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A Pis
Do 'you I hi m coal then read J .
Allen Brown's new ad.
Weather forecast: Fair. Colder
to-night and Saturday.
The Salisbury Steam Laundry
has an interesting ad in this, issue
of the Sun.
Bargains are as thick here as
strawberries in a patch, and just as
good picking. Burt Shoe Co.
Mr. Burns, dairyman, v who
lives in Jersey City, we under
stand left the city yesterday going
to rsew Jsew lorn.
Springs overcoats is what the
Brown Clothing Company have to
talk about in their new ad. to-day.
Don't fail to read it.
John L. Cauble, of the county.
one of the Sun's subscribers, is all
smiles to-dav. His happines is
caused by the arrival of a ,12 pound
boy at his home.
Charlie Owen, who died Wed
nesday morning, was buried at
Chestnut Hill yesterday at noon.
Scott Owen, a brother of the de
ceased, is now quite ill, we learn.
The Luther League holds an im
portant meeting in the Lutheran
church to-night. It meets to adopt
a specific reading course for the
members of the League. Leader
for to-night, J. A. Graham.
A i called communication of Ful
ton Lodge No. M A. F. & A. M.
will be held to-night at 7:) o clock.
Work in the 2nd degree. AH
members are requested to attend
and visiting brcthcren are cordially
The services, at the opera house
continue to be well attended. Last
night a large congregation was
present. A cordial invitation is
extended to all to attend these
meetings. They are held each
evening at 7:30.
In reporting the court's proceed
ings yesterday a mistake was made
in a name. The defendant charged
with concealing stolen goods but
who was acquitted was John Har
row and not John Ferrow, the
father of whom works in the black
smith department of the Spencer
shops. V
Rev Church who has been
preaching and holding open air
services here for several days left
this morning for his home in
Statesville. He will return to
night. To-morrow ' afternoon, at
about 3 o'clock, he will 'Kbld a
special open air service on the
street and will give away tracts,
etc. . ' "
Editor Moore, of the Moorcs
vllle Jlecord, who has been here
several day.", went to Charlotte
last night, lie tried to get a true
bill yesterday from the grand jury
against Editor Starrette of the
China Grove Record, for criminal
HM, "but not a true bill was found
bytfiejury. The case we learn,
was.o be presented to the rand
jury Again to-day. ,
Dr. Aohn It. Drake, who is well
reuieuired here, having spent
about 'u week in Salisbury last
year with the Drake Medicine
Company? Arrived in the city last
night. He here to work up an
interest ano-h, endeavor to organ
ise an order. ftie -'Woodmen of
the World" h ius place. He has
a regular iuitlun-ized commission
to 'Work for tW excellent order
and if ue v Vlth favor, will
elicit uicuww -
ol Dropped, and Fired by Some
Running to the Scene The
Bullet Naxjro wly . Missed
Joseph Lyerly. r
street alarm was sounded
! 8 o'clock last night.
Scarcely had the alarm rang out
the J night air than it- was
noised up street that the jail was
supposed to be on fire. There
considerable excitement.
Y who were on the street at
hour ran hurriedly to the
In passing Mr. H. A.
e a pistol fell from
some one in the
Bernhardt's sto
the pocket of
crowd and fired. The excitement
at this juncture grew more intense.
Policeman Geo. "C-1 Eagle who
had just passed, returned arid
pick xl up the pistol.
It was not positively ascertained
to whom it belonged. .
V. Barrier and
who clerk for Mr.
Bernhardt, were on the street in
. i
the act of carrying, in a coop of
chickens whenjihe pistol dropped
and ttircd. ThA ball passed dan
gerously near Mr. Lyerly, 'graz
ing his right coat sleeve and the
Messrs. F.
Joseph JLyerly,
t side of his neck, just back of
his eiir. Fortunately he was not
le crowd then went on to the
I Once there they found there
llie alarm was
the prisoners who
the hall-way had
stuffed some trash in the heater,
, . If: A..1!- . ., .. X-
this ffettinsr hot bean to
no fire.
One of
been left in
and filled
The inmates
the jail cells with
supposing the jail
km fire made an alarm which
rrivAn nn firm strf'P.t. - Thif-
all of it, but for a while it
would be a serious
believed iti
matter. The
soon grew
quiet and serene after the truth
known. The alarm amounted
to only a little.
Baptist Concert.
The Baptist
It w
ill be the
in Smith's
concert at Spencer
to-night will .be a pleasant affair.
first entertainment
hall. The concert
begin at 8 o'clock. Every-
is invited to attend. He
i - - .
nnents will be served during
the evening.
Went to Elmwood To-day.
Mr. 11. L. Michael and wife, the
couple from Lexington, who were
married at the home of Mrs.
Horhh, in Brooklyn, Tuesday
nigfcjtj went to Elniwood to-day.
They will go from there to States
and after spending awhile in
place will return to Salisbury.
They will then go to Lexington to
see their people.' . .
on t
Mr. Hardaway i the City.-
Contractor I. 11. Hardaway, of
Birmingham, Alabama, member of
the : irm of B. k. Hardaway & Co.
was tin the city to-day. B. H.
liar la way & Co. , have the con-
t to build the trestles and piers
lie Mocksville-Moresville liail-
and Mr. Hardaway was .h ere
to-day to make arrangements with
Sali$ bury merchants to furnish
him with provisions etc.
Mr. Hardaway is a nice gentle-
done considerable
j and has
k in his line of business.
three car' loads of
n Cattle, and have
The market will
my personal attention. 1 guar-
to please qr money jefunded.
Handed in This MorningA Good
Showing for the County.
To His Honor, Judge of the Su
perior Court of Rowan coun
ty, February term, 1898.
We, the grand jury for said
county, respectfully report that we
have acted on all papers that
came into bur hands. That we
have made presentments of all
cases coming to our knowledge,
and have' otherwise disposed of all
business brought, before us and so
far as we are able to judge have
performed all. the duties required
of us as grand jurors.
We visited the county home
by co'mmittee from our body, and
said committee report that they
found everything in good con
dition. The whole premises have
a clean appearaifce, both in and
out of doors. The houses are all
in good repair and the inmates
say they are all ;well fed, have
2ood medical aid when sick and
O ... i ...
are otherwise well cared for.
We visited .the county jail in a
body arid find it in good condi
tion. It is comfortably warmed
by a heater in which coal is used
for fuel. The cells are clean and
well supplied with blankets and
the prisoners say they are well
fed and cared for.
We also find sufficient water in
said jail for cleaning purposes
. We alscr visited the several
county offices by committee from
our body and found them in good
condition. The books and records
appear in good condition . and
neatly kept. " . .
Ve also examined the court
house and surroundings and find
the same in fair cpndition. .
All of which are, respectfully
J. C. McCanless,
Feb. 25, "DS. Foreman.
One Man Skipped.
Anderson Nevitt, colored, yas
brought down from Ashevillo last
night" by . Agent MMahon and
placed in jail on the-charge , of
stealings whiskey from a car of a
train at Cleveland, this county,
last Saturday. There was a white
man also charged with
this case, but he skipped and was
not brought here by the officer.;
Xevitt is the man who interfered
and perhaps saved- the life of the
negro, Rutherford, on Tuesday,
when he was being beaten . by Will
Garrett, who was sentenced , yes-
terday to tenearfe for assaulting
and robbing Rutherford. While
the-assault and robbery was being
made near the railroad this side of
Cleveland a1 freight train came
along and was stopped in order to
allow members of the crew to take
Garrett off of his victim. Nevitt,
who was a member of the crew
went to Rutherford's relief and the
robber was forced to leave.
The crime for which Nevitt is in
jail is the stealing of whiskey from
a ;f reight car last Saturday.
Dr. J. K. Stallings will preach
at Faith to-morrow evening at 7:30
and Sunday, at 11 a. m ; and at
China Grove at 3 p m. Sunday.
- A squad of ;MrI-E. A. Wilson's
men leave next week for Oxana,
Alabama, where they will build a
Mrs. Mayo, of jlickory, is visit
ing in the city.
Two No. 8 cook stoves and-one No.
8 range, slightly damaged, at freight
depot for sale. There is a great bar
gain in, these stoves for any one wish
ing 1 to purchase, The damage con
sists of small nicks in the aprons
which do not effect the stoves at all:
Call at Mr. Strachan's office.
Ail Pork .Sausage, Liver Pudding,
Head. Cheese, Winnie and Balogna, at
J ackson's market. '
Evidence in the Kluttz Murder Case
Begun jYesterday Other Cases '
' disposed '.of in Rowan's
i Superior Court.
John D. h. Kluttz was arraign
ed yesterday evening for the faiur
der of W.; H. Huff; and the jury
was empanelled and one witness
examined before court adjourned
for the day. ' .j
.TJie jury which is trying Kluttz
is composed of the following:
Thos. Watkins, Jacob Correll,
Vance W. Trexler, Pleasant Wise,
J. F; Lyerly, Wm. L. Karriker,
D. 0. Alexander, L. M. Kepley,
I J. C. Lentz Alfred L. Peeler,
John R. Lyerly, John C. Lingle.
The first witness examined and
the only i one yesterday evening
was W. H. Wilson a guard. His
evidence! was in substance t the
same as the- statement made by
him in these columns the day after
the shooting. ,
So veral cases were disposed of
by the court yesterday.
A nol pros was entered in the
case of John Show, charged with
forcible trespass. ,
t Isham "Ruffin, for retailing with
out license was found guilty. In
a second lease for a like offense the
defendant plead guilty.
Will Garrett, the negro who
was brought here yesterday morn
ing from Cleveland on a charge of
'highway! robbery and assault was
found guilty of the robbery and
plciitt" guilty: bf-the ssaultr"Orr
the former charge he was sentenc
ed to ten years in the penitentiary.
1 h e n esrr o w horn ua r r et t was
1 , 3
charged with robbing was inlcourt.
He was badly bruised up about
the head and ltis wounds are quite
serious. "
Cicero Caldwell, a colored boy,
charged with an assault with a gun,
plead guilty and was dismissed
upon the payment of the costs.
Q. Eagle and W. II. Goler,
whose case of affray, was tried on
a previous' day, were dismissed
upon the payment of the. costs.
r The grand jury finished up its
work and were dismissed this
morning by Judge Mclver.
This morning the Kluttz case
was taken up again and four other
witnesses for the prosecution were
examined. Then the State . rested
arid several witnesses for the de
fense were examined before the
uocn recess. -
The Solicitor is assisted in the
prosecution by R. Lee Wright and
B. F. Long. The defendant is
represented by L. S. Overman
and T. F. Kluttz.
Host Charming Meeting Yet Held
lo meet Again March 10th.
The CTara Schumann Music Club
held a delightful meeting at the
home of Miss Lila Bernhardt, on
Inniss street yesterday afternoon
and was well attended; !
Mendelssohn was the subiect
and study ; for the afternoon.
Mioses Crouch and West read the
characterization, which was1 listen
ed to eagerly. The most notable
numbers on. the programme were
Overtures to Ruy Bias, rendered
by Misses Neal and r West on the
piano, with fine Interpretation.
Rondo Capriccioso, played by Miss
Julia Crouch in her usual fasci-
ghly enjoyed
displayed her
nating style, was h
Miss Marion Heilig
skill and touch by her rendition of
The Dance of the! May Queen.
Miss Rachel Wallace favored the
club Rhem hold's famous! piano
solo, "Impromptu,'? in her most
artistic and brilliant style.
Altogether this was one
most charming meetings the club
has held and made j the members
realize how much. pleasure is in
store for them as long as they con
tinue to meet. The. meeting ad-
; .1 t j ! I r i
joutueu to meet again on j iviarcn
10th, with Miss ljulia ; Crouch.
Chopin will be the subject.
of the
Found While Blasting on Mocks ville-
v Mooresville; Road.
Mr. W. F. Fleming, -who was at
Wood leaf yesterday, tells us a rich
gold, vein of gold ore . was disco v-
ered yesterday by members of a
squad of hands who were blasting
through a large rocky place, mak-
la Wafbrtte new VncksviIIe-
Mooresville railroad. The discov
ery was made by the squad of
Moore & Co., contractors, but Mr.
Fleming did not learn on whose
land the vein was found.
of this
Telephone Extension.
The Sun learns that Richfield
and New London will soon be con
nected by telephone with Salis
bury. Poles are now being hauled
along the line. The 'phones will
be put in for Mr. Cicero Ritchie
and the firm of Ritchie Bros., at
Richfield, and for Mr. R. Fames
Jr., at New London. The Salis
bury people will probably be able
to talk to over the wires to their
Stanly neighbors within the next
LOST Dr. Poole lost a heavy hear
skin Glove near Louis Lichtenstein's
tailor shop on Wednesday. The finder
will be rewarded if the glove is left at
this office.
, WANTED Four nice boarders.
Comfortable rooms and tire furnished
at $12.50 per month. Apply to Mrs.
W. C: Fraley, Inniss Street. ,
to the
city to
Pythian Paper.
! It may be of
Knights of Pythias
know that the State Pythian organ
now published in Raleigh will be
published in Charlotte after this
month, the first iisue appearing
there about March 15th J It is
probable that the name will be
changed from "The ,. Tar Heel
Knight" to "The Carolina Pyth
A " Straight Democratic Fight.
The.mails, among other things,
brought the Sun a communication
last night which is so good- and so
pointed as to the duty of the State
Democratic party, that we pub
lish it without permission, trusting
that our good ; frier id will) pardon
us. It. is as follows:
' Alpha, N. C,
Dear Sirs:
Please send the
twelve months to Mr,
ga, N. C. I have the money and
will send it down the first 1 oppor
tunity or bring it the farst time I
come to town. That makes two
I have got to take the Sun. -Stand
square for a straight Dem
oc r at ic fight in our State campaign
this year. Straighlt Democrats or
nothing for. me. State issues to
the front.
Best wishes for the Sun. i
Feb. 21, '98.
AVeekly Sun
:, Ome-
Take Laxative Bromd 'Quinine Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if it fails to
Cure. 25c i -i,--
' " ' ' ' ! ' r ' ' '.
I have just bought a car load of
Steers from Mack Harrison, I of Mill
Bridge, I think the best lot of cattle I
ever handled. Try a nice Roast or
M . L . Jackson.
Shave at the Climax.
Two .nicely furnished rooms for rent
suitable for light house-keeping', also
one four room house for rent. W. H.
Huff Jr.
Navy Department Knows Nothing
lIoTe About the Cause of Haine
Disaster than ' it Did After
: First Dispatch Received.
There is nothing milch new in
the situation relative to the Maine
disaster. Yesterday was a fruit
ing at the
less day so far as get
bottom ' of facts were
All was still in a state of suspense.
The divers were at work and the in
vestigation will probably be com
pleted in a few; days. ' The latest
dispatches yesterday say that ru
mors of startling discoveries were
less frequent, but there Were
enough of them still afloat to war
rant Secretary Long in making
this statement to the newspaper
men: "Summing up; the situa
tion, I should say that the Navy
Department knows to-day nothing
more about the cause of the disas
ter than it did five minutes after
the receipt of the first dispatch
from Cap t. Sigsbee."
The. court of inquiry held its
usual sessions in Havana yester
day, Capt. Sampson reports that
Chaplain Chidwick was examined
as to his personal experiences at
the time of the disaster to the
Maine, and that the testimony was
taken of the captain of a British
bark in the harbor and the super
intendent of the West Indian Oil
Company, across the bay at Re
gala, both of whom witnessed the
explosion. At the afternoon ses
sion the divers .were examined
more fully than before. Their
testimony is taken from day to
dayT The court expects now to
finish here to-day and to sail on
the Mangrove . for Key West,
where the other '-.officers and men
will be examined.
General Wm. H. Powell, of
Belleville, who was in command
of the regiment in which Presi
dent McKinley served during the
civil, war, and who was recently
appointed collector of internal
revenue for the southern Illinois
district, who is a personal friend
of Mr. McKinley, said that while
at tne capitol he discussed the
Maine disaster and its possible re
sults with the chief executive.
"The President stated to me,"
said the general, v "that he was on
lr waiting for a "comrjlete report
of the naval board of inquiry and
that should it report that our sail
ors met their death through Span
ish treachery, he was prepared to
act at once, and in a manner which
would meet the approval of every
loyal American."
General Powell said prepara
tions for war were being pushed
with the utmost' vigor and added:
"I am cony inced that" President
McKinley is the right man in the
right place, and that as soon as
Spanish treachery has ; been prov
en bis policy will be rigid enough
to meet the approval even of the
most pronounced jingoes."
That is the way all Druggists sell OROVKS
Fever and all Forms of Malaria. It is sim ply
iron and Quinine in a tasteless form.
Children love it.' Adults prefer it to bitter,
nauseating Tonics. Price 50c.
- FOR SALEEleven room house, .
with modern improvements. For
particulars call at the Sun office.
. A big line of boys' knee pant suits
received to-day. For boys aged 13,,
14, 15 and 16. At popular prices.
NEW STORE. U. S. Caplan has
opened up bn the corner of Main arid
Liberty streets a select stock o
Dry Goods and Groceries and invites
the public to give him a call. He will
sell goods as low as the lowest.

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