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Wa. E. TELL, State PrlHlen
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"1 WUt'LD JtATUCH BB.IUCI1 'RtHEST"-Henry fl.f.
VOL. 1.
ItALEIGII. TUi:: VYt JULY 3, 180G,
. ' Tlit True Policy.
Th Interesting and striking return of the ca
pabllitie oi North Carolina, communicated by
Gov. Worth to Uia united States Commission
er of Immigration, and published In this paper
on Monday, suggests the proper theatre In which
all tbe energies of our people should he at pres
ent employed.' Denied their rlghttul place In
the councils of the government, having
done all that, and more than, comported with,
thalr manhood, dignitj and ,lf-repct to se
cure it, it only remain for then to acquiesce)
with what composure and serenity they nay,
U the unjust and iniquitous sentence which ax
el odes them ffom their Constitutional privi
leges, and devote themselves to the recuperation
of their individual fortunes and the development
of the multiplied reaonrcea of the State.' We
peak from an intimate knowledge of their char
acter, and especial! from aa intimate acqnela
Unce with the. present condition of popular
amtiment, when we say, that they are done with
ua worthy concession to aa insatiate fanaticism,'
and that they will-not voluntarily net their own
eeal to tbe verdict which is to degrade them.
If It is to come, it will be through ne self -agency,
and they will bear it with the philosophy of
a noble and janlyj;haracter. . The wjILmw
commit suicide, though they may steel ; thea
r continue for a while to be the object of aa un
" relenting and vindictive persecution, but after
. year will reverse the batsh judgment of th
'""present bonrend aU will bo fight in the end.
Mean while, undisturbed by. threatened polit-
1cal evtl and steering entirely clear of lit
arena of polecat -agitation, our people may
Had la attefitloa to their, internal and lay
' . daatrtal condition not only the means of
" ' di version from impending trouble, but the euro
mean of wealth and prosperity. If it be true '
that, oven under the ordinary circumstance of
iife, he is to be eat ned as a public benefactor
s who make two blades of grass to grow where
. , , hut one gfew bs for, he-ii tob doubly eonsid-
I, ' and so who, at a time like th present, contrib- i
utea la anjulcgrec, howevermall, toth work ,
" 2" ef rpilrtrg m" proitoala'. iWttoak vAed la
r ' this work every man, if be will 'only set "about '
M.h artf-hf. ri.if1.tid s hf'mnir fund.. The dive. !
i'-au.p-viiiucM ir j..!, w nim.-iai-n.iu
uyrtolturat Jirodileton -th resources of our '
J ' forest, and our manufacturing facili tie, afford
' -e. thousand avenue of enterpris and of profit,
" which, while they promise remumM-ation to in
' . dividual investment, and labor,, will tend to
, isrellfuetcgit wealth of the Ptste. V
,'' look, for instance, uoa th movement recently
' . organized for th j irpose of boring for Petro
" leum la- the carbonfcrou regions f Rocking
ham, Chatham and Moore, where, by the way,
we have'no doubt It ealsta, or all geological in
dication ar fallacious,- likely to b pro
duct! v of mor substantial good to the State
than twenty years "of unprofitable wrangling
over the question of reconstruction, as matters
stand at jtfe-"--'-------- -
With a soil of general unsurpassed fertility .
with a climat equal to that of the most favos
'ed" regions of the globe with a" water-power
: capable, of moving the machinery of the world ;
with tU wore o f .l niiti"rU in almndauce;
" coal b. ' and iron niim-s equal to thoii ot
Pennsjhii .'a; th habitat of that great boon of
Provi 1 -. the Pine; the liul'gi'nous home of
th ch:..'. t yajtftua of grapes ; ailh tbe mtt
- aatendt d f .jri 6. .nth oi tile extreme North
era jLtlou'.ic Coast, possessing all these ad
vantages, there Is no reason why North Carolina
rhtrald bs second to any gtate-rr, or-twl ttf, tlte
Union. It us ton our attcn'.ii-n to these ad
vantage and seek in .thtir employment a ro
paration tor the lo.s of t)i war. Wlia.i
f te may betide us in the future, we shall be sll
th better prepared to meet it. If it U to be,
under the pressure of Kadii'al malignity, what
w have too 'good t '!se t spprchend, our
atrenyth VA be the eqiiid to the cuht-.-nr..
If the clouds whivh now lower above
C u are to be diss'imlcd, and under the influence
i.f W fonn!s and returning reason we are
v to be restored to or proper position in tbe
1.t f :wU i. we shall be the U'ttcr fitted to
-w- ..i ;:!,r!i'ttb nosiUon, and to reflect
ere.1' upon ournelves and th common country,
N. C. Railroad. The nsme of E. Governor
' Vance havint been connected with th Direc
touVp aa,l 1 1 ' vy ft1'1" V "Ir," c
authorized to sv. that Gov. nce bus pwiive-
v. a... i.:. nn!ns to bebroii; bt tor-
IJ Ul..tlll.t4 W "
, w i 1 as a i'"': ''''''' t X "
A. n dav i
dretted to te
Wcl Ion ' it, C
t.n . lilt el
t .( f I" i ', n a CHrd si
nj'ui.f thnt County, in the
1 1 s cii.'.idiite for re
'.ft T Tl h. t
t . J Of
- r
v e
n i"
K l tl
Li i
t.i -t
i i
.r, j l t( WIT Cif on
, i . , r I !. 1.'
1,1 t 8
V ...a e i . ,., ..I bsve I"
of t e s'"
, ! i i t:ie
.1 ji. . nav
i.f J
, 8? r
1 1
Tba XTatlonal Convention
Our reader have already oonaidered the pur
port of th telegram la yesterday's issue, propo-
aing, on th part of the Executive Committee of
th National Union Club at Washington, the
holding of a National Convention of delegate
from each Conirrcssionat District in all the
State and from the States at large, &c, to meet
at Philadelphia, on the 2d. Tuesday la August
Th object W understand to be to combine
and organize, for the purpose of meeting the is
sue bow before th country, all th conservative
men of all parties, who are truly Constitutional
Union men, "who sustain the President's admin
istration in maintaining unbroken the Conntitu
tiOn which our father established, and who
agree in certain propositiona, Including th main
tenance Inviolate of th rights of th States, and
specially of the right of each State to order
and control its owa domestic concern, accord
ing to it owa judgment exclusively, aa essen
tial to the balance of power on which tbe per
fection and endurance of our political fabric de
pend, and the overthrow of that system by
tbe usurpation and centralization of power, in
Congress, which would be a revolutioa danger
ous lo Republican government and destructive
of liberty."
-tIb word, the" object tto CoocenCrato "anil
unite, for a temporary, but vital purpose, all
canservativ men of all .parties, who heartily
support President Johnson k policy against tbe
policy ot th Radicals, in order, if possible, in
th coming election, to defeat their plan and
the plan oi all who are opposed to an early
constitutional Union of all the State in harmo
ny and CQiicord. i , , ; ' "v
W understand that this proposition doe not
contemplate the organization of a complete,
perfect and lasting party, but it Is for the spe
cific work of accomplishing the restoration of
the Union on President Johnson's platform,
leaving every one free to act, after that object
Is accomplished, with Whatever party he may
ele-- f" .';.; 'f': ""-';-' :.
As we ar at present advised, w are
entirely favnrll to the pr - l.ii.n. It Is de
sirable on many account. , Frist,
in order to
bring Nortbnrn and " ""
rjiutual co-ope
toai 6!e Im)(U
,uon and liiumUhip. Secouilly,
,ortli and South to understand
eai h ether U tter. Thirdly, because out of this
may prow p a party truly conservative, mail
up ot ttie ih'hi men oi an parir, iuc
defence and maintenance of -the government
framed by our la; liers. ' -.",
We, therefore, nr:;e tbe people of North Caro
liaato hold County meeiinca throughout the
State, to make arrHiu'emeuls lor lueir own
County canli.iat. s for theapproatbing election,
and tor Iiiitrii t Conventions for tlie aclection
of two dek L'utes from eiK'U Congressional !)
trict, and tiie appointment of ietrrtte from
the State at large, to represent KoiiU Carolina
la aa!d Convention, at Philadelphia..
Text fir-heme of t V,;
" ( ' lU K T. JieraUf.)
'- Wasbihotok, June 24., 1SC8.
Tbe arrival In town a few d.ivs since of Pro
visional Governor Hamilton, ot Texas, was not
in itselt a remarkable event. Provisional Gov
ernors have come to and departed from W h
ington during the psst year with aimo,t ss
much regularity as tue sun. Nor is Provi. i . mid
Governor Hanulton in any sene a very remitrk-
ablemaa. During the relwllion lie remained
true to the ttuon, an did many cither
who- -we-not- rewarded lor - thfir-C.lei:ty
with p-.& and power. In Hamilton's caw,
however, It' would seem that tlie 1' ijt,
while seek'ingia bis appointment to reward and
eocour" .re. loyalty made the B"t nix-ummon tuii
take of liwtering treachery and li ,-ioynlly.
Governor Hamilton, on his arrival heie, call
ed ujKin the President, and was admitted to a
long and coitttiiential inwrview.v i:e catieu a
second time, and was received in like uiHiiner,
his pretentions demanded, he clainunir to le
a warm anu cievoied mcna 10 mei re ni t,
and an admirer ol bis adminixtration. I t it
doe not appear at ail likely that be ..! ..I
ai'sin, or that, if lie sliail call, lie -vii.i nm t
' ah so cordial a reception. And the r- in
why his reception wdl be tliT-reiit from thiil bo
has hitherto met, will be'j-ailiered from a peru-
aal of the follow; letter lioni a promiiieut r-n-tlemaa
la TeaaJ, as bid; loyal ,. ,nl
well known thro" 'lout the ri.iintiy. 'i hi U t
tr was received In re a ' y or two iemo, ami
has bem laid belVe the i'n --' -lent. 1 lie wiin-r
.and recipk-tit are alike well Known, and the lit-"
lormallon conveyeu in u-uer in-juiiu
doubt. " 'The letter runs as t "uws:
GalvkTon. Teim. June 0. 1!- 3.
Dkak " :
Govt mor Hn i ' ill mil r I i "l '
asl.iivon. Fmiii soorei
n'i .Me, 1 I. arn that be (
f .-.I r I '
Uii"-I I, !..
tells me, s tbl
liinir of t
e I
I "J
r-ootii t i -u i !.
ills 1 r" -a aa.;', 1 l-i a l
or ! . t a r i t i- 1
tf.-n I - ''
1 i j
i,, T-. 'Mil " ' :
aioiie ' i i I i I
t t r ay f t , v . 1 to
:l I e to i
'.. - I
i i in v a
t t
1 1. i i -MS
."it I"
-T V-
IU- -.1
v . : v
n ii i
. ana v
out -l
t I
it t
I r
.,ie i
Tl I
V 1
1 ai
1 in be la
e f uu.
1 (I
'V l,ve
aa an I
t.i t
i I V
r I,-'., ve the 1
we the; u - ' i
I'll tin '1 Cl 1 '
.. K. 'I. 0 1 Ii
1 t:
.-. t
k 1
i K
i 1 1
ii.e m .
t i i le
aounced In the strongest and bitterest terne
having betrayed tbe I Jiiou men of tbe toe
and given them, bound hand and foot, Into t
power of the enemies of the country, j
Bis speech will be the signal for a more t
olent and vindictive crusade against th Pr
(lent and the South tliaa has huretotore b
waged and the plants to summon whites a
blacks to the polls to exercise the divinely c
lerred and inalienable rights of participation
the government. . , . i
My information la direct and unqucstional
( . j . v v.
Here, then, Is a scheme that would have dm
credit to the Jacobins of France in the puln
lent days of their, famous ... revolution, .bi
which hardly seem crediblo in this day 'an
generation. The name of Trumbull and C'
fas beinn; associated with the scheme woul
Seem to cast the shadow of a doubt a Unit it, it
we have been led tu look upon these two im
a rather inclined, while participating w ith t!
lladicals, to "counsel more Conservative si
moderate measures. But doubles their as
at ions have corrupted them to- such a Ui;i .
that, with. Chandler, Sumner,- Wade, Stevn.
and the rent of the holy-patriotism party, thi
( rather like the shedding of blood. It w ill 1
remembered that just before the first pun of the
late war was fired, Chandler, of Michigan,
wrote to his friend Governor Illair. of thai
Stale, that "some of our New England friend
think a war would te awful,' but iu my opinim
without a-little' btoml-letting thl"t;afriir"w 11
not be worth a rush." The premature publics
tioa of this elegant and Christian sentiment
caused the honorable Zachnriab some little con
fusion and embsrrsinncnt; but in theaiibseipient
blaze ol patriotic fervor that spread over tbe ;
land, on the an'nouncement of the altuek on
Sumter,' the blood-letting li tter w;is a trump
card, and Its lofty author strutted through th
country with alt the pomp and ceremony of a
Sir Oracle, So now his a-toci;it-s and con (Veres
may plot insurrection and violence that appear
very horrible and fearful in anticipation, but
which by manipulation may be made, to appear
a holy stnii.'"le and its authors subim ta of ac
claim and preferment.
And so, indeed, it is that in t -i advanced
ase of the world, we find men, cl.ii i' to he
.enlightened, intelligent, Chii-'ian t - iitbmen
ana wise legislators, deliberately plohm,' n vo
lution aiid bhwdbed. The greed of pu. r
must be creatin men who Vill n deliberately
sacrifice all loyal instincts, all fraternal sH'cctinn,
ail Lnriatian principle, all enliiihn iteil ludi'nieiit.
fot the sake of breeding crime, miavry, desola-1
i'on. ui'Hu ana ruin, mat tnnnif ii am n nen
imiv "nri-i-ii n
. Tuad , ,,... . . I,,.-. . .
IU.A1M. One week ago to il.iy -vl'-- -
General llluir delivered a spe.i li at Vt ft, '
Maryland, on the "issue ot the time," iu v. b
he took occasion to point out tbe rc-iin 1 !
muit follow the proent system c.f 1.
in Conirresa ill rirard to the refoii-!i i .t
the South. In the first place be showed ii, til
was contrary to the avowed object of the :ir
and that btevens and his faction me tii to
secure siibjujration instead of rot--i'f "i I ie
historical points rai-ml in this p I' 1 '
opportune mid fun stated. J1 '. ) i
ly shows that the policy of the ri.i-aii !
the Southern States i.i without a p I in the
history of the woiid ami direct H- hi i ; ;mi:,i.ii
to the policy of our ow n goven.o '.t ill ip.
premiini fiinner ri-l'i-llioiis, and, l y 'v ef ii
linlrri r ' .1 f- e - ir-t-: s' '
glaml iio-t tiie I iiiiHi st t i.f t. ine ol i
ond war with 1 ' : 'im I, tB Hartford iiviu
tion, alio the l'.in k-i.i-t war iu IVnn i.
where Tbad Sfeveiis advined all bis -"to
throw their conscience to the devil'
carry out their f lume at a'l hu,:inl-i.
The aelion of ("-" since the -(iph. ii
meut'of tlie ii'c-iit m - iKI I tlinl'oe !y ' "
I'iwI, from tiie Siliiiiti. ii iif'tlie Fieniii. .i'h i i
imii tail down to the mini
nnicn. intents. Tliu woikin
hm no, IHt.ler the nari-.
i a a't, is a! t.. n
'(ail Colistmi
Ol' tin
. t i :
1 t.
li. .n ia i .a taat Me ar
Into tali li'yS'enl itna'
Irelaiiil. the remit l!
il.aiS M 1 I.e. . at b
tion i I' ! .t pra
Volt of tae e..!..a, s f:
ed bv t a;
f (hat N.-.v
to -..';. . ;
l !e involve
air j
I in I .e i
II tii
'tMi; ion m i; imat f '
In ' " laaa t: t ! i I
and l a. e r a the coin
aiii." All tois
. ia-iy retain l -.a
li -iUuhi v, i
ail. i r. I .... r k
i, ks m tins en .
akaUi' teiii's . I
ill Cmaai. -i.-
(TO Sll. i .' Hail S m
.TO l. n
sum, aa
revohii .
' 1"
I in
!1 W
1 in bis ri
ad .1 in iiima
th inow ru:
u.KiKits or ) uu,
l-l'J. 'I
aii n In t
ported K
of the Y
a,. ?i-i! on ir.vai- -i i
e of l!f i.ri-.'i.i .' .
ailliav ,.,
i f 1 ! .'.
n li.- '
-hie. 1
.aae fl; ,
( -a
romtuHt- '.'v
had b'M.t
the old pa aa
land has ii.'t i
filion to Catiti
the time of t:
nit !. 1 1 .
i e i OMil i
of the let f
the i
't WOlth
t ia
I -t t'aa
. d oat
le t; a
an i. ,
aie a. v
it V t i
t e we b
The KcmpLii Fraui
, , Washinoton, June S4.
Tbe recrds of the investigation ot the cane
f Geo. A. Csrleton, Special Agent aud acting :
Purveyor of Customs at Memphis, who. It ia al
li ;rel, lout more than half a million of dollars
forth Government, is now Mor the Hank
Committee, with directions t eniii1e iutrt
tl wbol subject and report at any tune.
1 ' rianoe Mexican Affair.
. . t v, - Washimoton, June 41. '
A letter from a dixtititiihed source in Paris
eoninnuiicutes the sultjiiimsl to lite Mexican
I'jriition : The steamer w hich in alaitit to leave
St. i;ujiire lor ilexico will carry, I am assured,
an autograph from fiajKileon tu Maiimilian,
wliiill demnnds that the Mesienn Cuxtoni
house shall lie placed under French admiuist ra
tion us a guarantee for tbe Mexican- loan, con
verted into three pi-r cents, anil in dH'aiilt of
tho acceptance of this proposition by the Mexi
can Government, our troops will be immediately
rc-calli'd. On the contrary, if the arrangement
is til. i ted, the terms announced for the depar
ture of the ; French troops will be maintajnod,
'Late From Europe.
NkwYokk, June 45.
. Tlie uteainshlii Oernmnia has arrived, with
Soul hainutoii dates to the l 'tll.
" '. J
" Sales of Cotton on the Monday TicTure Baling
IQ.tiOO bales. Jl.irkets firm and price uu-
clmngc'd. lireadstulla firm, ., .,
: t VmsoU 8iiaaC. Flve-lwentles 6iil(r B5.
The La t raiun believes the rumor ot an ex
pected imperial mi'ssiigefor the isus of anew
loan ia unfounded, and should M. ltouher be,
questioned on tbe policy of the government, he
will only repeat his flrd. of May declaration. .
JIarsliiill U'Donuell has expressed the ppre
ln nsion that leuHiwill not pan without Spain
having to defend her territory. -,
The p isiHirt bv item in Austna ha been in
tii'diiee I. The Emperor lias started for tbe
Headquarter ol the army of the North. .
K The A ustrian ambassador has not left Berlin.
The popular indignation in .Ravarie against
Fm-Ma, Ciititiniics.
are lieinsr made to induce tbe to
ill m;'
. the ministers who maintain the policy
aring against tbe power that shall com.
v, ar. . . - ' i ' .
the enti t of the
is into Holbtcin deciarinR such to be in
i ol the tlaater Conveniion.
l,w- '-' ' '
( N i:w. Vohk, June 2..;
Cotton dull at 87(u H9. Gobi 1.5?. ,
- -' ir.llkl!. 'i a '
' New Yoiik, June 23-6 P. 31.
Cotton dull. Flour dull. Wheat has a (k
i lining tendeuey. Cora has declined 1 .Cent--.lesof
'J,S,(li0 bushels t M j llU cell Is. Pork
lall.eale at "d 87 V, f:!2 2". J'.eef steady. Laid
all. .Flour eh-!-. 1 buoyant..' tiold 151 i.
New Ori.ban, June 21.
Cotton ia.exn mely dull sales i.f 3,000 bl-
' i.w Sliddliug' at zi dii (J renti. (.;.,!d 151.
k sterling exchange C-t. Exchange on Ni-W
t a k 1 ja-r cent, discount.
. CoT""rci, '
.. j,..... .----.-.. i ..i - --i---.-' -
i Wanhihotox, D. C, J.iueSJ.
Si NATS. A .joint resolution was pu d pr-
;-n:; for an oilieial history of tbe hue re! n
,, I ant homing the Secretary of War tunppoiut
nut competent person: to write it, at a f -.inry
vt cxei i-i Una f 'J, ODO per year. ..' .
Tlie tat bill was coiim.I.tciI, and via ai
. men. bin uti oliered ami adopted.
Senator Morgan dclivvred anema v on ..:r.
iini lirui, lci i a-ed liu iiiln r ot , li r
locli tbe Senate a-laiuriied.
in the llouae Sir. U'io . 1 icm-h!' ! a I- t.
I lioni tbe Sec.n.l aty ot tots '1 le.wirv i-n tae
. ,t.i..-t of the annrtlicn.U-d Hit r-ntti tu -i .t
liiderpesft by means til unj
iiti'd bones.
. ,.rul tu the Commit
...iU t.olulio lee-.-
Mr llatiinf. of ieW 1 ork, ami ot a.-r-i. i. I
llailin", of Jiew 1 oik, ami ot'.-rn
.ires'd the Hoiho 111 tijiceelics oi roe a
en tlie death of Hon. Ju. Huiiipbii.K, ol
Voik. 'lhe ciiKtomary resoluiiima -t t.
er adopted, and tho llotine then a a-.m
The r centrcnhuTi 1 1 s i .C
s. . OTAWA, 0. V.'., J,l'-.e '
Ju 1 ,e ( ma ban 1 ai' urn ' t ,' if 1
f -r t'!? iti'l.-tii in heal loti to the .,i.n...a
-j- .. ia -'irred dm. ' tue r.-i .- t I
..i.!. Several Bun i. n ot tbe'-.v .
:',V j
i advocated the move, when .V
( I
' I 1
a.,t. viilo, oliluine.l loo in Mir,
i i 111 M It! i i r
enn a 'i to n ,.it t-eli
. .... . 1 l'i- ik iv. tii a v- ' V ti
...i. i a. 'y-HlX liiiaa .a of Ail.
,,i-...i.. 1 r an invi i n .on cl
. ... , 1 1 ,! Ci illililai i' i'-IH of I -
IV i
T tl
tl lil
i I .1
: i a
1 t
it i.f the voltiiit.
a I
I to
r a
t r
-f tl
.! I
control its own domestic concerns, accnnling to
its own judgment exclusively, as essential to
the tmlnnce of power on which the perfection
and endurance of our political fabric . depend ;
aud Hue Orel throw of that system by th usur
pation and centralization ot power in L'ontrrea
would lie a revolution dangerous to ltepubltcan
government and destructive of lilterty."
The holdim? of the Convention is endorsed
by Senators bixon, Hendricks, Norton and Nea
niith. . . "
Interesting European Newt,
' ' , Nw mk, Jun S3.
Additional foreign new present point of
'1 he London Ttmf, of th Hitb., eay that
the diplomatic rupture with Prussia i bow
complete. .Tbe Austrian Minister demanded
bis pan-iport and was to have left that day.
Huch a consummation was to be expected, aXter
the correspondence which passed between th
two governments during tbe last few days.
The distiatch of Count Uismarek went bevond
every sudi document in discourtesy, being of
the most. vindictive nd provokinj; nature, ess
it has been replied to by Count Meusdorft In a
more guarded tyle, but ia language which
shows ott'unded pride and unconquerable resolution.-'"
'":; i 1 ' ' '-- - "'" "
. Tbe Austrian Minister for Foreign Affair
makes a lolumn protect aga'inst the proceeding
ia Holatcin. : He declines all rWpoiwibility for
conseowwiees and declare that fW month
Pru'ssaia ha taken a position which' endiimrers
nie 'fonher aettleineut. In conclusion, Count
Jleiiwlortr reserve to the lmjierittl Government
th rilit to take siu ii steps aa may b found
necessary, since nothing rcinalm lor Austria but
to defend her hunor ami guntd her right frw
contempt. ' - -
Th portentous Intelligence tlist Garibaldi
has reached Cones is announeed. I !er w as the
scene of his former brilliant exploit. " ' '
: The Irtter ot Napoleon to bis Foreign Minis
ter w read on the H!tU. He sny that bsd the
Conference met. Franc would biv repuiUated
all idea of territorial af'!,Taiiili.enient, so hr i as
th European equilibrium remained undistmb-d,-mm
h preli;rring a jrood undtMmtauihc
with herneitthlxir to any territorial aequi-iitii M.
France would have desired for the Oermau;.
Confederation a more worthy position j for Prus
sia a Ix'ttor geographical boundary; nd for
Austria the maintenance of l r I'reat fnVi.ion
in Eurone. after the e'ati"i ' f enetia tl Ita
ly in exi-hani-e for terntof"tt
Thoiif'h 1lie t'or.i.TiMH-e lias 1
tlitllU that i i in. e v, ,,t
uiiii-ii-i it ion.
t. tue 1 iiiisernr
.I 1 "t V
Ify, li
the ai!
' Si.SA1l a a.
HlltH-tira' the I
tO eilljUji ,! W h.a
li.'il) aera ., a-ainin.
I.e obtu.i fd nt a
la i
)l ok an ! a fate
Ado,-ti I.
i he t ix bid v,
.' Hot a a-:. Mot i
inittee on Vt .1' i
f r a 1
t i
!l, w!
e SJ.a
A r
to I I
, I I.
v us
1 1
a . . 'a.. ;
to eut
at. .
: i am-e re I 'in'.
ai the I'".-
i mv, f !
I art a i
.1, nt
ii I
r 111' .. a ii
n to iiitf
ana-tit w .
a.aa li.i r
i .
..-. n uu
I t
1 1
The '-t
it w
h i1-
a H;i I
a, but 1
- la- t
latve I.,
id ti
I I"
..! l,u
tl cliniid at
1 .ve twu..
IV. ideut ia enil' -v
4 nl n 1 Ann nit mi ti:
I . la l 4 in ('una
. .. . v l"il a la. - t
ii i the l.iiiiiii j;"
' lb lrU(iua sf Ui Essiisaii Bkiiu H n of
U aastt SmlrsbU Miiiniat sf adr-tiiiif la lb
AiIvsriiHUtnt, ci' -ii; jhg tin ; n of 14 tine of
Btlaioa type or li- ., wha-h call tqusra, cl.srj
a fullow tut lB-rii "0 ia lb wwklj : .
Far a InxrtiiiO, : : - SI
Fofitw iBMrtiofti, r i '.4 I &S
t . yrM OMth, . .. t tl
FortwsiMib ' Its
For iS BInBtb, ' lie
j FarsssyMr, Ju OS
JOB WORK! iuU4 with BMtuu at th En .
aaa Orrica. -v.-
'gp i i .1
The Propose J Union Convrution.,'-
T " AKUlMiToM, JuilC Jll.
The l)emocrts in l onirrcsa, wuh, perl, ajis,
the exception of Harris, ot ManUiid, eii lniiie
the call for tli Inmn t imvenuou in l'li..s.lel
pbia. The restoration ot tue .auheru btatu
to Ifpn-aentation i coiwnlnred by them para
mount toall other poliucul ideas.
liberal r
' Jkw okk, Jun 51,
Bishop Lynch, of Citiuloton, ha leea pre
entcd with J,t itoa. t, in r r h
orphan Asylum ot that c.'y, I y toe LoutuuUc
of the War Prisoners' Asstx iiitaon.
-1 - - TU I'-irkcf.
ISkw una, Jun C(J.
Cotloa Cim at 8- U. i
Flour dw l.mvl ft 11 rr"( P dee of 7
bbl. Stat at fSM. Cl.iui J 13.75.
Southern 1 10.15 V? 17.
, Wheat dull, juottiii,!iis nomimd.
' Corn ditluicd 1 O '- soiOJ.r 3 bu 1 '.
Uccf firm.
Pork heavy, Sale of 1H.C00 bbl at tl O
:I3. - -. , , ' ...:.
.. Iard unchanged. . bii key dull,
Bii'rar firm, sale of l ObY'.- Muscovado at
13; li avails 11. I
,r CotTee dull at ISrcnl.
Naval Stores du:l. Vt . hi edv.
-Z -five-tawktn! 1,1 .J, t n tliiii, l.f-lr-Goldl.Sti.jl5a.
Tie Frefotel Ui.; 'i T
of tlie icmocraiiO I . ;r.
i, Pr .', a
ef C s.
. AM' i M ION, June 20. ;
:- The precis position oecti; 'el lv the IVino- "
crattc luemiiers el i oin'ress, in reicrence hmiio
Union Cunveutiim ralUd at 1 lnluJi 'pliia,lllni
t.ated : ' i -. : -
i They ar favorably di potKal toward stub a
Convention, beiicvie r tnnt tue rep'cvuKiioii
of tbe Southern f;,.-i in C" n - is not on'y
a right, but is neeeswirv to t" hannonv sit
proiiterity of the eountrv. 'I tn'V ate,
therefore, to co-operate t n tmon Conveo
ion for that pu i,e; I itu i 1 . I be t 'V''r
ted from In on md ! y" - '.o !- tor
the formation t anew ' v, t. -v p"' ' '
im to their own. At tt j seem vay
di-.orousto turtia-r ii.u iia'''' am.

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