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His Letter of Acceptance of the domina
tion for the Mce residaicyCbmpar
i.on of the Fast with the Present A
Jlerieic tf the Philadelphia Platform
Expressions of Fidelity to the Ilepub
licanPartyA Letter Worthy of it
Writer. -
Washington, June 10, 1S7' -Jfom
Henry Wilson:
In accordance with n resolution pass
til by the National Republican Conven
tion, held at Philadelphia on the 5th
and Cth instants, we. the President nnri
Vice-Presidents of that body, have the
honor to inform you of your unanimous
selection as the candidate of the Repub
lican party for the position of Vice
President of the United States.
The enthusiasm and unanimity
which prevailed among- so many lead
ing men from every State and Territory
loint unmistakably to the triumphant
election of our ticket. As there is no
one more worthy of the position, or
whose election would cive, more uni
versal satisfaction, we beg your accep
tance vi xne nomination.
Your obedient servants.
Signed by Thomas Settle, President
.National Republican Convention, and
the Vice-Presidents.
Washington, June 14, 1872.
Yb the Hon. Thomas Settle and otiers,
President and V ice Presidents of the
National Hepublican Convention, held
at Philadelphia on the Hth and Cth of
jnc present monint -,;..
Gentlemen: Your nolo of the 10th
publican party of to-day; having, dur
ing years of that period, for their ad
vancement, subordinated all other is
sues acting in and co-operating with
political organizations with whose lead
ing doctrines I sometimes had neither
sympathy nor belief; having labored
incessantly for many years to found
and build up the Republican party,
and havinir. during its existence, taken
a:i humble part in its grand work, jl;
j gratefully accept the nomination thus
I tendered, and shall endeavor, if it shall
perform the duties it imposes. i
ilje f(Ig Carolina jjlirau
V . mm
.uespectruiiy yours,
ENity Wilsox.
t arlad aua oMt The tirbt'risbord
Neto North State says on the night of the
25th nit, Wyatt 'Irving was passing the
road between uie cuy ana the residence of
T.1 C. LOGAK HARRIS, - Editor. Mr. Daniel Gillespie, not a mile distant,
when two men , apQroacnea and asked to
ride. '"'.-Being Informed that they could not
ride, they fell backbcrt soon made their ap- Hillsboro', Orange county, Saturday, June
pearance again anusaia iney- would ride
and jumped into the wagon. Mr. Irving
- ' 1 1 !- , - - . ,- v - -
Public Speaking: f MaJ. W. A SMITH
Republican candidate for Congress, "Will
address tho people of the Fourth Congres
sional District at the following times and
places : i 1 " - '
All Letters relating to Subscriptions or
Advertisements, most be addressed to WM. M.
rBROWN, Business Manager.
All Registered Letters can be sent nt our risk.
Let the people of North Carolina re
member that A. S. Merrimon, Demo
cratic candidate for Governor, tried to
raise money to test the constitutionali
ty of the Homestead clause in our
Constitution, in the Supreme Court of
the United States.
' leacl Issues."
1110 .Democrats seem very sensitive
concerning "dead issues," and think
iney ought not now to be brought up.
cuuree, any one can see wny tne nor
rora of Bull pens, military murders, ku
klux hanffines. stabbinsrs nnd smii-.
ings, etc., should cause the perpetrators
woijujim uucasiy w utru mentioned :
and they would gladly have them for
cvw uuneu in uujivion ana desire ar
dently that they should never be refer-
instant, conveying to me the action of
the Convention in placing my name in
nomination fen the office of Vice-President
of the United States, is before me;
I need not give you the assurance of
my grateful appreciation of thehiglfl
honor conferred upon me by this actions
01 tne r mutational convention of the
Republican party.
Sixteen years ago, in the same city,
wag held the first meeting of the men
who, amid the darkness and doubts of
that hour of slave-holding ascendancy
and aggression, had assembled in
national convention to confer with each
other upon the exigencies into which
that fearful domination had brought
their country. .After full conference,
the highest point of resolve they could
- reach, the most they dared to recom
mend, was the avowed purpose to pro
hibit the existence of slavery in the
Territories. Last week the same party
met by its representatives from thirty
seven States and ten Territories, at the
same great center of wealth, intelli
gence, and power, to review the past.
take note of tho present, and indicate
its line of action for the future.
As typical facts, headlands of the
nation's recent history, ihere sat on its
pianorm, taxing prominent ana non-
orable part in its proceedings, admitted
on terms of perfect equality to the lead
ing noteis or tne city, not only.the col
ored representatives of the race which
were, ten years before, in abject slavery,
but one of the oldest and most promi
nent or tne once despised abolitionists,
to whom was accorded, as to no other,
the warmest demonstrations of popular
regard and esteem an ovation, not to
him alone, but to the cause he had so
ably, and tor so many yeare represented,
and to the men and women, living anil
dead, who had toiled through long
years of obloquy and self-sacrifice for
the glorious fruitions of that hour. It
hardly needed the brilliant summary
of its platform to set forth its illustrious
achievements. The very presence of
those men was alone significant of tho
victories already achieved, the progress
already made, and the great distance
which the nation had traveled between
the years I80G and 1872.
But grand as has been its record, the
Republican party rests not on its past
alone. It looks to the future, and grap
ples with its problems of duty and of
danger. It proposes as objects of its
immediate accomplishment "complete
liberty and exact equality" for all ; the
enforcement of "the recent amend
ments to the National Constitution
reform in the "civil service the "na
tional domain to be set apart for homes
to the people the adjustment of duties
on -imports so as to secure "remunerative-waes
to labor ;" the extension of
boundary to all soldiers and sailors
"who in the line of duty became disa
bled ;" the continual and careful encour
agementand protection of voluntary im
igration, and theguarding"with jealous
care the rights of adopted citizens the
abolition of the franking privilege, and
"the speedy reduction of the national
debt and the rates of interest," and "the
resumption of specie payments ;" the
encouragement of American commerce
and of shipbuilding ; the suppression
of violence, and "the protection of the
ballot-box." It also placed on record
the opinions and purposes of the party
in favor of amnesty against all forms of
repudiation, and indorsed the humane
and peaceful policy of the Administra
tion in regard to the Indians.
But while clearly defining and dis
tinctly announcing the policy of the
Republican party on these questions of
practical legislation and administration,
the Convention did not ignore the great
social problems which are pressing
their "claims for solution, ana which
demand the most careful study and
wise consideration. Foremost stands
the labor question. Concerning "the
relations of capital and labor" the lie-
But they pretend thev wish to "hn rrv
deflfl isSIlPft nnfl Will DvarvthtnrronniiM.
and commence the political lives anew.
e do not believe this pretense, for if
they honestly entertained the idea of
leiimg Dy-gones De by-gones, they
would make no allusion to the so-called
Kirk-war. For why is not the Kirk
war a "dead issue" as well a3 the : Ku
klux outrages ? The Kirk-war was in
augurated at a time when 'the kuklux
were in full power, and for the purpose
of breaking that power. Its purpose
was accomplished and the villiany was
unearthed, not nnl
but all through the Southern country.
were the first that eventually " resulted
in breaking into the infernal dens and
klans ; it was thenthegood commenced
that exposed these tremendous iniaui-
ties. 1
It has been nearly two vears since
the Kirk war. There are no State
troops to be found in North Carolina.
There is no earthly reason why" the
Kirk war should not be called a dead
issue, if kukluxism is to be so regard-
.1 mi -r-v a j 0 .
tu. Aiie xjemocrais are not sincere in
their cry of "by-gones." They desire
to make capital out of the doings .of
Ilolden and Kirk, yet they do not like
to have their own frightful crimes and
cruelties recalled. The reason is plain
enough; for their own iniquities are
terrible, and vastly overshadow any
wrong that Kirk ever perpetrated.
The latter never killed any man in
1870, but the kuklux are guilty of mur
ders and assassinations and hideous
A A i
ouxrages, mat nave never been sur-
Subscribers receiving their papers with a
cross mark, may know that the time for
which they subscribed is nearly out, and
unless they renew, after receiving two
papers, with a cross mark, their papers will
bej discontinued. j j
THUltSIAY, JUNE 20tli, 1872.
asked them 11 they "were .white or black.
They replied white, and before they had
proceeded far Mr. Irving was knocked
senseless and terribly beaten with a stick.
his pocket book taken, and also a sack of
flour and one or meal. After a long time
the unfortunate manTeeovered sufficient to
enable him to grope his way to Mr. McMur-
ray's, wnere no ior. .tie is now
in a precaious condition.
The fiends have not been arrested.
Merry Oaks, Chatham county, Wednesday,
June lutn.
Cedar Grove, Orange county, Monday J une
! Z4Lh. VI
Mangum's Store, Orange county, Wednes
! dav. Juno 26th.
Durhams, Orange county, Thursday, June
Chapel Hill, Orange county, Saturday, June
Other appointments will be made, of which
due notice will be given. 1 V
Chairman Rep. Dist. Ex.. Com.
Raleigh, N. C, May 30th, 1872.
Ideal, State and General Items.
. F :
Nominations. The Republicans of Cra
ven have nominated Al S. Seymour for the
Saiate and I. B. Ablxtt and E. R. Dudley
for the Ilouxe. !
Death of Or. II. ITT. Pritcliard. This
gentleman died in Charlotte, N. C, on the J voted with the Democratic party for
7th inst., after an illness of several weeks.
The Dr. was a leading Republican . in
Mecklenburg county, and his loss will be
felt during tho present campaign.
IVash ConntT--The Republicans of this
county held a meeting at Nashville on the
6th. . Mr. David TV. Williams recently nom
inated for the House of Representatives,
made a speech and declined the nomination.
In the cause., of bis speech he said that ho
Subscribers The cross mark denotes that
your subscription will soon expire. Do not
fail to renew and urge your neighbor to do
lUsewiw-Wa wut -thousand subscrib
ers by the first day of August next. Send
in tvonr clubs. v ;
Killed. The Golds boro' Messenger says
one negro boy killed another at Clinton on
Friday of last week by stabbing him in the
abdomen. The murder grew out of jealousy
about a girl. The murderer has so far
evaded arrest.
County Canvass. Every candidate on
the: Republican ticket in Nash county is
pledged to take the stnmp and canvass the
county. This is a move in the right direc
tion. Tho people will be thoroughly arous
ed by such a course, the township organi
zations will be perfected, and victory will
perch upon our banners. Hurrah for the
Republicans of Nash. Follow their exam
ple! .
twenty years, f That he left that party and
joined the Republican party upon the Home
stead question That the Homestead pro
vision of the Constitution secured him and
bis children a house and home, and but for
that they might now have, been on the cold
charities of the world, wUlttfut a place to lay
their headn. That Jt was.' probable that he
was nQt4ftWn?e3t man, that the Repub
licans could nominate, : and therefore, he
declined the nomination, for the purpose of
allowing the people io take the matter into
consideration. : After consultation Mr. J. J.
Sharp was nominated and accepted.
i Gen. Willie D. Jones and ; Mr. Jo. .W.
Ilolden were present and addressed the
meeting. GenL Jones has I been very active
thus far in the campaign, and is now in a
sick bed from Over exertion. .
-Nash is all rht, and will roll up a Re
publican party. AH honor and praise to-
Sharp, Williams, Sears, the Walkers,- and
others. There are no better workers than
these men In' the day of triumph, ; the
party will remember these men and bestow
reward according to merit-;
Public Speaking- Seventh congres
sional District. Maj. W. M. Robbxks
Democratic candidate for Congress, and Col.
David M. Fubches, Republican candidate
for Congress in the Seventh' District, will
address the people at the following times
and places: f
Wilkesboro, Wednesday, June J9th.
Tayldrsville, Friday, Juno 21st.
Statesville, Saturday, June 22d.
Olin, Tuesday, June 25th.
. v HamDtonville, Wednesday, June 2Gth,
Yadkinville, Thursday, June 27th.
Salisbury, Saturday, June 29th.
Pnbllc Speaking GOV. GlthwELC
ant! CbL Marcus Erwih4 and others will ad
drei& the people at the following times and f ' " ' .
High Poifiti Guilford county, Wetlhesday,
June 19th. . '
Winston, Forsytlie cbunty, Thursday, June
1 20th. ' r- ,
Danbury, Stokes county, Saturday, June
Mt. Airy, Surry county, Monday, June 24th.
Yadkinville, Yadkin county, Wednesday,
June 26th. ' '
Wilkesboro', Wilkes county, Friday, Juno
Ta lorsville, Alexander county, Saturday,
June 29th. . - . . v.,,,., : i v
Marion, McDowell county, Tuesday, July
Rntherfordton, Rutherford county. Thurs
day, July 4th.
Columbus, Polk county, Friday, July 5th.
Hendersonville, Henderson county, Satur
day, July 6th, i
Asheville, Buncombe county, Monday.
July 8th. ! J
Marshall, Madison county, Tuesday, July
: 9th. , . v; , . .
Burnsville, Yancey county, Thursday, July
1 1th. ;( .;.....-.
Bakersville, Mitchell county, Saturday.
July 13th. ! ,
Lenoir, Caldwell county, Wednesday. July
17th. r " J
Boone, Watauga county, Friday. July 19th.
Jefferson, Ashe county, Monday, July 22d
Sparta, Alleghany county, Wednesday,
July 24th.
Morganton, Burke county, Saturday, July
3ttarrie-d.W6 sed it stated ill the papers
bf Washington, D. C, that Mr. Kdward S
Mills, of Illinois, was married to Miss M
Lela Pool, daughter of Senator Pool, of
North Carolina, at St. Aloy gins' in that city
a few days since. f
Died, in Charlotte. N.C on the 7th Inst..
after an illness of several weeks, T)r. H. M.
Pritchard, aged forty-seven ears.
Dikd, in New Jersey, on Friday. Juno fit!..
1372, at 3 o'clock, a. m., Dennis F. Horne. "
son of Rev. Jacob and Harriett Home, I
formerly of Raleigh, N. C. aired 21 voar. !
Tho deceased was a member of the A. M. K. . I
Church formore than 12 months: and Droved
faithful to ibis death, and only regretted to
leave his parents and friends behind, but-
they can rejoice to know that he is at rcsf
with his God. He was for many months a '
member of the Wayman Literary Debating
Association. j. w.
New Advertisements.
made from CO cts. Cull and ex
amine or 12 Samnles sent Host
age free) for 50 cts. that retail quick for $10.
1 4W. , 181 Chatham Square, N. Y.
Wake County Convention. The Re
publicans of Wake." County will-hold a
Convention at the Court House in Raleigh,
On S ATUEDAT, , THK " 6TU OF JULT, ,1872.
Each townshin will be entitled to three
delegates, and the three wards of the city of
Raleigh the same. V ; ? - :
The object of the Convention is the nomi
nation of candidates for the" Legislature,
and county officers. . '
The different townships will hold meet
ings and appoint their delegates.
. T. F. Lee,
Chairman County Ex. Committee.
ah. a, Lt. xiargrove win aaaress the people
at the following times and places : ,
Newborn, Craven county, Thursday; June
- 20th.' s : J . . '
Washington, , .Beanfort jeountyj,- Saturday,
Greenville, Pitt county, Monday, . June
'. 24th. , , . . ..jV - , .
Tarboro, Edgecombe county, Wednesday,
- 'June 26th. "
Check Outfits,
full particulars
Brattleboro, Vt.
Catalogues. Ram pies and
FREE. ,S. M. Spencer,
V, , , ' ' 1 4W
Wo will send a haiMsomo PrtwcAiI,
Jackson, Northampton county, Friday,
Halifax county, Saturday June
. 1 T , Tram . . a v . a .
uur ivw j.uusiraiea Jtamuv jsioie contain- (
ing over 450 fine. Scripture Illustrations to
any Book Agent, free of charge. - Address
National . Publishino Co., Phila., Pa.; "
Atlanta, Ga.; or Memphis, Tenn. 1 4w "
Rocky Mount, Edgecombe county, Mon
day, July 1st.
Dudley, Wayne county, Wednesday, July
3rd. i
Agents Wanted for
PHY of
' f.
Br. Houston. Tho Baltimore American
publishes the statement of one of the vic
tims of Dr. Houston. It is lengthy, minute,
and of such a character that it seems im-
; Tlurder Conviction Respite Con
fession. The Asheville Pioneer of the 13th,
learns of a gentleman that Gov. Caldwell
has respited the Adair murderers, who .
were to have been hanged to-morrbw, until
the 12th of July. Thii interposition of Ex
ecutive clemency between the gallows and
possible that it could have been written or its destined victimsjwag occasioned by a
imagined if not actually experienced. If a confession' of Martin1 Bainard, one of the
tithe of it is true it is most damning evi
deuce sufficient not only to exile him from
the ministry, but to banish him from society,-
friends and family.
Personal Intelligence. Colonel Lee M.
McAfee, a member of the Legislature, from
Cleaveland county, and who resigned his
commission a short time since, is in the
city to answer the charges against him4n
the United States Circuit Court. As in the
passed bv anv of the horrible crimes of ?aQ or each, we predict that he will
ancient or modern history. No von- naTe no
the Democrats would like "dead
to remain buried. JYeta North
In 1SG8, Judge Merrimon and his
friends asserted that if the present
f&tate - Constitution was ado d ted the
ivhite children and the colored children
would be forced to attend the same
schools. Gov. Caldwell and friends
faenied this. The Constitution was
adopted. Who told the truth ?
Yes; Col. 'McAfee has been button-hole-
ing prominent Republicans, every hour
since his return, to effect that object, and he
doubtless thinks it very indiscreet in his
political friends to thus " go back on him,"
as 'The' News has in the above paragraph,
Col. ' M., would doubtless express himself as
deeply gratified if the Court will Ohlylet
him off on his own recognizance !
publican party accepts the duty of "so
shaping legislation as to secure the full
protection and the amplest field for cap
ital, and for labor, the creator of capi
tal, the largest opportunities, and a
just share of the mutual profits of those J
two great servants of civilization."
The Democratic candidate for Gover
nor, Judge Merrimon, from the first,
both as a private citizen and profession
ally, has opposed the homestead. He
has used every endeavor, in every
walk of life, to defeat this wise and
beneficent provision of the constitution.
The Judges of the Supreme Court, a
majority of them, have sustained th$
homestead, even in its retrospective
action. I
The Supreme Court is composed of
five members; It is constantly liable
to changes. Some of them have already
tcen place, and if rumor is to be
credited, another one of the Judges
will soon resign, leaving a vacancy to
be filled by the Governor. One of the
Juxlges is more than seventy years of
age; another is nearly seventy. These
are not unlikely to die or become dis
abled by old age. Should vacancies
occur, the Governor will appoint the
new Judges. It is important to those
wno desire to retain their homesteads,
that the man who can appoint the
Judges should believe in the home
stead provision of the constitution, as
construed by the present Supreme
Court. They know where Gov. Cald
well stands and can rely on him. They
know also where Judge Merrimon
stands, and what he would do if he had
a chance. If elected Governor,! he
would, in case of vacancies in the Su
preme Court, appoint Judges hostile to
the homestead. The result would be,
Democratic lawyers would make up
caso3 for the new Democratic Jndges to
decide, and the decision of the Supremo
Court, sustaining the homestead, even
as against old debts, would be over
turned. Many Democrats have taken
advantage of the homestead, while
condemning the constitution and the
Court that secure it to them. " If they
cannot be reached in any other way.
Bingham School. The Charlotte Bul
letin says tliis meritorious and deservedly
popular Institution, located at Mebaneville,
N. C, Col. Wm. Bingham Principal, con
tinues to enjf a healthy condition, and as
attractive as could be desired.
The military feature incorporated into the
regulations of this Institution, in addition
to the highest orders o'f classical prepara
tion,' and the unwavering advancement of
its ''influence upon the public mind and
faith, are the best guarantees of its character
and stability. Col. B. is too well and favor
ably known to need a personal reference
fron the Press.
1 : .
At 44 Model Carpet-llagger.' Under
parties now under sentence of death for the
murder of the Weston family. The spirit
of Martin Bainard, burdened with the re
collection of the horrid butchery to which
it had lent its infernal promptings, and
festive in the confinement .which cut him
off from the intercourse with the world and
left him alone with the prickings of con
science, longed to unbosom itself to the au
thorities, and thus become relieved, in part,
of the dead weight which was dragging it
down to perdition. Aided the "still
small voice," he last week confessed to the
part he enacted in the Weston family trage
dy, expressing deep contrition of heart, and
implicating old man Adair, the father of the
two boys who aro condemned, and also his
youngest son, who is how at liberty. He
says this old man, tottering on the brink of
The "graeytmtrwlth-a heart "set oh fire of
hell," planned and instigated the slaughter
of this humble and helpless family, and that
he, of all, is iriost to blame for the shedding
of the innocent blood which nowjeries from
the ground for vengeance. Upon this state
ment a warrant was procured and Hender
son Adair, the father, was arrested and con
fined in Hendersonville jail. At last ac
counts the officers were searching for the
youngest son.
This case has been involved in serious
doubt. We hope "murder will out" before.
the 12th of July, that all may know that the
innocent have not been executed.
Mecklenburg. A Convention of the Re
publican party of Mecklenburg is called to
meet in Charlotte, on the 4th day of July
next, for the purpose of organizing, nom
inating candidates, fec. JThe several town
ships are urged to send up delegates. Col.
O. n. Dockery will address the people at
Charlotte on that day. All are invited to
attend and hear him.
The Convention will assemble at
Court House precisely at 10 A. M.
Samuel Bsbbthill,
Rufus Barring er,
S. N". Still, well,
C. A. Feazikr.
County Committee.
July 4th.
Duplin county, ' Thursday
Edgecombe Republican Ticket.--
The Republicans of this county met on Satur
day the 8th at Tarboro' and nominated the
following ticket :
For the Senate A. McCabe.
For the House of Representatives Willis
Bunn and W. P. Mabson.
For Sheriff B. Bryan.
For Register B. J. Keech.
For Treasurer R. II. Austin.
For Coroner W. T. Godwin.
For Commissioners Joseph Cobb, U". B.
Bellamy, W. A. Duggan, Mack Mathewson and
Jack Pancy. ,
The meeting was harmonious in its delibera-
i "
tions, and the nominees will receive two thou
sand majority. The ticket is eaid to be a good
Hon. Oliver II. Dockery, candidate for
Congress, will address the people of the
6th Congressional District, at the following
times and places : v
Hickory Tavern, Saturday, June22d.
Catawba Station, Monday, June 24th.
Newton, Tuesday, June 25th: '
Liincolnton. Thursday. June 27th.
Jo. Starny's Store, 10 miles west of Lin
colnton, Friday, June 28th. f J
Cherryville, Gaston county, Saturday,
June 29th. J'
Dallas, Monday, June July 1st.
Beattie's Ford, Tuesday, July 2d.
Jo. R. Gillespie's, Mecklenburg county,
Wednesday, July 3d.
Charlotte, Thursday, July 4th.
Pineville,! Mecklenburg county, Friday,
July 5th. ; j
Concord, Saturday, July 6th.
Further appointments will be made and
published in a few days.
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anteed. Also for my CAMPAIGN ClfAKTS
and NEW MAPS. . ,
1 4w New Orleans, Cincinnati, St. Louis.
Republican Ticket " in C-ranvllle.
The News says the following ticket was nomi
nated at Oxford on Monday, the 10th:
For the .Senate Bourbon Smith.
For the House of Representatives Richard
Snecd, Hanson T. Hughes.
For Sheriff James I. Moore.
For Treasurer Manly B. Jones.
For Register A. H. Cook.
For County Commissioners James Ax Bul
lock, Wm. H. Puryear, Hayes Coley and B. B.
Royster. ;
Jjor Coroner W . . JJarnett.
For County Surveyor. Richard D. Jones.
Pnbllc Speaking. Neiix McKay, Esq.,
Republican candidate for Congress, will
address the people of the Third Congression
al District at the following times and places :
Carter's Mills, Moore county, Wednesday,
June 19th. j
Carthage, Moore county, Thursday, June
20th. I
Jonesboro', Moore county, Friday, June
21st. i i
Turner's X Roads, Harnett county, Satur
day, J une 22d.
Lillington, Harnett county, Monday, June
24th. - J . '
AverasboroV; Harnett county, Tuesday,
June 25th. I
Beaufort, Carteret county, Saturday, Juno
2d til
JacksonvilleV Onslow county, Tuesday,
.Tnl v 9fl
Kenansville, Duplin county, Thursday,
July 4th. . .
If Mr. A. M. Waddell, Democratic candi
date for Congress in the Third District, sees
fit to attend j these appointments, an equal
division of time will be grantei.
The people are invited to attend. The
issues of the day will be fully discussed.
By CHARIjEST.-DEKiyti. "Id."
Hto diviDiT!ubTibeaDTrTnuTi.iu rouiJTW Bloat'
or Circular., xi.lren U. H. FUBLISHixd b'jCYv
this head The Charlotte Despatch says some
Josiah Turner, jr., one having slandered
him; as ho alleges, Goo. Z. French, Esq., of
New .Hanover, who has eschewed politics
for th farm, publishes a card, in which he
says: ' If to manage the finest plantation in
the State, with 500 acres under cultivation,
13,000 fruit trees and 14,000 grape vines, all
in bearing, giving employment to 150 souls,
is bing a carpet-bagger, I am proud of the
This, is the kind of " carpet-bagger " the
Souti wants, and so long as George sticks
to the farm, he will do a service to the State,
and (he pity is that there are not a hundred
thousand more of the same sort among us.
' ' o ' i u""" -v. J vvx ill UUjr UIUC1 V ily ,
To women, too, and her preat tie- J perhaps they may be impelled by self-
numdii, it extends the hand of grateful
recognition, and proffers its most re
spectful inquiry. It recognizes her no
ble devotion to country and freedom.
welcomes her admission 'to wider
fields of usefulness," and commends her
demands for "additional rights" to the
calm and careful consideration of the
To guard well what has already been
secured, to work out faithfully and
wisely what is now in hand, .and to
cuiisiucr iiic 4U(.iiuua uiu juuui-
ing up to view but a little .way before
us, the Republican party is to-day,
what it was in the gloomy years of sla
very, rebellion, and reconstruction, a
natural necessity.
1 appeals, therefore, for support to
the patriotic and liberty-loving, to the
just and humane, to all who would dig
nify labor, to all who would educate,
elevate, and lighten the burdens of the
sons and daughters of toil. With jts
great record the work still to be done,
under, the. lead of the great soldier
whoso historic renown and whose suc
cessful administration for the last three
years begat such popular confidence,
the Republican party may confidently
in. the language of the Convention you
represent, "start upon a new march
to victory."
Having accepted thirty-six years ago
the distinguished doctrines of the Re-
mterestto vote for the man who is
beyond doubt in favor of the home
stead. We ask them if there is any
nonsense in what we say. New North
State. I
of Mn Jno. C. Askew This
young gentleman died at the residence of
his. father in ' this City on Thursday last,
after; an illness of five days. He was strick
en down with synething like cramp-colic,
on Sunday last, at the City Hotel. He was
taken : home, and continued to get worse
until inflamation of the bowels set in, pro
ducing death on the 13th, at half past two
o'clock, p. m. !
The'deceased was whole-souled, generous
hearted young man, stricken down in his
twenty-third year, he leaves a father and
mother, several brothers, one sister, and a
largo number of friends to mourn his un
timely demise. Truly, "in the midst of
lifej, we are in death." j
the funeral took place yesterday evening
at 4 o'clock from the Baptist Church.
Those who have moved into other
townships since the last State election
must register again.
Koxboro' Hotel Burnt Great Loss.
The Hillsboro' Hegorder says on Sunday
morning at one o'clock the Hotel in Rox-
. boifo'i and every house on the ground ex
cept the stables and corncrib were burntio
thd ground. The act was that of an incen-
diary, and Mr, Glenn, the proprietor, thinks
h(knows the party but at present lacks the
evitlence to make an arrest. He had a store
in this hotel with five thousand dollars
Distillation of Brandy. On and
August 1st, 1872, the U. S. Internal Revenue
tax on spirits distilled from apples,
peaches or grapes exclusively, will be sev-
V - t" 1UO HptJUiai tax wr.fth F mAa Jr, it
ofper annum has been repealed. The two u of the we yed dam.
utJ j.aiu vy me gov- nrr(vl rvmrtitirm fl - Hnnt'a GoH1
an4 J. T. Critcher's cabinet1 shop were in
this lot and both were . burnt. AH the fur
niture in the hotel and all . the heavy goods
in the cellar such as Leather, Sugar, and
Molasses were destroyed.; Judge Reade
owned this property and he and. Mr. Glenn
were in partnership.- ' In a . letter from the
latter to Judge Reade ; he," says ; " We are
out of doors -this" morning, without a meal
to cook or any one to cook it,"; It is a heavy
blowvto friend Glenn, and we are. sure that
the noble citizens of the place ..will not te
found wanting in that sympathy that al
ways lends a helping hand.
fees for guagmg will
The Ulstiller will register his still; give
notice of intention to distill, and, after a
survey of the distillery has been made, file
a bond as distiller. The seventy cents per
gallon covers the entire expense, to the dis
tiller, except the purchase of a book to keep
a record of material used, tc, provided, he
produces eighty per cent of the surveyed
capflfity or jus distillery for the time work
Every, man
must vote in his own
New Postal Code. The Congress pass
ed a bill reducing into one act all the laws
relative to the postal system. We note some
of tho more important changes in the postal
arrangements of the country made by the
The most important is the authorization
of one-cent postal cards for correspondence
or for printed circulars similar to those
which were introduced into Great Britain
nearly two years ago, and are now in use
in nearly all European countries. The
House provided in the bill for a paper flap
to cover and conceal the writing. The Sen
ate changed this to an open card. In con
ference committee the style of the card was
left to the discretion of the Postmaster Gen
eral, who prefers the open card, and will
order that kind only to be manufactured.
The face of the card will bear a one-cent
stamp, and will bo provided with lines for
the address, and the back will be ruled for
the letter. Tho price of the card and stamp
will be only one cent. It will probably be
three or four weeks before they will be
ready for sale, as , the plates for printing
have yet to be prepared. ,
The law by which married women have
heretofore been Inhibited from being post
masters is repealed. 1
The act authorizes the establishment of
money-order offices at the branch post olH
ces of large cities ten such teing authorized
for New York and three for Boston. Until
now no branclr -office had power to issue
money orders. 'Assistant postmasters may
also be designated to sign money orders.
The act authorizes the Postmaster Gener
al to determine that between post offices not
three miles apart, as in the case of Washing
ton and Georgetown, New York and Brook
lyn, letters dropped in paid by stamps less
than a full rate, may be forwarded to their
destination and the additional postage re
quired on delivery.
Until, however, . the Postmaster General
makes this designation letters partially pre
paid as well as those unpaid go to the dead
letter ofiice. t i v ' -
Packages containing the Smithsonian ex
changes are added to matter free of postage.
- Private individuals are allowed to place
boxes for their mail matter in any post of
fice, but the boxes so. placed become the
property of the United States.
A change in the fees for money orders is
made.. Formerly the fee was ten cents for
all sums of 20 or under. Now it is fixed at
ffve cents for 10 or under, and at ten cents
for sums from $10 to $20. '
Packages of clothing for none-commissioned
officers or privates In the army or
navy may be sent at one cent an ounce.
The rate is now eight cents for four ounces.
The rate on packages of newspapers, fccv.
Franklin County Convention. The
Republicans of this county will hold their
Convention for the purpose of nominating
a candidate for the House of Representa
tives, and county officers, at Iouisburg on
Saturday, June 29th, 1872.
Each township will elect three delegates
to attend the Convention.
; ; J. H. Williamson,
v dim. Co. Ex. Com.
now two cents dh four ounces, is fixed at
one cent on two ounces. Books, samples of
ores and merchandise to be cba'rged double
rates. . . .,
Columbus and Robeson. The Wil
mington Star hears that Dr. R. M. Norment,
of Robeson, has announced himself an "in
dependent" candidate for the Senate in the
District composed of the counties of Colum
bus and Robeson. It is said that Dr. Nor
ment feels aggrieved at the result of the
nominating; convention .which placed Col.
N. A. McLean in the field as the regular
Conservative candidate. . It is further stated
that the Radicals will make no nomination,
but will poll their full strength for the ' in
dependent" candidate.
.- The Bar Room Remedy for weakness
of the stomach is a dose of Rum Bitters.
They are surcharged with Fusil Oil, a deadly
element, which is rendered more active by
the pungent astringents with which it is
combined. ' If your stomach is. weak, or
your liver ! or bowels disordered, tone,
strengthen and regulate them with Vinegar
Bitters, a pure Vegetable Stomachic
Corrective and Aperient, free from
alcohol, and capable of infusing new vitality
into your exhausted and disordered sys
tem, if 1 4w.
Raleigh Markets.
nn MOT FA 1 1 while on your Summer
UVIWI mil. Excursion North to so
cure one of the I
StewartCo6k Stoves
With its special attachments. Roaster, Baker
fc Broiler. The Stove and Furniture care
fully packed for safe shipment. Books
sent on application. , 1 4w.
Fuller, Warren A Co., 23G Water st.f N Y
New ; Turbine is in general use
mi i f h rrn frli rtn f tho TT SJ A otr twmr :
is used by the Government in the iCQ
gad Patent Office, Washington, D. O. K
"Vsj Its simplicity of Construction and Iu3
53 the power it transmits renders it fjrf
tho best water wheel ever invent- Jri
ed. Pamphlet free. ! Ff-a
N. F. BURNIIAM, York, Pa.4w
Davidson County. The following is the
Republican ticket in Davidson County :
For Senate John. T. Cramer.
'For House of Representatives John Mi
chael, S. S. Mullican. , "
For Sheriff Jacob A. Sowers.
. "W"bolesale Irices,
.-!.- BT
Grocers and Commission Merchants ,
Corner Wilmington and Martin Sts.
COTTON per ft., - 221
CORN per bushel, - - $1 101 20
OATS peri bushel, - - - none
FLOUR North Carolina Family, - 10 50
FLOUR Baltimore Family, 12 5015 50
BACON per lb., - - - 8i9
SALT per sack, - V- - 2 75
CORN MEAL per bushel,. - - 1 15
Retail Irices.
; by
A T- rf-t IklT : ' T TTT " T
iu -rt- x. v ju. a&i i jlj .
Hertford County Mr. JT. II. Sharp.
The Republicans of this county held their
county Convention on the Sth of this month,
and nominated Mr. J. R. Sharp as then
candidate for the House of Represenatives.
A correspondent writes us as follows con
cerning the meeting : V -
"We had a very large meeting. Repub
licans from every portion of the county
were present. Several gentlemen, recently
Democrats, were present, and informed the
audience that they had severed their con
nection with the Democratic party, and in
Lthe future wonld be found battling in the
ranks of the Republican party for Liberty,
Union, and Equality before the law.
! Mr. J. R. Sharp, our nominee for the Leg
islature, recently joined the Republican
party. He is a gentleman of considerable
ability ; belongs to one of the first families
of the State ; was an old Union Henry Clay
Whig. His family wield great influence.
and under his leadership in this county, we
will win a triumphant victory."
IV. C. Delegation at Philadelphia.
Of the delegation from this State to the Na
tional Republican Convention, the following
were appointed on different Committees : ,:
Committee on Credentials Louis Iiiliiard. of
11tt.-. I -
Committee on Permanent Organization Jas.
II. Harris, of Wake. V
Committee on Resolutions Jas. W. Hood, of j
Committee on Kales Geo. II. Brown, of
Wilfeee. V ! v .- v v -
National Republican Executive Committee-
Jos. C. Abbott. V v ,
. Mr. Edward Cantwell was Vice President,
and T. A. Svkes Secretary, from this State.
Grocers and Cb7)i&te9j9Ti.Jerchant&,
" ' ; Hargett Street
BACON Baltimore smoked,
unsmoked, . -
" strips, .- - - ,
" shoulders, -"
N. C. Hams, -BUTTER
per ft. - -BEESWAX
per ft., - -BEEF
on hoof, - . - -
" per quarter,
COFFEE per ft., - - ' -COTTON
YARN per bale,
CORN per bushel,
CHICKENS-per piece. -
n;uus per aozen, - - -FLOUR
per bbL, - -FODDERi-per
100 fts., -HAY
per 100 fts.,
HIDES green, per ft., -
dry; per ft., - -LEATHER
per ft., -LARD
per ft., - -MOLASSES-per
gallon, -"
j Golden Syrup,
MEAL per bushel,
ua io per Dusnei,
" per 100 lbs., - -PORK
irish, per bush.,
a v uak crusned,
13 '
20 a
Is a powerful Tonic, specially adapted for
use in Spring, when the languid and de
bilitated svstem needs strencthand vital
ity ; it will give vigor to the feeble, strength
to the weak, animation to the dejected,
activity to the sluggish, rest to the wearj',
quiet to the nervous, and health to tho
infirm. .!'. ! .
It is a South American plant, which, ac-
cording to the medical and scientific period
icals of London and Paris, possesses thT
most powerful tonic properties known to
Materia Medica, and is well known in its
native country as having wonderful curative
qualities, ana has been long used as a
specific in all cases of IMPURITIES OF
Dr. Wells' Extract of. Jf prub.cltt .
Is strengthening and nourishing ; liko
nutricious food taken into the klomach, it
assimilates and diffuses itself through the
circulation, giving vigor ana health.
It regulates the bowels, quiets the nerves,
acts directly on the secretive organs, and,
by its powerful Tonic and restoring ell'octs.
produces healthy and vigorous action of tho
whole system.
JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Piatt St, N Y.,
Sole Agent for the United States.
Price, One Dollar per Bottle. Send for
Circular. June 8. 1 4w.
10 00
1 20
12 00
2 25
2 00
- 1 15
extra C, - ; -
P. lw, -
" -common, : -S
A LT per sack, -TALLOW
per ft.,
VINEGAR per gallon,
1 00
1 25
1 00
2 00
9 10
75 2 50
20 00
121 1
75 3
Cotton Iarlxet8. V
i ' by
Dealer in Cotton and Novae Stores,
Market and Martin Streets.
Receipts at Raleigh, - - 3 bales.
Ordinary, - ; - - 21
Good ordinary - i s - - - . 23
Low middling, - -: - - - 21
Granville County.
Superior Court.. "J '
William L. Brauie, James A. Braincand
others, I
against I
Andrew Bowden, and Arabella G. Bowden.
his wife, James Stanback, and others.
Petition to sell Land for partition.
This cause coming on to be heard, and it
appearing to the satisfaction of tho Court
that Andrew Bowden and Arabella G. Bow
den, his wife, are non-residents of this
State, and. supposed to be residents of the
State of Tennessee : j f
On motion of. John W. Hayes, Attorney
for. the Plaintiffs, it is therefore ordered,
that publication be made for six weeks in
the Carolina Era. a paper published in the
city of Raleigh, Nv C, notifying tho said ;
defendants of the filing of tho complaint in
this proceeding ; that the same is for sale, of .
real estate, ior partition amongst the heirs
at law and next of kin of Samuel Brame.
deceased, and that they inako appearance at
the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court,
for Granville county, in Oxford, on or bo
fore the 6th day of July next, and answer,
plead or demur as they may see fit, and
that upon their failure to appear, tho prayer
of the petitioners will be granted, and an
order for solo made according to law.
, . . . CALVIN BETTS, Clerk
Superior Court of Granvillo county. ,
may 2-3. 51 wOw

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