North Carolina Newspapers

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VOL. III. NO. 83.
10 Cenia Per 7eek
First Company in the Battalion Kow
Being Equipped. .
Ko wan county is to be congatu
lated on having the first company
fully organized that has been ten
dered and accepted by the Gover
nor and Adujutant General. Of
ficers and nien are accepted. "
It is. probable that' the Rowan
Rifles will be called for service
this week.
A recruting office has been - es
tablished over , Davis & Wiley
bank. : An officer will be on hand
at all times to enlist men.
Meetings- v
The county commissioners are
niet in regular monthly session at
the court' house to-day- ,
; The county board of education is
also in session to-day..
"Proceedings of these" meetings
will Je given in the Sun to-mor
row. - J
A Bailroad Change. -
This week Capt. Thos. Murphy
takes charge of the passenger
train run from Asheville to Mor
ristown. ' '.'.This train is run during
the summer. Capt. Murphy was
in charge of it last year. During
his absence from his regular run
Capt. Ferron Haughton will run
between Salisbury and Chatta
Church Notes-'
- Children's Day was observed by
the Sunday school of the First
Presbyterian "church yesterday
afternoon. There were exercises
by the children after which Dr.
J.? G. Ramsay delivered an address.
A collection was taken for foreign
-missions.' -
Last night at the Baptist church
a candidate was baptized.
During the absence of Miss
Bettie Stal lings Mr. F. G. Wade
will be organist at the Baptist
church. .
Funeral of Capt. Wm. Cheely.
The funeral services over the re
mains of the late William Cheely
were conducted from the Aietho
dist church in this.-cify yesterday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. The
services were most impressive, be
ing participated in by bodies of
four different orders of which
Cant; Cheelv was a member the
Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias,
Order of Railway Conductors, and
the Brotherhood of Railway Train
men. Representatives of the dif
ferent orders read their respective
funeral services at the grave after
the regular Alethodist ceremony
which was conducted by Rev. T.
F. Alarr. Alany railroad men and
friends of the deceased were pros
ent. There were many floral of
ferings, some of them very beau
tiful. One was a railroad car
made of flowers and , another was
a larjze car wheel with one section
out. The interment was made in
Oak Grove cemetery.
A committee consisting of mem
bers of the Knoxville and Ashe
ville divisions of the Order of
Railway Conductors and the Broth
erhood of Railway Trainmen es
corted the remains from Knoxville
to Salisbury, wThich shows the de
votion of railroad men to the mem
ory of their dead. -
Air. Cheely had $1,000 insur
ance in the Order of Railway Con
ductors and $500 in the Brother
hood of Railway Trainmen. Be
sides this he had $2,000 accident
insurance and it is learned he had
other life insurance.
A large line of Duck Shirts received
to-'ay at the Carolina llacket.
Lost A straight, silver liandlo'd .
p' arl inlaiu umbrella on i rida; i. i . lit. i
Reward for its return to this office.
On the 25 th of
June Committees at
picnicxof the South
ern employes vill take place at Con-
nelly'H Spring on the 25th of this
month. .The; committee on ar
rangement consisting of Messrs.
Tom Carrell;iM. S. Belk . and R.
L. Julian went up to the springs
day to' perfect arrangements
ne en
Lertamment of the
Hilton Rufty, while
not oh the committee, spent yes
terday at the
i Another committee of two went
to Cqarlotte yesterday to make ar
rangements for the music. This
corn l
ittee consists of JL. Al
Pasrehhardt and J ; S. Beck.
A Thfeft:
Thursday night some one entered
J. N. .
Maxwell's house and
dollars from Mr. Lon
nie Maxwell!
s pocket. V Thfe thief
entered throujrh a window.
Camj Name Changed.
The name of the camp at Jack
sonvtlle, Fla., where the -North
Carolina boyjs are located has been
changed from Camp Springfield to
Camp Cuba
Libre. The change
made Saturxlay by Gen. Lee.
onary Meeting.
i There will be a public mission
ary meeting: at Union church ori
the third Sunday in June. Rev.
H. X. Aliller, Ph.-D., will be
present and
at li jaJ ui.
o'clock Rev.
will deliver an address
In the afternoon .at 2
L. E. Busby will de
li veil an address.
During the day there will be an
heringrJof the nickel funds.
Live ir. Salisbury.
IM'rs; -T T)i. lVftiisi finl fnmilvr
r j ,
of (Uharlott., are visiting Airs.
AI. S. Hoffijian, of the city, j Air.
Pettjus is an engineer on the South
ern, ami runs vfrom Salisbury to
Greenville, S. C- His lay-over is
at Salisbury, and the Sun is- glad
to learn that Ali Pettus contem
plates moving his family to this
citv as soon as a suitable house
can be secured.
Tliere will be pupils' recital to
morrow forenoon at 10 o'clock,
in -the Neave Alusic School -Au-
ditoh ium of 'purely pianistic work,
witn one vocal chorus added by
the Juveniles.
The school closing: concert will
be given on next Friday night,
lOtn inst, which will, be mainly
ensemble work of much diversity.
Death, at Cleveland. i
. I I. .
Alr.AT. B. Rosebrough, of Alad
isony Rockir gham county died at
the home of j his son-in-lay, Air. D.
B. Rosebrough, in Cleveland
June the 5th, at twelve o'clock, -in
his Gth year. Mr. Roseborousrh
was likqd bV all who had formed
his acquaintance in Cleveland, he
haying lived tliere only for the
past three years. He was a devo
ted Christian being an elder in the
i . -
Prej by teriari church in Aladison.
He vas borri in Rowan county, and
moved to Aladison about 50 years
The interment was made
Cleveland cemetery this afternoon
The Army,
and Navy Buntings. !
National Colors in ; Dress
i: - i
Goods for American mothers and
daughters at Lichtenstein's.
Wanted to purchase a large size ice
6r refrigerator. Give description
R. M. Eames.
FOR RENT. A nice six room cot-
conveniept to Main street and
to prompt payment 1 and accep-
t..: 141-i n t
Ron r ';t nnble.
Twenty American Warships Appeared
Borrow " Money The Monitor
Dewey, at Manila Alger
- Prisoners of War
! O
(Special Dispatch to the Sun.)
4 .y V
3 Vd 1 '
Kingston, June 6. ;A Spanish
torpedo boat was sunk by the
Oregon. Port Antonio advices
are uncertain whether .the Span
ish torpedo boat sunk by the Ore
gon was the Terror or the Furor.
The Oregon sighted the torpedo
boat sneaking toward the harbor
and signaled her to stop ' and wan
improperly answered. -The Ore
ron tired, a thirteen-inch shell,
striking the i torpedo bOat amid
ship. The torpedo boat sank and
all hands w.ere drowned. Advices
from Fort De France say the Ter-
ror is still tnere ttisa.bleu. it so
the torpedo boat was probably the
Fjiror of Camara's fleet.
Kingston I June 6. The sinking
of the Spanish torpedo boat Ter
ror or Furor, is confirmed from
Port Antonio. ,
i .,
i , I
1 Washington, June 0. Secre
tary Alger has prepared' a list of
Spanish prisoners at Atlanta for
an exchange th rough Ihe navy de
partment for Hobson and his men.
As soon as approved by Secretary
Long? an exchange will occur.
i Washington, June B7: It is ex
pected that the landing of troops
at Santiago will be reported in a
day or two. According to the best
information of the time the ad
vance detachment left the Florida
coast the first military forces
consisting mostly of engineers
should arrive at Cuba to-day.
S The War department still guards
the plans of occupation at Santia
go with great secrecy. . Nothing
can be learned in Washington, to
day regarding the time the troops
will embark. The fact is well
established that conditions at San
tiago demand the Immediate land
ing of troops. Little time will be
lost in embarking twelve thousand.
Havana, June 6. Uncensored--The
city is longing for the coming
of the Spanish warships. j Fortifi
cations are greatly strengthened
and cultivation is increased. Prices
of food continue constantly rising
and distress is increasing ; among
the unemployed. The automnist
government is daily proving to be
a greater failure.
New York, June 6. A special
to the Journal from Cape Haytien
says at daybreak this , morning
Americans landed at Aguadores, a
Off Santiago Spain Attempting to
Monterey Has Sailed to Join
Preparing to Exchange
About the Troops.
: ; 1
few miles east of the entrance
Santiago ! harbor under' cover
Sampson's guns, batteries having
first been silenced by heavy bom
bardment. At 7:55 the cannona
ding was increasing.
London, June (. A . Central
News dispatch from Vienna says
information received by private
sources from Cadiz are; that the
equipment of Cardos V and Patri
ots Rapido is proceeding in the
slowest manner and -'that .the ships
are far from being ready'., for sea
service. The news of their de
parture is incorrect.
London, June 6,7 The Spanish
cabinet has instructed Senor Leon
y Castillo, the Spanish ambassa
dor in France to negotiate for the
loan of half a billion pestas. The
security is railway concessions.
TOO old. '.
Washington, June 6. -Indications
are general that Lew Wal
lace will not be nominated Major
General on account of his
which is seventy-one.
London, June 6. Every even
ing newspaper- echoes the morn
ing papers' praise of Hobson's ex
ploit with the Merrimac at San
tiago. It was a gallant deed, ably
planned and pluckily executed.
London, June 0. A Star cor
respond en t in ' Madrid says the
Heraldo states as a theory that a
part of the Cape Verde fleet has
gone to the Philippines. It anw
nounces that the Cristobal Colon,
a torpedo boat destroyer and three'
auxiliary cruisers painted and rig
ged in imitation of the Almirante
Oquenda, Riena Maria, Terese
and the Vizcaya are at Sautiago,
but the real battleships have
reached Madagascar, under in
structions from Madrid to proceed
via Good Hope to the Philippines.
Washington, j June 8. The
House this afternoon voted the
war revenue bill in conference.
L T 1
The conferees are. Dingley, Payne
and Bailey.
San Francisco, June 6. The
Monitor Monterey and Collier
Brutz sailed this morning for
Manila. They will join the Mo-
hian at Honolulu.
Madrid, June 6. A despatch
to the Tmparicial from Santiago
says at 10 o'clock Saturday night
twenty American warships hotly
attacked Santiago, but they were
so far distance that shot didn't reach
the forts, ij Spaniards made no
reply, awaiting the near approach
of the ships which continued to
remain at a distince. j' c
The bombardment continued
forty-five minutes and was uhre-
sumed. '" j
Sunday sixteen American war
ships were still moored in sight of
Santiago; -
One Negro Hits Another-A Sunday
Yesterday afternoon at 15. II.
Hardaway's camp on the Mocks-
ville-Mooresville road in Unity
township one negro shot and per
haps fatally injured another.
The negro who did the shooting
was Richmond Gray and the in
jured man is Thomas Hall. 1 :
Hall was shot three times in the
body and it is thought the wounds
will Drove latal. Ijrrav was
brought to Salisbury last night by
Mr. J. H. L. Rice and lodged in
jail. He claims, that Hall ad vane
ed on him cursing and with a
drawn knife and that he then (shot
him. A hearing was given before
iustice of peace W. A.' Thorn ason
r m.
yestefday afternoon.
Charged With Forging StocKs
Taken to Philadelphia.
Philip W. Avirett, Governor
Russel's attorney in the prosecu
tion of the Southern who kicked
out of harness in Salisbury.j one
day and thereby gained consid
erable notoriety, has been arrested
in Richmond on a charge of fraud.
The Richmond Dispatch gives a
long account of his arrest. That
paper says:' '"'What; he is wanted
in Philadelphia now for is to
plain, if he can, where he got
tain stock alleged to have
issued by the National Bank, of
Waterville, N. Y., which he sold
a Mr. Wayne, in Philadelphia,
for.2,500. :
Detectives who caused Avir
arrest say they have a strong
against him.
Lieut'. Hobson's Kin.
The name of Lieut. Hobson,
the young officer who,' with seven
men, sunk the Merrimac in! the
!- .. .... ' "... .. 1 j
Santiago passage last week, heed
ing not the terrific fire of the
Spanish guns, is now in all the
papers of the land and on .almost
every tongue. This Lieutenant is
a descendant of North Carolina
and she lays a claim to him . . j He
has a number of relatives in the
State, several of them living in
His father, James Hobstfnviwas
born and reared in Davie county.
He moved to Alabama, and is now
a judge of the Superior Court in
that State. The young man's
mother is a daughter of the late
Chief Justice Pearson, of I this
State, who prior to her marriage
to Mr. Hobson, was Miss Sallie
Pearson, of Richmond Hill, tad
kin county. Mrs. Hayne Davis,
of Statesville, is Mr. Hobson's
aunt, and is a daughter of Pon
gressman Pearson. Hobson's
relatives, mostt)f them cousins, in
Davie county, are numerous in
Salisbury, Mr. A. II. Price
Mrs. Wm. Blackmer are his
cousins; Mr. Samuel Hobson, of
Cleveland, is his uncle, as is Mr.
Henry Hobson, of Davie. His
grandmother is Mrs. Ann Hobson,
of Davie, who is a sister of the
late Governor J ohn M. More
head. 1 :
J ." R. C. Brown has a change oif
ad in to-day's paper. j
Smoot Bros, and Rogers have a
change of ad in the paper today.
C. M. and II. M. Brown will
have a new ad in the Sun to-mor
row. -
The Brown Clothing Company
have something new in their space
in the Sun t6-day.
Surveying was done to-day pre
paratory to the improvements to
be made at the gas house.
C. M. and H. M. Brown are
showing a new line of Mens Fine
Black and Tan Vici Kid Shoes.
W. F.' Burton and family re
turned to -Atlanta last night'aftera
short visit to relatives here.r
Miss Bettie Staltings left this
morningfor Charlottesville," Va.,
to visit her sister, MrsL Dr. Lam
beth. "...
1 -
Mr. Bi'ad Beverly, of Winches
ter, Va., his . wifo and his I niece,
Miss Fannie Gray, are at Mrs.
M. C. Quinn's for a
month or,
Yesterday was children's
day at
Gold Hill. A number of; Salis
burians went down to' attend the
exercises. ' .
W. L. Henderson, the former
smallpox patient, resumes his run
as mail agent on the Yestern
North Carolina Railroad this week.
Miss Webb, of Statesville, who
has been visitiiig friends in the
city returned home this morning,
accompanied by Miss Grace West.
Those who havn't seen our new
line of boys and. youths lino shoes
don't know how fine a boys shoe
can be bought ;in Salisbury.
Burt Shoe Co.
. I. Lichtenstein, of the
Bazar, Jias just returned from a
purchasing trip north and lias lots
of new goods on the way. He has
a new ad, in to-day's paper, j .
On, consififnmcnt two I ladies
bicycles one black and one ma-,
roone. They are beautiful wheels,
high grade and will be sold at a
bargain. K. W Burt & Co.
Rev. C. Plyler has received a
letter from his son, Roy, stating
that he is in the army and J is sta
tioned at Tampa. He went in
with the Nebraska volunteers.
By a recently changed schedule
the Western train reaches j here a
few minutes sooner in the even
ing. This gives passengers going
through a longer time to get sup
per here. Vt ;,
Summer dress goods are spoken
of in a new ad of V. Wallace to
day in the Sun. Mr. Wallace is a
new advertiser in this paper and
he cordially invites all our readers
to call at his store. )
Miss Margie Overman returned
Saturday evening from Chapel
Hill, where she attended the com
mencement of the University. She
was accompanied home by Miss
Gregory, who will visit her.
40 bolts of Matting received to-day
at the Carolina Racket. Price 10c.
P-..' ";- ! s !
" Umbrellas and parasols are going
very fast, U. R. nextJ Ilarry Bros.
Iam again prepared to make the
best window and door screens on
the market, fly and and mosquito
proof. Edgar S. SnuMAN.
Plenty of mutton and other nice
meats at Jackson's. j
Get a Fitz-IIugh Lee hat, just re
ceived at Harry Bros. j
By the advice of my physician my
office will be closed till about the
middle of June. Will give notice of
my return. ! j
Jas. F. Griffith, B, D. S.
May 24th, 18U3. I

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