ii t EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE: 'I VOL. I. RALEIGH, N. C., THURSDAY; AUGUST 25T 1898. Y NO.19. m LI Hundreds of Thousands er Banks and on Vessels of -all 'Kinds i sir The S: mish Residents of Porto Rico r Natives. Foreign Policy Convention. Deeds of a Georgia , 4. Negro. Pitiable Condition of the Spanish Prisoners. v. V. ! K. N. Y., (Special). Hun- ,jrc :, f th.uands of feoile along tbo -;.-. f tho Hudson, nuil thousands c:i : of river craft, blended :Lr.r -: . : i i i:t a royal welcome to the :etiit: I i. ithof tho Atlantic squadron us i-t . oi.unKud of lWar Admiral Satup r.. r 1 us liuo an August day a i ! desired wps nature's tribute t t ,! return of the victors. For kir.'j-t three hours Bteain wbistlos of . ... r . . . I crtnlt rrnna n4 t::e chores, shrieked and boomed n tOe t-:t..it to display the heartfelt en Lnmni for the home coming of the : aval heroc.4 with their battle-scarred tli,-'?. v j l:v oV!o k the dull-looking ; n ' !.;.iis looming liiuli above the fimii.n iif fmallcr craft Thu :.hu' come down to get a j;lirup6e . f tl.cii.'-. were ready for movement ;ruf.i: on: niua muir ucil, j"i- StTk'nl ir line-1, were the white uniformed !fi:e , with here auU there a muo t u--i oficer; all strongly contrasted v!U3i the somnre, leau-coioruu mu.ui ks i:.t- i-hips. heu the hour lor tne fturt mine, it IooLcd as if it would be .'e-d'ie for the threat ships to inako !hrit-w.y through the perfect jam of ' . iit..r -n.fi VoKKoia nf ftll deserin- t.ut, froai the smallest steam launch AOMIU-U. 6AMrS. to the treat cceau liner, wero banked i.r..t:r..l tli s-uia.lron Suddenly thero si a movement on the ilairship Ne'V Wk. and the biir vessel started for mat. I with a slow, stately slide. Sho "a immediately followed by the Iowa, nli.uij. Brooklyn, Massachusetts, I re -vu an 1 Tex a in the order named. ttasf.oije time before the vessels ui!d et'iuto the review formation, U by the time the New York's prow e iu the line with Governor's ls- (iu I. the other bhips had formed iu a thiar'iinc. As the riradookins battleships mov- f i u: tli4 river the crowds became ji rr.-cr aud the enthusiasm more mark f . At K-verside Drive, with its steep, j.:v s!oie, the seeao was like a vast hitheatrc. Ttns of thousands of l tri...n- covered the green slopo and as i:.e bnttle5hip? approached, a mislitj ::rr arose that reverberated back u I brth across the Hudson, At the Jvttoiu of the slope an observation r;n crawled lazi'r alon', keeping tu with the ships; above this the vast f4 td humaity, and crowning this I hkr With b09 Men un Board Sunk. The steaui lighter Laura struck a rock tr.tr .- .:eel pier and tauk in tea feet of water At Santiago recently. At the l.:r.e of the accident she had on board 6 '' men vf the Twenty-third Michigan Fx'uiu-Qt. who were on their way to transport Harvard. No lives were h 't. Lut un exciting FCrauib!o for the there took plaoe iu which many of the tt-ta id: u the shallow water. m Ic Cirr.Wai.nf Crime in Arkansas. "1 l.t- us Liu! of crime inaugurated in Ai Van ?a fvilul xree&s ago, cantinucs without at .atement. At Faragould, Heury I l'.rauilet was asleep in his btl. when aa unknown assassin tifi t up t hi window and shot him. killtu hiui injtautlj-. A cutting af frav, :a h hic'i twj prominent farmers C.'ur, i reported from Carroll county. 1 he men fo ight v.ith knives and ono v. fatally tabbed. The decomposed i v-dy of a we!!-dresed man was found tear Iackville. in Couway county. j he head was severed from the bod v. .Mvia Strong was found near Mount J':aant. tulTerinr from a fractured fiu;!. and died without caining con sciousness. At Harrisburg two ne prces fought over a woman and one is ile J and the other injured. P.lacKo Will Sot Hand 0cr Cuba. -A cabinet minister who was intej- :wed bv a representative of the A. c:a;ed l'ress at Madrid, i-aid it was ftr'aia that Captain General Blanco 1 not hand over Cuba to the Amer icans. t.ince he had expressed a desire tct to do so. CntratuIat;ons to Dcwe anj Merritt. Frcsident McKinUv ..k.j AaL::r&l lewey aud General Merrttt i:tasl the iatjjn'a congratulates ?Fa tlir carter cf Mtsi'A. : of. People Along the Riv r Terror Stricken by Depredations rSonorn flrnt'ii tnmk which was to mark the beginning of the return of the squadron, where a national sauue of 21 guns was fired. The tomb, stand ing high, white and solemn, far above the waters of the river, looked to be built upon a foundation of faces'. "Just at the poiut of return there was a momentary lull, as if expectaut of the climax. Suddenly, from the sides and turrets of the battleohips there was a vivd Hash; fol lowing this a tremendous roar announc ing the first guu of the national salute. The heavy smoke curled and tumbled down towards the water and up into the air until the ships had been hidden, but the roar coming asain and again seemed to rock the waters tbemselTep. It was an imposing spectaclo as the big battleships btfomed a salute to the 'na tion as tho warships saluted the final resting place of General (5 rant and the guns that sounded tho knell of Admiral Cervera'a ships at Santiago boomed a reverential obeisance to the dead hero. Tho salute ended, the return of the squadron along tho liuo of review was begun. It wa3 a repetiton of the en thusiastic scenes on the way up the river.. The parade of tho ships from the time it pasaou the battery on us way up the river to the time it repassed on its way to anchorage off Tompkinaville, S. I., "occupied just two hours and thirty livo minutes. . Spaniards Terror-Stricken. A war of retaliation against the Span iih residents of the Island of Forto Uico within the American lines is threatened. .The natives burned the townofCota, seven miles from Fonco recently. The Spaniah residents fled. Throughout the surrounding country tho Spauiards are terror-stricken and are appealing to the Americans for pro tection. The shopj kept by Spaniards at Fouce which were opened aft3r the urgniug of the peace protocol, have beau closod again through fear, of the rioters. 1'ditiona of two papers which hysterical' demanded vengeance and tho ;xpul3iou of all Spanish-born resi dents wero suppressed by the military authorities, who are doing all in their power to allaj' the fears of tho Spanish inhabitants. The natives who are fo menting tho troublo are of the lowest cinss aud in.-.ny vf them are criminals. Over 25 of tha ringleaders in tho dis turbances have bceu arrested. All in a Pitiful Condition. - Tho condition of the Spanish prison ers at Santiago, who were recently Fent back to Spain on the hospital ship, Alicante, was so pitiful as to bringtears to tho cye3 of men not readily moved to tears, A Spanish oftieer refering to tho camp ju6t outside of Santiago, sa:d: "It was not a camp out there, it i was a graveyard. JJetween 200 and 000 went into the hospital daily. Hospit al" It was not c hospital there were no medicines, thero were no attend ants. Forty nro dviug every day and the trenches are full of tho dead! We have saved j-ou many a ."?2U for passage monoy to Spaiu. That camp has been De.irer hcil than anything else in the war. The are :,0J'J out there yet, ouly a thousand camo in to day, but they will not last long. Pysenterj' camp dysentery we call it, aud it is worse Jhau the plague is carving them olll" Freight Wrecked. The through freight going north oyer the Southern was wrecked in Gastonia, N. C. The engine, teuder and two or threo box cars passed over a point in the track whero piping had beeu plant ed to allow the water to pass when this portion of the road gavo way and a large number of the remaining cars were piled ono upon the other and smashed into a mass of timber and debris. Three persons were injured. Deeds of a Georpia Nerro. The most fiendish crime i: the his tory of Sumter county, or tho whole State of Georgia, was committed et Friendship, 12 miles west of Macon, recently. Mrs. James McGarrah and her Son James Hoone, were murdered by a negro m an with an ax, while they were in their beds. After this double murder the fiend outraged a negro woman, tied her to a tree iu the woods and mutilated her in a shocking man ner. She died also, but not until she had told the murderer's name. The murdered people were discovered by John Boone, a son of tho murdered woman, and a crowd at onco started after the fiend. He was caught and promptly lynched. Thirty-One Deaths on a Coniict Ship. The Berliner Fost says that during a recent voyage of the Siberian convict ship Angara, from Tieum, Sibera, to Tomsk, capital of the government of the same name, on the Tom, western Sibera, :U out of COO prisoners died from suffocation and overcrowding. Celebrated Spanish Painter Dead. Thedoath is announced at Madrid of Doa Ederico Malrazo, the c!eUral td HptDith painter ia hit 84th TERMS OF SURRENDER. Spaniards Secured Terras of Humane 2i Most Honorable Character, The War Department has received a cable message from Gea Merritt giving details of the surrender of Manila, as follows: 1. The Spanish troops, European and na tive, capitulate with the city and ,defences, with ail honors of war, depositing their arms in the places designated by the author ities of tho United states and remaining in the quarters designated and under the United States authorities until the conclusion of a treaty of peace between the two belligerent nations. All persons included ia the capitu lation remain at liberty; the officers remain ing in their respective homes; which shall be respected as long as they observe the regula tions prescribed for their government and the law in force. 2. Officers shall retain their side arms, hordes and private property. All public horses and public property of ail kinds shall be turned over to staff officers designated by the United States. 3. Complete returns in dupucato of men by organizations and full lists of public property and stores shall be rendered to the United fcitates within ten, days from this date. 1. All questions relating to the repatriation of officers and men of the tipanish forces and of their families and of tho expenses which said repatriation may occasion, shall be re ferred to the government of tho United States at Washington. Spanish families may leave Manila at any time convenient to them. The return of tho arms surrendered by the Spanish forces shall take place when they evacuate the city, or when the American army evacuates. 5. Officers and men included in tho capitu lation shall be supplied by tho United States, according to their rank, with rations and necessary aid, as though they were prisoners of war, until the conclusion of a treaty of peace between tho United" States and Saln. All the funds in tho Spanish Treasury and all other public funds sLall be turned over to the authorities of the United States. 6. The city, its inhabitants, its churches anil religious worships, its educational es tablishments and its private propety of all descriptions, are placed under special safe guard of the faith and honor of the army. The Cambria Iron Company Absorbed. The Cambria Iron Company, whose extensive plant is located at Johns town, Fa., will be absorbed by a new corporation, the Cambria Steel Com pany. The new corporation will have a capital of $24,000,000 aud the holders of Cambria iron stock will have the privilege of subscribing to three shares of the now company the Cambria Steel Company for every share of the eld company. f . Seven Men Killed in a Tunnel. A terrible accident by whioh seven men lost their lives occurred in the tunnel of the Cartiers division of the Fan Handle Bailroad, at Crdnegie, Fa. The work of tearing out the tunnel had been pushed night and dav by a force of 200 men. Much blasting has been done and from the reports received it eecms that by using too largea quantity of explosive, nn unexpected amount of earth and rock were loosened, which caved in on tho workmen. To Retain Luzon Island. A special froni Washington says that the Fresident has decided that the United States shall retain the Island of Luzon on which tho city of Manila is situated; that the United States shall have equal trade facilities with Spain in the rest of the Fhilippines; that none of the Islands shall be transferred to any oi the other foreign nations,' and that church and state shall- sever relations in the Island. Merritt Got the News on the 161 it. The War Department has received the following from General Merritt: '.'Hong Kong, Aug. 2a Adjutant Gen eral, Washington: Cablegram of the 12th directing that military operations bo suspended, was received on the af ternoon of .the ICth. Tho Spanish com-, mander was notified. Acknowledged receipt of cablegram same date con taining . proclamation of Fresident. (Signed) Merritt. " ' - - Grain Elevator Burned. The Northwestern terminal elevator at Chicaero was destroyed ( by fire re cently, eu tailing a loss of $&6,000.- Of this amount 30,000 fell upon the Chi cago & Northwestern llailroad, whose freight yards are close to the elevator company, which owned the grain that was within tho building. The Loss at the Manila Battle. A dispatch from Mauila says the total number of killed on the American side duriug the attack upon aud capture of Manila was forty-six, and of the wound ed about one-hunred. The Spanish losses were 200 killed aud 400 wounded. Sarasta's Claim. Fremier Sagasta's claim, as set forth in Madrid dispatches, that Spain will expect indemnity for all government property, buildings, barracks, fortifi cations, etc., in Cuba, Forto liico and elsewhere, has excited much comment in government ciicles at i Washington, as showing the difficult questions to be treated by the military and peace com missions. A Search For a Child. Widespread interest has been aroused in the abduction of little Gerald Lapi- ner, at Chicago, by the offer of 'a 310,- 000 reward by friends of the father, who are members of the Union League Club. .There is already an offer of $2,500 offered by the father, but it has failed to restore the boy to his parents. Spain's Commissioners. " For Cuba: Major General Gonzales Farrado, Bear Admiral Fastor y Lan dtro, Marquis Montore. For, Forto Bico: Major General Ortego y Diaz, Commodore of First Rank Yallarino y Carrasco, J udge Advocate Sanohez de Aguila y Leon. ' Destruction of Blins Cloth Factory. The Blins Cloth Manufactory, at Rou en, France, where 2,000 persons were employed, was destroyed by fire re cently" The fire was the work of an incendiary. It is estimated that the loss is more than 100, 000. Eight million dollars. in cash was carried through the streets of New York in a handbag"recentiy by Arthur B. Leach, of a bond buying firm and a guard. . The package containing the money' vras about the tjze cf eight m mm phid The Stars and Stripes Raised in Honolulu ENGLAND AND UNITED STATES Said to Have Afreed to Co-operate The Battleship American Boy-Admiral Schley Sick An Extraordinary Document A special dispatch from Honolulu dated August 12, says: "Frecisely at 11:52 o'clock the Hawaiian flag de scended from the.flagstaffs on all the government buildings, and exactly at five minutes to twelve, the Stars and Stripes floated in the tropical breeze from every official flags taff. - "The ceremony was a most impres sive one. To hear the strains of 'Hawaiian Fonoi' for the last time as a national anthem: to h blow taos as the Hawaiian anaic-n sank from its position, and to notice me emotion oi many who had been born under it and had lived their lives' under it, was solemn. "Autthen came tho bugle, call for the raising of Old Glory and the strains of "The Stat Spangled Banner' broke forth as that banner was. unfurled to the breeze. When the "cheers broke forth, eyes that had been dim for a few minutes be came bright and lighted up when- the Stars and Stripes blew out. In the grounds and around ftll tha nnnrnnnVi aa were crowds of on-lookers ofevery na tionality. JNotably remarkable was the number of Hawaiiana. Within thA grounds the military and naval display f t -r . . . was nne. Jtiawanan troops, United States marines, the monntftd natrol. the notice and the ditizena' flnnrrl m. sented a sulendid aonearnnca. whila tha platform for the exercises and the ve- ranaas oi tne executive buiiaing were gay with brilliant Bummer .dresses, feathers and ribbons, and the brightest iaces tnat Honolulu possesses. The uniforms of staff and naval officers added brightness to the scene. The weather was propitious, A ball at the executivo. building at which 2,000 guests were present, was the culmina tion of the festivities which followed the ceremony of the flag raising." . '! " - An Extraordinary Document. A document entirely unique in the annals of warfare was cabled to the War Department by General Shatter, It is in the form of a congratulatory farewell address to the soldiers of the American army by - Pedro Lopez de Castillo, a private Spanish soldier, " on behalf of 11,000 Spanish soldiers. The following is the text of the address, as cabled by (jreneral Shatter: "To Major General Shafter, commanding the American Army ' in Cuba: Sir: The Spanish soldiers who capitulate. in this place on the 16th of July last, recognizing your nign ana just position, pray that through you all the courtesies and noble sol diers under your command may receive our good wisnes and farewell, which wo send on embarking for our beloved Spain. For this favor, which we have no doubt you will grant, you will gain the everlasting grati tude and consideration of 11,000 Spanish soldiers, who are your most humble servants. Iblgned Pedro Lopez de Castillo, Private oiimantry. Will Act Together. "The Manchester, England, Guardian says: "We understand that United States Ambassador Hay's recall to Washington, to accept the post of Se cretary of State is duo to his special nines s to carry out a policy in regard to which negotiations have been pro ceeding for somft timfl hnln-Apn Wash ington and London, and upon which a substantial agreement has been reach ed, whereby the two countries will act together in the far East, or wherever American and British interests are identical. The, American Boy. Mayor Van Wyck has appointed Randolph Guggenheimer president of the council, and Elbridge T. Gerry and Chas. T. Barney a committee to receive fund's for the proposed warship "American Boy," in which H. Rankin Goode and Harry J. Frice, of Cincin nati, are interesting the school 'chil dren of the country. It is the purpose of the boys to collect $5, 000, 000 from the school children to build abattleship to take the place of the Maine. Powder Mills Blown Up. An explosion occurred in the plant of the Chattanooga Fpwder Company, at Coltewah, Tenn., 18 miles above Chat tanooga, killing two men and injuring slightly a number of others. , The cause of the explosion is not known. The building iu which the explosion occurred caught fire aud burned to the ground. The loss will be about $?, 000, mainly on the building and machinery. More Rowdyism and shooting at Phoebus. A special from Newport News, says: Riotous demonstrations in Fheobus culminated in an exchange of shots between a crowd of Maryland .volun teers on one side and about a dozen civil officers on the other. After this encounter the soldiers had another re volver battle with negroes. ' Eighty Troops Drowned. A dispatch from Buda-Pesth to a London news agency, says that while a regiment was crossing a pontoon bridge over the river Maros, near Hoad, the bridge collapsad. Teree hundred men were immersed, and it is feared that eighty were drowned. Admiral. Schley Sick. Admiral Schley is confined to his summer home in Westport,C. by illness, and no one except his attendants are allowed to see him, or have any con versation with him. The illness is pro nounced a fever.tthe character of which is not yet known. Troops SaH for Manila. The transport Arizona, with General Merriam and staff, and about 1,300 troops, recently sailed from San, Fraa eiico for Muniit yja Hd&olala. THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. t The South. There are now between 500 and COO eases of typhoid fever in the general hospital at Fort McPherson Judge William McLaughlin died at his home in Lexington, Va., from a carbuncle. Capt John Carmichael, commissary department, committed suicide by shboting himself at Lakeland, Fla. Frivate J. E. Costello, Battery B, Fifth United States Artillery, died in the hospital at Fort Thomas, Ky., of typhoid fever. The Tenth Virginia District Republi can convention, held in Richmond, nominated CoL G. R. Hubbard for D. D. Street, of Marshall county, was nominated at Montgomery, Ala., for Congress by the Fopulists in the Seventh district 1' Six persons lost their lives recently by the burning of the National and Windor Hotels at Hot Springs; Ark. ' Rev. J. B. Fletcher, a Congregation al minister and one of its Missionaries, was shot while attempting to organize a church at Smiley, Ga. The South End Hotel at Tybee Is land, Ga., with four adjoining cottages belonging tofthe hotel, was burned to the ground. Senator Bacon, of Georgia, does not believe in the retention of the Pilippine Islands, but says the United States ought to hold a good size "resting place.4" J At Atlanta, Ga., a fierce hand to hand fight, between Jeff Harbin and Perino Jordan, resulted in Jordan being fatally wounded. Harbin was also wounded slightly. In a duel with pistols, near the head of Poplar,Creek, Pineville, KyV Isaac Lusford, Bratcher Williams and John Head were killed and Marshall Malone dangerously wounded. The trouble occurred over two disreputable women. Jos, Castelanos, alias George Eduard Vanderbuilt, an' alleged Spanish spy, who was liberated from Ft. McPherson, came near being the victem of a mob of half drunken soldiers and civilians, at Atlanta, Ga., recently. John B. Redwine, a well-known lawyer and yeal estate dealer and monev lender at Atlanta, has' failed: Liabilities about 35,000. His clerk claims the assets will amount to $50. 000. ) . At McCoom City, Miss., Mr. Scott "Causey and his Vwifo were foully mur der sd. The assassin used a gun loaded with buckshot. The officers put blood hounds on the murderer's trail. They followed-Tom Gaines,- a neighbor of the Causey's. Games was taken to Magnolia jail to prevent a threatened lynching. m : Alex. Walker, a negro living near, Pleasant Hill, Ala., was called from his cabin recently by a party of white men and carried to the woods, where he was strapped to a stump and beat with buggy traces. He was re-, leased and managed to crawl back to his home, where he died half an hour later. , The North. Within the past 60 days the receivers of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad have ordered'almost G,000 new freight cars,1 A congress of Indians was one ofithe features at the Omaha Exposition re cently. Twenty tribes were represent ed. - "Kid'? McPartland and Owen Zeig Ier fought 25 rounds, before the At lantic Club, at New York, recently, and Charley White, the referee, decid ed in favor of McPartland. Saloon-keeper J. Hyman Gruff, of Division and Hester streets, New York city,; has begun suit for $25,000 against Frank E. Rosen, a furniture dealer, for alienating Mrs. Gruft s affections. At White Lake, N. Y., on the Mo hawk &f Malone Railroad, Fred Reck nall mistook his son, Philip, aged 16. for a deer while hunting, and shot him, death ensuing soon after. A few years ago another eon, George, was shot and killed iu mistake. for a bear. f Miscellaneous. The Spanish prisoners at Ft. Mc Pherson have been sent to Fortsmonth, N. H. . : . V Three transports recently arrived at Montauk, L. L, from Santiago with sick soldiers. ; The President will visit the Omaha Exposition during th grand peace ju bilee, which will be the feature of early October. ' . A military board has been appointed to settle claims of citizens of Virginia against the army for depredations. , -Major General Merritt has notified the War Department that; the cable from Hong Kong to Manila is again in working order. i ' The acme of precision has apparently been reached by a, Berlin clockMnaker. named Lobner, who has just perfected mechanism for measuring and -recording the thousandth part of a second. At the National Life Underwriters' convention recently held in Minne apolis, Minn., the contest for the Calef loving cup was settled by the awarding of first place to the essay of George W. Johnson, agent of the Mutual Life, at Cincinnati. The second essay was by Robert L. Foreman, of Atlanta, Ga. ; Foreign. Old Confederate notes are beinsr passed at Ponce, Porto Rico, for legal U. S. tender. i The comments of the German1 Dress are generally favorable and friendly toward the United States. , - The death rate of Santiago is about seventy per day. Tho heavy rains in crease the fever among the soldiers and the inhabitants alike Gen. Morales, the Guatemalan revo utionarv leader in the late uprising. was found dead in a cave recently. The Spanish Porto Rco commis- 1 . I - 3 -W t sion, nas Deen apppiniea. ii is composed of Admiral ; Yallarino, Gen eral. Ortega and Senor Sanchez. It has been agreed that the Cor bet t- McCov fisht shall occur between Sep tember 25 and October 1. The Madrid government has accepted he resignation of the governor-gen or al of tHe Canaries, General Manzano. His successor has sot yet been ' p pointed - A DARI RNG0BBERY. Nearly $S00 Taken From the Store i of Mr. 0. Fitzgerald at Pelhairi, A bold robbery is reported from Pel bam, near the' Virginia border. The residence of Mr. J. O. Fitzgerald, a prominent merchant and postmaster, was entered thrflngh a window. The robber secured from the trousers,pocket . of Mr.,Fitzgerald, who, with lus wife, was sleeping in the apartment, a watch aud the store aud safe keys. The atore, several hundred yards; away, was thsn entered, and when Fitzgerald went to the store he discovered the loss of nearlv 8S00 in money, all of which, except $14, postoffice funds, was his own. Bankruptcy Districts! The following ban-kruptcv distriots have been constituted: . The counties of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus, W. M. Smith, of Charlotte, referee. jForsythe, Stokes, ladkin,- Surry, Alleghany, Ashe, Wilkes and . Watauga constitute another district, J. E. Alexander, of Winston referee. The counties of Swain, Jackson, Graham, Macon, Clay and Cherokee constitute another dis trict, with J. U. Hooker, off Webster, referee. Xhe counties of Davis,: David son, Randolph, Montgomery aud Guil ford constitute another district, with J. R. McCrary, of Lexington, referee. The counties' of Burke and Catawba, constitute another district, with W. S. Pearson, of Morganton, as r.ef eree. The counties of Rowan,. Stanley and Iredell constitute another district iu bankruptcy, with A. H. (Price, of Salisbury, as referee, The,counties of Caldwell and Alexander t constitute another district iu bankruptcy, with Alfred A. Dnla, of Lenoir, as referee. The counties of Orange, Rockingham and Caswell constitute another dis trict in bankruptcy, . with ! Frank Nash, of Hillsboro. refefee. The counties of BunCombe, Union, j Anson, Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland," Ruth erford, Polk, Henderson and Tran sylvania, until further ordered, consti tute a district in bankruptcy, with n. S. Anderson, of Heudersonville, ref eree. No appointment has 3'eV been made for the district composed of the counties of McDowell, Yancey,; Mitch ell, Madison and Haywood. One Hundred Dollars in Two Prizes. . In order to encourage the! interest of the voung in the history of lour State, the North Carolina Publishing Society of Raleigh has offered two prizes pne of sixtv dollars to contestants between the ages of sixtoea and twenty fticlu- sivo. and one of forty dollars to con testants between the ages of twelve and fifteen inclusive for the best brief sketch or reproduction of any one of the lives containod in its forthcoming book," "Lives of Distinguished North Carolinians," to be issed m jbeptember of this year. ' Valuation of Property, i i The, tniftl RSRflssmeiit of mronertv of the railway, steamboat and telegraph. companies in the state reported to. tne Auditor is S.t3.619.868. This is an in crease ov"er the assessment of i 807 of 4,462,869. The increased assessment will yield an increase of 344000 to tho Statfl Treasury. The total amount of taxes which this property yields- to the m t ' . I? ,1 i : : ! anjfifi ini oiaie, counties uuu cmea :jow,uuu. . - r, Drowned at Reicfsvilfe. i Ben Smith, aged 23, was drowned in Reidsville recentljv The whole town is overwhelmed with grief, lie was one of a large party of young nien who were swimming in Boyd's jporjd. His family is well known, which casts a a eloom. over the community. ! He was a brother of Kemper Smith,1 .a well known shoe drummer. i - 800 Horse-Power Engine. . Lawrence Holt, Cf : Raleigh, .is put ting in an 80Q horse-power engine at the Aurora Cotton iuill at uuniugton. It is said itis the largest engine in the Started He is taking out a; ,2o0 .'horsoT power engine, put in last yeaiv and ex pects to sell it to. the Edenton Cotton ir-n ' . 311 U, now in course oi cuusuuijuuu, Moving the Platform. Mr. C. R. Walton, superintendent of bridees and buildings on the Southern, has put a large force of hands to work tearing down .the present cotton plat form, in orderto build it elsewhere. It will be rebuilt on Second and lire- vard streets and will cover 25, OOOquare feet. Charlotte Observer. Outstanding Claims Paid. Actinsr Commissary General Davis. of the war Department, stated that he had settled and paid withm $40 of all outstanding claims owed py the gov ernment on account of purchase's made for the First and becond ronh Coro- lina Volunteers. . 4 f Tarheel Notes. Durham has another case of small pox ' The Second Regiment will be dis banded. John Hall, colored,' Charlotte, had the misfortune to lose 3150. The grape crop in the vicinity of Raleigh has all been marketed. Prices ruled low. The annual re-union of the Rowan veterans will be held in Salisbury in September.. , The citizens of Ashevilje were greatly excited recently over the prospects of finding gold ere in that city. Two illicit distillers were captured in Moore and Orange recently by Deputy Collectors Holland and rerkins. A post office has been established at Bixbv. Dare eounty, and Vm. T. Myers was appointed postmaster. ' The Republican J udiciai and Con gressional convention met iu Salisbury recentl v. J. i. union was nominated for solicitor and Morrison Caldwell was endorsed for Congress. It is rumored at Saratoga N. Y., tha'i the Vanderbuilt property at Aahevilld will be sold, as Mr. Geo. Vanderbuilt bride does not like the place and dcei sot wish to comej to Asheville to lire;. ? Mr. E. F. 'Yerdery, president of the Warren mill, sear UranitevilIe.UNorth arranging to buy machinery 4o equip his mill, he has room in the new mill buildmg place 30, QOQ 0piodJa and X The National Farmers Alliance And Industrial Union. , President Mann Page, Brandon, Va. Vice-President C. Vincent, Indian apolis, Ind, . j Secretary-Treasurer W. P.Brlcker, Uogan Station, Fa. UCCTUBSB8. J. P. Sossamon, Charlotte, N. 0. , Hamlin V. Poore, Bird 'Island, Minn. " F. H. Peirsol, Parkersburf, W-i Va. nation a i Exxcxrrm COMMOTES Mann Page, Brandon, . Va.; It, A, Bouthworth, Denver, CoL. ; John tBre nlg, W. Va. ;A.:B. Welch, New Torki W. A. Gardner, Andrew'! Settlement, drew SetUemei tABT. . J i, Denver, Cow. Pa. rCDICIART. B. A. Southworth, R. W Beck, Alabama. M. D. Davie, Kentucky. VOBTH CAROLINA FARMERS' STATE ALLI ANCE. J President- J no. Graham, Ridgeway, N. C. Vice-President W. O. Upchorch, Morrisville, N. C. SecretarY-TreasurerJ.T.B. Hoover, Hillsboro, N. C. ' State Business Agent T. B. Park ei. Hillsboro, N. C, ! Lecturer Dr. V. N. Seawell, Villa- now, Nr C. j Assistant Lecturer W. B. Brick- house, N. 0." Chaplain W. S. Meroer, N. 0. ' Door-keeper Geo. T. Lane, Greens boro, N. C. Assistant Door-keeper Jas. E. TJjon. Durham, N. 0.' j Sergeant-at-Arme A. D. K. Wol lace, Raleigh,' N. C;N Trustee Business Agency Fund W. A. Graham, Machpelah, N. CJ . EXECTJTIVE. COMMITTEE OF THE NORTH CAROLINA FARMERS STATE ALLIANCE. i . J. W. Denmark, Chairman, Raleigh, N. 0. John GriLam, Ridgeway, N. CJ Wl B. Fleming, Ridgeway, N. p. A. F. Hileman, Concord, N. C.j Dr. J, B. Alexander, Charlotte, N. 0. . n I Thomas, D. Oldham, Teer, N. (f. STATE ALLIANCE JUDICIARY COMMITTEH. Dr. J. E. Person, Pikeville, N. C. W; S. Barnes, Raleigh, N0. T.IIvey, Hillsboro, N. 0. mm 0l To Atlanta. Cha'rlotto.AuKUs(a,Athen. Wil mington, New Orleans, .ChatianooRA. Nash ville, ew Yoik, Jioston. i. rhllochphlii, chmond. Washington, Norfollt and IU Bchedulo In effect July 18, 1898. SOUTHBOUND. No. 403 io if ilOOptn 13 05am 50am 4 30am I 05am LV. New York, Tenn. R.R. 11 00am Philadelphia " l pm Baltimore " 3 15pm Washington, 4 40pm Richmond, A C. L. ,8 66pm Lv. Norfolk, B. A. L. 8 30om 9 05am Portsmouth, 8 45pm Lv.Weldon, Ar. Honderson, 11 23pm 1 12 56am Ar. Durham. 4 7 32am U 16Lm Lv. Durham, f 7 00pm flf 50nm . i n i ..i . .i. ; 2 16am 3 40pm 3 33nm 4 05pm 4 2-lnm Q 5Hpm 3 07nm 56pm 5 53am 8; 10pm 6 43am $ 12pm l$05pm Sauford, Southern I'lnes, " Hamlet, '. ' ' " Wadesboro, ' Monroe, " Wilmington, " Ar. Charlotte, . " 7 50iim 1 25 8l)3ann'10T6 pm Ar. Chester, 6pm Lv. Columbia. O. N.'A I . It. VVi put Ar. Clinton. 8. A. L. 9 45am 'Ji 14am Greenwood. . " 10 3 jara Abbeville " -..1103am Elbcrton, V 12 07pm Athens, " l.Wpm Winder, " 1 66pm Atlanta, fOntral tlmw) 2 50pm I 35am 141am 43am 28am 5 20 50KXUB0UND.- J ,No. 40JL No. S3. Lv.Atlauta(Centun)S.A.L.M2 OOu'n 1 60pm Winder v . " 2 40pm l640pm Athens.' s l.tnm 11 19nm Elberton, . Ableville, Greenwood, 4 15pni It SUm 5 15im 1 35am 5 41pm 6 30pm u Clinton, 3 55am A r. Colu"mbia. C. N. A L. It, . . 75m. Lv. Chester. K. A. L 8 13pm H 25am "10 5pm 60ai Ar. ( hariottB. Lv- Monroe, 'J 40pm 11 15pm 05am I OOrn I 05pm Hamlet, Ar. Wilmiuton, Lv. Southern Tines, " 12 00 im 00am 2 16am 11 25am Ar. Henderson, 3 VHam 12 ft' ftOrjm purham, "t7 3'itm t l''i'm 47 00pm fit) Wntn Lv. Durham, Ar. Weldon, " 55am in,.hmnn.l. A. C. L. 8 20am f7 85pm 130pm 10 9Ham 3 60am 6 53am liOpm 5 35pm - i Washington, I'enn.iyt 12 a 1pm LaTtimore, " i.4iJpm I'hilalelphU, " ' 3 60pm New York. . " , 6 23pm Ar. Portsmouth, B. A. L " 7 25am 7 35am Norfolk, "Daily. tDally, exceptBunday. mi.. ini" "Th Atlanta gAeclal Solid Vestlbifled Train of Pullman Sleepers and Coachwtytween Wablogton and AtlaD. ta, also Iullman Sleepers between I orts- moutb and t nwter, n. Jv Solid Train, Coa'chen and Iu,lmftn.fcplr! i. anri Atlanta. Company Sleepers between Columbia and Atiaaia. Both trains mane immnum .,w 7T" at Atlanta for Montgomery. Mobile. Jew or . rr. -iiin( Mat! chattanoe- ga, Nashville. Men phis, Macon and Jlorida. - For tickets, pleepers: etc.. apply M J. . w. Va.: Geo. Me. P. Watte, irav, ? Charlotte, N. C. fL-,r E. St. John, vice-rres. ana -ru. H. W. B. Glover, iramc jiubs"! V. E. McBe. General Supt. in T I .unnn fl P ACTAnt. . General Offlcea. rortamontn, 4 If eavlet Baby Ever Borij. . Thfl ipvlest baby known Is rebortea fmrr, n viilflife near Brussels, where ft formfi wife has lust elven birth to a child welffhing over twenty-one pounas, 4A " I which U declared by expert? to bo Xh9 20am 55a a i 48pm ! i r I

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