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J v.
. yesterday afternoon th$ ship - Cor
cs,papt.: t)fi ; post, . armetiv from lii
terpool , wneDpe ' ihe sailed .on the 9lh
of OctobfTf ; B : this arriva.. th.ledp
tor of :: tfie : Commercial it vertiser
fait fece(redVldndori; papeVsyW the
9th, incli', with ilJoyjl?iLUt of
the 5th. Th packet ship Nestofar-.
ilea j r
i 2k. 9d : ner do. T to
10s. 6UrrCa-
nadfl in bond; 'tOs. to S5s ; aTKntirai:
Accounts, fronr Stockholm andPe
ierhurgh;imention that the :':K'ryst
proves Terybad inc the, norther "pro
winces of the kingdom. - V " - ,
A. speculative demand ha9 appeared
for Virginia stemmed: tobacco jand
considerable' sales Irave been Rcfed
' atan adTanceof J to d ner lb. The
J-l .1 -vVn w A li B ft nitVtc w! Of! "orifl llf.
vtle has been done in leaf tobacco, i
Cotton.-The cotton market at Li
TcrpmI forthe week endinj; Opt 6th.
was hcavjrf arid thevloW qpaliMes of
Uplands were pressed off? at ' tlecline
of d per 16' The private sales of the
week consisted of 500 bales Sea Isl-
j ands at44 to 21 1& ;-l60l Uplands at,
8Jto lid; 59 Orleans, 9 to ISd 1S5.
Tennesseev8Vr-8 to 9 5-8d.ic?JTotal.r
sates, including iother descriptjons, '
42S0 packages. - j . p
From 'the papers before "us, it ap
pears Vihe King' left London : for the.
PnKtinpnt hn the 24th1. Sept. ' He ar
rived atCalai
tOD,:Hw.-Wajesrrt in. company with
th'eDtike, visited - the field of Water
loo. On the 28th he? dined with, the
King of the Netherlands. On the 29th
the King' attended the Theatre at
Brussels.-- t " . ' , ;
A great reduction is about to, take
place in the Establishment of the jiank
oj" Er.Ktand. The number of clerks to
be discharged is stated to be: 125.-
"The cause assigned by the directors,
is the general. falling off of the busi
ness of thq bank.J
- :;,v: , : spaing
The vpapprl: contain "Very little on
Spanish Affairs 'At Saragossa on the
6th of September some j members .of
the IVational Guard wished r to(paradb
the streets with -the bust of Gen. Rie
,go. but the Political Chief opposing
this rneaVurei it was abandoned.
vGen. Mbrillo has beehe-establish-la
in his functions of :Superior4 Gover
nor nt Madrid, and Captain General
ofNeiv Castile. .
. The papeVs state that a ir??dfu1
epideraie has broken out at Marseilles
and Barcelona. ; :ive physicianshad
been sent by the! French goyeniment
, to ascertain theaiure of thedisease.
; .The ppearatices of a r between
The account from Frankfortjnention, j
that an 'amicable! u'ndersUndih- exists
between those powers. The London
. papers contain the cbrrMpondf ntubc
' s tweerr the Porte and e Russian All-
niitcr, Baron VStfogonoff- In tro, j
ilucing these ilocnments, the : hditor ofj
: the- London Couner remarks, 'VV e ;
i hiit heen tt6 little of that!
; relations.
I The following s copied from a Lnj
i verpool paper oHJct. o: - .1
Letters have been received by corns !
- merciaIfchouses;inIn(lon,vwJu
pear to confirm l2?e 'intelligence of a?;
, Victory; gaiucu. uy. ji'icyrjfv, aim
hhesaloniaria,ovef-vthe tronnVi com"-
TTianoen urine .catHa.oi, ajuuica.
The engagement, wnicn . seems iq have
bttn very vbjoody, tok: pIaQeyin the
nVums f Casandi a-t AH the monks
.of Mount Athos toolc'part iinr it ; they
carried crosses, and -animated the !n-
roeati with- 'their ivoices and ges- j
xuc Aulas' wcrc vuuiiucvciy
jjvou belor yesterday ; sive saiieqjijoni
jLiverpooloh theyth. :r
' EnsKish b!dKeater TOlbs; la to
s on the next day,ana mv the, increase of theaverage, we think j
to. Brussels on ' the 27th,l tnere. is a very strong probability ot 'j
eu DT ine Lluueoi wciiiuir I inc. pui is.uucijiuk i"',ihc . auuiiooiwn ui , i
which, inspired by a sincere
inTietv for the maintenance of ; pacific :
inere are reports througfi Jbrank
K that the Turkfsh fleet has sis-
. iv. ; , - - -rt;. ,S -M; w:. '(
. 5-...?-
tfjnlil a new defeat" -Itjs" also said
arid'many niercharits, have been mas
sacred by the Turks. ; 'J
Sir;Gregor'MqM(egoV ha recehtl
published. atfifebufgH a vindication
of his cpndUcatretakirig ; of Poi-J
to Uello by1 The;-Spaniards;- tie as
serts that, the place -Was fsu rprised ,by
the enemy, through the treachery of
art officerwho had the command , of.
th outpots, and .. who had engaged
TovthevDuke of San Carlos, in London,
to" seize the earliest dpporjtunify of de
livering him into thf v hamU of the
Spaniards." fl General atlds, that,
after having escaped on board his ship
he was preparing an attack upon.tha
town by his squadron, which ;was frus
trated only by the premature surren
der of; the forts'' comqianded by C5!i
Rafter. -- - n - v ; . ':
rn Ae A. Advertiser of Nov. 15 i
' N i : i flour! -i r
' i ' ,:' ' ' , ' f.
x, Ourreaders will find, tinder the fo
reign head, , some interesting intelli-
gence or tne ingiisn marKeu it win
be seen that '.the ; crops have sufferetl
mpch' from the weather, &c. A large
portfoq of this'yearV bread stuff must
be kiln dried; and application has
been made'tothe Board of Excise to
grant spermission... The commission
ers ha ve issued a 'circular . to the col
lectors, in which they ay That no
objections will jie made by the officers
of the revep!ue, xtoi com, grain, and
pulse.of every description! which has
received injury in the field being driecj
ori the kilns," &c. After examining
the papers and letters, and! .particular
EraTti from Lanad&i It win oe per
ceiVedv tfat ftherels ta difference of
thirteen shillings per qaaftejf, between
wheat from the U. States and Canada.
To admit grain from the United States;
wheat for the quarter, which will end .
in October must !be at 80s; while tbat j
from Canada will be admitted at 67,
t, Since the arrival of the Cortes, some :
lldur has5 been1 bought in this city, on
speculation,! at from ' 7 to 7 1-8!
There has been nooffer made for any
other description of bread striff. V
- . ' " .- -
The following article, which, ap
pears in theishape of an advertisement
in the Columbian Telescope,' is res
pect fully; submitted to the opponents
of the enfranchisemejot of the honest
debtor ; and, we should like tb see an
answer to heX argument it presents
against that system ' which' Am eri ci is
about to seethe . example' of abolishing!
If vM mistake nptlUbeimprson inept
of our awn Vitizeris for debt; which
there has been no fraud in contracting,
and which they have no means to pay,
illvCre long, be looked back' upon as
a barbarity (which had rto' claim to res
pect but its antiquity! ...
Whereas py jjrocess of law, I am now
confined in thef jail of Fairfield district,
unable? to extricatev, myself from"embar
rassment Jto whicK, in the lot of huma
nity we are all subject, I have taken this
met bMig;ve vent . to my feelings and re
flecdons, in the hope that,, those on whom
my .eniarcment from these gloomy walls
depend will take my situation into con
sideration, and grant: that 'relief which is'
consistent with the best feelings of our pas
ture, arid the soundest policy of a creditor!
. The. latter part of our Revolutibriis still
in my. memory, and it is a subject prsome.
consolation when I re6ect rthat, iri the
glorious scene at Little York, in Septem-
i i --. r:r . : t,viv. ..TO..-
i oer Hoi, ii my recoueciion serves mc,;
i I wastmcui inc uuiiiucr wuu LariiuiLiatcu
in wie nonoi-s oi max, uay. f. i up not. men
ion jh, boastingly, for my services were
a free 'will' offering to my beloved coun
;'try,'and I acted fromthe. impulse of my
own ieeungs. ;iy repuoncan sentiments
irom 'thai time, are known to ' all my
friends,! ' I. have with pleasure viewed thes
rising greatness-of these states and welf
1 enmed the holiest emigrants to ourshoresi
wiiorarc .now.-paria&.iig ui uic ui&siugs
whicK my arm :asVstfd4n5ainlng.;?;But
0 1 ihowisad to lookinand oh my own
titt I&'d.omesUclmaUer f.WhHenapy of 1
these men. who came alter bar struggle
havei isen into opulence, I am confined to
the-' walls tit a prison, in the land where
Hbeft'is emphatically: said to dwejl1--
debdrredjroniahy exepionkfy iiHli-
ie88jumuyprmyseiana aouTnea to fity
tl.- w r M ?Ti ?n u 1 1
in solitary and unfriiitj0 irfttion j iohw
'if f . 1! 1 - 1 -J'. . -
on premaiureiy oyjmanyaays ana nigus
of cxpo$ure in the! tented fjetd andjipf ten
on duty in the pi tilessstprm wi tb nothing
but thejeanopy of heaVeft mylcoveririg,
arc jat; iJtpreaahgfufi on nej 4. Wir bout
he leftity and indulgence off my c!peclitorst
my helpless -family must inevitably suffer.
Although cthe present siiuatfpiVjoitmy? af?
fairs' hasT.a gloomy;aspecttidtorf
unanimously. Would indulge i,their ' liiima -.
nity," arid grant a suspension, of , their' dif
ferent claims, ! should jnotfel Jhe least
(Iread in ? mind ; or tidoubt, that IwllI be
able o meetieach ; arid every on of them,
and; settle their! respectivef demands a
g'ainst me with z punctuality and! llice.
I leaw the whole to theTiirection bf hyy
friends and creditors.., 1 y j r 1
. S; C: Fairfield DistJNoy. l, 11521.
THE public are. hereby notified, that
Capt. James Ware, bj ithe cminty of
Amherst, and State of - VirginU,ris ap
pointed one. Principal Agent forj the mid
dle, eastern! and' northern Sfates arid
Ed m un d Rucker, Estj. of R u therford coun -ty,
state of Tennessee,!' has'b'eeu! appoint
ed one Principat Agent, for the, soutliern
and western States- All Licences to use
Rucker!s Patent Batteaux; signed by ei
ther df us, singly, or by one principal a-
gent, or the subordinate agents 'appointed
by them, or by. us, shall be - as valid as if
signed, by boinof us.
56 8w.
rpHAT , at Randolph Court of
Pleaii iind
Jl Quarter Sessions. Auinist Term, 1821.
lettersof administration having been granted
to the subscribers on the Estate of Jediah
Hassey, dee'd, rThe8e are therefor; to noti
fy those indebted to sid Estate to come for
ward and make immediate payment and
those having claims against said: Estate are
required to bring their accounts well authen
ticated within the time prescribe' by law ;
otherwise thev. will be barred of recovery.
GEQRGE HOOVErt,7 Admtnis
t V JESSE HASSEY, $ trators.
Sept. 30, 1821. ' ' L ! 54'
THE Rev. , CL A. HILL, A. M- having pur
. chased a plantation with suitable .biiild-
uigsiuereon near, u.c miuuiegniunu uwecu -
Warren ton and Louisbanr. .will - onen ? a m
HOAIiDlSG SCIIOOI4 on the fir.t ay of;:." Z?.ZJk VuY ? "
January neil, at the I6w peofOe.ftaiiM"'5
hlctSS&W., the Wa. ie
.'-a!L. K:.'-rf:-,: r pot for the- produce sentowni th River,
the repeated oublicitions of the Trustees at
the different Examinations: and his success
. u J i x , . w
,n preparmg h,s pup.Is for an adm,sS1on ,nto ,
their respective classes at College are deem- i
1 s,,fficiWWJmn5a1 nf lkiil. rt.ialifi-
,,t;n. 4 ;nn o -r.h i? ; r..
quired that one half of the board and Tuition
should be paid , in advance, the other halt a
toe ena or tne year.
October 20.
53 tJl.
The Termsof this Academy for the Session !
commencing thefirst Monday in JanV. 1822,,
will be Sixty Dollar t being 20 pr. cent less J
than heretofore Ths sum will pay for BOARD J
WASHING, 'and TUITION in ' KeIding,
VVatTise, AniTHMEiic, Gkammar &.Paiisij&,
GEOORArnT, Histokt, Mttholoot, Belles
Lkttrxs7 CnEMisTnx, Natural Philosopht
and AsTRt romt. Those who remain a suffi
cient length of time at School, will also be in
structed in Zoology and Botany, f v :
.,Pni, Lyk, Paeb, Stc are furnished by the
Principals, tor whicb a' regular charge of g2
50 cents per Session'. s made. i'AU.the reaui-
site Books may also be had t the usual Store
prices i- besides which, no extra expences are
allowed to be incurred, excepting' such as
may oe auinorisea oy rarents or. Guardians.7
;Irt this Seminary there are three Gentlemen
andjone Lady constantly engaged in'teachiftg
rnoseprancnes wnicn are included) m thenrst
charges . A cbmpetent Apparatus- Jsr emnlov.
ed for the purpose of illustration in Niiturai.
PairosoFU It and! CHEMiSTBT--'alsoil pair of
large Globes for Gkoorapht and a very com
plete Orrery for Astrosomt. Farniliak lec
tures accompanied by experiments,- are fre
quently delivered to the wliole" School J
-The Pupils all Board with the. Principals
and ..regularly attend Divine: Service every
Sabbat h.V . . ; ' . ;jr& !i v
Music and Dhawijtg haye'tHeirtespective
Teachers, an form a separate charge. There
are i three expeljent Piano -Fortes kept for the
use of theFupils, and in these, as well as other
departments, vthe course of instruction is so
lid and radicals ' nothing bemg taught :'by ..'way.
of Catechism.' .Cfi 'PtP;
.: Payment to made, each Session inadV
vance.-'"- yyjjr yk: 'k
iWThe first -Session ofi.tbe.vear ends eariv in
June when i there s an Bxaminatioft bur bo
vacation ; lac secona pession enasi about tne
middle of November, when there is a vaca-
tiojvinjil JaAuaryWH:!
, rjacn t-aay is lODnng, witn ner a Uorerlid,
a pajr; bf Blankets Sheets' and Towefei f
T"s Thomas p. irtvps c Kni i
JVarrenton, (N. Cl)Sept. 27, 182149-tJl
MI5SiRELAYihas retnoyed neruooos
to one on ine opposuu u wc..iitvi!)
fbrmerljt irvpbssessjori of Mr, TGcotW
next 4obr toM
r!HE AnnriatiMeetingiof this jS-ociety;
ft " will! beheld in vthePresbyteiarii
'Church. infti.City;-bri: ihe"second.Rrc)n'
tiay or next montn anaoiwne ouniia
J-'- J ;!!' , t'vV' .frJ (iALES; ec'y.
Nfv, 22,.1821v - I ' r;.,v'-.i.
ON tnelihof March! Ias Thsednheil
Ltwo halves of a- Huridred tibllar ISfote, hvjf
seperate letters j the i bhe1vaoresseUtoIr
rKr1,' nro0w; xrAWn vlnnSo
leitheijofthese letters ha eyer fome f o handi
lopen at Lesburgl he e xvas No. 663,
h1 Snch
-The, Public and particularly all BaiksKafe U
cautioned dnst receiving sid Note, fcefit f
from myselffor my assign ,MB?f f "
. . . ROBEHT L
Wadesboro', Nov. 12,' 1821.
. 57 :
- ..
! - Currituck Superior Court .of Law,
. ' . V - PaU Term, 1821. S. :
Lydia Cook, " Iv, a -' - :
iy -
va. k - : v retition tor a , Divorce
Pavid T. Vl Cook-i liyjr.i . V'-'
V T appearing? to the: satisfaction4 of this
X Court that David TT W. Cook, the defen
dant cannot, be found in this Cotuity; if is of
dered that priblicatton bemadeibr S moMTis.
in the Raleigh ItegisterJ that unless the said
dePt appear at the next term bf thdCotfrttb
be field as ? the CourtHoiisein ' Currituck'pn
the sixth Monday after the fourth t Alottdav
j in March next, and enter his njea iflanyhe
nas, :jl aecree ana oagraen; win oe enterscu.
up aeamsi aim atcorameMotne prayer ot toe
rt .
By order of the Court.'
7 .V ; -
- v Test. 1 i S. FEREBEE, c. c; cj
Nov. 8,1821. If; --f j;2-:;-:;.,;:,5?
IS authmised bv Dr. John;R. Lucas to sell
526 ACRES . 0F lAND. from 5 to 7 miles
below Raleigh, bfi the River Neuse. : -On tjiei
Land are, the Saw and Grist Mills of. Jielate!
StcSe. This is the best Tract of Land
. . 1 A " r4
iitst,on 4 P eteq Drenderst
V'ZY.rW int u ia te?
siue iii uiis secuon oi counirv. i nere are t
clearV;d Df the whole Tract, about 1 to 20
- Arrpk: pw. iw cw ;m.:i
in this section of country. There are
cre! nere are sunary,improvementson
i the Place, amongst them a new Store house.
" Under tlus authority, he offers for sale the i
saiy. i rati ui xanu,. on tne ioiiowine terms.
iz : One-fifth T the .a.mniint at 90 lava. tia-o-
tiable and Davable at the Bank ofNewhem!
Lthe balance in four annual payments, on th4l
r&w December, lKi2.2J.24 and 25. alsiyufc-
igotiable and payable at the saidBknk,4-or
tour equal artnual payments atthe above pe
riod, and the above Bank.'- OrNetrrb 'men
1 18 1 years old Women 15 20 years,
( . - i - V O .....
at a liberal pnee, deliverable ! in one and two
years, wouana sumcieni; security .win be
(required, iy ' .1V: T' v.
Should the above nronertv iibi bie sold at
private sale before the 1 5th of Dec'h next
Hit will, on that dajv at IS b'clocfc! in theHaf.
H-cniuyu, iuc . fcuiu ai jTUDuc auction a&uis
Mr. WM POptE wiUhew tlie-Lands tb
j. ross s 'Auction jroom
18 conveniently fittedup for Salesin all weath
eijF5esJwill - beeptup.wh'eii' necessary.
le4solicitspubKcpatrbnk "fl s
, He has for sale, Porter at g5 per dozen;
f - -. ! f ! " l"
; same pneei Juice of.sour.Orange (superior
or oj ceins ner noinpivin tif liravp at th
r xo jjime j mce ; at i per iiome.' Lump Su-
gar anui4 umDjers.; v; 1 1
jrCourt of Pleas rand1ftuarterssi6iis, K;
- JohnCi-'EUtettr.
Edward X)bnoho, Adni'rof AViUiam'
M: :r?M. : r noho ' dee'd. -
?! 1 etitioTilbristHdutioA
"DTT appearing to the "satisfaction .af this
H jCourthat the; Defendant! Ed ward
Conbhb, AmibstrillianW.
bhbdeceased. is hbtanl inhabitant of
jState j it is brderedthatv public
uiauc in me jriuieTgnnegisieri icr f the
ea atpu!f iiextitdrt c! PleasQaar
ler isessions, to oemeia ton toe county, ot
Caswell b he QbtfCt-hiMsJiaiell,'
on tw? .vsecona onaay 3 a net: tne: 1 mrt n
ivionoay 01 uecembenext tnen; c?Uhere
to althvei jddgenent agaihst!hf yeea
antfwill betaken pro cphfessbj valid, tiiS
j preceding, tne anni versarygoeruioir in Jsun
' port- of , the! t stitution, H) be. preached;
at the same! Church byRe. Rev. Ehbhil
netition heard ex: MMw-ati?::
Male StientofthjtfnionA-;;v
. -
demvln tapiacenxoiij
r. l.v . f TA.omIam rut - ' .
.4 TEA!
the-fi1toni2av in, Januaryfglowg ;
crtmmodated witK Wrd. .in lh,famJy of ,3
. 'A -TE AC H R.u ' v ANTO u.
-in- f T 11 1 i ' " m''f . T ' :
ik islwantexl .toiki charr:-:- V,!
esHoro! Acadeytht , 0
1st day of January ;nexVA person qda-.
nfiT f m f rhrv oiiial-studje in an A-
cadfmyrtf ill meei v ithtncoragenfent; .;. .
JolmEbr Sairiuel Kn6xn c;rt- . A
mbnnd h essryjCCmmcnUo will , .
be reqijirdl-.' urC..vijv-.iJlr 'i !
Kpma p- w u hi b;t
ipepart riieritilfmeeiw ever ,
nible ;eocQuragemehO by apply :::j$A
M,: Nj cNov.iig.fvsa V
ry reason
V& r "
' ie
mD;- paiey a v ri-incfpl bf
Lave C!V; .
P1-J l" v f;i k tp Kr-T
tead; jhc wdlachglshra ,
Wi-" i
fliobes. Latin ! arc! . Greek
iatuial 4nd Moral Philosoph)
-Kit, iK "1- ' i V'.''.' '''' i
ana .ne
vtrl Ca dwell'sperience
cations as a : teacher are too i
to render anr comment necei
dl'kbbWa v.
' The Fdm ale Department as
iaual will
De conauc iea gy, m.iss; rarey.;
ley's leisu 'e hpursJwillaiSrt be
levQted to
Student's of the Atademy W jll have the
advantage of a. good Public .Libra ryry ci f
v -f i ,pe next aesMon ynn cous tuence oi
the. 1st day of January next, i c; j - 7'
va- v,v r By lorder bf thtvB V-ird, - ;v
GreensbcioiGuilfoM cpuniy,D,',Vf-. "
KNbvelmber; 221821;
TlISHING to settle my afffairs -and api.
pJyj-elf i'exc!lasiyely b.tbe -busl V
nssof myv-Professipn.vI wjjf expose to
ruuucroaje, at my muis pn,j;iaw luver;
less sohoejr dispbsed.of at private! sale, t(ie ' K
follouijTracrs of Land, to :lti? ;';. .
Thc Lands on w.hic1i:l tivrincludinjj V
uy: muisj cpniuiiiHig.aoouir iOQU icres
A Traef of 700 acres, lying ji the Haw- 1 '
fields, adoining. tliatfds'ofil
.mas, Alexander. Allen, and others; havUi; '
oq it conmnieni uufnquse-no. ap exed 1
egt. 1) wejling-House with;urdiimodi-' : v
ous RbbjnV '4 i''i- I " .
-A TVicrsUuated 19 Rptii'Jnlham coun v'-v 1
tvJ'ahd called and 'known hv ifiVfiiiVn.' ni v
I Lenox Castle, 0ntainln'g a,bout7l650 ,a v5 V '
wwh! Tin Chatham Tccimty, -c4taraing a- !
iAlso ndry TLOTSL in thai Town of y..
ilsbi betwen30 andblteGHE -and
otherPrbpehv. wbidi onJetimi ! -!
I ;con veyd: toLi mes Webb knd illavifl i'
ure cvrtaihjiebtsSyhkhXowi.? .
thesientand oobe
tso'Vcrdit of ot' f hndlt wb' years f
therchaseoijiey oearinjgf iateresti antt i T
the pufchkbersiviflgBond tliecirity-!' -1
. "T. '. ,,.Ji '-. - - ,j- ' : " l- y,-" v-.-." ;
oreiy d ;
l'a"J .''.f,v ''''''
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