EQUAL, RIGHTS TO, ALlSPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE. kaleighK a, Thursday, may 26, 1898. Vol. I. r----.: No. n . I . . . I " I 1 M C0L.-O. H. Dockerv, the, old of the Pee Dee. has leen nominated for Congress in his district , w Mr. H. W. Ayer is absent from the city at present, being in Baltimore with his mother, who is critically ill. , Vk learn that another call for volunteers has been made by tlie President, each State to furnish its quota, as before. " We acknowledge, with thanks, the invitation to be present at the Commencement exercises ofTrin itv College, which takes place June 8th. ' Thanks to manv of the dele gates to they State Convention, who called and subscribed for Tiik Home Rule, promising to send us good clubs on' their re turn home. We sympathize with Dr. Thompson in the sickness of his children. First, they were all sick with measles, now his little J)oy, Cyrus, is critically ill with pneumonia. Rev. E. C; Glknx preached two very earnest and instructive sermons last Sunday at the Cen tral Methodist Church. Text taken from John : ''Loose him und let him go. Mr. K. C. Duncan, the new Revenue Collector of. this Dis trict, with office in United States liiiilding, Raleigh, is making a very efficient -officer, so says the Department at Washington . " IrROM the report' of the Burke County Democratic Convention, -Maj. J. W. Wilson, Capt. J. C. .Mills, ana omers or meir Kina, seemed to have the swing in nam ing then delegates ' from, that countv. - - . The fellow who says that The Home Rule will not be in the midst of the fight, battling for the people's rights, in this campaign, don't know it right Too many Populists have said to us : "Bro ther, you are right; go ahead, and the people will stand by vou. We learn from a reliable source that the Senatorial district, of which Iredell is a part, has agreed to run a Populist and a Republican, and both are sure to be elected. They surely have forgotten that Dr. Mott lives in Iredell county, and he and his party and the Doctor is the only member) are ready to fuse with somebody. - ( We call attention to the error in the report of the resolutions adopted at the State Populist Convention, where they read that the address of the three National Chairmen was adopted. This should be stricken out that of the ; Populist Chairman only should appear. See artice from Progressive Fanner in this issue of The Home Rule. Rutherford college, in Burke County, an old time-hon orefd institution,' held its Com mencement this week, which, we learn, was largeiy attended. Hon R. Z. Linney, member from the Eighth Congressional District delivered the Literary Address This . institution has htted ana qualified men : who are filling po sitions of honor from one end o the nation to the other. Prof. W. E. Abernathy is Principal. WE are very sorry to learn that DR. JOHN C. KILGO'S VOTE FOR BISHOP, lished, are miiltv of the same sin. Sheriff Webb, of Burke County, Every North and South Caro- and while our railroad en mnes is not improving mentally since Jinian should; feel gratified at the go lumbering from one end of being taken to the Morganton very complimentary vote that this continent to the other on the Asylum. Burke County has no Rev. Dr. Kilgo received at the Sabbath, our ships are plowing better man than Sheriff Webb, GeneralJonference at Baltimore, the ocean, Sunday after Sunday, ann the people will sustain a for Bishopi being a South Caro- conveying passengers and mer-' great loss, especially the poor, linian by birth, and a North Car- chandise for gain, thus ignoring should he not recover.' Jolinian by adoption. . Few men I the cxtm-ps' rnmmnnrl' eeting of the in the M. E." Church South are who says : "Six days shalt thou . sustaining thfmsf1vfs hpttr thon IsL ii: .. ' j . .1 State Populist Convention some!" " T . vT uu iauur' auu resi on lQe rti.... rl PL.u- lDn Kilgq, and we venture the Sabbath dav and keep it hoi v." fellow whose t assertion that no man-in the State God lias nrnsnt-rpd nur nntinn in name we cannot recall, , i , ' , , . x r : s. The city has been flooded with visitors this week." -The State Convention, the Judicial Conven tion, school commencements, friends visiting the; soldiers, and the Federal Court with all its par aphernalia. 1 iik reception given by Gov ernor and Airs. Russell at the .Mansion Thursday night to the ' North Carolina volunteers was a handsome affair, and was a grace ful compliment to the brave de fenders of our 'country's honor. Brethren, a little energy on your part, and a . word to your neighbor in favor .of. The Home Rule, will place the paper in everv Populist familv in the State, and thus make that family and the editor both hannv. Will a a? you -do this ? Old Uncle Nat Macon, as he says, a Populist from away back, said in a short talk, when called linrtn - tin o P'nnirnnJinn uj'un it k nil. Clitic VUUIV.11UU11 . Gdd have, mercy on the Demo crats for the many false promises they have made us, but, by the eternal, we never can trust them in power again. W e were glad to shake the hand of out old. friend, Theophi lus White, at the State Conven tion. He . is Chairman of the First Congressional District, Peo ple's Party, and. is looked upon as the patriarch of Populism in that - district. He says Demo: cratic promises don't go for much in his district, and we were led to believe he was right, from the way the district voted against Dem-Pop fusion solid. Every loyal North Carolinian must feel gratified to see such a steady improvement of the capi tal of the State. : We doubt whether there is a city in the State, or in the South, that can boast of more substantial im provement for the last two years than the city of Raleigh in mag nificent residences, business houses and manufacturing inter ests ; and for the number of in habitants, fewer deaths have oc curred. WE are satisfied that hundreds of our friends all over the State who are not yet subscribers to The Home Rule, will become such when they, see a copy of the paper. We send sample copies this week to friends in all por tions of the State, feeling assured that, upon receipt of the same, they will respond with their own subscription and a good club of their nefghbors and friends. Our terms are within reach of all, and The Home Rule will be strictly in it through, this campaign. In case of Dem. Pop. fusion, it would not only be fusion " but contusion ' and refusion, for Pops, don't vote for any more Payne election laws, nor county governments run by cliques and rings, Out straight-out nonest majority elections by the people. The Dems could not deliver then- goods. .The Pops oould not de liver their goods. The Democrats might carry some votes, but only for the purpose of defeating the Populist portion. Any intelligent Ponulist knows that there is no being so much nated by a Dem ocrat as a Populist, and hence if co-operation was formed, it wrould only be for the destruction of the Populists. It is always time to pray, but especially is this the time to watch. , . i got the ear of the Chairman, aid sed ore . favorable the past to a wonderful degree, was lumbering away in a bis nt " the subject of Chns, but we fear, like the ancient Is- style, when it was learned ttet"nf TV - naf; rael.te we have forgotten, hts ' wp' fpp snif in savinor that it thpAr n,n.jn ... . :r U n Trt gwwuucBs luwatus us , auu, n uur ulist. Another fellow, claiming f Bbhop .had .n on land should be visited witt, any ' v him rift wmi d haw wnrn it with ui:.. :. fn H frnm Vnnrp. initpn nrt I i: . . . . . . . I & J . . " . . ' , . credit to himrelf, his Church and would be for our want of observ- maKing a . speccu, wucu n was his Master. ' ! ascertained that he was a drum- . ' ; mer, and pot a delegate.; He was a homely but goodt illustration. called down, but paid no atten- A prominent citizen remarked tion to the Chairman's gavel. this week that the best illustra tion he could give of Derri.-Pop. In the Democratic .Convention . was the ' of two old of. Wake County, on Saturday lous tomats who had SDent last, Mr. Penny, delegate from their 1!ves qlwrreling at each White Oak township, said, m otw and the mvner of the cats his speech, thdt if it hadhot been ,i ; , . , . , win, for the present election law Mr . the natnre ; of the animal con- N. B. Broughton-would have clujed io bring about harmony nlan't been a member of the last Leg- ,f f, mi, tx,;iT i;ir 1 islature, thereby admitting that yoU'know;) by tieing. their tails even alter me vote in me county wether and" throwing them 1 .t iL-i 1 L.J1 I naa proven mat auouier nau ueeu a bole. but to his Preat X 7 - v , O surprise the fight was renewed ing the Sabbath as much, or more, than for any other National sin4; " ''; V . ': ' DIVERSIFY YOUR CROPS. If our farmers would: only re alize the importance of d i versify ing their crops, how much better it would be for them. : Instead of selecting one article- cotton in most instances, and raising that, and that alone, they Vodd1 some corn', wheat, oats, beans, potatoes, in short, peas, a different phase at ; once, and motions were made in different parts of Xle hall to table them; and not until declaration from . Mr. Ayer nd; others, stating that it was not the intention, by me miruuucuon 01 inese resolu tions, to pledge the Populist party to fuse with the Democratic party as an organization, did many of the delegates consent to vote for thern, their reason being that the firtft set of resolutions covered the whole . ground, and this annex should have been lert near and dear to the heart of every true Populist, but when you undertake to magnify one of the demands to the prejudice of all the others you at once arouse suspicion in the minds of all good Populists, .knowing, as thev do. that the' onlv love a Democrat has for free silver is to use it to get control of the public offices, for when in control that . party was the greatest enemy that free silver evelr had. v A FALSE CLAIM. elected, yet, under Democratic rule, Mr. B. would have been counted in. "An honest confes sion is goocTTorthe soul." . with ten-fold vigor, and both fought until they expired with exhaustion. We think this ius- be the tvt : a. 1 t-' 1 1 inow me Dreseni eiccuon law u j r t was enacted for just such effect Pop. fui;011i:4 conditions being UwiU enT h onrl mnrr itc nnrt xrorr ' & When it Will end heB jinrl ic Acrrr ita rtart vpnr rwfll I .. & r - j j tlie same. and those who passed it will stand by it at all hazards. . THE HOME RULE AND FREE SILVER We need no more "counting J Free silver? Yes, we are for in" and "returning bpard' ma- free-silver, first, last, and' all the The Dempcratict speakers, be in at a loss to find arivthinc pood O -j o o evervthin the soil is caoable of th.at the Democratic party has producing, they would find that done for the Pt. twenty years, they would make more money in and after beatin& about in the the end, live more comfortably, bushes for some time, Chairman , and be independent. ' ' Manly and ; Bob Glenn, before And particularly this should inis onvenion, conciuaea tnai case this year, as war is c Debl flor5e 10 Ilue oul on was i J 7 ' I i At " t' At-- TA no one knows 10 leu lne 1,131 lue "c,u hence, farmers crats were Wshing more men everywhere - should make it a lu lu T" wai KllAlk ' J . , I :a1 r ai. tJ i.: xt. point to raise all their' supplies, C1111C1 U1 uwjuc. a surplus, if possible. Al- vvc uuuut luCdf ului;vci' luu"l ready all kinds of breadstuff's are iUA wc dlc tu?llcu " d wiwui J I- A JttA,lt' ll count was maae inai eimer 01 ine f J y 1 in demand and brin ffood prices cuuut aa uiauc cnuu w mc chinery. The fact is, Mr. Penny time, but we are not so absorbed . g8 p ' other parties woula show as many :. - -I. . 1 - . . . - nnri vfn. will find that pvprv aiuw niugu . J and his brethren are! airaidoi m free silver as to lose sight of all .J. , J volunteers, according to numeri- our election law, because it does the other demands enunciated at wide-awake tarmer who hereto- cal strengtili the Democrats justice to all parties, and the Ocala and St. Louis, for we take x. , can. But even if what thev claim Democrats, like the irishman it that every onex,f the other de- COUOIf 1 now -- fa so;. 'tjiinktpiema. who was told that he should have mands mentioned In the Populist secondary consideration, and fellows at home to justice, exclaimed, ".Faith, and platform are just as essential as free - silver, and to co-operate with anv other nartv on free sil- ver alone, and leave out all the that's what I dont want." GLADSTONE IS DEAD. . William . Gladstone passed away last Thursday, the icjfh inst, and not only England but the known world is ready to do is dpvntinor his timp tn r.preals that he knows will be in demand W to ride into office on the backs and command a good price; therefore, our advice to farmers . , . . a 11 is to diversify your crops, other demands, is virtually say- . J J v .. v ;-r . ; ing that they are of no conse- the ONLY HITCH. of the boys that have gone to the front? If the men who have vol unteered make faithful soldiers and' do valiant service, thev are the men who should, be honored. quence. And that is just what , The Populist State Convention on their return, and not the fel honor to his memory for with- c-Peratlon Wlth the democrats ,nbved off smoothly, and A every lows who remaiit at home and Af wnrrf, if m ih. """ -j aeiegate seemea io oe. Denaing nunow, go aucau, uum VUk - k-KA UllVUi Ab lltu J U V A Ufc I f , TT 1 ,t " -l I ... I I v ' i Knnn 1st in nanes iieiure uiev i. rA. fully said that he was the great- r.T a a c e gy iu uavc pcixcyt est man that the nineteenth cen tury has produced, and his great ness was the result of a pure char acter, backed by lofty aspirations and untiring energy and applica tion, proving to-every young man that the way is open and a rpwarrl awaits nnr rm wlin will men and nnrsiif n likp r.nnrsr. as did Wm. 1 drunkard E. Gladstone. wrviilrl fnrlnrsf and snnnnrl an V I rri- rrA a le 2 i - rr-. monv. s ine nw set 01 rc&uiu- ArT. M j U of the other planks m the Popu- tions were read and the tenor of C0Un Eben Hemtv ' iaviu.. mem was lamuiar to evervror k :ii iir:'i rr:n I .I - - . I 11111, &UI1 Jk VV 111"1 XACllllililif Ulist that has been attending our ,f , o .-, L y , t two Next to the manufacture and State Conventions since 1892, wwslW and after a few daW sale of ardent spirits, which is the first held in the State; 'They absence his parents became seuding. 250,000 ,of our noble endorsed itne, lormerj rate ano ;. nd not until ten or boys annually to a iNauonai piauuuub ui nc x cu- twelve days was! he found, and 's grave and , a drunk- pie's Party, Mhe Ocala and St then out jn the Woods with his ard's hell, is the Crime of the 1-ouis piatiorms, wnicn every eyes and face disfigured by vul- desecration of the Holy Sabbath, true ropunsi is reauy 10 bvvear , . N him was a w and " " -. - r ...kan wo thmK ni nur nitrn v uv. ucdusc iiicv iiiwiuuu an w iai 1 ..ui.. r r i. : . . . auu uvu " v . t-j . 1 . some ooiues 011 wiii2.c, , um vvnne mere is no Deuer inena favore(j iand, it is the more ap- demands, namely, the iree coin- , n fh t 1 ! in this natiari to free silver than pauing to see such little observ- age of silver at the ratio of 16 to ; " Harrv Skinnfr. havincr Jjnoken I r ,1 ' .1.1.:" i.; ciLa t tho rrnvprnmptitl mvnprsliin nf - . . 1 j j o -sr-- ance or.inai uay winii uuu r . 11. : u fnr it ivnrVprl fnr it WnH vntrl , " 1. floe ltJn VVlV lOOKCU, UUU iuu.cu, 111 ui. , pnmmorifio .all mP.il everv Wllcre I laiiiuaua iiu. itibiiiupiui w,vwv , f , r 11 a - , , a a- i iews ana uoservcr ior a iun ac- an opportunity tQ k hol And to mention of all the people's represeotatives . f - l v - offered yet he says that Populists all who are ffuiltv! of this sin by a direct vote of the people, "c 77:1. everywhere, should not lose sight would reauire volumes for the the income tax, the better facili- anc A . of the demands laid down in the Suffice for the present to ties , for. the education of the . r . , 1 Populist Declaration of Rights, only mention a few bf the organ- masses, opposition to Federal in- Z" u" ' for whenever we do, right: then izations mat this sin rests at their terference of injunctions. In t,? that Wild" we lose our identity as a party, doors: From the best informa- short, the first resolutions cov- e e P . o ' Qhnr- U and in losing that we lose free tion obtainabie, about 500,000 ered all the People's Partyide- B silver,with all the other demands, persons are employed every Sab- mands, and every Populist in the notmn c p- And while he is an outspoken bath in the operation of railroads Convention stood ready to en- - v , , ree-silverite, as" well as for all and telegraphs, and while in this dorse them, and if these had been WE are sorry to chronicle tne he other Populist demands, and employment they are kept away offered alone, of course they death of Private ;Watson, of Wa ives in one of the strongest Re- from the house of God, and, con- would have been adopted with- tauga county, a member of Capt publican strongholds in the State, sequently, never hear the. Gospel out a dissenting voice. But when Jones7 company, f trom caidwen nc never laiia w carry uw uisuivi preached. The reasonable con- mr. Ayer mirouueeu m , ouc- T t, i. by from five to six thousand ma- elusion -is that a majority of these show, the tenor of which many sell, May 26. It was thought his . -m-m - a M A K onty, and will carry it ai meLon ... Jti th -r R1-nQ ntlfi nf the de . - - - -m I lUU 1 V All v AW w - - next election by even a larger 1 , . n.L 1, rtt- majority. 'oyer any combination . ."Z ZI' - t .i..-nmmed berof his company. J nai can De iormea apainsi.aiin. a"-k-vai "" - 1 , . v ebates understood to be death was causedifrbm over-exer- Democratic fusion, the tion while wrestling with a mem-

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