North Carolina Newspapers

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: WW W77V Proprietor?
$i 25fER ANNlhl, IN ADVANCE.
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OXEOEl), iTf ?., FRIDAY, HAY 3, 1878
NO:i 22.
4 .
' Ptblislfei every Friday M6rning ovet tEe
site-., V
Sp.nnn inntePRitfir
From Mitchell & Sons, . Oxford.
- 'i! r-S !--
Price 6 ' Subscription :
: III I...!-!'!,:. -S ' 77".
I Any person sending a club of
PLUG ouioVriUGr.oi wiuitMcfc-n
ft i the cash? 'iHll
t? t ree .o Jfp year. " .
C'Advertising Bates Literalfej
li "! !l a M-.Kt-.- .. ! '
I7te Free Lance Is the Leading
Journal ; o. , Granville County,
and circulating largely in all
Ihe adjoining counties . offers an
$nsurp&s$edl tnetyurn, ( for
vertisers ta reacJi the public. -
j AU Business Letters must be Aa-
pressed to the ruDUsners.t.
durhaki,'m.;c., . ;
'i. Resrectfelly asks his friencla "and the pub
lic eent rally to come to urnam and Iook at
his larg6 stock of - vy ty . ! i '
' Qeneral -Meckanfli$e9 !
Agent for thej celebrated v ' jj Ji '
Nissen, also SjdacM
I; Gaaranees . the best goods at , the very
towefet prices
jau25 ly
1 ! Are constantl' getting in J
-They would call special attention ' to
tneir aparmenc iOi
Eeady-Made ; Clothing.
Among their" clothing will be
some beautiful Overcouts. Be sure; and
call whPe you can get, a lit. n2
1 i -. T: ' ...... . , 1 ; . . ,.
; A thing of beauty is a joy fqrever.
Attorney & -Ctiunselfor at Law,
'Offic after the ntsf ily"!rf ffar;narv, ovtjr th
-new Htorr hf T
lOi-awff.rrt f'o-
tees m bunrtuie,
Attorney at Law,
Attention paid to
N. C.
collfction of MjiUns
ii not a -.
r 1 1
t Law;
Statu. C
., Co!'etions of Qltit
Attorney at La,
Federal ' ! ain
;Ti4 a S;:ec'nilt'J
"2 f Vnable Buildins
- Mr?
f- I ITAVlS recentiviaded a new feature
toy bteam bawsiuii m the way of ha hrst-class
pronounced t he most superior thing of the
kind ever brought tn tha.State. j
j I am row pTepaired to furnish at shoirt nQ
tico,an3 as -cheap as supplied! else
vher"l9 all kinds of ' , - if
. S nd in your orders and bo convinceid.
1 fim " I s - jj: K. v. MIXUR.
Oh ! take me, frjerid, oh , take , me "where
tiara ;Ximes none ever cry, 5 .
Where bread and butter. grows pn ttee38
And feausaces close by ; . J
Where oysters.dwell in constant stews,
Where clams come ready cook'4 to' hand,
Ana cooks can never pon, t "
Oh ! take me to some wilderness. !
Far. far awav xrom town. . !
"Where turkeys roasted inn about.
With sravv driDmn z down : t
Where people never have to work.
As6omelo msrlitandday s s
Where ono cjan get just what one wants,
Ana nothing have to pay.
Oh 1 ta ke me where n o "wicked still
Of strychnine whiskey's found.
Nor where champagne fills every rill.
And Cognac doth abound ; i
But where the most delicious Sfrait
The-eyes have ever seen,- : !! -
Spontaneous roll & from mountim dowti,
And every hill icecream. j j .
Oh ! tke me to the land of peace,
? -Where never -comes atfun,
Where people never gq to law, ill
And lawyers never come: 1;
Where crope are good and never fail,
And each one erets ma snare,
Where one may eat and driok.Sand sleep,
. Without an anxious care. I
Oh 1 take me, do," where all the folks
Get plenty of clothi'S to wear j
Where fashions. never change, and pants
Do never burst nor tear; ':;
Where satins, silks, and bonnets all,
May have a full supply ;
Where children are obedient, ; 1
And babies never cry. j ;
Take me where; wives goodhuiaor'd grow
A n1 OrnRKlTIH TlftVPT" talk . i
Andiparsoris leas by preaching Jadg'd
Than bv their nauy waiK1:
declined; to receive the two girl's
any "longer without" the aftcornpaby
ing ceremony bf a small payment on
account -. r -o t
And then heTiad. hired ' lodgings
of Mrs. Lynton, and died "there.
lexving ; liOQ aau.iJiona pennuess.
Mts Lynton'. was a kind " soiil. and
ha4 never told' the poor young 6r
puans that their lather naa not paia
ner a sojuary veni, , ,
,-uWhat: -wodid'he the use?" said
sher- Poor t damhs, f they ve . got
nothing (0 pay withP 1
Leona'was a beaotyi with at 1 fcolt,
contralto Voia a willowy, graceftil
"figure, and a face that . every one
timed, instinctively to : look 'at the
second time; but Zoe, the younger
sister, had not been so favored by
nature.' 0 ' ' . :
' She was 'slight and; below the
medlunr stature; her face'althotigh
Dale, and sweetv was not one to
1 1 .
attract ; " admiration, ' ' and t6he
was shy and retiring. But some
how Zoe made friends everywhere.
"Zoej" said'Leona impetuously,
as she 'fling herself intot a cLair by
the window, "we must go away
here." . . .
"Go away ? Oh, Leo I" cried Zoe.
3 Leona Bracehridge thfew b en elf
heart: :ind soul' into the 4new life.
She practiced trills, ani ripples, and
high : ?s, with unremitting perse
verance ;' she sat all day long at her
hired. iano, and spent her evenings
lutmurjing up mepiot 01 a nove-
lette4 which was to take thb uncon-
scious3vorld by storm., And so the
vear passed by. ; ; t ;V- f - '
er ot .ihe orchestra at ' the Opera
Housei-"you sing," Mademoiselle ?
Alvery nice little parlor voice, I dare
eayyliut ' you4 be of 110 'more' use
limn a ' xhirpping; 6parfow on 'the
stage, f l should thiUB your own
common sense might- have taught
:you tfj.-tf."
Mr Peroux was rous:h, bnthe was
nonetti and Leona went back, "in
teaYaHo her boarding, house, where
a fattBundle of MSS. awaited her,
neatjyi tied in brown paper, and la
beled"; u
: "For Mies. Bracebridc. Posi
tively-decbned." ' "'
"Ig it possible that I am a fail
ure ??; 1 paid poor Leona to herself.
"And -with all these bills to pay, and
the pino-hire due for a year, and n
But yliss Bracebridge s unpleas-
1 Correspondence.
! f -
"&Sblt Lii"cE?: AVo think
it may beiiriya5umedthatrOai:""
Town&hjri will be almost a unit in .
vote for iCapt. ' Enfus C&toiS, tf ha
should geVithe ; nomination ' d ; 't '
SherifTs olace, which his numeroriS
friends so Clinch, desire. ' J
He haslmployed budrerot tho ,
Colored "people within the last ten': Tu; ;
years, and there is not onloand -who
will iiX glvo him' tte'f oi meed
of prai&o tor honesty .undlau- deal-; ",
ing, and the hint that he "would pre r
Daoiy oe a,canuiaavc ior xnc, soeru j
alty has ;en he signal ? for th
spontaneous agreementrwith, botlv t
jj .i-a. vj; it.
wnne ana coioreu. as uo . f
man, eminently qualified .lor; thc . -: ;
place. . His'' sober; abits and , strict r iTt
integrity, nl wU educational and : , 1 ; ; ,
other necessary qualificatipnf ijtaro!4 r, , t
Whrte doctors charges are unknown :
Where none grow gray and old;
Whelre chills and fevers trouhlenot,
And quinine is not sold.
Oh ! take me, for I'm awful sic
"I don't like the idea any better ant' rfverie was cut short by the
than you do,"said tha beauty ;i.'bu tappii?5 of her landlady knuckles
Vqt triTYi rkO.Ti Ira tk xeGTT
i p s-i ti WW iWW f n 1 c M U , W hero ne'er -a nother note I'll give,
' , a live and lively weekly j:
Oran of Oi -plian. Vork,
1 j
H Entertaining and instructive to the
young. A zealous friend and advocate of
Education. Published every WedLesday
Mibscnption attt - w stape only 51 a year
Office in the Ortihan Building, OxfoidJJ.C
j- v .11 j.
ur nave a diu 10 pay ; t .
Oh ! take me to some wilderness.
Where all these things are found ;
Oh ! take me, take ma quickly, for
I'm almost run aground. p
esday irivV "aai V'
'Hdbcond Plows,
Morgan & Stoy all's pi
The Viiiriiiia plow.
Home is the sacred refuge of our life.
1 if.-. - . f . ' Dry den
11. Y d ftr n g
Attorney & Counsellor nt law,
Ah412m i IlMnER$DT; N. C
r G'G S
1 ..
1 Rnd the Supreme Court ' of North Carolina.
! Special atentiMm' t&cMIction of claims
j and to thq adjdstmett,' ahd! etUenun,t 4f ac
S teOnhta. nariicularlv f the accuunts of Guar
dian an4 Ward, Executors, ' Administrators
and Trustees, and. ill trfsiilessin tue Prohate
V Court geirallf lCfEct corner Fayetteyille
ahd Maftii"Btrefet4 opposite Citizen s'Nationa!
uanx, upstairs. i " 3uiu
I We call; aj.ti ntion to the above
Plows. Persons who haveji not
seen ti e celebrated i Virginia plow
fire invited to call and see it as it
has peculiar merit. ; .
Mar. 29,,tf.f " ,v fljf ; ;. js . ;
. Vv'
known ami appreciated ' by his nu
merous f fiends - throughout . .the
county, wwiil make his: claims
fully knoii at " the proper season,
either thrpugh th press or thenom- ;
mating Convention. He is . a true - r
and souni Democrat and will
ministej tlxi sheritTs ofSce , tntirclyj n
in the Interest of the people, and,
the whole eppleC TitCBDEtfOCBlT. .
it notia little remaikablo that '
neither the : Board, tho Sheriff oor : '
the Treasufr pf our county -po-"v
sesses enotrh curiosity and.' regard
ior tne nonpr 01 xne coumy. ana;
the interest of; tho complaining,
cheated oilier holders,' to enqabo
how it wai hat orders got into 1 the
county tnjksurer in place s of 'tho .
money thatbucht to hare been paid .;
in and receipted for? : . v ?. :t t
GranviUa'cbunty needs relief, and
. ' -
she must hare it soon, or her rapid' .
Iy accuniulsling debt will sink her
credit so 2ow that the honeft tar
mvn xrVrfA wTcViaa ' n1 v-t rrVt
7, uttcreH these words, and poor Leona 1 ! , . , ... , ; 0
r . 1. have been ignored, will have to ns
?' shrank away in spito of herself. . 4. . . s '
r ? .11 . sorttotliG unpleasant necessity of .
repudiation, or of ehoulderin
UnsMi passetl for making T iht Bread
8,;aml'fJrastrv.l l f
Highly recommended by Physicians
1 as healthful ami? nutritious!; ' s
. 1 Offers his Prof esiorial services to the
people pf &xford ,f)and.t surrounding
country1; jgCjtivjbe, found, always sat
one of the Drti Stores, or amis iatners
resideh'ce rH ' No ss -; "1
1 : A;
"Ktnv hpf found at his residence where
he will! 4kef pleasure in vtae.eting4his;
friends UdattenydiUS"to their wants ;iu
the different Jbraiiches of ( his profession.
I Residence opposite Baptist Church.
nl tf I
aron Liebig .says 'Ihe nutritive
value of "flou f will ber in creased
ten per cent by. the use of
Horsfbrd's if Bread f i f
" f Preparation." f
Use no. lard or other shortteninff lor
bread, bisbuit'Mrr rolls when
r this Preparation is bm-
The cost is less than! (ordinary
x7elix Lynton has been goose enough on ihty door.
to fall in love with me '." ' ' "I bn't want to intrude, miss,'
"Has he ?" and Zoe's face brightened. Said tf-jat ladyt with the belligerent
"Oh," Leo, how nice" air of rne who means b'usines8 ; "but
"How awkward, you mean !" in- I've jVveral heavy payments to meet
terrupted Leona,impitiently. 4 'Have nexteek, and I would be greatly
you got c jmmon sense, Zoe, Brace; olligei if you could just make it
bridge, or have you not ?" convevient to let rne have a small
Leo did you refuse him 1" , payment, hot its nearly six
"Do you think I would marry a months, mi$s I'm a-tellin you gos
a carpenter I, papa's daughter!, pel trlth since I've seen the color
with' my. heritage ot goocl looks and ofy8ir money; and ; it's just . such
genius ? . Yes, I may as well speak boardtrs as you, miss, as drives hon-
it out." est 'folks Jlike us intD the bankrupt
"But he is very handsome, Leo, court
and very intelligent; and he owns lie nose had reddened spitefully
the house, dear, and ho's such a good and hM voice grew louder, as Bhe
nn tn his mother. Leo. darlinr.
t ; nnftnfii. - T '
quarry ; a wmmuu
1 i.fjfin:i iiiuucuiiunc. ,.1 v 111 1 ..... . m t 1 . , -w .-. . ...
-v . CD 1 ' I llf . " I . 1 11 1 77 . . . 1 I a I .rll AAVM ... ,M A h V .
deed!" ' cenamiy vuaii lui, caiu ukv vyuiuiuuiwio mm iuj
She was 'tall and pretfty, with na. "We must td'ok out for a home friends, Mi s. Bat'tersby,". said she,
dark brown hair, lovely blue-gray somewhere else, immediately." "awl .Utie with you very soon."
eyes, with! longrcurled lashls, and a . "But I'm afraid I can't do that, - ?I.hope you will, I'm sure, miss,"
fresh I red; anil white color in her Leo," said Zoe, apologetically; aid tre iand-lady, closing ihe door
short an
nf snsnif'ionslv
whinri was not trimmed three little music pupils for me allthoaflernoon, crying .quietly to
- : J " , .. iu:1 1
with the freshest of ribbons. Mrs. and' auu St ncr.ucn-
Lynton reddened at the girl's re- "Well, let that be as you choose," ing ,had .resting upon .hcrf hands,
'marV ! "3 1 -' f . fi said Leo: yawning. ' "I don't mind ot.the'ipast and the present. And
"He's a carpenter, I know, Leo- being by myself just at first it will then,ghe'put on. her bonnet, and
na," 1 said 'sb' ""But : as fcjr being perhaps give me more leisure for went 0 'the little red-brick house
common-" il I practice."''; t. ' where ber father liad died, two
0h, you know what mean," "For practice, Leo ?" . - 1 years ago.
said Leona. "We have lleen ex- "Yes," said. Miss Bracebridge, MBi "Lynton Was sitting in the
Densivelv educated, Zoe an& I, and with an iufperial nod. "Mrs. Buckr red';glov. of the firelight, kpitting
papa was a'lawyer, and mamma was mgnam anmics 1 suaii succeeu on uway,f3 ishments hi' the CHrmn
dtantly related to the Sterns ot me operant ..uiutuuu ..uuo " and let the Mlgma'or ridfeal cdrhii.-' '
Monnr ' ; h i! while I shall be writing out a lew Nnce,; 1,. Lt -:J ' " t.."' ; -1
.,nr x ;j Hi; .it nnoms -.Mr. Rrrlhblp.ton. the En- "Child. ' cried she. as tho tallficr-l - i . ...1 - r: ' .
",vsaia airs. uynwii,, uuu r ; . ' V V- ",v.V i " perous county to a still.I
that don't help you to a penny 1
And as you have oeeir ray
for three months, perhaps
and old Mrs. Lynton was "for I have proniised Mrs. Lynton behin her with a jar.that set every
d stout with a doupie row to neip ner wau uei uiam ociu 1 t w.wutto - iv.
bright broAvn curls, this winter, ana sne nas got, two or oubtih lucre, m uiosuauuy ruou,
burden ttg": heavy, almost to - b v . -borne,
in f placing tho proud 1 61 a t
"banner coiaty" on her feet strain.' -
If our Magistrates, in Augtxst
next, will manfully do their duty in j. :
electing lit, competent, snitable v
Board of Xounty Commission ernj
and in d'nipanslbg wkh that tiaeleafj, -m:
appendage tS the radical "machinery J : ? z
the treasurer, they can burst jasun -der
the galluig cha'n of radical
rule that haj so long . incensed . tho
honest tax-payers of, thq cotlnlyJ
vv 111 ineycqme up to me iuu meas - ;
ure 01. them duty in this emit of '
our historyJ or Trill tbey tupinely!
succumb to-Jthe entanfflins blandt
, r
bak- very unhajtural
think"' ! f
that Felix
? IHOXFQRI), .N. C.,
:! Respectfully informs Hhe people of Gran
ville thut 1 have located in the town of Oxford
for the practice of my Profession.
. iWhen to4 professionally engaged I can he
found afc the Drna Store nf IiJ MITCHELL
& S0NS, or at my residence; lately occupied
ly Capt Jobn A 'Williams, en College streei.
j I''. - S .1,'. .:'?';.:: '
j i s3?ob:iat the
' :" KaicighyK.-a - " . -
"Oh. ifrwe lave worn
LLIpj !- ni'Ainith !i Lflona. ter's wife P,
ower ' state
. nMA w w-k a o-a o Alii : 1 tt 1 uro trnnpn 11 t nn ti rnr ini 1 - ' r 1
aow. uvc u.p.. Pr; ; C ' 1 of andtfnancial imhealthinegf t
'.J.nlll'a olnravQcniii m v .nmnrtci t w itiq I Rr.rtoii in front nt ner. is it ivon I . ... ......
guests -Vr- r;.-r--: v VT' -i Magi stales of tho county! wake
itf s't so uia iook weu i . prim,. , j " Z J Z ' t a ? hp totfsegsS of the grave responsi.
i ehonld vou sec, Z.oe.,1 nave a career DPiore ieona a ve come uac vo veu you , - ; - ; , . .
sisnouia juu ovvi" . I t . . ... ..... j . - . I hi 1 it v ret.inv nn von. To too th
! me ? It .would be madness . to now sorjy'I am that I ever acted so , J . . . S . " . . r. t .
II - ... , hv.iV.. u.j,: honest, burdened, taxpayers of this
but our blight it au Dy Decerning a carpen- louirsy. vo come- uauK iw., aj. - - , . L.',..
11 . . T r - o . .T ' 7,
5 Manufactured under the direction haughtilvi
of Prof. E, N. Horsfbrd, bvi the
ivumtova. unetmcai vv oiks, i rovi- lady
ueucc, lv. i. -
Send for Cook book;
can put up
that I will be -Felix's wife, if he wi
"Tlr vAn think nn ?" said ZoP. nnn'. I dfalv
M. j v, I.U..... 1 r; i .
eU "It isnthatfmy; dear " laid the lively. "Wellr Pm not a genius,
i- i i ioS ianndn'pRk Tcnow Von're dear, and ljcan't tell how geniuses ber
I Vrlvt T A , ww -- j
r oo fi welcome-to stay here as lon as yoii teei. uuvr eux very mc , auu
ie -Dm j i .. . f ,.?..,., a Vio ia an fTAnd in hi mothp.r. "And
ill . . - - - r.
.!' - - . ' ' " liilatforrn r icformwith an nnvield !
OldjMrs. Lynton began to wring in-anta-im to official irrupaon ;
lvaad3 in dira dismay. : L;i t,
1 .. . T 1 41 I " . f
"uju" jeona, saia, sue, . "you are i p:z
Felix was married; last
Bat it's mot a pity isnt it, goa sons ai way maive goou us- week. jg V e , Ued odr best to get
that you cSn t make up yovir mind
band, Leo."
yours Address, but you had moved I ; Ninetefis centuries, ago ihe im-
irncK ior me irecaorn
Spring and Summer raf
si i - i i m. . viiirr..iii l in aivc uu tuui uiiuu i . i j - j -
J to a coinfortable horne witlv a man . So Leona BraceVidge went away, UvVav (rom the last place; -and left mortal Bf?tikti
that loves the very crohrid vou Diaaiyg uc iaiUilul "1CUU8U C,J' fno.clufe behind. ;z.oo was neartoro-lot his coujtrv, i
!H. MARKS ' & GO-i kuii9. ' cavalier son of :cgood-by. .. but there was no helo. ouerer D$ledint
i i vv :-iiv inr : ' i ... . - w & i
"This BTjW rock sba31 rait and fly i:
From S rn base as' soon uL"-
Pruiters, Cakes and Cracker Bakers.
and Pharialias con- i j ;
o siJence at his feet.,, ' ; ;
the .Magistrates of . i -
lone determined and : :
i: HAViKG Increased onr facilities fcr mann-
facturing Cakea and Crackers we are pre
tJ thr lUtnn vjieiix,-:.saia oe, loomg vimiu- Yes; was married last weefc, and Andhall?xiOt
X 111 .WIT. DV t , , out JUT ..VV.', .1. ..'' '. t i il s
, my uu in hci, tvuu& ,uv.- I iney Vti liouu vu x luutueiyuia jur i urauiitiv iuy.o
me lasi i thpir Pd(linrr tnn. And I do be-1 nnifcod effort in Vn'mst next lor the
are not lie ve if iy poor boy is happy at last." I liberation o themselves and tho
Leoiia stood, pale and silent: as a honest, and" intelligent t people o . .f
, - I . . .'. ft V t 's
statue vof marble. ? r . tneir countr, wno arj &o eageny ; "
"BUjJ whom did he marry TV said
Accommodations eqwt to any m the city
iJclightfaiiy situated next to Capitol Sq
f. mLEim;Mc. y
I Special j Indnceinenta offered by the week
and month. FirsWlass Billiard and Bar at j
tiched to I e House. , y - .
I 1 7tf I, I ' .: ' C: P. fcSBOKN, Proprietor;
becoinini? a mechanic's wifef"
"instSasS-ounieaVe " saidldMrs. "Vexed, Zoe ? No."
H ' r,. i a .
Pared to furnish the trade a superior article T ; iu :J. " rrav . "Because I'm" sure
I flooi, 4io.noTin meant to hurt vour leelincr8 coax-
! . . ; J -''.! T , r T .a 11.- t ? '
CQ Zi'e. , ynuif sue , is a geuieus,
corner Commerce and maik streets,
Norfolk, Va. ,
Jc6se i fC-"iJacocksi Propnetorj
Encourage Southern Industry and Enternrise ..
And Leona went up stair!i to the yon now, and geniuses are cot like
Ourteam refined CAi)Y is made te .suit tbe fafc aDartment where- hr sister other people." ; i . i
, . a. i nj . i Lr - if.i? i--a iu: l. I "Shu is a rrpniliH. Ilt.llft X,o." Rfiul
zoe was cuiung , out ,Ki"5iuii - & ,
U V ;f !w . v ff Felix, with a faint smile, "and I am
; I - . - . . . i .
been a j a fooL" Is that what you meant to
1 cannot be ' excelled. -
W S.fWnEBBEE,' Clekk
Ciinnnd Goods of all kinds Tomatoes' Bran- aprons.
dy Peaches; Teaches and Cherries; ! ! Maurice'Bfacebridge - had
w TOtt. TOHeria-bco. Yh-rfnU & geritlemanojje,x)f the i seedy, im
liurweu B ai iuiciory priws, nuuvisarB povensneu 7 Kina, vuai. are: aiwaja
writins:be?gifig letters andJporrow-
Snunv-Tralph, Starrj Railroad, Caroliim Belle Jntri . five-dollar . bills and J ihe ,had
i and (jaU Jt ax in Daies or DiaaaeFB. , ; - ,. f , i - ii.-S. T tur--.
other goods too numerous to I brought up niS, aangnters auauauj
Also manv
mention. All we ask is a trial and veiusare T Vtntil fhWt. lndv
1 r.
say??-: f! t-'Sh
"Oh; rFelix,"how can you be so
cruel V. said Zoe and she retreated
intq her Utile darl bed-room to' cry,
and wonder why it was that she was
always saying awkward tmffgs.
BUB.. " . '
I "Didn't I tell you, child 1 ?fyKy,
Zoe, oj course !" :
Fetrf Lynton and his young wife
are aap'py as if there was no such
tnincrts vrquoie in mo wunu. oo
is'old'jilrs. Lynton. -And Leona is
supporting herself by giving lessons
ia miAc, and doing wha! ever . j bs
of plain needlework she can obtain.
".'Jl'Oie must nave a iau, says tne
pfovej h and Leona B raccbrid ge is
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looking to; thera fcr. relief from tho .
dangerous sua ruinous eiemeni oi, . -
Radicalium ijiore to be dreaded. .
than tho "destruction that wasteth
at noonday 4. f K . .: , -Ye
Mainratea; of GranTillo' , " . ,.
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concern f or: jh'e .interests, integrity - '
and honor oT your cohnty be seen : ...
lia the ' f sefjievemVnts you.,' have 4
wrought ibr?her liberation from the
withering oiifse of radical corrupt .
tion and mri rule. . , " ; ,
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r d Per
Dav $1.50.

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