North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. III. NO, 84.
Drunken Raw Over a Game
Cards. Pick Used.
Cleveland, this county, is getting
up quite a recitation in the killing
liner. , The following telegram "was
received by the Sun from . , that
place last night:
In a. drunken row riear .Cleves
laud -Sunday .Henry Russell struck
Alex Lawrence in. the head with a
pick, fracturing the skull. It ; is
not thought Lawrence will live.
The row came about over a game
of cards. i
Our Boys Alright. j
From a soldier boy who passed
through this mgrning going from
Jacksonville to his home in Win
ston we learn that the Salisbury
boys are faring very well in camp.
The water is warm and does not
agree with the boys, but otherwise
they are said to be doing well, j
Will Make Salisbury Their HomeJ
The family of Mr. J. E Carlin
arrived in the city last night from
Huntington, W. Va., apd "will
make Salisbury their permanent
home. -Mr. Carlin is a machinist
at the Southern shops, where he
has been working for the past
nine month. He likes Salisbury,
has made many friends here, and
desires to make: this place his
... t ,
home. " I
Picniced Yesterday. j.
The following; party picniced at
Trading Ford yesterday : Mr. and
Mrs. F. V. Barrier, Mr. T. J. W.
Brown, Mrs. Geo. Coleman, -Mr;
Joe West and Miss Mollie Cauble.
The day was spent principally in
fishing. ,They took both dinner
and supper at the river. The par
ty returned to Salisbury about 8:30
o'clock last night. They report a
very pleasant time.
The Mocksville-Mooresville Railroad
Nearly Completed.
Mr. -A. A. Hart, of Woodleaf,
this county, who was in the city
several days ago, tells us that the
Mocks ville-Mooresville railroad is
about completed. He says the
trains will be running through, he
understands, in about one or two
weeks. The train is now
from the junction of the Western
road near Cleveland to a point j a
mile or more beyond Woodleaf.
TLere only lacks a
bridges " to complete
tew more
when the
work will be done.
Capt. 15atchelor, who has had a
contract on the road is sending his
mules back to Virginia.' j
The road from the Western
railroad to Mocksville, he under
stands, is also about completed, j
Another Ticket. j
To whom it may concern: i
1 would like to suggest the fol
lowing gentlemen for county com
missioners. S. F. Lord, Col. W.
A. Ho uck
man, .
Respectful jyr j
A Democrat
Umbrellas and parasols are going
very fast, U. R. next. llarry Bros. -
" Plenty of mutton
meats at Jackson's.
and other nice
Lost A straight silver handled
pearl inlaid umbrella on Friday night.
Howard for its return to this office, j
A large line cf Duck Shirts received
to-Hay at the Carol in;i II a ket.
FurnisheJ rooms to le Ajjjy u
3Iiss A. S. Kutledge, East Main St j
County Commissioners Have a Two-J
day session Business Transacted.
The county commissioners, met
; regular session yesterday but
t being aible to finish their work
continued session was held to-
' ' . ;.: ; A
Yesterday the taxes for the year
levied as follows: 15 cents on
property fpr county purposes; 2
cents special for public schools in
ac dition to tax of 18 cents already
le pied by revenue act; i.80 on
poll to be applied as (follows: For
ec ucationaj purposes, $1.35,. sup
pert of poor, .35, State pensions,
.1 j; 10 cerits on property in Salis
bi ry township to pay interest on
0,000 of
bonds of said township
issued for the construction of the
Yhdkin railroad; 10 cents on prop-
eriy in jroiu run townsuip to pay
interest od
$7,000 of bonds for
tills road;
G cents in Morgan town-
sLip on $3000 of bonds; same in
ccme tax ais issued by the State in
sectionio, schedule A of the Ma-
cninery act; special 10 cents on
property and 30 cents on poll
sex aside as a county road fund and
be used in the construction and
pairing of pnblic roads; county
tax on marriage license $1.00.
A. M. Brown reported an aver
age of 1 5 inmates at the county
home, five of them white.
Kluttz and Rendleman got the
contract to furnish supplies "to the
chain gang this month.
rrhe sheriff was ordered to issue
license for six months to the fol
lowing bar men: John Moyle,
Movie Brother;
M. L. Ritch, Hi
Trot t, P. V. Brown, John W
immill and George W.l Smith.
mlt liquor licenser were also
. . .
anted tq the Salisbury Liijuor
Cj)mpan3,' and J. C. Black.
liv number ot accounts were or
dejred paid.
persons were ordered
oiti paving tax and
working the roads.
v alter jtientierson asRett c
pdrisation for his clothing and fur
niture which was burned on ac
count of his having smallpox. The
reuuest was not granted.
IT. M. Kerns was authorized to
purchase macadam to be used in
macadamizing- the Miller's ferry
road. , .
Mr." Kerns was appointed a com
mittee of one to assist the tax list
er and assessor in assessing all ini
pravements to real estate since the
last assessraent in Salisbury town-
sh p. ' j
The board of education notified
the commissioners that in their
judgment it will require $18,000 to
run the public schools till the first
nday in
July, next year.
Engine Derailed.
The engine of a westbound
treignt lumped tne tracK at a
switch near the Henderson cross-
about twelve o'clock to-day,
which delayed, the train about an
hour and a half. The damage to
engine and tracks was appar
y very slight.
4(1 bolts of Matting- received to-day
at tihe Carolina Racket. Price 10c.
Gfet a Fitz
Hugh Lee hat, just re-
ed at Harry Bros
BV the adv
ice of my physician
offide will b4
clos ed till . about
middle of June. Will give notice of
May 24 til, ioii.
, : i ; ' I ... " ..""I1'" '- i .
Says We Violated
Hot Fight
n fir
J -o
(Special Dispatch to the Sun.)
New York, June 7. A special
to the World from Washington
savs President McKin ley will soon
send a flying squadron to Spanish
New York, June 7.-Hurxy or
ders have been issued " for the
hea v V armament of the Yale and
St. Louis before Saturday.
Philadeiphiay June 7. The tor
pepo boat Alackenzies made a trial
this morninjr which was satisfac-
Montreal, June 7. Lieutenant
Carranza, a Spanish spy, was ar
rested this morning.
Key West, June 7. The Amer
ican collier Pompey, arrived! this
moruing with the body of Lieu
tenant Commander K. W. Sturdy,
whb died on board. . !
i - - 1
Madrid, June 7. Duke Almo-
dovar de Ileo, the Foreiern Minis-
ter, has despatched to all Spanish
ambassadors a note land memoran
dum declaring: that America has
violated the international law by
capturing Spanish vessels before a
declaration of war, bombarding:
ports without notice and using the
Spanish flag at Guantanamo.
W ashmgton, J une 7. lhe ur
gency deficiency bill appropriating
seventeen and three quarter jmil-'
lions for the war and navy depart
ments passed yesterday.
five thousand Landed.
New York, June 7. A special
to the Journar purpoting to come
f rpm filole, St. Nicholas, says j the
cruiser St. Louis arrived there
yesterday, with dispatches j. for
Washington. It is reported that
five thousand Americans;, have
landed west of Santiago, including
engineer? with seige artillery. 1 :
Hong Kong, J une 7. Latest
Manila advices say fierce fighting
between the Spaniards and 1 in
surgents continued from May 29
to J une 2. Although Spaniards
are worsted at every point she re
mains confident of ultimate victory
over tne insurgents ana ithe
Americans !
In a tierce iisrht near Manila
May 30th, Spaniards lost a hun
EVENING, JUNE 7, 1898.
Neutrality Laws Some
Near Manila.
dred and fifty men but the - insur
gents finally retiring the Spaniards
claimed a victory. !
:Npaniards are fortifying e very
possible point ' and are closely
watched by Dewey. By a steady
advance of insurgents along the
coast supported by the American
gun boat, i Petrel, the insurgents
have made i the Spaniards recon
centrados, gradually penning them
up in Manila. Spanish outposts
were reinforced b'y forty thousanc;
troops but on May 31st they were
forced back along the whole line
by desperate fighting. A thous
and Spaniards were killed.
K l '
A ashingtbn, June 7. While
nothing official has been announc
ed it is almost certain that McKin
ley has received advices from
Sampson concerning the landing
of troops and bombardment of
Aguadores near Santiago yester
day. . It is known that it was
planned to begin the reduction of
batteries at 6 yesterday - moraine:
and also intended-to land forces in
the neighborhood of Santiago and
seizing a strong position. The
work believed to be entrusted to
nine hundred marines while joined
to the fleet on the auxiliary
T 1 j mi m
cruiser rxesoiute. ne marines
landed yesterday. .
Cape Haytien, June 7. No de--tails
of the fighting of Santiago
yesterday have been received. It
is believed, judging from the tone
of cablegrams between Blanco,
Pando, and Cervera and Madrid
Sanpson has achieved a great
victory, inflicted considerable
damage to Spanish ships. The
biggest guns of the American fleet
were used in the bombardment
yesterday which continued for
four hours. Spanish reports
mention a repulse at Aguadores
and hurried movement of troops
from Santiago to the seacoast to
repel the attacks.
"New York, j June 7. Journal
bulletins says Sampson achieved a
glorious victory at Santiago. Ten
American war ships began firing
at 7:45 and continued until eleven
o'clock. Fifteen hundred shells
were fired. Fortifications at
Santiago were v completely " de
molished. Many Spaniards were
killed. The Spaniards cruiser
Reina Mercedes riddled and sunk.
Americans landed at Daiguire and
battled with Spanish. Spanish
infantry and cavalry were routed.
Several Spanish generals were
killed. . No American losses reported-
" :: -
A World special from Cape
Haytien says, it is - reported that
the Spanish cruiser Maria Teresa
was sunk yesterday by . Sampson.
Key West, June 7. The Fanta
nas arrives and reports the sue-
cessful landing in Cuba -of the
Kodgue? expedition whiqh sailed
from Mobile several weekJago.
Washington, June 7. The
President signed the bill remov
ing, all political disabilities re
sulting from the civil war."
London, June 7. The Madrid
correspondent of Post interviewed
Mo-ret,, ex-secretary of Colonies,
this morning. Moret says "the
government doesn't know where
it is going and i nobody in ' Spam
toresees the outcome 01 the situa
tion which is far graver than con
fessed. The ship of " state is
drifting and the cabinet is unsolid.
Confusion is complete. When the
truth is known serious com
plications will follow.
"Ministers tails but never act.
They are absolutely impotent and
are simply trusting to chance to
extricate them from the troubles.
A campaign in favor of peace has
begun and will be pressed by the
progressive populace. The queen
has been unjustly attacked by Cas
tella who is already posing as
president of the republic . I doubt
his ability to instigate a movement
asrainst the renrenc v. It is difficult
to say whether the regency wil
bo overturned."
A Meeting Last Night Officers Elec
. ted For the Next Year, j
At the regular meetino: of the
Salisbury Fire Department last
night officers for the ensuing year
were elected, i Chief C. H. Swink
was re-elected by the town com
missioners, the office of chief not
being under, the jurisdiction of the
department; . J
M. V. B. Capps was re-elected
assistant chief by acclamation. ,
Bismark Capps, secretary and
Luther Miller, captain of the
hook and ladder. 1
- ft L. Julian, captain, of the red
Bert Howard, captain of the
white reel.
D. L. Sides, sergeant-at-arms,
M.'L. Swink, janitor.
Assistant chief Capps, was elect
ed for two years, the other officers
for one year only,
Upon call for i speeches short
ones were made by the elected of
ficers all of whom were warmly
applauded.) In all it was a very
enthusiastic meeting.
An executive committee was ap
pointed consisting of Chief Swink,
Assistant Capps, Secretary Bis
mark Capps, Capt. J ulian, Capt.
Howard and Capt. Miller.
The' meeting then adjourned to
meet the first "Monday night in
July. Bismark Capps, Secretary.
Rev. E. F. Tatum, of Davie
county, spent last night in the
city with relatives. He left on
the morning train for New J ersey
where he will be accompanied by
his wife back to China this fall.
Alexander Belleville of East St.
Louis, III. , has just . buried his
seventh wife.
10 Cents Per Week
Passed by the City Commissioners
Recently. : .
The' following ordinances are
published for the information of
all concerned. All violators of
said ordinances will be promptly
prosecuted j
F. B. Neave,
' Receiver.
Be it ordained by the com-
.r I ... ' i.1 i' . c .1
ujiiuuers oi i uie iowu oi oaus-
bury, that any one who shall wil
fully' injure or interfere with the
fire hydrants of the Salisbury
water works, as by opening the
same -without authority, unscrew
ing the caps, placing any obstruc
tions in the nozzles or in any way
tampering with them or with any
of the pipes, caps, or .plugs, curb
and gate boxes or connections of the
said company shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor and upon conviction
of the same shall pay a fine of
five dollars - for the first offense
and ten-dollars for the second.
Passed June 24th, 1887.
No additions . to or alternations
of the pipes or other fixtures con
nected with the mains of the
Salisbury Water Works Company
shall be mde without permission
And the introduction of service
pipes and of all plumbing of every
description connected 'with said
mains shall be done by plumbers
jlicensed by the company provided
(no more shall be charged for said
license. And they . shall each
month make to the company a
detailed statement in writing of
sail pipes, faucets and other fixtures-put
on?' by them during the
month.- I
No person shall be allowed to
turn on the water of the Water
Works Company except the super
intendent or his representative.
And no person shall be allowed to
use the water without an agree-
ment with the company. '
Any person violating the pro
visions of this ordinance, shall up-
bn conviction be fined twenty
dollars for each and every offense.
Officers Elected.
Last night the following officers
vere elected by Salisbury Chap
ter No. 20 Royal Arch Masons:
E. B. Neave, High Priest.
T. C. Linn, King. I
W. C. Coughenbur, Scribe.
P. A. Frercks, Treasurer.
R. G. Kizer, Secretary.
W. JS'. Smoot, Capt. of Host.
WT. W. Taylor, Principal So-
ourner. f ' "
J. R. Monroe, Royal Arch Cap
tain. ;
A. II. Caldwell, Master of the
3rd Veil.
O. V. Spencer, Master of the
nd Veil. -
I. Lichtenstein, Master of the
st Veil. '. .
F. M. Tarrh, Sentinel.
Attention! Sir Knights.
The Uniform Rank, Knighl
s of
Pythias, will meet at the Castle
Hall Wednesday night, June 8, in
Uniform. Let every member come.
.mportant business is to bec trans
acted, and initiations to be con-
t i
ferred. ' WT. H. Overman, Capt.
Louis Lichtenstein. Guard.
FOR RENT. A good 7 Room
House on South Church Street. Apply
to J. S. McCubbins, Jr.
Wanted to purchase a large size ice
box' or refrigerator' Give description
to Dr. R. M. Eames.

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