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t -
' "'liaftr the .SrSgSpaiVi'was Vpn?
! .rf at the pablic laniinjj; a fewday
?..nffth If no Aoubt thatyhe
,1! would ave been murdered. had the
it;,0r nersistedin landing Onl)enc
' gor wlie.tlr the authorities here
Suld not protect him.--The answer
; u varv nnlifp nnp sta
recret at the outrage which, had; been
The Havana JVolicio&o. of the Slxt
t thus notices the capture of the
GpJn;h' Schooner Ninfa Catalana, bj
Ue U. S. brig Spark. C'V .
An occurrence-Jhas just happened
tftD the American Brig' of War
c,ark and the Spanish Schr.Ninfa
Cafalana, vhich has caused the great
e?t irdiation to the Merchants jpf
thia place, the publican general, and
those strangers of just and . sensible
who are acnuainted with it. - The
act as we have been informed by per
ions worthy of credos as-rbllows.
On Sunday,1 the" 26th inst. the well
knnwn Spanish ?chr. Ninfa Catalana;
owr ed by Don Pedro Lopez, a ( res
sectable Merchant off W city, sailed
from this port, bound , to Campeachy
in which trade'She has been employed
for some years. On the vame day the
Tjri" Spark sailed, Whose commander,
as we have been told, had received
fahr information, from an American
Capt. that said Schr. was a pirate, and
brides that one of her crew had sto
len something from one of the Sailors
of the Spark :- for which the said Capt.
determined 'to sail. in pursuit of te
Mnfa Catalana, in order to .capture
her. In fact at hardly i cannon shot
from Moro, he jnade the schr. heave to;
he boarded her with 18 men andj two
Midshipmen, and ciespising ' thejust
claims of the Captain arid passengers,
1 who begged to be brought to this port,
to justUy themselves from any suspi-.
cion which he might have against them,
hf transferred to hW vessel the Cap-
tain, crew and passengers, and order
ed her for Charleston returning after-,
wards to this port which he entered
yesterday at half pasf one o'clock.
. .On the approach of the Spark's boat
to the wharf with some sailors, yester
terday afternoon, several intlividiials
thrrw stones atthem aML would have
' proceeded still farther had they nut
precipitately retired. Capt. Warner
states that several of the boat's crew
were severtly wounded by the asanlt
00 the part oX the populace of Hava-
Da.3 " . .
npHK Store-House on Fayetteville St.
. Jl next door above N. Hardin&& Co.
Apply to
Raleigh, Jan. 27. V 19'.
By J. Galet & Son, Italeigh,
V"0. 1, of Keports of Cases argued and ad
1 judged in the Supreme Court of North
Carolina, at June and December Term, 1820,
and June Term, 1821 ; by Vrancis L. Hawks.
For -most of the 'Cases contained in this
Number, the Reporter ia indebted to the
kindness of Thomas Iiuflan, Esq. by whom.
they vere prepared for the Press. The Ca
ses decided at December Term, 1822, will
be published in the course of the present or
succeeding month.
" ' -Feb. 14. ,
NOTICE. - -;
T1IS is to notify the heirs of Thomas
Jefferson Stokes, son and only child
of Dr. VYiHiam Stukes, late of Bcifield,
in the county uf Greensvjl' , V''g;nH,ihat
he departed this, life on tle lCUi instant,
under a je, and consequently mtestae as
to his lards. The heirs are therefore re
quested t present themselves to me with
out delay, I am desirous to surrender
the said estate t'ho?e emUled .ro it
Late Guardian to Thus. J. Stokes.
Jan. 31. .A 20 St -
-, - . ,,..... -f--
THE subscriber havirg removed his
Store, from No. 56, to No. 113, Mat
let, 2d Door bel(w. Third Street, PhilaL
dclfihia has opened a larpe and general
assortment of HARDWARE GUTLR
' among which are the following
Knives & ForV Ven ft- PrTrt K"niv
Shoe and Butcher Kuives, Razors. Scis
sors, Edge Tools; Files and Saws of every
description. Locks and Latches, Gwn and
ne L.ocks,rFlints;t Shoe Pincers and
Clinches, Saddler's Pincers and Punches,
Compasses, Hinges and Screws. Braces
and Bit. Hones, Fish-Hooks; Tea Ket
, Coffee Mills; Ham rners, Tacks, Awl
Blades arid HaftsSteelyards, Shovels and
l oogs. Bed Screws, Spades and Shovels,
oiie and Japanned Moulds, Jews' Harps,
. scythes. Straw Knives, AugerX Anvils
.ces, Hoes,' Trace Chains, Commode
, 'bs, Bed Caps, Candle Stick, Turkey
W -Stone, Curry Combs, Ivory arid Horn
- ombs. Brass and Patent Crcks, Plated
and Japanned Castors; Snuff Boxes, Plac
ed and Tinned Saddlery Of every descrip
bon, Webbing, Bt ass and Iron Wire JjC-
; Panned Ware, ;Table and Tea Spoons,
i-ad Pencils and Cases, Watch Chains.
a cy Purses. Pocket-Book. Ink-Stands.
fV Jtedlcs, Knitting:, Pins, Thimbles GUt,
Lff,in substanccithat he and his crew
he nrotectea exprcsinS
u'x Plated Commode Knobs. 1 , UJ;&
: And a great variety of articles' riot here
w enumerated, which will be sold at . very
euced price for tash or acceptances.
Feb. 14. ? ; .v .-gi i2t
- il -their, ast. session,; flppropmieo. . xivc -; v T -.-y . ;- .4, , t It inusi ,u . ... --wr. v-;,MTukijai, .t v J . , f .
(whicb'ViH probably be continued- if found
to be attended'' with public advantage) 1. for
the promotion .of lmprovemer.Ts in Agncuj
tare, to be distributed in proportion to their
federal numbers, amongst such Counties, and
such only, - as shall form Agricultural Socie
t es : it ishdDed the farmers of Wake Coun
ty vwill not be. backwaad in promoting this
td, at 'the l;ourt-House in Kaieign, on
1st dar of May next, at 1 1 o'clock in trie
forenoon, for the purpose of forming a Scci-
etv, to be callea rue n an-e gncuuurair oo
cietW which it is hoped will be well attend
ed. V -':' - reb;2r;c
Crnvenient ' Dwelling-House, con-
taininE' six Rooms, witli a Kitchen,
Smoak housed a well-fenced. Garden, and
otiier conveniences, at the corner of Da
vie and- M 'Dow ell Streets within i 10
yards of one of the best Springs in the
cjty...- . ,: . v ' ; i
Also a smaller House, with a piece of
vacant Ground suitable for a Garden and
Lot, rin Cabarrus Street, within 50 1'aTds
of the same SpringApply to J GALES.
:'''.v'.j M ; Feb. 18.
fjO the Jail of Warren county, in the
Al; State of ;Nrirh-Carolinas two Negro
Men, JOK and JIM ; taken up as Run
aways, and said to be the property of A
sa Rogerson, of F.lizabeth City, Pasquo-,
tank county. - The owner or owners are
hereby requested to come forward, prove
property,' pay charges and take them a
way, or they will be dealt with according
to law." "i ' ; x
x ; ; ; WM C. CLAN TON, Shff.: -
Wareriton, 26 h Jan. 1823. 23 4 1
- ... .
County of Randolph. , , '
Superior Court of Law Fall term, 1822.
Hannah Flasket,""!
u. . Petition for Divorce I
Isaac Hasket. J ' , v
IT-appearintr ';to the satisfaction of th
Court in this case, that the defendant
resides without the limits of this State. :
it is ordered that publication be made for
three weeks in "succession in the Raleigh
Register,, that unless the defendant ap
pear within the-three first days of the
next term of thin Cnur 'and' pipad, an
swer or demur to 'the said petition, that
the same betaken pro cenfesso and heard
ex partej '
conv. J. WOOD.
C utijv rf Randolph. .
Superior Court of Law Fail term, 1822.
Christian Deveny, ")
VI. Petition for Divorce.
Thomas Dcver.y. 3
"DT apjv. aring to the satisfaction of the
JL Coiu t in this case, that the defendant
resides without the linutsofi this State : it
is ordered, that publication be made for
three wetks in succession in the Raleigh
Register, tVat unless the defendant ap
pear within the three fn-st days of the
next term of this Court, and lead, an
swer.or demur to the said petition, that
the taken pro confesso and heard
ex narte.'
A Copv.
, ' Fall Term, 1822.
Timothy Freeman vs. Thomas Freeman,
' Job Winslow add Hat man Hurdle, Ex
- ecu'ors.
I'F appearing to the satisfaction of this
Court,' that Tiiomas lFreeman is not
an inhabitant ot this atae : Un motion,
therefore, it is ordered, that publication
he tirade in the Raleigh Register for three
memiis, hat liiifes the said Thomas
Fteeoisn shall appear at the next Court
J of Equity, to be held for the 0 dnty of
I Gnteo, ar the Courthouse in Gates, on the
1 first Monday after the f urth Monday in
! March-uexr and plead, answer, or demur,
the same will be taken pro confesso as to
him and heard exparte. . '
Jannaty 1. . 23 3m
Ashe Countt.
Superior Court "of Law, Sept. Term, 1822.
ungmai v ni execuicu
on George Hauk, anl ori
1 ginal attachment vs. Wm
George Bower,
Georpre II auk, Sc Hauk, levied on one horse
William Hauk. j Collar, no other goods or
. I j property to be found.
John Ray,' Sheriff.
T appearing to the satisfaction of the
Court, that William Hauk is an inhabitant
of another State, it is ordered that advertise
ment be made three months in the Raleigh
Register, for the Defendant to come in and
defend at the next Court, to be held for this
County, on the third Monday of March next,
or judgment will be entered against him by
default.-'.. - n;:f'''.v "' '"'";'.
. A true copy. .
18 , Test, D.EARNEST, Clerk.
I OFFER my Land vfor sale, lying' within
five miles of Raleigh, containing 829 acres
A particular account of it is unnecessary, as
the people in the County are better acqaint
ed with it than I am. 1 will give a credit of
five years. For further particulars apply to
the Subscriber at Brunswick Court-house,
Virginia, or to David V.' Stone. ,
Jan. 8. : ; 1C 2m pd
THE ' Subscribers have taken out Letters
of Administration on the Estate of John
Stewart, late of Lancaster District, Cabinet
Maker, deceased; v 'v
,The r said John Stewart was a native of
Guilford County, N. C but emigrated to tMs
State at about the age of eighteen or twenty
years, and left no heirs' so far as we can as
certain. . ' - ; - ' - : ' U -
If he has any. legal heirs, they :are s hereby
hobfied to-make; application within7 twelve
months from this date, to paracs H. Vither
spoon, Esq.' Judge of the Court of Ordinaryj
for the said District, or to either of the Sub
scribers.. ' ,': "v
r-K"-':. :- WM.-McKINNA, -
Laricaster'Dist. S. C. Nov. K, 1822.', 9-lyr
T"HM-lolTin . I milXrM K Cl IUI . " : J " I , l - -i... i-..:' liia t L,JJ.tLJL - wjtJr:.-'.,. . -T'"-- II III I w MUU CUU: ifi .;.?..:',. VS.J. F I i .. 1 1" ...1 I I " f. III fill II I III 1 1 III . . Ill I ') IVc 1 1 v LJIC: j uc-
dS Monday the 24th of March nextj'jwe
I. r shall sell without the least, reserve,' f at.
the Store on Bollingbrook street, lately oc?
eiimed bv Messrs. John. StHh, $c Co., the en
tire Stock of, Dry. Goods, Hardware, KcVof
SHIU OlI'I', ,1iW Jiim wuuij" 101.0 oi. vaivmj
sive and valuable collection of fresh imported
British anlT othet Goods.' It consists, in part
Super Cloths and Cassimere (Sheppards,)
f of all colors ;riarmeis; reuse roxn
Carpetinpr, Baizes, Blankets,;
Napt Cottons, JJombazetts, Checks,
Irish iJnens. Dimity, Calicoes
Ginghams, ,Vestjnfrs, I ; .
Silk. Cotton and W orsted Hosei -
Muslins, Cambrics, Diapers; Iwnsj &c. &c;.
And in fact nearly, every article that is re-
f quired to assort an extensive "Vholesale and
t Retail Store. The goods are" generally of 'the
veiy best quality, . and nearly the tofiofe have
been recently imported. riNO ale nas heen
lately offered to the public calculated to at
tract so much attention as tins. ; '
The Sale will be continued from iday to
day until 4be whole stock is disposed of, oh
the following terms : AH sums. under $200,
J c sh, Virginia money from 200 to 400 60
days from 400 to.ycOU, yu days ami -10
days from 600 to 1000, 4 and 6 moniths-7-a-bove
1000 6 months. . All credit. sales must
b be secured oy approved endorsed negotiable
notes - ' --. ' ,
v Hamilton, Isemoine & Panmll9
i Truitees & -Auctioneers.
Feb. 18. ' . 23 I
Ji Fire J On Tuesday night last,
between y 10 and lLo'clotk, the! citi
Howe, occupied hv Negroes, adjoin
irig the Kitchen of Mr; RufTm's p'otel.
It was found impossible to prcventthe
destruction of i that house, but fortu
nately the i Kitchen being a Stone
building, -the Fire was prevented, hy
the activity of the citizens anil Ne-I'f-oe,
present, from spreading further.
The Roof of the Kitchen wa9 conside-
raWy injurird ;,but as Poon a ladder;
;nrl a supply of water could be pro
I cured, the rire was extinguished. ,
We have to regret.
thaf.for wnnt of
proper care, the Fir Fn'gine ielong
ing to the city was so much ontlof or
der that it ' could not be UFed.) We
trust the Fire Company .which. has been
so long
a j vjiiiuiiiiri) win 11- "jriiru
in! .iMt.dnM- ...!!! sri.
without further delay ; and that the
Fngine, Hose. Ladders, Fire Hooks.
&c. will be kept in good order and in
constant readiness to ti.ect accidents
of this kind. : It would be "well also to
have a lew kegs of Pn der ready for
The Rev. C..F. Frey.-fhe converted
Jew, agreeably to the notificaUon in
our last Register, preachpd at the se-
j veral Churches in thi. f-lace on Tries
I day and: Wednesday last, making col-
,i lections at each for theobjectf of his
mission, antl on I hursday. left this
place fr Chapel Hill, (the seat jof our
University.)' On i hii return.he will
proceed nnihis journey to Fayetteville
and South-Carolina.
Mr. Frey's discourses are very in
teiesting especially whrn. he gives his
audience a hif tory of ihe ppr-eeitions
.'.nd privations experienced by the
Jews in every part of Ku rone, and of
-tne exernons wnich nave been rnanei,
j and. ate still, making by the Society
instituted in London for the promotion
of Christianity among them : and of
j the ohjects ot the Society instituted in
( New York f n t h e y ea r 1 820, for yc e I io
) rating the condition of thVie.wsI (one
of which is to provide a large tract of
land for them to settle upon.) Mr. F.
shewed Vhe necessity of
Asylum in this Country (the only one
on earth where the Jew is admitted
to equal privileges with his fellqw ci
tizens) for sutjr poori Jews, of good
character, as either profess the Chris
tian Relfgion, or are desirous of re
ceiving Christian instruction, as the
moment a Jew, in any part of Europe,
shews a disposition to listen to the
doctrines of the Gospel, he is discard
ed by: his brethren, and not beingeble
tb find shelter or employment amongst
Christians, without such an asylum as
is proposed, he must inevitably starve.
And a Nobleman in, German jjhiyin
lately proyided a fundt"to be employed
in paying the passage of such "Jews as
wish to come; to this coiintry and are
unable to tneet the expence, there will
how be no impediment in - their jwayl
Mr. F's last discourse founded on
that passage j of Isaian which 'says,
" Be skalifeed his JlQk like a $hepr
herd,". &c? .was ' roosts aflTecting. ) 'His
description I of the character, duties,
and feelings of a shepherd, and his
application of them toour" Saviour,
were such as cjoultl jnot faiL to iouch
the feelings of every one present, and
to add fresh beau ty to that much ad
mired text "of ScriptureV 5
. lhe northern papers hayings ex
pressed doubts as to Mr. Freyte s
zens of this place were alarmed hy the
cry of Vire. which had been discover
ed 1y the Citizens on Guard, in !a Log
J'-rrJ! to M,le tht. pw. 1 . Aongl. " IheV ia'pirposely
l. or ..,an uho as n miile lo . v0;,lei! fl,e metin. jad Jteral
he herself, was hui nt in t he busk - . . . . . f , .
; 1 , ' c r ' ' partem, i a lust.arid humane maxim,
MIL. 1 '
; We have: nofheen ahle to octire,
a? yv$ expecteda statement ot the
poinfof lawsettled inrthe, bases de-
Ciueu at. ire late ici m ui nui upi
Court : but, we trust, this will be no
great disappointment to our legal rea
ders,' theV Reports uf the Cases at
large will be published: in thdcourse
of the next or following, week.
From the speech of sGcn. fRoinulus
3abders of this statepublishedj'n pjr
paper to:day, and from otherpeechf s
which have beea delivered in Congress,
it appears that theentttrients advanc
ed '-concerning the discipline of "the Mi-
una, w f 1 e 11 1 lie u uj r u u ;,w a a .4 u 1 u ui-oyuj
two vears ago in the Register, have, in
some , measure, lost, the character of
novelty. Without undertaking to de
cide at all oh the merits if tle ques
tion, vewill onlySayi that it-is one
of .much' importance to the cornmunty
and t h a t G e n . Sa nd e r s speech ; w il l;be
read with interest. " w '
Col. M'Ree (formerly of fbistate)
jeciines accenting oi oe aijpoiutiifeui
of Civil Engineer for Virginia, on the
ground of his experience' being too li-
mirea to no justice 10 11. :nic?uuam
of Public Works is convened to make
another appointment on the 7th of A-
pnl. ; . .
In the Virginia" House of Deleates
on the 21st inst. on motion of MrvPow
ell, the bill to suppress the circulation
of the -notes' of non-specie paving Banks
was indefinitely postponed; Te trust;
however, though the Petersburg mer
chants have, not beeen gratified iti their
wishes, that tne attempt to :pronion
thit circulation of our Bank Notes' in
Virginia will produce the effect long
wished. hy the most intelligent men in
N n r t i -Ca ro 1 J n a h t. co nfi nement of
our trade to our men Jbtate. -
The " Western Carolinian" has no-
ticed thtr non-attendance, of sqme of
!e Members of -our. Board, of Inter-
!fl. MCa Wo mo
rtt nnlv in inrinnrulprirp. nut in a 1
tinned, in a former number of the Re
gister. that two of the Members of the
Board had failed to attend the ttieet
ing at Wilmington on the 2rth Janu
arys that in consequence of such
failure another meeting was called, to
be held ion the 4th inst; at Raleigh,
wher9 John D. Hawkins, Esq. who
had been unavoidably prevented j rom
n ft en d ingJ at IVilmi ugt on, appeared,
and a quorum was formed ; antl that
Mr. Hatch did not appear. Not know
ing at that time the cause of this gen
tleman's absence, we could only -state
theyef of his absence; but we apw
learn, from undoubted authority, that
at the time of the meeting at WiU
mington, he was necessarily detained
at home by the indisposition of hisifa
ther. who was then dangerously ill 5
and that he did not receive notice of
the meeting at Raleigh in time to at
tend. We, feel it; our dut,y thus to
explain ; and should the Lditors of
the I Western Carolinian, receive our
statement;as true, we indulge the hope
that they will, upon reflection ac
knowledge their censure of the,; con
duct of those gentlemen to be prema
ture and undeserved.
The British Minister, Mr. Canning,
has declared to our Secretary of State,
rnai jr.eaijJ3riiaiu nas no wisn or in
tention to possess . itself of the island
of Cuba. . ;.r; :
-i . ' ... . ,- ' ' .-. - ., V f -.j.-:;
j '' .' ; , '
An attempt is said to have been late
Iv made, to assassinate the . Marquis
"vVellesley,, Lord Lieutenant of Ire
land. Several persons have been ap
prehended & committed on this charge.
' We are glad to find that Baltimore
is at length clear or tne omanpox.
"The election for Representative to
the Eighteentrt Congress: took placei
within the several districts of the state
of South Carolinaon the 10th and l'lth
days of the present month. We have
heard only that' Warren Davis,: is
elected for Pendleton and Greenville 5
Cot; Gist and Geq. Tucker are re:"elec
ted ; CoK Campbell ia elected over
T. It. Mitchell; and Mr. M'Duffie,by
atvery large majority oyerMri Black;
'K A'"mo8t disastrous gale of wind oc
curred at iCurracoa On the SIst Dec.
in which etery vessel in port, except
the: U..S Frigate Congress, then ly
ing there, went ashore and was lost..
It is, supposed an vhundred - souls pe
rished ' The ,. Congress, during the
gale, parted her chain cable and her
best bower. All the officer t were se
y'eral timesvstrippedj,and read, to
jump overboard as soon as she struck ;
she, however, drifted into seven fa
thorns water, and roide nut the gate in
safety.-WVflr., Inf ' ' , 1 v
if i o) Tmnrnrpmrnts writh-sic murk qovh.
nate ;agreeol to' rcrconsider . the) vote
which vesterdav rejected the bill.tsu'rj
Dieraentarv to tneKevoiufionarv ren-
sion acts. The biU Svas laid 6veVtiU
if j' ' t "f ';
The Re'snlntinn nf Mr. Tar lor tor a
mending the Constitution ia'regaVd t
the election of President of the United
States, was then taken! unY and, after
debate, was laid on the table. - v ' '.
The; 'biM';rnakSn. an', appropriatiofi 1
tr t ,vk:,:j 'i' -:-iri .1 .- i t
ivumnerianci 10 . vy neeiing, nasseu us
rrsi ' 4 til -'.it i ''
i i lit? i luunr iuukiUii i ic ijiii - r rr.r
liav untier consuierauon, maKin? iur-
21 urf,.
e r.apprupn r ion , ior m e m 1 1 1 ra ry
Miliary v
hicn underwent xonsineraoie debate
:he House rose without getting thro? 1
the bilL
: It is understood tht Mr. Brownihg '
thc heir ofthefamily"of Lord BaItr-,
morcvis about to institute suits for tfiQr
recovery of Ihequit rents in the statej
of Marylan d, from the year 1 774.. (fron
the iime they ceased to be paid;) up to
the Tear 178ft: anilthnt he'lift nlrpadir
engaged' MfWebstef, bf !B6stoh,Ja
cbunseli;;;; vi : H 1
' -t" ' --'A 11 , ,1J.V-".'t ' 'V '
Perhaps the Members w'thr bar tC
attendance on the Supreme Court, at
W ashinsrton Citv. , were nevr
numerous than at the fpreseht term,
Besides the1 distiriguished Members or
the Profession who; being Members of
either House irCdngrHs are neces
sarily present and those, who'.a're. re
sident in the Dfsfict, w hiivc f bierv .
ed the tallowing gentleraeii iu ..ttsnd-" v
ahce on khe Court, vi?.:i: V " V
Mrt Webster, and Mr. BlakecfEostoh. ,
Mr. Pitman, from Rhode Island. , ' 1
Sir. JEmmett,' lt Ogden, Mr. Oatfey.-Mr
Wlfeatbn, (Reporter to the Court) frdmNewi
Mr.,Cheves,.of-phnadeJnhia. . '
Mr.'; Winder; Jbf Mr. Hoffman, i)f Baltimore.'
' Mr. CJayancT. Mr. Rowan, of Kentucky. '
, Mr. .Wright, Mr. Hammond, and Mr. Whiti
tlesey,of 01no -
Prohre$s"cf Liberal. ' .
appears i ))? -advices received; from Rio
Janeiro, that the Editor of the paper
called the Correio, vwas lately prose
cuted for a libel againist the Govern
ment, and a trial by jury, .being the
first ever known ik Brazil, was ac- V
corded him by the PjincC. He wai
acquitted; 4 So strongly is the popular
sentiment growing An favor of the t-
herty of the press, that it is doubtful
whether a jury could
be found who'
would return a verd
ct'of guiltr
against any defendant Charged with a
A NewOrleans, writer calculates
that the produce of Louisiana in 182
will only afi'ord a profit of gI,50O,Q00
and that the planters owe to the bank .
nearly that sum.. ( The whole produca
'of Louisiana in, 1822j ; is estimated at
83,900,000.; The produce of Tennes
see and'. Alabama receiyed , ' at New-'' ,
Orleans,is;es.timated, at SOQfOOQ- -that
of Kentucky and 0hio is estimat- .
ed at Si, 800,00p-4hat of Mississippi, .
is estimated at 552,800jOf)O.
" An annual , &nsus .rfi the rfumane
anti criminal institutions in tne city
r xt. v r. r... t 'L - ' : ." "V.'-
uieiy 1 urK, ior me year, jlo2K5; pre.
sents the following results: ; V. -
Orphan Asylum;';.
City -'Alms-House,'
City Hospital, ' '
lebtors . Prison .'
Bridewell,-; :V i !
Penitentiary, ;- ,
t State Prison,' , '-; v -Increase
from 182I83.V.
, ; S80 I .
: ?f uai an , msigiiv , iuio , numan , iiiei- 't
tinmen rharorfor V.rl CL.. .'
man pursuits, is afforded by the aboye
little table, More than one person W .
w. w. iLi(vf:v. tuy- vuiiiiu Wl 4CW , A
,Yorlc, is a tenanf bf an alras-Hquse' or a'
prison.';' r jl V . : ?W n
; ,It lias been ascertained, as pearly
as ' such things can be.that a nalr inrf
.wre, uui we snouiu always remember,
the obligationswe petn these li(tlev ,
favorites of Heaven. - 'v A;
-." Iir nil rtoecmna iinlAit'J : 1U11 -.
which exacts ;the hardest service; aWil1'.'.?
pays the. bitterest. wages, i Its service
a iw.rnoivn mc success ui our eneray j7 :- -its
wages ube siznr of it. ' V ," 1
Attomev at Law? to Miss Sidnev T?n1L'
both of Camden County. E j 'yt:i , r ,
At Kdenton, on the 14th instve'rV snd V;
denly, Mrt Henderson : I.i Standip, a- re-
spectable inhabitant 01 that place. )
On the 28th January last- lat the' Che
rokee Agencyi Col. Return MeiV . 1
Soldier of the Hevo'lul6n r . '
"f'rrll?.-2 W;
. fXj Adkxb is received; and shall appear
next" week;V,,; -i : :;,j t4:Z;r . .' '
'c'p V,- UMARRIED, 1 ;,;y -'A ' 1
.On the 9th inst. Isaac. M. Lamb, Esq
: 1
1 .

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