equal; rights to all special privileges to none. Vol. J. RALEIGH, N. C, THURSDAY; MAY 12, 1898. No. 4. i f ' I ' : I : J tuH i:;rct .Regiment is mo- 1 lit. A O mcntarily awaiting marching or ,irl hvtbe 'time "we fro to il I .'y r o doubt, thev will be, on .'their way to Chicamauga. We hope our friends will send us the, result of their county con vention, all over the State, names of delegates, and whether for or -,,ri;nt fusing svitli the Demo- 4 - o crats, or uninstructed. - W want short articles of news .from ever)' county in the State ; Mko the political news. Send all ... - i communications to the Home Rin.R : also remittances for sub scriptions to same address. We are sorry to , note the mis Wnne that has come - to Sheriff Webb, of Ilurke county, who has lost his imnd and is, now an; in- e of the Morgantown Asylum. t he will soon be restored. I1KK We tru.' .We have received a great s from friends all manv rosnonse u c uir very liberal over the State to " J iV . j. 4i a 1Iome Rule oiler in sending the . to clubs of five or more . rom thlS 25 Is .date .until December i fo. cents each. We hope the frienv wifl' spread themselves for the "next thirty days. If each one will do his part the Home Rule will jhave the largest circulation of any paper in the State. f . , We are glad to announce the appointment - and commission of A A. . Dr. 15. F. Dixon, of Cleveland county, as Major of the Second X. C Regiment, United States Volunteers. With Col. Btirgwyn of Henderson county, wiio re- ceived his commission last week the boys will have two true 'and tried soldiers to.follow, that have seen service on many a battle field in the last unpleasant war, The man wlro sacrifices much to build for himself and posterity a house is w-ise, but he is wiser - who seeks afterwards to protect preserve and perpetuate that A, -A house. Such is the condition o "the Populist party in North Caro lina. We bv our labors and" sacri flees, in common with other allied forces, have built for ourselves a political house) and have dedi a .a rated , it to the great common people. .Now, shall we desert A A that house after having enjoyed it so much, and having sat around under our. awn , vine and fig-tree? "Or shall we -pace .upon it a full i insurance against the storms and tvind, hail and rain, and destruc tire fire of Democratic treachery? Shall we again walk into the meshes ' of the" arch-enemy of Populism, and sacrifice the hard earnings of the last six years? Don't let the little lamb lie down inside the great lion. THAT DECEPTIVE proposition. inside of a bull-pen or with a re- into the good graces of Gov. Rus- Senator Iiutler is approaching turning board manipulated by sell, and was appointed Railroad the Populists now in person and their own managers.' : Commissioner at, a salarv oi by letter, followed by a letter ; kut after the Democrats shall $2,000 per year, and he can't troni Congressman btroud in tne have gotten possession of the next come to the Doctor's meetin fourth District; and, we suppose, legislature they would not be So, the Doctor is left with the bag in some ot the other districts careful about the agreement as to to hold. But we admire his pluck, where he can induce the Con: all the "other offices, but would He held a meeting, the other kay, gressmen to write, that it will be quickly convert the time into a and, under the majority rule, is- good politics to at least make the ninety-nine years' lease to them- sued a circular and hung' out his Democrats a proposition for selves. Now, if any one should shingle, telling the people that heJ fusion, and, then, if they do not suppose that this proposed fusion is doing business at the same old accept it' they will be in a hole, or co-operation between the Popu- stand. Now, old Mr. Demy is not lists and Democrats is for office, - T" i THE NEW PART mnrb noted for froinfr into. a hole, or bnn1d bint tbnt rne bas ntiv-' A e;neria1lvwhen he is notified tbi to A witb tb; Vvm,M,a. ' After the conventions all meet, that a tran is-beinir set for him. tion. be to be mnslder W ,,n- wc vvuum urpnsea to near are any others who have signified their willingness to join they are yet to hear from. All being in high positions, this will be one party with all officers and no pri vates, and when asking a blessing they might use the same words ! the people are opened to the Twe -fou? and no more- Amen.' THE PEOPLE. KNOW SUGAR FROM SALT. The Caucasian cannot, nor does not, pretend to try to answer our argument against co-operation with the Democrats. It just con soles itself with the belief i that the people are too ignorant to see its Hop to the enemy, and that it , can, boss the party in its old 'way. To All our charges its parrot-like -answer is, "Wilson, Haysccdcr" This method of defense reminds us of the ostrich, which, wlhen -it can run no further, sticks its head in the sand to hide! from its pur suers, thinking that if it cannot see the hunter the hunter cannot see his game. But we warn that organ against the bull-pen, ballot box stuffing Democracy. ; The -v1 t . 1 ' . f A ... I 4. 1 .the tasting." i but whether he suffers himself to tn1P tn bi; nartv. Thev fnrtber of a w party being formed, con I X J J I ' .4.: r nr ; : ti.1 -r i be led into . this hole, or no, that contend that to eyery unpreju T' T r a ; is not the question with honest diced mind it is clear that these i Russelli . A. C. Avery, and, Twi;Cfc mtcitiwrp Too oU,bf Probably, one more, and if there in everything they do. 'They highest and most patriotic mo- have started but with an honest tives, based on principles. But intention to bring about Certain we think the common people of reforms, and no great reform can both, these parties will be slow to ever succeed by tricks and treach- see it in that light. ery, religious, political or other wise, Snnnose Martin Luther. LOOKING FOR A SOFT PUCE. John Knox, John Wesley, or any i --ne fopuiist organs ot Demo- uy oam juucy.u me oiu nf tbe o-reat reformers in the re- cratic tusion nave seen tne hand- iuci wuu waa uuo aungy Loneip licrinn world, had resorted to Mating on the wall and their or me cnurcn tricks and strategy, they would knees are smiting together with "God bless me; and my wife Save one down in sorrow and in tear and trembling. The eyes ot y . J .-anu ms wne l . i .. ri:fii -olthe people are -Hould be held as sacred as threatened danger lurking in their lu mr.- -tnr for thev affect unpatriotic purpose to deliver the i THAT EIGHT-YEAR LEASE. religious .iv. tidred Jparty over to the Democrats. " The organs of .the eight-year 111 A, the poor labor- ; Being forewarned is being fore- ase are puttingforth all their r"""i., oc well as millions of armed, hence the rank and file of energies . : to induce the People's 5 ' - , .tMj ' " the nartv. who are not looking party to sell out to the Demo- Tfel r ie women ana cniiuiciii i o -. i . , iieipiess . for offi but priZe Very highly crats. Just give us another term, ' ' tiii.crreat re. the right to vote, " are being say certain of our office-holders, f , Z. Vtodv aroused and are giving out to and you may take, the People's fOTmT?S?-5 these would-be leaders no uncer- party, body and-soul, for eight lie WOUlu apuin ' j. : j ' vear5 . sorting to trickery and chicanery tarn , sound. -They are going, to Y x . f sorting 10 but would the State Convention on the 17th, jThis the Democrats will do, of m any way whatever, but would .... -.Tfnrii j 1 ,4..r vr;rbte:: ind ana are going io. uacK up uieir nw.- advise-honesty, upnghtness ana s s y 1 , eirfit vears means sincerity in all our actions. Why patriotism by-paying out enough stand that eight ears ineans sinceru i method s of their money to defray, their ninety-nine years .without further should we resort to such metnoas. - . rharp-e One navment is all tbe Our cause is just, and to pursue own expenses. v payment is all the uu ' ... . ii.ji nri-c fn- line Hi-ctnriwi tbe Democrats will ever make. The an upright course we win in mai , - . , . - .ndtbeiTespect of the dreams of the Caucasian and next November election will. end way command respect of the the existence of. the People's wnoie worm, uiu uy iouiuuS I, J its friends will not so liberally party, and there will be no power y , , attend tbe Convention It is fair to enlorce tne contract. contempt of all men, and justly so. attena tne convention, it is iair . wmtuik , ' 1 . . l iRetnrnino- hoards anr treachery we would receive iii., jv.y . . ., t4. : 1 ji 111 ,r .j- u.-to construe this admission as a jiuimugiusauuuuu. .. , ciAtir nmratiV fiiCinri will again be erected m this State A. 41.-. M.iMnArotin otl1 KAT1T1. I tUllbliUbl WAUVWAU and as a preparation ot a sott uculuua YA1A ut rt "us.c list parties favorable " to a fusion and as a preparation 01 a between ; the two, The Home place in which to let it drop. Rule would advocate a fair and mote it be. equitable proposition, and, then wThen made it-would stand by it if it. took the last button on I "Gabe's coat' to carry it out, but we know that the conditions are not such as to offer to enter into such a co-operation, therefore we are candid enough to tell them so, and are ready at all times to( give! ou reasons for so doing. THE EIGHT-YEAR LEASE. g0 and a Republican form of gov ernment a farce. Never again will the .voice of the people be heard protesting against . the and oppression under SILENCE IS CONSENT. We have repeatedly charged wrongs the. Democratic fusionist with the which the great common people purpose of disfranchising all the must suffer. A Cleveland Demo people who cannot read and crat will again receive the vote write, or: who do not give in of North Carolina for President, three hundred dollars' worth of The gold standard will be sej up, property , for taxation. Arid we and the combines and trusts will have as frequently charged them have full sway. All these evils with the intent to erect bull-pens must follow the effort to obtain and returning boards at elections, the single good thing of free sil- Now it is proposed to lease out And thev are as dumb as oysters, ver, a"5d even that-boon will be the People's party to the Demo- They do not deny it. They can- lost to1 the people by the suicidal cratic party for a period of eight not deny it. . , policy adopted to obtain the same. years. The terms of this pro- If fusion does not mean this, Never before did any party have posed lease are about as follows: the Democrats would not and such a grave responsibility rest- Populists to have all the Con- cannot entertain the DroDosition ihe upon its shoulders as the gressmen they now have . for. four for a moment. r People's partyx ,now has. The years, and the Democrats to have ; Populists, are you ready to sell hope of the1 State is in this party, the balance. The Populists to out to the Democrats and' surren- and it is proposed by certain have their present Senator for the der yourself to serfdom, and con-1 office-holders to barter away her next eight years, and the Demo- sign your children and your liberties for another term of office. crats to take the other Senator neighbors' children to be hewers ; The patriotic heart grows sick when a vacancy , occurs. The of wood and drawers of water ? and a freeman's nerve grows weak Populists to have the same State Your answer will be recorded at and faint at the thought of such offices including Judges and So- the State Convention in Raleigh a bargain and sale( of the rights licitors which they now have, on the 17th. J ; of American citizens. We are for the next six and eight years, ' sadly in need of a leadership, un- THE TRIUMVIRATE. ,Lime uia we ever expect to see such a political combine as the Charlotte Observer, the Xczcs and Observer and the Caucasian fighting side by side against the people. 1 heyf know that in order to succeed they must get together at least on some one thing. The Charlotte Observer is an extreme advocate bf the gold standard, favors trusts and com bines, and is in favor. of return ing boards and bull-pens at elec tions. The Caucasian set out against this position and gainedmuch in fluence over honest people. The News and " Observer, the political scavenger which has for some months . past engaged -in cleaning up the back yaVds of al parties except its own, has now assumed the task of bringing these two extremes together, and has at last found corhrrfon grounds upon wrnicn all their respective following are supposed to be able to' stand, that is, opposition to a free ballot and a fair count, and to the right of local self-govern ment. ? ; ; The Charlotte Observer is opr posed to the poor people's voting because it interferes with1 the money power. " The JVczvs and Observer op--poses the right of the uneducated white men voting, because' the United States Constitution re quires the same privilege for the negro, and so long as these ele ments have the right of the ballot there is little hope, of getting the much-coveted offices. 1 While the Caucasian. xin down . 1 at the heel, having squandered all its influence ; with its people,' and haying everything to gain and nothing, to lose, says " me your most joyal and gracious , party; for the.following reasons' and for the following purposes : We most, humbly confess our errors and sins political in ever" having left tlie dear ; oil party, and professing an .allegiance to any other political party. We most humbly present our compliments, and confess that always you have done, . the right thing towards lis in abusing us in language fit only to be heard and appreciated by the King of Hades, and- when in our wayward political waysS your most excel lent judgment led you to use that , most polite method of rotten- e&&m" our leaders . back to thei paths of Democratic royalty. And though we are. all "tarred ' with the .same sticlc,'' and' are responsible, 2, you charge, (to . which v you know, we are com pelled to pleaci guilty), for every crime of , any nature which has ever been committed in this grand bid State since our earliest inception as Populists, we, never theless feel that, the goodness of heart of your Royal High Priest,. Josephus, will prompt him to for give every wayward: child bf the Populist party arid receive him in his fond embrace. , ; . We have sinned, Father Joe, d we come to thee ! We are' not worthy to be received into the fellowship of the honest (?) d. o. p. ; only make us tools of ; theirs, and allow us, as in your kindness you i suggest, .to take hack-seats" in the (Democratic synagogue,, ana it there are ' not ;v seats enough we will be content to : stand up. I Recognizing : the kind manner in which you have always treated jr us, we can do no other way than come back,. ' T But when j ( Echo answers, wheii ? We know we ought not; to. object to giving you ariotheri? The triumvirate is formed, the chance, for yon always gave us combination is nearl complete, such fair elections ho bull-pens, minor differences will quickly be no counting.ojit, no false returns, settled, and the; new rganiza- ho ballot-box stuffing. And, tion to be known as the "Joe then, we knoV you are so anxious Daniels Save the State " party is to keep, our present election law expected to be born on or before in force, arid then you will, give the 26th inst. if there is no mis- us no trouble hap. ' .1 any elections even so much us to vote. ; Won't you . or concern about in future-no, not as to REQUIRE .'', 7 ' : ' ' . .i ' " ., ' . . please let us in,' we get- in at the and the Democrats to take what LEFT THE BAG TO HOLD. encumbered by big offices, of they now: have, together, with In . 1896 Dr. J. J. Mott, J. b. men who have not had greatness what the Republicans now hold. Keith and I. H. Pearson, singly cast upon them, of men whose As to the county offices,.no plan and alone, formed a new party m patriotism is not confined to las yet , been formulated, but we this State, and if they ever had themselves and the offices which suppose the Democrats -would be another accession to theirriumber they now hold; in short, we need content with the legislature, and we have not heard of it. Keith men who are willing to take the after that to draw lots for the became discouraged and went party into their . confidence, and, rest of -the connty offices, pro- back to the Democratic jjarty. without bossism, to lead -where vided they be permitted to do so I. H. Pearson managed to get the people are willing to follow. our very efficient JUr. Hal W. Ayer, his annual report. 1 arid explicit, the AN IMPORTANT QUESTION. Will' the Democratic State Convention be controlled; bv the Ransom machine, the railroad even tiiougn attorneys and the Cleveland gold back door ? UUB U1 VV1"'U UC ulluucu UJ STATE AUDITOR'S REPORT. he Iriends and supporters ot Mr. n . Brvan? That is the Question. AlltillK: lu Can rati an. Ktaie iUQltor Now, our esteemed contempo- 101 a copy of rary knows well, for it has "often Is plain, fu said so, that both the Democratic report ofia faithful servant, and r " 1 1 I 1 m 1 l . A State Convention and the party snows mucn aDiiity anp, strict afterwards will be controlled by honesty. the Ransom machine, the rail- Fayetteviixe, N. C.i road attorneys and the Cleveland May 3, 1898. gold bugs. And yet it is making The Home Riilc Publishing ComT ; a most persistent effort to drag fanyJatergi,iY. U the-PeopIe's party into an unholy GENTLEMEN : Werewitii 1 hand 11- -4. 1 A-c you jS 1. 00, for which please send alliance with it, seemingly .indif- J ; r . ferent to the fate of the Populist addresg. j am more than pleased party in this State. And as for with the sentiment of the ..paper Mr, Bryan, he will never again I as expressed by the sample copy be the choice of the National sent me. 1 neartny. endorse tne Democratic, nartv for President. Potion the paper has , taken who are attemptingf to make the HUMBLE PETITION. People's Party an adjunct ;of the We, the repentant element, of Democrats and to merge its lden- the j once adored Populist party, tity therein, j ashes" the folly of our former! For .success, : Henry E. King. ways and the foolhardiness of our The Home! Rule is a bright once boasted honesty of purpose, and1 ably-conducted paper just do hereby most humbly petition start Heigh. , It is the or, J , . e . . : . . cran of the simon-pure I'opulists your most worshipful highness, ( the state. It vigorously op- the great and; glonous old Demo- poSes fusion with the Democrats. cratic party, to be reinstated into Elizabeth Cily North Caro the following and, good graces of linian. 1

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