- t f I-. EQUAL RIGHTS 'TO ALL -SPECIAL PRIVILEGES NONE. VOL. I. RALEIGH. N. C., THURSDAY ULY 7, 1898. NO. 12. X SANTIAGO !A1I of the Outer, Fortifications Taken by the Americans. Illf SPRtHDER OF SflHflflGO BEMANDEO BY SHflFTEB. i m i , r " I . f .m;on Achieves a Glorious Victory j tjir Americans Over a -Thousand U a Hurdling Shell Re-enforcements for Shatter to He Sent Im- jelitely--The Spanish Loss Very .-.' uJdi'ion to the splendid work ac I !i Ltd by Admiral Sampson, Gen- i Halter, in command of the land i - I t fore Santiago, had so far pro- ft! f I in the carrying out of his plans J !".. reduction of the city that he de j !c l the immediate surrender of the futrei, which is expected short- 1 r!tiiy Ilattle. i: Associated Press Dispatch from .i t. Friday, 4 p. m. , Tia Port u:v, Saturday, July 2, savs: The . : .4! ui dor fur an advance was issued j 1 i A: -cnci;i! Shafter at dark last nizht o i-'i-uk hundreds. of bugles rang t'.- icvc-ille and Le.'ore the sun had :. t!i. reat line was complete. To t -u left was General DufEeld, 1 i: t!,.. ihirty-third i'hirty-third Michigan, his ::.:n i Laving reached the Agua- d- .- I id'e by train. Next to the ;n:-t H ua General Kent" division, i..id a half from 6ea, and held -as .i . o foive. The centre of the line M ! " ! .- I by a cavalry division, which iu.!:l (Jfiitral Wheeler arrived at nooq, .i v!i!:uudcd by General Sumner. SCEf:!C MAP OF THE BATTLE GROUND . AROUND SANTIAGO DE CUBA. .iw:ifj General Young's illness. Col. V.-. !. of thyllonh iJyun a, commanded L:- i ri-tu!e. Inch conKted cf the First !.. ,'j!nf. t lie FIrt Volunteers and the 'i:t :!i Ikvnlars and oue battalion of ll.- NiuUi Pegular Cavalry, all dis i . it-tt-1 with tho exception of two t!., .a the extreme light, under t-'ur'-.'s I.r.wtou and Chaffee, fully Mi v f rm the hea. It had been miHKu-ed that General Duffield hoa!d i.i v- a f".i;t t-f ttttackintr Aguadores in i tvi to ur.-i v attention irom the main uiciit," a'ld at " o'clock General ' I .an tii.H truoi3 moved forward, led i I I v :ubitterv of the First Artillerr na dcr oa;iiU'iid of Cni'tainAllvn Canron. '!'. t: i s-t t!iot was fired from the bat try nt '-.i t by Captuiu Capron, whose m. Caj ta:n Allyn K. Capron. t!ie Kuiigh P.iders waj killed W tl.o lattle at SeviHa. The shot i lirectel at Cauey. where the S uuiitrd a were in force and it fell in the heart id tie town. The tiring con T m .w"CTfc ill ft ? 1 i. MP K r.VTF.r.N CUBA. SHOWING THE AMERICAN AND SPANISH LINES M' MIT. U'lNH FROM WHICH LINARES EXPECTED REINFORCEMENTS. t::. u.! fr .' minutes without response. v- .".M iu" t L cavalry division had J I Uinl ia the main Santiago t:.i V- a ietl t alight battery of Vhe : i Ar'ilitry under Cart. Grimes. lho t. (..:mtof this battery was a l :ii J I ! v task. ewfur to th uteen j , j I ir.t. l liiivt the mufketry tre of the rvu-a th Sianinls" in th littl 11 I'ao retreated. After the V l. i 1 I 'tetl tIriYPn frnm h i I nn I teii fired bv Cant. Grimes '-al att. l apron from tht position position l h-.f'ter fortifications of Santiago t ter fortifications of Santiago fe eii!e canie. When it did ,l"''T, it came witlr unexpect- 1. I' I n. v if . . ti'.in Ik . tr.kov . the Phots beinc from three i- h ra: id-tire rifls, evidently Admiral Cervera's war ; mounted behind the f. r. Kuinrd Hnd People Killed. 11 - vJti:m correspondent cf The r-tAiiUr l. -aJS: There have been ter--rit;e th-iu.ler aat hail storms," with. cU m I bursts. ia llnn. ir. ia the n rth and northwest diatricts. Tr. j rty and crops to the value of 40,- y.-M iiat.es have been damaged or rte ir n.-d. Many persons and innum erab.e animoln have been killed. There bae leea similar storms in Austria 'where, also, there have been fatalitiea nd the crop loaaes sariona. 5 SURELY I The Loss In Dead Wounded One Company Almost Swept Away Heavy. fortifications, raked the Paso . stands The Spanish gunners hill onwhich El and which, meantime, had been made the headquarters of General Summer and the Cuban -gen- erals, Garcia, Castillo, Capote and Rabh One nhell struck a large sugar storehouse on the red corrugated roof of which stood ton Cubans viewing the fight The roof fell and tho Cubans were'wouiided and three of tllem will die. A detachment of 200 Cubans weut forward from El Pa3o and then Col. Wood with the Rough Riders, tho First and Tenth Cavalry, started down the billables, straight for tho enemy's for tifications. Col. Wood's command behaved with great bravery, firing btt'adv and deadly vollevs. with the enemB shells screeching and bursting over their heads. Twenty minutes of fearfully hot work silenced the Spanish batteries. Away to the left General Lawton's division, with Chaffee's men and Ca pron'a bat lory were fighting fiercely with the enemy entrenched in and about Caney. The Spaniards contested every inch of ground " bitterly, and fought with unexpected coolness, and courage, but tho irresistible onward movement of the Americans slowh forced them back upon and beyond Caney. About il p'clcck tho terriblo fire from Captain Capron'n guns and the muskets of the men broke the Spanish line itnd a re treat Le'an towurd the lino of outer fortifications. All this time General Sumner had commanded tha ceutre. owing to Gen eral Wheeler's illue.-s, but about .11:30 (ieneral Wheeler started on the two mile? journey to the front in au ambu lan'ce. About half wav to the front he met a number of litters boaiiug the wtrunded. The veteran, under protest by the surceon. immediatel v- ordered his horfco, and after pelsouallv assiat- ing the wounded into the ambulance, minuted and rode onward. The men burst into frantic cheers, which. follow ed the general all along the line. 11 y noon, although fdill very ill, General Wheeler had established headquarters at the extreme front and centre of the bne. The hardest fighting of the day seems to have been on the right riank and HMHt. u t heavy casualties are reported from there." The a'lyance there wa? more rapid thau at other points on tho Jine, and General Chaffee's brigade was the first to cross the Little San Juan river close to the lyue of outer fortifications. Many dramatic iucidenta occurred during the day, with numerous evi dences of splendid pereonal bravery of the American officers and men in their rfnrt rtf Knitumnna anil inlanoa i1tt.pi Rtrain owiiif tn the hilla and Rwami and the fierce tronical sun which ham- mered upon them the creaW part of skill and valor and rendered valuable aid. General Garcia, and the other Cuban generals ( led the troops in per son and showed great coolness in tight places. The Spanish fought stubborn- A Proposition 3Iade to lichlrichs. , j The following dispatch was received at Berlin, July 1, from Hong Kong: "Accordiug to trustworthy intelligence from Manila, the Spanish governor general had a few days ago, at his orn request, a meeting with Admiral Died richr(the commauder of the German naval forces in the far East) in order to propose, in beha'f of the Spanish gov ernment, that Manila should be handed iuto the provisional charee of a neutral commander. - The proposaTWas rejected by Admiral Diedrichs, in view of the LiaAricarj b!crkdo. l.throughout, and the retreat, though Steady, was slowly and colly conduct ed. They contested overv inch of the way a?id fought with unexpected kill, Iheir officers handling the troops with bravery. and good judgment - In the charge on Han Juan Heights a bursting shell almostrannihilated an entire company of our troops. ' Ueronnolterlng With Balloons. The - military balloons tised bv the tjfgnal corps for the purpose of obtain- of the naroy and the character cf their defences, proved of inestimable service in yesterday's engagement. The bal-I loon sent up yesterday floated just over the tree top and was easily guided along three miles of the road toward the lines of the enemy. Whenever it Ibmt Bltioo nzib waoojt. (The balloon is connected with the reel at the end, fromwhloh it ascends to eurVey the defenses and .operations of the enemy.) halted for the purpose of taking a photograph of the fortifications below, tho Spaniards seized the occasion for taking pop shots at the mid-air monster. At one rtime the big balloon hung over San Juan, not over 500 yards from the enemy, and for five 'minutes the Span iards below tried in vain to puncture it. Spanlsh Loss Heavy. The American army is not alone feel ing the effect of the three dayis' shock of arms. Definite, positive informa tion is at baud, that Santiago has been literally. torn to pieces, and that in the wreck and ruin of demolished build ings the Spanish casualties numbered fully 1,000. This is a fitting offset to any qualms raised by the reports from, the American lines.. This in formation came from one of the foreign consuls stationed at Santiago, who re ported to the representative of his i OEKEKAL LINARES. (The Spanish General In command of forces protecting Santiago.) countrv in Washington the fearfu havoc within the oky wrought by the American army and the fleet. The burstinsr 6hells from our fleet done the Greatest damage inside of the city Buildings were riddled with rifle shot and mown down with the huge shells and solid projectiles from the ships. Most serious of all, the Spanish com mander, General Linares, occupying a place similar to that of General Sbafter m the American army, wa3 seriously wounde'd. This last fact had been j grudgingly admitted from Madrid- Saturday's Battle. Four batteries of artillery, which were placed in position' this .morning, bean the day with bombarding tho Sau Juan nuarter of Santiago and tho Spanish position in front of our right After a quarter of. an hour's shelling, (ieneral Lawton's troops, who had been re-enforced, pressed forward upon the enemy's left riank, pouring in an exceedingly hot fire, which was con tinued tlurine the creator , part of tho afternoon. A Great Iteport From Dewey. The Navy Department made public the following cablegram from Admiral Dewey: ilong Kong, July 1. Three transports and the Charleston arrived yesterday. The Charleston captured Gaum. Ladrone Islands, on June 21st. No. resistance. Brought the Spanish officers from the garrison, six officers and fifty-four men, to MaDila. On June ,",)th the Spanish vessel Lejte came out of a river near Manilla and surrendered to me, having exhausted ammunition and food in repelling attacks by insur gents. She had on board fifty-two offi cers and ninety-four men, naval and military. - (Signed) Dewey. Latest From. Shaf ter. The War Department gave out the following: "Headquarters Fifth Army Corps, Near Santiago, July 3. Tonight my lines completely surround the town from the bay on the north of the city to a point on the San Juan river, on the south. The enemy holds from the west bend of San Juan river, at its mouth, up the railroad to the city. General Pando, I find to-night, is some dis tance away, and . will not get 4nto Santiago. "(Signed) "Shafter." Wounded nt Fort Macon. . At Fort Macon, in firing the annual national Fourth of July salute of forty six guns, the eighth shot exploded prematurely, and seriously, if not fa tally, wounded Artilleryman Charles Rosier. His eyesight is destroyed, ami his face, arms and chest badly burned. , - ; f: WF i I tui Can't Land the Cargo. T Lord Sallshairy's Club Speech. The governor general of Porto RicSt Though on casual, reading the Mar cables the Madrid government that it qUia of Salisbury's speech at the United will be difficult to save the cargo of the Spanish steamer An,onio Lopez, which was run ashore at Salinas, near the en trance of the harbor of San Juan' de Porto Rico, to escape the United States anxiliary cruisers St. Louis and St Paul. , Major Domlnguez Killed. A dispatch to El Imparcial, Modrid, fronvHavano, say Major Dominguez waa kflUd in the flrhtiag atElCaaa. Madrid firently Disturbed." J The Madrid correspondent of The I i London htaudatd Ears; !Jhe official I dispatch with reference to the fighting ) at JHiit!S3J has Caused 4 painful sensa tion; The O'ieeh Recent has sent an eipressiou if her syiuncthy to SenOrt j LinftrePj Ivife of Geii. Liiiare v bo i3--, residing in Madrid. The greatest anxiety is felt by all classes. The pre33 of all sections is angrv because no proper measures have been taken td re-eaforcs Geheh 1 Recent is deeply nerai ijiDR-ies. xneyueen concerned and has ra- quesieu uer ministers io senu uer au dispatches, no matter "at what hour they arrive. " Loudon toiimient. The editorials in the Daily Graphic and Times fairly represent the opinions of the London newspapers." There is no word of blame, but rather unstinted admiration for General - Shatter's bravery; yet all reihark that America finds Santiago a tougher task than she anticipated. Spain, it is suggested, might now sue for peace on honorable terras, but it is not thought sheis likely to do so. "T . - ' lie-Knforceinents for Shaffer. A special from Chickamauga says an order came from the WVr Department to General Brooke, to designate about 20,0jJ meu for immediate departure to the South, and at once there was ex citement and bustle in camp. General L'rooko declined to make public the order, but it is understood that he has selected the First Division of the First Corps and two brigades of the Second Division to be moved at once. A spec ial from Satannah, Ga. , saya the rail roads have been ordered to arrange for tho transportation at once of 5,000 troops from Tampa to Savannah. They will be brought here for the purpose of embarking - them on the Atlantic transports to go as re-enforcements ,to General Shaffer. . Bliss Barton and Nurses at Work. Chairman Barton, of the Bed Cross Society, has received the following ca blegram from Clara Barton, the dis patch coming' through the War . De partment from Playa, del Este, and bearing date July 3": , "Lesser and his force are landing 'supplies from the State of Texa, in the surf, day and night, without docks, under great dif ficulties and dtngerH. General Shaffer sends us urgent appeal from the frdnt for medicines and food; none there. Will try to send by four-mule wagons to him to-night and go on ourselves. " Merrit Carries Millions. " -The steamer Newport, with General serritt for the Philippines,, carries, it OENEHAL .WESLET .iff REITT. is said, between 1,000,000 and $3,000, 0i0 in gold for the payment of soldiers and purchase of supplies. Transports Arrive at Manila! A special dispatch from Hong Kong, July 4, says: The United.States" dis patch boat Zafirp, which left Cavite, Manila harbor, on July 1, has arrived here. She reports that the American troops in the transports City of Sidney, City of Peking and Australia, convoyed by the Charleston, arrived at Cavite on' June 30th, having taken' the Ladrone islands on the .way, and having left men there The Spanish Governor and other officials captured were brought to Cavite. The f United States troops commenced to disembark at Cavite on July 1st. Trying to- Explain the JIatter The Berlin 'correspondent of The Times says: German public opinion and the German press, .which are not always identical, are now thoroughly awakened to the inconvenience of the position in which German policy has been placed by unfortunate articles on the subject of the Philippines. The pa pers are now trying to explain the mat ter away. v. . .: The Alplionso XIII at Cadiz. The Spanish teamer Alfonso XIII, from Porto Bico, reports that a fire broke out in her hold'and caused dam age before the flames were subdued by flooding the hold. The A'lfonso XUI is the vessel wjaich has figured promi nently in carrying supplies to the Portoi Ricans. l Preparing for Commodore Watson. Ten thousand Spanish troops and 300 :vilans are employed on the defences of Algeciras, on the west -side of the Bay of Gibraltar. It isreported that the Spanish forces in this district will be raised to 25,000 men." Clubs, seems to have been an attempt to carry water on both shoulders, the diplomatic body construes it as a pro nouncement of Great Britain's partiali ty towards the United State ' Colonel Cochrane Retired. 1 ' Colonel Cochrane, of -the Sixth" In fantry Regulars received notification at Tampa, Fla. , of his vetirement. from active .. . ' f'; Mm I SPANISH FLEET DESTROYED- . - . Tried to Run the' Blockade, But In ' Vain. Admiral cervera captured. Americad Loss Only brie Killed and . One Wounded: l,60d Prisoners' Tf ken. Many KUled and Wounded. The New York Herald has received the following details of the destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet: . Three of the Spanish cruisers that were bottled tip ifl Santiago harbor and the two tot pedo boat destroyers were pounded into helpless hulks bjMhe gtlns of Admiral Sampson's fleet, on Sundays July 3, in a rain attempt to escape from the hat bor. AThe vessels were beached to save ao iuhuj uj, iuo uvea vi ilia uono aa possible. t ' . Admiral Cervexa, on board the Cris tobal CJolon, headed the fleet in ku at tempt to get away at about9:30o'clock. So little were the Americans expecting the dash that the flagship New York was cruising up the coast to the east and jeturhed only in time to see the finish of the fight, and fire a shot or two 6t the torpedo boat destroyers. The Iowa, Indiana, Orogou, Massa chusetts, Texas, Brookly and the con verted yacht Gloucester, formerly the Corsair, formed in position to give bat tle as soon as the Colon was sighted rounding the wreck of the Merrimac. The American vessels did not open fire at once; they waitod until Cervera's ehips were out of the range of Morro'3 guns before giving battle. Cervera headed to the west, the Coion in the lead,, followed by the Vizcaya and the Oquendd and the destroyers, all firing rapidly. All qt the American battleships open ed fire at once and the Spanish were soon in a hurricane of shot and shell, but Colon kept on bravely until, whe.1 about ten miles to the westward of Morro Castle, Admiral Cervera turned his vessel to the shore and beached her. She was blazing in a score . of places, but her guns kept at work and the white flag never showed until she was completely disabled. : - The.Oquendo and Vizcaya were op posed by the Iowa, Texas and Indiana, and went down to defeat with fearful swiftness, covering only about half the distance made by the Colon before their captains run them ashore. Their crews fought with . desperate bravery, but their courage was no match to the courage of our men, added to their su perb gunnery. Their shells went wild, ADMIRAL CERVEEA. . i but the American gun fire . was marked by merciless precision. The two cruis ers, both' on fire, were beached hot more than a quarter of a mile apart. The most dramatic feature of the bat tle was the contest between the torpedo boat destroyers and the Gloucester. The latter was struck several times, and is the only American vessel reported dam aged. At first the Gloucester fifed up: on them with her eix-pounders, but they ran past her and engaged the bat tleships. Finding the fire too "hot. they turned and attacked the Glouces ter again until both destroyers were on fire and had to be beached. Their "crew. threw themselves in surf to save" their lives. Just before this, the New York .came up and assisted in giving the finishing blow to the destroyers. There was explosion after explosion from the beached vessels. None of our officers or men were in jured, except on board the Brooklyn, Chief Yeoman Ellis was killed and one man wounded. Admiral Cervera, s p commanding officers, excepting three of the Oquendo, about 70 other officers and 1,600 men taken prisoners. About 850 killed or drcrwnedand 100 wounded, the latter being cared for on the Solace and Olivette. - .Shouldered by Old Man Lelter. -Levi Z. Leiter has completed nego tiations with the Northwestern Mntuai Life Insurance Company for a loan of $3,000,000 for ten yearB, at 4 per cent. The money obtained by Mr. Leiter will go toward the liquidation of the debt incurred by his son, Joseph Leiter, in wheat speculation. A Glorious Man. The most gloriouS! man Is the. one who is most self -forgetful. Key. P. P. Sutphen, Piesbyteriaii,' .ApMIBAL SAMPSON. ' - Tb Pullman Millions. The board of directors of the Pullman Falaee Car Company, adopted- resolu tions for a quarterly dididend of $ per share, payable on and after August 1;, and also aTsnec!al dividend of $2) per share.. They also recommended that the surplus asseti of the company 10 (ThD new Tramier of frafire.) 1 the extent of ?18, 000, 000 existing at the end qf the current fiscal year, be d s tributed to the stockholders of tho company, and that for s.ucb piirppse tho caiital stock should be increased to the sum of .10J0,XK),- and that the in crease of stock - should be issued to shareholders in she ratio of one share for each two held bv them. Clssac Defeats Fred Slnts. Henri Cissac, the French champion bicycle rider, wou his' ten-mile paced race from Fred Sims, of Washington, before 5,000 persons at the Coliseum in Baltimore. i The Three Philippine Expeditions. The three Philippine expeditions were made up as follows: First, May 2oth: One hundred arid fifteen officers and 2,383 meD, General ' Anderson com manding; second, June 15th: One hun- PBEMIER ITO, JAPAIf 'B GLArTONB. 1 1 . . dred and fifty-eight officers and 8y488 nieu under command 01 General Green; third, June 27th: One huadred -and ninety-seven officers and 4,. 650 men, in command of General McAHhnr,. mak ing a total of 470 officers land 10,464 men." . ' ' Waiting for Newst. . The Madrid correspondetat of the Standard says: "After a caliihet coun cil of several hours' "duration on the 30th, the ministers decided to- postpone the crisis and to await the ,i.esultj at Santiago and Manila. - Tobacco for the Soldiers. Representative Otey, of Virginia, has introduced a bill making the 'weekly ration of tobacco for all enlisbad men during this war, one and two-thirds ounces smoking and two -ounce chew ing. " . " Headquarters in the Field. General Shafter has left his ship and established his headquarteirs ith General Wheeler at the front. His ap pearance gave rise to the rumor that. an attack on Santiago would occur shortly, . i Carolines Have kevolted. ' Advices from Hong Kong eay the Carolines have revolted against Spain, The Spanish garrison on the island is small and almost helpless. . Jhe rebels will soon control the islands. Lisbon Kxpcctlng a Visit. A special from London says: "It in rumored here that .four American war ships are on their way to this port " - ' ' t Shippers Must Pay thenar. The officials of the varionscrimpanies with headqn.iriers in New Yol k, have decided that shippers will hare to pay the war revenue tax, plus the express conir any rate. ' A Strike Avoided. 'A special from Birmingham, Ala., says: The Tennessee Coal,. Iron , & Railroad Company signed a new con tract with their miners, for all divisions, aftd-there will be no strike. Extending the Ca'ble Connect Ion a. .Col. Allen has succeeded in connect ing Cibbny Beach by cable with Guan tanamo. ' - ' ' " 1 wo More Spanish Ships Sunk. On - the inorning of July 1, the Hist, Hornet and Wampatnck destroyed a opanisn gun-Doat near Cape Cruz. On the afternoon of the same day these rqenibers of the mosquito fleet' de stroyed another war vessel at Man zanillo. : , Gone to Sea. A dispatch to Lloyds from PortSaid, dated July-1 says that the Pelayo, Em perador Carlos Quih to, Osado, I'atriota, Buenos Ay ers, Iela de Ban ay, Rapidi, San Francisco, Isl'a de Luzon and San XgnOQe de Loyola hare gone to sea. IT. HENEI BRISSOX. In Honor of Vascb d.i Gama. The fjur hiiU'ltedth anniversary of Vasci da Cania's disttvery of "Ylie route to the Kuvt Indies by way of the Cup? of Good llopo is to be celebrated, under -thy ausplri-s of the Portuguese GoveruuH'ut. iu Li-, .from May IT to 20. A naval r iew will W a feature of the cjelebration. : f ' The National Farmers Alliance And w j Industrial Unton. President Mann ' rage, Brandon, Va. -,- ! ' ' ' Vice-President 0. Vincent, Indian rtrtlin. Tnd. " ' 1 Secretary-Treasurer -rW. T.Bricker, Cogan Station Pa. . 'J. P. Sossamon, Charlotte,. N. 0. 1 " Hamlin V Poor e, Bird Island, Minn. I - . , F. H.j Persol, Parkersburg-, W. Va, . NATIONAL EXZCTJTITE-COMMITTIIC. ' Mann-Page. Brandon, Va.;R. A,' Sonthworth, Denver, Col. ; John Bre nig, W. Va. ; A. B. WTelch, New Yorkj W. A. Gardner, Andrew's Settlement, Pa. 'I."';- . JtPlClABT. ' j R. A. Sonthworth. Denver, Colo. B. TV. Beck, Alabama. M. Di Davie, Kentucky. 1 HOBTH dABOUNA' FABMBUSV STATU ALU ; I ' ANCE. ' ' ; Presidentilno. Oiaham, Ridgeway, N. C. ' u u Vice-Preeident W. O. Upchnrch, MorrisVille,1 N. .C. " Secretary-Tr easu r cr- J.T. B. Hoover, Hillaboro, N. C. State BuBiuess Agent T.B. Tarkcr, Hillsboro, N. ,C. . Lecturer r. V.-JJ. Seaweli, Villa now, N C. Aistant Lecinror W. B. , Brick- hnntm' i O. j. Chaplain W. S. Mercer, T ,' N. C. I . ' Doorfkeeper Geo. T, Lane, Greens- borp, N. C. . Assifftant Door-keeper Jas. E.Lyon, Durham, N. C. ! Sergeant-at-Armor-A. D. K. Wal lace, Raleigh, N. C, '' j Trustee Business Agency Fund W. A. Graham, Macb'pclah, N. C. EXECUTjVE COMMITTtK OF 1UE NQBTU CABOLINA FAKMEKS STATE ALLIANCE. J. Wl. Denmark, Chairman, Raleigh, N. 0. John Graham, Ridgeway, N. C. 1 W. B. Fleming, Ridgeway, N.-O. ! A. FL Hileinan, Concord, N. C. Dr. J. B. Alexander; Charlotte, "N. C. j-. Thomas, D. Oldham, Tecr, N. C. STATE ALLIANCE JiatCJAKY COMUITTEB. Dr. J. E. Person, Pikoville, N. C. W. S. Barnes, Raleigh, N. 0. T, Ivey, Hillsboro, N. 0, , 0W irS- vik'iAmi'Jmtia To Atla:ntt,'Cl''rlott,AHKii'l:,A.thenP, wil- minRtoin. Nt;w Orl.-ai.s, ( iiattunoogn, asa villo. Ni:w' Yoil; Ponton.' l'liilndelphla, AVashirjftton, Norfolk iiu'l Klt-huioucl. . n4'ile!n effect 31ay9 1I8. hour uv. VND. 40 J No 41 D 00pm 12 05am 2 worn 4 30am 9 05am Lv: New fork Tenu. P..1L 11 PbiiiultlpM-t " . 1 11 OOun 12foi Ii.iUint)jrH.i .' 15 pin WnshiiKs'ttnri lchjiiOinl, Lv. NurlolK, T'orttfinoutb, 4 40pm 8 Stipin A C. L. K. .t, L. H 30m i 05am Lv. WHifoa, Ar. Hen joroii, "T "Tllispm 11 55am 12 5puin 1 48pm f 7 32am t4 16pm :f7 0ym flO "T""HG;un v3 40pm , " M 3:l .-nn 5 05ptn Ar, -Durham, " Lv. prirbam, ' ' A7Vt:i1ei!gh . " Sanfunl, ' " Sjluthern piut-H, " . '' .Ilikrijlet, .. ' ; 1 " AVadeijboro, " Monroe, " Ar. Wilmington, 4 -23i m 5 58pm f) (7iiin 6 56pm 5 -Wain 8 10pm C 43am 9 1 2pm , 12 05pm 7 y7rnr70 25pm "8"oTAmlO 156pra At-. Charlotte, Ar. Chester, Lv. Columbia. C N. A NL- H .. . fl60pm Ar. OimtoD, 8. A. L. 45am 12 18m Greenwood,- " 10.'J5aui 1 07m Abbeville, ' 110:1am 1 35m ElbertoD, " 12 C7(.m 2 41am . Athens, " 113pm 3 43m Winner,- 1 vim Atlanta, (Central time) 2 50pm . 5 20m i I KnTRk(ill!iD.'- sr Lv.AtiaDta(Centiia;8.A.LM2 OOn'n 7 60prm 'Winder, 2 40pm 1040pm Athens, " " ,3 13pm 11 10pm Llbffrton, u 4 15im 12 81am Abbeville, ' 5 15;.m 135am Greenwood, " 5 41pm' 2 03am Cii uton, J1 J C 3pm 2 55am Ar. Columciia, C. N. V N. L. H ; . 7 A5am Lv7cbepter7" S. A. L.: 13pio H 23m Ar. Ibarlotte, Lv. Monroe, 10 25pm ?7 50.ua 'J 40pm 11 15pm 8 05am 8 00am Iluiift, Ar. AVIijiihiKtoH, Lv.-HoUtherp. Pine?, li-ii'-!b, Ar. Ilecderson, .. 12 05pm I2 00.im 00am 2 lCam 1125m 3 2Sam 12 87pm t732am ' f lpm J7 OOpm.flO 19am Ar, Dutjbam, Lv. Durham, 11 11 Ar-Wepon, '- ! 55am . 2 45pm Ktcbmono, A. C u. nxuam aopm WaThinttoD, I'enu.i: 11 12 81pm 11 30pm Baltimore, ' 1 46pm 1 08am 'Philadelphia, " 3 COiim 3 50am New York, " 0 23i5m 6 53am Ar. Porjtsinxmtb, H.'-'A. L . Norfolk,' -"' 7 26m 7 35ain 5 20pm 5 35pm Dally. .tPally, except ftnoday. ' " No. 403 odd 402. -."The Atlanta peclal,H Solid Vestibulei Troinxjf tullmna fleecers acd Coacbea between Wfisbihirton aud Atun ta, also rullmaa Sleepers between Ports rroutn. and Chester, S. C. . Noa. 41 and 38 MTh 8. A. L. Expraea," Solid Tralo, Coaches and Pullman 8lNpera hetween Portsmouth and Atlanta. Company Sieepirs between Columbia and Atlanta. Both trains mako Imrcediato connection at Atlanta for Montgomery, Mobile. Hw Or loaui, Texaj. California, Mxioo, Chattanoo ga Nashville. Memphis. Macon and florid. ior Tickets, r'leepers.-etc., apply to H. HL Leard. T. P. A., Z, P. Smith, C. T. A., Itnl- eiph; N- M E. St. John,' VIce-Fre?; and 5Ianager. H. W. D. Glover TptR 3lana0'or V. E. Meliee. General Supt. - . : T. J. Anderson, G. P. Agent. " . General Oaeg, Portsmouth, Ya.

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