North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. II. NO. 125.
Fosus3ed and Transmitted Into Print
by a Sun Reporter.
IjEROY smith, city editor.
Mr. J. Alien Brown, insurance
agent, has a new ad in today's pa
per. The Eurydiee Club will meet
with. -Mrs. A. . Frazier Thursday
afternoon at 3.30 o'clock.
A young lady down on East
Inniss street lost her pet dog sev
eral days ago.
Weather Forecast: Fair tonight
and Th u rsday . Col de r Th u rsday
Mr. Philo Hall, father of Lieut.
C. G. Hall, arrived in the city
last night to be present- at the
marriage of his son to-night.
Mr. 4 4 Buzz" Gritfin, an employe
of the Southern shop, while at
work yesterday got something in
his left eye. He is off duty for a
few das on account of it. 'W'
Mr. R. J. Holmes, Jr., we un
derstand, is now stocking a chick
en farm to be run in connection
with his famous Meadow Stock
Farm near town.
Mr. E. W. Hobbs, of Danville,
Va., came over 4ast night and
went out to the granite quarries
in the neighborhood of Faith this
morning. He wants to procure
1)00 feet of coping to be used for
so mtf purpose.
A message the first sent over telephone Hnernuv Zeb
watTreceived by thp Sun yester
day evening. ThiiA line is now
connected with the city exchange
and may be used by al subscribers
on the list.
Solicitor Jlolton was it the city
last night on his way . home from
Statesville where court has been
in session. He left this morning
for home and will return Saturday
night so as to be on hand when
Rowan's court convenes Monday
The King's Daughter's supper
given last night? was liberally pat
ronized in spite of the wind and
dust, the receipts amounting to
about 40. This demonstrated the
liberality of the citizens of Salis
bury to all charitable and benevo
lent enterprises.
Mr. W. R. Smith, who was
called to Rowan county a week
1 ago last Friday by news of the
S serious illness of his brother, Mr.
Ed. Smith returned home Satur
day. He left his brother, who
is suffering from pneumonia, im
proving. The latter lives ' near
Watson ville postoffice, six miles
from Salisbury. Statesville Land
mark. '
Mr. J. J. Feather, a black
smith of the Southern shops,
gave up his position yesterday and
will leave Thursday for Newport
News, Va,., where he accepts a
place as blacksmith in the ship
yard. Mr. Feather gave the
Southern notice of the intended
change ten days ago. His family
will follow,, him in about thirty
days. Mr. Feather tells us he is
much pleased with his treatment
by the Southern while in its em
ploy here and wishes it much suc
cess. He has been here now
about one year and has made
many friends who will regret to
see him and his family leave.
To Begin a Series of Meetings.
Rev. Thomas Needham arrived
in the city last night and will be
gin a series of meetirigs in the
liapiist church tonight at 7:30
o'clock. All are cordially invited
to attend.
citIzens' meeting.
Representative Body of Business Hen
Present Committee Appointed
to Draw Up a Petition
Met this Morning.
called to
be hel l at the city hall at 4 o'clock
yester lay afternoon for the pur-
pose of discussing waj's and means
of ind icing the board of aldermen
to have the streets sprinkled came
off on good time. A representa
tive body of the merchants and
business men of the city were
prjesei t.
; Mr. W. L. I Kluttz called the
meeting to order and was made
presiding officer. ,Mr. W. T.
Raine was requested to act as
secret; ivy. The object of the
meeting as explained by Messrs.
B. Brown and Theo. Buer-
bam was to pray the, Honorable
of City
Aldermen to have
the streets in the principal parts
of the
town sprinkled at the ex
of the town. Mr. Buer
; stated that other towns,
i they have water works,
ti this service. '
i On
a com
notion df Mr. Theo. Brown
- -' ... : , f
nittee of five was appointed
to draw i p a petition and present
same :o the merchants and citi?
zens for signatures after which to
preser t it to 't tie mayor and ask
that h 3 cajl a meeting of the al
dermen to corfsider the petition.
..; Chairman Kjuttz appointed the
f ol la wing. com mi t tee : , : Th cjj.
Buerbaum,chairman;T. B. Brown,
1. Lie
W. L. Kluttz and
W. T;
! The
-committee was notified to
t Whitlock & Rainey's store
at 7:30 o'clock
last night to draw
up the petition.
On account!
however," of the
the committee - did
wind and dust
not meet.
The meeting was ; held
this liJ
orning 4nd the petition was
one of
up. Tpe Sun has it from
the aldermen that he is
r , " -
willing to do any way. to satisfy
the people. Several others are
reported as favoring the move
It is highly
probable that some-
u .- .
will come of yester
and that the streets
ed when needed and
will be sprink
perhaps at the! town's expense.
petition is as follows:
A Pe: iTioi FiioM the Inhabitants
i to the Honorable Board of
! Aldermen : s - 1
We ,i the undersigned inhabitants
of th( town, respectfully petition
the Honorable Board of Aldermen
of the town to sprinkle, when
necessary, thle following blocks of
the town, viz. : Main street from
the court house to Bank street
crossi ig, Fisher street, from
Lee to Church streets (one block
each way f roni Main street), In
niss from Lee 4 Church' streets
(cne Llock each way from Main
street for the following reasons:
j 1st, It is very disagreeable to
our people and strangers in the
town ;o be foqed to go through
blindi ig clouds of dust. A stran
ger in the town with a view to
locating would be very unfavora
bly impressed as our streets now
Medical authorities tell
lis that dust
blown through the
streets is a giieat breeder of dis
L 3rd
for th
The merchants ;do not ask
b sprinkling from a selfish
motive, but claim that the same is
due tnein, as well as the public,
as the
space to be sprinkled is
used more or less by every one of
the town. With few exceptions
no merchants live within the ter
ritory asked to be sprinkled.
! The merchants being the largest
tax payers, claim that they are
entitled to some protection along
this line as they sustain a very
serious loss to stock.
' 4th, We claim that sprinkling
won Id also be a great p r otect ion
to the macadam.
Conflagrations in a Number of Places.
Considerable' Losses.
! Quite a number of fires are re
ported as occurring last ,f night.
The woods between Spencer ' and
the Yadkin river were on fire dur
ing the early, part of the night. A
lot of cord wood within the range
of the fire; was burned. The light
of the fires was seen from Salis
bury. The wood, we understand,
is burning today.
A severe fire is also reported in
Stanly county. A good t portion
of country was burned over. Miv
C. F. Floyd livingabout six miles
from Richfield had his barn burned,
about 200 bushels of wheat aria
other things being destroyed. The
fire ori ginated from bu rning
brush. The day previous was fine
and the farmers had fired brush
heaps leaving them, and the wind
yesterday fanned and blew the em
bers into a blaze, starting the con
tlagration. ' ;
The woods in the neighborhood
of Mr. N. H. Park's were, on fire
last night, t The fire reached near
his house. The origin was not
ascertained. Air. Parks fought
the fire until 1, o'clock last night.
' The damage from the fires were
Yesterdays Windstorm Plays Havoc
With the Telegraph Service.
Yesterday's ami last night's
windstorm played havoc with the
telegraph wires. Manager Cas
tella, when he opened his office
this morning, found that all the
wires were down both north and
south. He could reach as far as
.Greensboro but could not get
Charlotte. The wind,, it appears,
was heaviest between Charlotte
and Danville. A telegram was re
ceived late this morning from
Manager Barns saying that the.
wires were all down between
Greensboro and Charlotte and be
tween Greensboro and Danville.
The work of repairing the lines
was biigun early today and the
wires have probably by this after
noon been straightened up and put
in good condition. -'The wind was
very; heavy here.
Married Last Night.
I Mr. David V. Mauney, of the
firm of the Burt Shoe Company,
and Miss Delia Caudle were mar
ried, last night at the home of the
bride at Wingate, N. C. The
couple arrived here on train 36
this morning and drove around to
the home of Mr E. W. Burt, on
Fulton street, where they spent a
sjiort while. Mr. Mauney and
bride left on the Yadkin train for
Yadkin Falls, the former home of
Mi Mauney. They will be gone
several days when they will return
to Salisbury, their future home.
s Tatfe Laxative Bromd Quinine Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if It fails to
Cure. 25c. ' -
t 1 have just bought a car load of
Steers from Mack Harrison, of Mill
Bridge, I think the best lot of cattle 1
ever handled. Try a nice Roast or
Steak. M. L. Jackson.
WANTED Four nice boarders.
Comfortable rooms and lire furnished
at $12.50 per month. Apply to Mrs.
W. C. Fraley, Inniss Street.
' . : : : ; :
One Hundred of the Crew Killed
All Were Asleep When the Ex
; plosion Occurred Intense
' ' Excitement Prevails.
Havana, Feb. 15. At. a quar
ter ot 10 this evening a terrible
explosion took place on board the
United States cruiser Maitfe, in
Havana harbor Many are killed
or woundeu. AW the boats of
the Spanish cruiser Alphonso
XIlI.are assisting." As yet the
causq of the explosion is not ap
parent. . The wounded sailors of
the Maine are unable to explain it
It. is .'believed that the cruiser" is
totally destroyed.
The explosion shook the whole
city. ; The windows .were broken
in all the houses.
The wildest consternation pre
vails in Havana. The wharves
are crowded with thousands of
people. It is believed that the ex
plosion occurred in a small pow
der, magazine.'
Capt. Sigsbeo and the other of
ficers have. been saved. It is es
timated. that over 100 of the crew
were killed, but; it is impossible as
yet to give exact details.
Admiral Manterola has ordered
that boats of all kinds should go
to the assistance of the Maine and
her wounded.; The Havana fire
men are giving aid, . tending care
ful lyto the wounded as they are
4 brought on shore It isAtcrriblcs
General Solano and the other
generals have been ordered by
Captain Blanco to take steps to
help the Maine's crew in every
way possible! The correspondent
of the Associated Press has been
near the Maine in one of the
cruiser AlfonsoVXIII, and seen
others of the wounded who cor
roberate the statement of those
first interviewed that they were
already asleep when the explosion
occurred. j
Captain Sigsbee says the ex
plosion occurred in the bow of
the vessel. He received a wound
in the head.i Orders were given
to the other officers to save them
selves as best they could. The
latter, who were literally thrown
rffrom their bunks in their night
clothes, gave the necessary Orders
with great bravery.
The Secretary of the Navy re
ceived the following from Capt.
Sigsbee: ; "The Maine was blown
up in Havana harbor at 9:40 and
destroyed. Many were wounded
and doubtless many were drowned.
The wounded and others -are on
board the Spanish man of war
and Ward Line steamer. Send
light . house j tenders from Key
West for crew and few pieces of
equipment still above ' water. No
one had other clothes than those
upon him. Public opinion should
be suspended till further, report.
Officers believed to be saved.
Jenkins and ! Merritt not yet ac
counted for.! Many Spanish offi
cers, including ; representatives of
General Blanco, now with me and
express sympathy. "
The officers referred to in the
above dispatch are Engineers
Darwin and Merritt. From the
wording of the dispatch the Navy
department jthinks it is possible
that they were on shore at the
time. The Secretary of the Navy
received another dispatch from
Key; West, but its contents were
not made public. The orders for
the light house tenders were at
once sent to' Key West in plain
language, thus avoiding the de-
lay that would have arisen from
the use of . cipher. r
Admiral Manterola believes that
the first explosion was of a gren
ade shell' that was llurled over
the navy yard. j
The Maine is a battleship of the
second class, and is regarded as
one of the best ships in the new
navy. She was built at ;the
Brooklyn navy yard, and is 318
feet long, 57 feet broad, il.O
mean draughty and 6,682 tons dis
placement. She carried four 10
inch and six 6-inch! breech-loading
guns in her main battery and
seven 6-pounder and eight j 1
pounder rapid fire guns, and four
Gatlings in her secondary battery,
k n f AKrAl I kAD i.
The Maine was j built in New
York Int .90, at a cost $2,588,
000. Sho had a steel hull and a
complement of 874 men.
Young Girl Firebug Sent UpThe
' Evidence Against Her- - '
Eliza Alexander,' (not Kaox as
::. ' 'j. x .... . 1 V.' 1! '.
reported . yesterday) the young
negro girl, who was given a hear
ing before the niayor i yesterday
afternoon, was bound over j to
court and sent to jail without
bond. '-X'-'':'::V: ::: ':'.' -
The charge was the burning last
Saturday night of the housej in
Dixonville which was occupied I by
Charlio Bernhardt,! ah old. colored
man, and his little , girl, Dora. No
one was at home when the hoifse
was burned. : . j
A number of witnesses were
examined at the hearing yester
day and the evidence pointed
strongly ta the accused girl being
the incendiary, i I
I From the evidence itwis shown
that Bernhardt and his daughter
left home at noon Saturday and
had hot returned until the house
was nearly burned down. They
covered up what little i fire there
was in the fire place at noon. I .
Late in the evening j Eliza was
seen sitting on the j door-step and
looking under the house. She
was seen later leaving the house
with a white sack, filled with
something, under jher arm. . No
ra Lord, a -witness, saw her and
at 'the same time
noticed smoke
coming from a
window in the
house. She askeil the girl .the
cause of the smoke and was told
that Dora was getting supper f in
the house. Sometime afterwards
the fire was discovered -at that
time both doors being shut and
the entire inside o the house be
ing ablaze. I it
The white sack and its contents
were taken to Mr Page's, ; in
Brooklyn, where, the girl was
staying. The contents were after
wards found to be dresses and
other articles of clothing which
had belonged to old man Bern-
... I i
hardt's girl, and which, it
claimed were in
house that was bu
a chest
The young firebug I was very
sullen arid refused! to testify when
offered a chance to do so. She
would not answer questions, and
when being handled by the officers
before and after
fought like a cat.
the trial !she
That islhe way aU.Drug'Klsis'sell G HO,
Fever and all Forms of i Malaria. It is sim
ply Iron and Quinine I in., a tasteless form.
Children love it. Adults prefer it to bitter,
nauseating Tonics. lrce ouc.. :
have purchased three car loads of
choice Mountain Cattle, and have
others engaged. The market will
have my personal attention. 1 guar
antee to please or money refunded.
Come at once and
large stock. Our pr
look throughjour
ces will open your
r . .v:..--.t-..
Shave at the Climax.
10 Cents Per 7eck
The. Southern and Narrow Gauge at
Dagger's Points at Hickory -A
Clash Anticipated Officers of
Both Roads at the Scene-
The Southern and the Narrow;
Gauge railroads, the latter known"
as the Chester & Lenoir railroad,
and which has, since its comple
tion some ten or fifteen years ago,
used one of the rails of the South-
em between Hickory and Newton,
are at dagger's points. The narrow,
gauge has been paying 8500 per
month for the use of the track be
tween these two points and re
cently decided to build a separate
track, to curtail expenses. The
work has already begun.
The Southern, it is understood,
forbid -the. company owning the
narrow, gauge crossing its track
unless it goes under or over
its line. The parrow gauge going ahead grading. Some
time, during night before, last, a
gentleman from Hickory tells us,
the Southern put a force of hands
to laying several side tracks upon
the new gnide to mills near the
road' This precipitated the troub
le. Superintendept Nichols,of the ;'
narrow gauge, waA in Hickory yes
terday and was making- an effort
'to restrain the Southern from
laying the side tracks. k - News of
this trouble was first made public
here! this morning. ! The move
ments of the Southern early this
morning guvc it r,urr"rv.,y.. Th"..
regular freight going west was an
nulled last night and before day
this morning a train and crew were
sent j to the seat of the trouble. .
Many, if not all of the employes,
between Salisbury' and Asheville
have! been ordered there. Train
11 took a number from here. The
full import and intent of the
Southern has not yet been made
Special to The Sun.
. Connelly SrniNus, Feb. 10.-
The Southern, in trying to cross
the Narrow Gauge track to reach
Hickory , Manufacturing Com
pany?s plant, meets with resist
ance from the Narrow Gauge peo
ple. The police and deputies with
guns are. out. . The Narrow Gauge
track is torn i' up and trains can
not pass. All the officials of the
Narrow Gauge r and part 'of the
Southern are there.. It looks like
trouble. !
Marriage To-night.
The marriage of Miss Margaret
McNeely, one of Salisbury's love
ly young ladies and Lieut. C. G. '
Hall of the United States Army,
and stationed at Fort Ringgold,
Texas, will be celebrated in the
Episcopal church at 6:30 o'clock
to-night. Mr. George W. Hall,
brother of the groom, of Hickory,
arrived last night and will be best
manl The couple will leave on
train No. 35 to-night for New
Orleans where they will attend
the Mordi Gras. They will visit
other Southern cities and expect
to reach Fort Ringgold, their fu-
home in about two
Sun in advance wis
oyed happiness.
LpST OR STOLEN". A young
black-spotted and speckled female
hound. A liberal reward will be paid
for t
ic return of the animal to'
W.'It. Mcroncy.
A jiig line of boys' knee pant suits
received to-day. For Iwjys aged K$,
14, 15 and 16. At popular prices.

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