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V- Supposed to be' $pohr i 'JlTother $y Tfypy
.; frtof'ftrW Mother, ' beeansV'T must
A nd sm n death's coMness to rest
:J !T'eeV rM , for me,' Mother! because death
h " I, po to-the iome of the blest !
v, tit fstyitfl momentaTtthgand no nipre
A tfm geTe -and that f o he frees V . :
. C" Tis the nrit9 last look on ajourneythars i
On ! death pas no terrors ror me.
:-s-.Wee"n f t f Mother! -.The ChristIatf!
r His frail jes;arv)':fears4o tleviTwi j j
.V 'But cn!y in "eathT-vTien thespiTtjiVesxring,
Can ,ve leave them fofeVer behl n ri.'- : .
TareweV Tny Mother the mist,; thickens
k ; i ., .-vn 4..-t',T .''.?-v r
v 'V''The-co1d.nanc! is1ailAon'my eSTt- C
, The mornents , arenumb'er'd -another-i-the
;;V..- last, ' V . H - -. ; -'.V - "
C ' 'I go to the Home of the blest ! . ; : x ;
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::X By the President of the Untied States of
v;- f Whereas . 'a Conventinn lof Navigation
s 1 and Conr.mew between the United States
; of America arid Hrsfajesty;the. Kibff pf
France and Navarre together With to
". ': separate articled annexed" the ! same,
' wa cnnclnded and signed a t AVa hing on
- on the t vent jfourth daof June last past,
;. by the; repectite Plenipotentiaries'e
'J. f two Powien r and whereas tfje said Con-
Veminiiand the first separate article anr
nexed i6 the 'rne, haveT been "duly "and
- renectivelv, ratified by,' me,' hd. by His
1 m . t it ' r T-" 1 1 v J VT
iviajesty ine ivinoi r rancr ami narwc,
ard the. ratifications of tb,eame have this
day b en exchanged at the Ciy of Wash
Ineton. bv John QuIJ?cy."Adams. Secre1
tarv orSta'e, and the Coutk Julius df,
Mfkou, Charge rd'AfrairaTof -France ;
wnicn convention, nrs yejjariiic
article annexed to the 'L same, are in the
orda. foltowine,- to vit'--V;;'
- Corive'. i : ; ' vf Jfavii?atiorijind; Cqfvmeree
betr. i ... thellfnited States of 'vfmericct
cvd 'J7-Majesty the King of; France
'andAxivarre, : rvvV;
The U. Sta t es of Americand .His Ms-
jest y the Kingof France oVXa Tarred being
tion and Commerce between f their ; respec-
live nations, oy a iempnrary convenwnn
reciprocally beneficial Varid ; Satisfactory,
and thereby of leading to. a npore, perma
nent, and " comprchensire:;arningem"eht,
have respectively ' furnished . their full
Dowers in' manner .following that ito
sav : ThePreiident ' f the United JStates
to John Qcincy Adams, their Secretary
of State : and His Moit Christian' Ma
jesty, to the Baron Hyde df. Nec'vili,e,
Knight of the Royal and Military Order
of St. Louj, Commander of the Legion
of Honor. Grfnd Cros of the Royal A-
merican Order of Isabella the Catholic,
his. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary near the United States ;
who, after exchanging their full powers,
; have agreed on the following articles: J;
:;:; ;:-V'ARTICLE -1st.' : '
Articles of he growth, produce, or ma
nufacture of the United Statet.imported
ino France in' vessels of t' e United States
shall pay an "additional duty, not exceed-
ing twenty franca per ton of merchandize
articles, also of the growth. i produce, or
manufacture, of the United States, when
Import ediniVench vessels." --'i
" '! ARTICLE 2.
Articles efthe gfowthif produce or ma
vvs u-wit Uwvo Kiuvii -
nufacture- ofFrance, imported into the
United Stales in French vessels, shall pay
: an additional duty, not exceeding" three
ii S r 'dollars and seventy- five. cents' per ton of
V . ' a. .J. K n 1 aKm. . L . . .
- collected upon the' like articles, also of
the growth, produce, or manufacture, of
jt France when imported in vessels of the
: v; United Stitch .. u : '
'-ARTICLE 3. ' v'-
. . No discriminating duty shall be levied
upon the productions i of the soil or indus-
try of France fmported;iu French bot;
tom into the' I portSv of the United States
v for ; transit Or re-exporta don: nor shall
r. any, sucb; duties be levied upon tle pro
' ductions of the soil or'industrylof the U
: nited States impprted in vessels of, (he
."'I- United; States iiuo the ports' of France
' for transit .or re-exportation.' T V .-V?
' ---' -;.; ' -ly-i
,.v' t : ; ."article - '-";.
' v The follow!ng,qu3ntjties shall be con-
, sidered as forming the ton .of merchan
d ze fir each of the articles hereinafter
y. - specified : '
. AVinesfour . 61 ; gallon hogsheads, or
v r ... 224 gallons of $31 cubic inches, American
r'-: measure. cr'-lfYi' ' '
-Brandiei and'all other liquids, 224 gal
"" . Ions.:. .;: f-'U i,.-:;-:t '- ' 'v
i. x.oiuts ana mner qry gooas, ana aiiotner
V " articles. usu?iry subject to measurement,
,..torttWp puurc leet, r rencn, m r ranee,
and fifty cubic feet American measure, in
thcUnited tatcsv:. -V Vvi! vV't.?
1 Cotton 804 lb. avoirdupois, ordDkilo'
ir grammes f '.t'
" V- ;.To0accor 1 ,600tbs. avoirdupois1 or 725
::, kilcgrame : ',4Sf".,.; i-fi'V-
; Ashes, pVC and pearl, 2,40lb. avojrda-
poi orl,016 kilogrammes v r r
; Rice 1,6001b. avoirdupois, r723:kil-
ccumm'cs; ihd for all weigbaMe.articies,
not spectnea, . x io. , avoiraupois, or.
1,016 kilpgriimmeH.
-V- i ..--'''if ;AT1
V .
cthtr thiti hbfv specified in articles T and
ct-eu in
AdvertBemte not
'.TJi rinfi nt li'.imao miriotr I 1
-wv v ;. '"it.wruugnc aiiu ureamjess interest, until
f p;Jowgef chges,,brokragr, and Vve are conducted to the close of a'well
al other; fu fie- upon 'foreign h pping,; . . ,L 7 p "f
r over ami above thoie paid by the ntionSi Wged,. and, although descriptive,
':,kh'ii..iiiiiij'in the"t wo countries mpeuivelv. , 8"11 n extremely interesting and. well
m9 cpniracnnpan
Ycf&eir mu
in their ports evervnecessry-assta:nc
to tbefr resneciive. yessels, have?"
that the consuls, and' 'ice consuls, njay
cane to be arrested the sailors, "being
Dart of the crews of the veels of their
respective nations, who hall have esert
edjrom" :'the said. vessels; inroryer tb end
theh bact:Vnd tfansrjo
V 'Willi y A;--l " H ii,u( .fivo-;' -
snjsi ajia;Ji jcecnnsui? yuan, auui c? wiyu
comrjetentand ahail denana toe sain de
serters in V"ting,T proving; ;by .an ; exhibi
finn of the registers of the-yessel, orhip s
follr or "othW- official ; docurhehts, rthat
ters, who shall even be detained and kep,
in the prisons of the country, at; their re
q uest and expense. juntil they .shall JiaVe
fbund at) conpoTtunity.:.ot sending them
Backrv Bqt Sf.Ahey vbe not sehi l?.ack with
in tUree mbn bs to be counted frnmthe
dav of their .arrest.' they shall be set'at
liberty, and shall be no more arrested for
the same cause. , ' ' t : . ,:j , 'rVi:
ARTICLE 7 f ; , v
T The present temporary, convention
shall be: in fore ' for two years from the
first day of Cctcber next, and even after
theVxniration of that termuntil the con
clusion of a definitive' treaty, or until one
of the parties shall have declaredats in
tention to renounce it; which declaration
shall be made at least six months before
hand.' ' '-l -t. ' . . v . ; ;-: - .:;
f Ard in case the present arrangement
should remain" v ithemt Mich declaration of
its.'discontinuanceLby either party, the ex-,
ifa duties specified in the ltt and 2d arti-.
cles.'sirall. frorn :he expiration of the said
twoears, be, on both sides, diminished
by one-rfourth of their whole amount; and,;
afterwards, by one-fourth of the said a
mount from year to year, so Jong as nei
ther party shall have declared the inten
tion of renouncing it-as above stated. ':
--.':""!' f ;; ' ARTICLE 8... O ;1 .' '
The present convention shall be ratifi
ed on both sides, and the ratifications shall
be exchanged within one yrfer from the
date v hereof or sooner, if possible. But
the execution of the" said convention shall
commence'in both. count rieson the 1st of
October next; and shall be effective, even
inc4sef non-ratification, fr vall such
vessels as may have sailed buna fide- for
the ports of either nation, nr the confi
dence of its being in force.
' In faith whereof, the respective Plenf
potentiaries have signed the present con
vention, and have thereto affixed their
seal?, at the city of Washington, this 24th
day of June, A. I). 1823.
;r ' y:- ' 1 - . .
.The extra duties levied on either side
before the nresent dav. by .virtue of. the
aet -of Contrrcss of 15th Ma v 1820. and of
the ordonnance of 2Cth Juy ot tne same
year, and others confirmative thereof,
and which have not already been paid
back, shall be. refunded.
-Signed and . s-aled as above, this 24th
ii day of June, 1522.
. y , : . ' N "
Now.' therefore! be it known, .that I
JAMES MONROE,-President of the U
nited. States, have caused the said-Con-,
rention and .first separate Article to be
made public ; to the end that the same.
and every clause and article thereof, may
be observed' and fulfilled' with good faith
bv the United States and the' citizens
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
l. s. set my hand, and caused the sea
' 1 A- of the United Sutes tn be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this
V; twelfth day of February," in the
year of our Lord one V thousand
:-. .'i eight hundred andf; twenty-three,
. and of the Independence of the U-
- mted States the forty-seventh. -y
; v james Monroe:
By the President :
T. r... a-.'
Secretary of State. . .
The'Pioneers (the. new American
Novel) is a description ( of the man
ners and customs" of the first settlers
of the forest near the sources of the
Susquehannah ;. of its beautifully va
negated scenery and changinc state,
and brings us in contact with men 'of
every -description . that composed the
state ni society wnicri; existed .among
tne nrst innauitants of v the - western
world;, .The first volume is not verv
interesting; Its descriptions, are mi
nute and no doubt accurate: but the
iute re'st of the story.-only commences
.in; the second : vol tun e. A ner usal
says theCommercial Advertiser, of the
the cha
seconu, voiume win enectuaUy redeem
the jcharacter of the work, .The inter
est we; begin tojeej is kept up with
'carer but goes on V increasing, leading
tis inroygn scenest the - most highly
supported ftale
thftse mpn .wprft nart tt saio: crews .
on this femaM, so V approved, ? (saving
however were the contrary is proved,) the
oel!verY shall not' bevre fused ; j and there
shall be given all id 'and assistance to the
said ';. consuls and ,: Vice-cpnsulsvfof the
searr.h. sei2ure.vand aVrest.'bf saildeser-
i;ted ftale .Our auihor has not ' chase; are; invited; to call and view ttie t
pted however, to rever.Jai.thePrcmises.Wi
acceding surtcui.liiiqi. mscrtcd U first
endeared ito:mJ
ajociatiotTivof ydutn
of animate atid ina.rtimtf objecN ? !m
TniQtocaieminariPsjx. ioug
account of theSeminanes at Andover,
NewJerseyi is compiled lor the Ne w-
x ork uommerctai AuytTtywrjryf
which the following falcts" are extract
i'At Andover, the whoi e - n umber of
OlUUeillSf IS :-.UIlCv,.HUUUiU wi y j
all but "eisht of them being graduates
of Colleffes. ' : ' :i ' : f ' '
At Princeton, there are Tiinetj-fiv
StuVfentsi "ati but 22 of them being
graquates oi Vvoueges. t j
i Of 254 graduates; at AnJqver, (since
jOSj.when that Seminary, was estab
lished) 16 have died ; 114 aej Pastors
of Churches 5 . SO are preachers not
settled; or are in other employments,
as Professors in jCollegesJ Preceptors
of !Acadeinies &cV;.&c;:; ;'are.;' Missioii,
anesJnthis country ; A 7 are Mi salon :
a ries in foreign cou n tries, and of 38,
their residence, &c. is unknown. H
A small pressure of the brain di
otinishes, a ntrnnger destroys, the sen
sihilifv of flip1 whole bodv. Tfiere was
some years since a beggar, at: Paris, I
part of whose skull, had peen remor
ed, without injuring thebrain, in con
sequence ofj a'( wound;; This being
healed, he wore a plate upon the part
where, the kull was wanting, to pre
vent f heibrain from being hurt by eve
ry accidental ' touch. For a small
piece Jof money, this poor" creature
took-ofr the nlate and allowed the
brain to he gently pressed, by!
a handkerchief, or some such ii
zht sub
stance iipon it ; 'this ocrasioned a dim
ness of sight, and drowsiness ; the
pressure being somewhat augmented
he became quite insensible, with higS
breathing antl every symptom. of a; per
son imaponlexy ; from which jtate he
never failed to recover upon -tne prcs-
ure oeing removeu. as thts experi
ence was attended.' with no pain, it was
often receated and always with the
same eflTect.Xohrftm Paper,
There was a lady at Paris, who un
dertook to reconcile or to conquer ani
inal antinathjes, and succeedel;; for
she had taught a dog, a cat,;a sparrow,
a mouse, to live together like brothers
and sisters in; one room. The dog lick
ed the cat, aid the cat licked 'jhe dog,
the, mouse played with the paws of the
cat, who' was taught to draw in her
nails, and the sparrow flew about, and
sometimes pecked the one and then
another. It is suggested in a London
paper, that the talent displayed b
this lady, in reconpiling discordant in
terests might pe very uyefully employ
ed at Congresses and Diets.
IHE Subscriber offers for saleL the fol-
lowintr PROPERTY, viz : I
The PL ANTATION on which he now
resides, at the mouth of Nt;w River, oh
the south-west' side, in Onslowj county,
containing, by estimation, one thousand
acres 500 of which are cleared and un
der.gopd fence ; equal in soil generally, tpl
ine oesv pianranon online seaooaro, in tne
county ; nd about.250 of superior 'hlam
mocK tne wnoie covered, more or, less
with sheds, the gradual decomposition of
which will tarnish manure for many yars.
Of the uncleared, Undrvabout 250 acre
are of light and quick . soil, and would pro
duce two barrels ot corn to the thousand
hills the balance tolerably well: tim
bercd with pine. vThe improvements are
equal, if not superior, to any tn the coun
ty, consisting of a two- story; Dwelling
House, . Barn, Stabled, and all other out
houses usual on a large plantation. Its
situation is open to the sea, dry and heal
thy, and possessing every advantage and
convenience for fishing, oysterihg, and
fowling ; and is an excellent stand for a
store.' :;-' ;;;
Also, the PLANTATION ori Cedar
Point, directly opposite the above, con
taining 3a 0' acres of land the -'cleared
under good fence, and equal to the pro-
duction of 200 barrels'of corn, and is said
to be the best hammock on the river-4-a-bout
one hundred acres cleared, of pretty
good Soil and the balance piny. jTue $t
tuation for fishing; oystering and fowlih.
is equai to ine otnerrann anoras an excei-
ent range for cattle and hogs.
Also, the IX u A N 1 A l It J N two miles
f from the Courthouse of Onslow !county,
wu tut ntji ui mcMncr, containing
vv,vica iiu sutuuicui wearea to
produce 200 barrels of corn ; part of
which is the fim quality of low land,; and
has produced ten barrelsof corn to the
acreilnd is nnerg
f'Ali or ejtherof the above places would,
pc soia a pargain, ana on tne most accpm
mbdating terms. Persons desirous to tidr.
he has succeeOea irra onderfu 1 man
time for Half aJD'and foV QuJeVy sucking baper-Iobgi one. m proportion
Statev EririnierV who -Witt- attend at Wilmmsw
JbH th'e purpose.of r exhUing the"PlanS,V. re
ceiving Proposals, &coricludlng a Contract;
wholthay e incUnedtofler ,f the work,
ment of the Cape-fter ' River. bel&p(. Tfil-
:-The,Embankments hetwe
and !agles Island j and between Campbell'
Island and thewtern;pairt o
tocohsist of, twolroys. of llewith a clear
width of -ten feet between .the two rows ; in
tut . -;
each row the piles are to; be made out of
gouu pine iiraoer, oi suciisizc as wniy square
to 12 inches ;u they are to be "hewn. Vn vthe
two Tmeetingsldesd r astd present;a -fl?t
surface to each other of jit : least 10 .inches
wide oii an averaged They are to be driven
quite close together, and as far into the bed
of the river as it is possible?to5driy;them
.with a' pile driving machine baving a rammer
of from J2 ta 15 Cwt. and : falfing from
height of 25 feet at least, and 'when driven
thus far, the piles are to be of such length' as
to leave 5 feet at least above the-ordinary
height of high, water mark of spring tides.
1 2. On the outside of each rowi of piles
there is to be a string piece .of pine ' timber
of. 9 inches square, fixed about 2 feet from
the top of -the piles, and jtp run horizontally
for th e whole length v of the -Embankment,
Opposite the centre of each pile -there is to
he . an auger hole of 1 finches in diameter
bored tli rough the string piece and pile, and
a white oak trenail of aufficient size driven
quite through thenf both, c The different
pieces of timber used in the string pieces are
to be joined by a scarf overlapping 18 inches
at least;::;;;u;:;;ft;;,xf;:.;;; --Xr : ' 'v-;7 i ,
J 3. In every 10 feet of length in i jthe em
bankment, there is to be a cross piece suffi
cient in length to extend from outside to out
side of the string pieces, and to project there
from at least 12 inches at- each end ; these
cross pieces , or braces are to be of timber
that will. square 12 inches, and to be notched,
6 inches deep, so as to embrace the heads-of
tne piles upon w nicn tnev rest, ana ine out
side string- pieces. Itnmiediatelv oh the upper
L side of these cross pieces is to be laid a string
piece of 9 inches square, along the inside of
both rows of pilts , for the whole length of
the embankment, and to be fastened to the
head of each pile by a trenail as described
for the outside string pieces. .
j 4. The w;hole of the space on the inside of
the piling is to be filled up' with earth flush
to tne unner sme or ine cross pieces, ana in
executing this part of the work, the contrac
tor is to carefully aiTange the sqjl, so as that
part of it which is of a vegetable consistency
may be put nearest the piles on both sidfes ;
tne intermeoiaie spaze may oe nueaup witn
sucn otner sou as can oe convenienuyoD
tained. ' ,' ; .' . ( ;. ;
. ' Specification for the Jetties. . i
5. The jetties are to consist of a single row
of piles of 10 inches square, driven firmly into
the bed-of the river, at the distance of 10
feet from each other. Each of these piles is
to' have a tenon at the top of v inches thick,
10 inches wide and 6 inches long. On the top
of these piles is tobe placed a capsill, 10
inches square, with mortices on the under
.side Tor the reception of the tenons on the
piles, there is to be a trenail of sufficient size
to fill an auger hole one arid a half inches in
diameter, to be driven through the capsill apd
tenon ; the upper side of this capsill isttf be
on a level with the ordinary height of high
water of spring tides. . , ; ' !
j 6. Between each of the square piles, the
place is to be filled up. with two inch.' thick
pine' plank piling, driven firmly into the; soil,
and spiked by 2 spikes of 5 inches long, into
the capsiU. . . . -"
7. When anv deviation or alterations from
the Plans, Sections, or .Specifications; as the may be, is proposed by. the Engineer or
Jontractor, whereby -tne. , work may be in
creased, altered.. or diminished, due noticein
writing shall be given of the sahie by the,
f i . . .
parry proposing sum ueviaiion or alteration
to the other, and the Contractor shall hot be
gin to execute any part of the sane until a
price is fixed and an agreement made other
wise he shall have no payment for what he
does, and in case the deviation is agreed to,
and the demand made by the Contractor; for
executing such deviation shall be mote than
the Principal Engineer shall think reasona
ble,: then the Board of Internal Improve
ments or the Principal Engineer. shall have it
in their power to contract or agree with any
other person, for : the same, att such mder
price as tney may tnin k proper, wiwioui tne
Contractor havtng.any-demana against the
the- Board or- Engircer aforesauU for such
transaction, and the Contractor shall deduct
out of the contract price such sums as may
be saved by such deviation Vv ; l v;
j 8. ( Should it appear at any time during the
execution of any part of the contract to the
said Board or their Principal Engineer, that
the Contractor is not executing his work a-
greeably to' his contract, he or., they shall
give notice to him of such deficiency, and in
case ne does not immediately .remedy tne
same, they shall have it in their power to stop
the-work, until he can shew them satisfacto
rily that he possesses the power of 'remedy
ing the defects or insufficiency -complained
of. and should lie fail in nerformine the same.
tlie Board or Princinal Eneineer shall have it
in their power to discharge the . Contractor
from the work and take the contract out of
his hands, the value of the. work executed,
.and materials and tQoki ori hand being pre-
rioiisry asccrtaiqea oy ine rrincipai -riigi-
neer, ana which shall be immediately paid.
But in case the Contractor ; shall have been
furnishing Unnecessary tools and implements
for the work, and which, in thev.Engirier,s
opinion may be of little or no . use to the
work." the said Eneineer mav reiect ; such
tools and implements,, should he thirik pro1
9; All the work must be. dondto the eri-1
tire satisfaction of the Principal ; Engineer,
and such "alterations ' may be; made : in; the
work or material as ,iWay, from time to time,
appeari.tO; Lin) neciaiy, Agreements being
previously made Wvabbve(ecifiedand in
case any difirepce of opinion shall arise be
:Kalejgh,-Feb. 6,;lB25f Wfi::. .
Of the' mbajikments: Jetties for ithe improve
IT .
-compileil from authentic ZZ kk
v Anson V.tlnttr iA
Superior Vpurt ofLartSehtr
't-'C; : :f : 4822.,. 5frK
judii Mj Mufchespn, V " ;
Angus Murcheson. S n ",0Tl
!jfRDERED by the Ctmrl
J cation be made th-ee ll Plk'
RaleighRegister, th " 'the dS
ahd appear at the next S.inerinVr 1 b '
Law to be held forth,. rJ.:r?unof
authfrf Courthouse in W,J H Ah.
on the Second Monday in
ana answer said Petition rt. nt
same.will be heard ex-parte 3 lhc
tneartiri Pickett, Clert.f.,!
Williams, ;
George Williams.
Tappeanng to the satisfaction fta:
Court that George WillS
. vnrr.
moved- himself without the limi,w t?
Stae; - so tfaat the ordinary brnrii? , 11
cannot be; served upon him : It is 1
ivrucrcu, xnat puohcation be marks
the Edpn ton r.aA n .... mie k
the Edrhtnri Gazette and Rai.;k t
ter, for three months, that the snid
Williams appear At the nevt 1
.r?,rr' tt7 i" oe neld for
r.nimtv, nFfiiirne ,of c-...
rtr the
u4ic9,uiMur nrsi ivionaay after the fo
monaay ot March 1823, otherwise ,W
w,jl ib entered pro confessn iLi
w iv, i.tmuie rx Dane.
yY'p 1. Cabarrus C.imfv
Superior Court of Law. Fall Term
Sarah Bradshaw, 1 Pe'.itionD vorr
lii t ';; Filed at Mav f,rm
Eli Bradshaw. J 1821. ' 1
rP appearing to the satisfaction of the '
Courf that the Defendant, Eli Bnd.
shaw, is not an inhabitant of this States
It. is therefore ordered that publication be '
made three months in the KaleitrhPjpirU.
ter and Western Carolinian, that the De
feridant appear at the next SuneriorCnurt
6f Law held for Cabarrus C6unty,
on the Tth Mouday after the 4th Mndaj
in March!, to plead to said petition, other,
wise the petition will be heard ex-parte,
and decreed according! v.
:-' 12 ; ;;- , '"Clerk;'
- 4 Anson County.
Jnhn Watson, , . i.
t. V . ;.' ', -.1 ;
Grorge Danlap.Ma-'. l Tv vn1Tr. 1
ry PitmarL Elizabet f "
Pitman, ZdpllaPit- .. ,
man,-. : :K;" i. J .;'.'
TT appearing to the Satisfaction of the
;JL Curt that Zclpha Pittri m, nne ofthvj
defendants in this cause,; resides out of'
the limits of jhis State : It is therefore ;
ordered, that publication be roadein ie
Raleigh Register for six weeks success-;
iyely, that the said defendant be and ap
pear before the Judge of our next touri
frf Equity; to be held, for the County of
Anson, at the Courthouse in Wadesboro, j
on the 'second Monday in March next,
then and there to plead answer or demur,
otherwise the sa1d; bill will be taken pro
confesso and heard ex p arte as to her.
20 Test.-, A. LIT I LK, Sh
In the vicinity uf Raleigh. . .
4 Tract of Land containing 1834 acres, -
IV. about hine miles from the City, iym&
.c...:c. ur.iliamc'o frks on Wc
iu l)" iu aim v mjttiiio v .
Rr,ad JeadinP- to Hhvwood, formerly oc
cupied 'by JosepTi Lane, jun. and at pre-
seut in possession' ot l. l wcu. ...
believed tharfor soil, beauty and nea
ness of situation, it is, scarcely equalled
by any Plantation in this part of the cp
try. i A consuleraoie poi-uou w - r
U fine low Ground, and the high Iana
fertile and very well timbered. A bet
K mge for Cattle and iiogs s nu -rf m
he found.
prpvements, good Orchards, a
X Here wij'-r
1 1
.sec, and nne springs, r . . tf.f-
j. ppiy XO J. . - ; J .
L. West, on thepremIS?s.
With the above 1 race oi . .
had 300 Acres of Pine Land,.inu .
..... - v ri.
Superior Courtof Law, October Terin,i
iii.nfAnii fintrirTT. 1 .
James Holland. j land,
t v or toe tioun, uv. . tjPrCi(B
jnbamant: of another State- forthrce
ordered that pubjicaiion thc V,
months in the .HaleigU Reps Court rf
fendant anpear at the next a- M,Ttr0o;
fendant appear at tne y-r-. mioffh
T f, hildfor theounty ot ; t
Law- to be hl4.f
at the . Cburt-hous
at the,-. Court-nouse i a" . tt Mondiy
c wlnarlnv after; tne
fim Wednesy , after the
or demur otherwise the pcu
beard exparte.;; r ; the Sap?.
-I, John ' B. lire, VA tl f
rlA fcertifV that tne
'if : -
XV - T

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