V V EMU I Vol. 1. RALEIGH, NU C., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1893. No, 20. Jinrw ii M roil the housekeepers of Raleigh! $50.00forthe 3 osrt dozen ifciLXjs i - -, ; AND $30-00 for Second Best. &c." . In order to interest you in the use ,of ""ACME" Flour, manufactured by the Stras burg Steam Flouring Mills, we have decided to offer $10).00 IN GOLD as premiums for the best ROLLS made from "A.,'ME" Flour, and exhibited at the N. C. State Fair, of 1893, to be; awarded as follows: goO.OOlfor BESfDOZEN ROLLS. $30.00 for the second best dozen. 315.00 for the third best dozen. $5.00 for fourth. best dozen. The condition of entering this contest is, that from and after the 1st of August you buy "and use ONLY "ACME" Flour (or as soon after the 15th of July as you may use up your supply now on. hand) . from that time to the Falr- ' . - ' , . .: ' Tills fioth" will be on sale at nearly every Grocery Store Ain the city at the. following prices: : ;': -,' ; ' :'' '. 83. oO penBarrel, : . $2.75 for Jialf Barrel, ' $1.50 for quarter Barrel, 75cts for eighth Barrel. jThis Flour is made from the famous Long . berry Wheat of the- Shenandoah Valley, and is unsurpassed as a RICH and SWEET bread-maker. " C3This is no catch-penny scheme to im pose an inferior article on the public. As evidence of that fact, should the flour prove unsatisfactory, your grocer is instructed to re pay you in full, making no" charge for what may be used in making a test. Only com plete confidence in our goods prompts this offer, and we hope EVERY housekeeper will avail herself of this opportunity of testing the merits of this Flour, and then enter the con sist for these valuable premiums. Any further information can be had from your grocer. ! Very Respectfully, e. 1, harris; Agent for Strasburg Steam Flouring MilL? HUGHES' CHINA HALL, 127 Fayetteville Street, Is the place to find the largest assortment AT MOST SATISFACTORY PRICES of Ee Irigerators, Water Coolers, Ice Boxes Ice 8 havers, Ice Crushers, lee Picks, Fly Fans, Flj Brushes, Lemon Squeezers, and other things too numerous to mention, especially adapted lor Summer use, of which the most essential to health is the celebrated GATE CITY STONE FILTER, Which flakes the Most Impure Water Pure and Healthy, CSTLA.RGE STOCK. OF BABY CARRIAGES BELOW COST AT HUGHES' CHINA HALL. THE STATE FAIR. GKKAT GALA WEEK AND llK- 1 j UNION OF PEOPLK. The Fair to be Opened by Zeb. Vance on Oct. 17th Wild West Shows . ! Cyelorama Museums Great j ' J';- Displays, Etc., Etc. The promises for a great State Fair at Baleigh in this; year of 1853 are:more favorable than they have ever been be foie; Inquiries,! correspondence Arc, are tnore numerous than ever. More ispace for fine ex Si bits has, been engaged np to the 25th of. September than has heretofore hue n engaged up to the open ing day. It is already absolutely certain that the general exhibits of agriculture, stock, poultry, fancy work, art, &cJ, will be the best ever made. The attendance of people is the only thing of a proble matical nature, and if the weather be fa vorable it is safe to say that .there will be more 'people at this fair than ever at tended ona in North Carolina. Last year the promise ' of the management that they would j give the public a good fair and an interesting time was received with some doubt, but that promise was kept in full and the fair was generally voted a success. The public remembers this. j-; . ' ! This year the management promises a fair that will surpass the last one atid that promise will bs kept. The public may get ready to come with the assur ance that the visit. will be interesting. ; j' j ; ' ;.. SENATOR Z. B. VANCE j . will be present on the opeuiog day, Tuesday, October 17th. He 'will speak on - that dav,' and his remarks will be such as will interest everybody and. es pecially those interested in the present and fufcur - condition of the country. It is believed that all farmers and agricul turalists will be specially concerned in the matters on (Which he will speak, and it will be worth their time and troupe to visit the fair on. that day. It will really be Farmers Day, as Senator Vnce comes at-th 3 special request' of many- farrten? -! There will be plenty of attractions to make the opening day one of the best of , the fair. Among them will be 1 I : A GAME OF FOOT.BAIxTj between the teams of Wake Forest and Trinity Colleges. The spirited but gen erous rivalry bet we e u these two impor tant educational institutions will inspire a vigorous and thrilling game. The tjxct tics will exhibit pow ers of both brain ;u4 brawn and tlin contest will be tiiriilixjglj; interesting to the! friends of the respec-; tive institutions. It will also be of grearf interest toanv body who sees it. There; will be other features on the same dav of a mirpn provojang ana nerve exciting character. 1 . .U ! j ; A GREAT "WILD WEST SHOW." For; the pleasure of those who like stirring scenes and daring and wonder ful incidents, Boyden's "Wild West Show" has been j engaged for the week and will give performances every day free to everybody on the grounds. The announcement on another page gives in teresting particulars of this combina tion. It includes famous cowboys from the far Wild Wst, " skilled in horse manship, experienced in the wildest and roughest life lived by man, accustomed, to reckless and daring dexls and famous for seemiDgly incredible feats they have performed and experiences they have endured. There are also handsome and daring cowgirls who figure in exciting scenes;' Mohawk;! Indians who giv as,, tounding exhibitions of Indian trick rid ing and horsemanship; Iroquois Indians who portray vivid and actual scenes of Indian life; four handsome Indian mai dUns; two little pappooses, &c. ?The show possesses, a score of wild untamed and unbroken broncho horses that defy anybody except the daring cowboy or X ifarepid Indian. The combination unites in presenting the most realistic seines characteristic of bolder life where the brave pioneers and hardy cowboys have frequent hand to hand and death strug gles with the "wily, Indians. There fwill be ghost dances, war dances, Indian fighting and scenes showing bow a white girl is captured by Indians and rescued by cowboys; and lynch law or "Cowboy, Justice' in the West. In this- last sdene Go to C. SHERWOOD & CO.feyr Dry Ladies a scamp steals' a horse, which is a hang ing crime on the bonier. The thief is pursued and captured by cowboys who knock bim off the horse, drag him over grorad behind 'horses running at full speed and then haug him and riddle his body with bullets, 5 This-cene is vividly rehtiij and thrilling and - r.th;r scenes such as a race" for a wife, attack on eni gran t train, &o. are ; not les - thrilling.' iliese features, will le presented every day and will be free tO'eveibody. OTHER ATTRACTIONS. There will be the largest and most interesting collection of sula attractions' ever .seen in this(State Among them will be a grand cyclorama ot tiie 13attle of Gettysburg. This feature defies de scription. Any old soldier who sees it will think he is in that awful light again and -will, almost recoguize Rome of his comrades ' who iieer came off that terri ble vheld of battle, j He willj recognize tilings he saw while there, and in lact will see the whole fight reproduced around him. Every old soltlier who sees it will see something which will al most startle him into thinking that he is again in the fiery scenes of 1801-05. Among other features will be an In dian village, a museum of; Nprth Caro lina wild animals,; trained: . animals, musees, jugglers, knife throwers, glass workers and an acre or more of other in teresting feature and curiosities. ROADS AND ROAD MAKING. Something of great interest will be an exhibit of road making machinery in ac tual operation. Boads will be actually constructed on the grounds j with the very best machinery managed by ex perts. This is a feature which has met the approval taud commendation of Gov. Oarr so fully that he has written a letter suggesting and advocating a' meeting of the members of boauls of county com missioners to be hld in llaleigh on the 18th of Ootober while the Fair is iu pro gress. It is designed -that the commis sioners shall. insp3ct the working of the machinery- and then hold meetings in which matters relative to buildiDg good county roads shall be discussed. .. '.fhe roadTnukingr.'ill.be .lipwa :o'Vi?'-'iv'$-Ql the fair. . ; .' .. jjusic. " . ' : The music for the week will ha made by the Second Regiment Band of Wil mington, one of the finest musical or- gauizations in the Svate. On Friday night of fair week there wilibe a grand State ball given compli mentary to the mars h als. This wil 1 be the State society event of the year, atid will be managed by the L'Allegro dub. The various society organizations of the city will arrange for pleasant' social gatherings and dances every night dur ing the week. r THEATRES. There are two handsome theatres in the cityand fine opera audj dramatic companies thave been engaged for per formances every night during the week. Every hour from early morning . till sleeping time ; will be crowded with something of interest for everybody, and the people who wilfully miss all of it will have cause to regret that they did. The dates- ate October. 17th; 18th, 19fch aid 20th. ' r c-'C i'; ' ;'' M V- -" ' '. . ' Georgian's Definition of Love, Mr. Allen Thompson defines love "an. outward all-overn ess and an inwTard in expressibility.' Blairsville (Ga.) Her ald. , 1 ' . Definition of a Chump. i Little Willie-' 'Jack, what'nfi ch'imp?'' Little Jack "A chump is a boy that doesn't know wot a chump is." Good News. " . i. " . . " " '.'.i. The World's Kelislon?. The Parliament of Religions has proved that one-half t f the world does not know what the'oth'er half believes. Baltimore American. ' ' 1 : Dark Times Ahead! ; The coffin trust, at its meeting in In dianapolis yesterday, deplored the gloomy outlook iu it business. If the coftin-makers are sad, the undertakers ca3t.down andthe . : doctors fn dtspair, what a really dreadful raEeople are having. tons trie, y VFFJ and Gents Furnpings. THE FldHTlX TJIK U. S. SKXATK. "If Unholy All lan ee of Tur-IIcel to I J ! feat Senator Ilansom. Residents and non-residents of the "Tar-Heel" State are watching with fin usual interest a fight which is now in progress in th& United States Senate on which very probably depends a senator ship f rom Xfrth Oarplina. Mr. Ran s6m, who : represents the Eastern dis trict of North Carolina is seekin&r a re- election. He is one of the oldest (in service) and most influential point of members of the Senate. He has come out boldly for unconditional repeal, not withKtaoding, the fact that his succufcsor must soon be chosen. His colleague, Mr. Vance, is fighting the , administra tion withall the vigor, and it may be said virulence, that he can commauil ; Among; thoise who will contest for the' position nowoccupiad by Ransom is ex-' Governor: J arvis, of .Pitt" county, said to be one of the strongest men in the State. He-has tls hearty co-operation of Gpv ernor Carr, land it is understood, too, that Mr. Vane is a party to the combi nation , to .defeat his colleague. Mr. Jaivis ws flieutenant-governor under Mr. Vance, succeeding him in the gov ernorship; when that gentleman came to th IXnited Stages Senate. In addition to f these 1 there are other strong forces which will combine in .the attempt to de feat Mr. Ransom. " . Colonel Al M. Waddell, of Wilming ton, will l probably shy his castor into the1 senatorial arena. Himself as well as 3arvis were candidates against Ran som five years ago and he defeated thm both. Mr. I Waddell is said to be es pecially iaggrieved. this time because Rahsom hasi overridden his recommen dations in Wilmingtou. t J?reliminary to this figh t which will be Waged is tne attack .by Mc. Vance on the! nomination of Kope Elias, the famous '.'original Cleveland man" of North Carolina, whom Aft. . Cleveland hasi' named as cjjilector of internal reve nue Mi. Ransom " favors his confirma tioii. Vance has given it out that he will; be Idefeatel, and the result .is.' Wtttciud Leih vvih thc gritst intercut. It ig thought to be the decisive blow in the light jtor the senatorship. linx, here comes the strange part of the wheile stoty. I have it on unimpeach able testimony that Thomas Settle, the single republican member from North Caroiiua, liHs-undertaken the contract to mass .the j sblid republicaii vote of the Senate against Elias's confirmation. -1arion Buler, the leader . of the popu listf of Njorth Carolina, has been here all the week aitempting to get the populist members t the Senate to take tbe same action. : With those democratic senators that: Vance .can control, it ia hoped to preveut the confirmation. ' It is very evident that these two lead ers of thh populists and republicans of North Cajrolina regards tne confirmation of Elias as a very , good thing for the Democratic party, else they would not be fbundj working so hard to prevent'it. If this unholy alliance can succeed in unhir8ing ;Elias, then they will try their hand on Colonel Simmons, whose nom ination has been thns far held up by re queit ot.Mr. Vauce. " . It! resolves itself simply into a question of this combination's ability to deliver the goods, i Ransom is a tower of strength in the Senate. . He has been a member of tHat l)ody for the pst twenty-three years, and ' no inan stands higher with his colleagues. He avoids a fight as long as possible, but when aroiited he is a very ;dabjerouS man to tackl, as the junior Swuator from New York can, truthfully ; testify. Mp Vance indorsed his cousin for th position that Blias has bsn named, liansom ! and all the members of the Norfb Carolina delegation, whose dis tricts come under the jurisdiction of the collector; T settled on Elias. This is thought to be the tirue inwarJness of the The fight on Elias is the firstlick at Rausom-s returning to his seat in the Senate, j Well informed people here say that this! will' be the decisive blow. If Ran?m Iwins here he will win all along the iiue.-WashiDgtoa City Por. Atlanta JotiTual.' - - -. ; .', Current bushes Eltctric-light plants. 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