North Carolina Newspapers

: . ' - From Aew-Ti 'Sitotetwura.'".:
' " , j " " " " n
.tfysoul was Tate a helpless barque,
JiV-'UJI.lliU TIVl" vi- ..
. Liff'i pcen, bwid to.wp :
v On rrror shoa's the "barque bad beat
V Ah, tht n what star mv eye should greet
V:at fHendl? Vtfr-bot are. V.
, Ah, then what voice amid the storm,
. " Like chVruh-cheerng cnnif, , '7
An! 'bade depart the fiend-like form r-
; t That tnved to death to shame ? -lTiat
bade to bell the spirit fly,,
To shun the waves of vo ;
And dare the Admiral's tyrath on nigh,
To scap the storms below ?
- Twa s thou, my friend, who 'raid the gloom
.. -L'Ve mercy's beauteous bow,- , x
Archtt oer. the contrite sinner's i tQmb,
;.aThetempests hill'd of wo; - '
TaugM, taught mr inexperienced ty
-. And-'-pninting to i cloudless, sky 'f
Cried, Live-and live a man !" -
' . . - . - . . -
Oh, may the breeze that speeds toy barx,
Like Eden's tephyrs be,
Tbr sky serene,' as when the Urk ;
4 Chaunts bis sweet miony ;
" And when the dream onife is o'er,
May angels round thee wait,
And bear thee to that bliasfushore,
Where faith shall conquer fate.
,,.:',- :. -
Infirm' he became an entic?nj? object for
Mrt. Do!druni,n Inhabiunt of Leifchton
Buzzard, one of thse htiraan creetb
owh - ho prowl , about the abodes j6f
miserv anJ death, crocking out axmai
tidines, aod hoverirjr over corpses. Jie
teemed onlv happr when surrounded
by wretchednev,and er undertnker-ike
mind pnear-dto live upon tWth. When
the mnld not treat herself with adis
. solution, sbe wou lok about her for a
broken tejr, abankmntcy, a family where
there was a dishonoured daughter, a run
gwar s, or Any calamity she could by
goo fortune discover. " O my dear
friend " she exclaimed to Mrs. Pitman, a
br Ome previous to her death, I am
so del'eh'ed o spc you. (here a jrroan)
yon know my re rd for. yout Qanotner
rrOAn) een rour DeJ rno-n unc. .
Closed, T took it for granted it wsU
over with vou. o I carre in just to close
our eves and lav out yenr body. De
liehted t- find you, alive. (roaj tne t.)ird)
"J n be of rood cheer, pe-haps yew
may vf t lngr our a wees iouji, vwvu ..i
' it would he afcrcat release H it .wmild
please fird t take you. (Groan the
fonrth) and vet I fear you are sadly pre
1 u ...u
"Daren rr t:ie nixi v'
'Sfth nd lont ) You know my regard
for vou. The Ird he eool unto us !
Hark! is that the death watch? I cer
taiolv heard a tickm?:."
This .consolatory personage was all
. ita moment he heard. of Mrs Pit-
. roan's death, which oerurred shortly af.
ter ; and she Was obviously Jn her proper
elerarnt when H!ns
nf window - shutters, and all be minute
arrangements adopted on such monrnful
occasions... ".At :TTer; own particular re
quest, she ws indulged with the privi
lege of silting up with tbe body therst
r,iht "and would not ven resign her sta-
rtr, ftiV nernnd. wKich was the timei
appointed, for the retding: .of the wiU.
Frank MHTnjrton i. had been $en for ex
press to attend this melancholy ceremo
ny : Mr, Swipes and Mr.Cu'rrie were, of
ornrserresenr, m de?p mrufnipg. with
"sa?es to match, and each with a white
pocket handkcrch'ef to hide the tears
whch he feared he would be unable to
shed. Mr. Drawl, the attorney, held the
portentous document in his hand, brist
ling with eaj : and two oc.tnree inenos
were requested to attend as witnesses.
The slow and precise man of l.iw who
sham! none of his-audit.orV impatience,
was five, minutes in -picking the locks of
the se'a!;a$in.iny more in arranjfc bis
spectaclrs, Vd having deliberately blown
his nose; ihrbugh whlrh he always Talked, .
(av if to cietr, tbe wiy) he at lengtn pe
Iran his ccture. As the will, at the old
lady's .request, had been, mnde as short
anii-sWules possible, be had succeeded
in . ueezing it inio six larjje skins cf
parchrawt, which we shall take the li
bertvcf ruling into as many lines. Af
ter' a few") unimportant legacies to sen
yanrs and others, it statefl that the wjiolc
resiVue of htr property, pmonal &rrea',
consisting of -. here a formidable
s"chule of houses, farms, messuages,
teneants, v buildings, , appurtenances.
stocks, bonds, moneys, ana po5sesion.
occupying twercy "minutes in the n ciul.
braueatheoto ner cear cousins.
Samuel Swipes of the Pond-street.Brew-
ket place; Sddlsr-
Here Mr. Drawl laid down his parch
rhent, drew his preain, yievr ni noc, ana
begn . tav wipe- his spect'ctes, ia which
ipace ofVime, Mr,S wipes was delivered
of a palpable and incontestible snivel, in
te pelting up whereof be was mainly av
sisled by a previous cold ; and endeavor
ing to enact a sob.rwhicb, however, soun
deti more 'like iargling - U. throat, h
eiHCulated 44 Generous creature ! Jwor
. . nrAii kind soul l" ; : . '
c .ii. rA with indisputably red a;
Vitcfy eycs?ihouh 'it la upoa reccrdthu
c iaJ been nuicv u ft
.bins' abwt iho-oriioiT bed in hpj owa gw
dext h2 bd been seen to stoop Uwo &
Set seething u?. They ; weiK ootn.
5 (r: : . jvertisQtatots Hut
o ?Wnk the rrret that h 1: THE BjmWr f AKDS QK 1 j MISS HRVlwnonvr .
hn not beert pamed, and. tar inforrii him,
hai theyxoulddispe'nsr witli hljCfartbe
iiUendancei f whehMrVDrawlwitH : '
calm 'nasal twan'criedVtt;4--,, .
gentlemen, keep pur rats-.1 bs rot
torje. yet'-Knd resuming; the parcarpent
and his posture, thus proceedeV f .1,'et
tje see where was I? Ay, Saronel
Swines. - of i Pond-street ? Brewerv.- and
v..Firisropi.erL,orrie; ot ine .viartei-piape,
Saddltr" a,nd then, raising his Voice to
adapt it to; the ta.rgSs" Gr'ajp. txt;'wirds
that came hexhetfang oui4 In -trust,
for the sole land exclusive me and bene';
. . , (
bits as thaf he may tfafely be etrdsurd
Vith.the lajrge fortune which I hereby
V What's! all this ?" exclaimed Mr.
Sipes-r you don't mean that we're
humbugged! Intrusr! How does that ap
pear? Where fs it ?" . Mr. Dfwl, depo
siting his spectacles,, lookin p at the
ceiling, andscratchinjr the under part of
his Chin, pointed to the two fatal words,
which toweled conspicuously, among the
multitude oE their companiois ; and the
brewer's nether jaw gradually fell down,
tilj it crumbled :icd crushed the frdl of
ii shirt. Mr. Currie with a pile face
and goggle f yes, stood staring at his coj;
trtistee, not exactly undcritanding wh)if
It eif meant,' though he saw by his couj
tenance that there was some sudden ex
tinction of their hopes. As the will was
dated several years back, Frank only
wanted lhre weeks of the stipulated pe
riod of pose. sinn, and, as he hustily
revolved inihis mind all the annoyances
he had occasioned bis aunt, and the kind
generosity yr it h which she had treated
him, bit eyet remained fixed on the car
pet, and the tears fell fast on the backs
of bit crossed hands.
Citv ofitoxt-vork. flfau 6th 1823.
THE Collf gc of-Physicians and Surge
ons will commence their course of
Lectures, fpr the ensuincr winter session,
on the firstJMonday of November next,
(the 3d.) at the Col lege in Barclay-streeL
Dr. HosjhK. on thr Theory and Prac
'ticr of Phytic, and Clinical M'rficitiCi
Dr. Macnkven, on Chemistry.
Dr. PostI on Jnatnmy & Physiology.
Dr. MiTQKiLL, o;i Motanycnd Materia
Medica. j -,
Dr. Mott, on Surgery.
Dr. Francis, on 0tefrie. and the
diseases of Women and Children.
The RoaHo of Trustees deem it
proper to mnkwH known, that, in confor
mity "ih tlje. ordinances of the Honora
ble the Regents of the University, every
Student is required tt attend two full
courses of all tbe Lectures delivered in
this Colleger before he can be admitted
as a candidate, for tbe Doctorate; unless
said MudenC shall have previously attend
ed Lectures? in said College, prior to the
session of 1822-3, or shall have attended
one entire Jcourse of lectures delivered
in some respectable Medical School or
University. 7 The Candidate must, also,:
have Studied Medicine three years with
some respebtable practitioner, have ar
rived at thef age of twenty-one years, and
it will be expected that he should pro
duce writtep testimony to that effect.
The Matficulation Ticket is five doU
lars, (he hofder of which is entitled to the
use of the j?ollege Library. .
By order of the Board,
"WRIGHT POST, M. D. President.
JOHN W. FRANCIS, M. D. Register.
mniS Institution now affords advantacres!
I equal td any in the Southern States, be, j
ing conducted upon the most approved prin-1
ciples, and provided with superior Teachers
in ?vv branch of Ussful and Ornamental
Kthiration.-4-This. with its healthy situation
and moderate charges for Board and Tuition,
must insure it a, liberal patroiuge. The
strictest attention will be paid to the cdnduct
and morals of those attending it.
-jj" ; I'BaMs. .
Female Department, conducted by Jfrf.
milt op tm th ilsnstant 1 ea chert.
Hudiments, per miarter,
Beading and Writing
English Grammar, Ancient and Mo
dern Geography with the Use of
"tse Mapf and Globe?, History,
I Chronology, Mythology, Rhetoric,
.Belles Letters, Composition, Natu
ral Philosophy, Botany with Plain
and Ornamental Needle Work.
Jlutic, aught by Jlfadame Villa,
1 , Italian ttyle. ,
in the bet
Per ann. taught in the Academy, $60, or $20.:
1 per quarter 1
Per ann. taught otxt of the Academy, $100
per quarter $25.
ving, Painting, and the French Language,
ught by Ur. Laising, a native of France.
r- ... .
Drawing and Painting, per quarter,, $6
French - 6
Clamcal Department, under Dr. G. Davis'
- - I ruiuon. , :,
The Latin ( and Greek Languages,
Natural and Moral Philosophy, Lo-
a t
mety anl Algebra,
r . j English Male Department.
Rudiments ? . .. ,
Readin":, Writing, Arithmetic', Eng-
listi Grammar, Ancient and Modern M
'Geography with the Use of the
' Mapsand Globe?, 6 :
Pens and. Ink provided the Students with
out charge.; . A tax of 25 cents eath Student
for wood,, ater, &c. ; ,
Board, SifcluIing all.theabpve Branches
except Mukic, $35 per quarter payable in
advance.1.. A . , - v ; ;r-
- : : - : WM. HAMILTON. ,
For the satisfaction of Parents St Guardians ,
the following Gentlemen ay be referred to. ,
J. A. CAjntRoir, Esq. Frcst. ot Uie Schoo :
Rev'd 1 Urll. Moaaio577
April 30i 1823..
fit of my dear nephew, Frank MUingtv);
When lie fcljall have attained the ug of
"entyrfuve.years ; by which tm? I hope
he' will' hnvtvso farVefor'Tied hi evil ha
One Dollar and a Half for bsf a vear,
cccdirjg fetceja Uic
TIt&r commence sow
t T.-vOurse on a uesaay ucrpui-
October next, and cotitinUo four days
jJayAt weepgtakes; cte mile beats,
for three years6ld colts and fillies-f-Eptrance
$100. Three or more to make a race,.;;'
v 2rf-2)ayr-The' Jockey Club Piirse, $300-tlu-eemile
heats Entrance $20. ; Mopey
hung up at the usual discount. :
3d xiay The Proprietor's Purse, :$200
Money hung up -Two mile heatsEntrance
F(ntrth: J)ay--A Handy Cap, mile heats
Entrance 25f, H ; -! " -fTr,
The iProprietor, pleclges himself, to
have .the TnCct in good order. Stables and
Litter furnished Race Horses, gratis.
R8BT. K.JO HNS ON, Proprietor.
Warrenton, N. C. Sept.,13, 1823.
A BALL will be fumisheel on the evening
of the 2d and 3d days' Race, by
R. . JOHNSON, Proprietor.
AN AWAY from the- subscriber's
Plantation in Chesterfield District,
South -Carolina, early last autumn, two
Negro Men, CHARLES and BILL.
Charles is of ordinary size, well made,
yellow, coinplection, remarkably intelli
gent,' 'Speaks quick, is about 25 years of
age He was purchased in Beaufort coun
ty. Bill" absconded with him, is about 20
or 25 years of age, i is lowj and has a acar
I believe" on one of his cheeks, perhaps a
scar on his hed he is also inclined tp
yello coraplection!, and beats on the drum
tolerably well. Bill was purchased in the
neighborhond of Snowhill.
Charles may perhaps attempt to pass
himself as a free man; j r
The above reward will be gia to any
person who will return them jo my plan
tation ; or half the above reward will be
given to any person who will secure them
in Jail, or in proportion.tor eitner ot thero
and ve me inlor?fiatton. I ,i
March 10. ' tf
t7 Tie Editors of the Raleigh Sra
and Ncwbern Centinel, are requested u
insert the above until otherwise ordered.
and in the mean time forward their pa
pers to me at Stattsburg, jS. C.
A 3 Proprietors, ! we have opened this TA-
'! VERN, the oldest Establishment of the
kird in Petersburg", whidi I has been much
improved from time to time, in all the inte
rior apartments, as well aa by additional
bniJdinirs, so as to answer all the purpose
of a public Tavern and Boarding House.
Such are the arrangements of the building
and accommodations, with i soine new im
provements which are rapidly advancing to
a state of completion, that Travellers and
visitors, with Ladies and young families, can
be conveniently and agreeably entertained.
The premises are located in close contiguity
to the most commercial part of this grow'ng
and Drosnerous town, and leinic so exten
sively and happily situated, that calm retire
ment, or a public situatioa, can be enjoyed
at pleasure . "" j " '- ; ' .
The Proprietors shall, upon all occasions,
make it their pleasure and duty to give sa
tisfaction ; and with a sincere view to accom
plish that great and desirable ' object, they
shall spare no pains or expence whatever, irt
all the departments of the Establishment
particularly by presenting excellent Lodging
Rooms, duly furnished ; good Servants, ho
nest and attentive ; an abundant TABLE,
with thfe most choice viands ; as well as the
best of Wfnes and other Liquors, which our
oountrv 'ill afford. We are not unmindful
df the important value" of a well regulated
and furnished Stable our friends, and visit
ors, may Vest assured that this department
shall answer every just expectation, and to
effect that object we have employed an able
and experienced Ostler, distinguished .ibr.
his attention and fidelity he will do his du
ty. Our Stables and Carriage-Houses are
now large, and will also be improved. Our
water lot is such that Horses can have free
access to water when' so ordered, the stable
lot being immediately situated on Appamar
tox river. j
This is the same Establishment which was
so long owned and managed by Mr. .lame
Durell, who enjoyed so nyich prosperitvin
our line, and gave such general satisfaction
He was succeeded by Mr. French, and af
terwards byj Mr. Eckles. These two jkst
Gentlemen justly merited and received the
attention ' ot j Mr. DurelPa friends ; we hope
to do the same. ; ,
DAVID MEADE' resTd-.s or'the premises
and will conduct the affairs, of this House,
assisted by Mr. COOPFR, who has long ser
ved in this Establishment, and his correct
deportment is so generally known, as to
make it unnecessary for us to tender "assur
ance or recommendation in that respect, ;
It is useless for us to state our rates for
Board, by the day, w4ek, month or year
they are . as moderate as the abundance of
our highly favored country require on this
subject, we confidently hope our town and
country frends, visitors and strangers, will
have no cause to complain. ;" We close with,
asking it as a favor, that no person may ever
leave our house with a feeling or sentiment
of complaint, without stating the causedthe
proper explanation or redress will always be
maie. t : ' :' ;;.''' V-
We think it; necessary to add, that kind
nature has favored us with a healthy situati
on. The Water used at our house is per
haps from the best Springs below the moun
tains, and our Ice House is very convenient,
' "Petersburg, August 8.' J v ' 47 9t .
flHAT on the first Monday of Noyena
1: beir pext, I shall expose to public
sale, for ready money, a Negrtiafi na
medHar klesri, nowf confined ia ; the Jail'
f Randolph county, I N.C; as a runaway
lave, agreeably to au order of the couo,;
fy,CouVt of Randolph. :'; .4 -K.-A:S;
The sajd Harkless 'says he formerly
belonged xo John Dougbertytbat he was
set free ; -and was kidnapped r byT some
speculators, from whom he made hisses-
cape;.; JitLANE, Shff;
n. iiv ii vr- Tm .
v .
to'h paid in advanfSubOT
papoi-Hoageros in pro
ysubscriberffers for: s.ale, on ac-
i . commodating terms to tbepurchaser,
three; hundred & thirty-six kcres of Land
Lying n the east side of theStag Read;
about bnemile north of Louisburg, adjoiri
:ng tbe lands of Nathan. Patterson, Capt.
Perry and wtbers. " About- fifty acres cf
this land is cleared and Hi good piigbt for
Corn or CoUvin, the rest is in woods and
well timbered, r On it, there are some
excellent low grounds. ; if; I' -
Aisbi Three Lots in Louisburg, adjoin -ing
.iVbi Academy Square, on the main
Street; on w hich is an excellent ne w d wel
liog House with four rooms and all neces
sary Outhouses. The contiguity of thes
premises to the Academy, - and the con
venience of the above described land,
would make the whole a desirable esta
blishment for a family wishing to fslucate
their children. For. information as to the
lots, apply to Mr. Wm. H. Strbther, who
now occupies them, and to Re v Daniel
Shine as to theland; or to the subscriber
at Midway Academy; . C. A. HILL.
August. 23. p--:-. 49 if 1
iffy theFrtsideni ofthe ZTm&'&tatetl
N pursuance of law, 1 James MoiriiOB;Pre
siderit of the United States, do hereby de-
dare arid make J known, r, that a public sale
will be heia at tne - land omce at mniciin.. , j Recipes of Physicians faithfuUy and exr
m the state of Missouri, on the first Monday ditiously put up. , i ;
in ueceiuocr ijcai, xur me uisposa.i ui buwu
ot jne lanas sixuaxe iwunm ne cusuicxj oi cuuiuy, n iu sinitr, as iiarc uccu
relinquishecf to the : TJnited States prior to
the 1st day of October, 1821, under the pro
visions of the act passed on the 2d dav of
March, 1821, entitled M An act for tie relief
of the purchasers of public lands prior to the
1st day ot July, 1B20," as are situate n tne j
following described townships and fractional
lownsmps, lying norm oj me tussoun xiivcr,
and west of the fifth principal meridian, viz
In t'nsbips 44 to 54 inclusive, of range 11 west.
56 J
147 i: :i
15 J
19 !
21 ;
22 & 23
52 1
51 K 51
Also, at the same time and p!ace,Hiwill be
exposed, to public sale, agreeably to the pro
visions of the fourth section of the act, pass
ed on the 24th day of April, 1820, entitled
w An act making further provisions for the
sale of the public lands," such lands situate
within the abovementioned townships as
have become forfeited to the United States
prior to the 1st of October 1820, for failure
to complete the payment within the period
prescribed by law. ; ! ; V
The sales will open with the lowest, num
ber of section, township, and range, and pro.
ceed in regular numerical order. .
i Given under my hand, at the City of Wash
ington, this 12th day of August, 1823. I
By the President JAMES MONROE.
Com'rof the General Land Office.
0 Printers authorised to publish the laws
of the United States in the states of North
Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, In
diana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missou
ri, and territory of Arkansas, and Pittsburg,
In Pennsylvania, are requested to publish
the foregoing proclamation once a week un
til the sales take place, arid send their ac
counts (receipted) to the General LandVOf-
ncetcr payment. i .;
Aug. 13 lawts.
Guilford County. -
Jane Short 7 ' !' .
v. V Petition for Di voVct. i
Aaron Short, j j
TP appearing to the aatisfaction of the
Court that Aaron Short is not an inha
bitant of this State, it is therefore ordered
that publication beipade for three' months!
in tbe Hillsborough Recorder a ud Raleigh
Register, that he be and appear before
his honour the -Judge of ur Superior
Court of Law, to be holden for the Count
ty of Guilford, at the Courthouse in the
town of Greensborough;r on the fijurth
Monday after the fourth Monday of Sep-
vemoer next, men ana tnere to; answer
the charges of the said petition, otherwise
it will be taken pro coufesso, and heard
ex par " ' ' .. i' '.'- .' -'
A true-copy. I . I ;
Two Tracts oLand in Wake County
jfVNE on the waters of White Oak, a
' bout 1 1 or 12,miles south-west of Ra j
leigh,1 -adjoining Le wis Jones, :, Bur well j
niu unicis i containing aoouc;i
acres, well adapted to the culture of Cot
ton, Corn arid Wheat unimproved.
The other Tract is about four miles
south-west yof Raleigh, on both sides of
Walnht Creek' and Simmons Branch ;
has on it one of the best Mill Seats in the
County, with 'a Grist andSa w Mill now
in operation, an Apple Orchard from
which 6 oarrels of Brandy has been made
n one season, a good Dwelling House
convenient to a good Spring, a new Barn,
and land enough cleared to work five or
six hand, a part of which is fresh and
good,- containing about 1270 acres, but
would be divided to suit purchasers if. a
smaller quantity was desired, or 500 acres
more could be added. - :. .
Also for late, two or three vacant Lots
in the City: of Raleigh j and one sixth of
Lot Np. 114jwell improved With conve
nierit Houses. Jr'.-', 'f
T woror three Tracts of Lipd jn the
CbickasaW: Puit:hase Imay be had of the
same person,- a description of which can
be seen. Payments will be made esy,oo
the;pd rchase money being well. secured.
r - ; ; Apply to the Printers. (
,1 July,l 7. , , : ; 'S&4 . 43.1
'-w .,''- ' ' v- RAGS. ,
tjVEALERS in Rags aibereby notified
J that the Proprietor of tbQ Ualeigh
Paper Mill will receive Rags-from a djs
tance at the Paper Mill only, which is si
tuate? km Crabtree Creek, three miles
north, of the Cityv j v ;
July -1823.
by the Printers and by crerr
AS just received from New-Yorl ' a V
general and KanA 1 1 v.v
u - . . , -i- ;- "iueiit ox
tfr., :c;.:iULL1NERY ; ' :
Pf the.hesf and most fashionable kind ,-
Sgt. 28, 1823.
PHE subscribers have r.nnn.M
selves in the practice of Physic andS.
whicbthej offer for 'sale at the-lowe'st f,:
thecarys rates. csl
'minae Medicines were' niiTrs,.;i
.weeks since in New-York ; and were .i ?
elves Jrom among the'!ate.t ?
They cart, therefor;,
e them to be nerfti" 2.Cnt:-
and Genuine. r " 7"
W afforded in any art of the 'State-2
fully as cheap as they can beobtained i'r J '
All orders will be attended tn '
and corrective - 7 lu
j . ; BURGE9
; Raleigh, 14th Aug. 1823.
TRAC,T of rich and well timbers
- LANDituate on thnbrth-ean side
1 1 of the north-east branch oT the -Can
Fear riverjarid on the south'-
Holly Shelter creek, (both navigable for
oats of burden), in -?bei county of New--Hanover,
containing 29184 acres, by sur
vev. . ..v i ;v . : v
Part of j the'aboye mentioned tract of
Land is not inff rior, in qualitv, to anv j
he state, being a luxuriantly rich and
fertile soil, well adulated to tlirpr'v"uc.
fion of rice, indigo, bemt tracer, or do-'
ver and timothv, as it ia capable rf hcng,
made a rich meadow with proper cultiva
tion ; and a considerable paft of it is hifi ,
and dry, and well fitted for'the culture of
com, coton, and small grain of every
kind,' as the part of it now in "culture
proves, as t produces, in quantify equal
tv any land of the same quality in the ,
State. Indeed! the whole tract is sustsep- f
ible of being made of immense value, by
industry & good husbandry, for it is uncom
mnly well watered, and abounds with th?
most valuable white and red oak, cypress,
qedar, pine, and other valuable timber;,
all of the most superior quality, and can-
hie of furnishing an inexhaustible qusnti
y of staves, ' whoop poles, scantlinjr.
plank, boards,ann naval stores, peculiar
ly Hvell adapted to the West India mar
kets, to which it has a ready outlet from
the river i bank, by Wilmington, frotn
which' it is distant but 28 miles, and t
which there is a safe and bold navigation,
as well by the north-east branch of thef
Cape-Fear as by Holly Shelter creek,
which bounds it on the N E. side. S
that there! is not in the State a tract ot
land combining more advantages for t
trade with the West Indies, than this
does: or indeed, with any other country
marte', where lumoer ot every desenpy
tion, and naval stores, "may be articles o
necessity, j . . ,f
On the.tract there are two fine mill seats
and some others can be made1 with a tri
fling expense of money and labor and d
iacentlto it; there are threr or four valu
able saw, mills, somsof which have made
good fihnk andscantlingt l&c.from timber
got on this tract. So that it enjoys ever
fapiliry that can be reasonably desired for
manufacturing the timber into lumber Cb
for market ; and h market can abVays-lb
had at Wilmington for all .nicies of this
kind, if thR persons concerned should do- ,
cljne sliipplng: on their own account to
other markets. 4 . '
i As it presumed that no person will pat
ch ase or lease without viewing the land,
a further description is deemed unneces
sary. Persons wishinglso to do, are res
pectfully referred lo Wm. i Smith, Esq.
Regi ster a f New-Han over county, to Jo ,
Lamb, Esq. former Surveyor of said counr
t and to tlie Hon. Charles Hooks, in Du
plin county, for a koowlexlge of the situa
tion of the lands, and to the Register's of
fice in-the county of N! w-Haoover and
to the Secretary of Srale's office iriRaleieh
for a knowledge of the title, as also to the
subscribe r 'who is ready to exbibft it,nd
who is authorized ' to treat or tbe sale or
lease of the whole, or any part of thciaia
tract of lan - ':vr- l 1 1 ; '
I will remark, that as a liberal credit
will be given,fit b possible that there has
not been, a property; oifered for sale nj
many years combining so many natural
advantages, and liolding out such a reff
sonable promise of gi ving an immense for
tune to the purchaser or owner, he uwS
only common prudence, industry and good
management ; Tor f ara specially instruct
ed, by the present owner, UW that-m-.
shameful defiredations committed
men whose vupidity has firovedtoo'iw
erfulfor their: honesty, compels mn P
offer it for sale. ' , "".- : -::"-
Aud i anx also rastmctea to grot
notice, that all person found trespassiag
orlcommittihg waste or spoliation on tw
said tract of land, or on the iimber there
on, will be proiecuted with every rigour
the law allows. And ! am alsoiostructea
to inform the persons settled on it. w
they will not be disturbed in their po-
sion untU allhope of frieudly. accomui ;v
dation sbalffaiL ; ' v ;
, I: ; : ; 1 JOHN IX DE LACY, . .
! 1 Att-V for the heirs of J. Baker.
tAe. To 4ve trouble, th 9
the whole tract is S180.U00, payable b
mstalajbts,;rinn2 -years; the nrc
years without Jnterest., --''. ' ' S
'' ii .i'.nf 19 ; i ; J .53 w-
Ofall binds for sale here.
- Si - .
i ;.
Post-Master In the StateJ
mm v . r m m j m w wa -m a -v

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