North Carolina Newspapers

    - Bally, IhrwMwOMi
pally on awatb.
7 v.i::r:
.i-cTW I? at, June 8 lb,, 13C8.
, d Vm B i jP.w .Sir; la behalf of
'. Tov,iic Society, the undersigned bav
A-rructcd to request for publication
Ttjf the delivered by you tb 7th.
., before tl Literary Societies of tb L'ni
ity of North Carolina. -
They ar influenced by the deaii to saaka
rnbile tb wis ana statesmanlike view it cob-
.uun concerning m relations, oi in oontnera
neonU and tba duties in oonaeauenca incumbent
, ' upon uiein,
t -( Lt making this request tkey hollm they lit?
-. th concurrence of all who beard it,
' w nave the honor to be
Very respect fully, Ac. , ,
r ,t -t. M.AJMQ,. J'.r. rt;
' U PaiLtiw, Committee.
' ' : '- " O. Graham. S . -
.! . Messrs. T. M. Aftoo, and other, Committee
of to utaiectw Hacttty, Chap iiill, . C
- ' Oenfbstm .-Your note hit been received, in
which you request a copy of the speech recent.
. ' ly oeltverea ty me ociore tn two bocletie 01
the University, iur publication.
'. The time allowed me tor it preparation, after
. , tn acceptance oi your invitation, was so limit
ed that i feel unwilling to bare it published.
w Bo deferring to yonr complimentary opinion,
5' I OMBOt rofuHe to comply with your mi nest.
The manuscript ! therefor plated at your dis-
' posst. - f-- ; v " r Al. : . i
-'-j Thanking yon, and tboae whom' ye rehro-
sent, moei aiooenuy, iur me nonor you nave done
M. I am, gentlemeB. . . .
. t Very tnilt your. "
: - Otntltmi tf tit Dialeeti and Philanthropic
: , tne traveler, wuo, during ou al
ence, ka (earned that a great fir baa awept
over bi natire city, welcome with tb keenest
, , r-w-. rapture the first glance, of hit own home, which
'"' " ' be treiubled at tue thought of finding ia the
- ashe of the general ruin, o ihould rejoice,
1 to behold our honored University rarriving the
wreck of so mnch that we lored and rerered.
Though ataggeriog under the blow ef adverta-
.'.'" ty, I am wont bsppy to e for myself, tbi day,
so goodly a dieplny of her ancient life and toer
- gy. May the soon attain to that full measure
of prosperity and oscfulnesa, which ba hereto
fore rendered ber tb pride and cbiefest orna
' nent of Uortb CarolW ' ...
Since tba first keel of aa European vetet
' grated npon the sand of the new wo 1 1, and the
iirstaxe was lilted against tb yast fyret whicl)
coveted H aa with a crown et glory, the lines
could not bnve fiil!n to the eUucuted young
" -t ' neofourtlsteina more Intticitinpf or im
, 4 mrtaat eras. - Wesffind to-daTniil'-t i';emn-"ww-"
rtsiui.nU aud huttiilig UiuIksi il laegicatr
t civil war In history. Astoundud at the
. mighty result we are a yet unable to compre
hend them. Indeed, their profound sipuidcanee,
v . " their full plulueopuical import, can scarcely be
gathered by thi generation. For we are not
. yet at tba end of the Involution as ia popular-
ly wppoacd, but are only, as wetnut, at tij end
of am ted violence. The change, which consti
. . tuted the teal ol jects of the Revolution,
" with us, only lu it the lut Omfuderate toidicr,
by laying down hi arms, had removed that last
i ' tucla to their ajipMach. ' ' 1
- - , Kevolutioni are mt now what they wer
i hey partake ia the manner of their eecomplUh-
ment ot the spirit of the ae; and are hurried
- . - t forward by the anin impuU of arienca and
" ' " discovery which have so ameliorated the nifleri-
al strides of the norld. How widdenly ail of
ur well settled tliporics in re;;ar.l to the n'V
. tiv powers a:i 1 dutii 1 the Klatt-a and tne
Federal- Government, have been oyeitiirown,
ad tha whole rvitcin chinked, lt is astonMi-t-.
ing to coitteinj '..ita. Hot aluuwt iuimc ' i.fe
emancipation of tlme n. tve hi;;; l.ej
' "thoUBand slave, wii'.out on moment's pre; .na
tion,ofei !ii-rt;.!.ii-.:vn cr their mueia, for
- ' the s--it o'ihp-a is i- 'v unprece.' nU-d,
nd i i' wl'li li bitu, to
fat:, v.ku "i'ie of t mott n uiLi and dan
' guuu quetio:is of Ibe r . Lutnuenw re
member some of the t .tri.l.-s ofr'r-;"''l
science ia the past few out n, .r . 1
fUniini.-lk It waabut ti.irty-sii y
tb firt ri'lii nd was built, and t..o sant
np;rie m 1 upon I ' iron ti-tek. A'.r" 'y
tbeie are l.i ' ' :..el. v-n's tl.'f i'' 1 n
tlires.l ; .. 1 I nneai...'; t!,e civ.. wv i ;
- nioi e t ':
, and
arou a J '
. That f-
! M, Jl ." lilKl "III 1!1 ll I H
I ; -!, tol....d an ii 'O i "et t
t A I. mifM. t'f t . i iLe!
i lr 'iwsy ff ti.a I' '.':n ' no
- , .... i ...... ..r
hecome t
- sketch thy is si.l, WOi;l 1 er..i' !e c-o tn h"'l
his i.i- around theeniire eiuth, irioi.m.g to
l.i'H : i ' t":"n 1 1
ded vpon h.s owa i rl ly tuee and sim...J
wood.ous a-' P' io, dui";f th recent war, two
Uipe!id.)ns"e.";''''- shower W, it. U
other Oil ti. Uuks of the I oton- , WO-i!.! S'-ei1
in t'-c'i 1 ' ' ets ni'W cover fcf C t ,
... ' , U f v. u all their t".ias ' i auiiri s,
" i V i f wsr. wo'.'.l, naif
in .- ? !
on e i.
,.,tt C-e-.M..
1 i. .
. fr. -'i i"s i"'t t S
Kh W I 1 ' r
j , li.lV
" be ti 11 -:
,in a'.r-.'s t' v' ,"' '"
i ii t:.a c- .!' r .u .
nt of tin" Pw'' etl' t.e t.jul... i
;( t I I f " "i-
, Jvi...slice Is (' i -r- V
l.-h i C 'i ; i f
fc-.u.-a. A. '
.nun. fly--
., not wauUng
e cod of international law !. . 5 ?..t.'posil
!roti the weak atu!et ,...,! - and
:.! ..... ' T
, .1UUJ.-US me uornira oi war. tii ui-t ...n.!.!i
i fid ampl was that of Catths-re Thoi;;h ber
I walls were ST miles ia cii-ennii'.'rence, and ah
J coul J ktep live hundred eiephutiia fur t'.e pub-
"uiwsijibius ; inoni.'n sue eou:u aena litres
hundred tliouwtnd tuldlers to tl.e mva.iin of
Greece, while Hume w s m"i--ed in a ti "i!h
fnipr;le with a petty town on'y -tw 're 'mU-
distant from ber waiU; t'soi-'i t' e a;ers of
every sea erp n ' ,1 -n ... i rrn
of every ki- ni ; i v .i , i. r i. r
Cl. ants, or J ' ..
iron hand of iu r : v -') i
i-i iiullawa, lii:r I.."". i. i or her biotid reiiliiiua.
J ustrery siteot t;..s j;re.t ri;y in of t!;e doubt
ful knowledge of the autiiniiuy, Buth Larb
r ma lnuioliona oi a bar! arou jre we have
indeed escaped, but char'- j groatir than the
(tream or the wildext, and ruin, eocml and po
uucai, ik'ari.iny aef'i.nas ir'-n our Unplen lot.
A glance at these tiiic t.r tlie purpwe of at
tempting to deduce outliue t,l th cliand
duties which devolve upon as, will suttice to
AVliat with the value of our ahves. tlie Iniurv
Inflicted n poo real property, tha.destruction of
personal, tli depraoialkw or annihilation of all
manner oi stocks and securities; 'together wits
uis aumsexpenuea is ins maintenance or in
war, make our material lows alone, all told, ia
tha estimation oi the most prudent, equal . to
tive thousand million .dollars t And of that
highest and noblest property of a P tats her
citizens full two hundred and fifty thousand of
our bravest and beat have pHsbed by the caav
allies of war alone I - The tilling np ol this fear
ful outline, with the revolting nuautla of in
dividual snfferin;' r 4he estimation, of tb
moral losses we hv incurred, is tmk I have
neither ' heart nor time lor atieit.ptini'. .The
whole ncen reminds one of ti.o pro-tidtion of
noma, drawn by one of in parn- vrists, when
addressing the Kmperor 'i neoil"H,us: "Tboo,
Rome, tloit havii-.j once su : - -1 hy th tnad
neaa of Cinna, aud ot the cm I " .'litis riv;rg
from banibhment, and of hyia won Lis
wreath oi prosperity from thy duaiers, and of
Cwaar companionate to the dead, di'l-t shud
der at every blaDt of the trmiipet li.lvd by the
breath of civil commotion. - Ihov, that beside
th wreck of thv soldiery perbhinir on either
side, didst bcftail amoi;. t tl.y rpi.-ctacle of
domestic, wot, the luminaries of thy Senate
extinguished, the heada of thy consuls fixed;
nnoa a halberd, -weeiiin-; fur sue over tb?
slaughtered Catoa, Uiy headless Ciceroes and
anbuned fompeva; to whom the party mad-
ea f thy own c!ii!dt-n had wroic'it ia every
S'-e heavier woe than the Cartha:. .jiam thun
tlerlpif at thy gutea, or the ftaut aduiitted with
in tllj walls; oa tvhmu ! .win. mnr tt!
than the day of A Mice mima moie diiuul
than Cannes bad indicted such deep memorial
of wounds that, from bitter experiftic af thy
owarvnloT, no enemy was to thee so formld&bl
thyacll," Would that, with thesnnit of pro
phecy, I could add the reiniimtttr ot th quota
tion': kNoW lint In thy l.i'ir ' annala, tbcas
didst 'rest' from civil war in such a pece,
that righteously and with , tnitternal tende
neas, thon mihtest claim for it the honor of
civic triumphr" v.
t'pon onr own helowd Ptnte a ftill share of
these common criii.niiu. a h is fallen. Nor does
it relieve them of their crsi-Mn wei -hi to re
member the dei p 1' v i L.rp: , ,e to the
policy which Inanuialvd t-iL'tjConaee.
vative, law-abi.lin"', a ber peoi !e have ever
IWcn, tuoumi j. u..i.-i of luiirr 'ill iMwai
or. and ready at anr moment to l . .-h fur tliem.
yet slow to viol.ite cnrc'xu't.!, i;.cv liars nvpr
ceased to pre' r el.-i" al cv.l r-iiw ,un
tor the rei..ei.-i i l ) ! . ; , i r t. 'ii
evoke t'leUn ' ' 1 1 if' ''t i (
revolution.- fcu.aly in t i ti. of t ,.s t a
olutinn. she wa hrce l, t .awy Ujt, imo a run
fiict whichil.e ii t' c verv J' i in in ' ' '.
Th sulielicrs of . r ei . i, t-e, in.!
I. I 1
1 to
:arfully coiumenmiiiie WuU tutir bun
tlieir cturi"e. nil Iu r l.omri Ii b
ashes, w lilt liil ln tl.;.!, t'- "
. !,.f
.11 beds
Uli.l ilc-
ber noblest and brive-t c'.i.jret
of slaughter; iiui'.i.:.' i.u..coi .j .n., y.
belplcMi persons, reUuctd to be-, -nry
pnvedot their natural p'oleituis ; l--r cmpora
tion bankrupt : 1 J ' own e- - . m; her
nublio charilii-s -.. i ; i . 'mnal
fund utterly I -!, 1 ' Lmn I to
end with her t. 'iwdl.i-
denied all ri pre- i j I ff 'i .
her heiirr-hnik' ii ; I . ) . t
O'iSv opp.i 1 t:. . i i
IndcbUsdnr-K.- I t . v
dm by taxai; n -1
aa the cost ot i i ; '
race ot lien " ;' ' .' v, a
errnld extort I- -
v i, at t:.e r v
e.i ; leuv.i ; i A
liil.or I r . i "' '
su:iicint t'' " ' " ' 1
move the . . r
loving soiin. . . .
ever im!!nr(r 1 ' t " .
wealth and puiy t i ! '-'.-t !
hav I'.... i--lt it'' ' Mr
"A cry of t,u.. i.- I r - 'i '. v
A loud law ' ' ! I '
ItWaenou; i li i . i. r i .
to re-n lio o i ' - 1 !' t . i t ever
fullen Vem. : . .
"Tl.cre i nu 5. ( 1 r i.- . . .. .i i' a
P"''e . ' " -'
' H . 1 ' (' ' r
1 he t'. i .' e , -'
-' 'I i.e e. . . . . " ! - ,
lis"1) tan' Ml , . r 1 V ; 1. 1
On t'.-t rot I.. ... .. 11 i !,f i
' f t;r
0'if 'iii- i i . ; i.'ea'.i."
ti h r I :
h'-r '' ' ! -
fc:lh. iL . .. -
0 1 r -, !
ci-Me itf i i-f '
1 L . i.l t I
t.'-n, f -r f.r c- .
av..i i. a J i. .. .
row.t' 'i '
dl'i' 1 '
1 J I
l .
i.e, clotliit!" the fi.I Isviith ver J'ire, .- -r
tiie trnderbrrb to put fyrOi ; an ! rnui-h ti.9
niockin bird, awe. rest of our ,'!. icrx," etn
Lowered within t!(e ahudowa of Uis leafy
home, poured forth K;s i:!uiioiw eui;;. "tvei y
note that we loved ahin?;," yet Bo jom
r'-Tosc stirred our boii'.i. It te d", i.i-rl-.
d, that despair hn.l cULnie( us f..r h- r i.wt.
V felt that it was i!i-ninlcd of us t- ft
sour; in a strange hind, niul we rot;' I L ;
our harps upon the . s of nttr o u i
riiirs, fittiious now vi ; t'.e iii !i i ,i -our
rliililren's blott l.-:.i..l v .
minilierel f t i . r
hi kf . . I ' (
! ...... ,i i
and i.... mi, wtio bud bravely borne ail
bigs of a four years war, have fmr.fc down like
the cakwhicii, having w ithstood the storm, yet
falls in the .ensuing calm, and died, "reioii
esceedinply and being glad that they could
th Brave." - '
Such are the change tlioii'di which wf have
panned and are suit pawunz. Such is the eon
ililion, physical and social, of your country at
me tuouK-ui v.nen you are to enter upon th
earnest duthiof lil'iir . Von win probably agree
w it U me in thinking that th time ia an impor
tant one, and that the duties before young men
of education and patriotismdilicr widely' from,
and far exceed in weighty responsibility, those
which bavt devolved oa any of your, predeces-
014 , J , ; f - - ' . , I', .
It will not be improper to glance at aiune of
the pecnliar fields where yonr energies, a well
as your kindly charities, may be most benefici
ally expended. Th task of uplifting and re
generating our fallen country, indeed, belong,
to ns all; Imt It will devolve moie fip-hiily
upon yoo. If either anent, nor broken down, by
tlte fierce conflict and deadly disfiponintmenM
of tb past, your l'renh spirits are unt only en
dowed with the viijor nwesiarv to succevlitl
action, but they can piore canity tend to tli
ProcruMcan bed of cirrmi.jtaiici-s, which is
spread for the repose of a ronrpvi-ed people.
wherein lies, now, an t at ail times, Ui
true secret of alaU'Sinaimhip.
The work is not so near hopch-us aa it would
Seem St not, and it i nol.le, and glorious be
yond anrMiing that ever fire I the ambition of
youth, 'llioiifrh the destruction is so wid
spread and tnoroncli, it enouM Ihi rvmemiirred
that there is rtotlmitf which can -cm-ced th re
cuperative powers of nature when aided by the
taidustrr ot man. 1 hee fpir? wounds in our
country's bosom are to be iieu.i d, tlieic enor
mous losses of our weauli are to b repaired,
these wasted fields arc to be red. red to th
glorinua verdure of peaceful al.un.lunce; tram
the ashe of the borne which once shelter
V must aiise the beams and ra!"-"ia of boma
still aa beautiful and aa bacpr. '1 .ii blackened
rhimney must nc loareT stand, p'-m and soli!-
rv. i n tit if.l icariw,-iirTounrle.l i.v r-'H snr
J .....can Svis l" 1" " "
the sweep of desolation a it tuurdied, utvuur
ing our substance, but must ba mad to aend
wp again, fton msnslon roo; th cheerful rot
ninni ot amok which ones bespoke plenty and
repose, and to glow acr&in with th whiter
bias f domestic peace and swrej hospitality.
All th bloody footprints of rutlilcs war must
bit erased by the band of inf 'l'eut industry.
liOoking despairingly at tbe condition of
thing, th country turn toward ber young
men, and call to them to k-sd th way iu
preaching and practin;; If, on are requir
ed, above all thinp, to tcacb our p'nple to look
np from the ruuil.linsf he and proMrat
Columns of their preni,t rmii, to t'.a roi.i";ia
prcportion and nr; ii- .ig r' i' ir ot t'.-t
t 'nude which nitty y-1 I u b. t ty t'..e b ind
Vi ..... .' t .i'.'Oii;J-T'.f -1 i I '-v, ... . - , !'-, VU .
and the great soul Ii not, ,.
An o""cof h'ad'iij.'his m' n into battle;, himself
-'t'z ti'i't ud el.1 I."fte rp'in the inetny,
v.. .ii the hi;'h and h-"y t:.iiii' of a hero, rni.y
...; bis troops when s: y wvi r, theerit"? When
l .vy advance, applam(i..L.' the brave and utt-ituin-ic
the fiint heitrted, be uitr aloft the colors of
Ins ccmtiinnd, and fir-' ic; with all the
etren; 'j ft'i.l 4int of . . mm!, resolving to
cim'iniT or to peii.ii. in 4-.v1-m.ed one of the
n'.!ii t eiU'.iiioris of whiih iohh is capable,
et'.i!!l and bun), aa ne tend the plowing
Story, and exlivirt the lnr -;i e of praise, ill
ext...'i.."his viitina. I-i't n.'t 1. -.i idorious, not
leiis wot ''.y the e.imiiicii.i ot his country--m
n, is ho who in aa boor 1.- o t'.'s bravely sub
mit to l,.tc;:id Svi-ruii: ....! te proiuptlntr
of liipnir, and the unimu.'y r- i' eof eipatua
tion, i.e to the rc n oi l.ij j .:ti-!iing nwn
try, ii-jiius his fellow .,.. 'ens i,h wi(.. hecr
the ii -. mo'iatfl, aroii'.-s f.o '" ih. Lit up
the l.t ! and the b aN.l by Tice and
enti . !e, in evpry poi.:i wy, lit -.'S forward
all to I ae Wiwnl and bloom. S i 1 crown n
Tied., '.es of peace. It U a noble t'..ii'fto il.e lnr
one's ciiip '-v; It U a 1 ,,!.cr and a imhler t..ic
to for ii.
1c' t I. -tor t' I" t' !ii ,e, U a 1
Cmh .i..l a" t I' 1 ' -n io ihcpowci and
evei 's f-.!i. 1 I ., I r it. I. t, and B r mly
o!.. ..i i- e to t..e 1 1. . ; m Laws of our
cnufy. l- .i"? del i I ,.a i uuiortul t.ii.tinc-.
t for your t i.,- y, as d'.d your
f -n s- i i' ' t. I ", you mnv yt
I l r j ' .-v, t v t i f r ii', if -,n w.,l!ive
v' . y, (.ni.- , y an I vi..i. T u i , .'...t ceni-
I i ii, lor w:in ii sii . -scci f inei,.(-,i -in r.-ni.r,
is I
li. 1. .
W l'jf..r yiiu. '
n 1
anl the
f aonn.U Ui a"-
. , .n, v
j Ki, 1 li.H V.
n o r wmiipn
ii.-:.. '.led I :
n, a . t w a
I 'i. I
J i i.
,.8 . Willi t,
1 r
t -r.
,i : poverty
d tir nr.nj
I and rn:'.'. -s,
1 lie tecmiiiff
3 i.
I. V..
. . cl
i, t.,at
ice on,
a their
t t
!1 I
..,! of B
'.e uubk'4
' I Ion, h,
p.iio of his
; t 1 i.. .t
I r'.ma s- -a
r ' "u-s.i.iim,
- .J i'
l '
ii ' i
i I
t i
i )
JULY .-' 1800.'
" and reei Ivmgbh- il aim fiery b 1,
li as tl... aincand of : i.iim , u
ni. and over tilth u, cviii liie .. . !
one in rejoicing. 1
f'i.-irtt!ie earth, directly or iu.liivctly,
t ttitf Wcitltti of man. wiH.tlw.r it in in
-u thebilU, in pnlw wiihin th rity,
i ii iiiii i ne sea, in t ,: imi i 'i. an, I t
utirf source iilniie, noi-t
-mis of imr reyi'iii nii..n, s
'I ... .illt-it H llll 11.1,
, 1 i.e i .,. . ,.
.. ..-l.t , i i.f ....
be luid tie
I the I'lom ,
i It is to t i
' !.-t At: t !
j 11,1 ui t...
i-ii uinerre and
..mili.ic, ot lllii,i,,,.Utu t, of
of civilintion. Ileiiiemberinir
thif, it will he your first and last .'r-nt duty,
whether aa h';Klrttori or a private citicua, to
encourage, footer and protect lilr ;kh tht mil t
Im'mn ensured when it proHira that all Other
(.icmraois muiga awut Us. stlUeil. ,
-,- Hitring the eonra of th revi nt war it waa
tiflos B aubjvAt of remark that .4 jkU aide. Was
grievously deceived in it estimaU of th other.
And especially was it a favorite opinion st the
&orth, that w of the South were notcftpableot
Sustaining fr protracted period th rigor of
was it waa said that our climate, and mors
cepxiallytb aystem of alavery, bad enmatt
ned n. and sunk us into tlleminacy, and ren
lrd us totally unfit to grapple with the bar
dierand more robust races of tbe North. Iiow
they were undeceived by four year of the moat
ileirte alrifeagaioot overa helming nnmbera
siid resources, it is th province of history tit
UlL Nor need w fear to let them writ that
history: for a denial of the full and etorious
ioip'lt of Our deeds would be a conh imiiin of
"their own s'larnc'siid JfilVriority, It wiil be
or duty hW, ia better ways, and undor hap
pier auspices, still further to undnccive them, by
the vipnr and enerpy with which we shall clear
away the wreck of our fallen fortunes, adspt
onrwhe to elrcumstances, under i hai , 1 in
siitutinns and new systems of htbour, and the
rapidity with which we shall travel iti those
way arhicb lead to there'niiM'.iTr and adorn
ing a Statu. Nor will it admit oi a bubt that
the same courage, conttancy and skill, which
led tnr slender battalions throu- h so ininy
pitched fieldsof glory, will, when uirected into
the peaceful chaunela of national pronper.ty,
and quickened by tbe sharp losons of b.'.vcV
aity, Im smiicient to place tiie Southern
of th Amrricsn I'nion side by aide ..U tb
richest and the mightiest.
, Deserving si. of your earnest attention is
that moral ruin-snarcely less eteniiv thnn
th physical whith d. s toe foot ' " ot re
Tol'ition. No classca ot our sncii-t y ve alto
pither escaped it, iu hrn' o i. ) rave
tiav neen learttii. A it pecunu
infliir"'"' -those of school and
fb c -it r'-iei" V i '' - -
o! mio'V
our L- ni ' . . I
tion of the poor chihiren of tne I. ..o, a i . .a
consequent abaadonmsnt of cor system of Com
mon tk'hnol, art by no mean to b reckoned
amonft the least of our many rnL'irturica, To
tha tii'-usand of children, whota parent vri
heretohir unahl to adneat them, aiw tuv
added other thousands reduced to worse eon.
dition by tin results of th war. Tl...'.r situa
tion form subject of the most serious mag
nitude, and impose I.T.linnl ob!ie:n',ioiis
U)H)n all, who, lik yon, hav been t-ivonred
w ith the means and opporliiei'y of e l,;ee(itn.
lint amongali the sacred lu;i, a w
votve on yon a citizen an 1 r
re some mor sacred it! I !' - j i
orphans of those who p- i 1 1
and nii... . Kumlier o! ' i r -onty
of the mens of t ' i
tt nc h-'ll'. Without 1 -oi i
will wnudi-r bilo ways 1 1 v. ..
It hit ahead hat 'i i ) . i
witnntan inntiiitra ol sn. .i t-
the ciitrta ol Julice, tb" I v . i
iiiitti I nmli-r tne i -hienee. l v- ,
what .' of a fiithm's tcaehi, i. I
Waa tieeping fitf If'V ill s i . ' '
inttf.! wihlernev of the LI .
oplwn boy, without pn1'. ..I, a i .
fiiis.l in the world. Ions acd 1.'.
!i Vi i 1 do
ot, t' re
-; s- I fi'e
i t
i i
I I.,
t in
i c .
ii (
in. i i
e, r
llli . 1. t
wiiiidered amonff nti-in.'r
into dime. I viat.ed I..-I i:i '
out a c'if, w :t!.t' - ' '."'!
Bihuiieg garment o. ' v . 1 .
ca'.- ti.o ie, he told n.e
eto.y. li.s Under year ai. 1 1
aroeuled so stror -'y to tl.e
1 been to.;'
f v 5 .'n v , !i
, 1 I ! v r"-
-.1 t! 1. I ..-
.- t.'l.l j oil
, ' c. i.. a
.ii ti.ut t'.e in
ai ir of the law we not ii... .i'ed
fill 1 1 tit. A
kind gentleman cior.e lorsard, r, . I to five
ti'in a home and I..- me h- I I -r 1,1a buer
b. ;.ai;ioiir: and ! !. . I to and
sin no, he to n I- 1 n r. 1 .t i beurt
bledaithin in', I;.n I i ...In I thi.t he
Was one. of thnu..n!-i v . el e was
'.! .' v liard. a id t . .t hot I t . i 1 t Lome,
.. 11.. ';'T, andsnl. i.. -t 1 , . t ? h "A j ,r
' niy I- eii.nt, in-.y
.) SO tl Toll.
end more al
, if you ever torn
r I " i,, ..u
' 1 in voir
v r v fi-
an oiplianc'
d f. i.. c J '!
ly oi i."
Vlll I i ... o
' I of OP! ti ;.
r I ! m 1 v n
in vnr I - '
li,il.i i mi. I !.
if : 1
t..e 1 ia ot sia" r w
woe I n in,'.) y ..i, il ii 'i
1 i
. 11 v
ye !
Lord .!,. I 1.
wi'li ihe ('.
r.' ni
yi. .1
" to '
I r
li.. L It i. j
tluir ii.
to our new i
stand I . . ...
i i
1 t,i B...I 1
Hid it U not f r
-itlAlVta. i t V
U r l.i i.. t
f'v" .ftm r,i
. ' ' '-'a t r i
i- , t -j i
1 J
an 1 our pv
n f
I i
t n low.' 1 i.
U . bf " ct' i
p.. if.f t 1 I
CUT b'.n Ire I. 1.1
tSUJiilWH.. S.'fA -v
t I
1 I
:;o. i:;
e t. of
anil the bravcr, and the - hi 'i
S'l tbern nimihoiMl, iii'drcn of i
I the Uit'.ruemit, sleep iu fti.iiiim
. n graves, or nioui.lcr iiihiii tlia- sud
and linki.MH n
line Hie brai-ta that prri-h. 'i lie l.m ivi-r and
i... t........ .i. . ... . ... ..1. . .
ii.iwuiiw, ltl (HH.i. HTOI liieC-ttt Oi.V, l -e HC-
f '"I'll-lied at holer and l!;e ru I.- f.
tlicr ol the
nuiiiiei, ri'l (.i-ff i v n.lo a
trmi'fi, and Hi ny a n .Tier t'.nt t i,
nutot his l-iw'y bnl, nor cm c t(
c.iii the ci-.n , i f 1,,-r I,.. ; , .,
ii luiHH I, U'ue ' . i the )l of i1 i.
k. I, r ' v , ' ,. 1, , I
tei injf
in. mi. M tiie I.. . !,,. il..ims hu.t . ,(.
Imvoncts of inauv a bat:., ini'.iii'il
height t Lustre and glory, sitrrtliinj but sue-
fesi., lie hed abumuuily lipoij jn country.
-Tli ailrnt pillar, lone and rniy,
t'liiim kimiied slihhis ned t'lny ;
. "j np itK-nnent r-iiL, the mi;- !: i. t r er, " " "
. . , lwlis mingling with his l.i:ne foinver." '
When th civilised world ba nin.rviith the
praises of these men, and even the geueruu of
their foe bare not withheld the humnce ever
due to valor and to virtue, certuiuly we umy be
psnloned for aecktng to do this poor honor, to
our own. '. " - "
' "If I, a Northern wanderer, weep for thee,-
What should thy sons do !"
Th Very least that we can do, is to brinjr
their remains borne and bury them with decen
cy and ia silence. No monument of vi tory
are lor us, no national jubilee can we c Ubrate,
no sours of triumph ran our nmltlms sicfr, or
garlands ot glory weave; there is no wil.vm.
ing of returning conquerors, nor creci'inf of
triuinp!i:d.rchrdi " iw, to o -ti-.,ti us I'.-r'
great siilferiiig. W e are all alouo 1th onr
defeat nd thut heavy aoirow, whuh, 'neter
flittiii", nill is aitiin?, still is s'.i'iiv;," In our
bouii i.old ; and all tiod vie bnve 1. t f t our
com! -rt is tlie sad, yet r I l.t ' , u p vs
around the nicinory of finite wuo ti,. .1 to mim
it othfa-wlse 1 The poor honnr wn Mmw to
tliein are as much s'.o a to oiimcIvvs, an I :.'!
mure to li"';imity. I:-pert to t1 e n"."...ry of
t'.ewoiihy i'.. .d is ol.l.-r tlom tiwhi i.-it. In
alls"., mid luirn',' all r.i.i.i'.s and pti-j )(,
from L.n)se"who v.i....ii tl.e f-f.-t of ti.
t,ing sun," to thona who Uhnld I. i,,', liti-r
li 'it ;iv pines to the dii-my dmro .no. ..f the
tii.tiii 'X ' ,ri it 1ms been u-md to i. mi! i ,m,e
Whoimd Jur Ciioii'.y, and to r-..,-n,'i tlieir '
virtUBS wi.h the liiU-nl 1..U. . i d buuoit.
Onr noble coniitry-woiiien, hbou;iJii - in that
teiiiierne-'S Wl ilk ever cleave tj n. ir"nt,
lava tm-.i rakcrA this pioua dmy. I i j -n
mut Ik'd luem, the hi. e i -." ( of t' t ' li
mu 1 1
:i, i
I. i -
.., ly t
; tliU . '
f b .
we n...y i ,..
gl 1 fins
i ' I !
t '!
Iditic tnot, mouumems of iiifubla Ac.l ): ui
Will tell the stronger bow or'i fJarcLns r S-'-r-letles
the memory of her illustrious chiidirn.
: '.'.Tsd litrhfly, I soUKcr's grave, ",'
. '. This lonely mossy mount),
5 - And yet, to hearts lik mine ni thine, i
t It should b tinly ground. -, . ..
. Tread l:"bt'y, f.r thi nun beqneatlie.1,.
1 Lre l.ud bi low this ami, '
. . His allies to bis native land,
: KisgillantsouitoGod!'' , f ,.
' Tlie ton I not far distant, when as citizen.
I trust, you w ill be perniittt-d to t If a j u t in
t t f -. ' IiW- tt
t .e ni-' n f t t
Ut. i r
t. t t.e fc..r-!; i
Jo -:
.1 oi
1 le-
t t-
i '
. ; i- f in tt i
t-f 1.9 J ': i t .
- ; to ti .y p''.; I-
' n -iiiii'i p. ind. 'i I
1 I I e l - ti ! V
J-t t... ' vi ,.
: or l.K..;,i.iu..! i, ,:v t ,..
my mot.t an i(ii j,. .m i.u
.to y-.'-r iii-i- . j .. in.vei.
hone- 'v s
- .
t 1!S of
they w. e nut 1
po, J,.tis your t..i. i
til b K led )ll,
Vl oil! t be to bo 'I i
t ,e t
ot t..B i
e ye.... 1 lie i' ev. . .. . fi i
t i ve yens. J he ! toiil, m r i. c.e ) ,
1 1 I Olit llfuil Ol 11. . V III' I . 1 1 I ,i
rein i deinoiiMriied oiti.,1 iinuul
md blood," and all i' tm.. t n v.
rlim."esof power an I t'.e tion ! . ! i :.
Let it ever be twiore youVcri-., n I !.. t :
siimnrj o;her wise thni!"S t'.mt t ji.hi i
I. ml pasfions and pi re-i itn en, w ,
the Ita j j'inewi of tho.i-' i '.-' l- ..
ju.l jnii ..(A a cri. nr ii h (. , I v
you acciimtii!o, Tbeattlriection of cv,.i -e j
sion an I , i llce in the i re , i, to t . .:
sway of jui! nent an I
mon wel.' .re it i.n .
be won in a pi.;.. ' -1 (
cm win no o.her, in v
reus, m, w h
I, i t'f.
..r. .
It yii. .r
' e of j
n t
t t
rej.,.i .
Bnicy 1
afite i.
po. 1 t
i ,.,.r
(...v. .
.;; .ns
ne. i
0 . .1 6
a .i
i i-i f
1 c
'i ii ti-
'l It I e
i.- i,:.:
e t B.i I l
which the in;
v-iini n, jn r
1 c m. : .
, -m Hot i-
? ,;: Vf US a
v, . i to .
' I
1 t .
I, bv.l:
t, i-
to I
" I ) i.
of t .,
H i..'(l
.1 I
or i i
1 I . t
fun 1 a i
filial. ' t
Biei.t w
t. fi.-l-S
'1 v
I, .
-l. J;
A ii I
t a
i t'
n h
I wih Keattm r t'6 J-rtrr
end (',.. ni.lTili.- r, ii !(iii...!rii!rrth it no. ,iV.
4!niiiet,t cun ti. ri. tl.r -! m ii of en il w ;.!' ; ur
WIllp', tllilt 111. 1, i j t;lili S uf ; -, lVt i l ' '.i isn'li! ,
imnl p.i-.rvc j s 1 .,,-!,! to tlc-.vtn the I V.
ji.'UI t e V. !: .11 mli'i 1 i Cnaii;H i j. . .
liitHii ail iii.K...i. t ...ii. it iv. ii..ti. - e,t i be p---i
"i o. ( n-inn to iii',uiip. '1 In- rei i et tt'd'.iij.t. . ,i
the pn-t i I' a in. ,nty of i! . s ;,,v , t wis,.
lb'?H lli'iti I'se v. f.).t v -i i'. s ? . re'.ir.'l
ci (I
I I r
i ...t evi r itii-.i... .i i i
I '1 bis d Ntioyrd, in h ii. r and
f rniupHi-f, uiuily niul
lii-tttlilu'd t'lf wlioitt pi-'
i -in ; 1. i.
J tut tin n; ;im;i!
IntcSv j ... so.
ill 1.. t, M !''(
iii imp.e-v! hi 1 .r
very nutiire ir ti.iii,,-i, it
Il to iihi.IhIo in I n pliirti -.,iiii, 'J.icjic
ili'minnnce of the ri-nti ipt-i-il pon r i ve
)! -!, ami t! rcnil: i I. i i.i,, . ;, ... iy,
are thnt the Wales ran not Vii'li luw, a thi v
are sn' j.vt to twiTiim, not only ( tlieirex
trnul relntioiii, but to ill. ir ititcrilul ooiin.
thvir (hinieilc Utts, and cm n l,;::. ,1 n wlm
aocvor pertuinii"' to over i-mty. li'i ml
lo 'U-iii't' l.i). m i.iHtFi-i. r tint i . (, 1 i 1 .i 1..
lc of revolutions, that, hm ii ? in-itl'i r i' e b .
nor the jiliv-idd power to v i;ln!i : v, t',. v
yet out of t.if I'nion. 'Iii..l civ, i- Ltd, a
moral and a physii ul imio. . ' '.!.tv. 1 'u' xetv
flower of the prei.:, f (K-: ...!i i-i, tltw.v
fore, swept awiiy by .the i!.--i-.;. .'i of I'.lt tiibUs
nid uhithi.) ll.t! l.i i ii ,.,i, of Ki,u,-i, nnd tY
which a compnTed penjiic vun inti rpu no dc
lnnrrer. , , .
Sm-li is now tlio at tuul stufe of thim . IHif.;r
ttinT WB nwyrtrrtid It, ahTrontuiy ti ii
may seem tn all of our idem i t t'ie true p,'pi.
sen of the oiiii iinm-ul, lint it in vir i.nimrji
si. II, an I il it ciiiimt be rut-. I a it n i it it,'1'
it noi-t y, t be t'.n rued .nne other ay ; and it
1 Still our duly to 1 i'.r lnr i'a pni"pi 'y an. I
glory, tih iirdur nnd siumitv. I t-nitieM.'v
- a ' --- "- .... .... . i'.i ii'ic-
Urge upon yon the stf Ji.u-Mt cunfiuiiiily of .H r
Com! t to t..e Situ.ition ; to w !,-,,( goM-m,
ment lually ii, notwhnt you nmy think il
onl.t to I . It ia our biiumieii di.iy as iii'iu f
men to give our new binned inititiiiioint a tnil
nd l or t i d i . . ,".iy the t , m of 1,,
l-of ; oi..l if t' - une'lii t r t!i ni ti.ii old, l.-l .
Hi lo!it our s:. .mm" and ) e thnnklid. And
h t Us not i! .'li t, it iiieocen ion -fc-lifui! I ecr
come, lb-it i r tba mkc of lnr own t'..iv.
ill , clieerliillv
ii N.'ii'
lO the
'.m lm
"?lno t:
Ia t:
i u4'
ill no 1 j'p re-.
of p-ill iii al
it thet arc
: u-.t'. li
n v 1 m
I t'
i tl
r I -,.t t
mm iu y i ' . - --.
1 'it il- '' o -. ' 1 u a t .. .-. t .,,
c!u-s U t. , I. mi iu , f .r j .ii.!.. .i.. ..i ni it
B.ny o; iujr, ti e t . mii-is a:u murer to tai.h
oiher tutir to tha intet mediate cUss, and rwi
ally coiiibin to oveicoine it. It ia, uinorer,
se'l knono d- " . t of populnr nreininent, (1...I
they n-e p-nne to i.,..'. i.e the ; al Hfid e.nne-!
nes of Ihe eilii iiii- s lor Soniid j ohev, !,
roiitii;iif.s I'.i'iln'i to tli. irtiiunipli. 1 nee. '. r
Vi'ndom of the conwrrativs siiit.-.nmo is nn -hi'y
i-;.i-i . l-i'f.l '..-r t',o n . ... f i t! , n.
1 1ni'f I . I and k 1 1. ."" ip: 4, in n,it to t .;
tivn'e 1. 1 .yoimtt an I eiun:u.ani.-, iu snr i. I
f a 1 k.t . "; d.n fon ttr.n;J "
i ... i .. ' ...
v ...... - . '.''I., .'t.'"'.!. 'iii.rra ir-'-n 1"! I"l
t r ti ! 1 I v i -i j -. ,i (,. ,..-V
. n i 1 .i h ..i is . ,i", '., i -t co, ,..
fc. no ', lo i i oil," il'T i,,, I
O '! . 1 ' I IMl1 1 ll'l'i li,...i
' tn) i 1 1. n ( ..i.v imo w,ir, anil bi"'. ht
ti.-.' . i to tlo i' 1 1 ln .-. pl, a t. biii i'
an I j "!.". i- f r; c- , -t. bn.,., ii,,. "
1 'ii.. it -J. li ! 1 It.- liiitn-ii... v I v prey.-iit- -i
!i .' "i, Jt i lo in i',e
Miinn i I'loitra.- 'I I'le-'t ilct-il fhina lire- '
t.i ' !; t. t ,niui,. n ...,, ,
n i y i-i I i i i i, ii i I we fiiily (" ;i
f. t. ".1 t(iit.i 1 ... t . h tipiJiiu oi iiu
! 1. p - h ' i t',i f'.ni , if n,,, i
1 ,!l 'It tO i . K-l 1 : 1 I I
t il1"'fl I M ' 'HI ,1 ' ,1.;..-'., ( ty t 'j
ir" f -i I r ! i i in.. ,.i lit oi liis 1, i a
en - i 5 ii ! v . i I . ti. !-o:'y
i. . 1 ' o 'rfl.lf tf i.c-t s t
IS ' ' I 1 ' c, i.u .1 . h t'.ti
tin i li l i I, ' t v H it' i
i - H I I I i j
. .... i.i t i . - -
II . . ' !. I .1 j i j I-
J . 1 t . V 'd bt t .( tl Olil't of
i .-' - ' ' v it . i i . I i v a 1 i
1 . ! '.. ! v 1 v i 1 1 ii I,, -i
i ! H-- ,l. lilt' 1
! I . i I , II-
' . i 2 f ' .i 1 111
to t
- CO I
''.. ' .. -
" . I ...i 1 1 ! - ,
l! t .)..'. .i -t . . I '1
1 US . Mill v una of t
v tu 1' e i L.t,., -, r of a
, Il"t i I I e Im w b
t H ". ;l l ' t t- '. R
... I t I f
. li.t! I i'l! t ', . I
i .t ; t.o tt ,r, I i u
,. A.
i . i fy i
si-e t
ii a ne.-r ot
-1 t f 'i g. -. t.."(..
1 .. .
.1 ii. ti t i
', 1 l to
I.nllfc -1 C
C 1 ii "1 n
' (
a i
a.. 1 .
VR W. '
Ci ni

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