--v; -t- J ft--- - ' Hi- EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE.. '()L. 1. RALEIGH, N; 0.. THURSDAY; SEPTEMBER 15, j898. 22. 1 r i- IS t4 U- It U- t - ' V, rr, t iuUilL frupress of Austria Killed in Geneva, .Switz ci land, by an Italian Anarchist. MO iVQMEN WEEPJHG1N f'rrd' Ki Appjints a Committee of Investigation to Examine Into Cor.duct cf the Commissary, Quartermaster and Medical C-rca-JS tf the War Department. $32,000 Gold Nugget. t'enova. Switzerland, r ", .:?: The Era press of :. -a -mated this afternoon, filler Majesty was walk- ttr hotel to the landing . i .1 "1 - U u l-. 'ii.ti naari-hist named Luc ia !.. k: jui born ia Paris, of M ! ti, Miitienly approacneu i.-r fo tbe heart The Em- - f- - up again aud was carried t. !.:.( r. micou,ciotv3. The boat 1 1.; n'in;' the Empress had rnusciousuess. tho cap irr.f i a?.d the Empress wascar- Hotel Beaunvage, where .. i. ' ' . u.vttutit of the assassination b I'.? I r !; r?H if Austria, sajs: "Af- (?:.. !tu:i stabbed from beliinu, f it j . - riM and walked on board nhfte the fell, fainting. : r.i t-.n .iot wish to put off from . b-it did so at the request of I ::; !. and hir suite, there being i: i : i ii,:ii'jU that she wasseriouely l. i !.e sttamer was turned back.be- r !:!. vo open lake, ami me jr.-. ti!ircnioiuus, wa carried to I v.i n tretcher. After striking ,e i r the nssas-s'n ran along me : A I ! with the evident mteu f ueriug the Square des Alpes tcju'hiug it he was seized by ..o rv?;i9::, who had witnessed the !' i ft t')nlarme, who conroyeu a t t'ie police station. The prisoner ti: resistance. lie even aug Hi ua.kfd alcusr. Kavinir: 'I did au I sho must bo dead.' At j luivo :l!oa he declared that a 'starving anarchist with l for tho ioor, but only for e tn-U " Later, when taken to the art iio':S'),Anil interrogated by the i; '!. in tho preseuce of three l:!. !! o. Ilio local iroverument and I ue preicuueu uui iu .t.v lie:n h and refused to answer .r-twu. Tlio iolice, on searching f j-.K.d a document showing his t:i. t.. l o l.ui Eaocbint. born in .; ri t-7::. nn Itntian soldier. He .11 I e tnd according to tho can- r. in v Ii iol the crime was committed." h cU f. rlud capital punishment and iktlifo imprisonment t'ie most se re --i2'ty tlmt can bo imiosed. Tho re;l"it t1 Switzerland and other "i.t r t.f the go'vernment wero stun- i una horror and enePwhen the readied the palace that the Ern es, so beloved by all Europeans, il f:t'lon a victim to an osassin with- th I. idr id their country. TLi !e If'ral authorities had been iu- I f the visit of the Empress, and e uotUift the (overnors ot tne can- u. i v l.i!ipres.H expected to visit, in- Uv.z theia to take special police e-u!- for tier comfort ana eaiety. K si j rarfil nocesarv. They wero it v.ii jriii-sl t.f Her Malestr'a inteu- t-- ;it t ieaeva,' nor were the of-i-anare of ber presence, as she iraveiiog incognito. ino ponce e i,i-t blaiaed. though the circum a!:,r.re"poiiible for the lack of ire- iiSion aie widtdv regretted. it.eiluu I is profundly stirred '.il porrovr and indiirnatioo. The p i t-rs of ail cities have printed extras f- 'c-piu horror of tho crime. il.- t.tui re'H of Austria was born ' (.!:.! r lv;7. She was a dangh- r-r rf I i;J:e "lau:iilian of I'avaria, aud t uii'i .1 to Trancis .lo.epb. Em jefT t f A:-:r:a aud Kiug of Hun- At nl :i. !V,4. They had three ' lr :i. tl,, Areaduchess ( iiso!a. who - !..mivi t Prince Euitpold of Ba- xi:t.t. Archduke Pudolpb, who : in:- I r, Stcpbnie of 15elgiura, t ;,. oeniiugiy) assassinated "i l i:ie Ariuttucuess Jiaria Married the Archduke Mil r t f Austria Tuscany. ri , was an entnusiastic fcvr..,.!.iaU. t U.-.znt's Gates. .:tv:a! from Havana says: Ten th'-n-sr..! :n;iiii;e:it4 under the com- r-j I of i.-ioml Havia Hoderinez : I titnera'. Iiai Lave surrendered luvaaa an,i v .!1 attempt to enter the t.x- dnri'.g x'.v vtay of American peace t :uuiiMto!trrs. '! here arc with them f . i : y i iv . i c e t . t : ud o e s who are surTer with huirger. Thus far they have Jei.iMiiel several miles from' the j r!4-.;sh Iinei aud havo threatened J t, tet.ioiitraiioo, but persons ia ' ivhouty ffur rioua trouble will re- t if the.v attempt tQ enter Havana, le insurgent, however, declare thuir coming is with no warlike in t'iia. They think they should be lowed to ent. reaceably. rthics Shipped to Spain. special from Havana says the en archive from the military gover I tor's i a!ca were delivered " to l'cbters and convjj-el to the Spanish uul jmer Ciudad de Cadiz, which "ITeil for Spain recently. Similar preparations are being made for early 'aparture in every branch of the gov .I'yr.mect U ETt .-y't'tn a circus comes to town, all th l aad men want to Join the D Ml RWIIWIAI L nil HiV HAA i, 1111 llUUIIUUIIli THE STRItIS flTBUDflPESIH. Men and Women Weepin in the Streets. The-newa of the assassination 'of tho Qneen, of Hungary aud Empress of Austria was received with consterna tion at Dndapesth, Hungary. Men and women were seen weepiug in the streets. Everywhere mourning banners are displayed. Emperor Franz Joseph received the news af S'choenbrunn His Majesty's journey to attend tho manonvres at Zips, Hunj ;ary, was abandoned. THE. INVESTIGATION COHMITTf:. Complete List of Those Asked to Senc Col. Dan Lamont One of the Number. Tho President has urged tho follow ing named gentlomen, amopg others, to accept a placo on the commiitee re quested by Secretary Alger to investi gate the conduct of the war: General John M. Scholield, Gen. John Gordon, (Jon. Granlleld M. Dodge, President i. C. Gilnian, Gen. Charles F. dauders6n, Hon. Pobert T. Lincoln, llou. Daniel S. Eamont, Dr. AV. V. Keen and James A. Sexton. The mossag which President Mc Kinley addressed to each of these fol lows: "Will y m render the country a great service by accepting appointment as a member of the committee to exam ine into tho conduct of the conimis-, sary, quartermaster and medical bu reaus of the war department during the war, and into the extent, causes and treatment of sickness in the field and iu the camps? It w my de-sire that the full and exact truth shall be ascertained and made knowu. , I cannot too strong ly impress upon you my earnest wish that this committee shall bo of such high character as .will command the complete confidence of tho country, and I trust you will consent to serve. (Signed) " William MrKixr.Kr." General John P. Gordou has declin ed to serve on thecolnmissiou requested by Secretary Alger to investigate the conduct of tho Spanish-American war, giving as his reason his unstable health. khalifa's Force Meets Warm Reception. Aspecial from Omdurman pays that Khalifa Abdullan a few days before the arrival of the Anglo-Egyption army heard that a force of white meii occu pied Fashoda, a to whoa the we- bank of the AVhite Nile, four hundred miles south of Khartoum The Khalifa im mediately sent two steamers to inves tigate the report. Ouoof them returned and surrendered to (Jen. Kitcheuer. Tho commander of tho steamer reported " that on his arrival at Fashoda ho fouud that tho place was occupied by a force of whites. The latter opened a heavy firo on tho steamer, which narrowly escaicd being annihilated,' tho crew losing many kill ed and wounded. Many bullets wero embedded in the hull of the steamer. It seems to bo certain that tho whiten at Fashoda are a force of French troops. Tho British commander will send a flotilla of gnnbd.its up the AVhito Nilo to investigate the affair, Tho Anglo Egyptian cavalry has captured the principal wife of the Khalifa, tho mother of Osiuau Digma and Sheik Eddia. They were found in extreme, destitution ou tho left bank of the Nile. .- . $J2,00a GclJ Ntiffct. A Special from Vancouver, B. (1. says: Australiau advice: received heio on the steamer Miowcra say an im mense sensation hat been created all over Australia iy tne aiscovery near Lake Wynne, of a gold nugget weigh ing 115 pounds aud valued at 332, 0ol. The Protocol Adopted. A Special from Madrid sayfrjlie Sen ate has adopted the Hispano-American protocol by a sitting and standing vote. Br Fusion in Colorado. Fuiion bet ween tho Democrats, Pop- nlists and the Teller branch of the sil ver Eepublicans was arranged at Colo rado Surincrs recently. After a strug. le lasting "-Hhoura between tho confer ence committees of tho three parties an agreement wa reacue I by which the ollices were apportioned between the partie?. The Democrats received the governorship. - The Government's Report. Thtk rAtuma for cotton to the statisti cian of tho Department of Agriculture indicates an average ondition ot V!ntmhpr 1 hh compared with 1)1.2 vr ' v 4- - - . - onAnenstlKt.il isocline ol il points during the month. v - ' Rcosciclt Accepts. " Tol Theodoro Roosevelt authorized the announcement that he will accept the nominaitou for Governor of .New York, should it bo tendered to him by the convention of the party to be held at Saratoga. ct . Schooner Wrecked. A special from Tlanter, Fla., says: The schooner Belle, from Indian river, Captain Powell, wa caught in a gale off Kev Largo nad driven on the reef. The captain and crew are supposed to bo lost. ARMY AND NXVY DOINGS. Movement oj Our Array and Nary Breiflv Told. Members of the Third Alibama(neero) ;naged in ft Hot at Anniston, Ala., nentiy, which came near haviog ser ious results A member of the regi ment was arrested by the police for disorderly conduct and lodged in jail. Members of the Third Tennessee and Second Arkansas assisted in upholding the law. At night nearly 000 bf the Thied Alabama slipped out of camp and went to town with the intention of liberating their comrade. At the prison they were met by the provost guard. They then gathered at another point where there were white aoldiers and citizens. Here 'a riot was soon in pro gress and a dozen or more pistol shots were tired. Two negro soldiers ana a member of the Second Arkansas were shot. The white officers finally formed the negro soldiers in line and 'marched them back to oamp. The wounds were alight. The transport Mississippi reached New York recently from Ponce with G32 men, 50 civilians and 194 horses, the soldiers beloning to Troops A and L, New York Cavalry: First City Troop, of Philadelphia; Sheridi.n Troops, of Tyrone, Pa. ; the Governor's Troops, of ilarrisburg, and Battery A, Pennsyl vania Volunteer Artillery. The President has made the follow ing promotions for distingushed ser vices at Santiago: To be major-generals of volunteers, Brigadier General AVm. Ludlow and Brigadier General S. S. Sumner; to be brigadier generals, Colonel Richard K Comba, Fifth In fantry, and Lieutenant Colonel Joseph T. Haskell, Seventieth Infantry. ' Major General John R. Brooke, the American commander, has arrived safely at Rio Piedras, suburb of San Jnan, Porto Rico. Colonel Pino, the local Spanish commander at Rio Pie dras, rode to the outskirts of the town and greeted General Brooke, in behalf of Captain General Macias. it is the purpose of War Department to establish a rendezvous for troops in tho vicinity of Honolulo very soon. One of, the purposes of General Mer riam'a trip to Hawaii was to ascertain if suitable' camping grounds could be obtained, and the War Department ex pects to have a report from him within a short time. - One result of the war will be the es tablishment of a permanent fleet of army transport vessels on the Atlantio and on the Pacific. To this end, and for the purpose' of administering the affairs of this new-branch of military service, a transportation bureau of the quartermaster's department will be established- , - The United States transport Obdam, having on board Major General Nelson A. Miles and his staff; Major Green leaf, Captain Whitney, the Second Regiment of .thirty officers and 800 men, and the hospital corps, from Porto Rico, arrived at New York re cently.' Surgeon General Sternberg has re ceived a dispatch from tha ohief snr geon at Ponce, Porto Rico, naying thut that there were four cases of yellow fever 'and one death among- the troops there. This is the first report of yellow fever among the troops in Forto Rico. Camp Wikoff is now a camp of regu lars, 5,000 horse and 8,000 foot. Tbe last of the volunteers, save the Rough Riders and the sick, have left for their homes. Eleven hundred recruits for tho regular infantry have arrived from Southern posts. The gun boat Wasp, Captain Ward, sailed from San Juan, Porto Rico, for Charleston, S. C. , recently with Capt W. M. Folger, Ensign Blackley and Cadet Nelson, of the New Orleans. Lieutenant Commander' Dey is left in command of the New Orleans. General Lawton's bulletin from San tiago on Sept. 9, reports the death of Dr. E. S. Tyner -acting assistant sur geon, from yellow fever. Also two other deaths. " Total sick is 420; total fever, 2(50; total new cases fever, 38; total returned to duty, 71. The Eighth Ohio Regiment, known as tho "President's Own," reached Cincinnati recently in three sections.' When tho train arrived the Regiment had two hundred and thirty sick, bat none in a eeriouscondition. Tho steamship City of Rome has been chartered by Captain Eulate, or tho Spanish navy, to transport 100 Spanish officers and 1,300 men. The Xnvy Department has definitely deteVmined to send the battleships Iowa and Orecon around into tho Pacific for station in Hawajiau waters. The steamship Panama arrived at Fort Monroe recently from Porto Rico, bringing 255 soldiers belonging to Mas sachusetts, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Illinois regiments. Thirty of the men wero sick. ' ' It is 6aid a; the War Department that tho troops which will be used to garrj ?ou Cuba pending the establishment of tome - permanent government there, will be principally regulars. The reg iments, however, have not yet been selected. - . Governor Tanner, of Illinois, has se lected Miss Daisy Leiter, daughter of Levi Z. Leiter, of Chicago, to christen the battleship Illinois, which will be launched at Newport News the latter part of this month. The United States transport, Seneca, arrived at San Juan Sept. 6 with Ad miral Schley and Gen. Gordon of the Porto Rico military commission. She then. proceeded to Ponce, with $1,000, 000 for the troops. Lieutenant Guy Morgan, of the Twenty-second Kansas, who was tried by general court-martial on a charge of desecrating the graves of Confederate soldiers iu the South, has been ac quitted. . Five huadred Hebrew families from various citie's are ready .to emarkas set tlers in Porto Rico. Secretary Alger has announced that ho intends to make a tour of the various cauirs at which largebodies of men are now stationed with a view to ascer tain irTg fcr himself the exact condition of Affairs. General Shafter is having great diffi culty with desertions among the regu lars in camp. Over three hundred have gone from the army since it has returned from Santiago. ' Tbe Spanish transport Satrustoqui has arrived , Santander, Spain, from Saatiogo de Uuba. There were 83 deaths on board of her during the voy age. " , infi in ll II Prediction That Silveja Will De velop Into a Despotic Dictator. SENATOR GRAY APPQINTFD. Impressive Funeral Ceremonies at Camp Wikoff--Wants Gen. Gordon to -Serve Turkish Troops Must.be. Withdrawn. Bsaux. (By Cable.) The Lokalan zeiger says that a fortnight ago an at tempt was made to assassinate Queen Wilhelmina near Ameersfort, province of Utrecht and Baara. A man emerged from behind a tree and fired a revolver at Her Majesty.' The bullet mi3sedj,he Queen but ploughed the cheek of a la- dy in attendance. The would beas- sassinwas arrested. He ia supposed to be an English anarchist. The strictest secrecy ha3 been maintained hitheto as to the affair, in order not to disturb the enjoyment of the enthronement fes tivities. " - A Despotic Dictator. The following statement has been made by an important Spanish official: "Senor Silvela (the leader of a section of the Conservative party) refuses the government tho support of his party, although he is fully aware of the diffi culties of the situation. He is doubt less prompted bv the desire to obtaic power. We will do all in our power to realize his desire with short delav. The country will then see how s'oon the man, who is now iSosiug as a liberal. will be transformed ijito a despotic dictator. ' Wants Gordon to Serve President McKinley recent tender ed Gen. Gordona position as a member of "a commission to examine into Tbe conduct of the commissary aud med ical departmeiits of the army in the recent war with Spain. " President McKinley expressed tho opinion that Genera! Gordon would do the country a great servico by accepting a position on the commission and earnestly-hoped thut he would see fit to becomo a mem ber. The President has also tendered Maj. Gen. Schotield a place on tbe commission with Gen.-Gordon. Impressive Funeral Services The most impressive scene witnessed since Camp AYikoff was organized oo curred when Chaplain Bradshaw, of the Hundred and Seventy-first New York Regiment, read the ritual for the dead over the bodies of Cadet Joe Wheeler, Jr., and Lieut. Kirkpatrick, who were drowned recently. The whole camp showed their sympathy with General Wheeler in his great sorrow. 1 he loss of these two young officers has cast great shadow over the camp. fc Senator Gray Appointed. - Tho President named Senator Georgo Gray, of Delaware, as the fifth member of the reaeo commission. This com pletes the personnel of tbe eoniraissioj, which stands: Secretary Day, Sena tors .Lavis, trrye and Uiay, ana lion. Whitelaw Reid. In selecting Senator Gray, tho President 'has given Demo cratic representation on the commis sion. Turkish Troops Must Withdraw, The admirals of the foreign powers replying to the protests of the Cretan executive committee against tho mas sacre by the TjrkSj have declared that tney will recommend that their respec tive governments solve the -question definitely by the removal of the Turk ish troops from the island of Creto and the appointment of a government se lected by the powers. " ? : Women Appointees. Dr. Estelle M. Riley, of Cincinnati, has been appointed district physician of that city. Sho was graduated in 1895 from the Laura Memorial College in that city.. Governor Stephens, ol Missouri, has Appointed Miss Frankie V. Mndd inspector of oils foT the city of St. Charje-i in that State, to succeed Mr. Julius Rauch. - 1 To Self Them as Historical Souvenirs. The bullion dealers who purchased the Spanish gold, silver and notes found on the Infanta Maria Teresa after tho battle of July 3, propose to dispose of the whole lot to the public at a premium" over tho face value, as interesting historical souvenirs. The coins are tarnished by fire and water and the notes aro tarnished. In Honor of Their Queen. The'Dutch residents of Wilhelmina Caroline county, Md., held a little cele bration of their own recently in honor pf their Queen. They wound up by sending a cablegram to her Majesty congratulating her and con veyiug the "love and good wishes of the Hollanders in Welhelmina colony." General Clay Divorced. A special. from Richmond, Ky.,'says General Cassius M. Clay, the sageof White Hail, has been pranted a divorce from his girl wife, Dora Richardson Clay, by Judge Scott, of the Madison County Circuit Court The decree re stores the defendant to her maiden name, Dora: Richardson. . Many Changes Will Occur. Many important changes will occur in the army and navy during the re maining' months of the present war. These are due to the natural course of events and are in no wise the result of the war with Spain. ..Two brigadier generals of the army and four rear ad mirals of the navy will go on tlie re tired list by operation of law on ac count of age. making vacancies which will result in promotions all along the Ime in both services. i COTTON MILL CONSTRUCTION; Jc: i v.zif a ifee icar win tenpse ue Record cf the First Hall The closing half of 1338 promises to t at the itc -rd of the first six months h&hu election of New cotton .Mills in "o; ili arcliua. ,The most important f theso prospective mills is one to be -uilt :.t X'tAdcntiUo.' At Chapel Hill u cfu- anj' i6 furiiling to build a spin umg una. In addition, a down or ilovs leading nr.il companies have re-cfcu-.!v decided to largely increase the capHCity of their plants. The building , Kniitiug aud hosiery mills are keep pace with record of cotton spinning. I'.i.i wenvmg mills, and many mills have iscrcas'.Mi tneir capital stock aud en- argetf. the capacity of th'eif plants With in a month. - " 1 - , F.f.li District Revenue Collections. " Cashier Gilmer Breuilzer, of Collec--tor Hawkins office, reports the follow ing collections in the fifth district for the month of August: Tobacco, $104,-, 4HL 31; spirits, f;?,160.42; cigars, Sl, Uty.O.j; cigarettes, $1,400.00; snufl, 15c; special tax, $2,435. 17 documentary, 290.81; proprietary, 8493.(57; miscel laneous, 18,1561.37,- Total, 169,158.95.. Ihese amouuts were collected at the various offices t as follows: Winston, '5103,893.70; Statesviile, $29,707.75; Asheville, '$29,861. 18; Mfc Airy, 3;f 094.37. Old Citizen and H s Decsndants. Thomas Thompson recently celebrat ed his 88th birthday with, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren at hi home near SaxapahaW, Alamauce couutv. He has 7 children, 19 grand children and 08 great 'grand children. There were present 7 child ren, 19 grandchildren and - 12 giat grandchildren. ", Out of Funds. SuperintendentWiiliam C. Sttonach, of the Soldiers' Home, says he is en tirely out of funds, and will need et least i?!;00; to carry it to .the end of the fiscal vear, Novembei ,30th. Mrs. Jo-t-eph B. Batchelor, at 'Raleigh, is tho president of tho board of lady mana- aiei s, and he has requested her to make ' an appeal to tne people 01 me oiaie iui aid. - . r ! tl- ,r ' Sold Twenty Million feci. .Mri" R. B. Fimple, of, Littleton, na3 recently sold 20,000,000 Lfeet standing timber "of the Korth Carolina pine vari ety to Wakefield, Va,., lumbermen who will at once bo.gin the erection oi a saw mill on the property with a daily ca pacity of '40, 000 feet. The timber is only a few miles from Littleton, and known as the Long property. r-- StatesVille Sells Her Bonds. The sale of the $52, 000 worth of bonds voted last year to enable Statesvillo to put in a system of water-works and sewerage has finally been accomplish ed, 'lhe bonds were bought by F. M. Stafford & Co., and the whole lot were recently sent to the Metropolitan Na tional Bank, of Chicago, where they were to bo delivered. Stunned, by Lightning. Dnrintr a tpTiifift storm which v.isited Back Creek, Mecklenburg county , Mrs. V. U. juaviswas siunnea uy iiyniuiuy. She was knocked otf tho door Btep aud, was some lime in recovering from the efiects of the shock and fall. . , Branning's New Railroad. The Branning5- Manufacturing Com pany, at- Edeiiton, N. C, have com pleted and will open up for general freight and passenger " business the Wellington fc Powersville Railroad, be tween Windsor and Ahoski, a distance of 83 miles. An Aged Woman Killed. . Mrs. Sallie Smith, aged 73 years, was .struck by a train recently while cross ing the Southern Railway near rear son's bridge. Her injuries were so severe that sjie died a short timej after the accident occurred. Flour Mill at Wcldon. Contiacts have been made and signsd for a flour mill at Weldon of 11 capacity of 100 barrels daily, and work wiil'soon begin. The mill will buy and grind the best wheat only. 1 Pensions to Tar Heels. In his annual report Pension Com missioner H. Clay Evans: etates that for the fiscal year ended June 30th, 1898, 561,292 was paid to 21,064 pensioners in North Carolina. 'j Railroad Improvement. By the middle bf October 15 miles of the Cape Fear and Northern Railroad, from Raleigh, via. Gary and Holly Springs,: towards the great long-leaf pine' foi efts of Harnett will be in oper ation. .By that time the Kaliegh aud Cape Fear Railroad, which is . striking south from Raleigh into the same great timber belt, will have 1G miles fin ished. Stung to Death by Bees. John Re'id, an aged citizen of Bun combe, living on Bull creek, near the Asheville Farm school, was stung la death by bees recectly. : Tar Heel fyles. ' Mr. Tom Shaw .was. showing in Cotton Town at Charlotte, recent ly, a ' stalk of cotton from Mr. Tom Hoover's place, which had 26 bolls on it all of which had been ruined by the boll worm: The Aberdeen & West tund JiaUroaa is building an extension from Troy to Mt'Gilead, 14 miles, and the work is being pushed so rapidly that in 30 days it will be'CompIeted. . . The Presbvterian College at Char lotte Las opened its fail sessic Raleigh 'now baa six public schools two for white and four for negro chil dren. It -will soon bavo a third for white children. The eito has been pur chased. ' ' . 1 r At Pilot Mountain Absalom Moore, a tobacco broker of Fayettoville, droj r.ed dead in tbe office of Rodman Bros. while making a deal for a large lot of tobacco. '. I - An old colored woman was killed in her house near Roxboiro recently by lighjning. She bad made a bed on the floor and was on that when she was killed 1 US KILL M 300 Native Christians and 67 British1 Subjects Massacred atGandiaV RECORDS OF PEACE AND WAR. Spam'sli Mail Steamer ;Arrhcs at l! iru With -Injl'iicticas -for Military Conun's-sJea-An Ohio Trajcay . ' . J ' r -"J' from Candia, IsWid of A special Creic, Fay 3: The Bashi Bazon'k's. ore eominittins excesses and the Christians in the fiUiroiiuding di&tricts are arming to march to the assistance of the Can dians. The British, German and Span ish consulates have been looted; and thus faf i.hree hundred native Christ ians and sixty-Bteii British subjects have been killed." ! Record of Peace and War. j It is interesting in view of the! die' cussion over the number of onr soldiers filled in battle and the number filled by disease to have tbe exact figures. Here they are: Killed in the army, 260; Stilled in the "navy, 12; killed in 'the marines, 7; wounded in the army, 1.4XJ0; wounded in the navy,- 10; wounded in the marines, 13. Total, 279 killed; 1.423 wouuded. Dead in Camp at .Santiago, 341 ; dead on home coming troopships, 95; dead in camp of recuperation, 150; dead in camps of mobilization, 800; Miscellaneous, hos pitals a,nd homes, 700. Total killed by disease (est'd), 2,086; total stricken "by. disease (est'd), 40,000.' :. j Arrited With Instructions. . j; , The Spanish mail steamer Ciudad de Cadiz, which arrived, vat Havana re cently, brought instructions from the Madrid government to the ; Spanish eva'enation commiasioners, dealing with the details of the evacuation, the ques tions of fottificfttionsi Buiidings mort gages. and other propertiea of tho State .to. be' renounced by "Spain along with her sovereignty in the island.; Thev joint sessions of tbe commissioners will beheld behind closed doors in the palace of the colonial government, and jt is understood that the utmost. Becrecy t ,Will be observed, all avenues of infor mation being zealously guarded. An Ohio. Tragedy. rA special from Cambridge, O.,! says: ' 'Squiro Boyd and daughter, Mrs. J. L. Wyrick, residing throe miles east of here were" found murdered. , Orin Law, son-in-law of Mr. Boyd, was foard uneonRcious iii another room. There were no wounds or marks on his person. Suspicion points strongly against Law and ho was arrested. Lajv's wife died about threo weeks ago, audit is known that there has been trduble between him and the murdered man." v Develop Cuba and Porto Rico-; Articles of incorporation of the American Indies Company, with a capi tal of 18,003,000,' have been filed: with the Secretary of State of New Jerfey, nt Trentou. The company has been in proooss of formation several months, and was orgauized for , the purpose of taking advantage of the extraordinary economic transformation now at work in Cuba antl Porto Rico. It intends to renovate old en! ei prises and create rew ones in those prodigously rich islands... Leiter Out of the Whirl. Joseph Leiter has cleared up his famous wheat deal. Every creditor has been paid, obligations to banks whose assistance was enlisted have been can celled, and 14,000,000 bushels of wheat have been liquidated-since the an nouncement of tho' voluntary assign ment nearly three months ago. This' has been done by groat sacrifice,' in cluding the giving of mortgages on property belonging to the Loiter estate aggregating nearly 5,500,000 in value. r- -----BrP---' Behind Closed Door. The Spanish cabinet, at a recent meeting, agreed to take the most strin gent measures to prevgnt the publica tion of the proceedings of the Cortes and to provide, for the censorshipwf telegraphic dispatches. Tellerites Justified. The coroner's jury . in tho case of Charles E. Harris, killed in tlie light recently between rival factions in the silver" - Republicans, at , Colorado Springs, Col., rendered 'its. verdict, justifying the Teller faction ia its endeavor to .hold the opera house nftinst the anti-Tellerites. The ver dict says that the shot which kille&C Harris was fared by persons nnKnown to the jury. Col. Kay Congratulated. A committee of ihe Anglo-American League, at London, headed by its chairman, James Bryce, presented tho United States ambassador, Colonel John Hay, with an address congratu lating him upon his acceptance of tbe portfolio of Secretary of State at Wash ington. j 'I , mmm ; Elevator and Mills Burned. The Memphis Grain Elevator and Manufacturing Company and the Eag'.o Mills at Memphis, Tenn.j were totally destroyed by fire recedtly, which started in'the elevator from an unknown cause. Total loss, $242,000; insurance,' 75,000. English Town Without a Mayor. . According to the St. James Gazette, at Bury St. EMmuuds Town Conncil the deputy mayor said he had to announce with regret that up to the -present no suitable inhabitant of tin? borough had been found willing to undertake the Important duties of mayor for the en suing, year; The meeting would there fore be adjourned for a months in the hope that someone would be forthcom ing during that time. j v . 1 1 New York Charities. N'd city Lin the world approaches New York lh doing good tg the poor and needy. The benevolent contribu and private, cf which any tions. public record is" kept, aggregate between $10,.KX,0iH hnd SlC.OOo.ooo annually Manhattan Borough alone. The pri vate clirritniU institutions in old New York rcprcnt a real rstate valuation of nearly jM0.l0.0OO. Our hospitals have roarliod th aistonlehhig number of int. makv of the iinMUuttou Iwlng boused in palathil buildings olilppel ivitil very .model n b'Vico- fof the anudioratioM f the eondltlon of in- matrti. while tlicro-nvo oiner wwih j luhnients provided '.with department jor tj,rt rtjjc.; .,, mitvof the strk. We hosntt.ilH under the pntiorutjc? of several religious ieiioiniiiatlons. yet all freely ntUiit patients re'ganllvs class, eolor. rieed or; prevhus condi ... tion of. servitude. Many wealthy peo ple pi-efr hospitals to their own homes nlnees f reluco during serious III j ' . . nefses. relogiiizing the' liuiiieroiis nd vantages in niedieal service and at teudain-e.New York Pies. c The National Farmers- AUlaaoe Ana Industrial Union. pTiM.idnU-Mann Page, Brandon, 7. - . 'f ' - Viee-President O. Vinoent, Indian apolis, Ind. ', . . Secretary-Treasurer W. P.Bricker, Cogan Station, Pa. I XiECTCBKRS. .T P flrtuHftmon. Charlotte. N. 0. " TTftmlin' V. Poore. Bird Island, Minn. i " ' f . F. H. Peirsol,: Parkersburg-, W. Va. NATION A i EXEOtTTIVK COMMITTJIB". M.nn Porro Brandon. Va. : R. A Southworlh, Denver, CoJ. ; John -Bre-olg, W. Va.;A. B. Welch, New Yrk; W A. Gfti-dner. Andrew'- Bottlcment, Pa. .(''"' R,. A. Southworth Dcnvsr, Colo. R. W. Beck, Alaama. , M. D. pavie,' Kentucky, mTiTH riAROLIWA FARMERS STATE AIAIl --.. ANC!. President J no. Giaham, RidgewayJ Vice-President W. G. Upchurcb, rnrrisville. N. C. Seoretary-Trcasurer-J.T.B.lTooTec Rniutmrn N. O. - State Business Agent-t. B. ratkoiJ Hillsborci, N, C. Lflr.tnrer Dr. V. N. Scawell, Villa oow, N, p. , Assietaqt Lenturer W. B. house N. 0. Brick Chaplain W. S! Mercer. - Door-keeper G.eo..T. hne, Greens boro, N. C. I . Assistaht Dpor-keeper J as. E. Lyon Durham, N. C. . Sergeant-at-Arms A. D. K, a Trustee Business Agency F pnd-4 W. A. Graham, Machpclah, N. ,U nrnrrTiviE COMMITTEE OF TUB NOBTB CAROLINA FA RMERS' 'STATU ALLIANCE.' J. W. Denmark, Chairman, Raleigl N. C. . John GraLaoi, Ridgeway, N. CV W. B. Fleming, Ridgeway, N. O. A. F. Hileman. Concord, N. C. Dr. J. B. Alexander, Chariot N. C. . ' Thomas, D. Oldham, Teer, N. C. ITATB ALLIANCE 1 JL'DICiAHT ' COMMITTlf Dr. J. E. Person, Pikeville, N. C. W. 8. Barnes, Raleigh, N. O. T, Ivey, Hillsboro, N. C. ml ls?AinJ To Atlanta, ( :!nrkllc, Anctism, Ain"ni, j-jTungton.jNr-v Orl.-a.s, I hnttanoogn. Nasi- . .1 TOUI- villo ... v Yolk. li'irii, j iiihiu...1'uT, Waf-hiDftt ..u,' Norfolk, and Kt-rhaiond. in e!T."(.'t. August lb, 15J0. Ar. ni. ii;b. 340pra S'OS pjra 5 fl,jitn ? Mpjm 8 lOprn - 9 12pnr 120'3rm " 3 ii3 wo Boilthern rfuep, " 4 21-117 5 07nm 5 3itq 6 13.im Ha.nlet, ',Va-1e.-boro, " Ma-op, ' " Wilmington, " Ar. Charlotte, 7 Wi im r. Chcattfr, 10 fflrtm. Lv.C'olu-fabla. fijAJ. -Jl f Xr nintion ". 8- A. L. 345um 12 Hyn AbNville, lO.Xim I35jm KlbertoD. . V J 12 07pm 2 ilyn Athens, "I,: m ' Winder -' 1 tfifin 4 2m " Atlanta' fjIVnthaUi-so) 2 SOpna . 5 20m ItaipL. Ar. lienderson. Lv. Uurbam, 2 16 am 11 25ira ' 3 2HAm 12 'Mm 7 32iio fl6-ni 7 00oro .110 50 im 1 ' ArTWeldon,"-- " ' 'i?!? . Wcbmond, A. C L. 8i0am Wafhiugton, iVun.U K 12 Slpm 1-altimoPV ' J pm Pbilale!fbi.i. " . S 50pm New York, :6.f?tL 2 45 tn 7 351 m 11 'J) m 10 08jim 8 50tn 6 5.3km Ar. Portsmouth, H A. I,. 7 a im 5 20pm Norfotif, 7 3i.im 5 35 IB Dally, t ailv Bx'f'pt nnABy os. 403 and 40i.-"Th- Atanta Vv, 80IM Vei.tibale.1 Train ,l I'lihrnaa Heephrs and Coaciiw UAvn YVas!i:.tri and Atljio la, also 1'ullmnn r w ptts rnontb sir! btr. S. C. t. -nr(..L umm rin':..'hrtn:i.l VAUnau Sleepers i.ri irtcmntith aad AflntH. 1 ompany Sleeperi betwwn Colutnb.'i iin-l A.ti'i-itx Both iniiDS make nnn"ii.ii . . flt Atlanta for MoDt-jomory. Mobil- " Yrr Jin,. Texaf. Calif on, . .on Nasbvtlle. JIctnpM. Jtlfl'TUU 111' , . For tickets, f-leopc-rs. Jard.jr. V.K., Z. I'.imltb, . v 1 i ' rit-lv to H 8. a T. A.. I, 1 1- K. St John, Vl -c-rrs. and thsoi Manage H. Vvi B. Olover, 1 runo V E. UcBae. General t?rt . T. JJAnderson, O. P. AcOnt. , Gaarl OBiej, Portsmauth, Y t ! 1 si 1 il t . ! ! f 7-1 - f

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