North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. II. NO. 129.
FocusseiVand Transmitted In Snt
by a Gun Reporter.
To-niorrc w, Washington's birth
day, is a legal holiday.
Smoot Bros. & Rosrcrs have a
change of ad in this issue.
The Chattanooga train from the
west this morning was covered
with snow.
The Brown Clothing Company
have something new in their ad
tertising space to-day.
3fr. J. C. Bernhardt, of the
county, is suffering a great deal
with a beal in the neck.
Weather forecast: Generally
fair to-night and Tuesday. Colder
and freezing weather to-night.
New spring styles in calicoes,
percales, ginghams, white goods
and wool novelties. J. It. C.
Brown, Jr. & Co.
C. E. Mills, deputy collector,
has a notice of sale in this paper.
He will, on the 2nd of March sell
five boxes of tobacco at this place.
Isom Ruffin was arrested Satur
day night? charged with retailing
whiskey. His case; was not dis
posed of at the morning session of
court to-day.
A pleasant surprise -The way
we have sold out clothing and hats
has been a surprise to us. There
is still good picking, however.
J. R. C. Brown, Jr. & Co.
' . JB ft "'
xhe beauuiul "centre piece
. L ...
made by Miss Jennie Gill - will-be
raffled off at G. W. Wright's fur-
niture store to-morrow night at
7 :30. Some chances remain not
The Christian lleid book-club
will meetvon Tuesday afternoon at
3:30 instead of Wednesday, with
Mrs. W. -W. McKenzie. Author
for the evening, Paid. Leicester
It is earnestly requested that
the ladies of the Lutheran church
meet at the Shaver & Woodson
building to-morrow (Tuesday)
morning at 9:30 .to
. the 4 'Liber ian Coffee."
Word has been received from
Statesville that Mr. T. C. Mur
dock is very low with Bright's
disease. His father-in-law, Mr. J.
W. McKenzie, went up to States
ville this morning to see him.
The Book Club meets with Mrs.
. Edwin R. Overman, February
22nd, at 3:30 o'clock. The Rubai
yat of Omar Khayyam for discus
sion. Fitzgerald's translation and
Elihu Vedder's illustrations.
Daring the time from Saturday
evening till this morning over a
dozen people were arrested by the
police and placed in . the lock-up.
Several of the cases are to be dis
posed of at the afternoon session
of the city court to-day.
" Dr. J. W. Long retturned Sat-
urday night from High Point
Y where he had been on professional
V business., On arriving home he
Ifound a message calling him to
Durham to look after a case of
appendicitis. He left for that
plkce on the next train.
Two colored men were . arrested
yesterday and the officers found
half a doze a bottle of beer on one
of tthem. They (the men) were
locKted up and held , for trial this
af terVjoon on a charge of hand
ling beer. At the trial they
"blew" On Mr. Tom Sparnell and
be was bund over to. court on the
charge ofiselliug beer on Sunday.
The two cvlored men were turned
- loose. .
The Juiior Order of United Ameri
can 1 Mechanics of North Carolina
I wii: Meet Jn Salisbury To
morrow The Programme.
The Hag raising and Bible pre
sentation by the Junior Order of
American Mechanics of
Salisbury will be held to-morrow,
February 22nd, at 2 o'clock p. m.
The Juniors will assemble in their
respective halls,' at 1:15 p. m., and
at the public square not later than
Xioj p. in. , jlu3 iexiusjion tioruei
band w 11 furnish ekcellent music
for the occasion. The address of
welcome will be delivered by our
honora )le mayer, T. C. Linn, at
the pu jlic fou ntain. After the
address the line of march will be
formed with the Juniors, and the
Daughters of Liberty in the center
of the line on a float. There will
be four marshals, on either side of
the procession, mounted on horse
back. The line will move down
north Inniss street to Fulton, out
Fulton to Kerri out Kerr to the
city graded school. When there
the procession will assemble under
the flag! pole, where the exercises
by the school will begin at 2
o'clock with prayer. The school
exercis3s will consume but a few
minute . I .....
iThe broorramtne which will be
rendered by the Juniors is as f ol
. ! .- . -'
lows: .
Music by band.
Presentation speech of flag
flag and I music.
Acceptance speech of flag
by Mayor T. CI Linn.
4th. Music.
5th. Presentation speech of the
Holy Bible.
Oth. (Acceptance speech of Bible
by Prof. R. G. Kizer.
Music arid distribution of
flags in
memory of George Wash-
by the Juniors .to the
school c
. 8th.
Music, while the line of
s beinsr formed to 20 to
Chestnut Hill sbhool. The line of
vill be out Liberty street to
I out Fulton to Chestnut
Hill sc
hook where the exercises
will bd
1 ' t
the same as at the city
vith the exception 01 some
'.Mm ! .
the speeches. When
these exercises
are over the pro-
will march up Main street
to? the fountain.
Here there will
all Juniors will
be music, thence
e in their respective halls.
The J unior order this mornin
received two pandsome flags to
be useq'at theiri exercises to-mor
row. They ' measure 4x8 feet.
They also have several hundred
snjall wags which they will dis
tribute, j They cordially invite the
citizens of Salis jury and surround
ing country to ; oin them in cele
brating! I the birthday of George
' .This is to be the annual meeting
of the State Council of the J unior
of United American Me-
and a
large number of
members and friends of the order
! . j j
from adjoining towns are expected
to be present, r It will be a
day f on the local order.
Some of the visitors are expect-
in tnis evening and otners in
All the year
round Shoes are
good al
year round, and it
isn't often you
?et shoes at
way we are
cost, bi
that is! the
sellinglhem, to close bv March
1st. J R. C. Brown. Jr. & Co.
Ail Pbrk Sausage, Liver Pudding
Head Cheese, Winnie and Balogna at
Jacksoii's market.
Officers Did Come and
Negroes Scattered.
Yesterday four officers sur
prised a party of colored "crap
shooters"' in the old canning fac-
ory opposite the depot, and suc
ceeded in capturing four of thiem.
There were eleven in the party of
dice throwers, and they were play-
mg in tne second storv of the
building. When two of the ofii-
cors entered, the players were so
frightened that some of them
jumped from the. windows, 25,
feet to the ground.
'The four who 'were captured
were locked up and held for trial
this afternoon. The others are
known and wjll be taken.
No money was seen by the offi
cers but the bovs will at least
have, to answer a charge of dis
orderly conduct on Sunday.
At the trial which was held at
2 o'clock, the four players were
sent to the chain gang, each for
thirty days,
The seven who have not yet been
caught will likely find a like sen
tence awaiting them when they are
run in.
A Sunday Service.
Next Sunday a Sunday service
will be inaugurated by the Salis
bury telephone exchange. The
Sunday hours wilt be: Central
ope i up to 10 o'clock and then
close to 3; open after three.
What Next? . '
About, tliree weeks ago some
one entered the engine room of the
North Side Roller Mill and turned
on tne city water, noocung tne
J 1 V . 1 Jl V
room, i 11
Two weeks ago some one stole a
poation of the mill's whistle, and
last nignt, some one got tne re-
mainder of the whistle.
Somewhat Bruised.
T. f J. Harrison and Morgan
Griffin, who are engaged in busi
ness in Halifax county , came home
Saturday night. Mr. Harrison
was bruised up considerably and
his face is somewhat disfigured
caused by a runaway which oc
ciirred as ho was about to start for
home Ho was , in a buggy when
the horse run away, doing damage
to his body as noted above.
Left for His Home.
Mr. Grayson Weymouth, steno
grapher at the Southern's shops
received a telegram Saturday af
ternoon announcing that his moth
er was very ill. He left for his
home bn No 12. On account of
Mr. Waymouth leaving Ml Earn
est West will have to cancel his
trip to Mordi Gras which will take
place in New Orleans, La., this
A. '
The following is the menu of
the t4Liberian Coffeer' to be give
by the ladies of the Lutheran
church in the Woodson and Shaver
building on 'Fisher street to-mor
row evening from 6 to .10 o'clock:
Regular supper consisting of
ham, chicken salad, develed egg:
cheese straws, Saratoga chips,
Biscuit, Pickles,. 25c.
Ice cream and cake, 10c.
Siberian coffee land sandwich,
10c. , , "
Liber ian coffee, sandwich, with
souvenir cup and saucer, 25c.
That Is the way all Druesrists sell GROVES
J ever ana all'Forms of Malaria. It is sim
ply Iron and Quinine in a. tasteless form.
Children love it. Adults prefer it to bitter,
nauseating ionics, jfrice ouc.
I have just bought at car loa4 of
Steers from Mack Harrison, oy Mill
Bridge, I think the best lot of cattle 1
ever handled.1 Try a oice Ifoast ' or
Steak. : M. L. JjjCkson.
Defendants Discharged Upon s Pay
ment of Costs Court Gets ; Down,
to BusmessV-Will be a Two
; ' Weeks' Term.
Rowan's Superior court, Feb
ruary term, convened this morn-
ig, J udge J. D. Mclver, presid-
1112. .
The grand jury selected is . as
J. C. McCanless, foreman. '
D. M. Shaver.
E. L. Smith,
J. M. Brady,
A. Sechler Correll,
J. A. Fisher,
H. B. Bailey,
G. W. Jacobs, '
"Alfred W. Rusher,
H. IVI. Huffman,
J. S. Harrison,
D. M. Penninger,
C.-L. Shuping,
Ji N. Plaster,
JI C. Kennerly,
John W. Glover,
RUfus B. Beeler, "
. F. J. Barrier.
The followinfir of the original
venire, petit jury, were sworn in:
Thos. Watkins,
Jacob Correll, -
L. J. Kluttz,
Vance V. Trexler,
Pleasant Wise, ' ;
S. Ji. Swicegood, ' "
JJ F Lyerly, .
" .Pt. A..Hartman, . . . -
W. - L. Karrikcr, - .
D. D. Alexander,
W F. Isenhour, .
. Li. M. Kepley.
Thos. II. Vanderford presented
to Judge Mclver a license to prac
tice law, took and subscribed the
oaths prescribed by law for attor
nevs and was duly nualitied and
enrolled as such. -
The case of State vs. Will Kino-
.... f . o
for an affray was begun before'
the noon, recess.
, State vs Ed. H. Marshy selling
cigarettes to v Minors: defendant
pleads guilty and judgment is sus
ended upon payment of costs.
State vs Alexander Parker, sel
ling cigarettes to minors, defend
ant pleads guilty and judgment is
suspended upon payment of costs.
"i m i v 1 r - 1 ' n
. . .. .. 7
cigarettes to minors, six cases;
defendant pleads guilty and judg
Dtnte vs iavid laiiH) e. se lino
ment is suspended upon payment
of costs.
State vs Mrs.
selling cigarettes
David Cauble,
to minors; nol
Court took a recess until 2
Property Sold.
' To-day at the court house
some valuable property was
udder execution.
v. iThe property sold included the
house on Main and Bank streets.
toe late residence of W. Smith
1 '1- '
dfeal, now occupied by Dr. J. W.
Long, and a number of lots in the
cjty and some property in the
county belonging to Mr. Smith
teal. . '
h airly good prices were secured
mr all the property.
bave purchased three car , loads of
dhoice Mountain Cattle, and have
ikhers engaged. The , market will
jiave my personal attention. 1 guar
antee to please or money refunded.
1 : J.,S. M ARABLE.
A big line of boys' knee pant suits
received to-day. . For boys aged , 13,
14, 15 and 16. At popular prices. J
1 '. .
Shave at the Climax.
- - - - - - -I - - i 5
Delivered by Eev. C L. Hoffman in the
Presbyterian Church Last Night.
The Knights of Pythias' sermon
in the Presbyterian, church last
night was largely attended, i The
sermon was delivered by Rev. C.
L. Hoffman, of Charlotte. F His
text was II Peter, lch and part of
5 vs. "''and to faith add couraore."
The text was very appropiate to
the Knights, especially to one of
the great virtues to " which j their
order holds. I it
He began by saying there never
was a time in the, history of 4he
world when people needed courage
as now. ihis was
not only true
Id but in the
in the political wor
eclesiastical world.!
He showed
familiar I with
himself thoroughly
his subiect. It was
in every re-
spect a splendid
Knights were most
address, j. The
happy in the
selection of Mr. Hoffman to preach
their sermon and
doubt be jjlad to
they will no
welcome him
here again at any time.
The Man Here Who Pound Dr. Mitch
bell's Body. . 1
Mr. Wilson, of Yancey county,
who is known through the western
part- of the State as tkBig Tom"
Wilsqn, is in Salisbury to-day. He
has recently been! down in the
eastern part of the Stat spending
a few weeks and is how returning
to his home in the mountains.
Mr. Wilson is settinsr quite bid
and he hat a record which can
hardly be touched I by any I other
man in the State he has Skilled
one, hundred and .fourteen J black
bears. ' He is the great bear man
of the State. : j
Mr. Wilson came in on the morn
ing train and is spending the day
with Mrs. Coit. I
He is the man who found the
body of Dr. Mitchell who lost his
way and subsequently his life on
the high peak, in the western-part
of the "State .known now as Mt.
Mitchell. J (j!
Dr. Mitchell was the grandfather
of Mrs. Coit, with whom Mr.
Wilson is spending the day. The
manner, in which he lost his 'life is
known to nearly all of the readers
of the Sun, but it can not be told
more interestingly than by "Big
Tom" Wilson, to whose house Dr.
Mitchell was trying to make his
way when he lost- his life, ji This
was in" 1857. Some time after the
eminent doctor lost his life his
body was found by Mr. Wilson.
"Big Tom" wilj leave to-night
or to morrow for Asheville.
Bring a Book. " ;
The Washington day exercises
at the graded school commence at
2 p. m. to-morrow. It is hoped
that visitors will donate one or
more books to the proposed
library. - ! '
At the Opera House. -
Services were conducted at the
opera house yesterday afternoon
and night by Evangelist Needham.
Large congregations were present
at. each service. Mr. Needham
talks in an interesting waj and his
hearers are all attention. He has
traveled extensively and during
the sermon tells of many incidents
to illustrate the idea he wishes to
convey. .
Take Laxative Br6mo Quinine Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if it fails to
Cure. 25c ,
NOTICE I must request all
parties indebted to.T. "F. Young to
make immediate settlement of
their accounts, or I will be " forced
to place Ihe same in the hands of
an attorney for colllection.
W. H. Crawford,
10 Cents Per "Week
Facts in the Case Pending the In
vestigation Divers from TJ. S.
will do Investigating Spain
Must Not Take iPart.
The Maine disaster is the all
absorbing topic of ' the day. Ev
erybody is anxious to learn the
latest news' from the trouble. The
blowing up of the (battleship is
decidedly the most imporbmt oc
currence transpiring to the Unit6d
States since the late civil war aruT
its results may be fraught with
deep solicitude to theipeojle.
ne situation remains aoout as
it did on Saturday. The result of
the trouble is no w pending the in
vestigation. United States divers,
by a decision of President McKin
ley and Secretary Lon, will make
the investigation. "l Tne Spanish
government desired to take part
in the investigation but will not
be permitted toJ do so.
Members of the Press Club and the
Pen and Pencil Club Returning.
A party of newspaper men,
members of the International
League of Press Clubs, of Brook
lyn, N. -Y. and of the Pen and
Pencil Club, of Philadelphia,
passed through here last night on
their - way homeirom New Or
leans, La., where they had been to
attend the eighth annual conven
tion of the league held there last
week. Quite a number or ladies
were in the party which consisted
of about 140 people all told. ' The
party left New Orleans about 10
o'clock, Saturday and came by the
way of Nashville, Chattanooga
and Asheville.
They spent five hours in. Ashe
ville yesterday and stopped at the
Battery Park hotel, j
:.' A Sun man met and talked with
Mr, Geo.- HT. Rovve, of the Brook
lyn Daily Times. t
; He did not appear to be very
favoraby. impressed with the
South. He seemed to think the
people wera too slow, that they
lacked energy.
New Orleans, he said was a
dirty city. Of Salisbury, while
waiting oVer here, he said he
wal ked up the street a block or
two but turned around because
everything was, "dark- darkness
and black blackness." He also
said the street was so muddy.
He conversed f reely. He was on
the battleship Maine when it was
, What he said of f Salisbury's be
ing dark and muddy did not sound
wel 1 to us, but it was true. .
The party was traveling on a
special train. .
. Bought at a bargain price and
marked to sell at the lowest living
margin of profit Burt's Bargains
in ladies, shoes.
This afternoon at 3 o'clock Evan
gelist Needham gives the first of a
series of Bible readings at the bap
tist church. Each afternoon this
week,- between 3 and 4 o'clock,
these services will be held. The
public is cordially invited and
those attending are requested to
bring their Bibles. ,
Two nicely furnished rooms for rent
suitable for light house-keeping, also
one four room house for .rent. W. II.
Huff Jr.
LOST-rA bird-dog puppy, with a
rope around his neck and a black nose.
Iteturn to E. B. Willis, at steam laundry.

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