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.MattTrm of the Supreme Court
r noi t.
jonD t ired improper.
, v. 1 DC ' 'kV ..
PVV.. to tuffer a nonsuit.
f3rUBd M'DoweU. The Injunction
i,eil EJward MomV TU
1 W.Irwin. Judgment
-j MnQan Andrevr Haffley. Tni
Darf M 4U . , .mlv!m-nt : and
to be Kni . k
Wf mot of the ewe containin;; (he
xL.d tie land, andihe dite ol the
ih aberiff, be cer-
. T..,N-hifa vdc
S'te r. Hovers & lUmjUoa.
trttforbt defendant.
F mtn Crareru
-.v xiumhev v. th" ExV of Isaac
j.rrm.ah Mwj) TlaitilT for
Cuioo. ore
-;X aci corts.
a, wilror & wift Msltchi Sarjer&
JoJpnent lor lae pajnu.
Fn lUhfax
there now remamcd no other mode,
than to call into the Held a force-adequate
to the command of every ho
norable object. The force was a
bundant throughout the community,
to secure, it oirected crtth skill, spi
rit and enterprize,our defence every
.where ; and, by Hence, to make the
enemy feel it had become his inter
est to abstain from plunder and op'
pressioa. '
TV eTect the first great object, de
fence of the exposed parts, it struck
him as of prima- importance, that
the whole jurisdictional limits ef the
U States should be divided into mi
litary districts, that the command of
each should be entrusted to an intel
ligent officer, who should have under
his command certain portions bf ar
tillery :nd infantry of the. regular ar
my that in each district, there should
be a sufficient number of cannon
mounted on travelling carriages.which
could be rapidly dirtcted to such
parts as may be threatened and an
engineer to dev ise the plans and su
per intend the erection of such works
of defence as raav be necessary.
j force from the fiefd you should cross
(the St.-'Lawrcnce with a well appoint
ed army twenty thousand stronjftwith
a reserve, alwayslrtesirahle with raw
troops indispensable of)iO,000. VVe
ought tiot to calculate oji peace. Ad
ministration have in yain siled for ltx
throtigh Mr. Russell, even at the ex
pence of the sarcastic sneers of the
British minister ? let us then prepare
in pood earnest forwar. If the spring
shall not bring with it peace, the cam
paign must open in ; a style "of vigor
and force calculated to inspire confi
dence of success among ourselves
and awe in the enemj-. The result
of such a state of things will be as fa
vorable to us, by depressing the spi
rits of the adversary, as by making
nurown troops undaunted nothing
must be left to chance that is within
the compass of our means wo must
deserve to be fortunate. To be sue
cessful our movements every where
mu$t be in concert ; at the same mo
ment we move on Canada, a corps of
10,000 men should from the Province
of Maine threaten Halifax ; as a di-
ef to pay regularaj than fight cruits aS'fistljieyf.arlw
lyes. : : 'vv-"-': - ; be concehtratexJi;ndcitBcicy.e1 .;fMtii
y a furyier ddpeindence on the fandd
volunteer acts I - Experience M regiifatlit,;-- theybil(; huaUfiedtp
3hatntei4wereun4"' . r:fr'$$mm
91 . -
idrtdict to pJ to the co3plainant 11 the
acacTvbiehbe rrceircu uom u.nim
...JL.. .f ih iudrment oblamedM Uw
ikkhurestfrom the tia be received it.
ritctucf ulU
Tram Jhdc
f,V ClitVe- exr. he rt. ZechanaA E
l-t i ctim. The thinl will made by the
:ii:orVm.CUrke. though not executed
.rtotlienroTisionsoi tnetictoi
a rtrocatioo of the will o He red
it jiroiute.
c-'-taon Caret- r. Frederick FonrUle.
5t trial gricud.
Yaw iredelL
Ribn MCUnehan w. John Thomas
Tl Hiiutiff aaar sue as a pauper, without
-luj stcuntj. " j
Amnrton r Battle. Each party to py
I torn coaij, in the case of detinue in the
Sr act ion. Arringtoo rouat pay coats, be
tisi lie reicrees hare said so.
frt t rw JTun rrrr.
Dn ca the demise of Holmes 8c wife and
lm ti Uobert Mitchell, j Judgntnt for
i dtfendmt. ' '
rota Pervi moi. V -rVn
m erois of Wm. O'Neal 8c other tw
Jtfr Tomt. This case to be amended, by
Lrth who it tbe heir of Foater Toma.
From fltCktrford.
J:7h M. Buck v James C Beattie-
thl rttuatd.
From Surrv.
ivtn Mikhail . Jetc Lester. Judg
4icr u.c Ctlcndaot.
ftfl the demise of Joseph Pipkin and
tt ntiuj Uoor. Judgment Ibr the
mass trho form the-, militia will find so now it As falsed
selves b
is equally Warning 6h them.' Tho
I thousan d s of your braye country m en;
i'ii vuaiiiuauf, uvfc 1 U3UVU vvy nn,
field ot danger, rit was certainly not
uhder the volunteer acts if dver on?
scheme was better calculated to de
ceive its authors than another, this
surely is it. Ta say. nothing, about
its unconstitutional character, it is a
miserable contrivance perfectly nu
gatory, except to accomplish disap
pointment. Without-a head, its op-;
cratiohsi to sav the least of them, be
gin at the wrong end. The people
are to manage the affair to associate
to c; ill themselves to recom
mend officers. Organize a regiment,
it will be made up oi such discordant
insubordinate materials, strangers to
and ignorantvof each other, confidence
cannqt exist in it ; but, above all, the
volunteer is to indent himself for 3
years for the performance of one
year s service. iiepeal these acts as
the bill proposes, with a reservation
of the rights that have accrued under
them, and the services to the govern
ment of the nrien who have enrolled
themselves and, in their stead, au
15 B -41
version it will indisputably be felt :
Thtse wou d form th rallying points such a force, if disregarded by the
ot defence m periods of danger, and enemy, trusting to the supposed dim.
will be sure to meet the approbation culty of approach, will be competent
crxre wnoie country, wncn it snau to tne rcauction oi rjaiiiax.
hav nlarH fir fnr it ntwif thnt f Ki f J I TK ihnrartpr nf nm frntrfrnfnrir
Miry Crejroryr. Stephen Hooker itdms. proteciinir arm cfaovero mentis eve- had been sodenrcssed in Europe, not
M cf ill uelcnaan ll tVir vtnrlorl 1 1 twill K.cnoi in It mnr fit? fni rrri thin 'Ynm.ctir mi.. I thnri. a rrtTM rf HTVl mfr nf on
return its confidence and attachment, representation, as much even, within efficient regular character. When the
For this objtxt also the care of go- these walls as without them, it had be- Colonels shall have been selected fr
vernment cannot be too early direct- come necessary to make war, to place their virtues and influence, give to
rd to the. East Florida frontier : there ! our backs against the wall and prove U them the selection of their officers
danger exists. In its present state, to European marauders, there is a they can betterjudge who ought to
point beyond which we will not re
cede. This good the war has accom
plished ; but it has become more than
ever necessary to prove that we will
not only declare war, but can prose
cute it with energy and courageous
enter the rar&s
He iipectei
that these addul
not full! v He apprehended this obiec V$ :M'i '$ I
tton;was more specious than solid -, y, ;Ui?l';-!;!fii
Considering ail ) th clixUmitancesia r ; . 7 ', ; .f? jf : (
relattOn th the armv thVrMriorl whh ' V. fV!-v
rnised ana hqw omcered , he believed, i
supposing the regiments only half fill
ed it was indispensably necessary the
bffi cers should be' coostantlvwith themr
,He was. much inistaken if the omcera
were not as raw; as the private soldiers
i-it vas as important they should be
I familiar with the duties, as they iyhoni
they are to commndn It ould be
nothing shbrt, of butchery ' to send
brave men into the 'field, under . such
circumstances, -hen in our power to. f
fou will save;' Vrifusirig these" ife-- iyis$ MiyMi
additional bfficers, would ipo be worth ; 'i
the Hfe of a single many to say nothimrr ;'t:T'.i-l'
bf the possible slaughter of thousands f , rK.
'fv'.V -.1 ..-.: ,-
it is improvable by the enemy to pur
essential injury ; it is.penectly?with
in his control for every military pur
pose ht may contemplate, and will re
quire an equal force, whether occu
pied bv-the U. States or not. He
hliefwHovioar Speech of Mr. IX IL YttL
l',CLajrmanofthe lilitary Commit-
If fvn I V m , 1 t .
Armj Dili, nexpiains me
-! uai ummitte in reUUon to tlie
r- ua conauct cf tne next Caapaipi : ,
Mr. D. R. WILLIAMS said.the
rsmcct which he felt , on the
?:occasiCD not of a rdi
7 kiad he was so solemnly ira
nsiedwith the importance of the
Sett btforc the committee, he was
4fJl KS ml.U j .
. . uiimi ill SUUIC uc
rc t'Ped on his cObns'to susuin
the chafJcV of his- countrv
iX I Com"ted 'by the decisioti,
fi, ."Jniore ably supported
V. 'V wevcr .some confidence
Ll circumitanccs that the ml-
Utier 7 enuuea to me
. . the House becauce It had
aorrf mcf c f ragments to be
av-1 uccau,?Dut a system on
ct jj b iuiuro prosecution
teritt Vr n explanation of "lis
from thc-relatioD in which he
cv.die object of.; aH. to
iT, .Sla2ck td theUnavoid.
would exemplify more in detail his enterprise. The honor, the charac
views on the subject of defence, by ter of the nation requite that the liri
enumerating the military districts and j tish power on our borders shall be de-
the least number of troops which mohshed in the next campaign- her
ought to be stationed in ea h. If the
repiesrntaiives from those districts
shall object tint the numbl-r of troops
allotted to each is too 9 mall, and he
'elt confident some cf them would
he replied, such objections served on
ly to Mrengthenhis argument and
the more satisfactorily proves the pre
sent military establishment insufli
cicpt and thu it ought to be increased.
He ri quested that it might be recol
lected his observations were intended
to apply to all the bills or systems he
had. reported, because they were allm
some measure dependent on the suc
cess cf the present motion. To Bos-
why, say they, will you make w?r on
them ? They have not injured us. '
Nor, sir, has the British tar injured
us, although he is the instrument ftf
plunder and impressment. It is to
conquer the sovereignty of the soil, J
to raape tne uruisn power, 10 reaca uy
ton district, including Portsmouth such means her profligaie and unjust
commmd, and who can raise men in
their own neighborhood, than the
President or the. Senate. This mode
will only change the appointment of
officers, from individual members of
Congress to , the Colonels, who cer
tainly will be more scrupulous-who he
associates with him in danger, than 4-
ny.other can be : they mav be safely
entrusted with this power, tinder the
American provinces once wrested approbation of the President. With
frora her, every attempt to recover such a provision the corps can be rais
them, will be chimerical, except thro ed almost as soon 35 the officers can
negociation, The road to peace then be nominated by th Jf resident, ap
lies through Canada. When we shall proi'edby the Senae, and commis
once, be in possession of it, peace, ho- II sioncd by the Secretary at War. Tjje
norab'e peace, the scls objectfof us verm of enlistment li confessedly not
an is secured, uut some gentlemen
affect a sympathy for the Canadians
11 . t . 1
ana tne wnoie state 01 itiassacnusett,
600. To Newport, including the
states of Connecticut and Rhode Isl
and; 600. T New-York, inclusive
bf that scste and New-Jersey, 1000
To" Philadelphia, comprising the
states of Pennsylvania and Delaware,
400. To Baltimore, Annapolis, Nor
folk, including Maryland and Virgi-
ministrv. that war is wazed at all-
the unarmed will never fall on Ame-J
rican bayonets- it is not against the
people of either Canadaor Great-Britain,
but against the English subjects
in arms that the war i directed. By
physical force then alone can we pro
ceed. Mr.,W. here recapitulated at
some length the amount of the force
. . - f II ' I . T . 1-1
ma, 5UO. i o unaneston, including proviaeu ana mat wnicn was ncccssa:
North and South-Carolina, 400. To ry for the various objects that should
Savannah and the East Florida fron- be accomplished, shewing that at least
tier, 20004; To N"W-Or!eansV com- twenty thousand additional regulars
prising Mobilre, West Florida an si ought to be authorized. How, asked
Natchitoches, 2500.. To Detroit and he, shall this7 deficiency be supplied?,
all the Western frontier, 2000, ma- Shall we rely; tin the militia I Sound
king an aggregate of 10,000 regulars pohcy, not less thaQy experience, tor-
These taken from the establishment bids a draft op them tor permanent
already provided for, leaves a force of service. However valuable they are
25,OCK3. The diiference between the for sudden emergencies, and in this
numbers' enlisted, and effective: men. way too much reliance cannot be
is very material ; in no service, how placed on ; tbera, 'economy, boh to
ever actual, is it estimated at less than them and the government, forbid
;cne fourth, , with new levies at least their use for 'other purposes. Their
one third : deduct only 10,000 from jstate of discipline and insubor-rlina-
the whole number provided for,, we lion, (except ihUhelface of danger;
hall, supposing our ranks filled, Have circumstances growing out of ; the
in the field only 15,000 that can be freedom our institutions ; thb waste
directed against Niagara, ; Kingston, of public property, which he could jil-
Montreal. Lowe r, Canada "and Halt- lustrate by strong facts, , all iiniter 16
faxlr Is that number sufficient for the dissuade us from' this resort Call
purposes of government I .'This must tneaa out on short terms of duty . for
depend upon the number and qaali so much timers' lost io mareriing to
ty. of the opposing 'forced It ought and from the places. 'of rendezvous,
not to be estimated that the regular you are subject to pajr nearly double
force in Uppcr.and Lower Canada is the force necessary t6 maintain any
less than 12,000 ; besides these there one ppint--make the terni of service
are several mausana ; muitit, ana at 1 ioog, ana you Disproportion ine our
the most elic-ible to formsoldiers
but, inasmuch, as it is doubtful whe
ther you can get a fbrcej sufficiently
strong on a long period, the present is
proposed. But for the gallant and
brave patriot .of the revolution before
j him (Col. Stuart) he should have o-
mitteu co aciu, tms mode was tound
the most efficacious to raise men, du
ring foe revolutionary war ; having
been testcq ,-hy experience it may be
again relied on. ' - -
Having shewn the necessity of aug
mentipg the regular forces, it was e
qually material to provide for filling
the ranks, and for keeping 'thent at
their full' cbmplenient 'when $Ued.-
With this view , was . the j 1st section
Introduced. The greatest evil, inci
dent to the recruiting 'servici results
from the number of persons to whom
tne puouc money was necessarily ais
tributed ; in proportion to, he. num
ber of persons with whomTit is in
trusted, will' be its misapplication.
To remedy this, it is proposed to an?
jloiht officers to each regiment, for
-I ; that partipular'purpose'j In no waydif-
fere :it from those already appointed,
w Hp shall be erfi plowed in recruiting
for thfcif f espective Vegi mental these
fio be tinder the ' ordeV- of a' Major,
who shall receive; and be accountable
for the issue of money and cJothesT for
that service. THe ranks filled,' the
presence of all the officers on the 'pre
sent establishment ?ill be indispensa
ble, asjinpur service me proportion
of privates to the officers is greater
than ift ''any, other Wmcanatjserj
The iey organization, v which was
given to; the armyat the jast session,
tQcreased the number pf privates ia
eachrcompany without a correspond
ing increasje of officers ftwoiiieu-.
tenants were necessary in ji. company,
tor tne purpose 01 oiscipuner ana re
cruiting; when it consisted ;of only" 64
without them. Of necessity, our 6f
ncers neea instructron--tney snouia i-J:..J:p
be deVoted to it during . theVmri8$v
employed as witri ' rgimentsoo; :
duty. It is the ciiialitj not the' num'?;
her of the trorips, that secures, aqi4 ,
improves victory'. . ,vj . ' ' V .'.(:-.,.
One other objection he could antl
cipateperh3 ps those w ho can kneec;
at the disasters and misfortunes ot the
late amp3ign,may object that there ia
no encouragement to vote auaiiionai
forces seeing thosle who have been aU
ready raised havei Deen so 'iiiyemnioy :
ed. It becomes us .di to be eauallv
faithful to durajcobntry, Whether her
arms are victorious, or not ; it is4. 1
ernes of discomfituie that the patri-.
ors resolution- and virtues are most
heeded; ; Jt is nojhiatter by whatrr -ty
names we are distinguished, this
our colmtry--w e are children of tHi
same family, and ought to be brothers '
in a common cause. . The misfortune
which befalls one portion, should sinjc
deep in the hearts of the others also,
yy hat misfortune so great as the loss
of cnaracter I If
impatience under
back on the even
Hanfax 3000 regulars . .To drive this then of the war.- In ehbttftHe great privates, assured
we shall forget pu?
disgrace, apd looil
is that have passed.
with onlv as much candor as beppme
us, this objection ni ust vani sh ' : Un
der the circumstances in, which s
found itself, without experience, cU f-
ther "m itself or others to guide it, d-
ministration ougnt not to ne censureq
for the bad mllitiiryfappointrneBts i
may have madei hbxveyer njuco .
may'deserve, if it! shall retain men in S
employ, when found incapable to dist
Charge- tne auues, entrusted to tnemt
He was fearless cf contradiction unlet
c taring, all our disasters sprung fro ny v
a cause wnicn no man in ; tne aauop ;
could have anticipated it was nex$
. f.iMu : i'f -ihl in
.7 b'ivt4
7 1 f vi
'4 . 1 J' A-TJip
. .' -if . ...
1' 'v, UY-
gainst it, It was with paia and reluc? t
tance Ke felt it his duty, to speak : of
an pfficrjjilep diiacedfr.
Wished he could discover any. pause
for the surrender'of Petrpitless hcii
nous j than treachefy ,or7 cowalrl
between, tem hp saw nothing tq
choose. Justice will hereafterif pafj
tyheat denies Lit now, proppuncelhe;
pian pi ine campaign, as entrustea tQ
..- i 1
l -'tiipi
;l? ifflflJ1
'li: -f-ii i
Gen. Hull, . easv
and judicious ia
commandant was
0 be acccm
i u?. objects,
ed v tv
urmshed With eve-
r eap? necessary for su
moymeti prb visions and'muni--;y !
hJpf t?arin:;. abuhdapcehaV
oetn could; have been; ad op?ec'f
tp prefemIndian hostility and ifi?er? !
mecrts pf . askacr ? fhatycr arF,
uic; punu wjiu wuicn .cpmmuni caiiuof
puld have been maintamed-LisL e v'4 L ,
ent. frord the ! events which fd
Whatwas: there vtc$rncit
ceedeiAp'aly an apojogy to sur render
What if the other
lull had com mi:
.1 IIP
A . Bi W J
1 1
- l ift
- X7V: 7 H;: ft
--r - '--.
- 1
5 ;
f '
7:- :v

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