. Mb I . " .' " ; ! ' EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL-SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE. VOL. J. llALEIGH, X. C, THURSDAY. JULY 14, 1898. .NO. 13.- . IIT.EOBSOIBICHICED i. , 5- - liver Clouds of Peace Councils i ;n I f Hawaii Annftfl-Fear th Charge cf Cowardice Slnklnp of the' ." r, " Ii-.- An Attempt t Kill t)i Juen KfReut ot paiu Spaulards Ie ritn; to the American Army The Triumphal Kntry Into 3Ianila Harbor MarredGreat Loss of Life In a Collision at Sea. 1.u:.ia, Cuba, via. Kingston, Ja jiii. 1 'I!y Cable. )-Asi6tant Naval l-.-trUitor Bichuioud P. Hobson, of flachip New York, and the seven p.m. u who, with him, failed the col- Merrimac into the channel of the f i""T of Maulia-ro do Cuba, on June J la-t, and 6unk her there, were cur-f-r jeicl by the Spanish military au- . HieH i:i exchange for prisoners cap I by lbe American forces. IH-.b'uti and his men were escorted ' rcuh l:e American lines by. Captain. !: .i r-ick. of the New York, who waa ' .v attiiii hi:n. Kverv step of their .n y w!3 marked by the wildest njv!i-tiatiou on the part of the Amer- f u K.i lier!. who threw aside ail eiu i :l o f order, scrambled out of the f.tituthiacntH, knocked over tent guys b. I ther camp paraphernalia in their foL riK"H to see the returning heroes, ji. t-ent up cheer after cheer for the t - IIWMf, dm NF.tt- TEIIRITOIIY, mo ho tad parsed safely through the ,4s of death to serve their country. 't l.te'iteuaut Ilot'son, in speaking ol ui c encore as n prisoner, mm; i ts'"Hnriu- the tirst four dava we were , hJiuuers of war we were confined in 'Morro Castlo, aud I can assure 3-ou lLo.-e were etremelv uncomfortable 'iid lisrecable days. The Spaniards i 1 id !K-t exactly lll-trat us, but it took : them .fco!no" time to recover from the ,luck caused by what most cf them ; r!i.idere 1 our Yankee impudence in I trying to Mock their harbor. ' j "As a rule the cfficeis and men who catn in contact with us were gruflf iu ; j vech and sullen in manuer. There ; mere uiairy threatening glances shot in cur direction. For Admiral Cervera I I he Delaware Lost UtT Itarnegat City, N. J. (Special. The ( Iv le Line fdeamer 'Delaware, from Meamer 'lelaware. Nvw York for Charleston and Jackson. vi'V, tves abandonfcd off Barnegat, the . teu!nei at the time being on fire. The . I a-ene and crew were rescued by tie i-'.eml ers of the Cedar Creek Life StH'ien, with the ajd of the TcrtMv cf the fihinir rmack S. P. Mil- ;ic Hawaii Annexed. -!t..iliN, D."C. (Special). It bv a ceremonv hi the simplest character that the resolutions annexing the ilawanan Islands to the United States ncre euaeted finally into law.. It teeutre-I iu the cabinet room of the ree?itno mansion, and only "six per-ft!;-. besides President McKinley, ere jre-ent. President MoKinley u roved the general deficiency I d!, tie lat of the great appropriation measure parsed -by the present Con -i-re?. The 1'rei lent presented to Mr. tew:irt the pen with wuich he sicned tie Hawaiian resolutions, and it will be I reserved by him a a souVenir of an at tbat wjll make history for the l"n;U 1 states. i v.v-EXPORTS A VX ' ' i' -j v. . y. t :) . r' s f . . .f 1 I ! i -lcu, 'Vwfefe. .JS Dl. .... i I ,1 zJH' v.v SJV : sitv !jr.sf;r ft ug f ,".. HAWAIIAN S "I-entat!ons In Spain. ' M Spain (By Cable.) The en- tbuv.a-Mii aroused by "the misleading j .i i-4tol.es to the Spanish government s fr,' Cuba in changed into the s MailiKcs cf the families of the victims . ad iiiuentations over the national cuna: er. I be ministers are and ute stdi concealing the utnivKi extrnuity of despair, of rage and leciiajicatf'ns prevail among the tia.4tioa aul tie authorities are acpuoa- .stroair prtciutioai, fmiaz ppuUr outbaiitt ? .1 Gathering in the War of Europe. have nothing bat the highest admira Con. Jlis net of informing Admiral hauippon of our safety, 1 regard a3 that of a kind-hearted, penorous man and chivalrous officer. 1 expressed to him my sincere thanks and the, thanks of my men for taking this means of. re lieving the anxiety of our shipmates and onr friends at home. He repeat edly spoko to me of his admiration' of what'he called one of the most daring acts in naval history, though I am sure wo were not entit!edto the commenda tiou we received, for there were hun dreds of other men on our ships who would have been glad to undertake to do the Eprae thing. " Admiral Watson's Squadron. Washington, I), C. (Special). At a recent cabinet meeting Secretary Long announced to the waiting newspaper men that orders had been given Ad miral Sampson to dc-tach frohi his own ANEXKH HV ACT OK roXcilSESSi commaud immediately the vess-els to be embraced in Commodore Watson's eastera Bnuaar0n. and to direct, the commodore to proceoJ on his mission. The vessels of the pquadron will not be the same as those originally selected, for the reason, probablj', that therecent engagement with Ce:vera's squadron necessitated Rome changes. Ths new eastern squadronwill consist of the bat tieihips Iowa aud Oregon, tho protected cruiser Newark, and the auxiliary cruisers (carrying fide armor), Dixie, Yankee and Yosemite; the colliers Avereada. Cassiiw, CVear. Leonidas anil Justin, aud the supply boat Del mouieo. ' Fear the Charge of Cowardice. Madrid, Spain (By Cable.) Amin iter, declared tbat if Admiral Cervera had succeeded iu escaping, the Span iards would have sued for peace. But. he added, in view of the destruction of the Spanish fleet, the war must be con tinued, lest Sj ain ba accused of cow-ardi.-e or fear. Dispatches received here from oflicial sources at Havana an nounce tha thero is an enthusiastic de lire there to continue tho war. Five Hundred I.Ives Lost. . Halifax, Xovia Scotia (By Cable.) Tlje French steamer. La Bourgogne, of the Canipaguie, Geueralo Trans-At-lantique Line, with souls on board, was run down by tho iton sailing ship Croraartbysiie, f.0 miles south of Sabla Island,' during the "early morning of July 4, and sunk within half an hour, carrying with her over 500 of her pas- eengera and crew. The balance, who were not drawn down by the fearful suction, struggled and fought for life, until Id were at length rescued from death by the crew of tho Cromarthy shire, whicL ship survived the collision. A thick fog prevailed at the time of the disaster. Spaniards Deserting. WAsmxcTox, D. C. (Special. Ad vices received in Washington from General Shatter annonnco that a num ber of high Spanish officers are desert ing across the Iins at Santiago into the American camp. Thisactisreeard; OH 1 .i n d here' as highly significant of an ear crestfallen , Qrreml " J forst The , Woundnl .Hen Arrive. . The transports Iroquois and Chero kee arrived at Tarn j a with 40woundd maa fiom Santiago. I Talkluc Peace in Hamput i T- 1 staris, t ranee (By Cable). The Temps publishes a dispatch from Mad rid which says that its correspondent, ia epie of the official denials published the newspapers, persist in the 'be lief that the Spanish cabinet not only deliberated upon the question of nego tiating peac but charged the 'Minister 1 .-cfefea Affairs, Duke Ainietfovar De Alio, and tha Minister of Public In struction, Senor Gamaza, to atudy the matter and report upon it According to a dispatch from Rome to the Impar cial, of Madrid, Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria, in response to the Pope's intercession has declared that he will exert all his influence, with the co-operation of his two allies, to bring about an honorable peace. Our Loss at Santiago. f ASBiSroTCfcr, D. C. (Special). -The War Department has received the fol io wing dispatch from Gen. Shafter, giving in detail the dead and wounded, with the exception of Gen. Wheeler's division: In Lawton'a division there are killed, 4 officers - and 74 .men; wounded, 14 officers and 317 men; miss ing, one man. In Ken s division, kill ed, 12 officers and 87 men; wounded, 36 officers, 503 men; miasms' 62 men. In Bate's Brigade, killed, 4 men: wound ed, officers and 26 men; missing o men. Signal Corps, killed, 1 man; wounded, 1 man. General Whaeler1- report notyet received. Oen. 3Iiles to the Front. CiiARLESToy, S. C. (Special.) The Sixth Massachusetts Regiment and one battalion of the Sixth Illinois embarked on the cruisers Yale and Columbia and are now en route to Santiago to re - enforce bhafter. lhe expedition is commanded by Brigadier General Geo. A. Garrettson. General Nelson A. Miles and his staff boarded the light house tender Wisteria, and went out to the lale. I his was in accordance with previously arranged plans. The Sixth Massachusetts is quaitered on the Yale, while the Illinois men are on the Cali fornia. The expedition numbers id all 1,720 men. The Church Is Blameless. , Washixgtox, D. O. (Special.) The Senate committee on claims made its report upon the investigation made by tho committee rto. the payment of the claim of the Methodist Book Concern, and the payment byMajor E. B. Stahl mau of 8100,800 as'an agent in getting the claim through. The report of the committee sayB: "The testimony bo- fore the committee clearly shows that no part of the money received by Ktahlman was paid to Messrs. Barbee and Smith for their -personal use, or to any Senator or member of Congress, or to any other person for corrupt pur poses. " .; . 1 Proposes a Suspension of Hostilities. Madrid, Spam (ByCa'Sble) There are persistent rumors herthat Duke Al niodvar de Bio, Foreign Minister, and and Senor Gamazo, the Minister of Pnblic Instruction and. Publio Works, have received full powers to propose a susiension.of hostilities as a prelimi nary to peace negotiations. The min isters neither affirm nor deny the rumor. . , . Lezaga Committed Suicide. Madrid, '.Spain (By Cable). The government has received a telegram from Admiral Cervera, announcing. the death of Admiral Villamil. who was in command of the Spanish torpedo boat squadron at Santiago de Cuba, and the suicide of Captain Lazasra. the com mander of the Infanta Maria Teresa. . A Message From Dewey. ' Washixgtox, D. C (Special.) The Xavy Department has received the fol lowing cablegram fromAdmiral Dewey: "United States troops have landed and have been confortably housed at Cavite, Luzon Island. The insurgents are still active. Aguinaldo proclaimed hinrself President of the revolutionary republic on July 1." . Plot Against the Queen. Washixgtojt, D. C. (Special). In formation has been received here to the effect that an attempt was recently maae to blow up the apartments of the Queen Begent at Madrid with dyna mite. . War to the End, Says Blanco. Taris, France (By Cable). A letter from Madrid says that General Blanco, in reply to the government's request for ' his viewi of the situation urges "war to the end," and asserts that the Cuban volunteers cannot be reconciled to the idea of the handing over of the island to the .'Americans, especially now that a great majority of the Cubans favor Spain. Thanksgiving at the Nation's Capital ( Sunday 'was a day of thanksgiving and prayer in the nation's capital. The President's recent proclamation was the basis of a concert of patriotic utter ances from many pulpits. Thanks were given for the glorious victories of American arms and prayers were offer ed for an early consummaiion of peace. Flags Hoisted on the Trenches. In front of Santiago" (By Cable.) Orders have been issued that each regiment in the American lines hoist a flag on the trenches in front of the posi tion it occupies. This gives -the Span iards an excellent idea of the extent and location of our lines, but it also makes a very imposing appearance. The Americans as lloodoos. Loxdox, Eng., (Special). The Press of all tho continental cities is most actively discussing the prospects of peace, propagating various rumors to the general effect that -the negotiations are all to very little profit. The Russian papers are very bitter against the Uni ted States, lhe bt. Petersburg JS'o-: vosti characterizes the destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet as "brutal slaughter" and accuses the Americans of employing - "some kind of new ex plosive machine or bomb, contrary to international J?!l . THEMHTIGWAS The Cruisers Columbia and Yale with Re Enforcements Have Readied Santiago. ill I To Facilitate I he 31 owement Ambassador White's Speech at Leipsic Germany Why Peace is Delayed A Tender Parting Betvfreeil Capt . i Morou and His Men Schley's Consolation to Cervera- -English Papers Pay CMpwIng Tributes to the American Navy. . Off Santiago ib CcbAl, - via del Este. (By Cable). -At half past 9 this morning (July 11 J the United States cruiser Newark opened fire into the city with her 8-inch guns. The New Y'ork, Brooklyn and Indiana partici pated in the firing, at intervela of five minutes. The bombardment lasted for two hours, when General Shafter reported that the shells were1 NELSON A. MILES, GENERAL COMMANDING THE ARMY. mostly falling in the bay and doing but little damage. The last shot, however, 6truck a prominent church in the heart of the city, which was, heavily stored with powder and ammunition, causing a tremendous explosion. The extent of the damage is not vet known. When the warships ceased hring ana Deiore General Shafter had begun an attack, a flag of truce was seen coming from the city. In the afternoon the:uniteaaia-tes cruiser Y'ale, with General Miles, and the United States protected cruiser Columbia arrived. Bear Admiral Saihp bou visited Gen. Miles immediately.'on his arrival and then the Tale went to Sibobey, General Miles and his per sonal staff lauding in a pouring rain. A Pathetic Scene. A touching incident, which occurred at the barracks at Portsmouth, N. II. , where'the Spanish prisoners are held captive, was tho farewell of Captain Morou to bis men. Captain Morou, instead of making a format and elo quent address to the long line, walked up to the man at the head of it and taking him warmly by the hand, ten derly kissed the grim soldier on the cheek. Whon the men saw the actiqn of their commander, they wept as . if their hearts would break, . and as the captain walked down the line, Bhaking each by the hand and Kissng eacn buu burned cheek, each man threw his arms around hi3 commander s necK and gave him a hearty embrace. To Facilitate Their Movements. . Desertions from the ranks of the Spanish volunteers at Santiago con tinue and it is said that fully 5,000 who agreed to fight for Spain are out of the citv. A party of 500 cavalry leftthe city Sunday morning, marching in. the direction of Holguin. The -Spanish infantry have removed all light articles to facilitate their movements in case the abandonment of the city ia deter mined upon. Ambassador White's Speech. The remarkable speech delivered by the United States ambassador, Mr. An drew D. White, at the Fourth of J uly celebration by Americans at Leipsic, has divided the attention of the Ger man press equally with tho latest de velopments of the war between Spain and tho United States. The speech is universallv characterized as a political enunciatio'n of prime importance The English aud American flags were'en twined around the hall and a number of prominent Englishmen residing in Germany were present. The toast to the President of the United States was received with tremendous enthusiasm by every one present. The Horrors of War. " . With Fleet. Off Santiago. (By Ca ble JThe vessels which composed Ad miral Cervera'e squadron, -converted into wrecked charnei houses, are litter- ing tne tuuau cuo - desolation, rum, baffle description. horror and death Caterings Ke-Nominated. The Democratic primaries in the Vickeburg district, resulted in the re- nomination "of - congrcssmau t.ui Catohioss. ur majority 1 400 oyer Patria LIGHT ' ..': i ' ' 1 . i . .',:! I Schley's Consolation to Cevera; "If we could have gotten by tjje Brooklrn." said Admiral Cervera to Commodore Schley and Captain "Bob" Evans in the cabin of the Iowa, "we could haVe gotten away. My orders to concentrate fire on the Brooklyn were carrieu ouc, duc your suipN;nas a charmed life, sir," and the sad faeed admiral, with tears in his eyes, added: "My career efid- , ed I shall go , back to Spain to be killed or die in disgrace." Commodore -vl- ... u. tt iiuotii uii vyci vein o ouuuiuoi, iio oicano perfect Spanish and the liquid language flowed easily as he said: 'Admiral, you are a brave man and coming out as yo'u did,' in the face of a superior force, 'is but an exemplification of that bravery. NG RAIN is Tha fomAna lattipahin which comoeJled the swift .Spanish Cruiser, the Cristobal Colon to haul down her colons and surrender, after a desperate at tempt to escape from Santiago harbor. - . Spanish Naval Losses. t j Spain's naval losses have been ; twenty-one warships and twenty-one merchantmen, as against practically no losses on the American aide. Demands of the United States ' It is asserted at Madrid that the United States makes the fol-j lowing demands as , conditions o peace: First The possession of Cu4 ba and Porto pico With a port in the Canaries. Second An indemnity! of 48.000.000 (about 8240,000,000 J Third The retention of the Philipj pines as a guarantee of the payment of. the indemnity. These terms are re garded as impossible. Senor Sagasta Resigns. The Madrid correspondent of, the London Times says: Senor Sagasta has tendered his resignation and that of the cabinet to the Queen Regent. Jt is said that he advised the Queen B.ef gent to appoint a new cabinet, largely consisting of the military element; which would not necessarily mean the doption of a warlike policy.' -"; Commissioners to Bag Hawaii. The President has appointed Sena tor Cullom. of Illinois : Senator Morgan of Alabama; Representative Hitt, of Illinois: Sanford Dole. President of the Hawaiian Republic, and W. Fj Frear. of Hawaii, to be commissioners under the Hawaiian annexation resolu tion. "". . ' : Perreaux and Zola Fined. Paris, France (By Cable.) Aa a x6 suit of complications arising from the Dreyfus and JEsterhazy cases, M. Emil Zola ' and M. t Perreaux, editor of the Auroro, ware fined 2,000 and 500 francs respectively, " 'jj A Conditional Surrender. ; Washtsgtojt, D. C (SpeciaL) It is reported here that Gen. Linares has made a proposition to Gen. Shafter to surrender Santiago oa condition of his army bing al.wfrto jam tat cuy, OVll STANDING ABROAD. Eiigllsli Papers Pay Glowing Tribute I to j the American Navy. 'The weekly newspapers of London,-! ji discussing the war, all pay glorious tributes to the American Navy. Even the Saturday Eeview says: "It is im possible not to (eel a certain pride in these achievements of men of our own race. Every Englishman, too, willje raember that it was the pfMMsidn of this same quality, the fine marksman fehip which the Americans displayed, vhich gave .us victories - both, on land tind sea, froifrk Crecy to the Crimea, and something peculiar and noble hap pened in the tight, which showed in a far higher way the kinship between the two peoples: 'Don't cheer, shouted fJapt. Philip, 'the poor devils are dy- . f f ' iT 1 ... il.l I . : xvaalAn Of tender sympathetic humanity is just as fine as the 'Kiss me. Hardy, of the dying Nelson. " j The Spectator in a long article on the same subject says: ; . "The first thought of all Englishmen is that tbe American fleet did its work splendidly. . The whole performance of Admira! b'anipson's fleet was in accord ance wih the best traditions of Anglo-' Saxon navies and every Englishman; has read of their doing. with u flush ok pride. 'There was the same old hard pounding as the Elizabethan sea dogs used, the " same curious mixture " of steadiness, daring, coolness and reck lessness. Tho moral aspect of what was almost the first and of what may be the last fleet action between the Spanish and English' races is very much alike. In both cases it was the plan behind the erun who, in the last resort,, won the battle. ' . o ' 'The battle shows that the American navy is a most efficient ' fighting ma Chiue.1 We did not need to be told that here. We knew it already, and1 realized of what stuff the lion's whelps are made. They, however, did hot know it on the Continent, though they apparently know it now. For ourselves we have little doubt that the American fleet could face even that of Frande without uy great risk of disaster, m spite of the fa?t that, by the rules,' the French fleet i ten times stronger. We believe this could be done if it wore needful, but it won't be, as America won't be attacked by France without our taking a hand in the gamo. Sampson, Dewey and the officers they have the happiness to command are able to destroy French ships of vastly superior- power, just as we did a hundred years ago. . "As for. the German and American navies, there can, of course, be'no com parison. The Germans are fine sailors and braye men, but a naval struggle be tween the United States and Germany would be very short and very complete. " ( The Speaker says: "The ; greatest bredit is cine to the American navy for the manner in which this operation has been carried out Like the eJgPngl $o"ed tlaf the British sailor lias in his .American kinsman a worthy allay and rival. 8a far as her fleet is .concerned, America need not fear comparison with any country in the world." Senator Proctor Makes a Talk, j At thanksgiving services at Butland, Yt., Senator Proctor made a epeech, ! in which he said: "We are in the i midst cf the war, but there are things ijworse than war. There ; ore wrongs (Iwhich .-cannot be righted in auy other i;way yet devised, except by force. The ! American people decided that tne long continued tyrannv of Spain, in Cuba must stop. The only way to make that' Mire was that her flag must leave the island and this war is the result of that decision." ' : The New York Banks. i , The weekly, bank statement shown the following changes: Surplus re serve, decrease, s,ob,aou: loans, in crease, $12,C91,500; specie, decrease, $5,571,500; legal tenders, decrease, $1, 098,400; deposits, increase, $7,993,400; circulation, decrease, $39,400. The banks now hold $53,345,809 in excess of the requirements of the 25 per cent rule. . ' . . Ke-Knforcements Landed. The First Illinois Infantry, number ing 1.300 men, were landed at 'Jaragua and immediately' began -a forward march to the front to re-enforce Gen. Shafter. The auxiliary cruiser Kt. Paul has also arrived therewith, the Eighth Ohio Infantry, 1,350 men. The steamer is at anchor quite a distance from the shore. The Tennessee Launched. The new steamer "Tennessee, being built by Harlan & Hollinga worth for the Old Bay Line (Seaboard Air Line was launched at Wilmington, Del. The Tennessee will be the finest boat on the bay. , - . Arrived at Santiago. Washington. D. C. (Special. )-The War Department is advised that Ran dolph's six batteries of artillery, the District of Columbia Regiment and a regiment of Illinois infantry which left Tarn Da several days ago, "have reaebed SantitSr' - Day oaioumin In Havana. Havana Cuba (By Cable. ) -On July Cth the produce, money and stock ex changes suspended operations, observ ing the day as one of mourning for the j Oil auwwui VVtif!Lf hiud 1 sum a alway goes down , into tlij buft?funt kitchen to smotiC. Mh. ttrny AiiJ K-Ls the smoke come upstair Into-" the dining room through the dumb ,a'.tev. .Mrs. (Srwne Ye?, "but th:t becan-e Le 1? aben.t niltpJed lor !i;ui. That has; nothing to.do witb . Ii is tlior.s'htfulness, . yoa know. Boston Traneiipt. " ' ' The National Farmers Alliance Ana Industrial Union. President Mann Page, Brandos, Vice-Prewdent C. Vincent, Jndian apolis, Ind. i ' Secretary-Trasnref W. T.Bricker, Cogan Station, Pa. LECTTSKRS. - J. P. Sossamoc, Charlotte, N. O. , Hamlin V. Toon?, Bird Island, Minn. ' F. H. Peirsql, rarkersburr, W. Ya, MATI05AI EXECT7TIVTE COMMITT, I Mann Page, Brandon, Va. ; R. A. Boutbwortb, Denver, Col.; John Bre nlg, W. Va.;A. B. Welch, New Tork W. A. Gardner, Andrew' Settlement, Pa. JCP1CIART. R. A. Southwortlv Denver, ColcC R. W. Beck, Alabama. , M. D. Davie, Kentucky. j WOBTB CAROLINA .FARMKRa' BTATB AIXI' ANTE. , President-Jno. Giaham, Ridgeway, N. C. - .. Viee-President W. O. Upoborcb, Morrisville, N, G. , Secretary-Treasurer-J.T. B. Hoover, Hillsboro, N." C. ' , , State Busineas Agent T. B.Xarker, Hillsboro, N. C. . Lecturer Dr. V. N. Sea well, Till- now, N. C. Assistant Lectnfcr W. B. ' Brick- house'- , N. 0. "Chaplain--W. S. Mercer, N. O. Door-keeper Geo. T. Lane, Greens boro, N. C. Assistant Door-keeper Jas.E. Lyon, Durham, N. C. . Sergeant-at-Arme A, D. K. Wal lace, Raleigh, N. C; Trustee BusineBS Agency iund W. A. Gruham, Machpelah, N. C. executive committee of tub north CAROLINA FARMERS' STATE ALLIANCE. J. W. Denmark, Chairman, Raleigh, N. O. John Graham, Ridgeway, N. C. W. B. Fleming, Ridgeway, N. O, A. "F. Hileman, Oonoord, N. C. Dr. J( B. Alexander, Charlotte, N. O. STATE ALLIANCE JUDICIABK,' C0MMITTfa Dr. J. E. Person, rikyville, N. C- . W.'S. Barnes, Raleigh, N. O. T. Ivey, Hillsboro, N. C. To Atlanta.JChnrlolto, AuBustn, AthM. W1U mington, New Orlennn, Cbattauoofra, Nasa ville, New Yoik, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Norfolk and Richmond. Hcnedule in effect May 0, 1808. POCTHBOKSD. 5 r No. 403 Lv. New York, Penn. R.R. 11 OOanj Philadelphia " 1 12pm ' Baltimore " " 3 15pin . Washington ' - 4 40pm Richmond, . A. C. L. 8 6Cpm No 41 9 00pm 13 05am 2' 60am 4 50am 9 05am Lv. Norfolk, : Portsmouth, B. A. L. 8 30pm " .8 45pm 9 05am OiOam Weldon, Ar. iTiadwi- 11 28pm I1 55am 12 Main '148pm Ar. Durham, Lv. Durham, t7 82am ii 16pm 17 i 00pm flO 19 -n Ar. Raleigh. Sanford, : Southern Pines, " Hamlet, " " " WadwBboro, ; Monroe,, " Ar. Wilmington, " 2 ICam 8 40pm 3 33am 5 05ptfl 4 23am 5 58pm 5 07am 6 64pm 5 53am 8 10pm 6 4Mm 9 12pm ....... 12 05pm Ar. Charlotte, 7 50am "10 25pm Ar. Chester, 8 03nn 10 56pm Lv. Colombia. C. N. & N. 1 R. 6 00pm Ar. Clinton. Greenwood, AbBovlllo; , Elberton, Athen?, XL. 9 45am 12 13tm 10 35ra 107am 1103am 135am 12 07pm 2 41am 1 13pm 3 43am 1 56 pm 4 USam 14 II ... Winder, Atlanta,. (Ceo tral time) 2 50pm 6 20am KOBTBBQOSO. Lv.Atlanta(Contim)S.A.L.12 OOa'n 7 60pm Winder, M 2 40pm 10 40pm Athens, " 3 13ra 1119pm Elberton, " 4 15pm 12 8lm Abbeville, " 6)5pm 185am Greenwood, " ' 5 41pm 3 03mm , Clinton, - " 6 80pra 2 &5am ArCo'umbla, C. N. k Ni L. H..... 7A5m Lv. Cheeter, 8. A. L. 'g iapa i25m 10 25pm 7fi0am Ar. C harlotte, Lv. Monroe, llamlot. 9 40pm 11 13pm 6 05am 8 90am Ar. Wilmington, 12 03pm Lv. Southern Pines, - Raleigh, " Ar. Henderson, . "12 00am '9 00 2 10am 11 25am 3 2am 12 57pm t7 32am. t4 16pm t7 00pm flO 19am Art Durham, LvJ Durham, ArWeidoa, , " . 63am 2 45pm Richmond, A. C. L. 840am 7 85pm W Washington, Peao.R R 12 31pm 11 80pm Baltimore. 146pm 1.08am Philadelphia, I, f. 3 50pm 3 80am Newark, , " 8 23pm Mam Ar. .Portsmouth, B Norfolk, - A. L.v" 1 25 m 7 85aal 5 20pm 5 85pm Daily. fDailft except Buaday N6s. 403 and 402. '.'The Atlanta 8pecUl,H lid veettboled TrMn or rullman Bieepert d CoacW betweej Washington and Atlaa alio. Pullman Sleepers between Porta- morith and Cheeter, B. C. Nos. 41 and 39. "The S. A. L. Exprpsa " Solid Train, CoacLes and rullmao Bleipert betftted Portsmouth and Atlanta. Company fileper between Colombia and Atlanta. Both troJna make immediate connection t Atlanla fdr Montgomery. Mobile. New Or.. Texas. Califo'ruia. 3iexloo, Chottanoo- gaVNaahvine. Memphis, Macon and Florida. For Ticket. 8Ieepcr. etc., apply to II. 8. Leard. T. P. A.. Z. P. Smith, C. T. A., Bal e"itfb n. C, ' ' H. W. B. Glorer, Traffic Manager. V. E. McBee. General Supt. T. J. AutaoD, Q. P. Aftout. Ot&ytl pP?y.y Pommoutb Va. , M i s. t J ot ji o .U .r ii w thought'fHl iu.j i! lit nc a i . i

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