-n'idD& ' ' ' .., ''.'V. . -i Ours are plant of fair, deliRhtfntFecet ' . ' i 'y .. r --. !. ' j ,v .r " , 1 : . - . ' tJnwarp'd party tge lWe Iik Brothr." . . -: .-y : - '" ' - ' :. - . ' -. i' -' : ' ;--: . . ; . ; - f;, i XXIV. ' : "" ' " ' " U nrn.' x..:' . ill j ul,v " t.vTe v v it Th a iWrnntnriril I mer Avere intended ta represent the landed I Vl ' t .rttrl ' -frrt : AtVVft'l" ;;'f. V; - l ! I Is publisnea every lTiaay, dj JOSEVH GALES & SON, it Three Dollars per annuin or One Dollar and a Half for half a year to. be paid in advance. . - - - , . . .f ADVERTISEMENTS Vot eTceedlng, l6 lines, neatly inserted three fnr a Dollar, and 25 cents for every suc- reci:n- publication ? thosc'of greater length 1 tlicsame proportion.. v.Coxxui?icxtioss tfiaakfully received..,XxTTR9 to the Editors oust be post-paia. . . . , Our readers are this week presented ivith the first number of our semi-weeli-iv paper, and as it i the first attempt L vtpnd a Journal in this State to , . jaorc than once a week, ,we can on .au'nir success to it froiri tbe apparen fnr such" a nublication. A tcvtd" r ; - g free press has been in all countnee, ronsidcred as the palladium of National Liberty. In all despotic governments, political discussions in a periodical form, are prohibited. To dilate upon the useful and important effects of "Newspapers conducted with fairness and moderation, i uanecessarY ; for there are but few men in our widely extended country, who have not reaped benefit, and acquired knowledge from these periodical records ; of passing events. - If "it be true, as a celebrated writer iays, that men generally, are compell-lJ 1 to siifrft, I not deliberately take a knowledge of the world as it goes, then - are these folios of four pages" doubly valuable, as they furnish a cheap and jsunBi3rv mode of obtaininj: information f all dmcstic and foreijjn transactions. Tho: v is no medium of circulating know !e ! , opinion, or information so rapid ly a'fid so e(fectually as through the Pre. The voice of the State Legis hiturcs and of Congress is beard by the people, through these organs of commu- aication. It has. been invidiously re marked, that - public wen would say less. were there' no. vehicles to convey . iheir obsenations to the people. Beit so it is at the same time,' a proof that they are honest towards their constita nts, since thej seek not to disguise their sentiments from them. . Believing as we do, that the liberty s ml prosperity of our country are con- ccted with free enquiry, 'liberal dis cussion and a" general dissemination of whatever elates politically to the Gov rrament and the Constitution, we cah R'it but believe that the increasinc taste fr periodical works and their conse jnent multiplication, arc favorable to Jlie pcrpctuaficn of the principles of ..freedom. . i ' ?. . ; ; . The Legislature of this State convcu in this city yesterday ; and a large 'rajoriiy of the nicmbei-s being present "oi h 1 Ioues were organized. Bartlett Van cry, Ksq. was elected Speaker of 1:e Senate, and Al f ied " Moore, Esq. fyiNiker of the House of ; Commons, vi.e former without opposition ; the lat by 1 1 votes over Mr. Strange. The fotes were 65 and.54. Theold Clerks JP'l Doorkeepers were appqinted.. ' The Convention jirId iii this city last "reek for the purpose of 'agreeing upon ""uch amendments- as they deemed he usaary to the Constitution of the State, bought their business to a close in. the tfternoon of Saturday after which they partook of a public limner provided by r. Goneke', to which they were invit 1 by the citizcnS ' Col.Polk,' assisted Col. J. Hawkins, PeterrBrnnevand m. Bovlan,: Esn rs. ; presided. ; A TUESDAY, NOV 18, 1823. - dumber of patriotic Hoist's " were givt. j State,; over Mr.' Talbot, the 'CWrfccah d the meeting was ; entertained by ! didateV by a majority of 4 votes ; and gs from; the company and : music j that cut of the 166 -members, of bo tli from Mr. Gonekej-) that the evening' Houses offc ic Legiature, iitvf jy votes as spent with" creit" convivialitv and could jidfnrbG obtained in nnnnsitinn tettoi . : 7- . Jto.r wVoRafbctlio'P The Constitution, as proposed by the Convention to be amended, appears in to-dayys paper, and also a continuation of the proceedings of the Convention : The remainder will be given in succeed ing papers. ! : ' The principal amendments proposed, it will be seen, .relate to Representa tion," which in the most popular branch is fixed at one Representative for every I I - ,r , ' " f"! . I . , . V i I-.' i- interest ot tiie State; b.ut the Jattermc peo- v : , r;- - r - ' V f 'A Convention to be amended, appears m contest m tbis State, which has just ter- le atwuh(lhe Wa for keeping up .ihat . Mv P1 ir'T . vi llli 1 I I Ilt 1 ,IIII.I I! Ill :i IIIIIIH IM llli: I KnJ& Mv s w " I . I ' . . i T . . .1- I - Jr M. L w' . ..9 I ' . I ,1 . ,. J J i I I 4000 of federal numbers, and in the Se nate at 10,000, when the next census shall be taken 5 in the mean time a tem porary provision is made. None bu free white men are allowed to vote. ; It is proposed that the sessions of the Le gislature shall be biennial, instead 0 annual, and the Council of State is a bolished, placing the power of tempora ry appointments to office in the Gover nor, who is also to appoint Justices by and with the a dvice of the Senate. The city of Raleigh i fixed as the unaltera- ble Seat of Government. The present Constitution and the Constitution as proposed to be amend ed, are published in pamphlet form, and mav be had at the Register office. J In some of the first copies of these pamphlets, the following omission was made in the 4Sd section, after the word itto in the 5th line " a convenien number of districts for this purpose, and when districts shall be composed o more counties than one, they shall be formed of counties contiguous to eacl other and no alteration thereof shal be made until after the next censusshal liave been taken or an enumeration o inhabitants under the authority of the Legislature shall have intervened : And until the taking of the census, or an e- riumeration as aforesaid, the State shal bb divided into," &c. j . ' Yesterday being the day fixed by law for the annual mectins: of the Board for Internal Improvements in this State, they convened accordingly : Present, hi& Excellency the' Governor, as Presi dent of the Board, D. Cameron, Mont fort Stokes, Durant Hatch, Thomas Turner and John D. Hawkins, Esqn Directors. . lne Canal Lonvention Dt Uelejrates which ipet at Washington City on the 6th instant, adjourned onthc 8th, after amending and adopting Mr. Mercer's Report. The name' of. the propose Company is changed from the ' Union Canal," to that of " The Ohio end Chesapeake CanaL" We heard a few da ys ago, that trie Steamboat, North-Carolina in coming up between Fayette villtr and Wilming ton, had run foul of a snag, and sunk, with a valuable cargo of dry goods on board ; but we have since bceu grati lied to learn, that though the boat pdet with the accident mentioned, she re ceived but a ti ifling injury, which pro bably fifty dollars will repair. yriic Cape-Fear Recorder, printed at Wilmington, has come but decidedly on the Presidential Question. -The fol lowing is an extract from the remarks contained in the last Recorder on 'the subject : . i "We should hardlv suppose our readers would expect to be presented with any otJ;cr luime, from amone; tlic present A-iuulidates, or indeed any other that inigbt ofier, taan that If iliuitn II. Lixnvjbvd. The controversy has not pussed by us Unobserved, and the me rits of the candidates, as sustained bv the drf fcrent papers we have had an opportunity qf perusing, remain in our opinion the 'same.' W e have, rrathered nothing trom the tLscus- sloii that could prevail with us to alter an o- puiion, long1 smce estabhshed, and founded on serious enquiry and reflection. r. "- ' i - . .'.-,,- mm'"' " Georgia.- Hy -V letter from "a friend iriMilledgeville,'.we learn that George M; Troup is elected Goyemor of that Pennsylvania. The gubernatorial contest in this State, which has just ter minated in favor of Mr. Shulze, by a majority of about 25000 votes, may be rcgardeoVas the ful l triumph of the Re publican party, and of regular nomina tions, j ' CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS. THURSDAY, ?;OY. 13. fr. John A. Cameron, a delegate from Cumberland county,, appeared and took his scat. Mr. Yancey, from the Committee appointed to report such amendments to the-Constitution as may be thought desirable, made a Report, which being read, was ordered to be printed. A copy of the Constitution as proposed to 'be amended, appears in the 4th page ot this paper. On motion, the meeting adiourned till to-morrow. : friday, nov. 14. Mr. Sanders, from the committee appointed to enquire into the most de- siraoie plan 01 suomittmg tne proposea amendments of the Constitution to the People of the State, made a Report, Which was read and ordered to lie on the table. . The proposed amendments to the Con stitution being printed, the meeting took .1' 01 1 tnem un tor consideration : when, on of Mr. Fisher, the meeting: resolved itself into a Committee of the whole but two Gentlemen called upon for the rjurDose, declining to take the chair, Gen. Stokes continued to pre side in Committee. The Constitution, as proposed to be amended was then taken up by sec tiorrs. The only amendment proposed to the first section, was, ! to change the style of the popular branch of the Legislature from House of Commons to House of Representatives. Mr. Yancey, the Chairman of the committee, said the committee preferred. the term of House of Representatives, for obvious reasons. , No .objection' was made to the change. The 2d section proposing that the Se nators shall be chosen by ballot, every two years, in manner hereafter directed, was passed without remark. As was the 3d, except that it was pro posed to change thewordltepresenta tives, in the 2d line, to Members, but the motion was not agreed to There being no change proposed in the 4th section but the word Represen tatives, instead of Commons it passed 01 course. The 5th section prescribes the qua lifications 01 members of the feenate. They are to be 25 years old, and must have resided in the district one year &c Mr. Carson moved to .amend tills section by adding, that he shall be a citizen of the U, Stales, as he wished to prevent any person from entering our councils who-, was attached tjo tne interests of any other country Mr. Settle said, as he perceived the commit tee proposed that none but iiee white citi zens should be permitted to vote for members of the most popular branch of the Legisla ture, lie hoped no colored man-would he ch eible to a seat in either branch of the Gene ml Assembly, lie therefore, proposed to amend the amendment, by adding to the qua Ufication, that he shall be a free white man. Mr. Yanc&f said the committee had not thought such a provision ue the 7th section none but free white men, pos sessed 01 a certain 'trochoid, arc permitted to vote. He had, however, no objection1 to the proposed amendments, y Mr. Burton observed, that there was no ne cessity for the amendment in relation to fo- vjigners, tis a Senator is required to holdoOO acres of land in fee, which no alien could have. . r ' ' :' . lioth amendments were agrded to. lilr.'Mtmpiivi irioved further to amend the 5th section, by adding to the end of it, or real estate in Jed o f the value o f dollars, ; 1 AY Inch peine' agreed to, Mr. ' Jr tlhamsm proposed to fall the blank with" six hvm!reify which he simposed was about the value of 300 acres of land at the time the present Consti tution was adopted. He preferred this to u larger surtv as lie did not wish to deprive ci tizens of small estate from a seatUn the Se nate. ' , ; . ...... -v- Mr. fVffAerwas in favor of fiUln? the blank ?itha smaller sum. He did, riot consider what was the value of land formerly, but What is its present value ; and he believed, that dollar an 'r acre would be a more correct esti mate than two dollars, Vhen, ; said " he, we , are fixiugtwoquariiications we ought to make the value as ncarlv qual as practicable ; .and a man nossessed of ' 100 acres of land, worth $oQ0t might be well quahfiedto seiv his country in.the Senak as one poss acres worth tlie same sum.f , We have already saau xnat. a man ownmer ou acres ot lancu or. and of the value of $50, shJl vote for a Sena-to tor. He wished here to observe the same pro- parties eoTicerr.ed, that 1 shall proceed totakc portion.-vi: .' 'ipy .v'V'.n. 'x rvlyXh$ amount on the first Monday in February Mr. Phifer. observed, that the framers of the present constitution made a marked dis- tinction between members of the Senate and n -w-- v mer were intended to represent the landed interest of the State ; but the latter the peo ple at large,. and he was for keeping up .that distinction. The inhabitants of our towns who have no!and,may be as patriotic as others; but he jconsidcred the liberties of the country safest in the hands cf the landed interest. Mr. Vuncey said, there was iio wish in any one,, presumed, to' destroy'-the distinction of Which the gerrtlemkn from Cabarrus spoke. It was proposed merely to affix an average va lue of 300 acres of land, and provide that a member ot the Scnatcf should have that qtian tity of land, or estate of equal value, which will jemebate chiefly on persons living in town3 and he was in favor of filling the blank with S1000 I . Mr. f Ifsher was wil ling to fill the blank with a sum that should be about equal to the value of the lapd ; but no gentleman will say that the avenge value M land is $3 an acre, " and SI 000 would exceed that .'price.'- He hoped therefore, a smaller sum would be fixetl upon. Mr. J. A. Cameron proposed to amend the Section so as to provide that a Senator shall possess 300. acres of land, or town property to the (value ot 1000.. ). s ; t Mr. Fislier obiectctl to the provision being cohfincdtopersoris living ih towns ho wishetl it to be geheral. 1 , ',. Mr, Jfeawe said, there appeared to him no difficult m the proposed provision. If a man hold 300 acl-es of land he would be eligible ; or if he held land worth JIOOO, tliaugh it miglit be less in quantity, he would be equal ly eligible. To confine the alternative to towns, would deprive an' inhabitant of the country from a seat in the Senate M ho pos sessed any less number of acrjes than O0, thougli ifmight be worth $6000. He Iroperi the amendment would pas3 as proposed by the mover. - ... ' ' " Mr..-Jltangwn was .opposed to the amend ment proposed by the gentleman from Cum berland. J This proposition could not be con sidered as infrineinc on the rieht as at pre- Lsent exercised ; laut as an extension of tha.t right. 7" Our ancestors, said he, thought pro per to guard our interests in the Senate, by requiring; its members to be owners of 300 a cres of the soil of tlie country and it was doubtless a wholesome provision. The object of the present amendment was to admit such as have not that quantity of land, but possess ah estate of 51000. Under the present Con stitution, if a man possesses property to the value of $20,000, if he have not 300 acres of land, he is not eligible. This he did not think correct. He was clear, however, that the property to' qualify .a man to be Senator should be freehold property, and not ah estate that should depend on his own life, or ! the life of another. f' 7: ' , v Mr. Sanaa's was in favor of neither of the amendments proposed io this section. He preferred the provision' of the Constitution as it now stands. He was for having members of the Senate to be owners of 300 acres, of land. He considered the Senate as repre senting the landed interest of the country, and he should prefer that its members should be chiefly taken from the country,- and not from towns; Or, if members should be cho sen frpm towns, that they should be men who owned at least 300 acres of label ; and no one worthy of a seat in the Senate would find any difficulty in acquiring this qualification, j : Mi. J. S Smith' was in favor "of tlie onginal amendment : but thought 1000 Dollars was too large a sum with which 0 fill the blank, A man who has 300 acres of land not worth 100 Dollars may be a Senator. He should wish to fix; the sum at what might be consi dered about an average value of 300 acres of land. He proposed therefore OUO Dollai-s. He was anxious this amendment should pre vail ; as jthe Convention proposed to take away the right of the towns to send mem bers, theinhabitant.4 of 'towns ought to be placed on an equality as to eliiijility with those of the country V ; Mr. J'hifer again, insisted upon maintaining the landed interest m Senate, and against la cihtating jthe election to that body of the in habitants! of the towns. Mr. Cameron withdrew his proposition The question was' then taken on filling the blank wih 1000 dollars arid lost. The; ques tion was jtlicn taken on 600 cloliai s, and car ried. -..! ' f Ori motion of Mr. Maneum, the section" was further amended, by inserting the words, be fore the 600 dollars, w real estate in fee of the 1 .' t4 I - . 1 . . .' . .1 r' . r. it pl be continued. J The-following persons have died within a ew weeks. in Gates CoUntv, m tliis State : Mr. Micaah Riddick; asred 58 James Gat mg, Esg. ; Mr. John Duke : Mr. James Prudcn ; Mr. Isaac Lamb : Mr. Henry Cope-. and, ajnd Mr..-A v in. Brothers,au far advanced m years. Also, Mrs.' Mary Gregory and Miss Mai-garet ptorgan . V 1 rHE annual meeting of this Sdciety will JL be held in the City of I Raleigh on the second 'Monday of December, . and on ' the Sunday preceding, the Anniver&iry Sermon tor tne oenent 01 rine, institution , wui; oe preached in the Presbyterian; Church iiy the J. GALES. SecV., Iov. 17l 1 tm State of North-Carolina- lUndolpb, County. . - Heraon Mi llersv Executors, y on M vis EatJiTi. fTlHtSi case being referrei to me, the Un xiersifirned. to talce an account, anu reDOft the .next Court Notice is given to all he .next. 10I the Clerk and Master's oflice. in tine Town of Ashborough. .-. j ' -pX- j pP ? 3 j ; 4 TV.RP. WAPPPn i. V J--' V - AJk j... lit i hit liic iuwm ui L.uuiii4i: iii j itinKiiii III h cmiintV, with rood5- Jmproveinents'' 'therX-nr' y 1 Wll-Oe SOU! TO : llie jlIgllCallJlunCT IHO . Courthouse door in Loitisb!irr on Tuestl iV 't of tlie next Couniy CoUit of Kranklin. ' CThe O payments will be maHe:'-e'asV'nd'"aixiiimc'f'f; datiW to the nurchaser? ; 1 l r'; - Nv.l5. 1 3w MaSE for fivi vears Willi be irlvenfo-?, -; liieveh Hundred Acres pf land, adjoitj"-' 1! .1 1 lrl- ; 'M.S. incr Tim residence or inc Mmscrujcr. Thh Lane ic oh the banks' of the Keuse, and on ' . lv tph triiles from ILiletrh. 1 he sol rh. The Vi' well . adapted to the growth ot Corn atid.Cottbiy. c It will oe under ao excellent tence. . A . houe-an Overseer's house, od Negro IhA , ; sesJwl be offered with tlie land.. An Ap- - , pie iuid Peach Orchard, in fine rutler for maky ingB randy and Cider, with all the rights and privileges othe Subcrtli.: ' r . - r . 1 ; . y SAitA 11 5 1 ow is. -. v. Dale! Nor.17. .yy i ..l..:' P. A Lease will also be given for a llanta tifn'kowh by tfce hame hi' C ONI OT, on ht' y K.ounoke, in the. county of Heftie. Tlil. lind iai too well known to require any, partly V qular description; - -Persons wisliiiVg to ee i may apptv to the Hit. MOSES tilLUAJil lioot and Shoe jjlaker, - I ETUIINS his thanks to' hin friends and v the public, and . rv.pectfuDy inforiTti 1 them that he is prepared id execirtc- all 0,1- ders hf his line on the shortest notice. As 1 : his .Work riieu are superior and Material thri best j that can be protf mvd! in Philadelphia he flatters himself that Miirie.Uf liisold friends has reason to believe th.it his work is rood. Nov 17. 1 .. - --11 3t ' "O ESPECTPlTl LY-iiifoi rris his friends ah ( Xt the public in eenetal that on account df P . - flj the scarcity of monevhe is induced to work much ower than hedr.is been in the habit if doings of all , fo ready -money, as cah is th object mechanics. lie bus employed good ' workmen from New Yfrrk. andisdetermineil tb work so aV bolh parties can live agreeable ' , ' : ; . to the' tiu.es. -y.-U aP' pp: .4v',' -'J a uress voat maacm loe arst style, y jOvUv , Second quuhty, - ; Surtouts or frocks in live Sit fttyl, ' Second quality; ' X ' Great Coats, j-' - -. ' ?' -Cloaks, , ' -.v; syPPy:--' Homespun CoatS. - . 5 00 6 00 . 4 OU 00 to 1 00 to I Pantaloons,! 1 Vest,?-,: -,i . ' ': - -'' ,v'l Cutting of Cq;its kc. 75 Ceht-, Vest 25 cents Pantaloons 25 cents. : ' Cloaks1 cut out in style ftw-50 cents. 1 All of which wlll be warranted to be exe cuted in tbe first sty'e to suit tbe ciVonu r, and if not pleasing him fie will be paid for hiM cloth. Tlie, cash will be required in ail caW except from p'unetnal customers." - ltaleigh, Nov. 17Pp v iy l-3t ': FlIIF subscriber refectrufly infortTt!'thc' X public that, b-ing Hgent for fupplyin,'. Vaccine Matter to the C piled States Army, he is compelled txiK Vepp'" constantly on haiuV a supply , of recent, reniunc Vaccine Mattel1,. He pledges himself to u-il to' any pat ot '.? the United St:.t es, by 'ynatt, a supply 'of fre. . matlerpput vp fn the cn,'v "with printetl dj rections for its useSuchiirrarigemcntsnavR . ,'', been made that itetje "choice- cnutn ptocitv V ed from the wottinqyeitiohabte':-specimen ifie dteeax! will '-fecv&rPpjy. p '-P't . '( T- Theifee will be $5 foteach supply, but should it by any . accident fall, on tliev &ub wins iivuutv j iiu3 iiiiy iinic. wiiiinr one month after the first quantity has been.' received, a fresh supply will be sent without' . any adititioiisj charge- pPf-: y The subscriber, will be I urider the necessi. 4 tyof ljot taking letters from the Post Officg. ' unless! the postage be paid. . J ( ... v , -K'-4-"-' , JOHN UEVEUE, M. T &c. ; I Agent for supplying Vaccine; Mattcy i to the ITnlted Stales Army. : ..Baltimore, North Charles St : ! l9tr - Jpp SdleJol-cS IN obedience to a dectee of the1 Court fit Eqwity for Guilford County, nude in Pk -suit; wherein ihe Executors of Sterfing Ruf- v fin, t decM, , are CorL,lainants' and ' Sam..f "-r Ilobson, is defendant C I shall expose to pb lie sale on Monday the ithx dy of January nexi, at Aasweu uourtnouse, FORTY likelv ' NEGROES ; and the sale will be iiym day to day Until tfr-Avhole of said NeS groesare sow, or so many thereof as will be: suCicient to satisfy the "said. decee. f f P-"' WILLIAMSON, Sherlfr py " " . ' ', -.' . of Caswell CQiintVrf P - . po-nqzyp pppp - k 1.L persons indebteil t6 Wit late ftrm f J 'N; Harding & Corare renitested to m&W immediate payment to th ' knKsriber, who : ' - mayoe ionu at u iiour otthc day at tb'tfv house of WHliam Shawv ; ? . "'i P -p pp-' N. Bi Ort the first ef DecemW" f,.Vin' place -all open account' Wiiltan oCicef foj collection.- N. H.H.v October 23. - i - - , -p - . . if i lV-'vl 'yrytr:P I'Pr K lilJtlSTUBtlSltEi); ; v." ' '". . " ----- : "-," . 1 AT dl STOBX OT 34r OX tS & pPPP,lyySSU4-Ur Of the Reports of Cases argued and dttt ininedintbeJ Supreme Court mzmrnpmm WV&1pP H';p; fli1 r roHna, for June Term, 1825,' j . - -1 II I ' 1 '.3 i ' :rJi I' r-v 1 1 .ili-l.V f,. y , . Li ' - . f : ' , . "v -'"-' J. i y- -. ypPK,:, y-ppA I '. - ...n'. I .1 ;, P' t- i) jy

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