North Carolina Newspapers

    !1 - tv.'uiinTiov .
V. e. ';- i ' 'i f t'.e -,:. f .North
I ,,' j, ii) I iit n:,.in. e - miii-ii, tor llm pur
s' - oi amcn-img u;e 1.1,1,. Mutton of tiie t-.ute,
I. dV T fnliM-o.Uit-d the Same, n adopt) d oil
' ' b f , 'n.-iit!, i!.,y of, A 0., one.
t ixiihjtuj lefti! bumln-d ami stvwity.six, null
t' e amen-i'iienis tlicict i, wl.-'-,.. rst! iti. d nb
t c ii-wirh fl-y of Jul v, A I ,!. lliou-and
...I Liiil:l U'i I tinny live, t'"-:,vr with
k.m.jiy atTi'-n-liFir-.its Hi.,;,!,;! i.i ti..i J,'a; one.
t''1 f,;!it hundred and fd'y one thoti-aan-1
t' 'it hundred and sixty-one an. I one thou
sand 1 it huiMied and sixty two, isvt u'.Upt
nincnd.iirnts adopted l.y tiiia Com, mum, do
riluin -i 1 establish the following Constitution
fur the hute:
..x..s J'U'f.ARATlOS or SitiUl,,..
Pm-tcix 1. All poliiu-itl power is vested iii
anil derived from the p,-o; ",. nnly.
Sue. 2. The people, of'this State om-ht to
have the aole ami exclusive rii'ht ol ret'uottiitg
the lnt-rt)Rl government ami police thereof.
Ski'. i5. ?io man tir wt of tti n arc entitled to
exclu-.iv or separate emohinicnt nr pnvih gee
from the eninuiuiiity, but ii rontidcrution of
puliiic K-n iics, ,
t is.i'. 4, Tbe h :i!sintive, exeeuiive, and su
preme judiind powers of 'fjovewiiicut ought to
1 tori crx pm.itcand !. -um-t (torn fix b other.
Sc1. 3, A'l power of ti'i-pend n lima, or tint
,I(v1ltiofl of )iw, 1 y -.y Jili'li uity, without
Const nt of Ii,,-. t ,n-., ntitiives of the p.splo, id
injurious, to their rudit, anil on- fit nut to be
Mm-iiL '
t'Kf. 0. !"!(! lnr of member tu serve urtp
reseiittf.'.visiu Gib. ml Ainihly ou-dit to be
free. '
b. 1 . 7. In b'1 ciin.Ii, ,1 )n--f tit i .r:, every
man l:as a ri.-lit to bu iiirrm 1 uf tin- ac ilea
linn aeiinst liim. ami fit rmfi'n t tlio iu'Oirs
ami )tii(-.i .-!, o-i.rr '. hi.i.j, an-1 ti bnve
-tii!i-.. ! t;,r il. ii nee, arnl uliail' tK,t U: coin
j Di'J to t'ii'e (-vi'li lice "itinit liimwiC,
bee. 8. Wo fii-i-man aliall l put t urimiir
any c dim , i sd jit m ln-rtinartf-r al
lowcil, but t-y inn.i (m;rt; jiic'i-titmciit, or ini
litni'tit. .
f'r-c. l. .N'i f -1 n:!in blu.'.l ht- c-invirt"lif any
riiiiif, but I'V t!iP HiiammriiH Vrr-iiitt a ju
ry of piioj ami l.iwfiil iin-ii, in (. en CMirt,
iu-n K lure i : 'I i.f f ; iir n,ir, lirmi-T'
rr, j,u.i,le o:i.. r ini..;. .i d,. ft pel y "mi,
.di-iin .inurn, n tlie r.;-1 nf lipjx ai.
he. 10 J.ici- ln.i f-'-m!,; .J rn.t be "n-milr-
d. rinr rxmAiv iimn luijum-i, pur llmmsml
jMiniaiii'i. 11 . 1 1 !, ;
fc, U. .iti-rnl wnrr.mU, lnTol.y any of
ficiT or li t -n ,"r r ni.iv I cmninnjidni to awtrch
aunM u-il pldrvii iui,iit cv'itlinca of the fart
coin!!,;:1! il, tir tu aun any pfrnun or persona
not nmiipif 1i,imi oiii-nm i nut particularly
dcicnbr'd arnl eiipportuil lr vi(i i.:e, are elan-pi-nxis
to !.' if v, ami rrn. ;,t nut to b Krsnttl.
f-i. 1 J. o lii'i-mnu oi' -'!t tu be titki-n, Jm
priuniri), or i-i iAt.l f ,ia iirt liohl, ItburUi-a,
or p',i!i -, or nuilowcJ. or cuilnl, or in any
in. ...i-r i. trovtii, or ili-jniveil, of lif" Jib-,
eriv, r pi"i-it, l.i.t hy thr luw of the innd.
i r. 1 i. J.1 i ty fiit-mun, rcatiniui -I of bin hl
ty, U ciiiii.l t-j remedy a iapiiitt into tbfl
iuwfi.!m-a tiicfi f, and to" ri'iimvo the lane if
itnlnnlul, and aiii'U!y ouylitnot to be do
.tiioj orli-!.V!'d, . .. . ... :-.
t-i-.i'. It. Ill nil r(iitrrtvrii at 1W rriptvts
iiijj proper' v, ii," !i. lent tundo of tiul by jury
i 1 .' 1 .' i of tlm r'flita iif Ui
' ' 11 . 1 1 t t., r, 1 . n svre 1 ii-( invi-if.
i t"f to I.e. j uuneil, ,
j t i ,! mi' l.t mf
tl I e ! I, t.f liri l
!iy i . ,i t 01 s i'y
. t. bl ' p" lie l.t t-f
. "1! i rt C'.ll 'i lit l
1ii- .1, Ui 1. r (
r rei . ' ,;t m t.i
friri! '-, I- , v
PHIH fit llii' 1. f" i'. e i
r' lit to lifur
(' ; 'Hi !, PS Ht,lHll-
n h is 1' n runs to
in'aruii' la ttn-nei .p
iv, i'ii o- i iii m I e 1 1 (; nd tiiu
itiiiit cjr i.U .! u 1 1 i. , i. r .1 1 n'l)nliit
111-"! t, S't-I .V : V, t .U C , . 1! ( 'V-T. . '
, II. 1..HJ I.U1HH I ill!'.- Illl ill
( in r, to n'i. .liHnr t1.. ii (.., nit pond, to
i .,, 1 u t tlieir r i.i.i.i . 1,1.11,1 to i'l''y to
t... , ' ire 1 n !n wt ( ! j'.iii vhi.n
' . , f '.l , i : I ! I.V.- A I' ".' ! HII ''ejt
1 t i i X - 'I A i .U) ' ' f ' - lrT.(l. ; 11!
ti 1
F i
llti' 11
1 -j I
! ' ,
ii 1
Mi I Mi'
l SH c I
and i .-
e t, . t, flu Siiills" I
:i. A
10 tu fjiiihimeiit- j
ytl, ...
!, I'
u;i jMll.erf nio
' Hd 0' -t
a iii'
I ei
J ml
finiitic tarli alml! eoutiinte a f'u.utorial
-0. 8. Tli Iloosa oCl'uuiniinaaliiill be com
P'wil of one buri.tred and twenty in-pnmnia-
ive", I'leniimilj eitiHK-n uy iJU ,,,(t o ba Hirteil
iy ttieciiuntiM rrhjHi-tiTely, a iMrding to t .
fciitire rcsfuK'tive liito populatiun, and
foiinty almil tiave at Itaitl com luentUr in 1
imustot Umiiimi ni-l.imjilj ,t my Bntenf,ii
the re.piiit raiin of w hits population.
Kw;. 4. TbU annortionoient al.all htaiiulii ht
tlie Oeneml AwMjiiiliIy, at tlie rcip(;tire time
mm iirriona wuen tlie litrnu lor th Pensfa
;( iieii:iiib fore tiiruclcd U) lit laid off; and tbo
aid apportionment ha!l be made according to
an eiiumeraliou to be ordered by the General
Assembly, or according to tbe ctiuma which
may oc Mjjen t,y orler r ConKdeaa, next pre
rciling the periwl of making cued apportion
" bM 5. In m iking t ha apportionment in the
1 ioiimj 01 i.iiiimHi, tbe ratio of r,pr',Mtion
altall be aHi crtuiixd by dividing the amount ti
the white population In the Htatu, otter dediH t
in C(imirebeiideil within, tinnie Coutitire,
wliiih do not neveraliy contain the one hun-
drc-t and twmtiMh part of tlie entire white
population aroriMiii, i.y the numlwr of rejiro-K-nuiiri-a
h t-i the numtmr anainnj to the anid
cotiBtim. To fin U county coiuainiiiK the aaid
roiin, nj not twire the aaid ratio, tiiere abalt
he a.;frncj one representative; to each county
eonfuiiiinir twice, but not tlw timua Uia aaid
ratio, there imll be iitrned two rt'prtent
tiven. and ao on profrewivcly ; and liicn the
rmai a ti prew ntmivca aim!) tie aBiL'ned
everiitly4 to the Countica having the Isrgent
iiarnmna. -
Bur. . o new county (hall be formed and
estab!iliMl, link-si there ahull be, within the
prnposjiH iioiindarli-e thereof, tbe one hundred
and twentieth part of the entire white popula
tioiolthiii;t;tiorif the populalion of the
couuiy.orany ul tliecountii, trom which it may
le propoM-d to form and estnhlUh the tame,
hall thereby be reduced Irt low the one hundred
and twentieth part of the entire w hite poptila
turn of the Stnta.
Hw, 7. Kach member of the Senate ahall b
not h-xe than thirty yeara f a,!; ahall have He
aided in the btvte five yearn; ahall have nanally
rei(leJ in the dUtrk-t for wliictr lie ia cbo n,
one Tear immeumu-ly preceihnj Ina eli-ction,
am'. lorthe aaine time ahall have iMMaeeicd. and
liuli conliuue to poaeK, in the diMrict which
he rcprencnta, cot 1cm thua threa liundred acrea
nf land in fee; cr a fin-bold 4t nut tew value
than one tlmuMuid (lullur.
Kuc,. 8. Lach member of the Houm of Com-
nioiia slmll be nut lm than twenty-one Veara of
a.-ra i iiiil Have resniid n tlio rjtate Ore year,
and aliali have untially retideil in tbe county in
which he U chowm for one yea imiuediately
prit'i-diiii,' hia election, and tor the aama time
hall have ponneu.rfd, and ahull continue to poa
ariti, in the county which he represent, a free
hold of one hu mi red acren of Jund, or the value
of three bnndred Uoliara.
- fSkc, If. trcry nuia of the ajin of twenty-one
years, who may hate been an inhabitant of the
Ktntc for twelve montha, and of the district in
wliii h he propose to votft, ix month neat be
f etliediiy of any election,- and ahali have
I I public taxca. hull be entitled to vote for
a i Miber ul the rk-nate for the district in which
he may then reside. v ' .
fjm-. 10. rery man ofthenr'eof twenty-one
yeiir, who may hare Imen an inhabitant of the
Mate f-if twelve month next before the day of
elc tion, and of the county in which he propo
ae to vote for nil nmnlha next before the Jay
of tli tiim, ami ehitll hate puid u1i!io (asei,
lintt mil t ..( f,.r meodiori of the
! r -i 1 fe, t - ' ' '
. . . 1 i. 1. .,..!.. it 1 In led to tm; .-wnate or
lioiiM) of Coiiiiiioun, ahull hold hia nest trom tlie
time of hit election until the next biennial elec
tion. :!.'. '
r'i C." 13. 'I i." t- 1 '' 3 " o' rnmmone
hli.ill meet bit miiul'.r, and h-11 ai.enihled, ahall
he iknuinii. I the "
f-'wc, M. '1 in' i-iu! -'Il
Ihrirown njiikr and 1.
Kir. 14. '1 .-;l.;en' '.:v '
ide in the It-. 411', h it
they be e p"' y d.M.S. 1
' f-,.c IS. '1 !ie f na'e f'1'
I A-
iiiaauau cuooae
r ii.-iccra.
'l.ivcrnor ahall pre
.;! not vote, nuut
t H I . . .
.11 clino their Other
nt..ien, "d !'i' 1- 'T prr tcm;r in the
nl.nen.eot , .-, l.i. Hi-e ti'ivemor, or whea
he !i,ill exeii t fieo.... e of tiovi-rnor, '
hi ii. 17. tai h l!oii-t ahu!l be juda of the
qiuhlii-aliolM aiidcle,.! ,01m of its own niemliera ;
n1' ill i, iiion it pwii a'ljouinmenia irom oay
( 1
ir hi.' 4-t lUHHII
t n! tor aupplviutr liiteniieuiaie vucan
nii I ma f aln jointly adjourn to any ia-
1 lire i
y 1 1 p-.uo. -
. 1 J. I he tyle of the ar fa ahall be "The
! A ciuhly of Korth C'.irniii5 1, enact,
.- .-. i-t. i:.. U ineii.Urof the 0-iicru.1 A'-i-I
i'.ie t 'kinif his fat, slitol tiikean oath or
. i', i! .t-, to I'-a I" -t of 1 n knowh-'.ia
-l . ' U fpin. ,ic i und' r the Cou,
,il ot t ' ,le to t'ika hia 'it.
t'C IK '!:! ! :- Awtnlly ehi-I not
i-v. i
itter to I'
ll!? inihvi
, r- .!ti
i! 1, '1
rt 1 I
-.1 a invoice, iir ii urc iiiuo
n1 case, b it inny jia pim-r-
.nvorea and a..nioiiy.
V.i nerul A uib!y alnkll not
n'iT I " ;vTe btw to alter tl
I lie J
l l, lie i
Hon in
; , 1 !., or ta 1' -.uiiate any p.-r-
tti i.isi!" .lw.-V.iKk, or to re-ioie
lit r I
i 1 of H 1
pilwiT t
!, 1 iii-v -'"in Ci-nvii t
i, I 1.1 til have tl.e
vl i ! ' i'ii'I t!l S I'lltv,
i.d A ..-'y.sii.t.l cot j .-s
it . ..1 I rt IlHe'e t') lip-
h no' -i a
1 ive fici'tf t ' 1 '
i n. ..tiler as
1! n I
i r i-.i ii
be pio-
I la 3 -
l.t cl t
I ( r ,' 1' a
f ...,', or 1 1
y if i 1 li
, or till
. re, or to
. t It.
t t
v on t i-1 1
!' f :
f r
I !
' 1
t !
i i
e 11
1 t-l I -
I 1 I
I t'
1; 1
; 1. 1 . 1 t :i
v of ad 1.1
s. I.
a innrniil of
) oiled, and
i ". urttiiii ..I
- r "
i il As
' I 'j ' 'I I
'i- fi in-
. ! t'.e uiem'-ers pirs-
1 i s f .n fley qites'ion o I
It, 1
.. t
., t oi ti. journal. ..
u' . r i f e i- r House i y
j i - - - it u-y ' t err
, . 1"'" tO !' p""-
or any iiiiiiviiluuhaud huvn the reiisoii
nia ttlnei-t mbTi'd on tf.e
ow. .! .-, Ilia j. -in nil A it, nteinh!
. lit em li
- !e of
, 'I rtttii
eiiuinl hiii, limit cltn-t, by j
two Ilou-id, a Hm I'-tary of h
and ('ouni ll of who ahull'ie in
u'.s iir me term 01 to veara, an. mild 0
may he appointed in Hit if pi,n .
fci-c, 81. iu thtttl etioa of a!l oPh-cra, wh
appointment ia con 1 erred on the General A
acinbly by the Constitution, the rote, ahull I
tic tore.
41 ..... f ...... . n .
SecTiow 1. There ahall be a Governor, an I
Lieun-nant (Joveraor or the State, who thai) be
choaen by the ijiiidifW voters for the inembcr.
of the House of Common, at aitch tiuiea and
plaeca fc member of the f lenend Aaaemhly ar.
8av. ft. No person ahall lie eligible M Gover
nor or .ii iiti iintit (iovemor, unle-g he hall
have been a cillen of the United Statee for
twenty years; ahall have attained the age of
thirty yenra; ahall have bvn a resident of the
htate for five yearn next before the day of election,
and ilmll have therein a freehold in laoda and
tenement a ot the value of to thousand dol
lanu J
bice. 8. The (iovetnor khail hold Ul olfice for
the term or two je.ita li.m the time fixed for
hia iimt.illiilion. 11:1. 1 unlit another ahall lie
elected and qnnlili.-d ; but he khult not be eligi
ble for mbte than fur four jnn ia any term of
aix yeiira, unlemi the oflire ahall have been Cast
on him aa Lieutenant OoTernor or Speaker ot
one of the Holm ot the tienerat Afwemhly. '
Rkc. 4. The return oi every election for
Governor and Lieutenant Governor, almil be
eaU-i up erit transmitted to the eat of Gov
ernment, bv the returning oilkcra. directetl to
the fpeaW ot " the lloiine of Commone,
w ho uli.ill otien ; and tiuhlish them in the
reaeuce of a linijority of the member of both
lloiiM of the Guncral AaHembly. The person
bavintr the hii;hint numlier of votea for Gover.
nor, alial be Governor: and the lK-nton havins
mo iiim-i uuiuoeroi yoica lorijieuieiiailt lov
emor, hull fie I.Ieuleii.-Hit (juveruor; hut if
41.. I.! .1 II... ...... wT . ... "
two or more pc rnona aliull tie eipiul and Inchest
iu niimlK-r of votea f'.rt olice, one of them
hall be to fill the otlice by a joint vote
or ooin Jimiaeaol tlie Uetterul Anwmlily
Skc. 5. Lnntttted election flir Governor or
Liectetmit (oveninr jihill lie dttniiiied hv a
joint vote of both lioum-a of the General Aa-
aeinhly, in ucli a niamier as ahull be preacnlicd
liy t.-
bc. A. The Governor chart nlmll enter on the
duliei of the olhce, on the first day ot January
ncitt afW hi election, havintr pretionslr taken
tine oath of ollice in presence of the member
of both- branche of the General Assembly, or
ociore an v justice or tne Biipreme Limit, who.
ia cane the Governor elect should lie prevented
from attendance before the General AnM-mhlv by
aickneM or other unavoidable can-, ia author
ized to administer the Mine.
Skc. 7, The Lieutenant-Governor ehull ' uo-
funi the mime qtialiScatiob for ollice, tit are re
ouired of the blovcrnor, and hull hold hia office
or tne like term. "
Bsc. 8, The Governor and LIcufen pit Gover
nor, ench, almil take an Oftlh, that, (o tlie beat
ot hi knowledge and Mief, he ia eligible, un
der the Constitution and law of the Htute, (o
the oilice, to which be ha been elected.-
tSKC. 0. The Governor hall 1 Commiindcr-
n-C'bief of the Militia 1 and in the recivi nf t he
jencral AntM-mlily, ahull have power, bv und
with the advice of the Council of hi ate. to em .
lodv the Militik for the put-lie nafi'tv. 4
lie voted by the Uuneral Aaacmbly tor Ihe cou
tinjifncic of government, and be accountable
to them -for the Mine; lie ihall have the power
of granting pardon, and reprieve, except when
the prosecution (hall be carried on by the Gen
eral AMcmhly, or unlea the law ahall otherwise
direct; in which latter case, he may, in there
ecw, grant a reprieve until the next aittim? of
the General Assembly; and may exercise all the
other executive power of government, limited
and restrained by this Constitution is men
tioned, and according to the laws of the State ;
and shiill have power, by and with the advice
of the Council of Btate, to convene the General
Assembly In extra aoaaion, at any lime, when
in his opinion, the exijrciw-ii-s of the Htate may
require It.
Bkc. 11. In caaa of the impeachment of the
Governor, or hi removal from ollice, .death, in
al.lltty W dt'-hrf,-0 4S Wttl W!lie-,MiV
icnation, or afrnenc from the Htate, the powers
and duties of the office hull devolve upon the
Lieutenant-Governor for the residue of the
term, or until the disability shall cense.
r-kfc 111. Whenever tha Licntetiant-Govi ruor
slutll, for like causea, liecome incompetent to
ti .sclifira the power and duties of the ollice of
Governor, they shall devolve' on the f peitker ot
tin- b. i-.i'e ; and in case of hi death, or incour
petenry for like causes, they shall devolve on
t .t 'inker of the House of Commons; and
t -r kn- ii time aa there ahull be npeuk-rs ia
1 .it, the perions lu-tt axtinir aa sm U sh-tll be
il.'cio.-d !- I'litkeii for the purpose aforesuid.
hi c. 1.1. Jn haw of a vacancy In the ollice of
Governor, the Lmiilcisint-liovernor, or any
1 i.. r pi rson called tit' tilt the- ortire, shu;i lie',1.1 In fore any Jutii-e of the Supreme
t I'lltt.
,k 1 c. 1 1. The Lieiitensnl-GorernoT, while pro
el l.i'if ia the J-itmte, ah ill receive the auma pay
as the h'i.-:ikr-r of the House of Commons, and
be si 1 il! it e. ive no other compensation, eti pi
y in tt In- i a.-;'.i tit Governor.
l-.e. IV 'li.-"i , ull be Sf.d of the Ftate,
-u 1, . 1 i- ill i t by ti.e Governor, and uwd
I v lii" in On -.ii m iy r- "ture, and alm'l h
I 1
ll Sell Ot U'B . lie Ol X 11 111 t'T-
h ;,ve.l to ud j,'.:iula lud comuns-
-. '. '.. Tl,i- Culm, il c.f file halt C'-n-l t of
'"! ; 'in, w ! -i C" 1 i a l . the Govern -r in
1 . "ti of l. 0.. e; lour nun ! - ..1
a ; ..1ii.1i; t' :r ahiee and pun -.
,1 le e'- : 1 in a Joum.d In lie kept b r I,. .1
i;c -, Bi-.i si by the 1111 in." .i pr v
; r l '"V pot of Wlll 'll a:-V tlnnd er
' tn i !' r I, 4 oi-se'it ; a i l mi h J ' !
i-l bud I.- lore the General Assembly wlu-ii
1 !."r !-? ..'iii-e.f Jloij..
r. 1. In netycn-e :,. -eauv t ' r. t!.i
t ( t wiio-o appoii.'. I i 1 v tne I e i'u
. !'.' ,t, , i, -I I . i' . i ' .1
, - ., ii ..ii $ Hi- ii'i s. 1. . . 1 ..s o. . e
c 1 r mhoia lu- "Hie ae wt, t,m Uovernor
it 1 -laer, w . d t e a h 1. e ot" tie f i."ii
id : ue, to ti 1 tu. ii i Aiiey, bv t-iin 1 a
. i-y cmnuiUdim, wliiih ii t.i ue at
. .f i; c n i" ' '- of t'a- 1 I A
jtlil-. Hi. j.. i'm if., r.
; 1. The i . ' 1 l
,i.i . 1 in One s.ii, 'i
r- r ( . . ( ! .- i.,l l
t.i t . f"! 1 l'l J
.M,d Ie .. . n t Vi' ' V-tt
t ,n 1 ' s 11 iy I - ,1
ill J I H I
' i ' . 1 ti A
k 11.. I to t u r
i , t ' . i t e tmo K- .
.f tl
if ll.
Court of la and
' t ot one, or ro'-rf
ao ui.omer.
4. Ti c J '-t"" a i f the r' 'ircmearfil the
i.f t-,1 h i r i - -1 ot law end
of E ji-dyi ' ' 'fooicea during
.. h avion r'; and, at .c"l t -nc, shu'l re
,..r t..i.if "' ii hi n (Hute larj,
,kha.l nut 1 - - ii'"' I f J o uii'i lhir C
,c In oir.te, ''..'
. .1 -i 1 .. 1 ,.r 4,m Rit
, 9. IUCSK l. . 1 i"
. Court, to N 1.1 U
; ; ia every jrcu-; tSe
9. Jt ueru ii'.l iniii MiiMia 4'i .w"
1 at the seat of Uovern-
ie coiuinenceinent of the
,tn hn. a neiu'r may lie. half a year
. and the Court at each term shall ait for
, -patch of bii'iin-- so tng shall be tie-
6, A Supeiior Coutt shall le held acmi
.ily at least, in every county in the Stale,
iall Ht for the di j aKh of boincia for
,imeamay liedir-cted by law, but for
Bs than ix dy, nnleua iu business ehalt
. h riisnoaed of. 'i he General Awmbly
..uamr. direct iliore than two tennsnot
.lovrlor Courts to be held in the Veai; la
w case the Assembly may, If deemed advia-
rnereaae Vi.e numtxr 01 " ."..'..
oj Court. --I--.-- "
T. County Court shall he held fiuerter
p,!eaat,1n each Jear, in the1 several counties,
1 Jn.ticee of the 1'eace therein, of whom
...utban three shall be a otiorum, and the
nt th l-otirt shall continue at least six f
I unless the business be anoncr di-posed of.
8. The General Asacmbly, in ll uiacre-
1 ... establish t;oiirt lor tneornoraiea
,i and towna, with u h jurisdiction in civil
er a m"y e prettcribeit. i, .
O Tt.a lleiieml A-iseinblv 111AV aKo ts-
- -h noliee court lor inch cii'te and town.
sv power to try and punish petty nilsdi iiienii
. riromittedwidiin the limit of such, citte
.. and in violation of their by-laws.
a 1". The General Anmbly, at ita first
mfi,.r tbantbre of Attorney Geoernl shall
1 v.i-unt and from time to time there
.h.ti .nnnini an Attorney General, who
V h e.ii.imi'.'hotied bv the Governor, and
.. hold his o-iV for the term of four years ;
I J the General Assembly should hereafter
( id tbe term dnrintr which Solicitora of the
t .1.1.11 I10M their olllces. then they Vnttll
),e pow-r to extend the term of office of the
A'rney uenerai to me sumo pni.
,1. ti Just ice of the Peace shall Tie elect-
.i'miRlified voter for members of the
Geral Asacmbly, and shall hold their olnce
foiix vear. The number shall not exceed two
.1. of tlm nnnulation accor(Unr
lOITCIT IlliiuBiii.uv. - r-r- , . i -L-
tohe c-iisii next prci-eding- the- ehvUua, Jinl.
tlleiierl Ai" mbly may allow lure
tiinl Jii-ti'-es for eu h connty-eeat, and incor
paHed towns: I'ntftded; Md im-firpornte.!
ton. I int other than that in which the coun
i.., I. lo. i..,l. shall contain threo hundred
frl. CmimI ABUfiniblv shall TirO'
inaoiianin.. viii.iv -
..i t.. A;iA, titst ttie several cotuitiea, and tlie
.IE ,0, --.--. t , .1. ,
i.ii .ii.iein their reiiiectivedHtrlcta
.i. .1..11 l,a a aeoarate elivtioli for each
diirict. Tlie next General Assembly shall en-
Mn km to carry into effect the
: !.!. eiinn' aml at the Srst
prrvisiouw " .... . t- - ...
-oiirt after the election, the term ot
ofice of the present Justice shall expire. The
imrid AsM-mblv may. provi.Uj tor the election
f 1. .-i;,... l,i t:d varnncli-.
Rkc. 13. There shall be a FheritT, corom or
coroners, and constable in each county witinn
tu hlate. ' ,
, .,ii.i iuiATio; roa mrB,
gacTios 1. Ko person who shall fleny the be-
In-rof Almi'ditTttod, or Hie uivine """"-jL
att-WMW-rcoiftmrwimioT: tueimipiiTiiiie run
the freedom or safety of the State, stmll be ca
puble of holding any office of place of trust or
profit in any civil department ot the State.
Bao. 8. No lnculfl! of the Pen nte, or of the
House of Common (halt be eligible to any of
ti.e within tbe gift pf the General Assembly,
during the time for whit h he may be elected.
Hko. it. No person who may have been Pub
lie Treasurer, or any other receiver of the
pulilie money, shall be eligible to any of.
fcee or place of trut or prolit, nntil he slmll
h.ive fully accounted with the proper anthori
fo for all money which may have come t his
I -mils. -
hw. 4. No clergyman, or preacher ot tlie cos
I I, ol any denomination, shall lie capublu of
biing a memfwr of either the iSennle, House of
Commons, or Council of State, whil.) be con
tinues in the exercise of the pastoral timet inn.
f'M1; ft. JS.l' person whrtwh.iit hiM awy -At!',;
or place of trust or-profit under the United
ri, or under thi State, or any other Stiitc or
r- ernment, Of under any department of tha
1 i.ded State, or of thi htate, or of any nther
h,..te, hail holder exerei--e any oilier otliec or
p' e of trilKt or profit, tinder the anthoi i'y of
tl, s Btate, or be eligible to a seat in cither
Hoie id the Geneial Asaemlily : J'rnii'. l,
1 l-t nothing herein coittntned shall extend to
o: rs in the militia or Justices of the pe.'t-e.
0. 6. Any Justice f the Supreme Court,
or Jud - of the r"nerior Courts, Mimv b r.-ni-
"'d from oiine lor tneuUl or -b i.l ii.i
b. i?, upon a eoneorrent resolution of two
tl. . is of blh branches of the Gem r.;l As-, m
b'e. The Justice or Jjih.-e, air:iiu-.t whom t:e
il Assembly limy be almnt to pnwi ml,
s' lit r i ive notice thereof, aerou-p-mii I I y a
ci ; y of the causes all. -e-1 fir his rem.o tit
1, ,. t twenty ibiyi bcluie ttm d iy mi wbi li eith
er b inch of tiio General AsM-mbly n-.iy n 't
thei-eon." ' ' '. ."
r .. 7. t'pon the conviction of any J. -!!!
of t ) Pi-ace ot any ini'.imous crime, of of c r
P'p i and mal practi.-e. jn oiTii1.', tiio ci"i.-i.'.-
n i f such Jtiklice shsll tie thereby vsuvtt.l,
1 ' l.:ill be forever dieqnal.'. I from tnild
i .1 a; I'-iintment.
, '. S. person shall be tl it. d (pi.iUi'td
! i . - iu any cl- ("ion, or appointment to any
or p' i. e e-' .i lud by the Co'i-tisct' m,
,,i- t..s Geo I A -mbly, or ilnined ili
r sisi'h o e or plm , w ho s!i. ill base
i 1 ' ,1 ; -y of I-lo' ". or of an in-
! i en. .ii, Lin - i"'1 -i - "-n f ..lime
' , y j o.'."e d, or f I lo t tit in a,
i 1 I y Let; a" 1 fo' y p-isonad-
' i'y of In iU"-i.i' erun 1;t'd,
- en.i ,1 to be J"i' . in i-
r 9. I-very rrsuii n- liiuiy ie
cr : ol t- i i r j t u'i-1 r t:
It I, ll'ld ('''' 1
1 mi ,
i 'ite, or
j n al
1 1- ii lute
: . 1
i .
1 iu
ol I; '
1 1: i.
8. The Pup- '
'( of Equity shsll c
. ta be en" led i.i
hu:. '4, Tha House of Common ehall 1
t- Sa power of impeaelunentr-The rVoata
1. .1 hav i e sole power to try impeachment:
. 11 i. .-nvi.-tMl anon anV iailieacti-
...1 ' r tlie Senators nreaent
IS- "l, UIUIJ I 1 ....... -
! rnnni, in am . conviction; and tieforelw
,1 of any impe l.uient, tbe memiy-n m
...te alo.'l take no oath or i-.l'irmatioB truly
1 iiniwiti i'ilv to trv and deb miue the eharge
iu tinvouou according to evidence,
AKT1CUS Vii. ,
mWeixaxeocs. -
c.,. t lit mmmlwlosHi shall run in the
name of the' State of Jlorth Carolina, and bear
test and lie wiraed by tha uovernor. .u -limit
run in the aame manner, aad bear teat ana
lie signed by the clerk I tue tewpecuve
IndictmenU ehall eonclutW against tne y"
and dignity of Um State, v ; ' ,
VKC. 8. A nclioot or acuouia auaw
liihe.l by the tleneral Awmbly, tor the conve
nient instruction ot youth. with such aaliutea to
the masters, paid by the public, a may euabW
them to instruct at low
learning shall lieduly encouraged and prpmoteo
in one or more Universities. 1 -- -
shall fie deemed fc eittaien
.f the htate until ha shall liavcbced (ttrry-inrt-;-
UItln . , k . al,-
, 8kc.4. The pcwonol eiorf uo
U aot a Btnn3f prnfiimption of imtil, tlia.l not
lacs aknt.iimlr1 l lr.A4lli after diliverliia np,
,. i i BIUi iwrsiMiat. tor the ae
jU cre,iitorB( i wth manner as ahall be reff-
..i..i..i i.w iw . aii nrisonera snail msi .....w.-w
by iiilicfcnt sureties, unl-s tor capital olh-nece,
when the pnd U evidw or presnmptmn
o . i . ,. u.l.i:ulnuitnf anV
tlKC O. 1 HT l" -. . .1 ' I
n. ..ii,.imi church or denominaUon la tm I
. r IL. . .11 1.M ut.lllll.llIU4mb ill Kill T
-. S, . 1 nere auau wi .- -
titate in iireforence to any other; neither shall . ' in ,h. ,lfi rtioa of h eoayt. that -'
. .l.iuoKver. lie com- 1 'LPv' ... - --i4-t of tbs Btals at ... ,
any t-. -r. i
pcllcd tu attenn any pi an o. p. ------
ry to his Own faith or jnrltrmeirt t "fu""K 'S thai ifcs
topay fortlprchrof.n,gleor h.dd: yj.'L ..4 H--.
Inn n any oiworaniu, m .... .... -
. " t .l..!-ir ..p mlnbitnr. COtitrarv I
Hiliame .11 "j --T. -' l.... ..L
iM uil.oli !ui1!VM til
lie riRin, h-
nntarily and personally 'timaaeu 10 i.,
but all petaouV .hall to .U&r
their own mode of worsmp : rrvttu i
nothiiw heri-in conUinod hslt be construed to
exempt preacher of treasonable or editioii
discourse from legal uiai aou nmiiu... .
c ct Tri nrnnrrtT hali wot bu taken
n- jra I -lie nseit hoat jut panaation jiabl
in due time. -- ' . ", ,,
- Sue. 7. Treason against the State ahall consist
only in levying war against the State, or in fcd-
heritig to tw - if v-ing mwm
f,... K.. ..aruia almli be convicted 01 tmait
nuiese on the testimony of two witness to the-
aame overt act, or on confession lH open Crmrt. I
8ec. 8. Capitation tax stiall oe eqnai iuroSii- j
aame; Jtvuuma, ,Jina aanmnwu. .
polls a heretofore prescrinea oy ibw,
allowed ia case of bodily or mental inflnnity.
.. Kir. 0 r.i-pr nerann cbosen or aoiHiiuieu i
any office or plat of trust or protlt in the
State, beside any oath prescribed lore faithful
discharge of ita dutiee, shall t''or entering on
uca duties, ttike an oath or allirmation to up
tMrt, maininin and defend the Constitution of
the State, not inconsistent with the Comrtttu.
nf tlm l'nited HtatML ii n" ' Vl 1
hitc 10. Wherever in thit Conrtiliition there
is a- property qualification mentioned, ita value
shntl be. determined in pecie, and be regulated
liy the assessment of. State taxation nett prece-.
ding the eloction. -' ";"'",', .'
hkC. 1 U The Uenerai Assembly ahall pr,)uU
b lntr. for the exemption from aide tinder exe-.
Xniujiyoiie thouMiuA eight
hundred and sixty-seven, a homesteail in 'land,
in fiivor of every head of a family who may be
the owner thereof, except for taxes.! - f- '
I ARTICLE Till. , x-
) ,.' l-tc- tONVKKT ION. ' 'ktsTt'" iv
., Xt Convention of the people shall be called
other im! than by the General Assembly, and
then only by the concurrence of two-third of
all the member of each House of the Genera
Assembly. No part of the Constitution of the
State shall lie amended, unless by a Convention,
the delegate whereof shall consist et the suiiie
nuiiiberiis the members of the Houne "or .Com
nioiM and be chosen by the quulilied voter for
memlicrs of such House. ''
. ( Untitled in Convention tliii twenty-fifth dii
of June, Anno Domini, one -thousand eight
liundred and sixty-six.' , .:'
j W I X 6. READE. Prmidenf.
-' 3 wK H.-.Vtssii..sVsri y titbaaaia.4
It. C. llAIHiER, AmhIiM Kcrctnry.
. ' , HALEHiit, June 26, I860., . -'
l.lttiHT. W. UE'sT, Secretary of State, in
ii'id for the Stute of "orlh Carolina, Jo heroby
n rtif'y tlmt the foremiinir ia a true copy ot the
on "inul on tile in tliU ollice.- .
Given under my ha.n.l the 21! h ilny of Junt
A. !., I-'K).. .' - , i IL, W. ltEST .
- .- i ',.-- Hffntmty nf irtfilir.' -f
; ... . AM OUDIXAXCI. ,; - J
TloX. v r 'I I , i I-
Si. tion I. Jk-it orJainnl lg tAe fwij-e $f
yrth Carolina, in Conr'ntion anemUed, That
the Constimti iu of the Mate, adopted by this
Convi nt ion, be submitted by the Governor
to the p. ..pie on the tir-t Tliursday of August
ne-.t, tl-iity d us nmi- having bis.-n given, and
that l!i" polls be op- in d by the reaped ive i-her.
i Is and hi pt open f.,r lime successive days, at
tlie eh ' tion pns incts in em b and every
County iu th htiite., un-l r (he smite rule and
r til.iti -iii! snowei-.t lortho cleesion otmem
l.i is i-f t'..c G. neinl AsM-mbly: That the suid
'ieriil'i bo readied to compare and certify tlie
riu!(iof the election, on or before the Tlmr.
t iy folioMin ;, and tr.m-iuit tlie utnc in twenty
d ijs therc-ii'n-r to the loivernor of the State:
'J nut all j tsuim (puddled to vote for nu-nilH-r of
the Genenil Assi-mlilv, miy vote for or against
li.e riii' iiii ii u of '' i.i.e; Th--e who wish a
r.i''.:'icinon of tin- i i: .li'u'ion v-t juat with a
p-iiilcdor w.-.-.tdi f. 1. f, "I' mi i.
i t a c.ii TV o ' "I, ' Mil.
I C llii! d , V i f I e lis ti t .
n I'.-'Uii tii i of the p..l: in lie ir i
t ., . - ii bi fore Ihe ('.ib of Ci (
I ion those
" It klnill
o duplicate
live Coun
imty Court,
1 i'i suid
nsiititted to
n ui. h
.. -. end tl
ni.r i f thi
l!f tl Ji
'in afiireK'ii,
ire, pj ti
i.t H il ;
t iti tint
11 l i' b.
Tl. d
-1 r-i
i. .1 t.i.,. .i..uv.t,..uor,,.i4i.
1 . .iy ot si ,t (,(,,!
1 : 'fiv i-f tlie. v-. s
a 1 ...ui of iii
I I " I'. 1 ii 1, h tut V
of t!,.- (;,m;rii .r to
and t!i. in.. a the
111 e.
'. ah.'
of I
in e i
. i I .-
" , '
1 a 1
.- of !
I'f'd .1 . Xt,!i l -A (.tis J,
ri!r nt the C'onven
. a eertiiVsUs undi r
tv r
t t'.e Full ... -tit 11 -
e Fii(n
I 1 i- I
V' 1 e ol ort
iTl tha aaid certiScale, and annex, thcrcti
.1.. Ilnfe Mem 111 lliv .-, ... - - -.1
ennilled, wilh -the wrtihcaw aforesaid, -i'
bent amona the w hlvea ot tae
turn ta
fi ulVTn the ollVe of tl.e Secret ,V
il ft it f r oeJ'Uflx lint lite
rotation.,,!, ahull Ukc effect and":"
halt I
be iu force from and alter th P-. , . ,
lhrtwtf:' iroeuitJ. kocrh
Tit'tberKer holding office wltr the Stat--shall
aerrrally ont"tu to trcw their re-
pJctiveTm Biii.t their plr..UaUo.
tilled bV the Constitution as ratilwd.
HatSiled lCoPeutio thi S3th. day f Jww
A. l)..o thousand igU hundred and alxty-
"l Ct tDWIS 0. UEADF, ,
' " " - PrwiuVm.--,-
' iaitM li) Mo,;Kewtry. " ;; " j,,
- n....H AaV KucretarY.. ' .
XI. DAW"! " , . ?
,..lEwiontN.C;nna 28th. 1808. J
r wnnrnT W. BEST. Secretary of Btate, 1n T " ;
and for the State or A'ortli Carolina, do here
by certify that the foreijoinp; is a true copy or, ,.
ti!e original on file In th. i nflU , ' . -
--Giva under BiJ .!"" ui. "J .
' ' . )?ecretary of btate. , ,
z" btatjTok iiKTircAiwiiH
,';! . HKAUKOOTtMlKTtCol'wr, ' r T-
' IWl.nnnl AlllU-lllllUItbi ;
' .. , rviij,....; r,
c u.,,,,,
f. ''ul:r," T" 4 ..blauoa be .
ortawe. - , - ti .msa, i i-
. H.,.j ',Botv OT ine innn r-- ,
i H.ias Wwliioiftna, aa ' v..
""-"""r:. .1...... ....1 knviiiir reBlevn.4 (lis .
W4.sUs WIMJIIWWa .- . .
Wll". .C0RD01ff, Clerk;
June 12-DwlaV
'i ii
III,, v t -
CotrnT or Flea and Qihtkr Sitsio, f
:r.r.- 31 ay Tcim, 19:
taotticti t. Wie,t Ami
Adm'b. or) -"
..lT KI H
Dcxcab MclXistaw
JJl-UfCA A7 lIXtl, m- fi-J-t -.
lt.mailK totlisCait that pun.iaa A. IMxiie,
"""i. k, f tliis ts-i l U ia.raf
-Ja '. . a aa,
Wiliiaia r. ftiiii.Hiii.w - r i -,
, p.hi.ostma be aw.i. 'or '",-
hw u,1(, rt c..urti.a
'ut iiaa- af AatW W"a
.p,,ea.iK- ; 7 v.' r e 1 '
j.ftwr v , ,.. T .
, . . llBAl'VOBT Col'TX.f j
William P, Jawaxt. AB 1 -! a ' '
. w.k wilrt I
" f , .vy.ta."-- ia4irf.:-. rTi t
V mm the eomvtainaat preati the adav
. rrT.r:. .i,V. ...... imlaiwibbv ta dwrt
....... ...u.. ,..,Mr uriiiuiii iii. ..ww.-w...
thai the otijmit of Mid bit ie wint a aawtoastM -la
tha plaea and tUmivt hua tha aaidliaary P-. Alloa
tn whnru tlia priK.rly. wkteh ho hulils ia trust for
Csrnlia Jssrsil, ne lb Cuaiplsiaants ta aaid bill -shall
b ieveyd t hold ia tha same truals as it I
new held by tin ssi.1 Ueuty P. Allen, and thai asless
he does anH-ar Ixtlin ths L'onrt of Easily tn b In Hi
for tb I'lniiitr nf Hssnfitrt at tha Court IIouss in.
WanhuiKtiia a tti cWhtti Honilar alter the funrtn
Manila ill MMilemlutr daora vWtlt M WiadS
that tbe innl t. ill be taken as cvn(eed siidsst h Ollisr
dMn.. m at.. 11 l.j A1A III!.. f"- "K ' '""
-- I , . MAlTaKW HAW,, C M-lt.,ts
' WashiBftua, Jnn 15 , ,.' ... '..,,.,
, n i ,.- ft . -r- iir,,,;,;,;,', mi."'', "fM " .''.V-i-i
' f j ,ii' '. Itfooma Oopyrr. - ; sii.--.-d
Ciiurt of; Pleas and Quarter Session,;. April
... ; ''i l )irai,iou,u.if jii-.j
llSTA DoWDlfc WIK8 & OTUKBil. , . ., v
' " , '.rs... .
Matthks Bvbd & wim, )
, PititiiiafrPartilUHBfLnnd. , ' ' ', , ,i
t f (fpV ni 4sk atfini'ribraaetlwa
ths ite smtanr, Mstthuw HfrHi.d wife Iinvsdy, ra " t islisbitsnu of lliif Htn'.ii. it l imtt-ri-il thsi publi ' - .
eatioa bu mails fur six weekM. in tlie bnlniKli Sin-iinul, - - -
a naasr But) lis lied ta lb eity ot bsleiirh. eoiHytnetbd:.
dudtailHiitd li) appear at 'tie nuaiTerm of flu ('iiuitgY
to bs belli for tlie Ciimitv nl Mmire, st itieCnurt lluniie '
in C'rliisin.tltstih al.iy ia July aatl fUi4, .
suswer or d.-mur lo tliiH pmtiiiun. ur Ins (Minis will bs,.
taken pro rriwi-i, smt tieaid Ji ptirle. i
Wiluei.. AbEXA.M'r '.t H. HuM-.ll.r.ClMket
said Cuutt, at lithe. in Ciittis, 4tb. Mnuilay in Aunl,
tHiiii. ' -' '
A. H. H' XKII.l4,C.(iC "
State orxoimi cauolixa,
-si.iy Term, -- )-
TiiMPHtt.i s Manx,
I lioMAS U Mans,
. , & OTni:;ts. "
, ; '.-
Rtnr B. Masm,
IT sr.petii to the sti.fiietiiia f lbs Cnart, that
KL'KL'SI 11. M ANN', IIik di lenitnnt in ihlsesM, rslde
beyond llii hum (if. this Mslll, it. is t. M isruf -r , nf) mn
tiim, erdmiid by tits (--iiii'l, tuiii iintito-sfnifl bn timdn,' -
for WS Weeks tiee,-l-IMe-. IlltloJ t.:.:. I fsmilineil,
li.mlyinir lh shuI kuliin 11. JHm.n t tne li ol this
fen-ion. snd tnst unbii-s ! ni'ii-sn at Ilia u. xl term
of tint (iiiu't, ami aunirer ll:u pvtiti'in. lbs sums will '
bp tnksaar (visliiifti. Stnl 1'enrrt ex ,ttte n In blen. '
Vt AiiBimluw IjSHiIiii. I,' i f nn ( nit, at
silica in Uitoid, the firm is ,irfv or Vy ).-,i,. - -
. A. LVMn.i, ( icik. '
may 21-wOw , -
I'.l-IU'h Cof.NIY, , I,
Coi RT or ri.iisAMQt Ik 1 1 it Pi-s-u )
. 1 Ji.iy 'liin, lSi.G. j " '
LlTTI F.To si Jolts - y
' A'dmliinent Levied
Wn.l IA! Jl, HueiiTiii ,im In..) ; .
III. r..itn.s t.. f .,o--, , ,' ,i t (rti.J, th-t
tbe it- i - lisl.t IS t "ll 4 -1.-.B la Hoi ftfi lli(i,, eflia
Siste, K uoonaed bv tbe Court that Inilile W..s k
in lli a. u-.. s j.-mi-r p i .,-( rt
t i 11 -1. .,'H, IK.ti vn v t It
!- ll tulll. fit I'll I ':! I, l,e I f- r I.,.. t'..i..(
P-t'p. at ti i .ait li .ti- in ll iti'-e.r. on 1110 i.e.
At.. 1 -l .y 01 A.ii;h1 llm m i
rti nil in lien.; 'iient nil!
Bti'l 1 i'c i.ti.-i ' v'.. .1- -i. n t
..i ....ii.. u. 14.44--4-..!..
i n i, i.' . " "in p i . .j,
i iv, A L I- 1
. ' " A', ll 1 1 V!T (
I.. U ll'l
i-y ti
tit t'Vl-
i-t linn,
I! Slietit, '
I'm 1
.J lit
c v r.
t f "ii iA I -ihf rTc
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