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'.'.'. ' TO MISS C. E. SV (
t would not aak a gi.l ao dear, .
! So priceless thy heart pure lova,
; If, in aome holler, happier sphere,
Our parted aouhr might meet abova.
t would cot link thy destiny ;
AVith one io tad aa mine bag been I
For I would not thy breast should bo
ToncLed with, the sorrows I have sesn:
If, when aH earthly fet-lingt gone, ,
Our pare etberial minds might Wend
Tht?ir ningied essence, forming one.
In myrtic union, ne'er to end.
, My love for thee, roast ever rise.
Like incenic offered to the sun,
Ascending, till it reach the skies,
To inwt thes, pure and lovely one.
Ti-i best that we should live apart,
Uiiknown to thee this boanm pain;
-; For, near thee, hope would oheat iny heart,
' With" visions which could not remain.
Farewell upon It fe'rt stcnny sea,
One only star has trerii Wing" shone
The hope of meeting yet w th thee
'. Where parting never ran he known.
.A j-I . ' STRANGER.
IiOniburg-Mav 8, 1848. i" J
itIAK 1 .fllLUAl
What Mrs. Montague's Mantilla Cost!
v "Weix, It is a love of a mantilla, indeed."
T ''Yes, ma'am, it's what I call truly elegant ;
fhere aint nothing like it in' town.- But Mrs. An-
son has the best taste," we think, of any lady in the,", replied ke milliner's girl, flippantly.
"Well, I'm hot so sun? about the taste. The
' tonception i yery good, but! that, I fancy, is your
- colors. .This blue velvet and silver and the chin
chilla fur ha bat a poor effect. Now,; if : I "were
goings to order bne, I. should say dark green velvet,
with real gyld bullion cords and real sablei." j
-'Oh, my !" exclaimed the girl, clasping . her
hands whh a well-titnod affectation of surprise,
"that would bo superb. This is elegant, but that
would be queenly! Do, Mrs. Montagu, let me say
one for "you ? You'll qnite eclipse Mrs. Anson
then, and it aitit no pleasure working for Mrs. An
son, anyhow,' for she aint got no figure to set any
thing off, she a int. Do let me say one for you,
Mrs. Montagu." ' ;
"Well, I don't know. I suppose they cost a for
tane. When could you have it done ?"
. - Tuesday to-day is. Why, seeing it's you Mrs.
Mohtagu, I think I could promise it for Thursday.
t wouldn't undertakeit for anyother lady fn New
' York afore Friday night or Saturday. Yes to you
I could say Thursday afternoon. A fortune ! oh,
ta ! no, Mrs., ifontagu ; for the elegance of them, j
they'll be the lowest thing that haa come put this I
season. Anu we puis mem a leeua lower, uu
account 6f cu charging cash for them always, ev
en to our best customersl" ;
. fCash V exclaimed Mm. Montagu, casting up
her beautiful Wack eyes. "Cash! J never heard of
evch a thing." ,!
. "On laccount of oar having to purchase tne tur
and lace and cords7you know, ma'am. They are
ca& articles with us." . " : '
Yes, 1 see..' Well, Emcline, what would the
pr'tee be, if I should conclude to take one
WhyvMrs. MonUgu, the price of this is a hun-j i d better 0e doing it now, tor it 1 let it be till an
dred but if we was to make one, as you mention, I other sayson, they'd all be starved and dead, and
with, real bullion cords and tassels, and real sables,
couldn't put it less than one iBfty any way. But
then it would
po really splendid."
4 "Do you really think so, or are you only wheed-
f iing. EiiTlmy fvre iney inaeeu bo ueooming ;
i and, as she spoke, she rose up from the,8oftlycush-
r JKv nrkij-k atA K i A Krir 3 .-t in rri n rr arirl
CaBung ins ncu lautic uvrr ncr ueauuuiiy lainiig
n . j i i" a : l k ' i .'
r i i i .-A.1C-lij. r. ii:
sflOUjden, wa-iKeo stowiy up to a largo pier glass
': which fx;cupiedx the space between the windows,
haded with curtains of. rose-colored gauze, and
it ? l . :
trirew oer reany nne ngure inio every voluptuous
r attitude that can be imagined, to test the attrac
tive ijua lilies of the new mantilla. -
'"Oh, Mrs. Montagu, if you could only see your
solf, maaro, as I see you. I never knew half the
idecrance of that article till this minute. But then
- you havtj got such a figure? - Why, it was only the j
"day poor Mrs. Anson was order in this, that there
at noor Mr. Anson aettinir herself up like, for a i
hoauty, and says tne young gentleman, wheal ahe i
.. . 'W "
was gone, ll sne a got ;urs. jiontagu a iarm now, j
tther'd' be some sense in it.1 And then thc-?lady j
. ks was wun mm ene man t icok oesi .ieaseu,"t ten ;
you, mn'am, and say? ahe, 'you're always a rain' :
about that Mrs. Montagu. tI don't sea so much !
about her,' says she. 'Ladies docstt't mostly,' says
he, kihd of dry like? but she's tiic most vol uptu-1
ona lookin' dev&irfjbwn, Sis. for all that.' 1 ask j
- , . 1 .1 ..H
i your paruiui, muhuijm jusi lie ajiu ii, iikjji
' my iionor. Well, ma'am, blitll I say ThurJay
. j afternoon 1 , - .' . i
! . Well, I ftuppoMjett must, Emeline," siid MmJ
Montagu, for the anecdote had co;e tti work .-: -
Raa I bullion, remember, and real sablcH!'? i Ii
V !'CerUinly,. ma'am, dark green velvetbottle-
green we call it real sable s and real bullion cords 1
and tassels. By four o'clock on Thursday after- j
noon vou shall hate It in time to walk, if it should
be a fine dajrf before dinner. Bnt youU please
ripmember it s a Cislj artich1, ?lrs. Montagu.
; . Vs, I'll reiTieniVr. But htighs! I'm afraid
' Mr. Mcntatru'll be danciru?. if J on at such a
i tate, hey. Emeline I" :
'H-k-te-T-ho !" giggled the girl ; you've such
aweet smriis, wra. Montagu, n aoea one i?ood to
. ... m. .. . : , , .
hair vou CS onv But I must be a-jroing, ma'am. !
you gp onv
Qodd dsy to you, and thank you kindly, ma'am."
A mri'iiAAt av m )? Ka -wa4 avtillt nas a )
a swi ii. ii i nw anv a.i9 sv I , 1114111111 3 fe11'
had taken her departure, then- amd a peuteel i
anoca at tne aoor. ana at ?irs. .lonta'ru cnidin!r
intTe entered a cm iniiLrent as can ue conceiv-
; 5J frora ir who had just goue ont. .l ; j
,,T Wia nae ?'c,'rnrn nf puTrChic fleh j
i'plood ver trod th ino-iy n .f tJ.-v-'i J
o - ..- . . . . . . i - ... . i : i :t. r - i i i
was a Voun? ffentlman in our Place, Wltn a UUv; nort. .Marv l lou Insn are Strange people:-we Ul "Mu aim picruiug buricKs irom nun uiduiuer, scnoiarslnns miift scnH to the school m the yicmitv ol pent and enterprwin? furinern m the Stat.-, who not
; quito a handsome young rentlejnan, with a beau- think here tjiat it is the duty of parents to support and before the had time to think what could have j College, unless some special arrangement madewith j only give their unqualified approbation of the manner j
i?:e..t .-..K- .4 .iL, - U;n. I .us'uAn u.,t aaam t Un .ho occurred the cook rushed into her room crvin i the sabscriber. W. A kMUH. in which it ha been conducted, but urge ns t. cmu-1
Ffrin. ' Tali api finely poporticifd, not aftcT the
mould cf the becorsdUod and JwUced Rrggletima
of the day, but after the model Of the Medicjan Ve
na, with every rounded prob, and every outline 1
the ample and voluptuous torso, swelling into the
symmetries! and weepiij: corvea of. tho finest fe-
male beauty. , -
Hcr hair, it tick the raven' wing, and glossy
with a rich purple half- metallic glos, was smooth
ed away from her low, white, polished forehead,
aad collected into a heavy knot, low down at the
back of the head. Her eye were rf thedreprsi.
blue, although her strongly depicted brow and I
long eyelashes were black as night.
Her lips glowed like coral, and her cheeks were
flashed with the warm hues of. youth and health;
bnt the glimpse of her neck and chest which was ;
afforded by her high-sitting frock, was as white r.s ;
fctatuary marble, and so were her rovind,slrapeiy
arrne, which were bare almost to the slsoulder.
It was a beautiful, calm, rnoJeet face, as v:r
met the eye of man, and though it could w t fail
to he discovered to be ol the Milesian type of beau- j
ty, there was not a belle n the city, neither mat
ron or miid, who might not have envied the face
ancT form of the Irish chambermaid.
And in truth, oftentimes when Mrs. Montagu,
the belle des belles of Manhattan, sat before her
toilet table, she gazed at the reflection of Mary's
soft, round, phimp arms in the mirror as they mov
ed to and fro trainiug: her hair to flow in careless
! ringlet.s. and compared them with her own mea-!
i lt3 wrists and angular elbows which needed all the !
aid. of blonde stfuharites and furbelowed kid gloves j
to render them in the slightest deeree presentable, !
with a transient pang of jealousy and envy.
"Av you please ,9 Mr?. Montagu, av I wouldn't he
a troubling youj I'd like "to say a word, av you ;
please, ma'amKaid the girl, blusliing with em- j
barrassment, and twisting the corner of her white i
frilled apron between her fingers. j
'Oh, rio! pray, you're not troubling me at all ; :
say away what you've got to say," answered jtrs.
Montagu, kindly, for Mary was a, favorite, 'and well,
she might be so. ''What is it, Mary
41Av you please ma'am, you know, as you'll be
so go.od as to remember,- when I come to you goin'
lor two years ago, ma'am, I said av it wouldn't be
troubling the master, ma'am, I.woudn't be taking
the wages, month, by month, at all but I'd let them
stand till they'd got to be enough that I could get
me people out here, to. be wid onc't more in this
happy country."
"To be sure I remember, Mary. ' You've not
had a, cent, I "believe, eince you've - been with
W ; l
"Barri'n the prisint yourselfj made me at Christ
mas last, your ladyship, and five dollars the mas
ter giy'-me when I found thim papers he'd lost."
"Oh! that's nothin' to do with if; but about your1
wages ?"
"Well, thin, I've been wid you now these twenty
months at nine dollars' a month, and that's a hun
dred and eighty dollars it's got to be, ma'am.
And the times is cruel bad in the ould Country,
and the ould people, that's my father and my bro.h-
ers, Mrs. Montagu, they're sadly poor, and suffer
in , arid the pratee crops has u ttuid .Kin, they
say, and the folks is dying every day by thousands
and tins of thousands."
"Yes, indeed, Mary. They are terrible times,
by what we hear. The last steamer brought worse
times than ever." "
"Vis, ma'am. And the letter I'd be getting
from Maurice 1 Darby, he's my mother's sister's
husband's son, Mrs. Montagu, arid he's lived with
the ould people ever since his own folks died, and it
tould me av ever I was a going to send out for them ,
not able to profit by my good intentions. And so
seeing there's a steamer sails on Friday next for
England, I thought, av it wouldn't be giving the
master too much trouble, v he'd get me thirty
ponnds English money by next Thursd iy, that's a
hundred and fifty dollars, they tells me, ma'am, I'd
be writing them, a letter and sending the money,
so they'd all come out here right away, before the
winter does be setting in." j
"Sursh'j'Mary, surely. I will speak to Mr. ..Mon- (
tagu when he comes to dinner, and he'll be sure j
and let you have it-and I'll write the letter for you, ,
Mary, if you like," added the lady; for though vain I
and somewhat frivolous, and half spoiled by, the i
absurd affectation of pseudo-aristocracv which is j
invading ome of our
. , , --
people hke a-pestilence, she
was a kind-hearted and well meaning woman in ;
the ioain.
- 'Bat how many of them are you going to im
and sunport vour parents."
,MSure and didn't tliey support me, when I was
aiweeny mue neipiets tning, anu wasn i tuey goi u
to me, when no one e!si woudn't have put up with
.i r 1 , i I. .11
tau trouuic oi a nine, ireicaeu, mauuuenag oaooy, :
and wtmldn't I be bad and cruel to them if I didn't !
take care of them, now they're old and wake and j
can't help tliemselvee, and I in a good place, hy
the grace of God, and aiming more nor lean spend :
any way."s ' .
it cn, uu re a jiuu gill, Jiiirti aiiu i
tbejnore of you for it. But how ma ny are yon go-
ingto get over ? yon did not answer me that yet." '
"Three, mam, av you please that's my , father, '
mini, and my motner, and the boy, Maurice Der-
l.y." ,
should have thought the bjy might have help-
ed himself, Mary."
"Sure, and hasn't he lielped himself, Mrs. Mon
tagu, and helped them two, and wouldn't thev have
starved av it hadn't been lor bis four tjuarters. j
. .l u. . l : ii j i .1. . '
us a int.- urai lh'y hi hi iiciiju, anu uraebi ic
Maurice Darby."
Oh! I see, I see, said Mrs. -Montagu, laughing.
.1 i i . V.. : . j , I ,w..M K.. i : , . i .
IIJll" ii 11 dili II, -V i M Cliai! L HJQlilu 111V V'JUU i
t;.1 )iomhntii'ul nr tf thA iUr VI1 run .
-J . .u: i e. j:
awav. mty anu iret my un"s reaov tor ainncr,
and vou ahall have the money in good tin e, never !
fear." j
. Think you, mam, and away ekijiped poor
M.ary.'with a light Imart and a face radiant with
aun-t nanmness.
lime iist.tJ. ana me iora cn tne nousi. a lat.
good-lwmorod, well-to-do, kindly locking nierchatrt,
i ' - i
rctunuHl houe to dinner with his handsHsne wifejj t
snd il! m rrv :u- a : jT-'.ig- h H, tntfil to ,'
cloth waa witiadr&wa and the servants had retire d,
and then , i r ;
"Oh? JJvnlagu." sakl the STdj, 'MaTy, yon
know, out ood little Irish eban&craiaid, a3 nercr
had a. shilling cf her wages in the two years
twenty moLtln, at Jeast that she has lived with
a. one naa saved rt u in praer to gei ner poor
old parent out here, is it not good of her T
Very goody very creditable to the Irish it is.
I mast aay. It i a very common thing with
then:."' 5 U-. .
. "Well, tk-ar, you owe her a Jhnndred and eighty
dollar, and she want you to let ter have it on
HU 1 J" .! - a V a, . J -
Thursday morning for the steamer that sail oo
Friday next." . .
'Thursday, ah! that's unlucky, for I have a
monstrous large bill to meet-ihat day, thirty thou
sand and odd dollars for duties. Bin I suppo?? she
must have it."
"Indeed, indeed, sho must," said Mrs. Motfag ,
eagerly. "Why, her people are almost starving.
Indeed, she mutt have iL Why, Julie's the best
girl we ever bid. I would rather go without my
tJinner every day for a week than to disappoint
( her." .
"I am glad you are so just, Ann," repli.Hl her
husband ; 4iI hope you are bo jui-t in all things.
Site shall have the money on Thursday, never
fear." : - .
No more was said at the time, and the dav
speedily passed over. Thurslay arrived, anJ in
the morning old Montague handed to his lair i(t,
before he 1,'ft the breakfast room, the hundred and
nity dollars for Mary, with a card, directing her
where to apply for a passage for her friends.
' l'will not trouble you for any more mon.y this
morning, saiu .irs. .uomagn "as vou nave ho
much to pay.
But J must havocs much more to-
morrow morning for a mantilla, for my milliner is
a cash woman, you know.'
"Very well, Annie ; 1 cannot give it to you now.
but I will bring it home this evening."'
"That will do just as well, thank you. When
does the .' tearaer sail ?" , :
At twelve to-aioqow." '
"Very well; and yott'41 be sure to bring me the
money to-night
"Certainly. Ann,
joi4" ;
You know I never disappoint
xv -j
And without further words Jie departed for hi
place of business.
But Mrs. Montagu, bent upon her mantilla, and
knowing well that Madame Papillon would put no
trust even iu princes no, not though they were
merchant princes summoned Mary, and unbyr
theued her bosom to her, suggesting that the c-ye-ning
would be abuuJant tirhe to secure the passage
of her friends on the morrpw.
1 The kind hearted girl agreed readily, the letter
was written in anticipation of the money, the man
tilla arrived and was duly paid for," and pat on,
and Mrs, Montagu swept down the sunny side of
Brpadway, resplendent to the admiration of all be
holders, and the contusion of that poor, vain Mrs.
But alas ! for the vanity of human expectations.
Heavy failures had occurred during the day, Mr.
AIo-u w. . heavy loser, uk! tba jwynient
LUC Milt: uuiiuicu iuu liny flouanw ai win w
necessarily delayed until Saturday.
Not daring' to tell her husband what she had
'done, Mrs. Montagu was in agony till she could
see Mary and make a clean breast ol it.
She did so, and the, good girl, though disappoint
ed put a cheerful face cn it.
- ure, it was a bitter disappointment," she said,
"but we couldn't have all. we 'wished hcije be
low7. Three weeks wouldn't make any difference,
anyhow ; and, may it. please God, they'll be here
yet afore winter."
Mrs. Montagu was touched aye! moved deep
ly, by the girl's feeling, and made good resolutions
for the future, and thus far she kept them, that, oh
Saturday, when her husband handed the money, J
it was instantly Mary, and was duly re
mitted to Ireland. .
And poor Mary Malony va? all hopes, all hap- I
is. And Mrs. 31 Olitagu was well pleased too J
ie felt that she had retreived her fault, and
, . ... . 1
for s
was resolute not to commit the
Days passed, and weeks and months and titl-
carae from Ireland by every steamer, worse.
r A . , ... , ... i
vorse, more fatal and more horrible; and still
the poor Mary rejoiced that by her foresight, ere
this her friends were liberated from the great char-
ii . i i r i - .-i , ,
nel hbuse into which famine and pestilence had
rtedjhe once beautiful green Island. the students, and admit qualified applicant lo the.
length, one morning, Mrs. Montagu was ; duTereut classes in t'ollege-, without jurlUer. examina
ed from her sound 6lumber by a succession i r 1 .v. r " r 1 .
J I t-rstoiis ite.uiiiii'7 to the t renaratorv I li-rariirieif on
out that Mary Malony had got a letter aud gone
crazy. . J
In an instant the truth burst on Mr. Montagu's j
mind. She sprang out of bed ; rushed to Mary's
bed room. It was too true the beautiful, good
lay a
girl was a raving maniac, and on tae floor 1
, . , , , , , . , i
letter, signed by the priest of tne parish.
loly gift had come to late her years of toil '
were wastetl-motner, latner, lover, were entering j
. ' f - i f -
Ml ineir recent graves, an ueau oi acinai iarva-
tion, when the too-tardy aid arrived. Three days i
before, and if had been in time !
Three human lives, and one hqimn mind Je- j
stroyed, were the cheap price of Mrs. Montagu s I
S!icitS a
i L:ti
-. .
ir A freh sunulv of Candies ?sst i-ewed. Call i
i ? . i,
jxixtt aji exccuc.xii
arti::c of Cli.-cse- tr?e it a tri- j
h'lr', No'
13, 1SIT. 3 -soy. ,
IS prepared to execute all orders in hi line ot tmm- , .uy i osunaster, or tailor oi a .ewspperftseo- . t iniv Court ol franklin, by I be name of Peutvn Er-J i-j k f Vur -nA TTaT. t . i T t Z
neU. aud will warrant all work executed by htm to ing s T Dollars, with the name of alsnbscriber, 1 lie is about 17 rrtn of ae. tiearlv white, oulv ! Siizf1 Uar7rj? W1
sasn mmf m a iulii tui sauu w tvisaiaasaa anmv w i - - -" w t oiic-unai -li-iv. nc cituuh ur fztpsjsmta vi cms- j - - -f - - - . .
L . j I' r. :.Lf..l l-...i;i .. . II.. ! will Vw I !H Mlk. nlK.r f.Mnn.ii.4i V lf . I. l . ' I 7"V wP iwmroz BrSOnNCie ISViMT mrwwpuMr.
continuance of the Patronage of the ri.KUc, j ZT A specimen No. will be it to anyi person or- j Carter E aim, who now . works ai VVilsaiagtoa, N . C. " 21 XI
be thankful for vxirv job which may come ' d. ring it. ptag,- naid. Addrts t back twee red fdk. and who. I uudrrstud as- -i ?t2? .
Way. - ......... - imi-u win v.t. .iiiwuw inwrr ijejrro, oy toe name i 1-. , .
n VFFrrmX IRIF? FRl'IT de i M 1 f IKSBsid Evans, aswted him from Ua'rijh to !?- tJ l??, f P
CO FECTIO ARIES, rnl IT, 4c. - m,, ,.,UnMiipbr v. 1 etteriBe. I uadTn.hai .hBvfl. FJ. ' JJ py?IB A.Ur 4 ,t
W, He alwlteeppwi hand an 3ss.nmeutoi ton- . v '.T 1 tZtU iti ri'llx X fUsj 1 v 1 ,rl , , t,irT, ..,rJ. i ".vi-7,, . i 1 wrtl be rtvea wnewereT 1L prm s( snattr sr:n
fdB& -...L.eha.lS'mrMofdlnetr'mkiiiuV. I mn k ins.. ,iJt lTnS ?r.lro wphedupoa the y Sl K ttaihd. UaUifr it. - ' . ,
li,.App K all of which 1 bcTrVuT 2 wagW'he I LZorl 3IrfCemI TayU. waxply
1 UeI di.n.a of eWfor CosA. Also a small lot of i veJI bv tuoatu ; Ai-v a tL-oific& ' Zl 2!!?.?! !V ft1" .thrm' I t Nfcaaimi; ara it. aMtUseaWi
my uooos ana Vyioinmv- Awii it. ti
. ... !....., ' bw. 1 m ww.iu wui nn.THSj W JI UCHfen' u int. 1
' -ri p -.ip? .... ; ;K " t -
i ma i a i
IT I I 11
THE Snriae .Soswoii of this Institution wU com-
mruce on Wednesday, the 19th of January. j
" ... . . i
r c -T i, v T r i r r;
Mental and Moml rhil(iophy. I
David Duncan, A. M., Profi-ssor of Aiirieut Iu- !
Eitki-1 A. Biai rh, A. M-, P.of.-s6r5rf Ture and .
applk-d Maihf-mattcs. : ' j I
llrv. t has. I. IJ.M-ms A. 31., Professor; of bxperi-
mental Srioricis.
Oliver II. P. Oorprew, A. B., Tut.r; of Ancient
Lattguae and Mathematics.
Dr. J. Schimiml. Instructor of trench Language
raivciPALS of the rsr.rARATORY iiooiA
William T. Davis. Pnicipal of the i Trenaratorv ;
- . . . .1
liarlec I. fStnarf, A. M. rnneipa! of tur I'rcpara- ;
torv School at Garornrg
Win. ('. Douh, A. M., I'rineipul of tho
School at Ridjewav.
The ( 'o!lcg-iate year is dividt-d into twj r-ssi.-ii:
The-first Ijegins eirht weeks after, and the second "il
weeks b'fre, the Xlnd Wednesday in Juilis To Mich i
as djire to enter College, it is important jthat lliry he j
in attendance at the owning of the session. A short '
abi-nc- at that time may place a studenlr.nderdisad- !
vantages which wiil impair his scholarship throughout
the session. O.ur course of study is so arranged as to
meet the wants of voim? men who desire to acquire
j an extensive English education, without (studying the
Ancient fmgnages. The benefit to be derived from
the use of the Libraries aud from attendance on the
Literary S-cieties should strongly induce!!' Mich young
men to prosecute their studies here. Ii order for a j
student to enter upon the r.nghsh course he must be
thoroughly acquainted wUh English Cirammar, tlcog- j
raphy and Anthmeue.
The expenses of this Institution are al folicws:
Board per session & 40 ; Tuition aud dcosite fee, per
session, :2'2 50, are $125 for the. L'oilegiiite year, ex
ehisivu of incidental expenses, which inctnde-the cost
of text books, fuel, furniture, &c., for rooiii in College.
e respectfully advise parents that more pocket mo-
than is necessary to supply the reasonable vauts
of a student is injurious.' The practice off contracting
debts With tradesmen, in the vicmity of Coliege, is in
a high degree pernicious, A law of the State of Vir
ginia designed to provide a remedy for thi? bane of all
! Colleges, is to this effect: That any mefrchaht who
j shall give credit to a College student. ithot ipeeial
authority from hit parent or giiardianAshnli, upon
conviction of the fact, forfeit the debt, forfeit his li
cense, and he fined .500 Let parents and guardians
have due regard to this law, and where iti may be ne
cessary to open an account with a merchant, let the
individual be designated aiid the amoui.t specified, and
the evil will ccas
The primary object of the Preparatory iSehool, is to
prepare young men for College, but the cpurse of stu
dy is such as to meet the wants of the neighborhoods
in which they are located, and to qualify jutudents for
the ordinary occupation of life. ' j
The .School in the vicinity of College continues un
der the direction of Mr. W. T- Davis, Kn able and
successful Teacher, and my own immediate supervis
ion. '
Its sessions and vacations are the sanicjlas those of
the Co' lege proper. The cost of board, &c., is a little
less than & student of loltegr pays.
nil iicormiurT 1IJ per uiomli. w. : .
Tu'tion per session for Classical students''" jjfi50Mo
' " for-English stuient, ' 15 00
FoRjh6 School at Garcyxburg, N. C-., ,we have ob
tained the services of Mr. Charks B. Stnart, A. M.;
and for the School at 'Ridgeway, X. C, we have en
gaged he services of Mr. VV. C Tljub, A. M. These
geotleroen graduated a few years since at our Institu
tion, with a high reputation, and have b.en teaching
with eminent success since that time. 'I'hc school .at
Gareysburg was opened on the "U Monday in Janua
ry, and that at Kidgeway was opened on the first
.Monday in February, and arc in successful operation, j
i ne enoiastie year win ne aiviucu imo tw-o sessions ot
5 months each.
IixKnses at the GareysbuTg School.
Board in .the best families, per month, !;
from J G to &
9 4 OU
17 OU
10 0(
12 50
Tuition for Greek and Latin, per session,-.
""- " " i Reading and Spc!lmg "
" " ot her English branches, " I
Eetetps of tlte R'uLgticiy ScLm1,
Board, per nvwth, ai the Academy Hall,.
3 00 j
in private families,
b UU
15 00
10 00
1-2 00
Tuition Latin and Greek, per scanon,
" Spelling and Reading, "
" Higher branches ot, t
These Schools are in eligible locations, j;u iutelligiu
and moral communities. ( iareysburgig irjf Northamp
ton, i. ('., directly at the junction ol" the 'Portsmouth
nA w;i. l..:i O....,lo I? .1. ......... :i, ;.. w ........
aim 11111111" luu &mi itiww li.uLna, iu iu it aucui
(: -Slt i;7Wfltv.:lv ivnot.oh the lUieiih and :.-..
, -
ton Rail
I "ball eiv the necessary attention to these 'schools.
auu rxiieci, ni euiimaut wild, oil"' ui ine oueers oi me
Co t( attcna a-uiua, Vx:imillallons.rra!c all
Shall lc the most Popular Magazine iifor 1848.
ENTERPRISE aud capital arp employed .upon it,
as it always has been, under the siipetiiiteudenee"
01 , , , . , r
At home, we have received the muted rormrn-nda-
,ioa of tlie Vr. ju f.don, our Book ha been
highly praised, as our subscribers may bav- seen frm
tii iiAl iis that mx- hui'i ikii 1 iltkli I rrki ii tiin& 1 a im a
TERM'S, &c. copy, including Ladv's
Dollar Nev.paper, I jSt.l 00
Two copies, one venr, if- 5 Ot) i
t)ne copy, two yeur,
Five copies, one voar,
5 00 !
10 00 1
EiHit confes, ;i ' !." 00
Twelve copies, 20 00 I
! The bulscriler making the larprt remittance dur- I
j ing the time tndiuj die 3Ut March, audl'thc pirson :
j pending the largest dub, will conititut d life
j subscribers to the vork. J E I
I . A remittance of Three Dollars in sdvanee entitle I
i the subKcribfr to the Lady 'a Magazine and Itdy"- .
1 'oiior ewpaper one v ear.
Any old snhscrnVr paying up arrrars, knd Three
i Dollars ia advajteo for 14. will also be entitled to
; the Dollar .Nov.jiuaper one year. i .'
Kxerntod with n-atn anJ diftrh at thi
U:hce. ?
L M 111
IX 1
i 1 .?
... a a
' Ian W. A fMlTlfrTV lLiliTA T ! T t .1 VT 1 i T VWI ,lHrl ,Vzi HMI.WIW4
Thir Pajer .- i iunwirrf in L'MiUmrg, Fraisk- I
lot t'ountjv K. r., NwrcmVr 5th. 1847. ' r
Jn wiWifrJuHjr dik i'ancr, the 2tHannlrf Huaw- tW
1 " -t. .
turn sikI talenu qnithfr him, w ihc Hr-t modr of jnip j
porting hi family, in that portion of nativr Siatv j
which he couaiden h hoiue. 7'ke Pmblir have a :
riffht to know ihe ' jirinriplc f the Pfc.r thpy nrr
leiri to sitnport: and a brief cxiwitiou f 'thoM
( princilcs (iu:h as the limits of a rrupcHM will al-
I low,) is accordingly Kuuiiutleu.
We Wwve'th pnaciples of th Party to 1 I
patriotic and right ; they meet our
wr hny concur-
; reuer, and shall rrceSvc oarttinnwiipuri. V hsvr
uotm"- "Ul in? VP iMu-rpuee "'
V&- ol innovation, uh: even nuw nni
Rt the extreme, that desire and exp-iTenry, a t!nr-t
7 4tTHfcieut, aud th ,,f .-r to atfy ij. usurp
josUce ; and confer upon the dominant party hb -rty
u, lo whatever they will, rarJss of the barrW-w
tlirown umund ihtni by the ConMinttioti. wc!l a
tllo utjie oi the GoyernJuenU Thr Whig Party
d's'irtiw sw-h purnos, :h measures; deny t'
, right, f. e the vvil, and appeal to th.- I'owtitution. j
j. We believe that the prwtu Adniiiiisiraiion, hv it
' corrupt a'.is, an ! hi.rli-haiid.-d and lll-d i.K-nHr . !
J has done more f break down the v l.olcfi.nie re- i
strain t of th Constitution, aud to imtmir our etnll-
oeuce in me iam:iiy oi itni Hucru.iieni m xMnrtj the ,
liuion of the Statt-s -dcpeiid, than auv which has I
:i . . ' i - ...
measmre. v.nicn, it nm promptly eliveki it.iuaj wn-ek
i .. witu . t f
! 1 But, while we op; e th-o ph wat Admii it -ition, j
ami the rurtij winch w resjmus.Me for ttw mihiefo
it ha hroujjht upi l?ie I 'onntrv. nut
I a '
biwe shall never find a j4ace in the column under
our control. Our chief aim ahall Ik a fair and inauly
exposition and def. net- of tho,- principles o.i which
we lielieve rur Prosjerity, I'nity, (Jreatnes. and
Hrphcks depend : and we shall discard all personal-
ity ami invective, as offensive alike to good manners,
ami cleleti nous m their ehvet upon the public morals
The Literary and MirrUaltn, rw(,Mof
l i ' i ,C l":?1" "t:"1'.
and he will be aswt-3l by writers of known ability.
He will also endeavor to make the News tWirtnBt
fnll and authentic ; while the Farming and ( ommer-
cial iut.Tests shall each week receive such intelligence
ol t.ommerce aim the .Markets, as will keep them
well iufonncd of the 'rise and fall of Produce, and the
tendency of Mercantile transactions.
The Xostii-Casolixa Times will le wnt to Sub
scxibers at Two Dollars and n half per annum, if paid
in advance. Three Dollars will he charged, if pay
ment is delayed six months. These Terms will !e
invariably adhered to- 1
JJ Any person procuring six suWribers, and
rnr.smitting the sulwcripl ion (wy fjjl.', 00 shall re
ceive the seventh copy one ver 'prath.
f VT1 1? TTNTO V AT A P A 71 VP"
I VlTPBVwnw VviSoS '
Author of ' AiVew Home," "Forest life." fie and
filled with contributions from the most Eminent
Writers of the Country. J ' I
A T the eoneJusiou of the first half-year, of toe Union
IX Magazinei the Publisher feels imneifed to make
som? aekiiowledgmeut of hi sens of the favorable re
c -ption accorded to it by the public. Its success h n
certainly been unprecedented: aiidiwhile it mav
pardonable to ascribe this in part to the merit of' the !
work, it mtu-1 not be denied that the. public good-will j
and kindness have been abundantly demonstrated. j
The press, jn all parts of the country, lias given ith
uir.v uwruiiy anu neanny in lavor ol ine new arpi
ranL To flag after this would be dislionorabie indeed.
It isihe hojie of the jmblisher that the courage and enterprise-
which belong to success will be found rather
to have stimulated than slackened his exertions. If
there be talent of a suitable kind in the country, he is
detcrmiued to make it availab e in the Uniou Mga
toe tii Ihf YtrMHM depsxtments. i 1I will nontinua la
shcllwood, vv. S. Bernard, . B. F. Chi'.da, P- Xjoonwt,
&c. from orgmaT designs by T. II. "Mafteron,who has
the sole designs for the Engraving!. ' ''- ''
The Literary matter wil: continue to be under the
exclusive control of the E.Jitor, Mrs. C M. KirkJaud,
assisted by a corpa of contributors who are either esta
blished favorites of the reading public, or worthy to be
come so. The paper will bo of the sumo quality now
used ; the Fash johs wili be" colored by P. Spearing
there will be two pages of original Music in each Xo.
la the course of as many months will be given fac
and IVe. N"os. of the Magaiine, bv Caleb Lvon, U. S
Consul to Shaug-hai, China, which, to the curious !
and intelligent, will be worth at least a year's suberip- j
tioii to the , Magazine. And every exertion will be j
made to make the Union Magazine worth of the
place so gf nerously granted it in the public esteem, j
The L diou Magazine will be published regularly ou ;
the first oi each months. ,
Terms of the Union Magazine.
One copy one year in advance, g;3 00 : One eopv !
two years, j uu ; i wo iopn;s one year d UU ; rtv,
10 00; Eight, 15 00; Twelve, 20 00.
Jan. 1848. J49 Nassau utreet, New York.
or the tiiiRD voi.r?rc or
THIS work in publMicd at the Seat of Government '
of the State. One year has just pawed by nince i
n was prcwMited to the riHHic, ns an experiment, with
out a singie SubHcribcr. It now has a list of four hun
dred Suliscribers, embracing some of the most inlrlii-
though its patronage is by no meaiii-fullicieiit, a vet,
to nav us for oar labor. We nhall, therefore, cam-
rnence the Second ohime in June ; and a new JSub-
scrmtiotw are cnnslantli enniiiiar in. th .11 ..i.t .r nl
I , .. -- .-.-. t-
on the new pullicntion year with the Jiojk- thut. by tne '
close of it, wrfint will hare increased to at leant ": thou- '
sand. It is devoted exclusively to' the Canst of Agri-
culture in North-Carolina is conducted by one who
ha." wine practical knowledge of Farming iiuinlers j
amonw'tlie contrirHitorn to its pajrs sm of the mo-i
skilful andsoccewful Farmers hi the State and draw ,
its selections from the ablest Aqnculturai Periodica's '
iu the country. It ought, ther' ftiiv. to receive th" sup
port of everj- one who fo-ls any conct-rn fr th.- al- j
yaneemeut of the great Agrieuliuml intereain of tlr
.State; and we re..p.t:Uutly noiitit lU:r aid in giving
11 Circulation among the 1 illi rs of the Sou.
If not paid till the end of the veer,
In advance, one copy on. year.
Six ropien,
' A
."S 00
Twerity-five copies.
One hu wired copi,
oo to
m. sTV I
i a
Raleigh, May, 1M7.
T AN AWAY from the subscriber, on the 24th of
December last, arolored Hoy, bound to nv by the
t i no aovye arwiro arm M naU lor Jim tlekicrv
i or lbrc Dolla ur bis cvtunaitneut o that 1 get him j
?"- uah i ei, liiAjr-
Looislmrs;, Fe. If, 1?43. ' 15 5t
j 11' The W3. CoffiRwreial ar&l please eifry 5 timeo,
j s-i the arewM t tsij. OSoe-
similes ol tae cliaracters wed in writing fourteen dif- i wr,uf .ykmong uie Humors oj acKnowiedged merit pi
ferent languages, with a slmrt trauslatiou into English, t,ia cuntrj-, who arc already engaged for this Msgk-
similar to t'l e Chinepe mift P.'rvimi lrt. in tli-
- I Tine, ars Major Noah. R. W. Griswold. V.T. Ilrimr-
will c koc rmoitVftl
ra moj partof thv Wew.
f ; I WLuow uu boanchv; (mt
V -i r camod dismay toJth tn-
) tfA 7 hhitintii. nenhvAk wrrc
rfMigrd to- romof ptrtr
wurrs from thrirrr' rioW
to remoter place ; fami
ne werr rnmprllfd t dr-
sort t!eir duellings; th poor flr4 jmcrr
ven'iy truin nnguago can nt-nbe. Tle puu
; anthor'ties were callt-d on to admlnU-ter h! tmt
counsel. iu mcrx, a great public calamity nU cc-
enrm!., V f i t. ,
WH1 weuld it 1 if the ittd rotrafieneesiW
, Rooilh.d ten! whmthe water mlmAv.
no: l ne retrrnig' wave leu vi4' alluvial tie
xsitc?, which in. a few month mcsi civuut that
dcleteriouf miasm which produces Ulioua dlsvaii.-
esf -
Ahat siys the celebrated Dr. Trreoa4m Ui
joir.t ? Answer : Tie cans 4 Imus irrancr
mNf has 1'spri venial source iniaJf driel arjrti..
'if rivrrs" All history and experience proves thi
theory. When the British irmr t-ncamneHl on th,- .
; plains of Estrfinndnnj,' nt a; time wlwm thertWr
(iuadiana bad Lccoute dry 'after a flood, sUfit
Tr aP i.NTF.EaiiiiviT i Kvi.traffd amonfftl!
, lroops Wllli sik-ii destructive maitrunvr tuai uiev
' :.). w . " -
The (jRAFrrxnr.Kc: CV.,tanv, tlMrerri,, or-
netlr call utho attention of tht-"ntir.Vt rtu
t rb?ir tnest extraordinary and -cxhdrtrJ :?erie!
of AxTi-Bjuora JIwirBti. In even locahtv
where there is the slightest tftndencj' Inanytbrci
of FEViCR,iFEVSR am) A(;rr,'DrJiV n4 tin
like, the inhabitants should tt onr send f'o t fnl
General Aent of the district a-nd bis Gratra
br rg "Depot established ' near thn. . Were thi
PILIS an,! IIEAI.TII BITTEllS ls.f acenr-
ding to (hrmion's there would be uo fear of V,!-
1 i;,.. . "
I S u. . ' '
2" """i' Sf lRAtTEM MM.-I
iin.-k uni tnA imi h hi; vki.I' I-aui l-
, u rPS tne u est. inal lUe ;loilnving rtti
.nould lit immediately taken : -
lft?l2r'eru )inahtorhroii should hate tii Grarfert-
' Urjg "jrwf..- Hi? addressing the General Agent tf
) any district this ombe wvrn 't s. ; .
families shouldcltut together Kid gel 'an "
JA'ditld- Sl'jijjy. i" ' -..''
3d. Ti migrant fitsieiks and other jhajithrtjj4c
bodies should furnish them to th Wjf. f -
By such mean bilious dicai will ko entirely
prevciak'd. ' n , v
The other Medicines of Ue Company arc, mat
CTiinently adapted to the disearj for 'wWch they
are recommended ; and eonftjat of the followinj;. -
The (tRAEri:( ErBImx, Tuc GiuL
naws' PAXAt EAViTiic .Ggisj AI3irTrArjiOm
mext, Tur CofftnirriviV Bjax, The vrstxxz-,
RVSVRfP. ' ' .
IT The General A)?ent !for North Oifolina iV
CipL William Jooea of Iouisburf to . bora 'appli
cations for agencies may be ddrcnned.
New York, January, 1848. '
I" The Graefenberg Medicines arr for ialo hv
F raitcis Waddle, Itouisburg, and R, C. Meytusfi,
'til. At I. lOio , - J
'tuu ..111, 13 10. V
: , .j. ; t
(jolbcii's Dol!flrIaQa,irif.
Containing 64 pages of K.-adiiig. Matter i t' tf the ss-.
tonishing low pries of ON K DOLLAR p-r yar.
n. v:. : j .ii i X
IT cou tains at leant one-third more reai&ng matter
iiian any similar Duplication iu tn I mtfti Slate', ai
i in decidedly the largest, cheapest and moss iWstrnfVrq
iutu., toOiwttn k .MUV.iiimim( rlictetii,
illustrative of incidents connected with th4 history
thej'nion, arrangements having brft made to eluci
date some useful historical reminircnrc in every Uo
produced. The other frataren of a firt elss'ikrart
ziiie wiil Mlsbe ineorporari"d int tlie Dollmr, whid
with iu yst- cpcity Pag, roust, frhdef U," Un
bert, as weJI as the cheapest ptibliestion of the "day.
No family can lienitnte to forward the trifle for
' "riPioH hu by m doing they emu secure IJ3 lgs
! 01 '0 most greatlesjmliBStrilctiiise(tUanyJa-th
(Harry Franco) B. Coosuble, L. V. Msiehaa. 6ir:
and articles will also bo published from the gems cf
T)f.uglas Jerrold, Gilbert Abtll AWLet, flood m
Rrtnhr,' William" IfowiH. R V. Hall; XV. ThasJwrfcV,
XV. II. AiiiHworth, Mark iMtaon, Wmu CarW-(n, -Th.
Milicr.J. IL llanche, Martin F. Topper, Eb'r ElUm, .
Ch. Mackay, Tlogene Sue, A. Dumas, George laind ;
together with occasional articles from Mary HowH!, -
.Mrs. S.C Hall, Iton. Mrs. Norton, Ilarciet MartjaM,
and many others our present space will. not shW us to
Th endeavors oi the Publisher to provide the sbovs
quantity of reading matter, mosl place Ills DollarlMa
gazine the first in jint of respectability and laleitl,
and his constant care shall be that ach saeeesire No.
equals, if not exceeds, its immedjatc pidccessor "'
Will b issued monthly, iu Nos. of C-t pages erh,ai J
printed on fine "paper, nianufsctttred eipitnifilT fr th
work and of extra quality; vrtlli nw Ai hrsntilul tyjw.
Tenns One IoIlsr per annum swysM im adfranee pr
G eopieii for 5 dollars. Addremi (iiobt itaid; - ,
Publisher of Holden's Dollar mstrstine, '
Feb 5 100 .Nassau streef Yi
The Vully alloDa! Whli"
IS pulil'uhed in the' City of Vushipjac, rvery dsy,
at 3 aVhxk, P. M., Sunday iepf4.d served
to suhsenbers in the City, at tha mrr Yard In
j Georgetown, in Alexandria, and in Isltimort th
-,ame evening, at . sis and a quarter cent a ' wt-elt.
pavnWe to the sole sgent of the Whir, G.f GUchrist
1 Eq.. oc his order. It is ilw maild Xm any part of tho
LuimjU Sutes for $4 per annum, or 2 for six rrwifitU,
( payable in advance. Advertisement of Ub lines or
j inerted one time for fifty rsnts. twt times t r
7i cents, three tiroes for ft,-oi!A wek.fe 1,?:.
, two we k tor one month far 4, lw (Benin
' for S(7. three months far $10, six nvulhs for 016, on-
year far 0, payable always in advunce.
j Tnr. Ntriovv- Wine w' what its nw iJi9.
; It -peak tbe m niimenu of the Wliijf party ot
Union on fycry question of rublir policy. It dr-
eaU- the election to the t'r.fdenrv of 2thsJyTs.V
lor. hrt to the rWisiott of a Whi? !IaDa) Coa-
, ventioju It war i the knife pnn sdl mt-
i urcs of itie AdrimiistrMion Ae fined to be adverM i
, tn.- imrctta or the conutrv, and exposes miibout f
1 r favor the cerrapbosa. of th aatty ha WsMef. V
et r
1 skJaimnsr ksA w. .m. - m 1. . .
t i . j: . a. . w
In add'tton to poTtt'tes. a large sace of thcXsttoiUl
WhiewiR Im demoted to pubhcalions apwi AgrH
tnre. and other useful art. Aeirar m cTJ. Jw,
.Mediane; Statasties, &e. Choice rtcimen Aer-
ien and Foreign liters tnre will aso"bs rrvtDtir
They oonisaraoe vssffi bc scesaai auiuUr. a ht&
number f eopscs f whiao aaaa bees fXbstmtmtS
pry calls sue back jniubvta. ,., , .
- FrsprlAar t Hatsuaut W.f.
O-t -Ae a, WIT. Vr (s ZZuL
i viiun iv ( mmjswm at-m-v. fiF.rg sm w.tariv im aw fM rMMiia

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