v? ; rT ','1'.
, Sec. 1. The . General. Assembly of North
Carolina do enact (three-fifths of all the
members of each House concu rring); '. '
That " the Constitution of this State "be
altered as follows, to wit r s fi : 'i- " -
-Amend section six; of the first article, by
striking out the .first clause thereof, down
to and including the ;wd "but ; this be-r
ing the clause relating to the State debt. :
Amend section two of the second article
by striking but the word "annually,' and
inserting in lieu thereof; the word 'bienni
ally;' being in reference-to the sessions
of the General Assembly, mn V, . ;! '
Amend section five of the second article,
by striking out all that precedes the words,
"the said Senate districts," and by striking
out the phrase, "as aforesaid or" in said sec
tion ; the parts so stricken ut having ref
erence to the State census. ;' ' - ;
Add a new section to the second article
to be ? styled "section 30,7 and to read as
follows : 5" The members of the General As
sembly shall each , receive three hundred
dollars as a compensation for their services
during their term, subject to such regula
tions in regard to time of payment and re
duction' for - non-attendance as maybe pre
scribed by law.;: but they mayr have an
additional allowance' when they are called
together in special session, and- mileage
shall be ten. cents per mile for each session.".
-Amend section one of the third article by.
striking out the wprds "four years,' wSere
they occurs first in said section, and insert
ing, in lieu thereof, the words "two years,'?
being in reference to the terms of executive
officers. (; ! J , ". -
Strike out the words "Superintendent of
Public Works," 'wherever they occur in
the Constitution, thus abolishing that office.
Amend section six of the third article, by.
striking out the-word, annually," and in
serting, in lieu thereof; the word '"biennial
ly," so as to conform to the provision re
soecting thp sessions of the General Assem-
s'trike out sections two and three of the
fourth article; being the provisions which
refer to the appointment and duties of the
Code Commissioners. : ? '
i Alter section four of the fourth article, so
that said section shall read as follows :
"The judicial power of the State shall be
vested in a Court for the trial of impeach
ments, a Supreme Court, Superior Courts,
such inferior' Courts as may be established
by law, and Courts of Justices of the Peace."
Alter section eight of the fourth article,
so that said section shall read as follows :
"The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief
Justice and two Associate Justices ; Provi
TYi a t. f i 1 a h n.1 1 n ot armlv to the i ustices
during their present term of office, unless
by death, resignation, or otherwise, the
number of -Associate J ustices shall be rer
duced to two." , . ,
Alter section twelve of the fourth article
so that said section shall read as follows :
"The State shall be divided into nine judi
cial districts, for each of which a judge shall
be chosen ; and in each -district a Superior
Court shall be heldVat least twice in each
year, to . continue for such time in each
county, respectively as may be prescribed
bylaw. The General Assembly shall lay
off said districts in due time, so that the
said nine judges may be Chosen and begin
their official term at the first general elec
tion for members of the - General Assembly
which shall occur after the ratification of
this section," The General Assembly may
reduce or increase the number of Districts
to take effect at the end of each judicial term.
Strike out section- thirteen of the fourth
article, which fixes the present j udical dis
tricts. . ' ' , .
- Amend section fourteen of the fourth ar
ticle by i striking : out all after. 33e word
"office," and inserting, in lieu of the part so
stricken out, the following :t "The General
Assembly shall prescribe a proper system
of rotation : for the judges of the. Superior
Courts, so that no judge may ride the same
district twice in succession, and the judges
may also exchange districts with each other,
as may be provided by law." i . .v . , ; -
Strike out section fifteen of the fourth ar
ticle, and insert in lieu thereof, the follow
ing : The General Assembly shall have no
power to deprive the judicial department of
any power or jurisdiction which rightfully
pertains to it as a co-ordinate department ;
but the General Assembly shall allot and
distribute that portion of this power and ju
risdiction, which, does not pertain to the
Supreme Court, among the other Courts
prescribed in this Constitution or which
may be established by law, in such manner
as it may deem best, jrovide also a proper
system of appealsHand ; regulate by law
when necessary the methods of proceeding,
in the exercise of their powers, of all the
x;ourts below the Supreme Courtso far as
the same may be done without conflict with
other provisions of this constitution."
Strike out I sections sixteen, seventeen,
nineteen, twenty-five and thirty-three of
the fourth article. ; '
, Amend section twenty-six of the fourth
article by striking out all that part which
begins with, and follows the word "but" in
said section, and, in lieu of the part so
stricken out, inserting the following:
"The judicial officers and the clerks of
any courts wrhich may be established by
law, shall be chosen by the vote of the quali
fied electors, and for such term as may be
prescribed by law. The voters of each pre
cinct, established as is elsewhere- provided
for in this constitution, shall elect two jus
tices of the peace for such term as may be
fixed by law, whose Jurisdiction shall extend
throughout their respective counties. The
General Assembly may provide for the elec
tion of more than two justices of the peace
in those precincts which contain cities or
towns, or in which other special reasons
render it expedient. The chief magistrates
of cities and incorporated towns shall have
the judicial powers of justices of the peace."
Amend section thirty of the fourth article
by striking out the Word " townships " and
inserting, in lieu thereof, the 'word " pre
cincts ;" also in the last sentence of the same
section, strike out the words " the commis
sioners of the county may appoint to such,
office for the unexpired term,", and in lieu
thereof insert " an appointment, to fill such
vacancy for the unexpired term shall be
made as may -be prescribed by law.'- -
Amend sections one and seven of the fifth
article, Ly striking out the words " commis
sioners of the several counties" where they
occur in said sections, and in lieu thereof in
serting the words, " county authorities es
tablished and authorized by law." ' ' " 1
- Strike out section lour of the fifth article
relating to taxation to pay the State debt and
interest. : ' . , .
Amend section six of the , fifth article by
inserting after the word "instrument" in
said section the words "or any Other per
sonal property." .v " '
Insert the word "and" before the word
" surveyor" in section one of the 7th article,
and strike out the words " and five commis
sioners" in- said section ; also add to said sec
tion the following : "The General Assem
bly shall provide for a system of county
government for the several counties ,of the
State." I
Amend section two Of the seventh article,
by striking out the word " commissioners "
and in lieu thereof inserting the words
"county authorities established and author
ized by law ;" and in the same section strike
out the words, "the Register of Deeds shall
be ex officio clerk of the board of commis
sioners." ' i:' ': ''' " s
Strike out section three of the seventh ar-.
tide, and in lieu thereof insert the following :
" The county authorities established and
authorized by law shall see that the respec
tive counties are divided into a suitable num
ber of sub-divisions, as convenient and com-
Eact in shape as possible, and marked out
y definite poundaries, which may be al
tered when necessary. Said sub-divisions
shall be known by the name of precincts.
They shall have no corporate powers. ,, The
township governments are abolished. The
boundaries of the precincts shall be the same
as those which heretofore defined the town
ships until they shall be altered." v . ,
Strike out sections four, five, six, ten and
eleven of the seventh article, whichrelatoto
the township system.
Amend sections, eight and niueof the sev
enth article, by striking out the words " or
townships " where they occur in said sec
tiC-nS. --.'H.
Strike out section three of the ninth: arti
cle, and in lieu thereof insert the following:
"The General Assembly shall make suita
ble provision by law , for thct management
and regulation of the public schools, and for
perfecting the system of free public instruc
tion.' Vi i" ' i .
Strike out section live of the ninth arti
cle, and in lieu thereof, insert the following:
" The General Assembly shall have, power;
to provide for .the election of Trustees of
the University, of North Carolina, in whom,
when chosen, shall be vested all the privi
leges, rights, franchises ; and endowments
heretofore in anywise" granted to, or con
ferred upon, the Board of Trustees of said
University ; and the ; General Asseni bly
may make such provisions, laws and .reg
ulations, frpm time to time, as ; iay be nec
essary, and expedient, for the. maintenance
and management of said University." f .
Strike out sections thirteen, fourteen and
fifteen of the ninth ! article; relating to the
University of North Carolina. .Amend sec
tion ten pf the eleventh, article vby striking
out the words "at the charge of the State,'
and in lieu thereof, insert the words "by the
State ; and those who do not own property
over and above the homestead and personal
property exemption prescribed by this Con
stitution, or being minors, whose parents
do not own prqperty over and above the
same, shall be cared for at the charge of the
State.":, : " ' V ;.j " " ' "V-
Alter section seven of the fourteenth ar
ticle so that said section shall read as ;fol
follows : is "No person who shall : hold, any
office or place of trust or profit under the
United States, or any ; department thereof,
or under this State, or under any other
State, or government, shall hold of exercise
any other office or place 01 trust or- prom,
under, the authority of this State, or be eli
gible fo a seat in either house of the General
Assembly; Provided, That nothing herein
contained-shall; extend to officers in the
militia, Justices of the Peace, Commission
ers of Public Charities, 'v or Commissioners
for Special Purposes." 1 r
Add another section to the fourteenth ar
ticle to be styled section 8," and: to read
as follows: 4! County officers, justices of
the peace and . other:, officers whose offices
are abolished or, changed iu any way by the
alteration of the constitution, shall continue
to exercise their functions until any pror
visions necessary to be made by law in-order
to give full effect to the alterations, so
far as relates to said officers shall have been
made." - '-v: : . . - ' t
Re-number the sections in those articles
from which any section . has been stricken
without the insertion of another in its
stead ; and give to any new section ' that
number which by this method would have
been given to the section for which it is
substituted, jmd the alterations shall be em
bodied into the constitution, and the sever
al sections numbered consecutively. ?
Ratified the 19th day of January, A.' D.,
1872.' -7. '-":'-V';V- --'"i- " - ' x V -
2 Office of Secretary of State, !
JRaleigh, Jan. 22d, 1872.
I, Henry J. Menninger, Secretary of State,
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true
copy of the original act on file in this office.
jan, 25. v6m. ? 7 Secretary of State.
' Wilmington North Carolina
; 7-!. . L I F E :7'- ;
ROBERT H. COWAN; President.
JOHN W. ATKINSON, j Vice President.
F. H. CAMERON, 1 , Secretary.
DR. E. A. ANDERSON, Medical Direc'r
f r : 5 DIRECTORS : I . : f ;
'J W Atkinson, General Insurance Agent
IB Granger, President of the Bank of
New Hanover. ' 7 : n ' r--"".
F W Kerchner, Grocer and Commission
Merchant. . : : - - l.'-f if - --j-:
CM Stedman, of Wright and Sledman. i ;
'Tiff McKoy, of W A Whitehead & Co.,
Fayetteville. "5 ' ' .. 7' '"
R II Cowan, President.
"' H B Ellers, Commission Merchant.
A A Willard, of Wlllard B rothers. .
W A Cumming, of Northrop fc Cumming.
G W Williams, of Williams fe Murchison.
Eli Murray, of E Murray & Po. s . '
r A J DeRossett, of DeRossett & Co.
Robert Henning, of Dawson, Teel t Hen-
niifex Sprunt, British Vice-Consul, of
Sprunt and Hinson. r ; r
P Murpby, Attorney at Law. ' ' "7
J D Williams, of J D Williams fc Co.,
Fayetteville. '
Jas C McRae, Att'y at Law, Fayetteville
IB Kedy, Merchant, Kenansville. '.
J T Pope, Merchant, Lumberton.
i . . . i
1st. No restriction on Residence or Travel.
2. No extra chargeon the lives of Females.
3. Policies Incontestable after Five Years.
4. The Rates of Interest on the Funds of
the Company higher than those on the
Funds of Companies located in other States,
thus insuring larger Dividends to Policy
Holders.5" - , - l :
5. The Directors and Officers of the Com
pany are prominent NORTH CAROLI
NIANS, who are KNOWN to be men of
6. The Company is established on a solid
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; CAPITAL STOCK OF $500,000.
PEOPLE. This fact should commend the
Company, above all others, to North Caro
linians. It is well known that hundreds pf
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annually sent , North to onrich Northern
Capitalists, thus continually draining our
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be kept at home. On this ground the friends
of this Company confidently appeal to every,
son of the Old -North State, ,. and- ask their
support for this . .4 -i ;
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AGENTS WANTED in everjr county in
the State, with whom the most liberal terms,
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7 ,7 General SupervisingAgent, :
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t s ; ' ; -r: 1 ' ! Uri nary Organs.
!,- Should betaken for all .
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f -i- 7... . 7 Renovates and
V . , Invigorates the entire systein. ,
Should be kept in every Iiouso, :
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" ' Tonic properties tried by all;
Restores, the Appetite and 7 "(
J 7. Strengthens the Stomach. '
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n 7 . and Coughs and Colds, -
i A .
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Should be taken if your Stomach
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Gives tone and energy to
' Debilitated Constitutions.
;:,f . ... .
DR. CROOK'fcf f
Compound Syrup of ;
POK E It O O T t
1 Builds up Constitution
broken down from
-m Mineral or Mercurial Polnons.
? . 7- ti; v- Should be taken by all
7 requiring a, remedy
, f .. . to makt pure bl(Kd.
i j . j kiit fSYRUP. OF POKK .ROOT.
I i 'Cures Rheumatism and
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. : r- : ' " ' t
' Removes Pimples, Blotches,
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.Is the best Alterative
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: ' 1 ,
J , , . Cures Scrofula.
Scrofulous Diseases pf the hye
j . 7 or Scrofula in, any form.
' Cures all disease ;
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1 Cures old Sores, Boils or Uh-ers.
i ? 1 f.ri. SYRUP OF P0KK-ROOT.
; . Cures Scald If cad,
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; I -,V'r ' r Dayton, phio.

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