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e, for $kirts and Outing
t ;
Fancy Lawns, at cts. per yard.
Illuminated Crash nobby and durab
Dresses. i
Block Pattern Percales in popular sh
Solid Lawns in light colors. "
Another lot of those full standard fast colored. Calicoes at 4 cts yd
Shirts and Shirt Waists.
We invite inspection. The proof of the pudding is chewing the
string. This second shipment of Waists and Skirts shaws what the
people think of our stock. , Especial attention is jjmid to the make,i
stvle and fit of these ?oods. Prices from 50 cts to.S5.00 for SkirtsJ
Shirt Waists from 25 cts to 85 for wash fabrics.
James Young as David Garrick.
-The audience at the opera house
last night was well pleased with
James Youngf who presented
David Garrick. It was the first
time Mr. Young ever, appeared in
comedy here. (He has visited
the city three times.) i
In presenting the comedy Mr.
Young brings before the mind the
actor David Gar rick as he
'.-9. .
really Jived and moved among his
contemporaries. Some of i the
scenes were very funny and ap
proached the farce, but were kept
within the bounds of delicate high
comedy by the artistic touches
and consummate acting of Mr.
Young and his excellent company.
J .
Attention! Sir Knights. '
There will be a meeting of the
Uniform Rank, K. tf P. at the
CastleVHall to-night Pat 8 o'clock.
All" members will come in full
dress uniform and fatigue "caps.
i W. II. Overman, v
Guard. i
Children's Apron Dresses at 20 cts each.
" Chambray Dresses, Hamburg trimmed, 40 cts.
Girls' Percale Dresses, beautiful patterns and running i
years of age, for 50 cts.
up to .10
The second shipment of Laundried Fancy Shirts, more and pret
tier styles Stunners at 25, 50, 75 and &1.00.
Examine our 1.00 Shirts and see if tliey are not as fine and well
made as you are asked 1.25 to $1.50 for.
An excellent collar for 10 cts.
New style Ties at attractive prices.
Half Hose in fancies and black, nice Qualities that will please you.
We take pleasure in recommending McCall's Patterns. We have
sold more of them than we ever sold of any pattern. We have ban
died Buttericks Patterns and find McCain
much lower in price. For one month we
tions to the MeCaH Fashion Magazine at
per year, and give you any pattern you may select FREE with the
Undei Meroneys Opera House, j Main St,
p equally las satisfactory and
are going to take subscript
he very low price of 30 cts
Salisbury, :N. C
:30 P. M.
. v y
f4&M. 1
I'll see what I can do for
9 5
Uncle Sam
says to Cuba. If you want to confer a favor
on anyone, the best thing to do is to give
them an order on us for Tone, of our natty
styles in DERBYS or FEDORAS. Our stock
of Spring styles in HATS are inj the newest
shades, finest quality, ard most becoming
and swell shapes.
There is Nothing "Just as Good" as
Tailor -
1 ' t
Common Clothes have their manufc cturers, their students, who
study to see how cheaply they can do it. i Their product Appeals
to Nothing but the Sense of Price, it is my pro
vince to appeal to those who have taste, L desire for dress, a love of
appearance, that can appreciate the superior skill and workmanship
contained in nothing but ; - j -
i I -; :. esq; " 'v;n';'ja:.-it-'..' i i
tncuy i auor-Maae Garments.
Odd Bits of Information.
A folding bed mit'st be pulled
down before it can be done up.
The man that makes the lqast
noise is often the most dangerous.
The man who kicks for justice
sometimes sets 'more of it than he
wants. i
Married men always have more
buttons on their clothes than
bachelors. !
Whatever Noah's shortcomings
were, he knew enough to go in
when it rained.
A cow may have many good
qualities, but she is too modest ? to
blow her own horn.
The wise father al ways tries to
bring up his children in the way he
should have gone.
A woman can get a shiftless
husband in about five minutes, but
sometimes takes a lifetime to
get rid of him.
The man who goes iishirig and
sits in a cramped position all day
and calls it fun is the chap who
never groes to church because the
pews are uncomfortable. I
No wonder the stars are so
bright when the astronomers are
continually scouring the heavens.
Philosophers take things as they
come, but ragpickers and pick
pockets take them as they go.
Called for May 21st by the County
Executive Committee.
As chairman of the Democratic
Committee of Rowan county and
in pursuance of a resolution adopt
ed by the Executive Committee I
hereby call a massmeeting of . the
Democrats of Rowan county to
meet in convention at the court
house in Salisbury on Saturday;
the 21st day of May,--1898, for the
purpose of electing delegates to
the State, Judicial and Congres
sional conventions and for the
transaction of such other business
as may come before it.
All persons, without regard to
their previous party affiliation,
andi who favor white supremacy,
who desire good government
and 'will vote for the nominees of
the Democratic party in the com
ing election, are cordially invited
to come together in this conven
tion and help save the State from
misrule and corruption in office.
Lee S. Overman, "
Ch'm Dem. Ex. Com.
April 16, 1898.
The first, the most essential, j and
' : ; ' "... .'-v--"v H",".-'
the greatest element of success in buy
ing1 is a correct knowledge of the
stores and merchants of your town.
We pay for this space in order that we
may improve your knowledge as to
our store and its contents.
tie lies' lil
We carry a full line of Armorside and
F. P. Corsets. We guarantee every one of
them, and if they break on the sides you get
another corset, or your money back.
We have a line of Summer Corsets also,
and would like for you to try one of these.
They are comfortable for hot weather and do
not hurt your pocket book.
y W "
LU1M j
What a multitude of wants
and must-haves crop up.
Your underwear und your linen
suddenly becomes unsuitable, and,
you discover that your neckwear
and your socks and your gloves
are not much better than hone at
all. It takes quite a bit of money
to buy a SPUING OUTFIT of all
these things, but if you come here
you'll find that you can tit your
self out for what you expected to
pay for ;the "MUST-HAVES"
Brown (Mil Co.
'L 0
- : (''...!
V' We are closinfir out our line of Feather-
bone Corsets at and below cost. $1.00 grade
at 69c; 50c. grade at 38c. This is.a bargain
if you can strike your size. i i
J. 11. C. Brown, Jr., has added
some new lines to his stock. Read
his ad. ,
Desirable building lots, or for nianu
f acturing plants, on either side of
Long street, on Railroad, half way
between Salisbury and Spencer. J For
cash or on terms. Apply to Jnq
Beard or McCubbins & Jordan. i
Shave at the Climax.
: If you wear a Warner's Corset, you i may
find it here also.
Improve your knowledge by pay-
ing a visit to the
n m
. .. - i
Remember our motto, "Honest Goods
for Honest Money."
The volunteered testimony of the
crowds that have thronged our store
since we opened is that '
We are" adding hew attractions to
our stock daily. Have Just received
some hot shot from bankrupt stocks.
Ladies plain black Hose, worth 20c,
going at 10c. while they last. 25c. tans
and blacks at 18c. The best 4c. and.
5c. Hose on the markets.!
Sox 3 cents and up.
Ladies Guaze Vests 4c, 5c, 10c to
18c. each.
Gents Gauze 15c. to 48c. k
Mens' 25c working Shirt going at
18c 50c Shirt going at 27c to 33c.
Laundered Percale Shirt 20c. up.
Whi te dress Shirts at wholesale prices.
Boys' Suspenders 3c Mens' 5c' up.
Neckties 10c doz. up. 25c. Ties and
Scarfs for 18c
Mens' Working Suits wear like
leather $1.75.
Big values in Mens' Pants.
Boys' Knee Pants 10c up.
Sample stock of Mens' Fine Hats.
Bucket's Cutlery Russell's Rouble
blade Barlows 21c. single blade 14c,
and others in proportion while they
last. ' ;
Whips and Lap Robes.
2 cakes good Laundry Soap for 5c
1 bunch Hair Pins lc ,
25 Needles lc
1 Paper Pins lc.
1 Cake Toilet Soap lc.
1 Thimble lc.
No. 0 and Lamp Burners 5c. to 27c
The above are only a few of the
many attractions we have in store.
Join the crowds that are marching
to the music of
and go direct to 2nd door from stand
pipe, on Fisher street. ? ; t
i i mi i n ii i';isf.
ft Sccrijoro

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