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FHlDAYy MARCH 7, 1 823.
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so often openea againsi mis liiUv-iJAiiguujcaim iuaiuus piviici
defender of .the truth as U is in jesu?.' ?x.our giving uieseiacw
cc in your paper, ;vnicu riuuora oif ouicr a aicra um mvcij
THE American Society: for nhelioratihg 'the condition of the
' Jevvs wafi formed in New-York, atnd incorporated by law in 1820..
1 11ie object of this Sdcietyils'.'io-invite :nd receivefrom .. aiiy;
art of the vorld,- such Jews ;as do Already profess the Christian
i&eliHon or are desirous to receive Christian Instruction, to form
them into a settlement, and to furnish them with the ordinances of
the Gospel, and with such employmeut in the settlement as shall be
. l iLii. . iiiW nn niin slmll .herftheived: unless he Comes well
recommended for morals and industry, and; without charge to this
Society, ana ooin iiis.recciHiuii aiiu winiiiuwi iH omv...,
shall be at all limes ai mu uuxuun
. Mr. PouLsoy,'," , . .. N ' i .; : ' ...
Siu--Havin5 had, personal and mtinate acquaintance with
nv C F. Fkey before he left London, in 1816, 1 feel peculiar
. (....: mv nmvpptn lav ItAtnrp. tho. Miihlir- rants
Treasure in navui. ii. mj.nv ; .r r r
'which I trust, will forever stop the mouth of calumny, which has
a. nla
copy, will much oblige
In 18f6,vMr. Frey and faroilyrarrived in NewYork. His tes
timonials and icomnndAtidnVwerii soA satisfactory; that Ue was
admitted into all the pnlpits dfahePresbytcrian, Baptist and Me
thodist denominations in that city. . ' .
: The following testimonials are from three most respectable cler
gymen of the Episcopal Churcn. The one from the Rev: Lewis
-Way-deserves particular attention, as he is the great patronv6f the
London Jewish Society, and was one of the Select Committee when
the dissolution of MrFrey's connection with that Society w as re
commended, ami when the Committee voluntarily settled on Mr. Frey
an annuity of ll 00 sterling, for the first year, and J50 'a ear for
the ten succeeding years. ! - - . '
I :-; 1 v oj 'Testimonials i '
V- "W'c, the undersigned, being Clergymen of the established
Church of ngland,do certify that tVe believe the Rev. Christian
Frederick. F&ey, the bearer of this document, late preacher at
the Jews' Chapel, Spitalfield, London, fi-om a personal acquaint
ance with him, to be a truly Christian character, and to be actu
ated by a sincere zeal to pi-omote the glory of God, .oui; S.aviour.
and the extension f the Gospel, and as such' cordially recommend
him to the patronace and regard of our Christian brethren in A
I 5; J - ChristChurdi College, Oxford.
f ; ;T . - A',: i : Mertoh College, Oxford.
Dated SUnsted Park, ncjir Chichester, Sussex, July 4th, 1315. .
"In addition to the testimonials of my Brothers, the Rev. (xeorge
Way and the Rev. Mr. Sanders, Minister of my Chapel at Stan
sted Park, in the county of Sussex, I, Lewis Way, do hereby cer
Aify that having known the said Or F. Frey intimately, and been
connected with, him for upwards of three' years in the concerns of
the Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews, do believe
him to be an honest man and a sincere Christian, and 1 can, from
iny own knowledge, conscientiously recommend him to the notice
and pittection of myiBrethi-eii of the Church of Christen any part
of the world, either for the purpose of instruction in Hebrew, or
for the extension of the knowledge of the Gospel in a Ministerial,
of any 'other capacity. . j
Witness my ;Iiand, this Sth day of July, 1516.
i v " LEWIS WAY."
s Messrs. Edit ors The Raleigh Peace Socie
ty request the favor you to publish the, fol
lowing Order of the Emperor of Genmany, foe;
the arrest of two Duellists,' with tne accom-
.; pahy ine Revie w, written in the form of a letter
to his Majesty from ' one of the parties taken
rtrom the 31st huraber of the Friend of Feace.
V ?Grnera1,--T desire you to arrest Count K
vana u.aptain. W immediately.-; Ihe Count
! is of an imperious character proud nf his birth,
f and full of false ideas of honor. Captaint V.
; who is an old soldier, thinks of settling every
j tnuii uy swora.ana pisroi. ne nas aone wipng
j to accept a challenge from the young Count,
j I will not suffer the practice of duelling in my
army ; and.Jdespise the arguments of those
who seek to justify it. I have a high esteem
I for "officers who expose themselves courage7
OUsIv to the enemv. and who. on all :ftr.p.aalons.
I, I . ' V -J T ,-.
j shew, themselves intreoid. valiant, and deter-
j mined iq attack as well as defence; The in
, difference with which ihe face death is horio-
rable to themselves and useful to their country
i but there .. are men - ready to sacrifice very
ining to a spirit w revenge nd hatred. ; 1 des
pise thenV: ; !such men,', in . my opinion,' j ire
worse than , Roman gladiators.;; Let a council
of war be summonfd to try. these two officers,
withTall the impartiality which I demand from
eyeryjudge ; and let the most cu'pable of ihe
two be made an example by the ritjor. of the
I law I am resolved that this barbarous custom.
j which is worthy of the age of Tamerlane and
najazet, and winch is so.tatal to the peace or
families, shall be punished and suppressed ;
though jt cost half my officers. There will! be
siill lett ikien who can uiiite bravrry with jihe
duties of fAithful subiects. I wish for none who
do not respect the laws of tiie ccuniry.
Vienna, August, 1774.
On Mr. Fret's application to join the New-York Presbytery,
;he requested the appointment of a committee to investigateliis Cie
dentials, and to w rite to London respecting reports that liad.bqeh
circulated to his disadvantage. His -petition was granted i aiid
" most satisfactory, answers vere received from the Rev. David
Bogue, D. Drl'rofcssor of the Missionary; Seminary at Gosport,
whei-e Mr. Erev studied for several years : from the Reiv George
Burden Swi'Aflrv nf the London Missionary' Society ."t from James
Millar, , Esq.,the Secretary of the London' Society for prompting
: the con version of thci Jews, before it became an Episcopal- Society ;
from the Rev. S. Havtray,r one of Jhe present Secretaries of
that Society : fromHhe !Rev.i Alexander WaughV one of the oldest
aim most resjieciauie ALinisxers-, in r.onuouj aim iium wio iwv.
: : Leigh Richmond.. -V ' : ' :: ,
: Mr. Fkey was, 'accordingly received as a Member the Pres
bytery, of which the, following Is, a certification : ! : -r ; -
.".This mav crtifV, thaithe Ilev. J SF; Frey, tlie bearer
hci-eof, was received into connection : with .the Presbytery of Ne w
:York, on the 10th day of October, A. l)l82li and that he is now
inhuman conqueroret to'fjght and murder,
eqch oh er.for the a muse men t fof - th e. m u 1-
titude So the poor MdieiVofdiflfefenw
countries are cauea oat in armies jo ae
stroy one another, to gratify the.arabition,
or revenee ot meir merciless ruiers. ' ooi-
diers and gladiators , may stand on
around as to ?uilt r dnellists tnav be worse
than either, of them ; but can they be
wprse man , tnose ruiers no wantoniy
Count K. to the Einfieror Josefih.
Sire The! General has furnished
. Acuiucr in goou aim regular a uuiumg i iuai,uwuj. , c v-
' , , bi ; restated 'Clerk;qffilie -Presbvtery.
with a copy of your letter to him, and I am
now under arrest. I have reflected' seriously
on' your censures, and would, before J sulfer
for my offence, suggest some thoughts for your
Majesty's consideration. ' - I v !
Of me it is said- the Count is of an im
perious character, proud of-his birth, ful of
fls'e ideas of honor.' On reflection, I:ahV con-,
vinced that this opinion is correct... ,But, Sire,
my 4 falser ideas of honor' were the fruit of
that education which I received' in your service
they are such as are. generally Jpossessed; by
military officeiv; and perhaps they are pot
more false than those 4 ideas of honor' which
sovereigns entertain, exemplify, land applaud.
Why should it be thought less honorable fojr a
man to fight valiantly in his own quarrels, than
to fight in the quarrels of his Prince i And if
quarre lling and fighting between i wo officers,
is shameful or wicked, what shall be said of
rthe wars of Princes ? ' V ' 1 -
Of my antagonist, your majesty has said,
Capt. W. is an old soldier, ihinks of settling
every thing by sword and pistol.- What (bet
ter could reasonably have been expected of an
old soldier,', who has been trained to blobd ?
And has tie not the example of all the Princes
J of Europe to Counterbalance him in settling his
disputes with weapons of death I Or is it more
honorable to murder men with cannon j and
muskets, than with .sword and pistoH Orjis it
less unjust, or less horrid, r sovereigns to
call forth armies of innocent: men ahd cause J
them to murder one another, to settle sme
frivolous dispute, thmn for two gentlemen to
settle a controversy, equally frivolous, by fight
ing their own battle ? r 1 ; ; K
, . Your Majesty expresses a 4 high esteem
for those officers who expose themselves jcou-.
rageously to the enemy, and who, on all occa
sions slvow themselves intrepid valiant, and
determined in 'attacks as welfas defence. Oi
these you say the indifference with " which
they face death .is henorable to themselves,
and useful to their country.', V-.-V. 'v'
' "I was once of the same opinion, but reflec
tion has convinced me that these -are false
ideas.V For the wars of princes are as need-
less as the combats . ot duellists.; esiaes ai
'ways on one part, if not on ! both, a war is po
sitively unjust and oiurderous'; aud I ; cannot
think that it ought to be deemed either, 4 hono-
i rable to themselves' or 4 useful to their country,'
for men with 4 indifference,; to facedeath, in
unjustly attempting to destroy their brethren.
. There are men', says your majesty, who are
ready to sacrifice every things to a spirit of re-!
venge and hatred.' V;T :v.t" "f" .
V 4 ThisaV meant; of 1 duellists ; but is it not
in fact more applicable to warring pripces ?
Duellists indeed sometime sacrifice, their! own
lives, & the happiness of relations and friends.
But in . thdr combats Ithere isnb burning ;or
sacking ; of towns no murderof womenand
children, nor', of the sick-, itnd the aged-no
ravaging, 'vt. provincesno plundering nor de
vastation; of the property f , the 'iphoceptnb
public and inhuman cejebraigons of victojries,
and, sefdoiu mbrp than : t wq'. fives sacr jficedi - in
one quarrw.' How trifling . tnen the Sacrifices
ia a, war bet weea twfduelli'sts; comparedAvjth
what is; maiie - in a war. between t wo princes !
What are. two lives to a, hundred tAou$an$?i
HV. -By order 'of.the Board;; Vte ' : :j;.': :t ;
u V j.' ; ' - ': WUMAlUliltAXif. v other voluntarily Whereasthe Roman
cw-York DC. 2 1822:v7; ? ' v v:i ator were prisoners of warclobaied by
k JVet, of revejigeful duelhsts,ui Majesty
Has . been pleasbd id ? savr I despise thei.-
To which we also add a copy of Mr.v Fkbys. Commission as
Agcni of the Amencan bcietfforraelioratin the condition of the
Jews : ; ; Jt'.-. -f-U'V-w,
" The Board of Maqacers of the' 'American' Society for meliorat
es the condition of the Jews, . confiding in yorir. zeali picty and j
i.cirriLv nave nnnointeu vou tneir-Aireni.-10 travel Aiirouirn Lne i nt ?a .u, - "-: .-. : .. j ,v
southern Sections of the United States for the purpose of making j your compassibnV as 'youWiueaipiDcbm
""tutiuii5, ioi iniijij Auxiliaries sonciiiug jl una vxuua anu gene- Jj f3310" 'w,wr iunioriuue in . uavmg ucn
Jally promoting: tlie obiects of theSociety.
tiiuruer, m tne service ana by lue examples
bf. their: prifla';'.. -ft fc'V;' --te'
v' V Tftttt; ddeilists . are worse1 than Romany
gladiators'ma be rue foribey fight. each
cause soldiers ahd gladiators,-to shed eack
omers oioou j.anu . wiio- tijtKri, incir, iuiiut
ence to rehderfigting a glorious profes sion
-? You r Majesty has denounced duel
ling as a A barbarous" custom; worthy of
the age of lamerlane and Bajazet. I
custom ;' but I think it ;carresp6hds less
with the age of l.amerlane than does the
public wars of trovernments. ;f ubitc war
was deemed a elorious work in the time
of Tamerlane ; it is so deemed by. rulers
of the present age. 'Duelling Was of later
origin,' and it is in some respects, an im
provement on the principles of public, war,
The improvement to which ! refer is" this
wwhen duellists iqunrrei; . they : do: their
own hghting.' It princes would adopt this
improvement, they -might dismiss their
armies and na vies, and thus, greatly dimi
nish the - oppressive burdens of their sub
jects, and cease tbdelugelthe earthhn''
nocent blood. . ; :-,
Their example, indeed, : would still! be
pernicious, but the 'saving' ot blood, and
treasure would be great ; for they might:
sen 1-7-as t ney pi ten now u o -enact la ws
to punish other people for. i m i tati tig their
So great is vour abhorrence of duelling.
, - - t - r - 4j
that you haVe said,-4 1 despise the argur
ments of .those who seek tojustify , ;I
am persutaeo, sire, that when people
shall have become truly eplightened, they
may with greater propriety; say the sinie
of the arguments to justify the - wars of
princes. Both customs, however; are bar
barous, abhorrent to enlightened reason ;
to justice, and to religion.; ; j V
4 Your Majesty 'nftay pipperly say much
against duellings and I hall; submit f to
whatever penally your majesty shall thmk
pr'per to inflict on nle ; but Tarn, anxious
that you should understand that the wars
of duellists, and the warsj even of , pirates,
are not more reprehensible? nor more at
trocious, than the wars of sovereignsi ' ..
- :r , ; f -jiCk:r j; Count K."
The Worth American Review enjoys
so ' much -.favor in public opmiony that
its. name is of itself ajsujficient'pass-port-
with the friends of literature a
mong us. The jast number, that tor
Januaryj 1823, will delight all who
shall, find leisure to peruse, it by Us
richness and variety ofi information -!he
nSh,y jinteresting topics of which
it treats--and the customary, tascitia
tion of ' chaste and elegant i writing:
which; invariably graces the thoughts
expresaea in tnat excellent Journal, ; f
One of the artic! e re vi ewed, isj
" Essays on various subiects of Tdsta
Morals and National j Policy," by a
Virginian.- The author! is in: favor of
duelling, which he conceives necessary "
n y vi yeaned -iu tveep up uiau sense
of honor which may avail vuis i in war
and he considers the loss of five or six
valuable lives a year; as a sacrifice not
wy 8,cat lu outaiu sucn an oDject.
The Review, amons: others, makes
the following; re marks 4 which we copy,
?r 1 iatriy auus jusiiy appreci
ate our situation during thelat sutn
iner, and show a pryper feeiing of kind
ness1 towards us. - ;
Two subjects; filled j- at considerable
sjiiuc j ui uic puuuc auenuon .auring me
last session ; one connected ..with the sub
ject of slavery, and one with that of duel
ling, as they exist severally in the Soutu
ern ScatesWith regaid lb the firsVof
ineiii, ine conuuee 01 ne magistrates ,na
citizens of Charleston, on tlie delicate aud
trying occasion of the Ust summer, was
marked with every thing whch. prudericie
ana numanity couia nictate ana will not
sur iihrthje comparisbh
.been done ih' any j da portent r and ?difl5cul t
crisis, in ahy part or period of our loutW
try.- One thing only; io reference tos this
eyeptv; which could have bei a vpidediti
matter of regret, that it;iould have been
quesUonand that the liberty should have
been taken of implicatinir one, bf the most
distinguished bciuzehs in our ccuntry, by;
sentiments expressed by him when' dii
charging, in te publicouncils,' his duty
as ii -jjuuiiu- scr v , nut , w nu respect vo
the event itselfisiressing &nd deplor
able as ; in haturejltf malerveVy
ihing was dowhicn xiluV have beea
a.kedvof those high-mindcd honou
merciful men. f As to Jth othexof Jh two
events to W hich public, attention, has-been
drawo;:.the last season ho lknguage'ns
strong enough to, impress the disdain? with
wuich the puDlic mind lias been afiected;
,1 here is sparce any suhct pi jntereste
peis, wiiere men uo
t ..:v ;,r.,rV.'; vV V
general burst of indignation "has in'thU ir-N - .VK'-Vr
stancbeen heaVd ! andraoytarly el-v '
ipg f partialityv whfcHjsha
seditself has been wholy absrtjedj the ; v
hame ind )iumiliationC the eqiiel. TilJ. S i ;-V
now there wasi ktyd of pfaus??ility; in fe- j is'
marks like our author's oh duelling", Sacb' V -'v
rrj iihtk wrrr niirjrnrarii in mnvrrsaiinn. : i - .
and itwaitrou ,'f
was promoted by subjectmg. nimw i !
oiatea ic in tne. article or nonor co tms re . tfp..7.
sppnsibilityV 'kIo: the old shool.way pf go- f.i ' ?.'.;
ipgl putunexpectedlyto a '.retired spot
where tlWinjuredt partyi fired a half-lbadr tZfrd'
ed pistoKat a distance of sixteeirj i goo ga;vi
thpusajpd VtOtJ pnewhifethe ichallenged ' ,
paftVas i ; mattebof coirsel threwaway'l ' a '
his hrearid;shc6lthands-rhej practice $J.
corniptlitate, of society, he productive of r
dButjthis ghastly im j
sieh this" oractfee forVweeks ailtvmonthsi ; ,
u: . ' . r i jj '
wis. lung, 1.1 fining in ine , an 01 sueaaing
numan oiooa, ana tne protractea, renew.-
thisinteirchange of ribaldry; in ther public if
plriats.4 are matter of humiliation to every v ; ; I! ,
example is beyjpd measure deplpr able.--
"ic mere no laws, magistrates in va . 1 y' .
the.iireaily:thmktsthey.rseeoivt0;t4 jA I
men shall for ::inbhths bptfly.'Undvpollic:.:.--;1,.:- ' U j)'
ly pursue the puriJse'to kjllaVid nothing: : f ! V
be done to lay he'strong arn? of the ;law ' ' t , '
1 1
the' effect upon sdciety Ibf taking olftife sa- 'i Vv
lutajcy;resirahit;S which thelpublic sentU ; A ; ;
mentjliad. every wiie inpsed! o duel ' '
ling, ahd which forced it to .be perpetra- , V '
ted witlfsecresy dispatch, or in . foreign j
jurisdictions? ;Jf let otHprsfpity the,L . :
slaves-we cominisserateithe spiasters
And it is some cumforf tb those iwho. be-V:w ;
y iriue auu vice, are , meir own , v..;.
things, the event to which We are alludiner
must, since its first agitation, thi b alf its - ,. ' J
miserable .vicissitudes; hive been beVond;
descriptibnbarrassing arid tormenung toV ; , ; -all
immediately concerned : thtis in some'
degree, visiting on them the ojltrage done , V ,
the-community.?' , : , f ? f; ; tt'k
Jiy jiamiuont JLemoine & 4ranmij.
1 1
1- .
4 i
O" N Monday the 24th of Afarch next we -shall
sell without ,the ; least reserve, at ''' '
the Store 'on fBollingbrooTcstreet, lately pci .r v '
enpied by Messrs. John Stith, ic Cp. the en- ' "
tire Stock of Dry Goods, Ilardwarei &c of ; '
said Stithi & which rnmni4ca n '.' '
rive and valuable collection of fresh imported r M j ft fl
British and other Goodi4 ; It' consists 1 cart . i. Vl?
p. v .- IT;.;...- . , y. 1 . ...-'...':'
Super Cloths and Cassimeres, (Sheppard'g,) r ; V - fill
; - of an colors; flannels; PeliseCloths;; f St '
Carpeting, Baizes, 'Blankets- rT r 1 ? 1 ; -' k;c if -i
Napt Cottons, Bombazetti, Chectv: !
Irish Linens Dimity, Calicoes, Hr.-':-7 "1:
Ginghams, :yestings,,(:- .?j: : j
Silk Cotton and.Wdrsted Hbse,S' J ! ": '' I-'
Muslins, Cimbricsiaprs, iJiwnte&cj '-.VV .j: 4'"'
And in fact nearly eveJy article that is "r 'V:
qmrea to assort an extensive Wholesale and ' r .
Betail Storeryor MtXsfyenOlti fxh
vcy iw ywtty, ununeariy im -whole havt i - ly.'
5ee?j recently imported NovSale.haS beeii''
lately oftereda the bubUc calculated ;-V'
tract set much attention aathis; i;l ' ; I .:! h
The Sale will, be continued framVdAi n ? V
utj uiiui uic ,ua Btycib 12 aisposea of. on i
nic iwiiuwiiig ycriiis : Au sumsi unaer Szuo. -
boyel(K76:hibnths,UAnc ;
be securedi)y approved ehdobe4 hetiable " ' . , '
( J ' . JUS IV rJU JiLlSrJED. -V.'
All 4
A?ew Systembf.dfeOMETRV; f 1
i. titled A CmDendious SvtPtw f ; -At,' : ?. M
ii i
nfczrt 'Getihetnt - in WveW book y 'i
To whichan -eighth is aji6ea.edoniain
lng sucn ptner; propositions as are eleven
iary , among w men are a - te w that are.
1 - f.'
necessary; tteypnd those of the; 'System; to ' ; Xr "
the more advanced parts of the Mthe- '.
matics. By osEPit -Calp well; D "D'.v ' A '.V
vii m trm m -. ; i r r-m nav a : n . a . w m w ' f
rolina. ,? Subroinedls a treasisis cfoPlnnA
yrrigonbbiiiry b the sameand Sfihcrka!
'trigondmpiry bJpH Rboert Simpson; of r'i
Glasw -Thls isthebvstem iiowam--
diejd in' the tJniversityVa'niior'W
reafter ; expected to be prepared, ;fqjr K
Xa Jke6h Gales J SoA. rim&Vft
he North-Caroiiua Uicrini
TT-i o'j.1:. 'r;n i jf.i . - A.vii .. .'.
unueo states ateuuarv lor tne year
V ,
ofJour; JUordy Sfeejog the 4rth of
the Tadependencb ot the uoited bUiie
'5 I' 1. JLi" ' ".tl ' I?-:-, v; 'V.,
1 '
t j i
. ' I ill' :
. rcompiieij from. amneQ.cic Qocapeair 1 v t
"-C'U: & f t??'ii ''.-. t - v;J; -.. .. . 11 '.I'M 1

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