iUAL. K1UHT5 TG, ALL-SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE. 9 RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY, 3MAY 5, 1898. iVol. L J . . - No. a. Wevant short articles of news Urom every- court ty in the State '; 'also the political news.;. Send all -communications to the Home Rile; also remittances for sub- scriptions to same address. Fkom the part that " Otho TKi'-'i iiiv- ......... nison and his sort ' played '-in ie "Wake County Convention1 W the waKf uuuij vuhiw last 'Saturday, it doesn t seem that the wrath of the powers that be against him 'is having much t iltcf upon the people, only to vustain them. We ark glad- to inform our readers that -each week requires mc tuitiFuSC wm- an increase of The Home Rule tarily chipping in, each accord i t inrrtn'his nbilitv. until enoucrh Inmi-tnc last. . livery . pupvi was t-iken ast week, with -a lew whom we could ' not supply, i . Hr'ethrc'n, spread yourselves, and ii l t.. i t- TjnP we Win suuii uaj i m- Ri LKin cverv nook-and corner in the State. We hope our subscribers, and . readers all. over the State will ex- cuse us this 'week ' for- the - una- voidable delay. .Mr. Ralph liarnes. one of the firm who has the contract to do our printing, had . the misfortune to lose his wife: by death. Their business was .suspended for two days, and hence the delay in our paper. . We have received a- great many responses irom menus an r . i 1 1 I over the State to our very liberal oiler in sending the Home Rule to clubs of five or more from this dale until December j i for 25 cents each." We hope the mends the best .of all, they are working will spread themselves for the to send a solid anti Deni .-Pop 'fu next 'thirty days. .If each one sion delegation to the State Con will'do his -parr the Home Rule yentiori : cause,the bad treatment will have the largest circulation Populists have received from the of any paper in the State. 'VeCa lira sum puts the Pro- m t fsz c Farmer down as an ally of the Charlotte , Observer. This is far-fetched, but to put the Can- iisnrn and JVezvs and Observer as chums Is to tell the trath. We have followed the Progressive t anner through many a battle, and have never had cause to dis- trust its sincerity or patriotism, Jars, with many; Words of en and it will require , more virtue couragement toTnE Home Rule; and disinterestedness than has recently been sbowiv.by the Can- 'f usau to make us cnange our opinion. ' - I' in- Home Rule is the only political newspaper published 111 the city ot Kaieigh, the capital 01 the State, that does not heap ibuse, villificatiori and misrepre- entation upon the Republican party, -.collectively, individually. the past, tne present ana uie . 1 . 1 I . 1 A 1 ' I future. And if our Republican friends desire the latest reliable news from State headquarters, we take it mat tney wouia ao no violence to their cpnscience, their principles or their country to subscribe .for The Home Rule, as it is. our purpose to send out each .week a first-class paper, con taining all the earliest news home, foreign,-war, State, Nation al; religious, as welkas political. We will have a good correspond- ent in every section of the State, for when an. assertion is made, giving- the political situation in a community, it will be based upon - r - , M ft 1 I mfonnation obtained by. men who are fresh from ,theieople and who nave a reason to know, lhere- fore, -gentlemen, let our sub- scrintibns come in from everv c: , c i ct..u :n u section of the State : they will be . , , highly appreciated, and wewiU do our best to give yon the- worth uf your monev.' . . , NOT A CORPORATION PAPER. It has been intimated by theCVf- casian and some of its late allies a few "Democratic papers," that The Home Rule is being run by corporation money,and money obtained from the Southern rail- road. When was a more Too rouu. iifii was u inuic iuui charge ever made by the rankest enemy The friends of The enemy Home Rule, realizing the fac tiat jt was absolutely essential to have an'organ at the State capi- lal that would voice the senti- ments of a .'larrre maiority of . U1,U1WW V11"1' . "lv- 1 j i,lcuJicu l" dMUiC r"""- cation of the paper oe cent has ever been paid by anv corporation, trust, railroad -j ' i : ring or other ring. Can the Cau- casta n say as muchr we pause for a reply ; and it might be well for that paper to look around and see if its-house is not partly built Gf giass before attempting to throw. stones at others. NEW HANOVER ALL RIGHT. From a letter received from Bro. Gore, Secretary of the Pop ulist County Convention of New Hanover county, we infer that the don't want any Dem. fusion ;n their : savs The Home Rule . . ' f .i voices the sentiments oi tneir people thoroughly, and he, with other friends, will be able to send Us a club of fifty names to The Home Rule in a few days. And Democrats; and believing that a return of the Democrats to power again would be- the repeal of the present fair ' election law a South Carolina-Georgia-Missis- sippi-bull-pen-shoterun rei?n of terror. GOOD FOR UNCLE ROBERT REINHARDT. Our old friend R. P. Rein- hardt sends a check for ten dol- also sends a list of names to send The Home Rule to amount of uatN, nuuuw mat nu iniu to back his judgment with his money. Mr. Reinhardt is one of the best men in the State,' and if he forms an opinion to-day, you m expect to find him advoca- ting lhe same 'principle to-mor- ro;Y . and-when once fixed in his mind singly and alone the whole Spanish fleet, with all its batter ies levelled .directl vat him. could not cause him, to swerve from his position.; buch men, in these kimes 0f political chancres, are so rare that when one ) is found, their opinion is respected. MERE ROT. A leading Populist, who was a delegfate to the Wake Convention last Saturday, in an -interWew one dav this wreek said : "The 'report of the papers that Otho Wilson bossed ' the Con vention last Saturday is mere rot. The facts are : Otho has been chairman of the Populist party iu Wake since 1892. He was ;iluuau uiier, dliU tilt UU tlilVJl I11LU UUl. TheSnDreme Court has decided that the Governor has the legal power - to turn-out .a Railroad Commissioner, but the final court to try the issues is the legislature. Hence his case is, so to speak, . , . . , r J still in court. The members of the1 next legislature are the iurv- men to try the case. We did not think it riht. just or fair to prejudice the jury, hence we did just as we have been doin elected him chairman. He was against Dem. -Pop. fusion, the Convention was. against itthat is all there is in it. If Otho Wilson,, had worked every day and night for the last month in favor - of Deni.-Pop. ' fusion he could not have changed the sen timents of the Convention. 1 take it as a slander against every man in that Convention who op posed Dem.-Pop. fusion. But enough ; it is just like the Demo cratic machine to 1 lie, and they can't help it." A FAIR SPECIMEN OF HOW IT WILL BE IN THE STATE. The three counties so far that we have heard from . that have held their county conventions are Wake, Chatham and Brunswick. Wake, 63 votes are against Dem-Pop fusion; Chatham, 47 votes are against Dem-Pop fu- sion; tsrunswicK, 17 votes are m I : - favor bf Dem-Pop fusion. And wrhen all the counties are heard from the above will be'about the proportion, all oyer the State. THE FIRST BH GUN AGAINST DEM.-POP. FUSION. In another column . will be found an accoiint of the meeting of .tne Wake County Populists, held Saturday, Jipril 30, to elect delegates to the State Conven tion, and by reference to . the resolutions one wrill readily ascer tain the sentiments of the Popu lists on Democratic fusion; in short, they do'n't.want it and are not going to have it, and the re- suit, of .this meeting will, of course,' have a wonderful bearing in the counties all oyer the State, Wake county being the largest county in the State and., entitled to more delegates than any county in the State. Aiid the most sig nificant nsp of this ineetino-was o he perfect harmony that pre vailed throughout, . and every speaker who referred to his oppo- sition to Dem.-Pop. fusion was cheered to the echo; ' . The result of. this meeting Sat- urday was almost a -surprise to the sanoruiue workers gainst Dem.-Pop. fusion, and there seems to be a tidal wave all over the State. This -sentiment prevails not only in Raleigh and Wake coiintv, but, Min from letters we- are ' receiviug from .every county in. the .State, the same feeling predominates all over the State. . The Populists are a good deal like certain religious denom- inations to offend one is to offend all, and the Populists in many parts of. this State have been grossly onended by the Uemo- dfeats, and it vyill be resented by every member of the order from oneend.of the State to the other, If you don't believe it, just wait till thej btate Convention meets and you will find out to your en- tire satisfaction. We pnnt quite, a number of letters received from friends liv ing in different parts of the State, and. if any apology is necessary we give the following : Our read ers, no doubt, want to knowr the sentiment of the people all over the. State ou -Dem.-Pop. fusion, and the best way to get thet true spnfimpn of anv prtinVi nrllpnst n larcrp maioritv of them, county is to get it direct from some citizen who lives, moves and mingles among the people, then you have it straight. Read their letters and vou can form a correct idea of how North. Caro- Una Populists stand on Dem.-Pop. fticinn. " THE GREAT BATTLE DfST SUNDAY. Last Sunday, iay 1st, a great battle was fought between the Spanish and American fleets, in which the Americans came out victorious. Commodore Dewey,, in charge of the United States war-ships at the Philippine Islands, attacked the Spanish fleet and forts at Manila and gained a wonderful victory after , a hard- fought battle, the Spaniards mak ing the most stubborn resistance. This being the first battle fought between these 'two powers, their most powerful ships were brought to bear, and the, side gaining the victory -would have great advan tage in future plans. Commodore Dewey was not long in proving to the Spaniards and the world that Spain was not able to cope with America; for in .less than two hours , after the attack , the Spaniards wrere . flying fir refuge, with some of their ships sunk, some crippled, unable for duty, and the balance 011 fire. Then the city of Manila fell an easy prey to the Americans, but not until nff-pr'n " mrvst. nnwfrfnl bntn.' bardment from Commodore Dew- pv': o-rm nt whiVh thr I'nhahi- tants began to flee like rats from j - i"" "w ' a burning building. The- United States flags are now floating over Manila, which is inside of the Spanish lines and the possession of which gives the American forces great advantage in prosecuting this war. It is feared, however, that this hard- fought battle ended the life of trvipy a brave. American soldier, but such is the fate of war, and as. one noble fellow falls another one must be ready to1 take his place SEES SNAKES. rA.v. Arn ' rr , - . ttj t,. oeen cnangea 10 nuMK iul-e. It is the same old snake -with a new.name.- Caucasian. ' We Have said in a former Is-. sue; and, will say it again, that The Home RutE is-not successor to thp Tfrrrirr. nor 1 has Mr. Wilson any more interest in its nnhlirntinn or rnhtrnl of its' nol- icv than anv other srood Populist in. tStafP , The Caucasian's persistency in this false statement is only his- tnrv. rnpatino- itself. Some nineteen hundred years agoJCmg Herod was greatly troubled over the fame of the ' irreat Teacher. He inquired of his wise men who ; this Galileean could be, and on being told that it was one of. the prophets, Herod moody and glum from a troubled conscience said : u You' are all wronfr. I - know whQ it is. It is John. the Baptist whom I beheaded. He has risen from the dead." How the ghost 0fWrilson, whose official head at the command of the Caucasian rolled into the basket, does haunt the distempered brain of that shrivfllpfl sheet can be best seen & ; fect that it see3 snakes and cries out in a weird voice in its troubled sleep, snake ! snake ! ! "the same old snake ! ! ! " - BEYOND OUR EXPECTATION. .'For some time past we knew that the sentiment among the I rank and file of the Populists, at wras opposed to fusing with the Democrats, but until the last few weeks. wre had no idea it was so universal. . Letters are coming to the Home Rule from every county in the State telling us th Home Rule is voicing their sen- itimpnts. nnd that it is op. the right plan ; and further, the very best method of ascertaining the sentiment of , any county is through its county convention when every township is repre sented, by its own citizens, and we find in nearly every county where their convention has been held and an s expression had, a large' majority of the people are opposed to fusing with the Dem ocrats, and from all the informa tion we can gather; if the anti-Dem-fusion sentiment, continues tq. increase as it has done for the paat four weleks by the time the State convention meets on May 17. there dozen to will not be a baker's go. before the Demo cratic State convention, and beg' to be tails, and pinned to their coat ask the Democrats to serve as wet nurses until they are able to stand alone. THE POPULISTS GAINING GROUND. 7 ; ' Many Democrats have concltf- the Populists afe good enough for their party to seen co- operation. With them, they will take time by the forelock and join the Peoples' party, while many others are satisfied that . " their party will, if again placed m power, disfranchise the poor and uneducated, thereby depriv- ing this class of their only means of protecting themselves against wrong- and oppression. ; In this tney are wise, Noright is more valuable to a poor man than the right ol the oanot. it gives him sen-respect, and thereby . secures to him the respect of his fellow-men. The right to vote makes a man a better citizen, hence it should never be infringed upon by the 1 ' ' xc 1 Ci.;' ''. ...,' laws ui any oiaic. . ( Thf Democratic nartv has ever x J been on the side ol human slave- ry, and writh that spirit it now . i T -V . 1 ' - , pursues the reopies' party as their fugitive slave, seeking to reduce it tq e will of ' abjec't submission to political bosses. 15llt the Populists- know their rights, and knowing them dare maintain them. Thus they have called down upon their heads the anathemas, abuse and vitupera- ation . ' of these ; fosses ; but the great common people are with them, and are lining up with tneir friends in the only party in this State, able and willing to secure t0 them the rights 01 American citizenship A reporter of The Home Rule called on State -Treasurer Worth, and interviewed him as to his views on the questions of the hour. ; . The Treasurer replied : y r V1 hope the time has passed when we shall hear any more about majority and minority Populists. We; came out for re form and should stand as a unit, and invite all good men, both Democrats and Republicans and Prohibitionists, ta( come overhand help us get 'our platform enacted info laWvod then we would have better times, the. Populists, 1 think, will' never, go over into the Democratic party, so long as it is governed by "the same persons who have guided its course for fwentv vears. ' We nrSt want unity in our own ranks, and then we will have the ' power to carry our4'measures through . -Hon. Richmond Pearson, Con spent a few days in Raleigh this Lweek. WHAT- FUSION POPULISTS SAY.. '. ". Co-operatioiy with the De ocrats means that f here will le a change in leadership ; that Senator Butler is the only, man . in the State who can hold the in- , congruous elements together; ,that Uie Demo9rats have ho State leader, and. the mantle of 'ance, will fit Mr. Butler ; but whether it fits or not, he will wear-it with dignity and honor 1" v .' . , ; But we warn bur Populist : friends of, one trouble,. lhat is; when. Mr. Butler and his frienclsj walk into the Democratic party , the party will walk out bf itself, and there will he npthing left ex cept a few Populists and a few aspen-leaf Democrats who are trembling with fear of negro rule in this State. THE POST MISTAKEN. The Jforfn'ig-l Post says that the Brunswick qpunty Populists . formed a fusion yith the Demo- crats at the latteifs convention on last Monday, while the Charlotte Observer gives the true; version of the matter when it says a few Populists went into the Demo- . cratic convention and agreed to affiliate . with . the Democrats, .' which, of course,4 pneans that they will abandon their principles, lock, stock! and barrel, and swallow' the Democrats, J biill-pen, rotten ; eggs, back-grab salary takers, Jos. ' Daniels, and theiwliole. shebang. Wellj we are sorry for these poor fellows, but; thank God, there are ' only a few pf them in the State, and not enough to affect tjie result of the election one way or the .. -other The Charlotte Observer is still hammer " home rule.!' Otho Wilson and the bolters, - c chirp in " me too. Ca ucasiah. Yes, Home Rule is not a dead issue. Its promoters did ; not hang on to the tail of the'd. o. p. , machine in 1892 as; did the edi- " tor of the Caucasiiin.tind threaten ' to abandon the ffght for hnancial reform because the Peoples party put up a ticket for: State officers:1 : The Caucasian the election of ;then advocated ! Elias' Carr for Governor, who made the! Qo-year : midnight lease to . the Overseer. . We did not bow the knee then, and will not now though it might - please a 4. boss in Aryan's cabi net ini'oop. Will the-. Democratic State Con vention be.controlled by jthe Ran som machine the railroad attor neys and theCleveland gold-bugs, or will it be controlled by the friends' and supporters j of. Mr. . Bryan ? Tht is the question.- Caucasian. ' .-, . The question is, Will the d. o. p. 4 machine put ' Ransom & Co. in . control, or Joe Daniels & Co. in control-? Which; is the worse of tbe two evils? We want none of either. , Congressman Skinner lis pre sented to President McKinley a letter from Gen W.. P. Roberts,: of Gates county, who was the. youngest Brigadier General - in the Confederate irmy, tendering. his services. Irion. J. ; Y. Hamrick,' Co'mmis- sioner 01 Lraoor ' statistics, is spending a few days in the west ern counties collecting statistics for his next report; He is giving special attention at present to the lumber industry ip this State.;' " The Asheville Citizen ticket or Mavor and aldermen had a grand victory last Monday, being: voted for by the combined forces of the Republican and Populr parties.

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